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SEO Article Writing Compared To Writing For Visitors

SEO Article Writing Compared To Writing For Visitors

If you go out on a search for the search engine optimization services, then one thing you are likely to encounter is SEO article writing. Online marketers go on and on about the importance of creating content for both search engines and people.

But as you all know this can be quite tasking to some extent. The challenge comes in that sometimes you need to force your targeted keyword phrases within your articles. This in turn makes parts of your content not to make any sense to readers.

There are those that have perfected the art of SEO content creation, but still the monotony of repeating certain words deprive their articles of real flavor. Then the big question is; does it reach a point that one can forget about this entire SEO article writing stuff and just write informative content?

It gets to a stage that you as a blogger just want to write from your heart without caring about search engines. SEO experts may say that you may have very good content but no one will find your articles if you do not optimize them. To some extent this is not entirely true; there are some advantages of just writing for your target audience.

Back to the big question; yes, you can get to a point and forget about optimizing all your articles. SEO article writing is good when you are starting off your blog. This is because you want search engines to know what your blog topic is all about.

To avoid overstuffing your blog content with keyword phrases, you need to at some stage just create content that is geared towards addressing people’s needs. The thought that writing article for SEO is the ultimate secret of generating organic traffic is misplaced.

The problem of concentrating so much on SEO article writing is the fact that bloggers forget about the needs of their target audience. In the process blog owners end up posting content that is not educative or interesting to readers.

Writing content that is optimized for your targeted keywords is good to some level, but it should not be at the expense of your visitors. You can show up on top of Google search result pages and still have a very low conversion rate.

As you draft your articles the first thing you need to ask yourself is this, what are the needs of the people you are targeting? The best way to get the answer to that is to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

For example, if you visit a site that is product based what content would you prefer to find? Would you like to get information on how to buy products, the prices, product information or the history of the products?

The answer to that is rather simple and that is what you should also offer your visitors. Therefore, rather than start a wild goose chase for targeted visitors by writing SEO articles, post content that offer product information and history.

The internet was created so that people can share information with ease. Furthermore, search engines are out to ensure their uses get quality information. Therefore, if you post insightful content then search engines will find that content and give it to people as they browse.

It is alright to post content that is driven towards adding SEO value but not all the time. Just because some SEO expert said that SEO content writing is the only way to boost your blog rankings does not mean they are right.

article writing for peopleHere are the reasons why writing for your audience is better than SEO article writing

a. The advantage of writing for your audience is that you will concentrate more on giving valuable information. But with SEO article writing, you will in most cases post content that is not relevant.

b. Focusing so much on SEO content influences negatively how you write since you will concentrate more about search engines than your target viewers. Remember, best content creation is when every blog post you publish adds value to your readers and not search engines. In any case, people are the ones who will buy your products and not search engines.

For every post you share on your blog make sure it is informative. If your audiences are interested on content about home income generating opportunities or best fashion trends in the market, then go ahead and give them just that.

Am sure even when you are publishing an article that is only aimed towards SEO you sense something is amiss. In order to make money online from home, your goal should be to capture the attention of your readers. And the only way to do that is write from your audience perspective.

Learning the preferences of your target audience will guarantee that you offer relevant content. It will also help you know what to say so as to compel your visitors to buy your products. Post articles that explain about products and why they should purchase them.

Write articles that explain why a certain product is better than a previous one. Share on the differences between one version of a product and the latest version. In this way readers will feel that they are buying products from an informed position and they will get their money’s worth.

c. By not focusing so much on SEO article writing you will boost your blog SEO value naturally. This is because people will consider you an expert in your niche thus link to your webpages.

d. Writing for viewers will ensure you only bring in visitors that are ready to buy. This is mainly because you will rank for long tail keywords which are known to convert better than short tail keywords. With time you will notice that your overall site SEO profile will grow thus generate high volume of targeted audience.

Summary: Before you think of writing for search engines, write for people. Seek first on ways to fill the gap in your market niche before writing SEO articles. Optimize your blog when you are starting but with time create content that is geared more towards doing business.

