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Generating SEO Web Traffic | You Need To Work Harder

Generating SEO Web Traffic | You Need To Work Harder

If search engines were human beings I’m sure the story would be different when it comes to site ranking and driving SEO web traffic. Unlike humans, search engines cannot really read content but they can tell what your content is about by noting keywords. Ideally, engine spiders can only fragment content in phrases and if there are words you keep on repeating, it will rank you for those keywords.

This means that you can have very rich and informative articles and no one will know they exist. This is why and saying, if only search engines would tell the value and quality of each article online, then the story would have been different in regards to attracting search engine web traffic.

The one way that engine bots go around this problem is by measuring other factors to determine the quality of a site or page. In the online marketing arena, these factors are known as off page factors. One of these external factors or off page elements that search engine look at is link popularity.

Search engines will rank your site higher when you have more links pointing to your site or webpage. You will also increase SEO web traffic if the inbound links are from sites that are related to your content. This to search engines shows relevancy and authority in your target niche.

Here is the scenario; you have come up with an article on how to work from home and earn money fast that is well drafted with high quality content. If no one finds it thus link back to the article, engines spiders will simply think it’s not important. This means that the article will not even appear within search engine page results.

Generating SEO web traffic is like doing business in the outdoor. Take for example these two traders; one of them has very good tomatoes and the other has less quality tomatoes. The one with good tomatoes keeps quiet and hopes people will see he has very quality products hence purchase his products. While his competitor is smiling to everyone passing by and telling them of how good his tomatoes are and yet that is not the case.

Believe it or not, you will end up buying the low quality tomatoes only for you to get home and find they are spoiled. This is to demonstrate that in the business arena, advertising is paramount. You can be the best footballer in the world but if you don’t get a chance to showcase your talents, no one will know of your existence.

This is the same case when it comes to marketing on the internet. Those sites that rank high and get the most SEO web traffic are not necessarily the ones with the best content. If today, your site got the same popularity as the top sites, you will have no need to optimize your content any more.

Top sites ride upon their popularity and that is what Google and other search engines look at when ranking sites. If the president of the United States caught a cold today, newspapers would be filled with headlines about Him sneezing. The hospital he will go to would gain celebrity status right then. But if that was to happen to you, do you think anybody would bother? I guess not.

A site like eBay or facebook enjoys the same benefits. A change of guard or ownership of a site like Ebay or facebook would cause ripples in the internet world. In the process it would cause the sites to become even more popular than ever before. But when your site was hit by the Panda updates, no one raised a finger on how your home business site was affected. In fact, your ranking and web traffic dropped some more.

SEO web trafficThis does not mean that you should give up on generating SEO web traffic. In any case, it will be sweet victory when you beat the odds and join the league of top online business gurus. All you have to do is double your efforts, work smart, focus and be patient and you will rank higher.

Article marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies since it’s a way of generating content. Experts in web traffic generation will tell you that content is King when it comes to site promotion. Top sites have an upper hand in that they can higher hundreds of writers to help them generate fresh content daily.

While you may not have the resources to afford the same number of writers, there are online marketing tools and sofwares you can use to gain leverage. The best approach to online business is to automate your processes.

There are sites that can help you submit your articles to thousand of article directories by a click of a button. One site you can look at is Unique Article Wizard, for just $67 a month you will dominate the internet and generate direct web traffic and SEO organic traffic.

As for bloggers using wordpress, there are plugins that will help you to optimize your content. Other plugins will assist you in reposting your old content to social sites, while others like Publish 2 will ensure you ping your content to as many sites as possible automatically.

These are simple to implement processes that will help you build backlinks thus increase your rankings and web traffic. To finally get to the top, it might take you a while but the day you get there it will be hard to bring you down again. But having said that, when you start making some money online, you need to plough back some of the cash into marketing your site.

Pay for services that allow you to post your content automatically to blog networks and submitting press release. The minute you eliminate the aspect of doing things manually, you are on your way to joining the top cream of internet entrepreneurs.

All the top sites you see today did not begin from the top, the owners of these sites will attest to the fact of how they hassled. You too have the potential of drawing masses by attracting high volume of SEO web traffic if only you remain focused and consistent. Success comes to them that are ready to pay the price.

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Google SEO Guidelines On How To Recover From Penguin Updates

Google SEO Guidelines On How To Recover From Penguin Updates

Of late many webmasters and bloggers have had sleepless nights thanks to recent Google updates. Just when marketers thought that they had survived the Panda update, another animal called Penguin (Update) came calling.

For a long time internet users had been complaining about landing on sites with crappy content on search results. This was not good for both search engines and online business entrepreneurs.

Search engines, especially Google, make most of their money through advertisement. It is estimated that 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertisement.

With people losing trust in search engine results, it meant that they were also losing revenue derived from advertisement. On the other hand, internet business people were also losing since people resulted in finding other ways of getting information.

Though business people are complaining of the way Google is going about punishing sites, if you look at it critically, this was the only way to rid search results of spammy sites.

The days of blackhat strategies seem to have come to an end or so it seems, with engine spiders becoming more intelligent. No more buying of backlinks, overstuffing keywords or duplicating content for the sake of ranking high.

Gamming Google is now becoming a difficult thing to succeed in, but only time will tell what blackhat strategists will come up with in future. In a way, Google SEO quality guidelines seem to be enforced.

Probably, you may be a victim of the recent updates and you are wondering if it is possible to recover. I have good news for you but you need to read on to learn what Google really expects from you.

Here are Google SEO guidelines in a layman’s language:

According to Matt Cutts, the people who were penalized by Penguin were those optimizers employing negative SEO tactics. These include link cloaking, overstuffing keywords, copying other people’s content, buying links and so on.

The questions that people end up asking are:

1: How do I build my link popularity?

2: How many keywords should I have in any given article?

3: As an affiliate marketer, how would I go about describing my merchant products without duplicating?

If you have other questions please feel free to post them in the comment section below and you will get expert SEO advice. In the meantime lets us address the above questions.

Answer 1: Google SEO guide on how to approach link building

One thing that Google seems not able to wish away is using backlinks to rank websites. Google is trying to find ways of positioning websites by measuring social signals, but they are limited due to the small number of people registered on their social site, Google Plus.

Another challenge that search engines face is the ability to manipulate social activity by use of softwares. Therefore, the best way to increase your site authority will be to employ legit link building strategies.

