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Web Content Writing Services | To Or Not To Outsource?

Web Content Writing Services | To Or Not To Outsource?

The driving force of internet marketing is web content writing. If you want to earn money online from home then there is no way out, you have to seriously think of content creation.

The reason for publishing this article is to determine whether to create your own web content or to outsource. But before we get to the thick of things, let as first define what web content outsourcing is. This is the hiring of writers from overseas or from online freelance websites databases.

Just the way some website owners go online to outsource for SEO activities and services, the same can be done for web content writing. Black hat firms are the main culprits when it comes to buying links especially from link farms or purchasing cheap content. Buying SEO services is not bad, the problem is that most black hat firms go for cheap stuff.

Ideally, an established and experienced web content writer will charge about $150 – $200 for an article with 600 words. But for the same amount of words, novice writers from freelancing sites may ask for as little as $5 – $25. Let me ask, from the two writers whom do you expect to come with a quality blog post?

Do not get me wrong, you may be lucky sometimes and land on a very good web content writer on freelancing sites. The problem is that out of 100 applicants, you may find only one good writer or if you are unlucky none. As the saying goes, you may end up kissing a lot of frogs before you get that one writer that meets your niche blog requirements.

Is content outsourcing bad?

That is far from the truth, outsourcing for web content writing services is OK. There is no online marketing that can work without the involvement of content. Be it white paper, articles, press release or blog post, all will need you to sit down and formulate content.

It could be you have no time to generate your own content or you consider yourself not to be talented in writing. If you are one of these people and you know the value of web content in regards to making money blogging, then it is alright to outsource.

But I would like to pose to you another question again, would you rather have a professional and qualified lawyer or a back street attorney represent you in a major court case? The answer is obvious; you would pay any amount to have the best person represent you.

The same should apply when it comes to web content writing. If you must outsource and hire people who fully understand your business concept and know exactly what you want to achieve from your blog or website.

It would be better to outsource for writers within your locality whom you can vet and have them as part time employees. This way you can work hand in hand with them as a team to ensure you produce content that has the right message.

Here are elements to look at as you are outsourcing for web content

1. Buy content that is targeted

2. The content should be SEO friendly or in other words optimized for search engine ranking

3. Get web content that can go viral through social media sites and other blogging sites.

web content writingI promise you, this is not the kind of content you can get from writers that charge $5 for every 600 words. You will be required to go deep into your pocket to get content that gets into your readers subconscious and thus giving you an online presence and brand.

My counsel to webmasters who outsource for web content writing services, try to generate your own content. Practice makes perfect, thus you can start by creating your own content and with time you will become a good author. I see blog owners giving out a lot of instructions, tips and direction to freelance writers proving that they can do it themselves.

All said and done, there is no way an article of $10 can compete with an article of $150. A writer who charges $150 will research until he comes up with web content that is branded just for your site. He will go as far as making sure the messaging is strategic and designed to capture your target audience thoughts.

The downside of outsourcing for generic content.

Someone asking for $5 for an article of 500 words will most definitely take short cuts. There articles will be recycled, stale and of very low quality.

Ideally, a person or company offering web content writing services will need to research widely and moderate the article until it flows perfectly. Do you expect a person charging $4 to go through all that trouble?

As the adage goes, “Time is money” and since the person charging $4 will need to do many articles in order to make more money, he will spend little time drafting articles.

Another question again, what value have you put on time? If you are NOT willing to go the extra mile by paying for quality web content or researching for content, how can you expect someone charging $10 to do the required?

Buying cheap content is what has resulted to most bloggers having content that is not in line with their goals. Sometimes you may ask a site owner their business concept and discover it is different to their site content. Only for you to discover that they outsourced for cheap web content writing services.

The fact that content is an integral component of online marketing does not mean any content is good. Do not publish any content just for the sake of it. Taking short cuts and cutting down your operation cost in the name of saving money will compromise your online business.

You cannot sacrifice your online reputation, web presence and online brand in the name of cutting cost. The long term effects of doing that are so expensive you would rather pay the cost now by buying high quality articles.

Summary: No matter the type of content you are generating, be it web content writing, videos, podcast or still images, you have to think of branding, connecting to your blog visitors and more than anything, cutting a niche for yourself as being an authority site.

The two latest google algorithm changes demonstrated how valuable content quality is. Webmasters who had the habit of outsourcing for cheap web content writing services are the ones that were most hit by the Panda and Google Fresh updates.

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SEO Value That Comes With Offering Free Advice

SEO Value That Comes With Offering Free Advice

It never occurred to me the SEO value that one can derive by offering free information until I was called to give a talk on online business. Sometimes you just need to have a heart to help for you to boost your home business.

Last year a group of people eager to learn how to work from home online called me to be training them on internet business. At first, I thought they needed to pay for me to reveal to them my secrets of doing business on the internet.

After all, it had taken me over 7 years to gather skill, information and knowledge. On second thought, I decided to offer my expertise for free. This I did as a sign of giving back to the community and also more so to repay what other people offered to me (read on to see the people that helped to get to where I am today).

We used to meet every Thursday in the afternoon and I would advise them on how the internet operates thus helping them generate revenue on the web.

That is not all, James Wanjohi a student at Kenyatta University who used to attend the free talks requested I do a presentation  at the university for a club called Internetpreneur Hub of which he is the president. In the talk I shared on internet marketing especially on how to improve SEO value of a site.

Again, though they were not going to pay, I decided to go back, this time accompanied by my friends Isaac Odongo (SEO expert who runs a weight loss blog and How to Play Basketball blog), Alfric Opidi an expert in freelance jobs (now running a blog on How to do Forex Trading) and Rachael an established Forex Trader and we gave the university students valuable content on how to create a blog and how to work online at home.

Some people still wonder why we offer free SEO advice. But when I look back it is really worth sharing what we had for free.

Just the other day, the first group which used to meet on Thursdays, one of the members introduced me to someone who needed SEO service and I was paid very handsomely.

Apart from getting referrals from the people I have advised on online marketing, the other thing that gives me joy is receiving calls from people I have helped telling me how their sites are doing well.

One of these people sells car seats and can’t forget how happy he sounded on phone when he was telling me how he made his first sale online. To date, it still amazes me how a kind gesture can go a long way in improving the life of someone else.

