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Site SEO Guide To Survive Google Panda Updates

Site SEO Guide To Survive Google Panda Updates

Site SEO (search engine optimization) is major business in the online marketing world. It is believed that 95% of all the traffic generated online is from search engines. With Google being the most used search engine, it was a big blow to some sites when they announced the new Panda updates in the beginning of the year.

Thousands of websites that get traffic from US got affected by the Google Panda Updates. It is believed that over 10% of top ranking sites got a slap. The main reason according to Matt Cutts, was to get rid of Farm sites that rank high on google search results.

I believe google did a noble thing though some reputable sites were greatly affected. It is true that some low quality sites where appearing on first pages of Google and thus the reason to weed them out.

Though the panda updates happened in the beginning of this year I thought it wise to remind webmasters what they need to do. This is in terms of site SEO, hence avoid being the victim the next time Google comes with the SEO axe.

Since Google keeps changing their algorithms; it is recommended that you learn some site SEO rules to follow so as not to be affected the next time round.

How to avoid been caught in the next Google Panda update web

1. Try to track down the low quality sites that are pointing to you and request them to remove the links. There are some backlinks that are of no benefit to your site SEO. Seek to get backlinks from high ranking sites and blogs that have a good reputation.

2. Check the ration of content and the advertisements on your pages. Make sure that you have more content than advertisements. Having too many advertisements will greatly affect your site SEO ranking.

3. Go back to your old webpages and see which of your pages you over-optimized. It is always recommended that your keyword density should not go beyond 3%. Some people in the quest to rank higher on search results over optimize their pages and thus were affected with the google panda updates.

If you have a wordpress template, you can add a plugin called WordPress SEO. This plugin will help you avoid over stuffing your webpages with keywords.

4. If you have a website, it is vital that you attach it to a blog. With a blog you can add fresh content regularly and this will greatly improve your site SEO. Always remember that whatever algorithms search engines implement, content will forever remain KEY.

site SEO5. Now that google have new site SEO rules it is imperative that you follow them. Do an overall analysis of your web pages and any low ranking pages you find should be removed. This I like calling site SEO clean up.

6. Work towards posting more quality and informative content. This is the one thing you can do to never go wrong in site SEO. Mainly, search engine optimization is all about rich and useful content. Find issues that challenge people in your niche and offer workable solutions and you will be safe.

7. Visitors should find it easy to navigate through your pages. Ensure that your categories are easily accessible. Ideally, it should take 3 seconds for visitors to locate your categories. The best place to position your categories is at the top of your site or blog.

To facilitate easy navigation, you should link up your pages. Add hyperlinks within your content to pages that have related information. Apart from improving your viewers’ experience, linking pages ensures search engines crawl and index all your web pages faster.

8. Just the other day google launched a social media site called Google Plus. In just 3 weeks over 10 million people have signed up. Very soon Google +1 will be part of the google algorithm formula, therefore jump into the band wagon NOW.

Of late social media sites have played a major role in site SEO hence it is critical that you have an account with facebook LinkedIn and twitter. Social media marketing is a perfect way to generate direct traffic and more so build your reputation and online presence.

9.  As for those who have filled their sites or blogs with videos and images it is time you did some major changes. What you need to do is add content that is related to your images. In short, you should have more quality content than pictures and videos.

10. Any duplicate content you have is affecting your site SEO. Blocking search engine spiders from accessing your tags and categories can go a long way in help you escape the google panda updates slap the next time round.

If you can get the pages that are duplicated, it is advisable that you remove them or better still you can rewrite them again. This will make them unique thus boost your site SEO.

You can be rest assured that this is not the last time that google will bring down the axe on some sites. Therefore, webmasters need to find survival skills in both site and blog SEO.

Believe it or not changes to Google algorithms are here to stay. Online small business people also need to up their game if they expect to stay afloat. I know this site SEO survival skills will help your online home business evade the next panda attack thus remain relevant within the cyberspace.

10 Basics On Site SEO Tips As You Work Online

10 Basics On Site SEO Tips As You Work Online

The one thing that has been ignored by most people is on site SEO (Search engine optimization). In fact, even the best online marketing gurus overlook the power of on site SEO. Yet it is the one strategy that can make you double your blog traffic.

It is common knowledge that generating content is the key element when it comes to working online. This is mainly because search engines love content. Search engines realize that if they offer browsers quality content many people will use their site. This will translate to more cash in advertisements.

As much as content is key in online business, it is not the only secret to making money online. You can have the best and unique content and no one will know about it. Just as you can have the best looking website or blog and no visitors.

There is more to having rich content and that is on site SEO. Some have the notion that the latest Google panda updates have got nothing to do with on site SEO. They are so wrong, to date search engine bots use keyword terms to determine the page to place sites on their search results.

On this article will shall see at least 10 basic guidelines of on site SEO techniques:

Domain Name: When you are buying a domain for your site you need to be prudent. Make sure you first determine the major keyword phrase you want to rank on. This is the keyword term that you should use to choose your domain name.

The same applies to the URL of all the pages you create on your blog. This is what is known as on page SEO. Every time you post a blog you need to create a URL for that page. To ensure your URL is beneficial to your on site SEO include your targeted keyword.

For example, you target the keyword work online on one of your pages; your URL should read http://your  Avoid coming up with very long URLs, short URLs are best for onsite search engine optimization.

Title of your blog or site: The headline of your blog should contain the major keyword you want to rank on. To boost your on-site SEO, let your first article in your niche site target your main keyword. By this it means you mention it severally in the body of your article.

In your subsequent pages, also mention your main keyword at least once. Search engines are cleaver thus to not spam. You can look for variant keywords that relate to your main key term and use them.

For instance, if your main keyword is internet marketing the other variants can be online marketing, internet marketer or marketing online.

Title of each web page: This is one of the most important elements of on-page search engine optimization. On every web page you create on your blog ensure you target a keyword phrase in your niche.

To note: Use some of the free online tools like Google Insight and Google keyword tool to select keywords to target. Always go for commonly searched for keywords that have moderate competitiveness.

on-site SEOAlso acquire keyword optimizing tools like Keyword Winner and WordPress SEO Blueprint which can help your online business rank in hours.

