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Blog SEO Techniques That Have Become Irrelevant

Blog SEO Techniques That Have Become Irrelevant

Nowadays, the internet has become so volatile in that things are changing at a very rapid pace. Blog SEO strategies that used to work 6 months ago have today become irrelevant. In actually fact, an SEO technique that works today may not work in a month’s time.

For a blogger seeking to always maintain web presence; researching about SEO and reading events related to site ranking has become critical. Gone are the days, when just submitting your site on top business directories was enough to rank high.

The one indicator you can look at to see that blog SEO is changing, is the way Google keeps changing its algorithm. In the year 2011, Google is said to have done more than 500 changes to their algorithm formula.

By the look of things, this trend is not bound to stop now or in the future. Why? Google is set to remain as the major player in the search engine arena. Therefore, Google will do everything possible to improve user experience.

The sad part is that some bloggers have failed to move with the times. Some old blogging SEO techniques and tools that used to help blogs rank high cannot be relied on anymore. How come you are still insisting on using them then blaming search engines for low ranking?

In any industry you get involved in, to ensure growth you need to keep yourself abreast with the happenings in that area. You have to read a lot and research in order to stay relevant. Attend all events that are related or affect your niche directly or indirectly.

For example, you might be having a blog about fashion, though blog SEO is not directly related to your niche, anytime you hear of a seminar on website ranking you should be the first one to register.

The secret to internet business success is web presence and what better way to market your site than SEO. It may be easy to rank on page one but remaining there is entirely a different ball game. This has been attributed to constant change of search engine algorithm formulas.

Now that we have seen the dynamics that come into play when it gets to blog SEO, let as look at SEO tactics that used to work before but now have become irrelevant.

Word Count: Bloggers who have been keeping tabs with the on goings in the SEO arena all know of the infamous farmer update. The update was said to hit sites with worthless content that were ranking high.

Search engines in their pursuit to offer users with quality content began giving more preference to longer articles. If you have two articles targeting the same keyword, the article that has 600 words will rank higher than an article with a blog word count of 250.

Gone are the days, when short articles with little content that were used as bait to get people to follow links in the resource box work in today’s SEO. The only time that these short articles will rank is when there are no other results to display.

Considering the way the internet has become so competitive, you might never gain online visibility with short articles.

Content is king when it comes to blogging SEO but generating content for the sake of ranking is not enough. You also need to make sure your long articles are helpful and this way you will elicit quality backlinks.

H1 and H2 Meta tags: It was not long ago when adding headlines which are keyword based in your HI and H2 was important for blog ranking. Today, search engines do not place a lot of emphasis on these tags anymore.

This should come as good news to people who are not savvy when it comes to adding H1, H2 and H3 tags within their blogs. A look at the some of the top ranking website nowadays you will note that most don’t use any H1 or H2 tags.

SEO Blogging

Ranking techniques are the same for all search engines: Though search engines do not reveal the exact number of signals they use to rank sites, the assumption is that they all have different parameters they look at.

This is confirmed by the fact that listing results in all search engines are different. Therefore, the notion that blog SEO techniques are the same for Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing are misplaced.

The best approach to SEO is first finding out which search engine your target audience use a lot. From there, research the blog SEO tools and strategies that will work with that particular search engine.

Do not try to rank on all search engines because that will only end up messing up your website ranking on all of them.

Initial Blog SEO is enough to rank your site high: There are bloggers who used to rank high some years back, but other people have come and overtaken them. These old bloggers ride on the fact that old SEO power will keep them at the top.

The winds in the SEO field keep shifting all the time; hence you should also change your SEO tactics as well. For example, if you have webpages stuffed with keywords that used to rank high and have now dropped, go back to those pages and amend them.

It also applies to keywords; you will find that a keyword that used to be searched for a lot has now become irreverent. For example; before people may have been searching for “Samsung smart phone”, but now they could be searching for “Samsung galaxy”.

Content that is relevant today may tomorrow be of less value. That is why you need to keep updating your blog with new content regularly. Try to add at least 3 new quality articles every week; that way you will be guaranteed of top website rankings.

Focusing so much on Homepage SEO: Here I will talk from experience. I have noted that most of my blog traffic originates from my individual webpages. Therefore, when writing an article, include all the information that you can get relating to the subject.

The days when search engines used to put a lot of emphasis on your homepage are long gone. It is true that before your homepage ranked higher than your individual pages, but looking at search results that has changed.