Provide to your visitors all the information they need to help them make informed decisions. The way to achieve that is by getting into the minds of your target audience and offering them exactly what they are searching for. SEO article writing is good to some point but can be detrimental to your overall conversion rate.

Article Marketing In Generating Online Sale Leads

Article Marketing In Generating Online Sale Leads

Come 2008 – 2009 and article marketing hit the internet world with a bang. The online marketers who where sharp enough to implement this website promotion strategy really reaped big time. In fact, even to this day they are still riding on that traffic they got in 2008 and 2009.

Today, most marketers say that article marketing is not as effective as it was before and I agree with them, especially when it comes to generating referral traffic. Now the competition is so high and there are so many articles out there hence making your article look like a needle in a hay stack.

But one thing that you need to know is that article marketing is the best strategy of attracting organic traffic through search engine optimization. If you can optimize your articles well enough then you will able to make sure they rank well and more so build quality backlinks to your blog or website.

On this particular write up we are going to discuss the potential of article marketing, which also happens to be the most effective way of getting free online traffic.

1. Online Sale Agents: Implementing article marketing tactics is extraordinary because every article you distribute out there functions as your online sales agent. Imagine sales people who labor twenty-four hours a day without going on holiday, asking for a weekend off and more so not demanding for a salary by the end of the week.

working online

Just imagine if you had like 5000 of such sales guys and every one of them bring in one sales lead a day, this might convert to numerous leads to your home business thus help to promote your work online at home based business.

This is the power of article marketing, every post you submit in the internet acts like a sales agent for your online business. This shows how beneficial articles can be to your internet business as regards promotion.

2. Free Traffic: It is actually incredible especially if you do not have a big budget to help you pay for promoting your internet based business. Today, you can take up article marketing methods and commence generating huge targeted traffic to your blog or website for free.

It will cost you nothing to post your articles on article directories. The best approach is to submit your write ups on the top article marketing directories which include Ezine Article, Go Article, Article Dashboard, The Free Library and so forth.

3. Unique Visitors: When doing online business, marketing is critical since it is what determines how much money you will make. To make money while working online, you have to target one particular niche. This will ensure you generate targeted traffic thus obtain a high conversion rate and click through rate.

Article marketing has over time proved to be the most effective strategy of building traffic online. This is mostly in regards to attracting targeted traffic. Make sure that when you start a blog the posts you share on your site are on the same niche with the articles you submit in article directories.

For instance, in case you are blogging about latest fashion it would be detrimental to your online business if you distribute on article directories content talking about politics or gardening, you can be sure you will confuse your readers. The thing that is going to happen is that the minute they come to your blog they will leave immediately thus your bounce rate will be high.

4. Creativity: Always be original when you are drafting your articles. It may be difficult to some people but with practice you too can become an established writer. With good articles you can be sure that they will be read to the end and also publisher will easily pick your articles and post them on their site.

The secret of being creative when it gets to article marketing is by reading other people’s post especially the top writers in your niche. Research on Google by browsing for relevant keywords in your niche then add the word article at the end. This way you will get results of all the top articles in your niche.

From there read the articles and this will give you an overview of the best way to write quality articles. Note: Write long articles that have at least 600 words and above, this will ensure that search engines rank your articles high.

5. Link Popularity: If you are seeking to increase your inbound links then article marketing the best way to achieve this. Create keyword phrased articles which will guarantee you rank high on search engines thus generate business sales opportunities to your website or blog.

home businessWithin every article you create there is always a segment called Author Resource Box that appears at the bottom and this is where the power of article marketing is found. Here you need to add your hyper links with your targeted keywords which you want to rank on.

Since you the latest panda updates require websites to have quality backlinks, it is imperative that you post your articles on top rated directories.

6. Call To Action: Every time you share your articles is vital that after you have given readers information that you tell them what to do. At the last paragraph is where you can add some little marketing pitches. This is where you can ask your readers to take action.