META tags: This is in fact the first thing you need to do in on site SEO. Add your targeted keywords on your Meta keywords and description tags. Google mostly uses the keywords in your description tag to rank your site.

Your site and on page description tags also act as advertisements on search engine result pages. This is the content that browsers will see as they scroll through search engine results. Therefore, make it readable for both search engines spiders and humans.

It is also vital to add both your major key term phrase and secondary keywords in your Meta keyword tag. There are still some small search engines that use content in your keyword tags to rank sites.

Check out this ULTIMATE SEO WORDPRESS PLUGIN to ensure you succeed in on site SEO score.

Keyword density: This is a critical factor when it gets to on-site optimization. Once you have decided on the keyword to target, you need to optimize it. Mention it once on your title preferable at the beginning. In the body repeat the same phrase severally.

Make certain your keyword appears in the first sentence of your article. Then repeat your keyword phrase at least once on ever paragraph. If possible add your key term in the last line of your write up. It is recommended that after every 100 words you mention your keyword.

This brings us to the importance of using wordpress. With a plugin like WordPress SEO you can be able to tell the density of your keywords. The best density should be between 5 to 8 percent. Though this can seem quite repetitive for human reading: use variant keywords as explained above.

Body of your articles: The body of your article is a great tool for on site SEO. Apart from on-site optimization using keywords, bold letters can boost your ranking. Highlighting your keywords by making then bolder will make search engine pay more emphasis on them.

It is recommended that you publish long articles; at least have 700 words and above. This is according to the latest panda updates. Since people usually scan through content, find ways to break your content.

How to achieve this:

–          Use sub topics

–          Write in point form

–          Add relevant images within the content

–          Include relevant video clips

Optimize your comments: This is an overlooked area when it gets to on site SEO. Your comments HTML should contain your search engine optimization terms.

As you respond to people posting remarks on your blog, remember to use your key phrases. Click this link to learn more about posting comments.

working online at homeUse variant anchor text for outbound links: As you build your link popularity make certain to use your keywords as your anchor text. Anchor text tags are the words engine robots use to determine which keywords to rank on.

It is advisable to use variants when it comes of anchor text. We talked of the variants you can use for internet marketing. These include online marketing, online marketer or internet market.

Linking pages within your site: On site SEO also involves the strategy you use to connect different pages within your site. Same site links help search engine Crawl through your blog. It also helps your visitors to navigate through your web pages.

The texts you use to hyperlink within your site are very instrumental in on site search engine optimization. Always use your targeted keywords to connect to other pages in your blog or website.

Sitemap: Always add a sitemap to your blog or website. A sitemap can really help especially when you are using Google Web Master Tools. You will be able to tell which keywords search engines are ranking you on thus optimize on those key words.

Picture alternate tags: When adding images ensure you have described them. This is by including alternate tags and descriptions.

You can attract targeted blog traffic when your images are ranked. Therefore, upload images and ensure they are SEO friendly.

Once you have observed the above online page and on site SEO techniques, you need to look at link building or outbound linking. This is also what is called external optimization. On later posts we shall go into step by step best strategies of boosting link popularity.

With these techniques of onsite SEO your site will be on wings as regards to organic traffic. If you can be on page one of Google, Yahoo or Bing then you will definitely gain blog traffic and thereby make money from home.

Note: WordPress templates are the best to use when it comes to on site SEO.

Follow the links below to learn more about online marketing tactics.

Free Business and Tech Magazines and eBooks

Targeted Web Traffic vs High Volume Untargeted Traffic

Targeted Web Traffic vs High Volume Untargeted Traffic

If you were given a choice between getting high volume of untargeted site traffic or low but targeted web traffic, which of the two would you opt for? From the articles that most people publish on their blogs, most bloggers would settle for high volume of traffic.

The thought that runs through most online marketers especially newbies, is that the more traffic one generates the higher the chances of generating online sales leads. This may be true to some extent, but it is good to ask yourself if the traffic you are generating is adding zeros on your check.

When the question of whether to get high targeted web traffic or just high volume of untargeted traffic was posed to a group of people, a big percentage opted for high volume traffic. Therefore, it came as a surprise when an expert on SEO said he worked to drop his organic search traffic. He was even more excited when his site organic leads dropped by 40%.

How would you celebrate when your traffic was going down? How is less search engine traffic better than high traffic?

Less Web traffic but targeted

On this article we shall see just how generating targeted web traffic is the best strategy for people who want to learn how to work online and make money.

A look at advertising campaigns on Google Adwords indicates how people would pay millions of dollars to get targeted web traffic. There are some keywords where marketers pay up to $50 per click. Would you pay that much if you are not going to get your return on investment? Of course not.

There is an aspect of online business called Bounce Rate that most webmasters really ignore. Bounce rate signifies the duration that visitors spend on your site. The more your website or blog retain visitors the more money you are going to make online.

The sites that generate more income are the ones that have a low bounce rate. Therefore, sometimes it can be more beneficial to your work from home blog when you have less traffic. The same applies when you have less search engine leads.

But the question is; when is less search engine traffic good for online business?

You can be directing a lot of traffic to your blog but it would not be profitable if you are generating the wrong kind of traffic. It is better to attract less online leads that are targeted.

getting targeted web traffic

To give you a scenario, you have a blog that seeks to sell affiliate products that are related to generating income from home. It would be counterproductive to target web traffic from keywords that are not related to income generation.

Though you can work hard and rank for very competitive and high value key phrases, if the key terms are not relevant to your niche then you can expect to have a high bounce rate. The measure of online marketing success is not increased organic traffic but rather attracting targeted web traffic.

Of all the traffic generation techniques, search engine optimization is definitely the best. But organic traffic can turn out to be ineffective if you just generate any kind of traffic at whatever cost. An important question you have to ask yourself before starting your SEO campaign is; who is your target?

targeted web trafficYou have to synchronize your web content with the keyword phrases you are seeking to rank on. It is possible to be the best in search engine ranking but end up making very little cash online. What is the point of generating high volume traffic and then report low sales volume?