Ideally, the more backlinks your site gets from high quality niche sites, the better the site will be positioned on SERPs. These means that not all links are good links.

Make sure that if you have backlinks coming from link farms, paid links and spammy sites, have those links removed. There are better techniques of building backlinks such as guest blogging, article marketing, forum marketing, press release, posting on web 2.0 pages and comment posting.

According to Google SEO guide, link building should be natural. The only way to do that is by publishing rich content. Generating quality content acts as link bait and thus people will link back to your site naturally and that’s what Google likes to see.

You are also guaranteed that with rich content only quality sites will pick your content thereby boosting your site authority. It is true that you might not have full control on sites that link back, but with good content chances are that quality sites will be the first to notice you.

Answer 2: How to tackle the issue of Keyword Usage:

Keywords are integral when it comes to site optimization in that they help search engines know what your content is about. But still, you need to be careful not to be seen by search engines as if you are over optimizing.

When you consider this carefully, keyword stuffing is also not good for your site conversion. In most cases, when you stuff keywords your content will be unreadable and boring thus resulting to a high bounce rate.

Google guidelines when it comes to SEO are very clear; generate content for readers and not for search engines. Anyway, you expect your readers to become customer and not search engines.

Since you cannot avoid the use of keywords, it is recommended you use them tactfully.

seo softwareFor every page you create have your targeted keyword in your page title. As for those that have big websites, you can include a secondary keyword in the title.

Mention your keyword phrase in the body of your article preferably in the first paragraph. Apply strategies like word stemming and relating words to mention your keywords, click here to read more on that.

This is the best way to make sure you maintain the right keyword density. As for those who use wordpress as their blogging platform, add plugins such as Platinum SEO pack or WordPress SEO to check your keyword density.

Note: The number of times you mention a keyword in an article is what is measured as keyword density.

This means the longer a page is, the more times you can repeat your keyword or keywords.

Answer 3: How to avoid duplicating content:

The SEO guidelines put in place by Google clearly stipulate; no duplicating other people’s content. The sentence of duplicating content can be very harsh.

The people who are more likely to fall victim to this offence are affiliate marketers, e-commerce sites and review sites. These kinds of sites are in most cases forced to use the same product description as their merchants thus resulting to duplicate content.

In order to deal with duplicate content, SEO experts recommend the use of robot.txt files, 301 redirect and canonical tags. WordPress also has plugins that tell search engines which pages not to crawl or index.

Personally, the best way to avoid content duplication is coming up with your own product description. The English language is believed to be rich thus you can sure find other words to describe a product.

If you have to result to employing redirects and robot.txt files, use softwares such as link assistance to see how top sites are doing it. This software will help you identify what onsite optimization strategies top marketers are using.

How to beat Penguin and all future Google Updates:

Google SEO guidelines are in the open for everyone to read and implement. In fact, of late it has become very easy to predict which sites will get to first page and which ones will not.

Going by the current SEO trends, algorithm tweaking has just begun. The only way of making sure you do not step out of the required guidelines is to give Google what they want.

Top on the list of Google SEO guide is sharing quality content. By this we mean content that is shareable, linkable and of course add value to your readers.

In addition, monitor what top bloggers and webmasters in your niche are doing in terms of link building and keyword usage. Note that SEO strategies vary from one niche to another thus the reason you have to track what people in your niche are doing.


Depending on SEO alone to market your site is not the wise thing to do. This is because search engines have become so unpredictable and sometime legit websites become victims.

Include in your online marketing arsenals other web marketing techniques like social media marketing, video marketing, guest blogging, article marketing and other referral marketing tactics.

If 80% of your traffic is from Google you are probably walking on very thin ice even though some people would say that is debatable.

Someone once said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, though you are better off putting your eyes on one basket than trying to keep an eye on 10 baskets.

So, if SEO is your thing go right ahead but remember to adhere to all Google SEO guidelines and hope for the best.

This blog is dedicated to making sure you know the best SEO practices to use in marketing your business online. You are also welcome to share your views and expertise by posting comments in the section provided below.

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Web Developer Hints | Deep Look At The Evolving Web

Web Developer Hints | Deep Look At The Evolving Web

As a web developer or webmaster there are some things that you need to seriously consider. Gone are the days when a haphazardly designed site would suffice in generating organic traffic. Today, things are changing so fast that web developers have got to have their antennas up all the time.

A good web developer takes into account the blog design to use as he/she builds a site. Structuring of a site can mean the success of your work online business or failure. In web designing you need to consider what currently works and adapt to the changing web development standards.

Other factors to look at as regards to web developing include content management and most importantly the search engines optimization (SEO) strategies to adapt. The reason that makes SEO crucial is the ability to really turn a small online home business into a multi-million venture. Good examples of such kind of sites include blogs like Smart Passive Income and Young Pre Pro.

Back in the 90’s, search engines used to change their algorithms but today the changes are happening more frequently. A good case in point was the current Google panda algorithm updates. According to Google, the changes were meant to weed out sites of low quality that rank high.

It is true that the frequent change of goal post done by search engines is greatly affecting many web developers. Therefore as a webmaster or blogger, you have to be up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms in order to survive in work from home online business.

Did you know that about 10 million new people surf the internet every day? Research has also proven that 95% of traffic on the web is generated by search engines. This goes to show just how important website placement is in internet business.

This makes you ask, how do I as a web developer ensure my site remains on the top search engines result pages?

All the years I have been on the internet one thing has remained constant and that is CONTENT. Search engines exist to offer their users the best experience. Hence if you keep updating your blog or website with new, relevant and quality content you will be safe. A close observation of the recent Google updates show that sites with old and outdated content where the ones mostly affected.

What you are required to do therefore as a web developer is stay up to date with the current events in web design and SEO techniques. Join circles and forums where experts discuss the current SEO trends thus keep in touch with the evolving web.

Take advantage of social media, forum marketing and other web development practices that will combine to boost your search engine rankings. It is true that keeping up with the changes can be quite a challenge but you have got no other choice if you are to stay afloat in online business.

Avoid the mistake of depending on one SEO strategy to get you good results. Combine an array of top web marketing strategies and you will increase the chances of improving your search engine result pages.

As we early stated, you can never go wrong with content creation as a web developer. Thus always seek to provide people in your niche with fresh and unique material. This will make certain that even with future algorithm chances your site will not be affected.