To generate sale leads from article marketing, readers need to click on your hyperlinks contained in your author resource box. Therefore, in your last paragraph just instruct your readers to follow the links in the bio box for more information. This will go a long way in helping you generate targeted referral page views.

The internet is all about giving people information hence if you offer rich content then traffic will definitely come your way. Over the years, article marketing has proven to be the best technique of offering information to browsers.

Actually, among the most top rated sites on the internet are article directories. This is mainly because the more information they give the more search engine Crawl these sites and position them high on their search results.

This tells you that information is power and if you offer people helpful content then you will sure get leads to your online home business.

Initially, when I decided to go into web based business it was unclear on which would be the best way of driving traffic to my websites. However, after testing some online promotion methods, I came across a video training clip which opened up my eyes to article marketing strategies and ever since then I have never looked back.

It usually gives me total satisfaction to see visitors on my website even when am offline unlike before.

Follow the links below to learn more on how to market your site as you work online from home.

Exact Approach On Articles To Write About

Exact Approach On Articles To Write About

Research is the secret of finding out the right and current articles to write about. Before you publish any article, it is imperative that you first know what people in your niche are grappling with. This will make your article marketing campaign easier to manage.

Many believe that article marketing is difficult and time consuming, but that should not be the case. The internet is about giving people information and if you know the articles to write about, then you will be on the right track.

Article submission works best when you have original content. There are many places to source for unique content but the best approach is when you compose your own articles. But for those that say writing is not their piece of cake, you can source from the experts in article writing.

Some of the places you can outsource for articles include freelance markets, public online forums like (see warriors for hire and the section WSO) or http://Forums (find buy, sell or trade categories then go down and press on “Content”). In fact, it will be affordable if you source on forums than on free lancing markets.

Most of the articles you will find here are not original but on Warrior Forum you can go to “Warriors For Hire” and get a free lancer to draft for you original content which can also be affordable. But if you ask me the best way out is for you to come up with your own unique articles.

In article marketing you want your content to be relevant to the products you want to promote. This means that you have to know which articles to write about. Relevant articles help you to channel in targeted traffic that will be interested in purchasing your products.

This brings me to my main reason of publishing this article, “TITLES”. Most people assume that by submitting thousands of articles regardless of topic will lead to sales, Forget It. Knowing the articles to write about will ensure the right people read your articles.

The titles you use have to be strictly focused on the products you are intending to promote. For instance, if you are promoting work from home business products, articles to write about include make money online, income at home strategies, affiliate marketing tactics, online business opportunities or work online marketing tactics.

Ideally, articles should be enticing enough to make readers what to take some action. This is what makes titles the most critical part of your articles. The headlines you come up with should be able to trigger buyers’ responses and compel people to read your articles thus purchase your products.

Title articles to write about that always work is when you use formats like “7 Top Strategies Of….” or when you ask questions “Why Are You Not Getting Online Traffic?”.

Note: Always remember to incorporate your targeted keywords in your titles.

In case you are not sure of articles to write about or the titles to use, here are some sites to visit and do some niche market research. This is a community based website that has a network of great article writers. Here you can get ideas of how to come up will compelling titles and content. Mainly because, you can get to see which questions are being asked by people in your niche.

In addition, you will see how the experts are addressing certain issues in your niche.

Digg: If there is one great resource for gathering ideas on articles to write about then it is Digg features some of the hottest news features happening in any niche. All you need to do is go through the open conversations going on in your area of interest. This way you will definitely get the current topics and products that people in your niche are focusing on.

articles to write aboutYahoo Answers: This is one of the fastest ways of getting articles to write about. All you need to do is enter your targeted keyword in the “search Y! Answer” section and you will see all the questions people are asking about particular topics.

For example; if you enter “How to work from home”, you will see all the questions people are asking about work from home jobs and opportunities.

This is ideally the quickest way to gathering material on articles to write about and titles to use. Just compose articles that answer questions that are being asked in your niche.

ehow: By typing your keyword on the search box on you can also get articles to write about. Search for new content by entering your targeted keyword phrases and you will get related titles that can help you draft content that will address the needs of your target audience.