It can be quite frustrating when lots of people are calling in about your products but no one is buying. This is what will happen if you seek to rank on keywords that are not related to your niche blog. Earlier we mentioned about a blog on how to generate income from home; it would be of no value for such a niche blog to target a keyword like online games.

Though this is a high ranking keyword, you cannot expert to generate any money with that term for a blog on making money. Hence, as you work on generating organic traffic you need to factor in important optimization guidelines like how to attract targeted web traffic.

For you to get top rated and targeted web traffic for a blog about earning income online from home, you should seek to rank for phrases like work from home, home based business, work at home online jobs, working online and so on.

If you are seeking to make money online try and avoid using terms like “free”, “ideas”, “advice” e.t.c. This may be high ranking key terms but not from people who are ready to spend money.

It would be preferable to spend half your time online determining the right keywords that would generate targeted web traffic which converts. In short, settle for keyword phrases that attract high end visitors.

Summary: The most important element of increasing your conversion rate is not traffic quantity but rather quality of traffic. Instead of spending a lot of time seeking to rank on low quality keywords, work online to optimize your blog to rank for targeted web traffic.

For you to make serious money online, you need to target serious people that are ready to spend serious money. Remember to also have quality content and products that offer serious and workable solutions.

Search engine optimization is a vital marketing tool if only webmasters use the right approach. Evaluate your approach to SEO and make sure your strategy only attracts targeted web traffic from today onwards.

Google Advertising Revenue vs Search Organic Traffic

Google Advertising Revenue vs Search Organic Traffic

If you ask me, google has done a lot when it comes to improving user experience. Apart from offering online markers avenue to promote their products and services through google advertising channels like Adwords, their search formula has been able to get rid of spammers.

But when you look on the other hand there is much they have done to really do away with crappy content. These same spammers have amassed a lot of cash and they are the ones able to afford google advertising.

How many times have you clicked on a google advertisement only to find the site has nothing to offer? The worst part is that some of the keywords that these useless sites feature on are very high paying keywords.

As we speak, this is no rumor anymore, google has update their algorithm to measure sites’ ad-to-content ratio. In short, it means more sites with quality content may hit the sand box once again.

The sad part is that the people google is seeking to remove from their search result already made their cash and now they are using google advertising channels to rick in more dollars.

Why is Google so concerned with changing their algorithm and they are doing nothing to regulate their google advertising platform? Is it that their agenda is to make money and only appear to be doing something by constantly pulling down legit small online business entrepreneurs?

It is true that crappy content needs to be removed from search results, but it should not be done at the expense of hard working business people. Google needs to find ways of only dealing with spammers and leave small online home based businesses to thrive.

google advertising revenueFor google to prove that they are not only out to make money from their google advertising avenues; they should also work on getting rid of people promoting sites with useless content. As they keep announcing their algorithm updates to take care of certain type of content, the same should apply to advertising.

Otherwise, it is counterproductive for google to do everything possible to remove useless content in their search results only for the same sites to reappear in their google Adwords.

Allow me to pose a challenge to google; here are your updates over since 2009.

2009 “Vince” update

2010 “Mayday” update

2011-02-24 “Panda” update

2011-05-10 “Panda 2.1” update

2011-06-16 “Panda 2.2” update

2011-07-23 “Panda 2.3” update

2011-08-12 “Panda 2.4” update

2011-09-27 “Panda 2.5” update

Can google now show us what they have done since 2009 to regulate the type of ads been shown to internet browsers.

What is your take on this topic? Share your views in the comment section provided below.

But one thing that google has really done is to try and deliver rich and relevant content. They may not be 100% perfect but to some extent they have gotten rid of crappy content in their search results to some extent. With some many algorithm updates you would expect so.

It is now high time google shows the world that they are not all about money. They should not concentrate too much on search formula and forget to deal with their google advertising docket.

Latest financial report indicates that in Google’s revenue, about 97% is from google advertising. Could this be a sign that google is only there to make money from their advertising programs? Let us hope not!

google adwords advertising

Check out these figures, from a keyword like “insurance” cost per click is $54.91 while for a keyword like loans cost per click is $44.28. Do you think a small time business person can afford to pay search rates?

The big firms are the ones who are not feeling the change in algorithm updates. Most of them have resulted to forgetting SEO marketing and are now more than every capitalizing on google advertising.

On the other hand, small home based businesses have been completely kicked out of the equation. Cost of google advertising is out of their reach and the only source of marketing their sites, SEO, is also slowing becoming a mirage.

Google needs to remember that it is these small business people who got them to the top. Right now only big companies and those people who made money from spamming and ranking high are dominating google advertising. Why? They make enough money to last them a century of google Adwords advertising.

You may be thinking that am the only one raising this issue, but there are many others just like me. Aaron Wall posted an article titled “Forget About SEO”. He was advising online marketers that the only way to maintain web presence is through google Adwords.

David Jackson also retracted from an article he wrote showing how Google has endeavored to ensure internet browser got relevant and quality content. Read his article titled “Is Google’s Advertising Destroying the Sanctity of Search Results?

Then there was Stephen Dow of NeatSpeak Solution who published a write up with the heading “Google Panda: Hurting SEO and Search results For Increased Ad Revenues”.

Google’s move to improve search marketing is noble I must say, but on they need to slow down and rethink their strategy. The more SEO experts, webmasters and bloggers keep on complaining, the more they get the company into a quagmire.

Sooner rather than later, other search engines will take advantage of these complaints to capitalize and overthrow Google from the pedestal they are sitting on now. We have seen big firm that looked untouchable come down and google is no exception.

It is sad that while sites; some of them with top quality content lose online revenue due to the latest Panda update, google advertising recorded even better results. What is google doing to reinstate the sites with rich content back to top ranking?

Conclusion: In the 90’s search engine optimization was the one thing that helped small blog to get to the top. One example is a site like 2createawebsite that belongs to Lisa Irby. But today, getting top ranking is like trying to sell sweaters in the desert.