That does not signify you stop working on making sure your homepage if fully optimized. It means that the same efforts you put to rank your homepage should also apply to every webpage you create.

Optimize your about page, contact page or any other page you will every publish on your blog. By the way search engines are indexing sites and webpages you never know which page will drive traffic to your site.

Adding keywords in your blog keyword tag: There are still some firms offering blog SEO service that insist on adding keywords in the Meta tags. Yes, that used to work before buy not anymore.

In fact, the first search engine that stopped Crawling the keyword Meta tags was Google. Though there could be some small search engines that still rank website using keywords contained in the Meta tag, the major search engines don’t.

It is advisable to put your keywords in the description tag but make sure you do not overstuff the keywords. Search engines have become so intelligent and thus you need to be careful not to make your site appear like its spamming.

Keyword Usage: If you visit most SEO forum sites you will note that there are still hot debates relating to Keyword density. Some SEO marketers say that keyword usage does not matter anymore, while others insist that you maintain a certain percentage.

The one thing that SEO experts agree on is that stuffing your content with keywords will definitely hurt your blog SEO profile. In the pursuit to remove spammers from ranking high, search engine bots are now able to identify sites that are overstuffed by keywords.

Bloggers are advised to target for more than one keyword. Trying to rank for only one keyword will only result to your site been seen as a spam site.

You can have a main keyword you are seeking to rank for, but also pick other related keywords in your niche and optimize on them too. This way search engines will consider your site to have rich content thus direct organic traffic to your blog.

Building backlinks is the ultimate SEO strategy: Building backlinks will surely help your site to rank high. That is only if you get backlinks from other related and high ranking websites.

The days when any link from which ever site would suffice are long gone. There are people out there who trade links hoping that search engine spiders will look at their blogs favorably.

Search engines can now tell whether a site linking back to you has related content. Through linking to non-related sites will not hurt your blog SEO, it will also not contribute to the increase of your SEO value at all.

It is recommended that you put your effort to backlink to few but relevant websites and blogs. The best way to build your site link popularity is creating quality and epic content. This is the kind of content that will compel webmasters to automatically link back to your site and individual webpages.

Keywords to target per page: The ultimate blogging SEO strategy is targeting different keywords on every webpage you create. That does not means you go mentioning your keyword without caring.

If the keyword density slightly surpasses the recommended percentage, search engines will flag your whole site. Rather than repeating the same word over and over again, try and use other alternative words related to your target keyword.

For example, you are targeting a keyword phrase like “web designing”, you can vary the keyword by using “site design”, “website design” or “website designer” and so on. Today, engine robots consider all these are the same keywords.

In addition, on every page you publish try and target for more than one keyword. You can target a primary keyword but also seek to optimize on other related and commonly searched for secondary keyword phrases.

Solution to SEO ranking now and in the future:

Research: Keep reading about the events taking place in the SEO world. Whenever you hear of changes, make sure you implement them and you will always be ahead of your competition.

Some of the sources where you can get the latest SEO news include

*Reading articles been released by search engines.

*Bookmark and follow top SEO sites like SEOMoz and Search engine Land

*Subscribing to email lists that share content on SEO

*Joining online forum sites that discuss about website ranking

*Or click here to subscribing to my RSS feed

Conclusion: Blog SEO is very critical especially when you are blogging for profit. More than 70% of traffic generated on the internet comes from search engines. Therefore, you cannot ignore SEO when doing business on the web.

If you rank high on search engines, then the world will be in the palm of your hand without a doubt.

Are there other techniques that you think have become irrelevant in today’s SEO? Feel free to share with us by posting your comments in the section provided below.

We can all join hands and make this blog a one stop shop for rich and educative content for guys seeking to generate revenue online working at home.

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Google SEO Guide | Guaranteed Top Site Ranking

Google SEO Guide | Guaranteed Top Site Ranking

According to the google SEO guide, one of the important elements of increasing page ranking apart from content is link building. How you direct your links can influence your blog or site ranking either positively or negatively.

Over the years there have been myths surrounding link popularity. Today, we want to unravel these myths and see the best way forward as far as google SEO guide is concerned.

Most traffic on the internet is generated through search engines and research show that Google takes up 2/3 of this traffic. It is for this reason we specifically want to look at how to rank on Google. If you can get it right with Google, then chances are that you will also rank well with other top search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

The first question we want to diagnose and answer is; what is the importance of links as far as google SEO guide is concerned?