Most work online entrepreneurs are lazy when it comes to updating their sites. Other web developers choose to simply implement few things that would help their sites remain afloat. This means that if you decide to constantly add content you will be ahead of over 95% of all web developers and bloggers.

web developingExperts in web development will attest to the fact that it is actually easier to succeed in SEO now than before. All you need to know are the facts of web designing and web developing and then acting on them.

– You need to ask yourself several questions that will make sure you are ahead of the pack. These include questions like:

– Does my site have basic search engine friendly elements?

– Is my content useful and educative to my audience?

– Does my site structure allow for future easy adjustments?

– Are readers able to easily navigate through my blog or website?

– How fast does my website load?

– Am I using the right combination of the top online marketing strategies?

If you have noted all the above questions are centered on generation of targeted traffic and also ensuring a high conversion rate. The two elements are the core of work from home online business success in relation to web development.

For example, conversion rate is key in ensuring your visitors become loyal and thus end up referring your site to their circle of friends. This brings us to the other factor of web promotion called viral marketing. As a web developer, make it easy for visitors to share your content on social media sites and the like.

Conclusion: As a web developer you need to know that there is no end to web developing. You will never get to a point and say that you have finished developing a website. The evolving web cannot afford you the luxury of saying it is now DONE and accomplished.

Web business is about regular and frequent updating of your site more so regarding content. People who browse the internet are always thirsty for fresh content and the same applies to search engines. Therefore, for your small online business to move to the next level you need to develop high quality content repeatedly.

The internet is like a moving target where you are forced to re-adjust your aim in order to hit the mark. Create time on regular bases to learn new things and making sure that you put them into action. Bring your site to life by increasing your activities in all fronts. This includes in article directories, online forums, social media sites and if possible video marketing sites.

The web developer that gets his or her site in front of many views is sure to take the internet by storm. I wish you all the best in your quest to make money online at home.

SEO Analysis Of Google Algorithm Search Updates

SEO Analysis Of Google Algorithm Search Updates

It has been an active year for Google with the many algorithm updates that have been taking place. Let us do some SEO analysis and see how the updates have affected sites in general.

Google has been the top search engine commanding 2/3’s of the traffic that is generated by search engines. That is why when you are doing SEO analysis you simply cannot ignore Google. Each year, Google states that it does over 500 changes to their algorithm coding.

According to google, there are over 200 hundred signals or parameters it uses to rank sites. It is likely that one of these parameters can have a positive or negative effect to your site rankings. The one algorithm change that caused a major uproar on the SEO industry was Panda Update.

SEO analysts are now debating on the new algorithm change that google says is to measure ads-to-content ratio. The big question is; what will google use to see what appears to be above the fold within a web page?

There is no doubt that come 2012, Google is sure going to implement the content-to-ads ratio. According to Matt Cutts of Google, the testing for measuring this parameters is been conducted. The algorithm also known as “above the fold”, will be aimed at ensuring adverts do not interfere with reading of content.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Is penalizing webmasters and bloggers for ads they have placed on their sites right? Share your comments in the comment section provided below this write up.

According to SEO analysis, this change has not been implemented as of yet. But you can be sure it will be done next year and there will be lots of fallout as far as ranking of sites is concerned. Do not be caught off guard; it is important that you make the necessary amendments now so as not to be a victim.

Google Fresh might have been the latest algorithm change this year but by the look of things, online marketers need to brace themselves for more updates. Google is not going to relent on their quest to offer users uniqueness, relevancy and originality.

Though Google has not revealed all their algorithm formulas due to competition and gaming, they are been transparent to some of these signals that have helped marketers in SEO analysis and ranking.

Late in the year, that is in November; google announced it had implemented over 10 changes. This included:

  • Gone are the days when you would get in the search results a page filled with ads and useless content. These sites are also known as parked domains. The algorithm that really took care of these kinds of sites was Panda updates.
  • Refinement of relevant queries: This means that rather than always giving you results that are similar to your search query, if you enter a rare word in the search box the results will be more specific. For instance, if you are searching for [two column blue template], search engines will not give your results that contain blue templates alone.
  • Summary content on google search result will now be more of what is contained in the body of an article and not from the header or menu content.
  • SEO analysis that have been done reveal that long tail keywords are been given more comprehensive page indexing. This means that webmasters and bloggers have to work on long tails keyword phrases since they will rank higher.
  • Retrieval of content originating from cross languages: There is very little content that is shared in languages such as Swahili, Afrikaans, Welsh, Serbian and the likes. Google will now translate the English content to the said languages and feature them in their local search result pages.
  • Freshness Update: This was the lasted algorithm change that google announced this year. SEO analysis of Google fresh is said to affect 35% of searches. The aim was to ensure that fresh content is noticeable to a certain degree depending on relevant searches query.
  • According to SEO analysis, one of the ways to generate traffic is optimizing your webpage images. Google updated their search formula to include signals that will display images that are fresh and relevant.
  • Google algorithm will now give more emphasis to official authority websites. This in short means that top websites will rank SEO analysishigher which makes begs the question, what will happen to the small home based business entrepreneurs? Share your opinions on this in the comment section provided below.
  • Originality is an integral part of making sure you rank high on search engines result pages. Google announced that they have added signals that will predict which among two related pages is the unique one.

Google has so much dominance that it can affect the web presence of big firms like Yahoo. Not taking any credit out of Google for its effort to rise to the top of the murky waters of internet business, has it infringed on their competitors?

I raise this question because of something that SEO analysts have noticed when it comes to searching. Did you know that while you are logged into your Gmail account search results are biased? Keeping your Gmail account logged in while searching the net shows you results that you previously searched.

According to most SEO analysts, this denies internet browsers access to a variety of information. When you are searching, you should get results that do not bind you to your own opinions. This issue was brought to the fore by a book titled The Filter Bubble authored by Eli Parser.

It would be much better if search engines offered a wider perspective in their search results. Then, why is Google putting a bottle neck by proving their users with biased information? The idea of displaying fresh and unique content is welcomed, but why give good content with one hand and then take it away with the other hand just because am logged into one of your products?

Conclusion: Above are SEO analysis of the past year that have greatly affected the online world. One thing that comes out is that algorithms do not have the privilege of using a sixth sense like human beings. No matter how much they claim searches are targeted, engines spiders cannot truly tell what searchers are really looking for.

If you want to get the best results for whatever you are searching for, log out from your accounts, clear your cookies and you will maybe get exactly what you are looking for.

To keep getting updates of the fresh and unique SEO analysis on the internet marketing arena enter your email address below or at the section provided on the sidebar. Also feel free to share this article with your friends using the social buttons appearing on the left.