All is not lost, even when you see big websites like Build My Rank, SEO Link Monster and Authority Link Network been de-indexed, you have a chance to rank high on Google.

The reason that these sites were hit is because they became too popular and thus fell in Google site review box. There are still other similar sites sitting pretty on Google search results. This is an indication that Google algorithm is not all knowing as they would like you to think.

The secret is simple, generate rich content and try to get quality backlinks to your site. What Google is trying to do is punish big websites thus provide a level playing field.

As a small online business entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to turn the tables and rank high. Therefore, get to work and give your target audience and Google what they want.

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Alternative Web Business Marketing Techniques Other Than SEO

Alternative Web Business Marketing Techniques Other Than SEO

Never have I ever seen such panic in my online business life before. When google started releasing their SEO algorithm updates, things become thick in the web business marketing world.

Webmasters and bloggers went on a rampage to redesign and re-strategize their marketing approach. These entire craze was in an effort to remedy the drop in SEO ranking.

If you didn’t know, Penguin and Panda showed no respect as the updates hit both small and big time sites. As things stand, do not celebrate just yet, you may be the next one in line.

Time and time again, we have told you to take full control of your blog. This you do by purchasing your own domain name and web hosting. Your business will never reach its full potential if you run around the internet with free blogs such as blogspot.

The same also applies to internet marketing; do not place all your eggs in one basket called SEO. Yes! Traffic from Google is high and if you optimize well you will attracted unique visitors. But you need to ask yourself, what happens if today the Google axe came calling?

Before it was Panda and Penguin, the next spider or is it animal, google will call its update you may not be so lucky. Rather than running around the internet like a headless chicken, it is time you traffic proof your site.

I’m sorry I may be appearing to be hard on you but the truth has to be told sometimes the hard way. I once heard a politician say “There are only 3 things that are definite and cannot be hidden for long, the sun, the moon and the Truth”.

Going by recent events in the SEO web business marketing arena, anyone can wake on day and find their site nowhere in the google ranking. This reminds me, some years back an online acquaintance told me that he does not bother with SEO and I thought he was losing out.

Today, when I look back he sure had a point. I have not lost my ranking yet but on the flipside I’m not guaranteed of top ranking either.

Maybe you got hit and succeed to recover, how sure are you that the next update won’t send you to the gutter once again. Rather than worrying about the next Google update, diversify your marketing options.

This over obsession about SEO in Google simply has to come to a halt. This does not imply you stop optimizing your content, keyword usage is great but it is even better to use other web business marketing techniques.

If you thought ranking on google is the only way to increase your online presence then you need to read on. It is the high time you took your online business to the next level of marketing. This is by incorporating other web marketing arsenals to your promotion strategies.

Below are some techniques that you can use to market your business as you seek to rank on search engines:

Posting comments: A simple and yet effective strategy of directing traffic to your site is leaving comments on relevant sites. The best way to know which site to post comments is by using a tool like Open Site Explorer.

Take a site that ranks top in your niche and get to know the sites that are linking back using the open site explorer. Visit these blogs and make sure you leave a comment or better still request to be a guest blogger.

The best blogs to leave a comment are those that have commentluv. Here your latest articles will be featured thus increase the chances of you funneling some traffic to your site.

Note: For you to improve your click through rate come up with juicy titles.

Guest Posting: If you do your groundwork well enough you will discover that within your niche there are blogs that generate good traffic. You can seek to funnel some of this traffic to your site.

Generating content regularly is not easy and some of these top bloggers would love to take a break from their keyboards. This is especially so if you can come up with an informative and quality article that can feature on their site as a guest post.

marketing on the web

The fact that a guest article contains a resource box where you include a link to your blog is an advantage to you in more than one way.

  1. As people read your article they will want to know more about you thus end up clicking on the links in the resource box. This will help you generate referral traffic.
  2. Guest blogging goes a long way in boosting your online reputation and presence. This is especially so if your article is featured on a top blog
  3. It helps build your online brand name.
  4. Since you have to include links pointing back to your site, it will help improve your SEO ranking. Make sure you use your target keywords as your anchor text.

I suggest you try going to sites such as Kissmetrics, My Blog Guest and Blogger Link Up where you can connect with guest blogging sites.

Increasing your opt-in list: One way of making sure that no google updates ever scares you is by creating an email list. With an email management site such as Aweber you will sure take you web business marketing to the next level of success.

The secret is to have an opt-in form on your site. You also have to make sure you include a call to action message telling your readers to subscribe to your list.

Note: The only way to ensure people agree to subscribe to your list is to share compelling and epic content, click here to read more on that. Show your readers that there is a lot to gain by joining your list and traffic will stop becoming an issue to you.

Connecting with other people in your niche: The number one place to build online relationships is on social sites. Any online entrepreneur who does not have an account on facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus and now Pinterest is missing a great opportunity to market their web business.

You can also link up with like minded people on forum sites such as Warrior Forum. Other top sites that offer free web business promotion opportunities include IBO Toolbox.

Ideally, forum sites allow you to add a signature where readers can click and head to your site to know more about you and what you do.

Offering your expert advice on sites like Yahoo Answers and All Experts can go a long way to increase your site presence and traffic.

Article Marketing: Here we are not talking about using software to spam the internet with unreadable and crappy articles. If you didn’t know, the Penguin update was the last nail in the coffin for spammy articles.

A site such as Ezine Articles to date is struggling to regain its former SEO glory with little success.

The right approach to marketing your internet business using article directories is to first forget about spamming. Generate high quality articles with a good word count: 600 words and above is good.

Then post your articles on top rated article directories. This way you will get your article syndicated on authority blogs and websites.

market on the internet

As for those people who have money, it is recommended you do a press release. If you submit on a press release site like PRweb you can be sure your release will be syndicated on top rated sites.

It goes to show that publishing quality content is the secret of standing out thus generating traffic from different sources.

Offline Marketing: This is a strategy that receives the least attention online yet it is the most powerful means of marketing your business on the web.