– Links help you generate direct traffic whenever people click on them

– Links can be hyperlinked with certain text to help search engines know what your site is about thus rank a site with those words. Also called anchor text.

– Links add the SEO value of a domain in that all the webpages created within that domain increase in page rank

– The words within a link help search engines know what the site is about.

– When links are hyperlinked to a certain page, they add the SEO value of that page thus boosting its presence on search engines.

For a link to add SEO value of the receiving page it has got to have content that is related to the receiving page. In addition, the link needs to be of high quality for the receiving page to rank even better.

In the 90’s this was not the case, a site just had to have many links directed at it and it would rank high. Today, the ball game is entirely different and this can be demonstrated with the latest panda algorithm change.

Google SEO guide dictate that links coming from within a quality write up are of more value that links from a site’s sidebar or footer. Furthermore, whether you have 2 links or 100 links from one article pointing to your site, the link juice (link power) is the same.

This then raises a big question, according to SEO guide what is considered as a quality link?

Here are basic Google SEO guides that you need to look at when building backlinks to your blog or website:

  • Consider the quality or strength of the sites you are linking out to
  • Make certain that the links pointing to your site are related to your content
  • As you build backlinks to your homepage you should also link to individual webpages within your site
  • When creating webpages, link the pages with your homepage and other webpages within your site

If all the google SEO guides are followed to the letter, you can be assured of high page ranking on major search engines and definitely high volume of targeted traffic. It is imperative to note that direct traffic will react differently to your content compared to search engine traffic.

The reason for this difference is because direct traffic is more targeted than organic traffic from search engines. This now brings as to the next important aspect of Google SEO guide; how do you determine the page rank of a site that you want to link back to your site?

One of the ways to determine site rankings though this is thought not to be so accurate is checking a site PageRank (1-10 PR). Some of the indicators to look at include; whether a site page ranking is among the top 5 pages of search results for targeted keywords.

Google SEO guideline in link buildingIf that is the case, then it is OK to get a back link from such a site or blog. Once you have determined the sites to link to and to which pages within your site, you need to use your targeted keywords as anchor text.

Anchor text are the words that you will use as hyperlinks. There are two major roles that anchor text play as far as Google SEO guide is concerned;

1. Anchor text tells search engines what your content is all about. For example, if your site is about work from home, you can have phrases such as work online at home opportunity, work from home online jobs, home based business opportunity and the like as your anchor text.

2. The words you have as anchor help you generate direct traffic. Though the words “Click here” are not good to use since they are not your targeted key terms, they can help you get visitors. This is mainly because they call people to take action. Therefore, use catch keywords as your anchor text.

Google SEO guide experts advise that you do not use only one phrase as anchor text. Find other related keywords phrases in your niche that you can use. This will make your link building appear natural thus rank faster and better.

With all these google SEO guidelines it is obvious you need to approach link building step by step. Work on your link profile gradually, from web page to web page. Having this in mind, it is therefore not advisable to buy backlinks.

Google released an article on link building stating the strategies that would negatively affect your site page rankings. This is in relation to links pointing to and from your site or blog.

It stated clearly that you should not buy links or point to spam sites (Link farms). Though you may rank well for a while, it will not take long before search engines realize this and take your site to the sandbox.

Conclusion: Avoid underhand tactics to boost your site ranking. It may seem as a short cut to good page ranking, but black hat strategies will in the long run hurt your online home business.

Be patient and use the laid down google SEO guidelines and you will enjoy the benefits for days to come.

Benefits Of The SEO Updates To Online Entrepreneurs

Benefits Of The SEO Updates To Online Entrepreneurs

So far what I have heard from most bloggers and webmasters are grumbles about the recent google SEO updates that have been taking place. The few people who are happy of the changes are the folks that stuck to proper SEO practices.

Panda was the first to come calling and that was towards the end of 2011. So many sites were hit by this SEO algorithm update among them ezine articles.

Just as webmasters were trying to recover from the shock brought about by the Panda Updates, new versions of the panda algorithm were being released hitting more websites and blogs.

Little known to online marketers, Google had been working on a formula to help rank sites using social signals. It did not take long before Google released Search Plus Your World algorithm update which was using social signals to rank websites.

So far, Search Plus Your World update does not have major implications as regards site ranking. This is because its success will depend on Google’s social media site, Google Plus, which at the moment does not have as many subscribers needed to help measure site authority.