Article marketing works best when you base your content on current issues being asked in your niche. This will ensure that all the articles you write will be the very questions that people in you niche are seeking answers for.

How you compose your titles will determine the success rate of your article marketing campaign. Compelling headlines ensure that people are enticed to read your content thus leading to more referral traffic to your blog or affiliate products.

Summary: Add your major keywords in your titles and make sure that the titles are captivating enough to necessitate action from readers. Enticing articles are the ones that promise some benefits to the readers, answer questions that offer workable solutions and create curiosity.

Once you are armed with articles to write about, you need to consider the length of your articles. According to the latest panda updates, it is advisable to submit articles with 400 words and above. It is important that your articles are not so long or too short.

Articles are tools to help you pre-sell and thus motivate your target audience to click on the links in your author resource box. If you offer quality information that is insightful you can be sure to succeed in traffic generation.

For more valuable content on internet marketing strategies follow the links below.

Author Resource Box Formatting Techniques

Author Resource Box Formatting Techniques

Yesterday we defined what a bio resource box is and how best to make use of it. As we promised today we will discuss in detail the benefits of the author box in relation to SEO.

But before we get there let us see which of the two between text and HTML links has more SEO value. It is good to note that some article directories accept both, while others take HTM and others don’t. This means some sites you need to publish your articles manually.

Since you will need to know how to format both text and HTML based resource box, let us see how to implement them.

HTML: For best SEO link juice HTML are the best to use. Apart from just increasing SEO value, HTML codes look neat and blend with the rest of the text within the resource box.

Here is how a code will look like in the back office <a href=””>keyword Phrase</a>. But once you submit the article only the words “keyword Phrase” will be seen by readers and not the code. This is what happens when you see some words appearing in different colors and mostly it is blue.

Whenever a reader clicks on these words “Keyword Phrase” (they are called anchor text) they will be taken to the URL you entered in the code.

The reason that some article directories do not accept HTML is mainly when it comes to emailing their list. Some emails are not friendly to HTML codes.

Text: This is where you just enter plain text without using different fonts, underlining or using bold letters. This means that when you are adding the link you post the URL as text and once the article is accepted the link goes live. For example

In some instances it is alright to omit the http:// code but it is always advisable to use it. This is because sometimes the shortened URL may not function well and may appear as a broken link on some article directories. Remember, broken links will not give you any SEO value.

Then you may want to know which between HTML and Text link has more link power within the author resource box. Ideally, they both have similar SEO power only that HTML is more targeted.

With HTML you get to add the anchor tag/text which should be your targeted keyword phrase. But when it comes to text links, you need to optimize your article by adding your targeted keywords in the title and in the first paragraph.

When you do that, search engines will be able to pick the keywords you used and attribute it to the text URL in the bio resource box. So if you are given an option, you would be better off using HTML within your author box.

The advantage of using the HTML code is that you get to embed your URL with your desired keyword term. This will go a long way in ensuring you rank on search engines results for targeted keywords and more so boost your click through rate (CTR).

SEO tipsNote: It is always advisable to do a keyword research. This will help you to target commonly used key terms that are less competitive in your niche. The recommended tool to use is the Google Keyword Tool which is free or the Keyword Winner which is a powerful paid wordpress plugin.

Number of links one should have within the resource box:

In most article directories, authors are only allowed to add up to two links though you will find others allowing up to 3 links. The number of links actually does not count much; whether you put 1 or 2 links, the link juice will still be the same.

This tells you that when you are using article marketing you need to be consistent. As you keep on submitting more articles and using different keywords within your niche, you will gradually increase you page ranking thus more direct and organic blog traffic.

Article marketing is more effective when you do it on regular bases. My advice would be to have two links within your resource box, one pointing to your home page with your major keyword term and another pointing to a particular page with that pages’ targeted keyword phrase.