These are the same people who go talking about you on their blogs and to other people hence helping to boost your site SEO value and traffic.

Looking back, I’m now reaping the benefits of helping other people from both the ones who paid me and those I offered my services for free.

valuable SEO content

What may appear like insignificant to you like answering SEO queries on your site for free could help people set up big online businesses. These are the same people who will help your site to gain a viral effect and also boost your SEO power as they backlink.

When I started out on internet marketing there was no one to show me what to do. In the process I ended up doing so many mistakes. I remember the days when I used to spend the whole day on classified sites and business directories posting my affiliate links. It was really frustrating since I never made even a single dime.

It was until I met a friend, Francis Gichuhi a renowned Kenyan Architect who runs a blog on Real Estate in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Gichuhi introduced me to his friend Peter Gitundu (Peter passed on late last year), a fallen hero and esteemed article marketer who contributed immensely to the advancement of online marketing in Kenya.

Peter was one of the most respected, provocative and top article publishers on sites like Ezine Articles, Idea Marketers and Article Base among other article top directories. His rich articles are all over the internet and they have really helped many people.

Three months after meeting Peter, I managed to get my first online check of $100 that was 3 years ago. It is because of the free advice from Peter that got me to where I am this day. Hence I thought it prudent to pass on what I learned to other people for free as well.

You may be asking; why am I sharing all these stories today?

Though I did not get any financial gains from sharing valuable SEO content to people who needed it, there were other benefits that came my way. Furthermore, it really feels like heaven to be generous. Just like the bible puts it “it is better to give than to receive”.

You will note that whenever your offer to help others with no strings attached, they will feel obliged to also help you where they can. That is why I’m getting consultancy jobs, back links and more than that the same people I helped have called me to be a main speaker in an upcoming high profile Seminar.

The seminar is meant to enlighten Kenyan companies on how to take advantage of internet marketing to increase their sales. The topics to be tackled include Blogging and Search Engine Optimization.


From the time I started sharing my expertise in SEO I receive calls from people I have never met before. Most of these referrals tell me how they heard about me from other people and in the process good business has come my way.

Today, I do not bother so much on looking for inbound links. My blog homepage ranks very well on competitive keywords such as work online, working online, work from home online and work online from home among other competitive keywords.

Most of my individual webpages are also ranking on first page of Google since the people whom have touched their lives are linking back to my blog posts. I must say I really appreciate the good gesture of all these people that link back to my blog, both the ones I know and those I have never met in person.

This blog is only one year old, if the trend continues the inbound links to my site will surely keep on increasing and so will the volume of my site visitors.

You too should seek to do the same, am sure there is something you are good at that people will want to learn. It does not matter whether you will offer you advice through interacting on social media sites, through your blog, seminars or face to face.

The other side of online marketing and improving you SEO value:

It is advisable to use all available white hat techniques to promote your website or blog. Most webmasters only focus on 1 or 2 online advertising strategies and hope they will generate traffic.

One thing you need to know is that nowadays online marketing has become so competitive. Therefore, it is advisable you incorporate all offline and internet marketing tactics available to you.

You just never know how many people will go out there and mention your name or blog to others. Sometimes it is pays to be generous with what you know. There is a common adage that goes “What goes around comes around”.

Conclusion: It is time you took your small online home based business blog to the next level. Do not shy away from sharing with others the valuable information you have.

This are the same people who will pay you back with business connection and backlinks just because you were generous to them.

What great joy it can be when you see people who have succeeded because you went out of your way to help. Even if they do not help you in return, nature has a way of paying back to you.

The good bible says, plant and you shall reap 30, 60, 100 fold in due season. I’m yet to meet someone who helped others and never received a reward for his good deeds.

Even as you generate content on your blog, mention the people who have helped you and link back to their sites. It is true some of your little traffic may be channeled to them but I assure you from experience, many other people will also link back to your content.

By trying to help others, it will not take long before you notice your SEO value hitting the roof. Today, am enjoying the fruits of sharing free SEO information to other people. I do not want them to go through the hassles I went through when I was starting out.

Time is money and through my free blog content and offline presentations I’m sure I will save someone some valuable time. There is something about giving that simply defies logics, try it you will be surprised.

Come to think of it, never had it occurred to me that one day I would be not just a speaker, but the main speaker in a high profile internet marketing seminar.

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Why Unique Articles Guarantee High Page Ranking

Why Unique Articles Guarantee High Page Ranking

If there is one thing that will ensure you of high search engine placement, it is unique articles. The best way to look at this issue is to ask yourself; what is the main agenda of search engines?

Search engines specifically seek to provide to their users quality and relevant content. The minute they fail to do that, their traffic subsides and so does their online revenue which is mainly advertisement.

Seeing this is the case, you need to give search engines what they want thus in turn they will drive traffic to your site. As you generate content, be it on your site/blog, article directory or for back linking purposes, you have to always come up with unique articles.

It will be sad for you to spend hours generating content and Google to ignore all that effort. This will happen if search engines think that your content does not add value to their users.

Webmasters who have known the secret give search engines exactly what they are looking for, and that is unique articles. But you may ask, what are search engines looking for specifically Google?

If you have been reading the updates on this blog discussing about internet marketing, you will discover that unique content is key. After posting unique articles, you will also need to get quality backlinks so as to rank high on search engine result pages.

Let us see the sequence of events when it comes to ranking your site on Google. Foremost, you have to come up with original and unique articles and post them on your website or blog. This means posting content that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

Secondly, you need to advertise your website and the best strategy is by building back links. Over the years article marketing has been the ideal tactic of improving your SEO value (back linking). But you can also post unique articles on blog networks, web 2.0 websites and through guest blogging.

The advantage of posting articles on these kinds of sites is that Google crawls and index their content often. In addition, these sites get high volumes of traffic which with will translate to some direct traffic.

But the ultimate benefit of article directory sites is the aspect of having links pointing to your blog or website. The more back links you get, the higher your SEO site ranking will be.

As much as these sites are excellent for online marketing, you need to know the best approach. Not any kind of content will suffice. For example, you cannot expect to copy paste the same article on all web 2.0 sites and article directories and hope to rank high.