SEO experts claim that Google’s attempt to use social signals to position sites will not bear fruit since social signals can also be gamed the same way webmasters did by buying links. Anyway, google says that Search Plus Your World SEO update will work; we only have to wait and see.

The SEO algorithm updates intrigues did not stop there; it did not take long before Google released yet another major update. This time is was the Penguin Update.

Jokes started making rounds among online entrepreneurs who were terming the updates as Zoo Updates. This was because of the choice of names Google was giving their algorithm formulas.

But this was not a joking matter as many websites and blogs were de-indexed while others lost their top ranking positions. This meant loss of traffic and in the process a drop in online income.

If you ask me, only two groups of people were enjoying the SEO updates. First to benefit were internet searchers who for a long time complained of landing on spammy sites while browsing.

Another group of people who celebrated were those who for a long time were using legit SEO strategies but did not feature well on search engine result pages. These updates which aimed at leveling the playing field now saw low ranking websites with quality content appear on 1st page.

According to you, do you think that search results have improved since the release of the Panda and Penguin Updates? Share your views in the comment section provided below this post. 

Now that you have the full picture on the intrigues of SEO and the algorithm updates, let us look at the positive side of all these updates.


*Use of basic SEO tactics:

Back in the 90’s the internet was the home of rich and quality content. When searching the web in those days one was sure of getting content that would be helpful.

But slowly some people found ways of gaming search engines and this gave rise to blackhat strategies. Not long after that internet searchers stopped trusting search engines results for quality information.

It is true that the latest Google Updates have affected both genuine and spammy sites but the positive thing is that webmasters now have no option but to go back to the basics of SEO.

The writing is on the wall, if you want your site to feature well on search engine results you have no option but to move away from negative SEO techniques. This will mean no more buying backlinks which gave some sites advantage over others.

By basic SEO we mean where you generate content that is aimed at educating rather than for ranking purposes. Stuffing your articles with keywords is no longer going to help, no wonder the Penguin update was before its release nicknamed Webspam Updates (getting rid of spam site on search results).

Google expect webmasters to begin focusing more on writing for their target audience and letting search engines do their thing. Do what google wants or face oblivion as far as SEO traffic is concerned.

Clear spam from search results!

SEO update

*Visitor response will be the same as referral traffic:

Any online marketer will tell you that referral traffic is much better than SEO traffic. Referral traffic is where you get hits from another website.

The reason that referral traffic works is because they create an element of credibility. When someone is reading an article from a reputable site, he/she tends to trust the links on that site as well.

That is why strategies such as guest blogging, forum marketing, article marketing and posting on web 2.0 pages really work. People trust sites like hub pages, ezine articles and squidoo since they moderate their posts and links.

It therefore goes without saying that visitors from referral sites will spend more time on your site. As all internet entrepreneurs will tell you, the more time people spend reading your content, the higher your conversion rate.

You may be asking, how is this related to this topic? I will tell you shortly.

As Google keeps updating its algorithm, the number of spam sites that appear on their search results will decrease. It is not necessarily the intelligence of the engine bots that will rid the search results of spam sites, but rather the fear of getting hit by the SEO updates will scare web marketers.

With time internet searchers will gain trust in search engine results thus spend more time when they land on a site. This means you will begin seeing lower bounce rates from traffic generated from search engines.

In online business trust is very critical and that is why referral traffic does better when it comes to conversion. With the Google SEO updates going on, people will again start having confidence in search results and in the process online entrepreneurs will benefit.

Hence, instead of looking at the negative side of the recent SEO updates, why don’t you work on improving your content as Google demands? It is not fair for your site to feature on first page and yet you have nothing to offer your target audience.

I also believe that google did a noble thing by making sure one site does not appear twice on the first page. This will encourage more competition among web marketers and more importantly ensure internet searchers have variety of content to choose from.

Who would not like to increase their conversion rate? The motive of having a commercial blog is to make sales, thus the reason you should be welcoming Google’s search cleanup rather than criticizing it.

Truth be told, now more than ever webmasters and bloggers are seeing an increase in comments, people bookmarking their sites, natural backlinks, sales conversion and business deals all thanks to Google SEO Updates.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the people who are up in arms of the updates are those who use negative SEO techniques.

Conclusion: Google is now solidifying its position as the leading search engine. If other search engines fail to improve their algorithm people will result to using google for trusted results.