Note: But remember that all keywords must be terms that related to both your article and content within your website or blog. It will hurt your page rankings and online reputation if you publish an article about pets and yet your blog is discussing about work from home jobs.

There are also article directories that do not have an author resource box. A good example is a site like Buzzle. Normally, such sites allow you to add your hyperlinks within the body of your articles. This links are also known as contextual links.

Contextual links are added the exact same way you embed HTML in the resource box. The only difference is that one is within the body of the article while the other is situated in the resource box. Otherwise both act as hyperlinks.

Let us take a scenario where you are allowed to add a contextual link in the body of your article and two links in the resource box. The best practice is to have the link in the article to point to a relevant area within your site. As for the resource box one link can point to the home page and the other can be to yet another relevant page within your blog.

But in the case where all the 3 links are in the resource box, it is advisable that you only use two links to ensure readability. When you add 3 links your resource box also looks crowded thus reduce your CTR.

Whenever links are mentioned, something that always comes to mind is affiliate marketing. Then the question is; is it advisable to add your affiliate links in your author resource box?

Before it was possible for you add your affiliate links within your bio resource box but since the year 2010 things took a drastic turn around. As we speak, top article directories like EzineArticles will not approve articles that contain affiliate links.

Experts in online marketing advice that to avoid being put in the Google sand box AVOID using affiliate links in your author resource box. The best approach would to create a blog then update it with content on regular bases. From there, on the side bar or within your blog content you can upload affiliate links. Once you have monetized and your blog is in place then you can publish articles pointing to your blog or to pages within your blog.

Including your name in the author resource box: This is a question that has been asked several times and the answer is simple. It all depends on what you want to achieve, if you want to have your name as your online brand then go ahead and include it in your author box. But make sure that you use your real name; using fake names will in the long run affect your credibility. This is because the minute readers get to know you are not what you say you are; you will lose their trust.

The other option would be to concentrate more on ensuring your resource box has content that will compel your readers to take action rather than using your name.

Summary: Always create articles that have relevant content to your blog.

When adding backlinks within your resource author box, make certain that they are also relevant to your blog content.

It is also imperative to ensure that all your links are working perfectly. Broken links will not add you any SEO value.

The content in your resource box should be readable and compelling enough to make your readers press on your links.

When using HTML, avoid using italic formatting since this affects your link juice.

Last but not least, do not force your keyword phrases. The content in the author box has to flow with your anchor text.

Impart Of Article Word Count In Relation To SEO Ranking

Impart Of Article Word Count In Relation To SEO Ranking

In the early 90’s article word count was not such a big issue. You could write a short story on anything and on the next day find your article on page 1 of Google.

During that time people were not savvy about internet marketing and thus the competition in which ever niche was almost 0%. With time people started getting the gist of internet marketing and suddenly article word count become a determining factor in online business.

I remember the days when writing an article with a word count of 250 was the norm. Internet marketers set this standard with a view that an article with 250 words was enough to act as direct traffic bait. The fact that most people just scan through content made short articles even more suitable for marketing online.

Furthermore, writing a post with a word count of 250 is easy. I remember those days posting over 5 articles a day. It worked for quite some time since my free blogs ranked very well. Up to date my free blogs still rank high though I targeted low competitive keywords.

Today, the story has changed completely and a post with a word count of 250 would rarely rank high on search engine results. The only time such a short article would appear on first page is if there are no other results to show.

Nowadays, the internet is not only about generating content but the content has to be of high quality. Search engines determine the quality of a webpage by checking the article word count and the number of backlink a page has.

For example, if there were two articles using the same keyword term and one had a word count of 250 and another 1000, which of the two do you think would rank higher? The answer is obvious; search engines would give preference to the post with an article word count of 1000.

Why? In the eye of search engine bots, the more words you use the higher the quality of information you will give. The driving force of the internet is content thus share quality articles and engine spiders will send traffic your way.

How to determine article word count:

The latest Google algorithm update proved just how important article word count is in regards to SEO. Article directory sites where the major victims of this update, Article Ezine been affected the most. The word limit of Article Ezine is 250 words.

