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6 Opt-in Contact List Building Strategies

6 Opt-in Contact List Building Strategies

Whether you have a big or small work from home online business, it is imperative that you have a good contact list. Having an email list is the perfect way of making sure that your target audiences are up to date with what you have to offer.

Definition: A contact list is simply a collection of people’s email addresses. These are people who have voluntarily opted to be receiving instant email messages from you.

Sending newsletters to your opt-in contact list still remains one of the best strategies of generating return visitors and ensuring visitor loyalty. If you can get people to become repeat visitors then you can be sure to increase your online sales conversion rate.

Before you get to the level of using email marketing to direct visitors to your site or blog, first you need to know how to get people to give you their personal email addresses. You have got to have built a certain level of trust before your visitors can feel at ease when giving you access to their inboxes.

Now that we have established the value of why every business needs to have an email list, the big question is; what are the best strategies of building a good opt-in contact list?

On this post we shall reveal 6 insightful ideas on how you can build credibility and get your target audience to subscribe to your contact list.

1. Strategically position your opt-in form: The best way to collect people’s email addresses is by adding an opt-in form on your blog or website. In addition, you have to strategically place the form where it can be seen easily by your site visitors.

Ideally, the best position is on the side bar preferably on the right side. This is because the side bar will be visible all the time as people are navigating through your site. Furthermore, most people are right handed thus when they are browsing the internet, the cursor is usually on the right. This increases the odds of visitors clicking things on the side bar that appears on the right side.

As you create pages within your site e.g about us, contact us, income report and so on, it is advisable to add an opt-in contact list below the page. These are strategic pages within your site that easily interest visitors hence a change to build on your contact list.

2. Call to action: There is a big difference between placing an opt-in form on your site and hoping people will know what to do, and going a step further to tell them exactly what they need do.

It is always good to assume that your visitors don’t know what is expected of them by telling them to take action. You will be surprised how a simple phrase like “click here” can lead to an increase in online sales leads. Therefore, you should include a call to action within your opt-in form and in your blog content.

3. Address Privacy Issues: Subscribers need to have confidence in you and know what you are going to do with their email addresses. It is therefore very imperative that you show transparency and be clear on three things

–          That you will not sell their contacts to other people

–          Tell them how you intend to use their email addresses

–          Give them an option to unsubscribe to your contact list when they so wish

–          Tell your subscribers how often you intend to send them emails

These are pertinent issues which you need to address in order to build confidence and thus increase your email list database. No one likes been sent spam messages hence observe professionalism when sending emails to your contact list.

4. Offer Solutions: Most people who browse the internet are in need of solutions to their problems. If you create a blog that offers workable solutions, you can be rest assured people will voluntarily subscribe to your contact list.

contact listTo further build your subscriber base, show your target audience what is at stake. Find a way of making them give out their inboxes to you by addressing their needs. Once people feel that they will achieve a certain goal by being in your mailing list, then they will automatically subscribe.

Ride on the fact that no one wants to lose out on a good thing.

5. Create irresistible offers: People subscribing to your email list also need to see that there is something in it for them. Apart from offering solutions, have additional goodies that will compel people to opt-in your contact list.

Most people before they give you access to their personal email addresses; they will need to have more than one reason to do so. Some of the things people ponder about before subscribing in any list include

–          How will subscribing improve my business or what I do?

–          What experience will I get from enlisting?

–          Is this beneficial to my life in anyway?

If you can find compelling reasons to necessitate people to allow you invade their privacy, then you are in business.

6. Go an extra mile: Now that you have captured people’s interest by giving them irresistible offers, you need to close the deal by making it even more appealing.

You can go an extra mile by offering your contact list free down loads, free eBooks, free softwares, coupons and so forth. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to make people take action. You just need to know the right buttons to push.

It is amazing how a small gift can go a long way in ensuring you gain people’s trust.