The fact that there are less spam sites on Google means more advertisement revenue for the company. It is high time Yahoo, Bing, Ask and other search engines also got their act together.

As for online entrepreneurs, stop getting possessed with ranking and begin creating content that is useful to your viewers. This is now the only way of succeeding when it comes to blogging for money.

This work at home marketing blog is dedicated to making sure both newbies and seasoned veterans find helpful material on how to operate an online based business.

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Top Search Engines Now Change Positions

Top Search Engines Now Change Positions

Any time the topic of top search engines is talked about; there are always hints of underhand tactics and lack of innovation involved. If it is not claims of Bing stealing from Google results, it is Yahoo sleeping on the job.

But it is understandable why these top search engines are fighting to claim a bigger piece of the cake. Research shows that on Google alone, over 4 billion searches are done daily. This is an indication that google generates lots of revenue through advertisements. In fact, 97% of Google’s revenue is from ads.

Just the other day google added yet another parameter to their algorithm known in the SEO circles as ad-to-content ratio or ads above the fold. Though the impact was not so big, Google did hit on sites with too many ads as compared to content.

To prove their dominance, there are webmasters who received emails telling them to add more google ads on their sites. Now you can see why top search engines would want to be perched at the summit. At the top the air is somewhat cooler, as for the money, you bet it is worth the fight.

According to SEO Consultant which uses Hitwise to measure internet searches, by the end of 2010 the top search engines were as follows:

1. Google commanding a 71% market share

2. Yahoo with 14% market share

3. Bing with 10% market share

4. ASK with 2.8% market share

5. AOL with 1.21% market share.

This has been the pecking order at the top for quite some time now, but if you didn’t know things have changed. Although it did not come as a surprise to many internet marketers, Bing is now the second most visited search engines in the world.

The once top search engine Yahoo which was toppled by Google comes in 3rd. Bing was launched by Microsoft back in mid 2009 and it caused quite a whirl wind in the online world. During that time, their market share shot to 8.4 percent. Right now Bing commands 15.1 % of all internet searches.

According to Comscore, which measures activities in the digital world, Yahoo now commands 14.5 percent of internet search. On the other hand, Google has dropped slightly but is still way ahead with about 70 %.

Bing seems to be doing something right seeing as its growth has been at the expense of other major search engines, that is, Yahoo, Ask, AOL and to some small extent Google. These figures are comparisons derived from the year 2010 to 2012.

top search engine

On the top search engine front, things seem great for Bing. However, it is not so rosy when you look at their financial standing. Since its launch in June 3rd 2009, Bing has accrued over $5 billion in debt. According to SEO experts, this has been attributed to the lack of innovation.

For Google to be dethroned from being the top search engine, the rest of the companies need to start thinking outside the box. Drastic changes need to be adopted now and not later.

Earlier we mentioned how internet marketers where not surprised when Yahoo was pushed to the number 3 spot. Yahoo has been considered by most web marketers as a weak competitor. This has been demonstrated by their administration structures.

Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo finally bowed down and resigned from his position as a board of director. For a long time, Yahoo had lacked teeth to bite by sticking to old strategies that do not seem to work. Share holders actually blamed this on Jerry claiming he lacked the vision to revive Yahoo.

But the share holders have a reason to smile with the new appointment of Scott Thompson as CEO. From Scott’s track record, share holders at Yahoo hope he will breathe new life to the once top search engine company.

If you think the story ends there, you are wrong, after a short while 4 other top board members have also succumbed to the pressure and called it quits. According to the Huffing Post, one of the 4 is the chairman of the board directors Mr. Roy Bostock.

All these individuals are said to have contributed to the poor performance of the once top search engine. Share holders believe that the same people have made Yahoo’s stock price to drop. If you thought that the share holders were wrong, read what Alexander of wrote in his article titled, ‘Yahoo is in trouble’.

Click here to read the full story

While Google is doing all it can to remain at the top, Yahoo seems to be doing the exact opposite. It is easy to understand why Google will for a long time remain perched at the top if status quo is maintained.

Search results at google are undeniably the best and it does not stop there. Every month Google seeks to upgrade their algorithm to better improve user experience. Even though web marketers are complaining of how results are been affected by the constant algorithm change, at least Google is trying to do something new.

As for Yahoo, they have put more emphasis on expanding the company rather than come up with new and better ideas. It is true the size of the company will give them leverage as far as bargaining power is concerned, but the question is, for how long?