According to Google they use over 200 signals to rank websites. It is possible that article word count could have been one of the parameters that hit Article Ezine and other article directory sites. Notwithstanding, there were other issues like duplicate content which is mostly associated with article directories.

Now that we have established how critical word count is to search engine ranking: how do you determine the length of your articles?

There are different tools you can use to know the length of your articles. Rather than guessing how many words you have used, why do you acquire one of these tools?

Microsoft Word: Almost all computers that come with windows have Microsoft word installed. When you open MS word, on the bottom left corner you will see a counter showing the number of words as you type.

This is a free tool.

White Smoke: If you decide to go all professional then the tool to get is white smoke. Apart from reading your article word count, the software allows you to generate content devoid of spelling and grammatical errors.

You will also get a variety of free writing tools in the English language. The thing that sets white smoke apart from other grammar checking softwares is their support program.

Click here to get a free trial with white smoke and start generating professional and quality content while working online from home.

Word Count Tool: This is a free site that will help you determine the length of your article within seconds. It is very easy to use, just copy and paste your article and the software will tell you the article word count.

Click here to submit your article for word count.

Writing on your site or blog:

word countWhen it comes to posting on your site, SEO experts recommend that you publish long articles. By long I mean webpages with a word count of 1000 words and above. In fact, the longer your article is the better for you in terms of SEO ranking.

That is not to say that you cannot write an article of 600 words. It all depends on the topic you are discussing. If you are writing an article about a particular product, you will be limited on what you can share.

But if you are writing on a topic on how to work from home on the web, a post of 300 words is not enough. Actually, by the time you are through with introducing the topic, you will have used more than 300 words.

Therefore, it is upon you to determine how many words to use when writing on the net on a give subject.

According to studies conducted on the net, it has been proven that most readers scan through content. It is important you study the type of visitors that come to your site thus be able to address their needs adequately.

So as to break the monotony of having endless content that will bore your visitors, it’s advisable to add images within your content. In addition, try to compose articles with short paragraphs and when possible use bullets to state your major points.

Note: Writing long articles does not mean quality. Yes! Search engines may bring you traffic but if the content is not insightful or helpful, you will not convert. People are your customers, not search engines robots.

Posting on article directories and web 2.0 sites:

Back linking is a very crucial component of search engine optimization. The more link juice your website or blog has the high your site will rank. Remember, not any link will suffice; you need to link with content that is related to your site.

When it comes to building your link popularity, submitting content on article directories, web 2.0 pages, guest blogging play a major role. You will rank even better when you link to web pages that add value to readers.

As other marketers are posting articles with a word count of 300, you would be better off writing longer articles. Personally, the recommended article word count for building back links should be 600 words and above.

Note: Do not copy paste the same article to all article directories. The more unique articles pointing to your site the higher your site will rank on search engines result pages.

Summary: The google panda update really did change internet marketing as we know it. And before webmasters and bloggers could recover, there came Google Fresh. Believe it or not, we not going to see the end of it, very soon it is going to be ads-to-content ratio update.

But all said and done, what you need to keep in mind so as to avoid been a victim of these frequent updates is to share detailed and quality information. This applies to when you are publishing content on your site and for back linking purposes.

There are over 200 signals that Google has included in their algorithm formula. My bet is that article word count is one of them. Do you agree with me? Post your views in the comment section below.

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Article Writing Skills In Relation To Article Titles

Article Writing Skills In Relation To Article Titles

One of the driving forces of the internet is content and that is why article writing is one of the best online marketing tools to use.

The power of article submission can be seen when it comes to targeting relevant keyword phrases through hyperlinks. In fact, it is the proper way of link building through anchor text in your article resource box.

For those who use article marketing as part of your marketing strategies then this post is just what you need to read to the need. In this write up will mainly focus on how to optimize your article headings.