Sometimes duplicate content may work but that is only when search engines have nothing else to display. Over and over again, Google has categorically affirmed that they will only list unique articles for a particular keyword term.

Consider this; you search for a particular keyword phrase and end up getting 5 results from different sites but all with the same content word for word. Would you be pleased with such results? Of course not, you would naturally expect to get varying results with quality and unique articles.

Search results are of more benefit when one collects varying views about a particular topic. It is for the same reason that online marketers have a problem when google is biased when one searches while logged into one of their services.

For instance, if you are logged into Gmail, Google will record the sites you visit. The next time you search using related key terms, Google will be biased and display the sites you visit frequently. This really denies you the opportunity of gathering different opinions on a given topic.

To counter this you will need to log out of all google services, clear your browser and search again. With that you will get results that are more varied and with unique articles.

Search engines have to avoid at all cost giving users duplicate content. The only way to do that is; when there are several articles with duplicate content to display only one copy.

It is for this reason that you need to come up with unique articles (content that does not appear anywhere else on the web). The same should also apply to content you submit on other sites in an aim to create backlinks.

As you build your link profile using content, make sure that your links appear on pages with unique articles.

Take a scenario where you are trying to determine the legality of a MLM program. You will need to read people’s testimonials. What if on all the results you get it is only one person who is talking about the program? The first thing that will hit you is that the testimonials are doctored.

unique articlesPeople tent to trust a site where there are many people with varying views. A blog with many comments would be considered to be popular but what if all the comments were from the same person? You will straight away know the blog is phony.

The same applies when it comes to search engine ranking, Google expects unique articles to point to your site. As links with different anchor text point to your blog from unique content, Google will consider that as quality, genuine and natural link building.

As for duplicate content, search engines will most likely ignore most of your content and links. Reason been that they are articles posted by the same person even though they are from different websites. According to google, the quality of a site is determined by different websites linking back.

Therefore, make certain that every article you post is unique from the other. Posting unique articles on your blog then sharing duplicate content on web 2.0 pages and article sites is been counterproductive.

Case Study on the importance of unique articles:

There are online marketers who claim that both duplicate and unique content work the same. But this case study proved on the contrary.

Two sites targeting the same keyword where picked to see which one will rank higher and faster. So as to get the results quickly, a long tail keyword that is easy to rank for was targeted on both sites.

On each site, a unique and well drafted post was published using the same long tail keyword phrase. To determine which strategy was better, duplicate or unique articles; on site A duplicate content was used to build back links.

While on site B, only unique articles where distributed. Since both sites where created using wordpress, they were both indexed and ranked immediately.

The outcome revealed without a shadow of a doubt that it is far much better to use unique articles than duplicate content to market your site. Within a day, site B that used unique content was indexed on the 1st page of Google.

Two weeks later site A that used duplicate content was still appearing on page 15 of Google search result with no signs of moving forward. Both sites were measured using the same long tail keyword phrase.

Summary: Moving forward in this New Year, you now more than ever need to work on providing fresh and unique content. This was demonstrated when late last year Google again updated their algorithm with a new update name Google fresh.

Therefore, as you generate content on your site make sure the articles are unique. The same should apply for articles that you post on other sites with the aim of building backlinks.

If you have a different opinion or agree with me on this topic, post your comments on the section provided below. Also feel free to share this unique article using the social icons displaying on the left of this blog.

Keyword Research That Guarantee You Rank High

Keyword Research That Guarantee You Rank High

The core ingredient of generating organic traffic is the proper use on online keyword tools. Talking to SEO experts, will reveal to you just how keyword research can go a long way in boosting your part time work online ventures.

Keyword tools help you to identify which terms people in your niche search for while browsing the net. It is from the research you will do that will determine which topics to write about. Always choose topics that have more searches. guaranteeing

Now lets us look at the different components of structuring your keyword Placement.

Domain Name And Blog Title:

Before you choose a name for your site, it is critical that you do some groundwork to optimize your domain name. (For best domain name and web hosting services visit Hostgator. Get up to 25% discounts when you use this cuopon codes “workonline25” or “moneywise7724“) Select a commonly searched for keyword phrase with at least two words. Use some of the free keyword tools like Google Hot Trends, Word tracker or Google Keyword tool.

The same should go for your homepage. Most part time work online entrepreneurs assume that a blog headline should be a descriptive of their blog content. But you would do better to go for specific competitive keywords in your title and domain name.

The reason for this is because search engines take you homepage to be the most important page of your blog. Also, most people will link back to your homepage thus it will rank faster. Therefore, do not shy away for going for the top keyword phrase in your niche for both your domain name and blog title.

It will definitely take you a while before you rank on the first pages of top search engines, but the day you will rank it will be worth the wait.

For example, on my blog am targeting to ultimately rank for the keyword work online. I started my blog in January and my blog is already on page 5 of google and page 2 of Yahoo and Bing. At this rate, you can bet that by the end of the year I will surely be on page 1 of google.

Work online gets an average of 1 million searches by using the Google Keyword Tool. In the meanwhile, as I seek to rank on work online, other secondary keywords like working online, work online at home, work online home am already ranking high and getting traffic from them. In fact on the working online am on page 2 of google.

If you target to rank on low competitive keywords on your homepage, you will surely get high placement fast, but you will have lost out on lots of online traffic. But in case you are out to flip websites then you can use keyword tools to identify low ranking key terms.

At this point it will be good I let you in on two of the most valuable keyword tools softwares that every blogger must have. These keywords tools are AutoBlog Samurai and Keyword Winner. (Note: both these tools contain my affiliate links).

Since we may not be targeting the same keywords or niches, take time to identify which keyword terms will best suit your blog. It would be better you spend all your time researching on the right keywords to target, rather than being in a rush to build a site and later regret.

The secondary keyword phrase factor: Now that you have chosen you main keyword, it is recommended that you look for related long tail keywords that you can rank quickly. In my case, some of the long term keywords include work online at home, working at home online, income from home, earn extra income from home e.t.c.

keyword toolsThese long tail keywords are less competitive thus you can create posts using such keywords and rank faster. As you generate content, also remember to build backlinks using these same long tail keywords.

This goes to show that you can still cut a niche for yourself in competitive niches by wisely using keyword tools properly.


