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SEO Review Of Internet Marketing After Google Penguin Update

SEO Review Of Internet Marketing After Google Penguin Update

It has been an eventful year for online marketers since December 2011. Depending on the SEO strategies you employed, you could be laughing all the way to the bank or crying all the way from the bank.

The release of the new Webspam update officially named Penguin Update has seen many sites see a drop in ranking. Therefore, the big question is, how do you make sure you don’t get hit by this update?

If your ranking has dropped, you need not to worry. There is still a chance for you to regain your ranking. On this blog post we are going to review online marketing strategies you can use as far as SEO is concerned and avoid getting penalized by Google.

A closer look at how the Penguin Algorithm is working indicates that more emphasis have been put in place to punish sites that over optimize. Click here to read a detailed report on other parameters that Penguin has incorporated.

Below are the areas you need to work on to ensure Google does not penalize your website or blog:

Keyword stuffing (over optimization): This is when your keyword density goes above 3%. Sometimes back we posted an article on how to use keywords so as to make sure you don’t over optimize.

The other thing you need to avoid is having the same exact keyword in your page title and URL. It would be advisable to use a primary keyword phrase in your URL and secondary keyword in your page title.

Google bots are nowadays intelligent enough to tell what your content is about so don’t worry so much about keyword usage. Vary your keywords by using related, relevant or synonyms.

An important element of SEO has been Meta tags. If you are operating a site that shares content on money, SEO experts advice you avoid having the same key term in your keyword tag and description tag.

In your description Meta Tag, add content that looks natural rather than stuffing keywords. The best strategy would be to put a call to action message aimed at getting readers attention and not for SEO purposes.

When it comes to creating pages make sure that every webpage targets different keywords related to your niche. Don’t have many webpages all using the same exact keyword phrase.

If you have to create pages with the same topic try and ensure that the keywords are not exact and more importantly each webpage should at least 1000 words with unique content.

Duplicate Content: Ideally, the less duplicate content you have the higher your site will rank on search engine results. In order to avoid having duplicate content, make certain each page you publish has at least 65% unique content.

Some internet marketers are known to add blocks of content from their old articles to their new articles to make them longer. In case you use that tactic to add the value of your pages then know that your days are numbered. Reading internet SEO marketing reviews, it shows that Penguin will penalize sites that employ this tactic.

Outbound Back Linking: This is also known as on page back linking. If you did not know, the sites you point to play a major role in your site ranking.

To improve your SEO ranking ensure you link out to quality, reputable and authority sites. A good example is linking out to site like Wikipedia or You can also link out to authority websites and blogs in your niche.

Note: Avoid under hand SEO tactics like cloaking, these are negative SEO strategies that work for a while but in the long term will hurt your site ranking.

Post Quality Content: Time and time again Google has insisted on the importance of posting shareable content. Before you hit the publish button ask yourself, if you were the reader would you share the article?

If the answer is Yes! Then go right ahead and publish, but in case you feel you need to work on it some more, please do just that.

Text is not the only form of content available; you can add other forms of content like uploading videos, podcast and still images. This to the eyes of search engines is very good and thus will help to improve your overall SEO value and ranking.

If you have a product based site, it will also be to your advantage if you include legit testimonials and product internet market reviews. For those who have won awards and certifications, you need to also add them to your site.

Incoming Back Links: The sites that are pointing to your site can easily hurt or boost your SEO ranking.

Penguin is said to have hit sites that have unnatural backlinks. These are sites that have anchored their links using the same exact keyword phrase.

If your anchor text portfolio contains only one keyword phrase, watch out. For example: if your site is about internet marketing, it is not advisable to have in your backlink portfolio like this keywords:

“internet marketing strategies”

“internet marketing reviews”

“best internet marketing”

web marketing review

According to Penguin Update this is over optimization for the keyword “internet marketing”. This is especially so if the same keywords are the once appearing in the title, URL and in the body of the article.

The best approach to use is to anchor your links using varying keyword terms. For example;

“marketing on the internet strategies”

“online reviews of marketing on the web”

“best internet strategies of marketing”

The difference of the two techniques of link anchoring is that the previous looks manipulated while the latter, appears natural to search engines. Google is intelligent enough to know what your site is about therefore anchor your links using text that have a call to action message.

Still on the issue of increasing link popularity avoid building backlinks from sites that have been de-indexed, marked as spam or banned.

Both Panda and Penguin updates affected some sites thus making them lose SEO value. These low quality sites include article directories that have been penalized, Paid Link sites and free link sites.

Do not post your website or blog on these affected sites; instead put more emphasis on building natural backlinks from quality sites.

Submitting comments is another great strategy of building backlinks but remember the same rules should apply. Post comments on relevant sites that are of high quality and reputation in your niche.

High quality review sites such as Google Reviews and Yahoo are also great places for internet marketers to generate quality backlinks.

Social Signals: Recent SEO trends show that search engines are steadily moving towards ranking sites using social signals. The main reason for this is that search engines deem social sharing as natural.

Whether social mentions are subject to manipulation or not we just have to wait and see. As for now, make sure every article you publish is posted on twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin and more importantly Google Plus.

Social bookmarking sites also offer quality and natural backlinks. Hence submit your page URLs on sites like Reddit, Digg, Tumblr and Technorati.

Summary: From the way Panda and Penguin Updates are operating, online marketers should now go back to the roots and basics of SEO.

Generate content that is helpful to your target audience and leave search engines to do their thing. The over fixation on SEO needs to come to a complete stop or else your online business will face obscurity.

Let us go back to the days when writing an article the reader came first and search engine second.

Consider these questions before publishing your site content;

Are the SEO strategies you are using long term or are they just for short term purposes?

How would you write your article if search engines did not exist?

Which words would your site visitors use as anchor text when linking to your content?

Is the content quality worth sharing with your friends?

Note: Google can now tell what your site content is all about so stop using negative SEO strategies like manipulating backlinks or gamming site relevancy.

A review of Panda and Penguin reveal that online marketing will now be about presenting natural signals in order to rank well.

Do you have anything else that would be helpful regarding this sensitive and important topic? Kindly use the comment section below to post your views and contribution.

We intend to keep updating you with the latest internet marketing reviews especially on SEO, thus enter your email address below or in the section provided on the sidebar.


Author: Stephen Kavita

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Get YouTube Views That Are Viral

Get YouTube Views That Are Viral

Video marketing is one of the best strategies of traffic generation. Online marketing experts all agree YouTube views are a great source of promoting your blog or website.

There are many sites that you can post your videos but the most popular one is YouTube. Other video sites include MetaCafe, Google Video, Photo Bucket just to mention a few.