If there is someone out there who has a strategy that can outwit Word-of-Mouth please share with us. Personally, I have been giving free blogging advice through seminars and workshops. As a result, direct traffic to my site has really improved.

If you can get people talking about your site you will never have goose pimples every time Google says they are about to release another SEO update. Generate content that address peoples’ problems and your site will be on peoples’ lips.

Other ways that fall under offline marketing include printing a business card, t-shirts or caps that have a link to your site. Just take a job round the park in the evening wearing a t-shirt with your website and you may just win some new visitors.

Every opportunity you get with the people you meet should be a chance to talk about your site. If someone asks you what you do, I hope you now know what to tell them.


Engine spiders should not determine the direction that your online business takes. Focus on the preferences of your target audience by offering solutions and you will enjoy doing business on the web.

In any case, search engine bots will never become your customers. It is humans who will buy your products. Therefore, add a human feel to your content and your site visitors will be happy to deal with a real person.

If Google sends traffic your way that is OK but put more effort to market your web business using other advertising strategies.

If you have other strategies that entrepreneurs need to know about in order to promote their sites online kindly share in the comment section below.

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What Leads To The Difference In Search Engine Positioning

What Leads To The Difference In Search Engine Positioning

If you look closely, you usually get different results when browsing the internet. This difference in search engine positioning is brought by various factors. People offering SEO services are known to encounter this kind of problem. Where they tell their clients that they are in position 6 and when the client checks he finds his site is in position 8.

It can be quite a challenge to explain this difference in search engine positioning to your clients. In fact, most customers will think you are lying while that may not be the case. For this reason it is prudent that you understand and be in a position to explain this phenomenon in details.

Here are the reasons that bring about difference in site ranking on search engine result pages:

1. The Google Dance:

Have you ever tried to search for your site with your targeted keywords and discovered that your site has disappeared in the google search results? And then after a week’s time your site again reappears? This is what SEO marketers call the Google dance.

Mostly, this used to be prevalent before but since June 2010 things have changed. The reason for the Google dance was because google used to take a whole month before indexing and ranking sites.

It is during those days that sites’ search engine positioning used to change as you searched with your targeted keyword phrase. But as we speak things are not the same, since the latest google update sites are indexed and ranked on a daily basis.

Though the google dance phenomenon still takes place, the incidences are a bit rare. The reason for this is because google uses different stations known as Data Centers which they choose unsystematic. The fact that you cannot choose which Data Center you what to get results from, there will be a difference in search engine positioning.

This is the reason that sometimes you will see your site appearing in position 6 and sometimes in position 8 on search engine results pages for the same keyword.

2. The Location at which one is browsing:

Someone browsing the internet from USA and another in Egypt with the same search terms will get different results. The reason for this is because these two people have different IP address which search engine can detect.

What search engines do in such instances is that they give results based on the preferences of different locations. For example, you are searching for “care hire services”, the search engine positioning for car hire companies will depend on your location. The search engines will give preference to car hire services in your location.

Another element that is affected with location is the link you are searching with. A search engine like Google has branches all over the world. Depending on different locations you will have your browser showing for people in India, for folks in United Kingdom, for people in Pakistan, for browsers in Maroc, for people in Canada and so forth.

To nullify results that are influenced with this links, search using which gives the universal ranking for websites.

2. Language:

The other thing that search engines can detect using your IP address in the common language used in a certain location. This also affects the results you will get when you are browsing the internet.

The best way to avoid getting results that are based on your location and language is to use proxies. There is a tool called Diagnosis Tool which enables you to alter your virtual browser’s location and language.

4. Your personal web history searches:

It is common knowledge that your search history affects the search engine positioning on your browser. Depending on the queries you make frequently and the blogs or websites you visit often, search engines will normally give results that are biased.

For example, if you are always searching for work from home blogs and there is one particular blog you keep on visiting. Every time you key in work from home, search engine positioning of the blog you visit will be given preference.

If you have not disabled cookies, you will also note that the sites you click on search results are in a different color (purple). The reason for this is because search engines gather your web search history and store the results in form of cookies.

There are two ways in which search engines do this:

a) Your activities when you sign in your email accounts especially Gmail

b) By use of cookies whenever you sign-out on a particular browser.

search engine positioningEvery time you are login your Gmail account, Google are able to track your web searchers. Therefore, when you are logged out, Google are able to use tacking cookies thus favor the sites you visit frequently.

In fact, whenever you are logged in your Gmail account and you enter a keyword that is related to a site you visited, the search engine positioning of that site will be on page 1.

To counter this effect where search engines give results according to your search history, log out from all your accounts, clear your browsers cookies then do the search again.

Alternatively, go and do the search on another computer lets say in a cyber café which you have not used before.

5. Activities on google social media networking platforms:

Search engine positioning can also be affected by your activities on social media sites. This is more evident on Google because of their various attempts to enter in the social media arena.

Some of the social media sites that google have launched include:

Google Friend Connect

Google Wave

Google Buzz


Google Reader

Google Talk

And the latest Google Plus

You can Click here to read more on these google social media accounts.

Let us take an example of Google Plus; if you recommend a certain site using google +1, Google will give more preference to that site whenever you do a search using relevant keywords.

Again, to counter this effect you can do a search after you have logged out of this social media accounts and then clear your cookies. Or you can go and do the search on a different computer which you do not use normally.

Conclusion: As technology gets more advanced you will need to also move with the change. Otherwise you will be left behind and your online business will become obsolete.

It will be tough for you as someone offering search engine optimization services, if you cannot explain to your clients the difference in search engine positioning. Now you know why someone in Asia will get different search results from someone in Africa yet they may be using the same keyword phrase and the same search engine.

SEO Website Step By Step Marketing Guidelines

SEO Website Step By Step Marketing Guidelines

Any savvy online marketer knows that SEO website marketing is all about content. Actually, the common term in the online world is that content is king. Content can be in many forms and they include video clips, blogs, articles, micro-blogs, podcast, presentations, web pages, interviews and so forth.