Summary: Email marketing success starts from the moment you create the first encounter with your visitors. This means that you have to generate quality content that addresses critical issues within your niche.

Valuable and educative content will help you build your online reputation thus people will trust you with their personal email addresses.

A simple call to action and showing your visitors that you value their privacy will go a long way in building your contact list.

Creating a good email database is like having an online ATM machine hence if you have something more to share on this forum post it in the comment section below. Also you can share this publication with your friends using the social icons appearing on the left of this post.

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Email List Promotion As A Work Online Tactic

Email List Promotion As A Work Online Tactic

For years now webmasters have been making millions of dollars using email list marketing. Any online marketer that has at an opt-in list of about 100,000 customers and over will attest to this fact. Having an email list is definitely a powerful web marketing arsenal you need to use.

Why Use Email Advertising?

Did you know that close to 5 million people at least an email account? Research has proven that over 48% of the five million actually read their emails every day. If you look at it critically, this can truly translate to thousands of dollars for your work online business. But online marketers advise that you avoid being marked as spam.

The other side of Email Marketing:

There are advertisers who have misused their email list and thus given a bad name to email marketing. This has increased the chances of being marked as spam. It therefore means that you need to be very careful when sending messages to your email list.

Research reveals that 63% of people with email accounts do not read messages in the spam folder. Hence you must at all cost avoid being marked as a spammer. If your genuine message gets to your email list spam folder then your marketing campaign is doomed to fail.

In the cases where subscribes mark your message as spam, it can turn ugly. Sometimes it will result in email service providers blocking out your email account. In some cases, your site can also be marked as spam by search engines.

In addition, the government can get involved and you can be penalized heavily for spamming. Therefore, you need to be careful how you handle your email list.

How to prudently build your own Email List:

The first thing to do is create a website or a blog. Make sure that you offer readers quality content. Good content is where you provide informative and useful material that addresses certain issues. With quality content, your audience will want to constantly read your articles.

mailing listThis is where you can design a capture page for readers to opt-in your email list. Also you can have an opt-in registration form at the side bar. In most cases, the information you need to collect is the name, email address and sometimes location.

This brings us to the difference between solicited and unsolicited emails. When your targeted audience willingly subscribe to your mailing list, they are solicited. It is imperative that once someone opts in your email list you send them a message immediately. This will ensure they remember you the next time you send them an email.

To make sure that your solicited list finds you genuine, do the following.

  1. When sending advertisements make certain you state that in your email messages. This you can mention in the first lines of your email or in the subject line.
  2. Send your email messages only to the people who have agreed to be receiving your messages.
  3. The law requires that you give your email list subscribers a choice to opt out of your list. In most instances, there is a link that appears below the messages for members who wish to unsubscribe.
  4. As people subscribe to your email list, assure them that you will not sell off their details. This will enhance their confidence in you and thus boost your online reputation.
  5. Where you are sending adult content, you need to state that clearly in your subject line. This is to ensure such content does not land in the hands of minors.

Responding to a huge list can be quite tasking and that is why you need to automate the process. There is a company like Aweber that helps marketers manage their email list. With Aweber you can have an auto responder to help you respond to your list. There is also the option of scheduling your email messages so as they are send automatically at give dates and time.

Here are Email Marketing Strategies that have been proven to work:

email marketing– It is recommended as you are working online that you send your messages to your willing buyers only. The best strategy to approach email marketing is by sending unique and informative newsletters. Give your email list free trials and they will definitely not opt out of your list.

– Try to avoid sending HTML messages, rather send text messages. The reason being text messages are considered genuine unlike HTML which can easily be marked as spam. Furthermore, some email services are not compatible with HTML. This means some of your messages will be corrupted when they get to your customers inbox.

– Some words like make money, earn money online, mortgages and so on, you should avoid mentioning. Sending email messages with these phrases will increase the likelihood of being marked as spam.

– Avoid using attachments when sending promotional messages to your email list. Subscribers rarely open attachments from fear of being attacked with viruses.