Google Search Changes – Online Sheriff About To Come Calling Again

Google Search Changes – Online Sheriff About To Come Calling Again

In recent times Google has been going on and on about changing search as we know it. According to the latest reports, soon, applying SEO techniques will become almost irrelevant.

This came up during a discussion at SXSW when Matt Cutts talked about changes Google is trying to implement. The focus of the new google search changes is to provide a level playing field when it comes to search engine ranking.

Once the changes are effected, sites that don’t know anything about SEO and provide quality content will begin ranking high together with optimized sites. In fact, some less optimized sites may end up ranking better than the ones that are optimized.

Listening to Matt Cutts talk gave people the impression that Google wants to help sites that do not know anything about search engine optimization. There are sites out there that have very unique and rich content that internet searchers never get to visit.

Knowing that search engines main agenda is to improve user experience, Google will definitely go all the way to better their search results. By the look of things internet browsers should be jumping up for joy since search results are about to get even better.

One thing about google search changes is that they may be to your site’s advantage or disadvantage. It would be foolish to know about algorithm changes and ignore them.

From the latest announcements, Google is simply saying that your main focus should not be optimizing your site but rather generating rich and helpful content.

But you may ask me, does it really matter if I read this article or not? On one hand Google is sharing techniques that you should apply to be in their good SEO books and on the other hand telling you that SEO will matter no more.

Do you think Google is confusing online marketers and webmasters by posting contrasting messages? Submit your opinions in the comment section provided below this article.

How will the new Google Search Changes affect online business as we know it?

What is really worrying most SEO experts is that sites that have already been applying SEO tactics may be hit by the new google changes. Though this may appear like the case, the question that SEO marketers should be asking is how they have been implementing their SEO.

If you are the type who over optimizes your content and forgets about quality then you have a reason to worry. These changes will be good for small online business bloggers who are yet to understand how SEO works.

It will even get better for small online business entrepreneurs who share quality content. Google’s main focus has always been to find a way to bring into the fore, best content whether a site has been optimized or not.

In short, very soon you will see sites ranking high even though they do not have keywords in their title tags. This is in an effort to make sure only insightful and valuable content get to users.

In line with the upcoming google search changes, here is what you can and can’t do to make sure your site ranks high in search engines result pages.

Here are the Do’s

–          Update your site or blog regularly with fresh and original content.

–          Write captivating stories that will cause a buzz in your niche. Generate content that captures people imagination and readers will share your content on social sites thus helping your articles go viral.

–          First impressions really matter, thus make your site’s visual appearance worth a second glance. Use colors and text that are friendly to the eye.

–          Subscribe to sites that have updates on what is happening in the SEO arena. This includes sites like Search Engine Land, Web Pro News and SEO Moz.

–          Work on your onsite optimization by including keywords in your title and your description META tags. Add keyword phrase within your content but make certain they make sense and flow with your content.

–          Your site navigation should be friendly to both human visitors and search engines. Link your webpages with relevant anchor text. This will help retain visitors on your site and improve the ranking of your individual webpages.

–          Only use relevant keywords within your title and body of your articles. Learn the preferences of your target audience in terms of search. Ask yourself what people would put in the search box in order to find you. This includes your business name, name of your products or services and so on.

As you target keywords, seek to rank for other relevant terms. For example, if your main keyword is web designer, you can also target keywords like website developer.

–          Know your audience; if they are the kind of people who are always on the move, make your site mobile friendly. In cases where your visitors are always on social sites, build your reputation and presence on relevant social sites.

Google Search Changes

Here are the Don’ts

–          Do not seek to rank just for the sake of it. Make sure by the time you rank high your content is good enough to improve your visitors’ user experience.

–          Do not make is difficult for you to improve your site structure by uploading unfriendly templates and using complex coding. Remember that site navigation is important for user experience and search engine bots Crawling.

–          Do not get caught up with implementing SEO tactics at the expense of your content quality. Rather, focus on strategies that will ensure a lasting relationship with your site visitors.

–          Only optimize your site for relevant keywords. This means that you should avoid targeting keyword phrases that are not related to your site content. Focus on key terms that are in line with your site objectives

It may come as a surprise to you but most companies even the big ones know nothing about SEO. From the look of things, soon these SEO clueless sites will be the big beneficiaries of upcoming google search changes.

The people set to suffer are those who concentrate so much on what engine spiders are looking for and forget that their main target should be human visitors.

If you are the type that targets to rank for a certain keyword without considering whether your article is providing solutions to the said keyword, you need to be wary.

Rather than asking: how many times should I mention my keyword? You should be asking: is my content providing my target audience with what they are really looking for?

The mistake most SEO marketers do is getting fixated with optimization to an extent they forget that offering helpful content is the key to online business success.

Remember, the needs of your target visitors should come first then make money later. Do not apply deceiving tactics for example targeting a keyword like IBM computers while your article is about website templates.

Has Google search really changed?

In essence nothing seems to have changed. What is happening is that Google is making strides at differentiating between crappy and valuable content.

It also goes to show the lengths at which Google intends go to make sure users get the best results as they search the net.

Last year, Google said they updated their algorithm over 500 times. This year is not going to be any different going by Google search announcements.

If you did not know, Google has technicians who are always updating their algorithm on a daily basis. To be fair to webmasters, Google does announce some of these changes.

If you have to maintain your online visibility then you must be keen to read, watch or listen to every statement Google makes. Otherwise, you might end up chasing shadows on the internet.

Knowing what Google search entails does not give you the license to use short cuts to rank high. It may work for a while but with the constant algorithm changes you will soon be caught with your pants down.

Learn what works and what doesn’t then tweak your site to be in line with want google wants. But the one thing you can never and will never go wrong doing is PROVING QUALITY CONTENT.

Summary: SEO is here to stay and my reason of saying that is because engine spiders will never be as intelligent to tell exactly what high quality content is or not.

Spiders will still depend on human being to tell them the value of a site.

Believe it or not, you have not had the last of google search improvement or google change. If it is about proving their dominance or improving user experience, google search changes are here to stay.

Rather than waste time discussing on what Google should do or don’t do, spend that time giving google what they want. Otherwise, start your own search engine and compete to be number one and set your own rules and regulation.

At the moment Google rules and from the look of things they have coughed and all sites will get infected. The writing is on the wall and the story of google search is yet to unfold some more.