In reality, SEO website marketing campaign is imperative if you are to make money on the internet. Research has shown that 95% of traffic on the internet is derived from search engines. The major engines to target in order to get organic traffic from include Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Creating quality and fresh content is a sure way of promoting your blog or website. Apart from ensuring your readership have a library of rich content, SEO website content creation helps you get natural backlinks and attract unique visitors.

But that is not all, even a site that is very attractive and has educative content needs some bit of promotion. This will ensure you reap the full benefits of working online in terms of publicizing your products and services.

Here are some simple but effective steps to SEO website promotion:

1. New product or service: You have just discovered a brand new affiliate product that is hitting the market in your niche; the first thing to do is to write a product review. Publish a new webpage that describes the products. It is an effective strategy of creating product awareness thus customers will know what they are purchasing.

Once you have the page that talks about your product in place, you need to make sure people know about its existence.

search engine optimization2. Publicize the page: To make sure that people in your niche know where to find the product, you need to do offline campaigns, SEO website promotions like press release, article marketing, video advertising, conducting interviews and the like.

You may ask, where do I get content to publish on my blog? The answer is simple, from your product affiliate page. This is where most online marketing gurus advise that you choose products that have quality landing pages. A landing page with useful content will ensure that you convert easily.

If publishing a press release is one of your SEO website advertising strategies, make certain you link it back to your web page with the relevant anchor text. The same applies to article marketing and video marketing.

3. Promotional blog: This will apply to work online individuals that have a website; it is crucial that you create a blog within your website. The reasons being that a blog is interactive and hence you will create a human feel that will assist you earn affiliate commissions.

In the case of a press release, on the particular day that the release is going public, you also need to have a blog about the product go live. This will greatly assist in SEO website advertising and thus attract organic traffic.

Note: A blog should be rich with informative content that will be educative to readers in a particular niche. But it is alright to once in a while post a blog that describes a product or service so as to let customers know the benefits they can get from buying the product.

Every time you publish a post about a product or service, it is good to be honest and discuss about its advantages and pros. These you will only be able to do if you use the product personally hence be a position to give a credible review.

In your blog make sure you link back to your affiliate product landing page so as to drive traffic and earn commissions. Also add widgets that will make your web page easy to share, this include twitter, facebook and LinkedIn widgets. These are mostly micro-blogging sites that also play a major role on SEO website promotion.

4. Email Marketing: This will relate to the work online marketers that have an opt-in list or newsletter subscribers. If you do not have one, it is imperative that you create your own email list since this can be like an ATM cash machine.

Once in a while when you have a good product, you can send out an email to your subscribers telling them about your product. Just to add, always tell your subscribers to forward the message to their contacts and you will be surprised most will do just that. This can cause a viral marketing effect thus help you earn income online fast.

People love discounts and getting the best bargains, therefore go for products or services that have coupons and special discounts. This way you will be able to offer your loyal subscribers with special offers. In addition, it will help you get new customers as your subscribers spread the word around about your offer.

Include social networking sites in your emails to make them easy to share thus boost your SEO website marketing and capture a wider market.

social media marketing5. Micro-blogging: Currently, it would be ignorant of any SEO website marketer to leave out social media marketing as a tool of advertising. Posting a review on an affiliate product on your LinkedIn account will help promote your product. Link back to your blog page since it will enhance your SEO website marketing. The same goes with social sites like facebook and twitter.

It is vital that you market your products and services to the right people. The advantage of social media sites is that people have grouped themselves, thus find the people in your niche and build relationships. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are not the only social sites on the internet, there are so many niche social sites you can target and move your products.

Remember to read and follow the regulations in each social media site you join. This is because some products will work well for some sites while others will not.

6. Guest Blogging: If there is one powerful SEO website promotion strategy, it is definitely guest blogging. As an online marketer it is advisable to build relationships with top rated bloggers in your niche.

It will be of more value to you when an influential blogger allows you to post on his/her blog than getting thousand of backlinks from irrelevant sites. When you are guest blogging request to add a backlink and this will tremendously boost your SEO website promotion.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build your online credibility and eventually internet presence. An endorsement from a top rated individual in your niche will go a long way in making sure your products are accepted.

In case the product or service you are promoting is yours, then you can get some of the bloggers in your industry to write a review. You will be amazed just how effective that can be in terms of pushing sales online.

7. Paid Advertising: If you have a budget to market your product, then some of the best strategies include Pay per Click advertising and advertising on classified sites. Always remember to use relevant keywords to link back to your website. This will boost your SEO website promotion.

You can also buy advertising space on small advertising blogs and websites in your niche that are popular. Targeting to place your adverts on wide reaching newsletters can also increase your online affiliate sales.

As you have seen it only takes a single post on your blog to reach a wide range of potential audience. You can just alter the message a little bit and spread the message using social sites, article marketing and other notable avenues of SEO website marketing and you would generate lots of sales.

Make sure that your content is always engaging and call your readers to take action. This way you will cause a viral marketing effect and covert easily thereby your work online experience will be worthwhile.

Follow the links beneath and learn more techniques of SEO website advertising.

Small Internet Business Marketing Through Legit SEO

Small Internet Business Marketing Through Legit SEO

The fact that SEO internet business marketing is becoming more advanced, small online entrepreneurs are finding it hard to make it. Every month Google is making it even more difficult to rank especially for small home based business sites.

Just in the months of November and December of 2011, Google announced that it had done 10% changes to their algorithm each month. Come 2012 you can bet that this is not bound to change and all this is in an effort to improve search results.

Search engines main agenda is to ensure their users get exactly what they want. Therefore, as the online world continues to evolve, internet business marketing is set to become even more challenging.

With all these algorithm changes, where does all that leave you as a small business entrepreneur?  What do you need to do so as to compete with top ranking websites and blogs?

On this post, you will find the secrets to effectively market your business on the internet. Since I want you to start the new year with good news, let me inform you that you too can rank high for relevant key terms. All you need to know is how to play the game in a legit way.

A case in point to look at in relation to internet business marketing is how Apple managed to succeed. Though they faced other big companies like Microsoft, Apple was still able to become an authority in a highly competitive market.