At this point allow me to let you in on a secret; wordpress is the best to use when it comes to blogging. This is mainly because of the various powerful keyword tools and plugin available.

One of the ideal and new wordpress plugins that I highly recommended is WordPress SEO. When you contact most SEO marketing experts, you will notice that most of them are using wordpress SEO.

With this tool you can play around with your titles to ensure you generate decent blog traffic. The secret is to target two keywords with one blog post. This is how you do it, on the blog title use a keyword like Keyword Research… but on the plugin you can tweak the title to read Keyword Tool…

This will mean, though on you blog title the topic will be reading Keyword Tool, on search engine results it will read Keyword Tool… This will go a long way in ensuring you come up with captivating headlines and at the same time manage to optimize your title for top search engine placement.

Believe it or not this WordPress SEO plugin is absolutely free.

Note 1: As you come up with enticing blog title and optimize on them, ensure that the body of your articles has insightful content. Creating in-depth write ups makes sure that people link back to your blog pages thus achieve high page rankings.

Note 2: Most people write for search engines which I highly discourage. It is advisable that you create content that is readable by human beings rather than engine bots. Anyway, engine spiders will not buy products on your blog.

As you write for your audience it is Ok to tweak your content a little bit for you to generate organic search engine traffic. And thus the more reason to use online keyword tools for search engine optimization.

Onsite Pages:

We have seen just how keyword tools can help you come up with keyword phrases to target on your home page. But now let us see how your online pages can also help you rank for competitive pages.

Personally, as you can see from my blog I have come up with only 1 page which is my online store. This tells you that I need to work on getting more pages for my blog.

When you look at the top ranking blogs, you will notice that on their navigation bar they contain very competitive keywords. This is a very effective way of onsite SEO for work online entrepreneurs.

As you create pages on your blog, use keyword tools to identify the competitive terms in your niche.

Using keyword tools is fundamental when it comes to keyword research. The online market place is so competitive and you must know how to play the game so as to remain in contention of making money online from home via your blog.

With proper use on keyword tools you can succeed in self work online employment and join the big players in internet business.

Google News As An Online Traffic Generation Strategy

Google News As An Online Traffic Generation Strategy

What does one have to do to appear in Google news? This is the question that has been posed by many people who work from home online.

Google news is a source for tremendous traffic generation. This is especially so because you can get many natural links. Unique links lead to more high ranking thus boost online traffic from search engines.

For your website or blog to appear on Google news there are some guidelines you need to abide to. On this write up we are going to look at some of the requirements that you need to observe.

Writing structural demands

Site Content: The driving force behind the internet is none other but information. If you can provide information then you will generate traffic to your website or blog. This goes to show that content is the most important aspect when it comes to the internet.

It is critical that your content be of high quality and 100% unique for it to appear on Google News. There is no way you will duplicate or draft grammatically incorrect articles and expect to be listed on Google news.

The best approach is to keep up to date with what happens in your niche then release stories that are newsworthy. This means doing a lot of reading and researching. If you can be posting hot stories then you will be on the right path.

Article structure: This applies to any content you want to appear on Google or Yahoo news. Make sure that you come up with an article that has a headline, a brief author bio description and date of release.

You articles also need to be long enough since it’s all about giving information. An article should ideally have 400 to 600 words according to the latest panda updates.

Try as much as possible to optimize your content for search engine bots. Apart from that, your content should be readable to human beings.

Regular Posting: If you are one of those lazy writers then Google news is not your cup of tea. It is imperative that you share stories frequently. Share 2 to 3 articles on a daily bases for your website to be considered as a news hub.

Number of editors: If you are the only one posting content on your blog then it can be a bit challenging to appear on Google News. It is unofficial, but it is advisable to have more than one author for your site to be on Google news.

If you have a blog, allow other bloggers in your niche to submit on your site. This is also known as guest blogging. Have strict guidelines to ensure only original and high quality content is submitted by all writers. Ideally, 4 writers and above will do so as to enter into Google news.

google newsImagery: In case you have to add pictures within your articles make sure you add alternate text and descriptions. This is to ensure that search engine spiders can know what your images are about. Be careful how you use pictures on your site by avoiding flash images.

Pictures are good since they break the monotony of having text all through which can be sometimes boring for most readers.

Reputable site: The organizational structure of a site tells a lot about its reputation. An “About Us” page can go a long way in showing how reputable a site is. In the about us page add detailed information of authors names and their biographies. State also in details the main agenda of your website or blog.

Note: To enter into Google news you also have to be an authority figure in your niche.

Technical requirements so as to appear on Google News

Blog or site theme template: Choosing the right template is critical if your site is to be considered as newsworthy. Some claim that a blog cannot work, but if you choose a magazine type of template then you can enter Google news.

Have RSS feeds: This will apply to all website and blogs. RSS feeds are important to have since they help in finding and indexing of pages on search engines. I came to discover that I get very quality traffic from my RSS feeds, thus have it as one of your online marketing arsenals.

Google Crawler access: For search engine bots to find and index all your stories they will need full access. If you have a site that requires membership subscription, you need to grant access to search engine spiders in the restricted areas.

Once they have gotten access to your content, you can choose on how you want the content to be displayed on search results. One of the options is showing only the outline of your article.

URL creation: For every post you submit on your site or blog ensure it has a different URL. When all URL’s are different from one another it shows uniqueness and that no post looks like the other.

Titles: The first thing readers and engine bots see when they come to your site is the title of your posts. As much as it should be readable, your Google news headlines need to be keyword based for search engines to also read.

Generally, a title needs to act as a summary of what to expect in the body of your article. Make sure it is captivating enough to draw the attention of targeted readers.

It is recommended that your headline should also appear in your HI or H2 tags. Avoid adding dates on your headlines. If possible, it would better that you have company names or people’s names in your headlines. This will increase your chances of ranking.

Making money as you work online from home is dependent on traffic generation. Therefore, the more online marketing strategies you implement correctly, the more money you make as you work from home online.

For some time now entering Google news has been a challenge for people working at home. I hope this article will be insightful for home business entrepreneurs seeking to add Google, Yahoo news in their online marketing arsenal.

Soon we will go into details on how to use press release to appear in Google news.