Overall, YouTube provides webmasters several opportunities to generate traffic and thus make money online. Just like any other internet marketing tactic, you need to know how to convert YouTube views to sales leads.

Let us look at some of the rules to observe while creating and uploading your YouTube Videos.

YouTube views for viral marketing: Thousands of videos are posted very day on YouTube; this means that you have to upload videos that stand out. If your video is just like any other, no one will be interested in it.

The recommended thing to do so as to get YouTube views and make them viral is to post helpful clips. Additionally, ensure you have included buttons that will make your video clips easy to share.

Normally, viral videos appeal to most YouTube viewers hence can get you a lot of online sales leads.

Length of video: In video marketing you have got a very short time to capture the attention of your target audience. Though with YouTube there is no limit to the length of videos, experts recommend short video clips.

A video that is at least 4 minutes long is good enough to ensure your YouTube views turn to leads. If you have to make your videos long, make sure they do not go beyond 10 minutes. Actually, in most cases long video end up being boring thus viewers will not watch then to the end.

The advantage of short video footage is that, viewers get to watch your clips to the end where you can ask them to take action.  Therefore, at the end of your video give some information about your site and request your viewers to click on your links.

Video quality: If you visit YouTube you will notice that people most of the time like commenting on the quality of video footage. As we said before, there are millions of videos out there thus for you stand out and get YouTube views you must share high quality clips.

You need to make target YouTube viewers watch your videos to the end by ensuring that your sound is very audible and pictures are clear. In any case, you would not expect people to watch a video with blurred images to the end.

You don’t necessary have to get a professional videographer but if you can afford one, go for it. The other way is to get a good video camera that has good resolution and takes high quality sounds.

video marketingMost of the videos you see on video marketing sites are done by amateurs thus you too can do nice video clips.

Optimize your videos: Search engines contribute to almost 95% of the traffic on the internet. This tells you that the best place to get high volume of YouTube views is definitely from search engines.

YouTube has also got its own search engine thus you need to make your videos search friendly. The first thing is to make certain that your targeted keyword phrase appears on your video title. The same keyword should also appear on your video description details.

On YouTube you can also include your key terms in the tags. List several of your keywords in the tags that are related to your video. But on the other hand, you need to be moderate with the keywords so as not to be flagged as a spammer.

User profile creation: This applies to all accounts you create on the internet especially on social media sites. The more YouTube views you receive the more people will want to read your profile. This they do to get more information about you. Hence take time to come up with a user profile that is professional and interesting. A little touch of humor is good, but remaining professional is key.

In every profile it is important to add your picture; this creates some level of trust thus more YouTube views. The picture you take should also look presentable and professional especially if you want to generate traffic to your site for business purposes.

Market your videos: Just the fact that you posted a video does not necessarily mean you will get YouTube views. In order to get more YouTube views and make your videos viral you must promote them.

Set aside a budget to help market your videos. In addition, you can optimize your videos to generate organic traffic from search engines.

Create series: Regular posting of videos is one of the best ways to promote your account and thereby get more YouTube views.

Sometimes you can get lucky and you produce a video that becomes a hit. But to be guaranteed of constant YouTube views is advisable to come up with a series of videos.

Post a continuous informative series on a particular topic at least one a week. On every clip share one or two important points so as to make viewers want to visit your account often for more details. In the long run you will have loyal a fun base.

Timing: This may seem insignificant to some people but the time you submit is critical. You need to know when your target YouTube views are online.

For example, the best time to reach people in the US is on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Do some groundwork to know the best time to load videos and thus get your target audience.

Post remarks: Viewing other people’s videos that are in your niche and submitting comments can also boost your YouTube views. It is important that your remarks are relevant to the content on the videos.

Searching for popular niche videos and offering your responses is a unique way to generate traffic. Note: Include a link to your site every time you post your comments.

Include link to your blog or website: Branding your videos is vital. The best way to brand your videos is to include a link to your blog and more importantly a logo.

The best place to have your logo and URL is at the beginning and at the end of your videos.

So as to make money while working online you need quality traffic. Increasing your YouTube views can go a long way in ensuring you promote your site, products or services effectively.

Though the competition is intense, with high quality and informative videos you can cut for yourself a piece of the cake.

How To Select The Right SEO Firm To Promote Your Site

How To Select The Right SEO Firm To Promote Your Site

A search on the internet has confirmed that every passing day a new SEO firm is established. From the inception of the internet, search engine traffic has been an integral component of internet marketing.

As much as other internet marketing strategies help webmaster generate traffic, SEO still remains one of the best. In fact, other techniques on website promotion like video marketing, article marketing, forum marketing and so on help marketers boost their blog rankings thus in the process generate organic traffic.

There are some SEO firms that have taken advantage of the need for webmasters to generate organic traffic by swindling them. It is therefore vital for you as a customer to be careful when choosing the SEO firm to work with.

Three very critical elements to look out for when choosing the SEO firm to work with include legitimacy, professionalism and of course ability to do proper SEO. Hence, you need to analyze every SEO company by checking out their track record.

Here are some few pointers to consider before paying for any SEO service:

Go through their contact form: Many are the times that people get into a deal without thoroughly going through the terms and conditions. Do not sign any form before you know what you are getting yourself into.

Since most contract forms are complicated and tricky, you can get the services of a lawyer. A lawyer will help you to better understand the contract thus sign from an informed position.

Check out the articles they have written on SEO: Any reputable SEO firm needs to have published an article on search engine optimization. Furthermore, the publication should be posted on a top quality site.

Check and see if the company has every published a book on SEO. Reputable SEO companies are also known to hold major seminars thus you should also try to see whether they have done that. These are vital indicators of expertise that a firm has developed over the years.

Search for the company on internet scam sites: This applies to any person that is working online. The internet is filled with quite a number of work from home online scams and sites claiming to offer great SEO services.

The advantage of the internet is that messages move like wild fire. If an SEO firm is swindling clients someone will definitely post it on the internet. Before paying for search engine optimization services check the company’s reviews and comments on various internet scam watch websites.

Get the experience of other past clients: An important element of whether an SEO company is legit or not is to see if they have posted testimonials. If they haven’t, kindly keep off. But if they have, you need to get in touch with some of the people who have posted their testimonies and get their opinions.

SEO firms that send you spam mails should be avoided: Any company in whatever niche that sends spam emails should never be trusted. I am yet to find a legitimate firm that sends unsolicited emails to people.

The people that are out to swindle you of your hard earned cash are the same individuals that send out spam emails. It is advisable that every time you come across unsolicited emails in your email account that you delete them without even reading.

Join top SEO forums: Online communities have really offered online markets fertile ground to share their experiences and expertise. Therefore, you need to become a member of reputable SEO forums in order to get the latest happenings in the SEO world.