Am sure SEO experts are feeling like they have been short-changed. Probably, they have gone to great lengths to know what google is looking for then someone else with no care of SEO ends up ranking higher.

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Getting Top Website Ranking On Google, Yahoo And Bing

Getting Top Website Ranking On Google, Yahoo And Bing

If you want to make money online then one of your agendas has to be getting top website ranking. Many think that ranking on Google is better than ranking on other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Ask. It is true that Google is the top search engine, but you will be surprised to note that other search engines may be having better conversion rates in certain niches than Google.

Therefore as you seek to boost your website ranking on Google, you also have to consider ranking on the other search engines.

You may ask; why is it important to get top website ranking?

     a. Did you know that over 90% of traffic on the internet is from search engines? Yes! And Google is the one that commands 2/3’s of this traffic.

    b. Traffic from search engine is free; all you need to know is how to increase your site search engine optimization (SEO) value

    c. Search engines will give you high quality traffic. This is because your audience will get to your site using your targeted keyword phrases.

    d. Top website ranking means targeted viewers and more so high website conversion rate.

    e. When your website ranking is good, you can be assured of passive traffic for a long time to come.

Many assume that search engine optimization is difficult and you cannot blame them. SEO experts have made it look so complex and yet that is not the case. Anyone who wants to tap into this free website traffic can do it with ease. But wait a minute!

Does that mean that website ranking is something that can be achieved overnight? Not at all, you need to have these 3 things:

– Knowhow: This are the skills that you need to acquire to learn how search engines operate. With a good game play top website ranking is achievable.

– Tools: Before when I started online marketing, I used to do things manually until I realized that I was wasting a lot of time and making no major headway. This ended when I got to learn that one can use tools to automate his/her online work.

I really love article marketing because it is content based. With content you can never go wrong when it gets to website ranking on search engines. The tool I use to distribute my articles is called Unique Article Wizard (UAW). The day I began using UAW my business just shot to the next level. Work that took me a whole year, now takes me just a few hours.

Now you understand when you hear experts saying they work 2 hours in a day. It is all about automating your online business.

The others tools you need are tracking tools to help you choose keywords and analyze your traffic. This includes tools like Google Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster Tool (Free), Google Analytic (Free), Keyword Winner (Paid wordpress plugin), SEO Plugin (Paid) and many more.

– Patience: To get a top website ranking is not a one day affair; you need to be patient and consistent. Once you are armed with the knowledge about SEO rules and the required tools, it will be just a matter of time and your blog or website ranks high.

Let us now see 5 top strategies on how to increase your website SEO value and generate web traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask (these are the major search engines).

1. Use recommended tools to select your keywords wisely: Before you publish any post on your blog or website you need to consider the keyword to use. Keywords are the words people enter in the search box whenever they are browsing the internet.

SEO website rankingResearch and find out the commonly searched for keywords in your niche and use those words within your articles. Be careful to use low competitive keyword phrases to guarantee your website ranking goes up faster.

Click here to read a detailed article on keyword research and keyword tools.

2. Domain name has to have your targeted keywords: Search engines use softwares called spiders for crawling, indexing and website ranking and the first thing they look at is your domain name. Hence it is imperative that you include keywords in your domain name.

Studies have shown that your domain name plays a major role when it comes to website ranking. The secret is to go for the best and exact keyword phrase in your niche; try going for .com, .net, .org or .cc until you get your desired domain name. If all are taken then you can try adding a hyphen (-) between the keywords.

Again use the tools available to choose the key terms to use. Here experts advice that you target the very best and competitive short tail keywords.

3. Include your keywords in your content titles: The nest thing that search engines consider when it comes to website ranking is the title of your site and webpages. But you need to be careful to ensure the title is also readable to human beings.

Make certain that each page you create contains your targeted keyword in the title tag. A good title is the one that summaries the content in the body of your article.

The more relevant your title is to the content of your post, the higher the chances of search engines ranking your webpages and website higher in their search engine results pages (serps).

4. Measure your keyword density: Normally, the right keyword density is between 2 – 3%. Keyword density means the number of times your keyword phrase appears or is mentioned within your post.

Be careful not to over-stuff your content with keywords. This will only lead to search engines marking your website as spam thus affecting your website ranking.

To avoid your site being marked as spam due to over-stuffing with keywords, you need tools to measure your keyword density. If you are using wordpress as your blogging platform, then use WordPress SEO to determine your keyword density.

Generally, it is advisable to have your keywords in the first paragraph preferable in the first line. Then again after every one hundred words, this means you need to write short paragraphs.

5. Implement onsite SEO: The linking together of your pages is what is known as onsite SEO or onpage SEO. This means that on every page you create you need to add a link pointing to another related page within your website.

For this strategy to boost your website ranking you need to use your keyword phrases as anchor text. Some of your contextual links need to point to your homepage with relevant keywords.

In time as you increase the number of your webpages, more keyword based links will be pointing to your homepage hence increasing your website ranking.

Summary: Anyone can succeed in search engine optimization therefore for webmasters who have a low budget do not worry. However, for those that find SEO complicated you can hire experts to do the work for you.

But if you ask me increasing your website ranking is easy, you just need to have the will to learn the tricks. With the above SEO strategies, you too can boost your website ranking and webpage ranking on search engine result pages for your targeted keyword terms.

Internet SEO Google Marketing Strategies For 2012

Internet SEO Google Marketing Strategies For 2012

It has been quite an eventful year for internet SEO marketers especially in regards to site rankings. With the constant Google algorithm changes, some have benefited while others have come face to face with the Google axe.

According to Google, it has updated their algorithm more than 500 times this year alone (2011). With all these changes, the Panda update was the one change that really hit most internet SEO marketers. But before webmasters and bloggers could recover from the shock, there was Google Fresh.

The aim of all these algorithm updates is to make sure only top sites feature on first pages of search engine results. Considering that Google is the search engine sheriff, it goes to great lengths to ensure that internet browsers have the best experience.

As every business person seeks to rank high on search engines especially on Google, internet SEO marketing has become big business. You therefore need to be very careful on the SEO service provider you pick. But to make your work easier and save you some cash, you can learn how to SEO and do it by yourself from home.

Note: Google does not reveal the secrets of their algorithm and thus no one can really tell how Google ranks sites. Internet SEO experts only share their views depending on what they see working for them. That is the same thing am going to share with you on this article; what I have seen working for me.