Article Title Writing Skills

The primary article writing idea you have to consider whenever creating a write up is definitely the title. Simply because, the very first thing readers view every time they visit an article directory site or land on your blog is the article headline.

Seeing as there are countless numbers of publications submitted on the internet every minute, your really have to ensure that your titles are interesting enough to capture the interest of site visitors.

In this particular blog post you will discover a few basic and helpful article writing tricks to help boost your online marketing campaign.

Question Titles: Every time you pose a question to your viewers that happen to be directed at addressing their unique challenges you can expect to certainly grab their interest.

The theory driving this article submission strategy is usually to induce readers to question independently if they are doing the correct thing or not.

Identify issues that people battle with in your industry or niche and tackle them in question format. It is also a way of involving your readers to participate in your discussions.

This means you need to activate your comment section to enable your blog visitors to share their opinions.

It is from the feedback you receive that you will be in a position to teach exactly what your target audience what to be discussed.

Therefore, take some time every day to critically analyze the comments left by your site guests. Also make sure that you respond to these comments in time hence gain credibility in your niche.

How To Title And Sub-Topics: The article marketing idea here best works out when you share insightful content that assist your target audience remedy a specific difficulty.

Additionally, it can operate excellently and capture the attention of followers if the body of your article is formatted in point form. Just remember to make certain that the article subject seeks to tackle your projected audience issues.

Apart from teaching, arranging your content in point form help your target audience know where the main points of your article are located. Most people just scan through content thus it is important that you add bullets to help readers peruse through the whole of your article.

Normally, readers spend an average of 45 seconds on a site and hence you have to make sure they know exactly what your content is about. In addition, add relevant pictures that are optimized so as to capture the attention of your visitors.

Keyword Title: For internet business people hoping to rank highly on web engine listings utilizing article writing then this will be the strategy to employ.

Longtail Keyword Research

Through the right use of both long and short tail keywords phrases within your write up title, search engines will probably be indexing your articles and placing them on their 1st or 2nd page results depending on how to do your internal and external optimization.

When adding your targeted keyword phrases make sure they are at the front of your title. This is because most search engines include the first 70 characters of your title in their search results and you do not want your key terms to be omitted.

Note: Also include your targeted key term in the body of your article preferable three to four times and keep clear of over stuffing your write up with keywords.

A very important factor which cuts across each one of these article writing guidelines is ensuring that your posts are helpful and informative.

Each article you submit must always seek to add value to your target audience as opposed to publishing articles filled with promotional or marketing pitches.

There are good traffic analytical tools you can use to identify the articles that are doing well due to their tiles. Once you establish a title that is performing extremely well, make sure to compose yet another heading in an identical style. This will ensure you generate more blog traffic to your work online links.

Some people claim that article marketing has become absolute but I beg to differ. Most of the marketers saying this are the lazy ones and they are not ready to write.

The main reason that people browse the internet is to gather information and the best avenue to share is through article writing.

You might say that you are not a good writer, but the established authors you see today did not begin as experts. They went through a learning curve until they perfected their writing skills.

Article Title Writing Skills

It is true that it may take time before you start reaping the benefits of article marketing, but the long term results are worth the investment.

An article acts like a sales agent for your work online business, where you have thousands of agents (articles) bringing visitors to your blog or website without asking for a salary, off day or a holiday.

It is time to take advantage of article writing and add it to your online marketing arsenals.

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How To Outsource For SEO Article Writing Services

How To Outsource For SEO Article Writing Services

Yesterday we tackled in detail the importance of choosing the right SEO Company to work with. Today, we shall discuss what you need to consider as you are outsourcing for SEO article writing services.

If there is an issue you cannot just wish away when it comes to online marketing is content creation. This was demonstrated when for the first time Google through the panda updates sent a strong message to people sharing low quality content.

As far as site ranking is concerned, the one thing that remains constant in search engine algorithms is content. The day you will center your work online home based business site on article writing, you will be on your way to online money making success.