– If you have to use images in your emails try to be moderate. Clustering images all over your messages will look unprofessional, thus will not appeal to your subscribers.

– Always work with reputable email management companies or join a Whitelist.

Note: There are people that are normally out to collect emails and sell them to willing buyers. As an online marketer it is not advisable to purchase an email list. It would be better to build your own opt-in list with willingly subscribes.

For years now e-marketers have channeled cash to their pockets with email marketing. It is common knowledge that having an email list is like having an online ATM. But let us not forget you can easily bring down your online credibility with email marketing.

This should not be the case though, if you follow the rules that govern email management you will make money online. The names you see in your mailing list are real people with feelings. Hence you need to treat them with almost respect.

To learn more about email list management and other online marketing strategies press on the links below.

Email Marketing Tips And Understanding The Process

Email Marketing Tips And Understanding The Process

Any expert marketer will attest to the fact that email marketing is the most powerful mode of internet promotion. But someone may ask, what is email marketing?

Email Marketing is offering your email subscribers content in addition to what you have on your blog. The power of having an email list is the ability to directly interact with your fans. It is also a way of having a personal relationship with your target audience.

When it comes to making money online, you need to make your viewers take action. Emails have a way of convincing even the skeptical buyers to react to your products. Therefore, as an online marketer you need to create your own email list.

Email marketing presents you with the opportunity to communicate with your list anytime you choose to. A website can someday go down, but not an email list. With an email list you are sure of reaching your customers even when the panda updates hit you and you have no more traffic to your blog.

If you are the kind of person that hangs around the online marketing circles am sure you have heard the phrase “money is in the list”. That is so true, but you need to approach email marketing cautiously. You should not look just to make sales online, but more so you have to add value to your subscribers.

When you share rich and informative content to your list, then obviously the money will come rolling in. One of the fastest ways of you losing your online reputation is through misusing your email list. Avoid at all cost to appear to your list that you are just out to make money from them.

There are people after setting up an opt-in list, disappear and only to send out an email two months down the line. Then to add insult to injury, the mail is filled with marketing pitches. In most cases, this will only make your subscribers think you are a spammer thus immediately unsubscribe from your emails.

Email marketing should ideally be a way to build relationships with your list. Therefore, you have to constantly be in touch by sending to your list useful information. This will make them get to know you and hence open your emails.

Remember that the information you send to your list should not be the same content on your site. Email messages work better when they are personalized.

Now that we have shared the different dimensions of email marketing, let us get down to business.

Here is how you can go about starting your email marketing campaign.

Get an account: The first step to take is identifying an email service company to work with. One of the best is Aweber. With Aweber you will be paying a monthly subscription fee of $19, but the first month you will only pay $1.

My reason of preferring Aweber is their customer service and that their service is so user friendly. Click here to open your own account today.

List Management: Once your account is created you will be able to access you control panel. On the control panel, go to the Create and Manage button. Here you will be provided with a form which you need to fill out your personal details. Also you will need to give a name to your list and a brief description for organization purposes.

This is the information that your email list will see whenever they receive an email from you. Normally, your contact details will appear at the bottom of all the emails you send out.

As per the law, an anti spam message also has to appear below your email messages right below your contact details.

Send Confirmation message: As we mentioned before, email marketing is about building relationships. Therefore, immediately someone subscribes to your list they need to get a message. This is where the confirmation message comes in.

You will be required to compose an email which will be sent immediately after someone subscribes to your list. Generally, the email comes with a link to confirm that the person is human and also to confirm that they want to be included in your list.

In addition, it is a way of making sure that the email that someone entered is a valid one. With Aweber, this email is already drafted for you though you have the option to customize it as you so wish.

An important feature to help in personalizing your email is a code which looks like this “{!name}”. Including this code at the beginning of your emails will automatically pick your subscriber’s name and add it to the emails you send.

mailing list managementThere are different options in the drop down menu. Hence it is important to go through all of them to see which one best suit your email marketing campaign.