Here is what you need to do to make sure you never become a victim of algorithm changes; now and in the future:

The day you will realize that Google’s main agenda is to improve user experience, you’ll generate organic traffic at will. Create a good website or blog and Google will definitely place you on their top search engine result pages.

Question: What constitutes a good website or blog?

Rich content: You will never go wrong if you focus on generating content. Search engines can only delight users when they offer them relevant and insightful content. Hence, generate informative articles and search engine will send high volume organic traffic your way.

There is still hot debate in the internet SEO circles of how long an article should be. This is how to look at it, if you can explain in detail a certain topic using 250 words, it is OK, go right ahead. But in most topics, the introduction part will take like 200 – 300 words.

If there are two articles on the same topic and one has 300 words while the other has 1500 words, which of the two do you think will rank higher? Allow me to give you the answer; Google will give more preference to the article with 1500 words.

Long blog posts may help you get top search engine placement but remember people are the ones who will be reading. Therefore, your content has to have substance otherwise visitors will quickly exit your site. Good content means a low bounce rate which results to higher online sales conversion.

Imagery: Pictures play a vital role when it comes to internet SEO marketing. Apart from the SEO benefits it offers, images help to make your content more palatable. Visitors will not stay long on a blog that is dull.

You can also make your content more exciting by adding relevant video clips. But make sure you describe your videos and pictures using your targeted keyword phrases. This will ensure that search engine rank your images and videos hence help you to generate more traffic.

Keyword Usage: Generating content without keywords is like trying to sell ties to people living in the desert. You can have the best value adding content in the world but if no one finds it; all your efforts will go to waste.

Before you draft any article make sure you have selected your targeted keyword. You do not have to repeat the exact keyword phrase 20 times for search engines to know what the article is all about.

It is advisable to use varying words e.g. work from home jobs can also be phrased working at home job. Search engines are nowadays intelligent enough to tell that those two phrases mean the same keyword. When you do that your readers will not tell there are words you are repeating.

In addition, mentioning your keyword at least 10 times in an article containing 1500 words is enough. But remember to also place the keyword in your title, URL and alternate tags.

internet SEOAbove the fold: Come 2012, Google stated that they will update their algorithm to measure ad-to-content ratio. This is also what internet SEO marketers are calling ads above the fold.

To avoid been a victim, it is advisable to right away reduce the number of adverts appearing on every webpage. Going overboard with adverts is also not good for business. No one wants to feel like they are been forced to buy a product.

If your site visitors feel like you are pushing them to purchase your products, search engine will also feel the same way thus drop your site rankings. Always strive to offer more educative content rather than focusing on making online sales.

Do away with things that will destruct your visitors from your content. Such things include; having many banners ads flashing all over the place, corner peel ads and popups. Instead, observe moderation when it comes to placing adverts.

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Treat internet SEO marketing as a career: The worst mistake you can do when it gets to internet SEO strategies is taking short cuts. It may take you a whole year before you rank for relevant keywords, but you would be better off been patient.

There are those people who have the habit of using black hat strategies to rank high. These kinds of tactics may work, but not for long. If you look closely at the sites that were hit by the Panda update, they used underhand tactics I’m advising you to avoid.

Endeavor to work with white hat strategies like article marketing, generating long and informative blog posts, relevant comment posting, guest blogging, video marketing and so on.

Internet SEO marketing is a career that needs to be undertaken with lots of diligence. Sites that rank high did not get to the top overnight. These are marketers who have invested their time and resources to learn the art of marketing on the internet through SEO.

Proofreading your content: Professionalism is critical if you want to make money working online from home. No one will take you seriously if your content is filled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. First impressions matter a lot when it comes to online business.

It is true you can never be 100% perfect, but at least try and go through your content before you publish them. Get a close friend or one of your household members to proofread your content and you will be safe.

Summary: One undeniable fact is that search engines can supply you with high volume traffic. Therefore, do what the search engines want for you never know what will happen in 2012.

Tell us what to anticipate come 2012 in regards to internet SEO Google marketing. Feel free to also share this blog post with your friends using the social buttons displaying on the left.

Google Adwords Advertising | Marketing On the Internet

Google Adwords Advertising | Marketing On the Internet

Are you wondering how Google Adwords advertising has become a household name when it comes to marketing on the internet? On some niches, one single visit can cost an advertiser up to $50 though advertising with google. The secret is very simple; ads by google are so targeted thus a marketer is assured of return on investment (ROI).

Promoting your products through google Adwords advertising (paid advertising) is also known as search engine marketing (SEM). The other approach to marketing on the internet would be through search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is free and in most niches it may take some time before your site reaches the first page. But there are those online marketers that have been able to rank on 1st page within days. These are the marketers that have discovered the power of keywords in regards to SEO.

Today though, we are not going to look at search engine optimization; rather we shall go into details regarding google Adwords advertising, also called google pay per click advertising. In fact, these two types of adverting should ideally work together.

Most keyword tools available simply show estimates of traffic one is to get from certain keywords. What SEO experts do is first to launch a pay per click marketing campaign with several targeted keywords to determine the exact amount of traffic and conversion rate. Then from there they embark on optimizing their site on the best keyword phrases according to their research.

Let us go back a few years when advertising on the web was somehow crude. Do you remember the days when ugly banners where dominate on the internet? It was quite annoying to encounter repelling adverts on every website you visited.

From irritating banner advertising it came to even more irritating ones, where marketers where adding audio clips in the banners. The click through rate those days was so low that making money online was not easy. This is why Google penetrated the market so easily and it did not take long for them to be made king of the internet.

Before advertising was not relevant and was nowhere close to being targeted. But with Google entering the market with advertising campaigns like google Adwords advertising most marketing firms had to close shop. Google search results simply fulfilled three things and these were needs, wants and goals of their users.

It is estimated that google Adwords advertising earns an estimated $20,000,000,000 every financial year. Now, that is the benefit of identifying a need in the market and doing everything possible to fulfill that need.

The approach that google took was to satisfy the needs of their users. This was by making sure that instead of irritating people with annoying adverts, users where give results relevant to what they were searching for. In actual fact, with time searches have been more targeted today than ever before.

As an online marketer you will remember that just the other day, google changed their algorithms. The change was named Panda. The aim of the panda updates was to remove irrelevant sites from listing high on search engine result pages.

Most of the victims of this algorithm update where marketers who were in the habit of using black hat tactics to rank high. To read more on this check out the blog post on new google panda update.