It is from these SEO forums that you will be able to learn whether an SEO firm is good or not. Ask people in the forum about their opinions on any SEO company and they will for sure give you feedback.

SEO firmGo for SEO firms ranked high on search engines: You cannot sell SEO services if your own site is ranking low. Before, you decide to work with any SEO firm, make sure you check their ranking on the top search engines.

In any case, how can a site rank low and then promise to ensure your site ranks high?

Be patient: Slow but sure is the right terminology to use here; you need to take your time before you settle for any SEO firm. Do not be pushed by any company to make a rush decisions. The process of checking the validity of any company should be done one step at a time.

Confirm the contact details provided: If you happen to land on an SEO firm that doesn’t have contact details you need to keep off. Contact details should include the company’s physical address and telephone.

Check out their location using Google map and if possible go to the physical location to confirm. In addition, call the telephone numbers provided to make sure they work. Any reputable company will respond to consumer queries fast therefore check their response time.

Scrutinize the staffs who answer your calls and talk to physically, this is to ensure that they are professional and know what they are doing.

Length of time in the industry: The best SEO firms to contact are the ones that have been in the business for some time. This is because length of time shows the company’s credibility, expertise and stability.

Check if they are listed on Better Business Bureau (BBB): Any legitimate company has to be registered. In the US, a reputable SEO firm needs to be registered with BBB. In fact, most firms post a link on their site where you can read their records.

You can also check whether a company is listed in your state Attorney General’s office. These records can be found under the section called Consumer Affairs.

The police department is a good place to see if people have placed complains regarding any firm. Through the police you can gather vital fraudulent activities been carried out by any SEO firm and any other institution for that matter.

Summary: The best approach to doing search engine optimization is learning the tricks and doing it yourself. But if you don’t have the time you can outsource for the services.

The importance of knowing the basics of SEO will also help you know if an SEO firm is legit or not.

6 Free Online Video Marketing Strategies & Tips

6 Free Online Video Marketing Strategies & Tips

I thought it is only fair that this time round to share on free online video advertising. In fact, it came as a surprise to me that I have not yet dedicated a whole post on this integral arsenal in online marketing.

The use of free online video to promote your blogs, products or online business programs is one of the most effective ways of reaching a wide audience. This is demonstrated with the way a site like YouTube has dominated the internet in terms of traffic generation.

Did you know that as we speak YouTube is thought to be the number 2 search engine after Google? This should be an indicator to all online business people to embrace online video promotion seriously.

As you all know the secret to online wealth is traffic generation. Therefore, top on your list of internet marketing strategies has got to be the use of free online videos.

Just in the year 2010, research has shown that over 41% of potential buyers view online videos weekly. Today, a site like YouTube (property of Google) serves over one billion free online videos in a day. These are the kind of statistics that should make any webmaster go wild with excitement.

The potential of online video marketing is simply immense. Think of this, when it comes to viral video marketing campaigns, studies have proven that they can increase your click through rate (CTR) to over 700%. If you ask me, it would only be prudent if you also jumped into the band wagon right away.

The thing about free online video promotion is the fact that people are more receptive to images than text. Most individuals tend to grasp more when they watch a video than reading a book.

Now that you have seen the power of online video marketing let us get into how to effectively make use of it.

Below are 6 vital concepts to consider in video marketing in terms of product or website/blog promotion.

1. Be Real: The one great mistake that most online markets do is to try to be like someone else. In all aspects of life you need to be real and the same applies to video marketing.

As you are creating a free online video about your work from home business, film from your house. It would make no sense to say you work at home yet your videos are being filmed somewhere in an office in the city center.

Avoid uploading fake or stage managed videos and people will appreciate you just as you are. Whenever you are genuine, your target audience will find you credible hence that will help boost your online credibility and presence.

By just allowing people to see videos of you growing in your online business will go a long way in ensuring that people respect and appreciate your work.

2. Creativity: When I mention be genuine I did not mean you don’t come up with innovative videos. If you expect people to consider your products or website as an authority you need to create compelling videos.

Try to get ways of touching the emotions of your target audience. Some of the strategies of doing that are by creating videos that are humorous, educative or controversial which will stir up hot debates.

Creative online videos can easy turn viral as people will want to share with their friends or colleagues. Therefore, always get in touch with your creative side when filming a free online video. This way you get people hooked to your videos.

free online video3. Brand your videos: One of the best ways of online business branding is through free online video marketing. This you can achieve by making sure that every video clip you release contains your online business logo.

Streaming videos that are branded will really help increase your online presence and traffic generation especially when your video campaigns turn viral.

In addition, ensure that every free online video you submit contains a backlink to your website or blog. This will help you in boosting your search engine positioning thus attract organic traffic.

4. Demonstrative videos: Free online video advertising is a good platform for you to showcase and demonstrate how your products work.

This will also apply to webmasters that offer tips on various niches. In case your blog is about SEO, you can easily create a video that shows step by step how to do search engine optimization.

There are people who when they read an article may not fully understand some certain procedures, but when you upload a free online video on YouTube they will right away understand.

In the case where you are promoting a service, videos can provide you a stage to demonstrate exactly how the service works. Show how beneficial your service is and ask your viewers to get in touch with you.

5. Conduct Web Seminars: The other name for this is Webinars. This are what most online marketers like to refer to as stage 2 videos. Normally, people seeking to promote their products and services do it through webinars.

The best approach to webinars is to have sessions where you offer educative information to the people that attend. In addition, you can demonstrate to attendees on how your service works or how to use the product you are promoting.

Webinars offer a great opportunity for your customers to pose questions related to your products or services. Here is where you can get the chance to convince skeptical potential buyers to take action and purchase your product.

Clients that are not familiar with your service will be best reassured on a webinar. Furthermore, as you interact with customers it will help boost your online reputation and presence.

6. Load Testimonials: Just one satisfied customers can go a long way in promoting your website or products. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you include some testimonials in your videos.

Be careful not to stage manage your testimonials since viewers will easily see through you. Getting genuine and satisfied clients talking about your website or services will greatly boost your reputation.

These are the kind of videos that you will easily see people sharing on social media sites.

video marketingIn Summary: It would be prudent of you as an online marketer to add video marketing in your online marketing arsenal. Think of this, in the United States alone, about 170 million people view an average of 15 hours of video online.

This goes to show the potential that webmasters have of increasing their online sales. The other day I was reading how a certain online shoe company got a conversion rate of 46 % for clients that watched their free online video clips.

Writing this article has made me see just how I have not fully utilized and optimized the power of free online video marketing. We better get down to business if we want to make money online from home.