Send a Thank You Message: Just below your confirmation email message option, you will see a section for sending thank your messages. Aweber calls them “Success Pages”. The best way to use this option is by sending to your opt-in list a thank you message for confirming their subscription.

The other thing to include in this email message is to welcome them to your newsletter and letting them know you will be sending them an email soon. Note: For you email marketing campaign to be effective, keep your promises.

Also to include in this email is a link to your website or blog. In case you promised to give out a free eBook or download, this is where you should include the link.

It is recommended that you request your subscribers to add your email to their contact list. This will ensure that your email messages do not land in the spam folder.

In this section there is also an advanced setting that is very important called the “Follow Up”. The follow up message is also pre-drafted and is sent out to your list upon subscribing.

The power of the follow up messages is the ability to schedule them so as the messages are send at certain intervals. In the work online marketing circles, this is called the “autoresponder”. Normally, you will have to come up with these emails which will be sent to your list at the time intervals you set.

Welcome email message: The first follow up email should be your welcome message. The best way to draft this message is to include

  1. Thanking your list for agreeing to sign up to your email marketing campaign.
  2. Add links to your website or your free downloads
  3. Pre-empty what you intend to offer to your subscribers. This should be a brief of what you have to offer them as relating to their online business.
  4. Right at the bottom of the email, you must include your contact details.

The follow up emails have two formats of which to write, the HTML or plain text formats. In most instances, email service companies recommend the plain text version. This is because there are people who have email that cannot read HTML messages.

But even with that, HTML messages have more features that you can use to better and effectively do email marketing. These features include using bold, italic or underlining text. In addition, you can opt to use different colors with HTML unlike plain text format.

Test email: The unwritten rule in email marketing is that you have to first send yourself the message. After you have drafted all the email messages always send yourself test messages.

This will help you proofread the messages and thus correct any typos and grammar mistakes.

mailing listCreate an Opt-in List Form: This is the where you get to formulate the form that will help you collect email addresses. With Aweber you will have the option of building your own form. In your control panel click the place written “Create Web form”.

Here you will be able to choose the size, fonts, color and text style. The ideal approach is to take your time and try different designs until you get what you want. Make certain the design is something that will flow with your blog theme.

A good form should collect your subscribers Name and email address. But this varies from one niche to another. After you have created your form you will be provided with a code to place on your blog or website.

The best place to position your opt-in form is at the sidebar. This is mainly because the side bar is displayed on every page your visitors go to.

Armed with this information am sure you will be in a position to launch your email marketing campaign. Since the invention of the internet, email marketing has remained one of the best online promotion strategies.

This means you are missing out of the online money by not implementing it. Now that you know, hope you will launch you email campaign right away.

Email Auto Response Service – Set Your Business On Auto Pilot

Email Auto Response Service – Set Your Business On Auto Pilot


The ultimate solution of converting your site visitors into leads then into return/loyal visitors is through email auto response. Of all marketing strategies, the one that is known for high conversion rate thus earn work from home online revenue is email marketing.

In most cases, when visitors land on your site they view or read your content and leave without doing anything and most times never to return. But if you capture your prospects contact details through an opt-in list you will use an auto response system to make them return.

Apart from informing your email list subscribers of new products and services, you can use newsletters to help build business relationships which will result in having loyal customers. In short, email marketing will help turn your prospects into long term clients.

Internet entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of auto responders will agree with me that their businesses have taken a turn for the better. Rather than depending on attracting new leads all the time through online traffic generation, you would be better off working with the prospects you already have now.

The way to do that is by creating an email opt-in list with a reputable email marketing service, then using their auto response feature to sell online to your leads.

You may be asking; how does the auto responder work?

Ideally, it sends out email messages to subscribers who have opted in your list. A good email marketing company should have an auto response system that is on auto pilot.