Search engine marketing which we are also calling google Adwords advertising is the form of advertising where marketers bid for their adverts to display. It takes some skills and use of certain tools to make sure you pick the right keywords.

If you bid for keyword phrases that are not relevant then you can expect to get untargeted traffic. Google Adwords advertising is a self-corrective strategy where marketers are rewarded with targeted traffic. Ideally, this has made both searchers and advertisers gain trust in Google.

google Adwords advertisingIt has been noted that most users click on the first links on the search engine results pages. Since paid ads appear at the top of search engine results, the obvious thing is that they will receive a lot of clicks. The same applies to SEO; sites on the first page get more traffic than the sites on other pages.

Note: On both search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), sites that rank higher generate more traffic.

Adverting on the internet has been redefined where instead of you looking for customers, customers come searching for you. Through google Adwords advertisements and SEO you can tap into the value of people’s search. That is via proper use of keyword phrases that people in a certain niche use when browsing the net.

A tool you can use to maximize on google Adwords advertising is Google Traffic Estimator. This tool will help you to measure the value of the keywords you intent to target.

Note that there are 3 different modes of determining the searchers for each keyword. Let us take an example of a keyword like work from home; there are three variations.

1. work from home – This kind of search represents people, who are searching for the exact search term, people searching for any keyword phrase that contains the words work from home e.g. work from home online opportunity and users who entered in their search string any of the three keywords in any order.

2. “work from home” – Signifies all internet browsers who entered in their string of search the phrase work from home e.g. online work from home.

3. [work from home] – This is for those that searched for the exact keyword term.

Before you launch any google pay per click advertising campaign, go to Google Traffic Estimator and enter the keyword terms you want to target. Select about 5 or more keywords phrases in your niche and enter each in the three formats mentioned above.

Pick the location you want to target and the language. From there enter the code to confirm that you are human and then press the enter button.

The results will reveal to you the value of your traffic in terms of global monthly searched, local monthly searches, estimated average of cost per click (CPC), estimated ad position and finally estimated daily budget cost.

Conclusion: In most cases you need to invest some cash for you to make money online. Even though SEO is free, you may need to first experiment and see if your target keyword has good and high traffic that converts. The best way to determine that beforehand is through google Adwords advertising campaigns.

Over optimization Of Exact Keywords Within Anchor Text Not A Big Deal After All

Over optimization Of Exact Keywords Within Anchor Text Not A Big Deal After All

Since the release of the Panda and Penguin updates, several things have come into sharp focus. On this post I want to concentrate on one issue that is commonly referred to as over optimization especially when linking back to your site.

One thing that Google has really tried to counter is the misuse anchor text optimization. Today, if Google thinks you are over optimizing with exact keyword phrases you might just get penalized.

What does this mean? If you have too many links pointing back to your site with one particular keyword phrase in the anchor text, Google may just come to hurt you down.

But the big question that SEO web marketers are asking is, how does one determine if they have over optimized their site?

Before we get down to business I think you need to get some facts about the recent Google updates. So much preference has been given to big sites. Here we are talking of sites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and the like.

Apart from their homepage ranking high on search results, these so called big sites, have their individual pages are also featuring prominently. This is despite the fact that these individual pages may have little or no backlinks at all.

If you haven’t noticed, google search results are littered with pages from top sites. Whether that is a noble idea or not is a debate for another day. If you ask me, the main beneficiary to the Panda and Penguin updates are top websites.

Where does that leave small online business people who are offering even more valuable content? Share your views in the comment section provided right after this blog post.

If the status quo remains, then you have to try your level best to improve your site’s authority. As your homepage gains better ranking, it will also help your individual webpages to rank even higher thus helping you generate more SEO traffic.

Now that that is off my back let us get back to the reason for writing this article. To some extend you may not have to worry so much about over optimization with anchor text.

Some of the sites that are ranking on Google search results have a high percentage of exact keyword phases in the anchor text.

This is derived from the fact that some sites are ranking for the exact words used in their domain name. But there is a little twist to this; sites that use hyphens (-) seem to be doing much better. For example, my site would rank higher if I had as my domain name.

Other sites that seem to be escaping the eye of Google when it gets to over optimization using anchor texts are sites with .com, .net and .org. Sites with less common extensions also seems to getting away with over optimization.

If you look at a keyword such as work from home, you will note that though some sites have a high percentage of exact matching keywords in the anchor text, they are still ranking very well.

A good example is which has about 70% percent exact match keyword and features on page 1 of google for the same keyword in the domain name.

Note: Results may vary depending on where you are located. Google has of late localized search results to favor sites that are within your locality.

Another set of sites that are evading the eye of google in regards to over optimizations are sites using variations. Though this might not be considered as over using keywords, site that use this technique seem to be doing very well in site placement in search results.

What is coming out from this issue of anchor text keyword over optimization?

If today Google was to punish sites that are guilty of exact match keyword in the anchor text, it would mean that sites like eBay, Amazon, Facebook just to mention a few would disappear from search results.

Ideally, if you wanted to point to a brand site such as Facebook you would obviously use the word Facebook in the anchor text. This means Google has no option but to overlook the issue of over optimization in some cases.

Actually, going by recent trends, authority sites seem to be getting even more love from Google than ever before.

over optimizing

The secret is to optimize tactfully and make your backlinks look natural. Also note that rarely will Google punish you for linking back to the exact keyword phrase contained in your domain name. This is like your brand name and thus people will more likely link back using the words in your domain name.

On this blog we have repeated on several occasions the importance of internal optimization. One way of optimizing is buying a domain name that has the targeted keyword phrase you want to rank for.

This is not to say you go overboard with over optimizing for exact keywords in your domain name. If you are not careful Google might axe you for over using a particular keyword in your anchor text though google seems to overlooking this element.

The answer:

As much as people might be making you scared of linking with exact keyword phrase, you have no reason to worry so much. In fact, if you ask me linking with exact keyword phrases my just fall to your advantage.

Just avoid been overzealous with anchor text over-optimization. If you have hyphens in your domain name or are using small extensions such as .au, .biz, .eu you are even better chances of ranking thanks to Panda and Penguin algorithm updates.

Apart from linking with the exact keyword you want to rank for, it is advisable you also use other related keywords within your niche in anchor text. Check out how other sites within your niche are building their link profile and do the same.

Remember that to rank high on search results is a combination of several elements. As you work on your on page and onsite optimization, note that content generation is also very important.