Blog SEO Techniques That Have Become Irrelevant

Blog SEO Techniques That Have Become Irrelevant

Nowadays, the internet has become so volatile in that things are changing at a very rapid pace. Blog SEO strategies that used to work 6 months ago have today become irrelevant. In actually fact, an SEO technique that works today may not work in a month’s time.

For a blogger seeking to always maintain web presence; researching about SEO and reading events related to site ranking has become critical. Gone are the days, when just submitting your site on top business directories was enough to rank high.

The one indicator you can look at to see that blog SEO is changing, is the way Google keeps changing its algorithm. In the year 2011, Google is said to have done more than 500 changes to their algorithm formula.

By the look of things, this trend is not bound to stop now or in the future. Why? Google is set to remain as the major player in the search engine arena. Therefore, Google will do everything possible to improve user experience.

The sad part is that some bloggers have failed to move with the times. Some old blogging SEO techniques and tools that used to help blogs rank high cannot be relied on anymore. How come you are still insisting on using them then blaming search engines for low ranking?

In any industry you get involved in, to ensure growth you need to keep yourself abreast with the happenings in that area. You have to read a lot and research in order to stay relevant. Attend all events that are related or affect your niche directly or indirectly.

For example, you might be having a blog about fashion, though blog SEO is not directly related to your niche, anytime you hear of a seminar on website ranking you should be the first one to register.

The secret to internet business success is web presence and what better way to market your site than SEO. It may be easy to rank on page one but remaining there is entirely a different ball game. This has been attributed to constant change of search engine algorithm formulas.

Now that we have seen the dynamics that come into play when it gets to blog SEO, let as look at SEO tactics that used to work before but now have become irrelevant.

Word Count: Bloggers who have been keeping tabs with the on goings in the SEO arena all know of the infamous farmer update. The update was said to hit sites with worthless content that were ranking high.

Search engines in their pursuit to offer users with quality content began giving more preference to longer articles. If you have two articles targeting the same keyword, the article that has 600 words will rank higher than an article with a blog word count of 250.

Gone are the days, when short articles with little content that were used as bait to get people to follow links in the resource box work in today’s SEO. The only time that these short articles will rank is when there are no other results to display.

Considering the way the internet has become so competitive, you might never gain online visibility with short articles.

Content is king when it comes to blogging SEO but generating content for the sake of ranking is not enough. You also need to make sure your long articles are helpful and this way you will elicit quality backlinks.

H1 and H2 Meta tags: It was not long ago when adding headlines which are keyword based in your HI and H2 was important for blog ranking. Today, search engines do not place a lot of emphasis on these tags anymore.

This should come as good news to people who are not savvy when it comes to adding H1, H2 and H3 tags within their blogs. A look at the some of the top ranking website nowadays you will note that most don’t use any H1 or H2 tags.

SEO Blogging

Ranking techniques are the same for all search engines: Though search engines do not reveal the exact number of signals they use to rank sites, the assumption is that they all have different parameters they look at.

This is confirmed by the fact that listing results in all search engines are different. Therefore, the notion that blog SEO techniques are the same for Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing are misplaced.

The best approach to SEO is first finding out which search engine your target audience use a lot. From there, research the blog SEO tools and strategies that will work with that particular search engine.

Do not try to rank on all search engines because that will only end up messing up your website ranking on all of them.

Initial Blog SEO is enough to rank your site high: There are bloggers who used to rank high some years back, but other people have come and overtaken them. These old bloggers ride on the fact that old SEO power will keep them at the top.

The winds in the SEO field keep shifting all the time; hence you should also change your SEO tactics as well. For example, if you have webpages stuffed with keywords that used to rank high and have now dropped, go back to those pages and amend them.

It also applies to keywords; you will find that a keyword that used to be searched for a lot has now become irreverent. For example; before people may have been searching for “Samsung smart phone”, but now they could be searching for “Samsung galaxy”.

Content that is relevant today may tomorrow be of less value. That is why you need to keep updating your blog with new content regularly. Try to add at least 3 new quality articles every week; that way you will be guaranteed of top website rankings.

Focusing so much on Homepage SEO: Here I will talk from experience. I have noted that most of my blog traffic originates from my individual webpages. Therefore, when writing an article, include all the information that you can get relating to the subject.

The days when search engines used to put a lot of emphasis on your homepage are long gone. It is true that before your homepage ranked higher than your individual pages, but looking at search results that has changed.

That does not signify you stop working on making sure your homepage if fully optimized. It means that the same efforts you put to rank your homepage should also apply to every webpage you create.

Optimize your about page, contact page or any other page you will every publish on your blog. By the way search engines are indexing sites and webpages you never know which page will drive traffic to your site.

Adding keywords in your blog keyword tag: There are still some firms offering blog SEO service that insist on adding keywords in the Meta tags. Yes, that used to work before buy not anymore.

In fact, the first search engine that stopped Crawling the keyword Meta tags was Google. Though there could be some small search engines that still rank website using keywords contained in the Meta tag, the major search engines don’t.

It is advisable to put your keywords in the description tag but make sure you do not overstuff the keywords. Search engines have become so intelligent and thus you need to be careful not to make your site appear like its spamming.

Keyword Usage: If you visit most SEO forum sites you will note that there are still hot debates relating to Keyword density. Some SEO marketers say that keyword usage does not matter anymore, while others insist that you maintain a certain percentage.

The one thing that SEO experts agree on is that stuffing your content with keywords will definitely hurt your blog SEO profile. In the pursuit to remove spammers from ranking high, search engine bots are now able to identify sites that are overstuffed by keywords.

Bloggers are advised to target for more than one keyword. Trying to rank for only one keyword will only result to your site been seen as a spam site.

You can have a main keyword you are seeking to rank for, but also pick other related keywords in your niche and optimize on them too. This way search engines will consider your site to have rich content thus direct organic traffic to your blog.

Building backlinks is the ultimate SEO strategy: Building backlinks will surely help your site to rank high. That is only if you get backlinks from other related and high ranking websites.

The days when any link from which ever site would suffice are long gone. There are people out there who trade links hoping that search engine spiders will look at their blogs favorably.

Search engines can now tell whether a site linking back to you has related content. Through linking to non-related sites will not hurt your blog SEO, it will also not contribute to the increase of your SEO value at all.

It is recommended that you put your effort to backlink to few but relevant websites and blogs. The best way to build your site link popularity is creating quality and epic content. This is the kind of content that will compel webmasters to automatically link back to your site and individual webpages.

Keywords to target per page: The ultimate blogging SEO strategy is targeting different keywords on every webpage you create. That does not means you go mentioning your keyword without caring.