The good thing about Yahoo is that some of their products and services are in high demand. The problem is that the people at the helm are doing nothing to encourage innovation. It is a high time Yahoo embraced new ideas by offering incentives to their staff so that they can come up with new creations and to be motivated to work towards improving the exciting services.

top search engine

Towards the end of 2011, Yahoo used to experience glitches to some of their service especially when searching the net. This is not good considering the name Yahoo has built for itself over the years. It is an indication that they are slow when it gets to improving their products and services.

Google is not a friend to many but I admire the fact that they are more about pleasing their users than making webmasters and bloggers happy. The cyberspace is so dynamic and things keep changing very quickly. If Yahoo doesn’t watch out, other top search engines like Ask and AOL will surpass them as well.

Experts believe that Yahoo had a good chance some years back but that opportunity has long slipped through their fingers. They focused more on generating revenue through online advertisement that they forgot how to be innovative.

Today, other giants rule the world of online advertisement. People are now placing their ads on sites like Twitter, Facebook, google and Bing leaving yahoo in the cold.

But the good thing about life is that it offers one a second chance. The hope of most shareholders in Yahoo is that the new CEO will inject new blood into the company. Yahoo needs to hire people with talent and offer them incentives to improve exciting services and come up with new and innovative ideas.

My call to Scott is to turn the company around by creating new policies that will provide an atmosphere of progress and innovation. If not, very soon Yahoo will become irrelevant considering the fast changing internet world.

Bing vs Goliath

So much about Yahoo and its woes, now let us have a look at the new number two in top search engines, Bing. Google the other day said that Bing is using underhand tactics in their search results. Google claims that Bing results are as a result of analyzing Google result listing.

On Bing’s defense, Harry Shum, Corporate Vice President of Bing Development said that they do not use any Google parameters to improve their search listings. However, Harry says Bing spiders uses search signals to gather information on search activities conducted on the web.

Click here to read more on what Harry Shum said about Google’s accusation.

Whether this is true or not, let us leave it for the two top search engines to fight it out. But the more a search engine offers better and relevant results, the higher the number of searchers will become.

Summary: The race to be the top search engine is not bound to end soon. Today, it is google at the top, tomorrow maybe another search engine, new in the market, might be in the lead. That was the case in the year 1999, when a tiny search engine, called google, was launched at Stanford University. It later became the top search engine that we all envy.

The horizon looks promising for the Microsoft search engine called Bing. My hope is that they do what Yahoo failed to do. That is, improve their products and look into the future to see what people will need and offer solutions before demand arises.

Let us not forget how history keeps repeating itself. As people are busy spectating how the top search engines are fighting, there probably is a small search engine taking advantage of all the commotion. In the online business arena nothing can be left to chance. It only takes one bright mind and you see another major search engine join in the race to the top.

Post your opinion about what is happening with the top search engines in the comment section below. You can also use the social buttons displaying on the left to share this story with your friends.

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Small Business SEO Link Building Techniques

Small Business SEO Link Building Techniques

If there is one thing that all online entrepreneurs seek to attain and succeed in, it is business SEO (Search Engines Optimization). But of late, this has become a tall order especially to small business people. The constant algorithm updates have greatly affected many sites belonging to both big and small online business enterprises.

Traffic generation is the secret to online business success. According to a recent research conducted by google ad planner, revealed that getting listed on search engine result pages is the best way to attract high volume of targeted traffic.

This then raises the big question; which are the best business SEO strategies to use in today’s unpredictable online world? Search engines are out to improve user experience by providing valuable content. The more search engines deliver relevant and high quality information to internet users, the more income they will make.

One of the best search engines to rank on is Google. Search engines combined generate over 90% of traffic on the internet. 2/3 of that traffic is generated by Google. It therefore goes without saying that for you to remain relevant in business SEO you must seek to rank on Google.

Prior to launching your blog or website, you need to plan your business SEO approach thus forming a solid foundation for blog ranking purposes. The same should apply when working on your site; this is in regards to building your link SEO profile and content generation.

Google is the online sheriff (for how long? who knows!) and getting it wrong can easily result in Google disregarding your link building and content creation effort all together. But if you can follow the recommended google guidelines of business SEO then traffic will definitely flow to your site.

What does Google expect from your site?

Content: When it comes to content there are two areas you need to consider:

a)      Your Site Content – Google always seeks to provide unique and quality information to internet browsers. This means that you have to generate original articles that cannot be found anywhere else. Generate content that is educative and insightful and you will be in the good books on the online sheriff.