This means it can send follow up emails automatically, not once but unlimited times over a long period. All you have to do is set or schedule the system and it does the rest for you.

First, create a series of email messages and schedule them into the auto responder. You can then set the auto response to be sending messages on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as you deem right. From then on, you sit back and see your work online revenue hit the roof.

The auto responder system is critical when it comes to managing an email marketing campaign. Below find the best guidelines to look at in order to pick the right auto response service to work with.

User friendly: There are so many things that an online marketer needs to attend to, therefore a good auto response service should be easy to implement.

It does no matter whether other top email marketers recommend it, if an auto responder is not user friendly, don’t touch.

Support services: An aspect that makes an auto response system user friendly is when it has good support structures. Pick a company that has good customer care support in form of videos, tutorials, on call operators and so on.

These features of support help you in learning how the system operates. Knowing how the system features work will assist you to manage your email marketing campaign more effectively. For example; training articles will help you in creating quality email marketing newsletters.

Personalization: Since auto response systems are softwares that send out messages, the only way to somehow humanize the messages is to personalize them.

People in your opt-in list will respond to your messages when you address them using their names. Hence pick an auto response service that gives you the option and train you on how to personalize your email campaigns.

If subscribers get the perception that your messages are directly meant for them, you will touch their subconscious thus build lasting relationships.

Messaging format: There are several strategies of drafting a sales letter, sometimes you may need to compose a long one and other times a short one.

It is recommended that you choose an email auto response service that does not limit you on the length of your messages. When you are limited on the length of message, you will be compelled to omit vital parts of a sales letter.

Still in regards to message formatting, an email marketing service should allow you to play around with text as you wish. There are instances you would wish to use plain or HTML format to compose your messages.

Other formats include using bold letters, italic or different color text. It is unfair for an auto response service provider to limit you on the text format to use.

auto reponseUnlimited message update: As an online marketer am sure you will be coming up with new content and products all the time. Therefore, you need to select an auto responder that allows you to update messages whenever you want.

In addition, the option of adding more email marketing messages should be free of charge.

Ability to send follow up messages: There are web host services that include an auto response in their package. This is excellent but most of them have the ability to send just one message.

For that reason you will be required to subscribe to an email marketing service that will enable you to send follow up messages. In the web marketing circles it is said that for you to turn a prospect into a customer you need to send them about 7 follow-up messages.

Notification messages: This is a feature that lacks in most email marketing companies. It is important to have the option to receive direct emails notifying you of subscribers requesting for more details of a message you sent or personal details.

Notifications are good litmus tests that show how your email marketing campaigns are faring on. As subscribers respond to your email messages, you will know where you need to improve to ensure your marketing campaigns progress.

Tracking ability: Do not ever make the mistake of buying an auto response service that does not track your email messages performance. You need to monitor how many subscribers are actually reading your sales letters.

The back office of a good email marketing account should show you how many of your contact list received your messages. In addition, you should see how many people opened and clicked on the links within your messages.

Monitoring sales and advertising campaigns will ensure you know where to tweak thus makes certain that your marketing is more effective.

Conclusion: The above mentioned guidelines are key when it comes to picking an email marketing service. But the question is; is there a company that can offer you all these on one platform?

The company that is known to have the best auto response system is Aweber. The company will provide you will all the above features and more.

With Aweber you can run as many advertising campaigns as you like all on auto pilot. Their support structures are the best, with up to date training articles and videos to make sure you know your way around the system in no time.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in email marketing, the control panel on Aweber is very user friendly. Finding solutions is easy and how to operate Aweber’s auto response system is clear and straight forward.

As for affordability, with just 1$ you can have a free trial for a whole month to learn how Aweber works. To get started with the best auto response service in the market today, Aweber, click here to order.

It is time you set your home based business on auto pilot and make money online with ease.

Press this link to subscribe to my RSS feed. Also feel free to share your opinions and ask questions in the comment section provided below.