If the keyword density slightly surpasses the recommended percentage, search engines will flag your whole site. Rather than repeating the same word over and over again, try and use other alternative words related to your target keyword.

For example, you are targeting a keyword phrase like “web designing”, you can vary the keyword by using “site design”, “website design” or “website designer” and so on. Today, engine robots consider all these are the same keywords.

In addition, on every page you publish try and target for more than one keyword. You can target a primary keyword but also seek to optimize on other related and commonly searched for secondary keyword phrases.

Solution to SEO ranking now and in the future:

Research: Keep reading about the events taking place in the SEO world. Whenever you hear of changes, make sure you implement them and you will always be ahead of your competition.

Some of the sources where you can get the latest SEO news include

*Reading articles been released by search engines.

*Bookmark and follow top SEO sites like SEOMoz and Search engine Land

*Subscribing to email lists that share content on SEO

*Joining online forum sites that discuss about website ranking

*Or click here to subscribing to my RSS feed

Conclusion: Blog SEO is very critical especially when you are blogging for profit. More than 70% of traffic generated on the internet comes from search engines. Therefore, you cannot ignore SEO when doing business on the web.

If you rank high on search engines, then the world will be in the palm of your hand without a doubt.

Are there other techniques that you think have become irrelevant in today’s SEO? Feel free to share with us by posting your comments in the section provided below.

We can all join hands and make this blog a one stop shop for rich and educative content for guys seeking to generate revenue online working at home.

For more updates on how to market on the web, enter your email address in the section provided on the side bar.


Google SEO Guide | Guaranteed Top Site Ranking

Google SEO Guide | Guaranteed Top Site Ranking

According to the google SEO guide, one of the important elements of increasing page ranking apart from content is link building. How you direct your links can influence your blog or site ranking either positively or negatively.

Over the years there have been myths surrounding link popularity. Today, we want to unravel these myths and see the best way forward as far as google SEO guide is concerned.

Most traffic on the internet is generated through search engines and research show that Google takes up 2/3 of this traffic. It is for this reason we specifically want to look at how to rank on Google. If you can get it right with Google, then chances are that you will also rank well with other top search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

The first question we want to diagnose and answer is; what is the importance of links as far as google SEO guide is concerned?

– Links help you generate direct traffic whenever people click on them

– Links can be hyperlinked with certain text to help search engines know what your site is about thus rank a site with those words. Also called anchor text.

– Links add the SEO value of a domain in that all the webpages created within that domain increase in page rank

– The words within a link help search engines know what the site is about.

– When links are hyperlinked to a certain page, they add the SEO value of that page thus boosting its presence on search engines.

For a link to add SEO value of the receiving page it has got to have content that is related to the receiving page. In addition, the link needs to be of high quality for the receiving page to rank even better.

In the 90’s this was not the case, a site just had to have many links directed at it and it would rank high. Today, the ball game is entirely different and this can be demonstrated with the latest panda algorithm change.

Google SEO guide dictate that links coming from within a quality write up are of more value that links from a site’s sidebar or footer. Furthermore, whether you have 2 links or 100 links from one article pointing to your site, the link juice (link power) is the same.

This then raises a big question, according to SEO guide what is considered as a quality link?

Here are basic Google SEO guides that you need to look at when building backlinks to your blog or website:

  • Consider the quality or strength of the sites you are linking out to
  • Make certain that the links pointing to your site are related to your content
  • As you build backlinks to your homepage you should also link to individual webpages within your site
  • When creating webpages, link the pages with your homepage and other webpages within your site

If all the google SEO guides are followed to the letter, you can be assured of high page ranking on major search engines and definitely high volume of targeted traffic. It is imperative to note that direct traffic will react differently to your content compared to search engine traffic.

The reason for this difference is because direct traffic is more targeted than organic traffic from search engines. This now brings as to the next important aspect of Google SEO guide; how do you determine the page rank of a site that you want to link back to your site?

One of the ways to determine site rankings though this is thought not to be so accurate is checking a site PageRank (1-10 PR). Some of the indicators to look at include; whether a site page ranking is among the top 5 pages of search results for targeted keywords.

Google SEO guideline in link buildingIf that is the case, then it is OK to get a back link from such a site or blog. Once you have determined the sites to link to and to which pages within your site, you need to use your targeted keywords as anchor text.

Anchor text are the words that you will use as hyperlinks. There are two major roles that anchor text play as far as Google SEO guide is concerned;

1. Anchor text tells search engines what your content is all about. For example, if your site is about work from home, you can have phrases such as work online at home opportunity, work from home online jobs, home based business opportunity and the like as your anchor text.

2. The words you have as anchor help you generate direct traffic. Though the words “Click here” are not good to use since they are not your targeted key terms, they can help you get visitors. This is mainly because they call people to take action. Therefore, use catch keywords as your anchor text.

Google SEO guide experts advise that you do not use only one phrase as anchor text. Find other related keywords phrases in your niche that you can use. This will make your link building appear natural thus rank faster and better.

With all these google SEO guidelines it is obvious you need to approach link building step by step. Work on your link profile gradually, from web page to web page. Having this in mind, it is therefore not advisable to buy backlinks.

Google released an article on link building stating the strategies that would negatively affect your site page rankings. This is in relation to links pointing to and from your site or blog.

It stated clearly that you should not buy links or point to spam sites (Link farms). Though you may rank well for a while, it will not take long before search engines realize this and take your site to the sandbox.

Conclusion: Avoid underhand tactics to boost your site ranking. It may seem as a short cut to good page ranking, but black hat strategies will in the long run hurt your online home business.

Be patient and use the laid down google SEO guidelines and you will enjoy the benefits for days to come.

How To Use Twitter For Marketing Your Home Business

How To Use Twitter For Marketing Your Home Business

Social media marketing is speedily gaining momentum especially in online marketing. This has been necessitated by search engines’ quest to include social activities to rank websites.

One of the top social media sites is Twitter which was launched in the month of July, 2006. By 2012 the San Francisco based company owned by Jack Dorsey boosted of having over 140 million active subscribers and the number is said to be growing.

When you are talking of micro blogging the first site that comes to mind is definitely twitter. It is a user friendly site where you create a free account and begin sharing your views to the world.

Twitter is a great tool for communication and thus a tool you need to use to market your business. But few people know how to use twitter for marketing their products and services.

On this article we shall share with you insightful tips on how to market with twitter and thus increase traffic to your site.

Below are 10 guidelines on how to use twitter for online promotion:

1: Optimize your user name: An easy way of making sure the right people find you is by making sure you use a screen name that is commonly used in your niche.

In some cases it is also advisable to use your name if you want people who know you personally to get you. The use of your name is also advisable if you want to brand yourself as a person.