Publishing the same content appearing on your site to article directories is not recommended. It is advisable that you generate varying articles for your site and the different article directories.

The length of your blog post also count a lot, gone are the days when an article with 300 – 500 words could rank high on SERP’s. Today, search engines give more preference to articles with 800 words and above. The more information you give out the better Google will view your site and web pages.

b)      Content Submitted to other sites – Here we are talking of content distributed to web 2.0 pages, article directories, hub pages and blogs networks. These are sites that are highly rated by search engines thus are great source for generating referral traffic and improving your overall business SEO profile.

Since you will be giving this sites free content that help them to rank, they reward you by allowing you to add a backlink pointing to your site. This is what is known as link building and it help you to boost your business SEO rankings.

The mistake that most online marketers do is submitting the same articles to different sites. You will not be penalized for doing that but that does little to improve your site SEO rankings and traffic generation. This is because Google will only show one of those articles in their search results for the relevant keyword.

Google has repeated severally that for any particular keyword phrase they will only list unique results. Therefore, if Google sees that there are several articles with the same content it will only list one of them and ignore the rest and in the process disregard the backlinks. The only chance you have for them to list more than one of your duplicate articles is if there are no more results to display.

business SEOTry and be in Google shoes, where users want to gather unique content when they submit a search query. Would you provide your users with the same article just because it appears on different sites? Of course not, only if you do want to dry up your bank account.

There are 3 major aspects of business SEO that determine how Google will rank your site higher than your competitors:

1. Authority: The more web presence you gain the more credible your site is perceived by search engines.

2. Reader Retention: It is imperative that your blog retain visitors. This is an indication to search engines that your content is valuable and is worth showing to more audience. A tool that can help you measure your site retention (Bounce Rate) is Google Analytics (Free).

3. Quality of Link Building: In business SEO, link popularity is critical and that has been the norm all along. But as you build your bank links ensure that they are relevant. For example, if you have a site on how to work from home, would you rather have a site about gardening or home based business linking back to your site? That is obvious, it is better to link with a site that has relevant content.

What is the right SEO business strategy?

Submitting articles to many sites is the best way to improve your business blog SEO rankings. The more articles you have out there the more backlinks you will generate thus helping your site to rank higher.

The right strategy is to generate unique articles on your blog and on article directories. Imagine you had 100 unique and relevant articles pointing to your site which also has unique content. In addition, each article is targeting a different keyword phrase.

If this was the scenario, it would mean that all your articles will be ranked for their targeted keywords. Still, don’t forget that search engines will not ignore all those backlinks and hence will consider your site as an authority.

Let assume that each of the 100 articles got you one visitor every day. It would mean that the more unique articles you will have on the web the better your chances of driving more traffic to your site from search engines.

Conclusion: Business SEO ranking is getting tougher especially to small online home businesses. Big firms have no problem since they can afford to hire hundreds of professional writers to do the work for them.

As Google is deciding on the parameters to include on their algorithm, do they ever consider the small business entrepreneur? I guess they don’t thus leaving the small guy with no option but think outside the box.

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Yahoo Getting Its Act Together With Yahoo Axis Search Browser Launch

Yahoo Getting Its Act Together With Yahoo Axis Search Browser Launch

If you thought yahoo will go down without a fight then you are wrong. This week saw the launch of their new search browser, Yahoo Axis.

Recently, we published an article on how it is rumored that the union between Microsoft and Yahoo could be coming to a premature end. Many experts said this development could see the demise of internet search business at Yahoo.

Little did we know what Yahoo had up its sleeves; this is the kind of innovation that Yahoo needs to employ in their business culture on a continuous basis. Whether Yahoo axis works or not time only time will tell but I think they are moving in the right direction.

Let me bring you into the loop with what pundits say could be the beginning of the rise of Yahoo search. In the world we live today the use of mobile devices is on the increase. In fact, webmasters and bloggers need to have sites which can adapt to mobile technology.

Before you buy a template for your website, ensure it is mobile friendly. This means it should be tailor made to fit small screens like smart phones, iTouch and iPads. Recent studies show that search done on mobile devices especially iPad has increased by 10% and the figure is rising.

Yahoo has seen this potential and has therefore launched a mobile friendly browser that integrates with iPhones and iPads. On their blog, Yahoo said that the Axis browser can also be used on a desktop.