Coming up with content can be a quiet taxing for most people due to several reasons. It could be that you have other things to do or you do not consider yourself to be a good writer. Maybe you dislike article writing. This article is meant to help people like you who are seeking to outsource for article writing services.

As we mentioned before, content creation is an integral component to online business success. That is why it is important to hire the right people to offer you SEO article writing services. Research has shown that readers will come up with every reason not to buy products. One of the major reasons is the way you write your articles.

Just one or two spelling or grammar mistakes can greatly affect your sales conversion. This is the reason why most webmasters outsource for professional article writing services. If you pick the wrong firm to create content for you, then you will never get good results.

Here are 6 indicators to help you choose the right SEO article writing service.

1. Experience and past performance: One of the best indicators to look at when sourcing for content writing services is experience. Get to know which other customers they have dealt with and how they performed the work.

A reputable firm offering SEO article writing services must have a website. Check and see if they have posted testimonials, if they don’t then you need to keep off. In case there are testimonials, get in touch with some of the people who have posted their feedback and get their personal opinions.

Since article marketing is a crucial element in search engine ranking, people offering SEO writing services must rank high themselves. It is impossible for someone to offer you quality SEO content while their site is ranking poorly. Though it may cost you, you would better pay more for good results than pay less for no results.

2. Check out their qualifications: In most instances people who are good in writing are born with that talent. People with natural born ability to write are the ones that publish content that touches readers subconscious.

It is also possible for you to learn article writing skills but it will take a lot of practice. You may also need to attend writing classes for you to sharpen your writing skills. This also applies to people who already have the talent.

Therefore, a firm or person offering article writing services need to produce some sort of documentation. This can include certificate in literature or communication. In addition, they should show their previous job experience as relating to content creation, for example journalism.

You can tell whether a person offering writing services are serious or not by the way they quote their prices. People with experience will definitely charge a higher rate, but someone charging $2 will deliver an article worth that amount.

article writing services3. Reliable sales service: Good customer service is a critical element when it comes to any company selling products or offering any kind of service. Apart from just creating content for your website, a firm offering SEO article writing services needs to be easily accessible.

A good article writing company has to be ready to handle your inquires before you make your payment, as the work is ongoing and after the work is complete (after sales service).

4. Delivery period: Time is of great essence especially on the World Wide Web. Every day that passes without you publishing that new article you ordered, means that you are losing on lots of cash.

As you place your order you need to give a time frame and a good article writing firm should honor. But it is good to understand that to create quality content one needs time. The company needs time to do research which in most cases takes some time. Hence, do not rush your content provider because rushed articles lead to low quality content.

For professionalism sake, a credible SEO article writing Service Company will give an estimate of when they can deliver. But if the time frame is in terms of weeks, you have to keep off from such a company.

5. Find out if they subcontract: Any company offering article writing services need to have a team of qualified writers. There are those people who you may outsource and they end up passing on your work to other companies that may not be qualified.

Check and see if the firm you are contracting has measures in place to hire qualified staff. If possible try and liaise directly with the staff who will be handling your project. This way you will be in a position to know if they know what they are doing or not.

Another measure that a good SEO article creation company should have is a department that handles research. Bogging down one person with all the work can easily lead to low quality content creation. Good company structure will ensure you get your work done in good time and a finished product that is of high quality.

6. Consider the amount of information they require from you: If you see a company that lets you do all the donkey work, then you need to avoid it like the plague. You can expect to provide some vital information like your targeted keyword phrase but they too need to give you quality advice on the same. In addition, you will need to state how long you want the article to be.

But if you see a company telling you to do research or come up with headlines, then that is not a company to contract. A professional article writing firm should visit your blog or website before they start your project. This will help them learn more about your niche preferences thus know articles to write about.

Conclusion: Content creation is the driving force of the internet therefore you need to get it right from the word go. It is best that you have full control of your website hence do not leave everything to article writing companies.

Get involved to some extent when it comes to managing content since you are the one who knows what exactly you want to achieve from your site. If you have to outsource for SEO article writing services, make sure you are the one that proofreads the articles and publish them.

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