Their secret was one; they offered people what they wanted long before they knew what they needed. Rather than become like their competitors, Apple found a way of becoming unique by coming up with innovative ideas that stood out.

The best approach to SEO internet business marketing is to build a brand name. Rather than looking for short cuts to rank, do what search engines want and your home business will succeed in the long run.

Patience is fundamental when it comes to online marketing. Thus do not adopt strategies just because you heard someone else is succeeding in them. Ask yourself if the tactics you apply are legit and have long term benefits.

I know my introduction has been rather lengthy, but in short the point I’m trying to put across is that you need to be natural (yourself). SEO has become so unpredictable in that strategies that used to work before have today become irrelevant.

Looking at all SEO online business marketing practices, one thing that will guarantee you success is content. No matter how many times Google will update their ranking formula, content will always remain the focal point.

As you generate content online, ask yourself if you are doing it naturally. If you were operating an offline shop, would you still use the same strategies to promote your business? Constantly, try to relay valuable information that point your readers towards the right direction and you will surely go places.

Unique and genuine articles will guarantee you return visitors and more so in relation to viral marketing as people share your content. It is high time that small business online marketers practiced legit SEO tactics and forgot about black hat strategies.

Search engines are overrated when it comes to what they can do, but the rate at which they are becoming advanced you never know when they will catch up with your black hat techniques. You would be better off following the legit internet business marketing rules.

While we are at it, let us see some SEO online marketing strategies that you need to adopt so as to appear natural and rank high.

Keyword usage: Most of us are culprits when it comes to keyword usage. Just take a scenario where you come across a salesman who keeps repeating the name of the product he is selling with the hope to convince you to buy.

The obvious thing will happen, you will definitely get irritated. No one wants to be pushed to purchase something thus when you talk too much in an effort to sell you will push away your potential customers.

internet business marketingTherefore, avoid keyword stuffing as you generate your content. Come up with articles that flow naturally by informing your readers rather than selling to them. Imagine coming across a home based business site that mentions the phrase “home based business” in very sentence. I bet you will exit the site right away.

Try and use keyword variation as you generate your content and that will ensure your posts appear natural. The more your readers enjoy reading your content, the more they will share it and the higher your conversion rate will be.

Gain credibility: One of the most fundamental aspects of business is trust. Sport celebrities are paid big money just to wear certain brands. The idea is that as people see celebrities in certain outfits, they too will buy the same in the aim of appearing cool.

Most of the time these celebrities my not necessarily like the outfits. They wear the attire because they are paid to do so. The same applies to internet business marketing; testimonials and recommendations can go a long way in boosting your small home online business.

But rather than paying people to talk good about your business, build real trust by continually supplying your customers and readers with quality products and content.

Building relationships is the best way to gain trust. Respond to all comments whether positive or negative. People want to feeling like you care and the more you show it the more they will trust your site and business.

Building your SEO profile gradually:  It is true that building link popularity is critical in regards to SEO online business marketing. But that does not mean you run all over the place to buy links. Search engines want to see a site that grows naturally and purchasing links in most cases will hurt your SEO profile.

Instead of buying links, create content and products that people are looking for and they will naturally share what you have to offer. There is nothing as powerful as word of mouth referral marketing and the only way to achieve that is through producing quality.

It may appear like marketing on the internet is not necessary, but that is far from the truth. You must adopt best internet business marketing practices but in the right manner.

Conclusion: If you are a small entrepreneur, you do not need to shy away or give up on SEO marketing. It is true that it may take some time before you rank high but the day you get to the top, your ROI will be worth the wait.

Strive to build an online brand that portrays your real self and what you stand for. Do not try to be somebody else or something you do not believe in. For you to be successful in online marketing business you have to build relationships, create quality products/services/content.

Share your feedback of this topic in the comment section provided below. As for those that need to keep getting updates from this blog, enter your email address below or at the section provided in side bar.

Flash Images Effect On Search Engine Placement

Flash Images Effect On Search Engine Placement

It has been repeated time and time again that flash images are not friendly to search engines, yet people continue to use them. It is true that flash images make your site look cool but why add them at the expense on your blog ranking on search engines result pages.

In many instances search engine companies have stated that they will soon begin indexing flash images. Experts in SEO say that is not fair mainly because for a long time they have preached against the use of flash to their clients. On the other hand, website developers rejoice but the joy is short lived as search engine fail to deliver to their promise.

We cannot deny the fact that flash images really make websites look cool. Most people are attracted to images more than content thus the preference for flash. Big organizations despite the repercussion continue to use flash images on their websites all in the name of enhancing their site appearance.

Then you ask, why the insistence to design flash websites?

There are amazing things that one can do with flash sites. Flash images are so appealing and would definitely increase the retention of visitors to your site. As we all know the lower your bounce rate the more chances to generating income from home on the internet.

Unlike HTML blogs or websites which are plain, flash sites are catchy and hence can entertain visitors. This is more so to niches that are not so serious like game sites or dating sites. But a critical look at flash images when it comes to business sites, they are not recommended.

Just imagine landing on a serious online money making blog and finding virtual cubes spinning all over the place. Would you really be convinced to purchase a product on that blog? In fact, you would exit so fast thinking you landed on a wrong site. Before you get to read the content you would think you are on a poker site.

There is no way flash images will make your work online blog become sticky. Maybe if you are targeting people who are bored and are looking for some kind of entertainment. But in case you want an audience that is ready to flash their wallets at you, you will have to do away with the flash images. Otherwise, if you do not do that, the same visitors will rush to your competitors who are more professional and look focused in doing online business.

Why you do not need to use flash images

Some people will not agree with this statement and that will be mainly because of their target market. But for business oriented sites then you do not need to create a flash site.

There are those folks that may claim that their flash sites have valuable content. But let me ask, why would you then need to create a flash site if you are sharing educative material? Would you prefer your visitors to see virtual balls jumping up and down or interact with your content?

HTML web designingMay be some day engine spiders will start indexing and ranking flash sites, but do you think with those images flashing around you will make online sales? The answer to all this questions is a definitely, NO! In addition, your visitors will have to install flash browsers of which most people have not.