It is from the content you generate that you will attract readers to link back to your site naturally and that is what Google loves most. Your content acts as link bait thus spend more time creating quality articles.

Panda and Penguin updates have truly redefined SEO as we used to know it. In a way, we are going back to the good old days when content was KING. This is according to Google and whether this is true or not only time will tell.

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SEO Value That Comes With Offering Free Advice

SEO Value That Comes With Offering Free Advice

It never occurred to me the SEO value that one can derive by offering free information until I was called to give a talk on online business. Sometimes you just need to have a heart to help for you to boost your home business.

Last year a group of people eager to learn how to work from home online called me to be training them on internet business. At first, I thought they needed to pay for me to reveal to them my secrets of doing business on the internet.

After all, it had taken me over 7 years to gather skill, information and knowledge. On second thought, I decided to offer my expertise for free. This I did as a sign of giving back to the community and also more so to repay what other people offered to me (read on to see the people that helped to get to where I am today).

We used to meet every Thursday in the afternoon and I would advise them on how the internet operates thus helping them generate revenue on the web.

That is not all, James Wanjohi a student at Kenyatta University who used to attend the free talks requested I do a presentation  at the university for a club called Internetpreneur Hub of which he is the president. In the talk I shared on internet marketing especially on how to improve SEO value of a site.

Again, though they were not going to pay, I decided to go back, this time accompanied by my friends Isaac Odongo (SEO expert who runs a weight loss blog and How to Play Basketball blog), Alfric Opidi an expert in freelance jobs (now running a blog on How to do Forex Trading) and Rachael an established Forex Trader and we gave the university students valuable content on how to create a blog and how to work online at home.

Some people still wonder why we offer free SEO advice. But when I look back it is really worth sharing what we had for free.

Just the other day, the first group which used to meet on Thursdays, one of the members introduced me to someone who needed SEO service and I was paid very handsomely.

Apart from getting referrals from the people I have advised on online marketing, the other thing that gives me joy is receiving calls from people I have helped telling me how their sites are doing well.

One of these people sells car seats and can’t forget how happy he sounded on phone when he was telling me how he made his first sale online. To date, it still amazes me how a kind gesture can go a long way in improving the life of someone else.

These are the same people who go talking about you on their blogs and to other people hence helping to boost your site SEO value and traffic.

Looking back, I’m now reaping the benefits of helping other people from both the ones who paid me and those I offered my services for free.

valuable SEO content

What may appear like insignificant to you like answering SEO queries on your site for free could help people set up big online businesses. These are the same people who will help your site to gain a viral effect and also boost your SEO power as they backlink.

When I started out on internet marketing there was no one to show me what to do. In the process I ended up doing so many mistakes. I remember the days when I used to spend the whole day on classified sites and business directories posting my affiliate links. It was really frustrating since I never made even a single dime.

It was until I met a friend, Francis Gichuhi a renowned Kenyan Architect who runs a blog on Real Estate in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Gichuhi introduced me to his friend Peter Gitundu (Peter passed on late last year), a fallen hero and esteemed article marketer who contributed immensely to the advancement of online marketing in Kenya.

Peter was one of the most respected, provocative and top article publishers on sites like Ezine Articles, Idea Marketers and Article Base among other article top directories. His rich articles are all over the internet and they have really helped many people.

Three months after meeting Peter, I managed to get my first online check of $100 that was 3 years ago. It is because of the free advice from Peter that got me to where I am this day. Hence I thought it prudent to pass on what I learned to other people for free as well.

You may be asking; why am I sharing all these stories today?

Though I did not get any financial gains from sharing valuable SEO content to people who needed it, there were other benefits that came my way. Furthermore, it really feels like heaven to be generous. Just like the bible puts it “it is better to give than to receive”.

You will note that whenever your offer to help others with no strings attached, they will feel obliged to also help you where they can. That is why I’m getting consultancy jobs, back links and more than that the same people I helped have called me to be a main speaker in an upcoming high profile Seminar.

The seminar is meant to enlighten Kenyan companies on how to take advantage of internet marketing to increase their sales. The topics to be tackled include Blogging and Search Engine Optimization.


From the time I started sharing my expertise in SEO I receive calls from people I have never met before. Most of these referrals tell me how they heard about me from other people and in the process good business has come my way.

Today, I do not bother so much on looking for inbound links. My blog homepage ranks very well on competitive keywords such as work online, working online, work from home online and work online from home among other competitive keywords.

Most of my individual webpages are also ranking on first page of Google since the people whom have touched their lives are linking back to my blog posts. I must say I really appreciate the good gesture of all these people that link back to my blog, both the ones I know and those I have never met in person.

This blog is only one year old, if the trend continues the inbound links to my site will surely keep on increasing and so will the volume of my site visitors.

You too should seek to do the same, am sure there is something you are good at that people will want to learn. It does not matter whether you will offer you advice through interacting on social media sites, through your blog, seminars or face to face.

The other side of online marketing and improving you SEO value:

It is advisable to use all available white hat techniques to promote your website or blog. Most webmasters only focus on 1 or 2 online advertising strategies and hope they will generate traffic.

One thing you need to know is that nowadays online marketing has become so competitive. Therefore, it is advisable you incorporate all offline and internet marketing tactics available to you.

You just never know how many people will go out there and mention your name or blog to others. Sometimes it is pays to be generous with what you know. There is a common adage that goes “What goes around comes around”.

Conclusion: It is time you took your small online home based business blog to the next level. Do not shy away from sharing with others the valuable information you have.

This are the same people who will pay you back with business connection and backlinks just because you were generous to them.

What great joy it can be when you see people who have succeeded because you went out of your way to help. Even if they do not help you in return, nature has a way of paying back to you.

The good bible says, plant and you shall reap 30, 60, 100 fold in due season. I’m yet to meet someone who helped others and never received a reward for his good deeds.

Even as you generate content on your blog, mention the people who have helped you and link back to their sites. It is true some of your little traffic may be channeled to them but I assure you from experience, many other people will also link back to your content.

By trying to help others, it will not take long before you notice your SEO value hitting the roof. Today, am enjoying the fruits of sharing free SEO information to other people. I do not want them to go through the hassles I went through when I was starting out.

Time is money and through my free blog content and offline presentations I’m sure I will save someone some valuable time. There is something about giving that simply defies logics, try it you will be surprised.

Come to think of it, never had it occurred to me that one day I would be not just a speaker, but the main speaker in a high profile internet marketing seminar.

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