How To Ensure You Keep Attracting Search Engine Traffic

How To Ensure You Keep Attracting Search Engine Traffic

If you ask any online marketer right now they will tell you that search engine traffic is worth working for. It does not matter, traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask or any other search engine out there is welcomed.

More than 80% of the traffic generated online comes from search engines. This signifies the value of search engines to the internet. It would be ill-advised for you as a blogger to ignore the benefits you can get from generating search engine traffic.

The beauty of search engines is that anyone can take advantage to market their products and services. It will cost you zero dollars to position your site on 1st page thus generate organic traffic.

This then brings up a question or should I say questions, which most newbies ask when it comes to search engine optimization. On this article we shall share with you things you need to know when it comes to optimizing your website or blog.

Though the points raised here relate to rookies, veterans also need to read since they may find strategies that can help them rank even better.

As veteran bloggers know, search engines especially google are updating their algorithm daily. This is meant to rid the internet of spam content.

Here are whitehat strategies that guarantee your site attract search engine organic traffic on a continuous basis:

Try and do your own SEO: Every time the word SEO is mentioned most newbies flinch and yet there is nothing to be scared about. There are people who would like you to think that SEO is for the gurus. They are the same people who will later try to sell you software to help you in SEO.

There is no wonder software or big secret when it comes to optimizing your content. Paying for SEO services is not the best way to ensure you rank well.

Most of this sites use negative SEO strategies that would easily hurt your site ranking. This includes buying of backlinks which search engines like google are punishing.

You as the owner of a blog or website know exactly what your site is all about and what your goal is. It is thus advisable that you do your own SEO.

The internet is filled with free content on how to generate search engine visitors. These kinds of content can be found on top SEO blogs, YouTube, forum sites and so on. All you need to do is conduct a search and you will learn how to do SEO by yourself.

Allow search engines to follow your links: This is something that most rookies fall victim to mostly due to lack of knowledge or should I say ignorance.

When creating and designing a blog or website you need to check and see that you have allowed search engines to crawl your site.

It’s only when your pages have been indexed that search engines will drive traffic to your site. One way of examining if your pages have been indexed is by entering site: in the search box. This also helps in checking if your site has been blacklisted.

When setting up your blog, check under the SEO setting to ensure you give search engines access to your content. This setting is mostly ignored by new bloggers and yet it’s an integral component of marketing your site.

search engine traffic

Write articles that people can understand: In order to rank for the best keywords in your niche, use words that are commonly searched for by your target audience.

It is common to come across a site that shares content that only experts can understand. As a blogger, you need to target both newbies and veterans. It is through sharing easy to understand content that you will keep getting new search engine traffic to your site.

In addition, you will keep people on your site for longer periods and encourage return visitors.

In short, avoid the use of difficult words when writing your articles. The minute people think you are trying to show off they will dump your site never to return.

Note: Blogging is about what people can benefit from your blog and not showing readers how good you are.

Commenting on other related blogs: Posting blog comments is one of the best tactics of improving your site ranking. Furthermore, it also ensures you funnel traffic from other sites to your site.

But for this strategy to be effective, your comments have to be approved by site moderators.

First thing you need to do to get your comments approved is submitting to relevant sites. This also ensures you get backlinks from related sites since you include a link to your site thus increasing your site authority.

Next, your comments have to be relevant to the article you are commenting on. This means that before you post a comment make sure you read the article.

Finally, post comments on sites that rank high in your niche. As you leave comments of high quality site your link popularity and authority will equally be high. The result of this is that your site will get good placement on search engines results thus will direct traffic to your site.

Build relationships: For you to rank better on search engine result pages you need the help of other bloggers in your niche.

That is why it is very imperative to connect with like mined people. It is from connecting to the right people that you will build an online presence.

This are the same people who will share your content and link back to your site thus helping you get more exposure online.

Now that search engines are using social signals to rank websites, you have to connect with people in your niche on social sites. And that is not all, make sure you are active by sharing other peoples’ content and they will for sure reciprocate.

As you build relationships, you will also get invitations for guest blogging further boosting search engine placement and traffic to your site due to backlinks.

Link to relevant sites: SEO will only work best for you if you get backlinks from relevant sites. The days when having many and none related backlinks that would take you straight to page one are long gone.

It is advisable to link to fewer sites that have quality content that is related to your site. I say quality content because you may get a scenario where a site is ranking low but as time goes by the ranking starts improving. In due course, it will help increase you site authority.

Follow google updates posted on their blogspot site: I started this article by stating that SEO is not rocket science, you too can do it.

The reason being that SEO strategies are no hidden secrets. Google publishes on their site on how to do SEO. They have guidelines on what they expect from a site in order to rank well on their search results.

All announcements about their google algorithm updates are made public. If you follow what is shared on this site google will definitely love your site.


Despite constant algorithm updates your site can always feature on first page of the top search engines. The secret is to stick to basic SEO strategies that have been mentioned in this article.

Search engine algorithm updates will come and go but some things will always remain constant. This includes content generation and linking to relevant and quality sites.

There is still more you need to learn about SEO and how to generate organic traffic from search engines. Share other strategies with us by posting your comment below.

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Proper Use Of RSS Feeds To Increase Blog Traffic

Proper Use Of RSS Feeds To Increase Blog Traffic

RSS Feeds offer webmasters and bloggers an opportunity to update people in their niche on a continuous basis. RSS stands for (Real Simple Syndication). As the meaning reads, online marketers are able to broadcast notifications to their RSS feeds subscribers every time they publish new content.

RSS feeds is therefore one of the best means of getting repeat visitors. This happens when visitors that find your blog resourceful subscribe to your RSS feeds. This means that they will get updates of all your future blog posts.

If you visit most blogs, you will notice a weird orange button mostly at the top bar or side bar. This orange button is where the link to the RSS feed is contained.

Ideally, your feeds relay information to other sites about your blog content. This bots relay information every time you update your blog, which ensures you generate traffic since people are constantly searching for new content.

I realize that some people do not love RSS feeds on their blogs but one thing is for sure, for you to make more money online you need traffic. Therefore, any online marketing strategy that helps grow your site or blog should be embraced.

Tip: There are also other ways of people following blogs other than through RSS. Google Reader is probably one of the best. Therefore once in a while head over to Google reader and post your good content.