How To Create and Grow An Email Mailing List Database

How To Create and Grow An Email Mailing List Database

Having an email mailing list is one of the online marketing arsenals that all bloggers need to acquire. This is especially so for a small business that is seeking to make it in the blogging sphere. The fortunate thing is that there are great tools to help boost your email marketing campaign.

But for your contact mailing list to continue bringing in more online sales leads; it has to keep on growing. In order for any small business to be successful, new prospects need to be added to the already existing customers.

The beauty of email marketing is that once you have a good and targeted mailing list you are sure to earn income from home. The big question that comes up now is; exactly how does one build and increase a targeted mailing list that will reel in sales?

The fortunate thing is that most of the tools that you need to build an email mailing list are free to use. But we cannot deny the fact that for the best list building, you need to also invest some money. Therefore, you can start with the free tools and as your blog grows you can advance to the paid email marketing tools.

Let us now get into the thick of things and show you some of the free strategies of increasing the size of your business mailing list.

Use social sites to get people to enroll in your mailing list: This will apply more to people who already have a twitter or a facebook account. All you need to do is find a good way of requesting your fans and followers to subscribe to your mailing list.

To entice people to sign up to your list, it is recommended that you have some special or free offers for them.

Since you will need to have a good number of targeted fans on both accounts, it is advisable that you optimize your user profile.

This will ensure you do not only get followers but they will also be targeted followers. To optimize your account means that you use your targeted keywords within your profile details.

For example, where you enter your activities or hobbies, rather than saying eating, sleeping or hanging out, you can use keyword phases like work from home, work online, online marketing and the like depending on the niche you are interested in.

The more targeted your list is the higher the chances of building and increasing your list faster.

Present free information: The secret behind any business success on the internet is sharing insightful and educative information. In fact, if you have an online business it is mainly because you have some expertise to share with people in a certain niche.

Maybe you do not know this, but just the idea of sharing your expertise for free can be a great way of building a mailing list. Most people are ready to give up their information and money to get educated on certain issues.

mailing listFor instance, if you are an online marketer you can offer people who are working online free internet promotion advice. And in case you operate a publishing firm, you can share ideas on how to be a good author.

As you keep offering valuable information, it will take you just a little prompting for you to start getting people subscribing to your mailing list. As the saying goes “information is power” therefore give people advice and they will give you what you want.

Get customers’ emails at the point of sale: For someone to decide to buy a product means that they are already convinced about it. Hence it is imperative at the point of sale to collect buyers’ contacts.

In addition, when someone becomes a customer there is a high chance that you can get a repeat sale from them. This is especially so if you are offering quality products or services.

The best way to ensure that your customers leave their email addresses is to inform them that you will notify them about upcoming exclusive offers and discounts. Anyway, who on this earth does not what good bargains or free things?

Conducting contests: Anytime you run a contest on your blog or website it is recommended that you always collect participants email addresses. But for this to work, offer gifts to those that enroll in the contest.

Some of the free prices can include things like free downloads, access to free information or templates. It all depends on the niche you are involved in. Make certain that the prices you are offering are automated so as to avoid doing a lot of work of delivering. But note; they should be products related to your niche.

Power of loyalty programs: One thing about having a loyalty program is that it makes your customers feel appreciated and special. To grow your loyalty program mailing list, you can be offering amazing discounts and exclusive offers.

The secret to success when it comes to creating a mailing list is to take action and be open to new ideas. Do not say, “I will begin building a list once my blog traffic goes up”, start right away and within no time you will have a big list.

Expert online marketers will tell you that once you have a mailing list, you will have it for good. Unlike a blog that may someday go down (google panda updates), an email mailing list will always be there to ensure you make money from home.

All you will need is to constantly share will your list insight advice and offer workable solutions, and then once a week you can send them a product. This way it will be very easy for you to keep on making money online no matter what happens to your blog.

There is still more to learn when it gets to online home business, press on the links below to learn more marketing strategies.

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