As an online business person you would obviously like people from all walks of like to follow you. The best way to achieve that is to optimize your user name. Find a word or phrase used among people in your industry and have it as a screen name.

Twitter is like a small search engine hence when people enter the term you have used as a user name they will find you and will quickly follow you. Marketing with twitter will work best when the right people follow you.

2: Update your profile details: This does not apply to twitter alone, you have to completely fill in your profile details when setting up an account online.

As you fill in your details it is recommended that you use common phrases used in your niche. This means writing about what you do. For example, when you are writing your bio details ensure the content is related to your business.

In addition, your bio needs to be memorable this you do by using words that are captivating and if possible amusing at the same time. But be careful to remain professional since that is what is expected when doing internet business.

3: Follow relevant people: To succeed marketing with twitter you need to follow and be followed by people in your niche. Some marketers assume that the more people following them the better but that is not the case.

Rather than going for quantity you would be better of going for quality. Follow people that will add value to your business. These means following people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Furthermore, when you follow the right people, since you share the same interests the likelihood of them following you back and reading your tweets is higher.

In short, follow people that will be advantageous to your business and audience.

4: Be Yourself: There is nothing worse than suffering from identity crisis especially using twitter for marketing. You are unique in your own way and that is what you need to present to your audience.

Do not try to be funny when your personality is nothing close to that. It is impossible to please everyone thus stick to who you are and you will sure get people looking for what you have to offer or say.

Twitter will work for you when you seek to connect with people and build relationships; you only do that by being yourself.

5: Update your twitter handle with relevant content: It is common to see a person tweeting about what he ate last night which is most cases is irrelevant when it comes to business.

It is advisable to have two accounts, one for business and another for socializing with your friends. But when you combine the two groups of people you will most likely end up losing business to your competition.

Professionalism is an integral element when it comes to using twitter for marketing your web business.

6: Respond: Ideally, social media sites will only work for you if you communicate and build relationships. Therefore it goes without saying, you need to respond when people send you direct messages or Retweet your posts.

Note: People feel appreciated when they are acknowledged for their efforts. I’m sure you too like it when someone thanks you for something you did or mentions you in good light to others.

If someone retweets your update it is kind for you to reciprocate by also reweeting their updates or at least thanking them.

7: Tweet frequently: One of the most important aspects of using twitter for marketing is tweeting regularly. Even when you have only one person following you, who happens to be your mother in law, to be effective you have to tweet daily.

A simple way to keep tweeting is reweeting other peoples’ update that are relevant to your business. This way you will increase your presence thus attract other people to begin following you.

For bloggers, you can link your twitter account to your blog, in this way every post you publish will be automatically tweeted on your twitter handle.

You can use sites like Pingfm, and on facebook you can use an application called Networkedblogs (feeds your blog to both facebook and twitter accounts).

8: Don’t over-promote: When updating your twitter handle it is advisable to post links that take people to your products or website. However, be careful not to overdo it, people do not like it when they see all you do is post links.

Links to most people means that you are trying to sell something. Marketing experts recommend that you sometime share updates that don’t have links. Try and alternate by posting updates that contain quotes relevant to you niche.

9: Link your twitter account to your website or blog: When you are updating your twitter account details it is important that you add a link to your blog or website.

If you do not have a blog or website then you need to create one right away. Micro-blogging for business will only be effective if you have a place you call home where can be taking your target audience.

Having a link pointing back to your site will help you in SEO thus improve your site authority. As pointed out in point number 2 and 5, ensure you at all times use information relevant to your business niche.

10: Track your twitter activities: An important aspect of using twitter for marketing is automation and monitoring what people are saying about your business.

With a tool like Twitter Growth Domination you can easily manage and automate your twitter following which is paramount in marketing your business using twitter.

You also need to know what people are saying about your business. If some negative stories are taking rounds about your business you need to address them immediately before they get out of hand.

In order to monitor what people are saying on twitter about you, use a tool called Tweet Deck.

Now let us see some common terms that you are bound to come across when using twitter for marketing your business.

Tweet: This are messages sent out that can be viewable to the public. Usually you are limited to 140 characters when posting a tweet.

Direct Messages (DM): This is where you send a private message to a specific person. Direct messages are not restricted to 140 characters.

Retweet (RT): This is a button which you can use to share with your followers what others have already tweeted. This is where the element of viral marketing using twitter comes in.

If you share valuable content it will not take long before people begin retweeting your updates thus helping you market your business on twitter.

# (Hashtag): When you want to communicate about a particular topic, you can use a hashtag (#) in front of a word or phrase for easy of communication.

For instance, if you tweet about marketing your business on the web, you can use the hashtag #internetmarketing. What happens is that the hashtag becomes clickable and when people press on that link they will see all tweets related to that hashtag.

Summary: Marketing on the internet is effective when you use several strategies and social media marketing is definitely one of the best.

Search engines have seen this potential no wonder they are looking for ways of adding social mentions as a parameter of ranking websites.

Facebook may be the top social media site, but for a serious online entrepreneur like yourself, having a twitter account for marketing your business is also essential.

Go and set up your free twitter account today and with the above guidelines you can start generating free traffic to your website. Imagine, all from the comfort of your home.

Do you have other strategies you would like to share with us on how to use twitter for marketing? Share using the comment section provided below.

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Landing Page Marketing Tips For Home Based Products

Landing Page Marketing Tips For Home Based Products

Creating a landing page is one of the best ways to guarantee you make money from home selling your own products or affiliate products. You may be new to this marketing idea but it is one of the most critical aspects of online promotion.

The real definition of a landing page is the page that your visitors come to after they follow a link. In the internet marketing circles this is known as a lead capture page, which pops up after potential customers click on an advert or a link in an email message. This is the page that marketers take the opportunity to post their products sales copy. In short, here is where you get the chance to convert your target audience into online sales leads.

Ideally, marketing is about engaging your readers so as to boost your sales conversions. A good lead capture page should have sales marketing pitches that will make your visitors take action and purchase your products. If you take your time to come up with a perfect page where your readers will land, you can be sure to increase your sales conversions.

Having a simple home page is like telling your audience to fend for themselves and hope they will find what they are looking for on your site. In order to engage your targeted readers fully, identify what they want then offer them just that through landing pages. For instance, you are promoting a certain product using a specific keyword on Google Adwords. It would be counterproductive if they come to your home page and not see the product they were looking for in the first place. The best approach would be to create a capture page that will make it easier for them to see the product thus take action.

Now that we know the advantages of having a page to help you boost your conversion rate, let us get into strategies of maximizing on it. If there is one thing that has proven to work over the years are testimonials. People warm up easily to what they hear other people say. Most of us are not risk takers thus we wait for other people to try a product and when they give good opinions that is when we rush to purchase the product.