There is still much debate on whether to use full feeds or shorten them. Experts in work online marketing suggest that you use both and your readers will decide which of the two they prefer to follow.

For those that are yet to create a mailing list for email marketing, you can use RSS to enable you send your blog posts to email newsletters. But it is recommended that you create your own mailing list and you can achieve the same with a site like Feedburner.

Once you start getting subscribers then you can automate your email marketing through a site like Aweber.

Sometimes RSS can break and all it takes is a rear character in your blog title. To ensure your RSS feeds are validated you can create a free account at a site called

It is important that you submit your feeds to top search engines and RSS directories. Some of the top directories to submit to include a sites like Syndic8, FeedPlex, RSS Network, Search4RSS and RSS Micro.

One site that offers great RSS feeds is Feedburner. With Feedburner you are able to access many tools to make your feeds look pretty and share the feeds on social media networking sites. Feedburner is normally categorized in 5 categories.

– Analyze: This category helps you know how many people have subscribed to your feed and where they are from. Here you are also able to see how many of your feed subscribers have viewed your RSS feeds and clicked on them.

– Optimize: This is where you get to podcast your RSS feeds to iTunes, blog aggregators and search engines. Here you get to make sure that every blog post you publish is also submitted on search engines and iTunes.

– Publicize: This is the section that helps you to cross promote your content. With this secretion you will be able to pass the word around about your RSS feeds through social media sites.

– Monetize: Here is where you get to make the money by adding Google Adsence links to your feeds.

– Troubleshootize: This acts as the support section where you can access to general tips on how to manage your RSS feeds. If you are having any trouble with your RSS then here is where to go.

RSS Feeds MarketingPeople claim that Feedburner has been on the decline from the time Google acquired it. Personally, I use Feedburner and I think you need to use it before you give your opinion. A good chunk of my traffic is from my Feedburner.

Tracking of traffic is also very important and Feedburner has helps me in this regard. All you need to do is give permission to just specific sites that repurpose your feeds like twitter and facebook.

You may be asking why you need to use RSS feeds in your small online business. Here is why…

1. With your content going to all your feed subscribers, it can take just one blog post and your content turns viral.

2. Feeds contribute greatly in boosting your search engine placement and ranking.

3. Apart from organic traffic, RSS feeds will aid you generate traffic when people click on your feeds.

4. With Feeds installed you will increase the chances of other bloggers in your niche to link to your blog or website.

5. RSS feeds help in crawling and indexing of your content by search engines much faster.

This goes to show just how beneficial RSS feeds can be to your small online business if you start using feeds as one of your online marketing arsenals. Most bloggers that use feeds for traffic generation are yet to harness its full potential. This is in terms of podcasting their RSS feeds thus increasing their search engine ranking.

For those that have known the secret behind feeds online marketing are why ahead of their competition. Hence if you want to see your blog traffic sky rocket, take your time to study and properly implement RSS feeds marketing.

How To Manage Keyword Density – High SEO Ranking

How To Manage Keyword Density – High SEO Ranking

Anytime you hear the phrase keyword density the first thing that comes into mind is SEO optimization.

As an internet business entrepreneur, for you to make an impact you must seek to rank high on search engines. Research shows that currently, google gets over 4 billion searchers every day.

If you can funnel just a small fraction of this traffic to your site, you are on your way to making money online with ease. It gets even sweeter; it is believed that over 300 million new people browse the internet every day.

It is true that there are other sources of internet traffic generation like social media marketing but none of them can match search engines traffic. In fact, 75% of traffic generated online is from search engines.

The big question is; how do you take advantage of search engines and direct visitors to your website or blog?

Most online marketers have really overlooked the power of keyword optimization. May be it is because they consider SEO a complex matter or they just don’t have an idea on how to approach SEO.

Believe it or not, it is not as hard as others would like you to think. Don’t let words like keyword density, keyword optimization or keyword usage scare you. Actually, if you get to learn what these phrases mean you will discover they are as easy as say 1, 2, 3.

The advantage of keyword optimization is that it enables search engines to find, index and rank your site. Before, online marketers used to leverage by stuffing keywords within their content thus rank high.

That came to an abrupt end with the introduction of the Panda Update. Today, you cannot find sites that have useless content or overstuffed with keywords ranking high on Google.

This brings us to the main reason of writing this article. How do you make sure your keyword usage or keyword density does not get you penalized by search engines?

The first thing to consider when it comes to optimizing your content is keyword research. This means analyzing and selecting a keyword phrase which people in your niche are searching for.

If your content is properly optimized especially for profitable key terms, you will attract targeted traffic from search engines hence make money. As an online marketer, you want when people enter your targeted keywords in the search box, you appear on first page.

How do you achieve that without keyword stuffing?

Having a high keyword density will not only get your site slapped by search engines, it will also make your content unreadable.

You need to realize that generating traffic is one thing and converting that traffic to profit is a different ball game all together. Readers dislike when they come across content that has a high keyword density.

Remember, search engines are not your customers rather it is the people who you bring to your site that will buy your products.

Keyword usage plays a pivotal role in regards to ranking on search engine result pages. The density of your keywords determine the page your site will be found.

If you land on page 1, then chances of people visiting your site will be high. But if you are on page 10, forget about generating good traffic from search engines.

At this stage it is good to remind you that optimizing your content is not a one day affair. In order to rank high, you have to keep on generating optimized content over a period of time.

Note: Research is extremely vital when it comes to which keyword phrases to use within your content. Some of the tools you can use to find out the right keywords to use include Google Keyword Tool (free), Keyword Tracker (free), Market Samurai (paid), Keyword Discovery (paid) and Keyword Winner (paid).

how to improve keyword density

Now that you know the value of keyword usage, let us see the best way to make sure you get the right keyword density. This will help you to rank high and at the same time generate content that is user friendly or readable.

How to maintain the right keyword density without overstuffing

Below you will find techniques of keyword optimization that will help you to rank high and also make your content exciting to read.

Relevant keywords: This is the use of keyword phrases that determine relevancy by subject matter. For instance: web marketing, internet advertising, article marketing, SEO marketing are all one and the same with online marketing.

In essence, search engines deem relevant keywords are related directly with a particular search query. Therefore, to achieve the recommended keyword density and avoid boring your readers by repeating certain words, you can create sentences with relevant keywords.