The problem is compounded some more when it comes to browsing on mobile phones. Let us take an example of a phone like iPhone where flash images only appear like a small cube in color blue.

Then, there is also another downside of flash websites where the whole site uses a single link. This means that search engines will not see the individual pages that you will create on a flash website. Furthermore, it will be impossible to track and analyze traffic or bookmark your individual webpages.

In short, what this implies is that you have to avoid the use of flash images even if engine robots begin indexing them. As we speak, Google treats flash as less important even when a site has quality content. As a result, this affects the overall search engine placement of flash websites.

Invisibility of flash images on search engine result pages

If you know of any flash site try and search for it on Google using their exact key phrases. I assure you, the site will not appear in any of the first pages of search results.

To ensure that they get indexed, webmasters using flash use targeted keywords as alternate text. But when you search for the exact keywords the images do not show up anywhere.

As for those that use HTML for site building, you need to avoid using flash images within your pages. Research has shown that pages that have flash imbedded within them will not rank so well.

Summary: The one thing we cannot deny about flash is that they are cool, but that is all to it. If you are looking to boost your web presence on the internet through search engines, then forget about using flash images.

To date, search engines claim that they are now indexing flash sites but to what extend? Since the announcements nothing much has changed and HTML sites are been given more priority than flash. This goes to show that flash images may be cool but they are not anywhere near being smart.


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Search Engine Optimization And Use Of Longtail Keywords – Insider Secrets

Search Engine Optimization And Use Of Longtail Keywords – Insider Secrets

The internet has completely revolutionized the way of doing business especially if you decide to do search engine optimization (SEO). Long gone are the days when tradition business was the norm, today you can start making money from home with ease.

Though micro-blogging seems to be stealing the show when it comes to internet marketing, you as a webmaster need to use social media sites to boost your back links. Even after you update your facebook wall or send tweets of your home business, you need to have a place that you will be sending your target audience.

Many people use the long route of making money by joining online business programs and spend all day on social sites promoting their web business links. It would be better you launch a blog or website and offer people quality content. Once you have gained online presence you can go ahead and monetize your web pages by publishing links directing people to your work online business programs.

So as to generate unique traffic to your site, one of the strategies is through SEO. As an online business person, if you choose to dismiss search engine optimization (SEO) as a way of internet marketing, you do so at your own risk.

This is what you need to have in mind; people browse the internet to look for content. Therefore, all you need to do is learn what people are searching for and make money from home by offering them the information they want.

It therefore becomes critical that online entrepreneurs figure out how to make the most of this essential tool of internet business marketing. Regardless of whether you run a massive or small home business, search engine optimization will assist you to generate quality online sales leads.

Longtail keyword pro

Some folks outsource for SEO services and that is alright if you have the money to spend. But remember that you need to do your research well so as to avoid being scammed off your cash. There are many con artists who claim that they can make your site rank in a few days, be very careful. Otherwise, SEO is something anyone can do from the comfort of their home. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a will to succeed.

To get a high placement on major search engines like Google and Yahoo takes time. You need to be patient and focused to appear on page 1 or 2 of search engines since that is where the money is.

Below are a few validated techniques associated with Search Engine Optimization.

Choose A Niche: Before you start a website you first need to identify which niche you want to target. Opt for an industry you know you are passionate about and that has a wide range of topics to discuss about.

From there, research and select the keyword phrases you want to target within the niche you have selected. Use tools like Keyword Checker or google Trends to see which keywords are searched for mostly in your niche and how competitive they are. Go for keywords that have high search volumes but low competition.

This will ensure you rank faster and thus generate more traffic quicker.

Internal Optimization: Once you have identified the keywords to target, you have to use the keywords within your website or blog. Add your key terms in your keyword and description META tags.

META Tags: Including a description and key-phrases to your blog META names is extremely important with regard to search engine optimization. This is the segment that informs engine Spiders what your blog is focused on.

Whenever you publish your description, make it brief and ensure you include your targeted keywords optimally. Again note: Think about your target viewers when picking which keywords to work with. The idea is to go for commonly searched phrases.

Web Page Content: To obtain a higher page positioning on search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing content takes on a significant role. Each time you post stories on your blog make use of common keyword phrases ideally the once listed within your website description META tags and KEYWORD elements.

To avoid spamming use different keyword phrases on every page you publish.

That means, from the onset you have to choose your keywords meticulously ensuring they are being sought after by people in your industry. In addition, steer clear of keywords that are extremely competitive because it will take you a long time before you rank for them.

With regard to better SEO practices, make sure you work with textual content instead of pictures. Typically, the intelligent applications known as Spiders or Crawlers employed by engines like Yahoo and Google cannot read through images. But because images enhance your web page overall look, be sure to include alternate tags hence allowing Crawlers gather information and know what your images are about.

External Optimization: This is where you work towards making certain engines spiders/bots locate your site thus rank it. The way to do this is by submitting your web URL on other sites. Since sites like facebook, twitter, online business directories are crawled often, you can add your web links on these sites to boost your inbound links.

Link Building: Remember that the more links directed back to your web page the more important your website is regarded by engine crawlers therefore boosting your web page rating. But note, the more top quality links you have from sites in your industry the more effective your search engine optimization will be. Hence, make contact with webmasters with higher web page ranking and request them politely to link back to your blog or you request to be a guest blogger.

Another recommended technique of increase your link popularity while working online is through article submission. There are article directories like Go Article, Article Click, Buzzle and Ezine Articles where you can post write ups and in return get back links.

An additional technique for backlink building would be to provide high quality content on your site which is beneficial to your niche market audience. The more educative your data is the greater the probabilities of folks linking back to your blog.

The minute you learn the secrets you will never spend an extra cent hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist to assist you generate organic traffic to your blog. Make the crucial step and with passage of time you too will become a real Search engine marketing specialist.

The world-wide-web has totally changed the ways of conducting business and I believe that this is for the better. This is will only be so to you if you make use of technology.

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