The concert is like this, the majority always win. Whenever a majority of people believe in a certain thing, it is obvious that the rest of the people will agree with them. But if only one person comes up with an idea, it will take quite some convincing for other people to take up the same idea. This is the secret in succeeding in marketing; get multiples of people to say that your product actually works. By word of mouth or testimonials, you can influence your readers’ decisions on what to purchase or the action you want them to take.

What is being fronted here is that you need to have several testimonials on your landing page to boost your conversion rates. Testimonials from your consumers act as a proof that people are actually buying your product and like it. Therefore, people who have not purchased the product will say, “if others are buying the item it must be a good bargain” thus will buy it too.

These are simple tactics to ensure the page you use to capture your sale leads is convincing:

Give Value: A capture page should be compelling enough by providing valuable information. This means you should work to make sure that you come up with a quality product to make your customers want to talk about it.

Test: Before you activate and make your pages live, test to make sure that they work perfectly. This will help you make the necessary adjustments and thus boost your conversion rates. There are online tools that allow you to build different landing pages hence help you find the one that works best for your work online business.

Email Marketing: Sending email messages have over the years been considered as a cash-in machine. As regards our subject today, it would be advisable to send emails to your opt-in list stating what other customers are saying about your product. Just add about 3 to 4 testimonials and then you can request them to sign up to your auto-responder for free where they can be receiving messages about the product.

Keep your page short by going straight to the point: The longer your landing page is, the more you will lose or bore your customers.

Incorporate your Facebook account to your product: On facebook there is the share button that is quite effective. All you need to do is make sure that any client that buys your product can click on the share button thus his/her friends on facebook can see she liked the product. But remember the more people that click on the share button the more convincing it will be to other potential customers.

Have an exit pop-up: Am sure you have landed on a page where once you click on it to exit it gives you a pop up. This pop up page is a good place to add your testimonials. Rather than telling your visitors they are missing out on a great product, tell them what your customers are saying about your product. It will be easier for them to buy when they see that 10 other people have bought the product and are satisfied.

Generally, in marketing it is all about providing proof. The more your customers are satisfied and are talking about it, the more chances you will make sales. This is one aspect that people do not use on their landing pages and yet it is critical when it comes to promoting your home business products while working online.

Remember when you are providing proof of sale; make sure it is from people in your niche. Getting people on the band wagon is all about compelling them to believe that they are been left out if they don’t join the rest. The perfect arena to achieve this is definitely on your landing page.

If you have not implemented this work online marketing strategy, then it is the high time your thought about it seriously.

Benefits Of The SEO Updates To Online Entrepreneurs

Benefits Of The SEO Updates To Online Entrepreneurs

So far what I have heard from most bloggers and webmasters are grumbles about the recent google SEO updates that have been taking place. The few people who are happy of the changes are the folks that stuck to proper SEO practices.

Panda was the first to come calling and that was towards the end of 2011. So many sites were hit by this SEO algorithm update among them ezine articles.

Just as webmasters were trying to recover from the shock brought about by the Panda Updates, new versions of the panda algorithm were being released hitting more websites and blogs.

Little known to online marketers, Google had been working on a formula to help rank sites using social signals. It did not take long before Google released Search Plus Your World algorithm update which was using social signals to rank websites.

So far, Search Plus Your World update does not have major implications as regards site ranking. This is because its success will depend on Google’s social media site, Google Plus, which at the moment does not have as many subscribers needed to help measure site authority.

SEO experts claim that Google’s attempt to use social signals to position sites will not bear fruit since social signals can also be gamed the same way webmasters did by buying links. Anyway, google says that Search Plus Your World SEO update will work; we only have to wait and see.

The SEO algorithm updates intrigues did not stop there; it did not take long before Google released yet another major update. This time is was the Penguin Update.

Jokes started making rounds among online entrepreneurs who were terming the updates as Zoo Updates. This was because of the choice of names Google was giving their algorithm formulas.

But this was not a joking matter as many websites and blogs were de-indexed while others lost their top ranking positions. This meant loss of traffic and in the process a drop in online income.

If you ask me, only two groups of people were enjoying the SEO updates. First to benefit were internet searchers who for a long time complained of landing on spammy sites while browsing.

Another group of people who celebrated were those who for a long time were using legit SEO strategies but did not feature well on search engine result pages. These updates which aimed at leveling the playing field now saw low ranking websites with quality content appear on 1st page.

According to you, do you think that search results have improved since the release of the Panda and Penguin Updates? Share your views in the comment section provided below this post. 

Now that you have the full picture on the intrigues of SEO and the algorithm updates, let us look at the positive side of all these updates.


*Use of basic SEO tactics:

Back in the 90’s the internet was the home of rich and quality content. When searching the web in those days one was sure of getting content that would be helpful.

But slowly some people found ways of gaming search engines and this gave rise to blackhat strategies. Not long after that internet searchers stopped trusting search engines results for quality information.

It is true that the latest Google Updates have affected both genuine and spammy sites but the positive thing is that webmasters now have no option but to go back to the basics of SEO.

The writing is on the wall, if you want your site to feature well on search engine results you have no option but to move away from negative SEO techniques. This will mean no more buying backlinks which gave some sites advantage over others.

By basic SEO we mean where you generate content that is aimed at educating rather than for ranking purposes. Stuffing your articles with keywords is no longer going to help, no wonder the Penguin update was before its release nicknamed Webspam Updates (getting rid of spam site on search results).

Google expect webmasters to begin focusing more on writing for their target audience and letting search engines do their thing. Do what google wants or face oblivion as far as SEO traffic is concerned.

Clear spam from search results!

SEO update

*Visitor response will be the same as referral traffic:

Any online marketer will tell you that referral traffic is much better than SEO traffic. Referral traffic is where you get hits from another website.

The reason that referral traffic works is because they create an element of credibility. When someone is reading an article from a reputable site, he/she tends to trust the links on that site as well.

That is why strategies such as guest blogging, forum marketing, article marketing and posting on web 2.0 pages really work. People trust sites like hub pages, ezine articles and squidoo since they moderate their posts and links.

It therefore goes without saying that visitors from referral sites will spend more time on your site. As all internet entrepreneurs will tell you, the more time people spend reading your content, the higher your conversion rate.

You may be asking, how is this related to this topic? I will tell you shortly.

As Google keeps updating its algorithm, the number of spam sites that appear on their search results will decrease. It is not necessarily the intelligence of the engine bots that will rid the search results of spam sites, but rather the fear of getting hit by the SEO updates will scare web marketers.