This will ensure you boost your search engine relevancy score thus rank on your targeted keyword phrases.

Keyword variation: People browsing the internet for similar things will not necessarily search using the same words. Hence it is important to find varying keyword phrases that you think your target audience will be searching for.

Let us take a scenario where you are targeting a keyword like work online at home. Other variants of the same keyword phrase include work at home online, work from home on the web, work online from home and so on.

The secret is to make certain that the variant phrase makes sense and means the same thing. Using varying keywords will give you several options to add your keyword phrase intelligently and at the same time achieve the recommended keyword density to help you rank high.

Stemming keywords: This is the use of plural, suffixes and prefixes of words. Let us take an example of a word like “work”, other words than can stem of this word include working, worked, worker, workforce and so forth.

Keyword Density

Once you have researched and decided on the keyword to target, instead of repeating the exact word all through your content, use word stemming. This will maintain your keyword density for SEO ranking purposes and readers will not tell you are repeating some words.

Synonyms: This means exactly that, where you use words that read different but mean the same thing. For example all these words mean the same to search engines web, internet, online, net and cyberspace.

Therefore, if you are targeting a keyword phrase like internet marketing you can use synonyms like web marketing, online marketing and web advertising so on.

This will give you many keyword options to target of which search engines will find them all related thus rank you accordingly.

Ideal strategies of optimizing your content with targeted keywords

So as to generate targeted traffic the best practice to adopt is the use of long tail keywords. These kinds of keywords are not only targeted, but normally have low competition thus you can rank on page 1 easily.

Long tail keywords are more specific and are usually generated from a core keyword. For example, the word “money” is a core and broad keyword but if you want to be more specific, target the keyword phrase “make money online from home”.

The word money is so broad; if you rank for such a keyword, definitely your bounce rate will be very high. This is because money covers a wide area.

The secret here is to narrow down the people you want to target. When you use a keyword phrase like make money online from home, you are in fact telling search engines the exact group of people you are targeting.

Apart from ensuring the density of your keyword usage is right, you also need to consider other things to make your site optimization complete.

This includes adding your targeted keyword phrase in your title. It is advisable you position your keywords in the beginning of your headline so as to make sure search engines find them.

The recommended length of your title should be between 40 to 70 characters. That is like 5 to 7 words.

You also have to optimize your webpages by including your keywords in your page URL (Uniform Resource Locator). These are links that help search engines and site visitors navigate your site.

Ensure your page URL contains the same keyword phrase that is within your content. This will help you rank for your targeted keywords and also assist in site organization.

Furthermore, adding keywords in your webpage URL will increase your click through rate (CTR) since it will tell visitors what to expect when they visit your page links.

Experts in SEO normally advice that you make your URL’s short. Hence, your page URL will be better optimized when you only include your targeted keyword phrase, preferably a long tail key term.

Summary: There is nothing as disheartening as coming across content that is stuffed with keywords in very sentence. In most cases, this kind of content will not make any sense since the writer will be forcing keywords where they are not needed.

Search engines are nowadays intelligent enough to tell when you use varying, stemming, related or synonym words.

If you follow what has been shared on this write up, you will not have to struggle with keyword density or keyword stuffing. In fact, you will stop worrying about been hit by any Algorithm Update that exist or will ever come into being.

The traffic from search engines is too much to be ignored. It is the high time you start combining all of these keyword usage strategies and improve your keyword density and site ranking.

The next article you publish, try and use the above keyword techniques then come back and tell us how you faired on search engine ranking. If you are already using these tactics to improve your keyword density, post your feedback in the comment section below.

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Email List Promotion As A Work Online Tactic

Email List Promotion As A Work Online Tactic

For years now webmasters have been making millions of dollars using email list marketing. Any online marketer that has at an opt-in list of about 100,000 customers and over will attest to this fact. Having an email list is definitely a powerful web marketing arsenal you need to use.

Why Use Email Advertising?

Did you know that close to 5 million people at least an email account? Research has proven that over 48% of the five million actually read their emails every day. If you look at it critically, this can truly translate to thousands of dollars for your work online business. But online marketers advise that you avoid being marked as spam.

The other side of Email Marketing:

There are advertisers who have misused their email list and thus given a bad name to email marketing. This has increased the chances of being marked as spam. It therefore means that you need to be very careful when sending messages to your email list.

Research reveals that 63% of people with email accounts do not read messages in the spam folder. Hence you must at all cost avoid being marked as a spammer. If your genuine message gets to your email list spam folder then your marketing campaign is doomed to fail.

In the cases where subscribes mark your message as spam, it can turn ugly. Sometimes it will result in email service providers blocking out your email account. In some cases, your site can also be marked as spam by search engines.

In addition, the government can get involved and you can be penalized heavily for spamming. Therefore, you need to be careful how you handle your email list.

How to prudently build your own Email List:

The first thing to do is create a website or a blog. Make sure that you offer readers quality content. Good content is where you provide informative and useful material that addresses certain issues. With quality content, your audience will want to constantly read your articles.

mailing listThis is where you can design a capture page for readers to opt-in your email list. Also you can have an opt-in registration form at the side bar. In most cases, the information you need to collect is the name, email address and sometimes location.

This brings us to the difference between solicited and unsolicited emails. When your targeted audience willingly subscribe to your mailing list, they are solicited. It is imperative that once someone opts in your email list you send them a message immediately. This will ensure they remember you the next time you send them an email.

To make sure that your solicited list finds you genuine, do the following.

  1. When sending advertisements make certain you state that in your email messages. This you can mention in the first lines of your email or in the subject line.
  2. Send your email messages only to the people who have agreed to be receiving your messages.
  3. The law requires that you give your email list subscribers a choice to opt out of your list. In most instances, there is a link that appears below the messages for members who wish to unsubscribe.
  4. As people subscribe to your email list, assure them that you will not sell off their details. This will enhance their confidence in you and thus boost your online reputation.
  5. Where you are sending adult content, you need to state that clearly in your subject line. This is to ensure such content does not land in the hands of minors.

Responding to a huge list can be quite tasking and that is why you need to automate the process. There is a company like Aweber that helps marketers manage their email list. With Aweber you can have an auto responder to help you respond to your list. There is also the option of scheduling your email messages so as they are send automatically at give dates and time.