With time internet searchers will gain trust in search engine results thus spend more time when they land on a site. This means you will begin seeing lower bounce rates from traffic generated from search engines.

In online business trust is very critical and that is why referral traffic does better when it comes to conversion. With the Google SEO updates going on, people will again start having confidence in search results and in the process online entrepreneurs will benefit.

Hence, instead of looking at the negative side of the recent SEO updates, why don’t you work on improving your content as Google demands? It is not fair for your site to feature on first page and yet you have nothing to offer your target audience.

I also believe that google did a noble thing by making sure one site does not appear twice on the first page. This will encourage more competition among web marketers and more importantly ensure internet searchers have variety of content to choose from.

Who would not like to increase their conversion rate? The motive of having a commercial blog is to make sales, thus the reason you should be welcoming Google’s search cleanup rather than criticizing it.

Truth be told, now more than ever webmasters and bloggers are seeing an increase in comments, people bookmarking their sites, natural backlinks, sales conversion and business deals all thanks to Google SEO Updates.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the people who are up in arms of the updates are those who use negative SEO techniques.

Conclusion: Google is now solidifying its position as the leading search engine. If other search engines fail to improve their algorithm people will result to using google for trusted results.

The fact that there are less spam sites on Google means more advertisement revenue for the company. It is high time Yahoo, Bing, Ask and other search engines also got their act together.

As for online entrepreneurs, stop getting possessed with ranking and begin creating content that is useful to your viewers. This is now the only way of succeeding when it comes to blogging for money.

This work at home marketing blog is dedicated to making sure both newbies and seasoned veterans find helpful material on how to operate an online based business.

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Work Online At Home Web Marketing Techniques

Work Online At Home Web Marketing Techniques

The main ingredient of work online at home business promotion is choosing the right marketing arsenals. Long gone are the days when one just needed to launch a blog and within a few days they would be generating traffic. Presently, there are so many websites meaning that the competition is stiffer thus you need to do more to attract visitors to your site or blog.

On a previous post we discussed on some of the top rated online marketing strategies which included social media marketing, email marketing and article marketing. Today, we are going to see other highly recommended blog marketing methods to help you make money while you work online at home.

Guest Blogging: According to research done by well established internet marketing gurus, it is believed that guest blogging is one of the best online promotion strategies. Guest blogging is where you write an article and then get in touch with other bloggers within your niche and request them to post your article on their blog.

For it to be effective it is advisable that you add a hyperlink within your article with your targeted keyword pointing back to your blog. This is a good way of boosting your inbound links which in turn helps you in search engine optimization. Guest posting also provides you with an opportunity to funnel referral traffic especially if your article appears in a blog with high traffic.

The secret is first to build your online presence and credibility. This you can achieve by constantly publishing rich and informative content that uplifting people in your market niche. Once you do that, other bloggers will approach you to write on their blogs. Furthermore, you can also find the top bloggers in your niche and kindly request them to feature one of your blog posts. Remember; always try to guest blog in high ranking blogs within your niche so as to better your link popularity.

Some people instead of requesting demand for their blogs to be featured on other people’s blog sites. It is good to create good online relationship or rapport and all your requests will be accepted. In addition, compose good and grammatically correct articles, which will make it easier for other bloggers to accept your content.

Video Marketing: Currently, if there is one online promotion techniques that is widely been used by work from home folks in definitely video advertising. All you need is a good camera and then create video footage that offers insightful content. In short, it is turning your written content into visual form.

Most human beings grasp better when imagery is used more than reading from a book. This is the main reason that has made video marketing so popular.

Some of the sites you can visit to launch your video promotion campaign include MetaCafe, YouTube, Bright Cove, Google Video, Photo Bucket just to mention a few. In most of these sites you can add backlinks with your targeted keyword phrases hence generate organic traffic from search engines. In order to attract traffic from your videos it is advisable to come up with high quality video production. This can be achieved by outsourcing from video production experts.

There are many ways to approach video campaigns and one of them is coming up with a video clip where you interview an expert in your niche. Since in every industry there are professions, find them and request to do an interview with them on camera. Another strategy is to video tape yourself discussing on topics of interest in your niche.

The idea is to always make sure that you identify problems facing people in your industry and come up with solutions. Steer clear of creating video clips with high pitched marketing messages, most people search the internet for information and if you can give them good content you will definitely make sales online eventually.

Apart from uploading your videos on other websites, attach the same clips on your blog pages. This will make your blog more appealing to your target audience and more so boost your search engine placement for relevant keywords.

Business Directories: In the early 90’s this was one of the ultimate online marketing ideas. All you needed to do is launch a website or a blog and add your links in the top business directories like Dmoz and you would be sure to get indexed by search engines in the shortest time possible. In the present day this does not really apply since you need to create more backlinks in order to rank high.

Most online marketers do not consider this as important but it is still a good tactic to increase your link popularity. But make sure you incorporate other current work online at home marketing arsenals like article marketing, social media marketing and blogging.

The best approach to online business directory advertising is submitting on paying sites. The advantage of doing this is that you are assured of your listing being posted. To add, most of these paying online business directories rank high on search engine placement thus offering good one way backlinks. As for free business submission directories you just never know when the owners of the sites will delist or post your business links.

Some of the top internet business directories to consider include Dmoz, Business Scent, URL Web Directory, Yellow Pages, Online Biz Directory and Yahoo Directory. Always ensure you check the ranking of any directory you intent to submit to by using tools like Google Page Ranker or Alexa.

Offline Marketing: This is yet another overlooked marketing strategy and yet it is very powerful. As much as you want your site to rank on search engines you can also promote your blog offline.

There are many ways to do this and they include:

1. Business cards: Get a graphic designer to make for you a nice business card that has your contacts and web address. This you can be carrying in your wallet and every time you make new friends you can be giving them. Attend business meeting and conferences and create rapport with other attendees and offer you’re your business cards.

2. T-shirts: Print t-shirts that contain your website URL and your tagline. You can wear the t-shirt when you attend a friend’s party, when you are out for a walk in town or when you go for a jog. In addition, you can dish out the t-shirts to your friends and relatives.

3. Newspaper Advertising: One of the best modes of offline advertising is listing your online home business in newspaper classifieds. Apart from them being affordable, newspaper classifieds will assist you reach a very wide range audience.

The secret to internet advertising is combining varies online marketing arsenals thus generate traffic from all angles. If your intention is to make extra money online from home then you seriously need to consider the above traffic generation strategies.

Note: All said and done the top insider secret to marketing on the web is creating content. Therefore, as you work towards building backlinks to your site remember to keep updating your blog frequently with insightful and relevant content.

With this post people who work online at home can begin building traffic and thus make extra money from home.

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