Here are Email Marketing Strategies that have been proven to work:

email marketing– It is recommended as you are working online that you send your messages to your willing buyers only. The best strategy to approach email marketing is by sending unique and informative newsletters. Give your email list free trials and they will definitely not opt out of your list.

– Try to avoid sending HTML messages, rather send text messages. The reason being text messages are considered genuine unlike HTML which can easily be marked as spam. Furthermore, some email services are not compatible with HTML. This means some of your messages will be corrupted when they get to your customers inbox.

– Some words like make money, earn money online, mortgages and so on, you should avoid mentioning. Sending email messages with these phrases will increase the likelihood of being marked as spam.

– Avoid using attachments when sending promotional messages to your email list. Subscribers rarely open attachments from fear of being attacked with viruses.

– If you have to use images in your emails try to be moderate. Clustering images all over your messages will look unprofessional, thus will not appeal to your subscribers.

– Always work with reputable email management companies or join a Whitelist.

Note: There are people that are normally out to collect emails and sell them to willing buyers. As an online marketer it is not advisable to purchase an email list. It would be better to build your own opt-in list with willingly subscribes.

For years now e-marketers have channeled cash to their pockets with email marketing. It is common knowledge that having an email list is like having an online ATM. But let us not forget you can easily bring down your online credibility with email marketing.

This should not be the case though, if you follow the rules that govern email management you will make money online. The names you see in your mailing list are real people with feelings. Hence you need to treat them with almost respect.

To learn more about email list management and other online marketing strategies press on the links below.

Viral Marketing Solutions For Work Online Businesses

Viral Marketing Solutions For Work Online Businesses

What is Viral Marketing?

Over the years the most powerful mode of viral marketing has been through word of mouth. Many are the instances when a product has been talked about and later it ends up in almost every homestead. Word of mouth does not only apply to offline marketing, also on the internet you can succeed in viral marketing.

The best way to see the power of viral marketing is by looking at how your friends have an influence in what you buy. Many times you have bought a product just because a pal, family member or colleague told you that is great.

When it comes to the internet word of mouth, it can take just one reader to talk about your blog and you would get lots of visitors. This is especially so if the reader recommending you is a well know person in your niche.

Social media networks are the latest tools of viral marketing. For example, a person that has 200,000 followers on his twitter account decides to mention your website, you can expect that to cause a viral effect.

Viral MarketingAs much as viral marketing can be advantageous to your home business it can also turn to be a disadvantage. This is especially so if the message passed around is negative. People like gossiping and a little rumor can easily spread like wild fire for the good of your business or vice versa.

Big organizations have really harnessed the power of online word of mouth advertising by joining sites like facebook and twitter. Research has revealed that buyers who follow certain companies on twitter end up recommending others to products they have bought to their friends.

On this article we shall see some of the best viral marketing strategies to implement, so as to market your work online home business.

Article Marketing: An article that has rich, educative and interesting content can easily turn viral. Therefore it is recommended that you allow your target audience to publish or syndicate your articles. Before you publish your articles make sure they have a no grammar mistakes which you can achieve by using tools like Microsoft Word.

Today there are tools like Article Video Robot that can be great to use to turn your articles to videos. In essence, most people are not good readers but they would rather watch a video. If your article adds value to your readers and you turn it to a video it can very easy act as a viral marketing solution.

Submitting articles is very effective when it comes to online advertising. If you are not a good writer, you can opt to buy articles. Some of the sites to do that include Odesk or Nicole Beckett’s Premier Content Source. For a small fee you can get very nice content to help you promote your work online business.

Social Marketing: Hotmail is the one company that succeeded in viral marketing before the advent of social media marketing. Today, you cannot ignore social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others in regards to online marketing.

If you can optimize your twitter and facebook accounts you can quickly and effectively pass word around about your internet business. In short, social marketing can catapult your business and make is it seem like it is on steroids.

On twitter there is a tweet button that almost appears everywhere on the internet. This widget is an effective viral marketing tool that allows users to submit tweets to their profile from any blog. It is advisable that you customize your tweet content before publishing.

The same applies to the facebook like button which when you press on it while on a webpage, it updates your status wall. With these widgets proving to be perfect viral marketing arsenals, it is recommended that you include them below your web pages. This will allow your readers to share your page links to their followers on social media sites easily.

Newsletters: The one notable thing about newsletters is the ability to showcase your business and products to your subscribers. Experts in online marketing advice that you include a newsletter subscription form on your website.

So as to turn your newsletters to a viral marketing tool, always request your subscribers to share your newsletters to their friends. The amazing thing is that many of your subscribers will actually pass on the newsletter. The secret is to call them to take action once they read.

These means that you need to take your time to draft helpful and educative newsletters that will merit your subscribers to pass them on.

word of mouthEmail Marketing: In the internet marketing circles, they like calling it the Online ATM. This is mainly because if you have a good targeted opt in list; email marketing is the best way to make money online. It is thereby critical that as you generate traffic to your site to also build your opt-in list.

Sending emails is a really effective way of viral marketing mainly due to the ability to forward messages. By drafting a catch and interesting story, you can get your opt in list to forward your email and soon enough your email will be all over the place.

Normally, there is a setting where you can add your signature; it is here that you can include your contacts and a link to your home business or affiliate products.

Video Marketing: Currently the best sites to go and upload your videos include Metacafe and YouTube. Since people are more captivated by images, a video that is entertaining can quite easily go viral.

In case you do not have a video machine you can still do video marketing, just get tutorials on how to produce videos even if you do not have a camera. Someone you can search on search engines for video marketing is Tracy Matthewman.

With well produced videos it can only take one clip and it would make you see the power of viral marketing. Just share videos that get the attention of your targeted viewers.

For anything to spread like a virus on the internet it has to be something that can easily be sent out. This is why the facebook like button and the twitter widgets are crucial when it gets to viral marketing. Viewers just need to press a button and the message will reach their followers or fans.

In order to necessitate your readers to share, your content needs to be of high quality and stand out from the rest. Therefore, before you publish or draft your content do a thorough research and make sure you distribute useful material.

There are still more online marketing strategies to look at, press on the links below to learn more.

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