The one feature that will definitely make this browser stand out is the capability to present a seamless flow between devices.

You could be the type of people who are always on the move and therefore you would want to move from working on your laptop to your Smartphone with ease.

Now with the Yahoo Axis browser, you will be able to carry on from one device to another and still carry on with what you were doing. This means if you were reading a blog post and had to leave your house, you will not need to search for the blog post again on your iPad.

With the help of Axis, devices would be able to recognize our activity thus enable us carry on from where we had left. These are not my words but they are words used by Yahoo to show the power of their new and exciting invention.

About Yahoo Axis Browser

The Axis browser comes as an add-on feature on your computer that helps in searching the internet. It integrates perfectly with iSO applications making search an exciting experience.

It has to be noted that the Axis user interface is very striking and user friendly. If you install the browser on your desktop you will get a sliding panel when you open yahoo. This panel can be placed vertically or horizontally.

yahoo axis search browser

Once you do a search on the search box appearing on the panel, result will appear in thumbnail format. This is taking us way from viewing results by links and snippets.

Normally, search engines show results in text format but on Yahoo axis the results are in picture format. As you all know, people are more likely to click on images than they are with text.

If you happen to be using a smart phone you will notice just how yahoo took time to make scrolling seamless with Axis. Once the results populate you just need to swipe right or left in order to move to the next page or to the previous page respectively.

It is also amazing how the browser can be set to enable viewing on a desktop computer screen as well as iPad and iPhone.

It has been noted that there are variations in performance when you use Axis on an iPad and iPhone. The response time is very fast on iPad while on the new iPhone 4S it delays.

As I mentioned before, the new yahoo browser may not be all that and it may need to be worked on some more, but one thing is for sure, Yahoo is on the right track. What they have done is breathe new life to internet search business.

With this innovative search interface, Yahoo may slowly move people from the normal and familiar way of view search results. Already people are talking of how Axis appears slick on an iPad and that should come as good news to Yahoo.

Generally, images slow down the loading time of pages but astonishingly Yahoo axis loads so fast. As the browser populates results, pages load almost instantly although this will also depend on your internet connection.

There is still a lot Yahoo needs to work on since the Axis browser is slow when it comes to desktop screens.

People who are keen on appearance or leisure browsing will definitely love Yahoo Axis. As for serious folk, the normal search interface would be appropriate.

Click here to download Yahoo Axis for free or you can visit iTune Apple.

What next for Yahoo:

Yahoo has been in the search industry for a long time now and many people have grown to love the company. It is sad to see the mismanagement that is going on in the company and my hope is that they will sort the mess once and for all.

We still remember how more than 2000 employees lost their jobs. Our hope is now that Yahoo seems to be getting its act together; they should go a step further and motivate their employees to come up with even better innovations.

The launch of their new browser should be a mark of a new beginning that will help take Yahoo back to the days when they were a powerhouse.

It must be noted that for a first time release, Yahoo Axis is really impressive. For sure they will come with frequent updates that will improve the browser thus offer even better surfing experience.

The world is fast moving towards mobile usage and Yahoo now has a chance to gain market share in iSO. Whether Google and Bing will counter Yahoo’s move and come up with a new browser, only time will tell.

Do you think the new Yahoo Axis browser would work for you? Are you likely to move from Google search to Yahoo just because of this new Axis browser? Post your views in the comment section below.

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SEO Web Content Myths That Must Have To Be Demystified

SEO Web Content Myths That Must Have To Be Demystified

Bloggers have for a long time struggled with two issues in regards to creating SEO based web content;

a. How to generate SEO content that helps them rank on search engines

b. Share content that is readable, convincing and insightful to their target audience

Balancing these two aspects is not easy, most of the time people end up compromising one for the other. For instance, you rank highly for targeted keyword but your content does little to increase your sales conversion rate.

A blogger always seeks to be known as a bona-fide expert sharing rich content that is educative. At the same time, publish SEO web content that search engines can know what the blog is all about. That calls for the use of keyword phrases that will ensure they attract high and targeted organic traffic.

This goes to show that creating web content is like walking a tight rope. You never know which article will catapult you to the top of the pack or which one will make you lose your online reputation all together.

blog writing

To add insult to injury, bloggers do not know what is considered as myth and what is real when it comes to generating SEO web content. On this article we want to demystify these myths. It is the high time people generating web content knew the difference between white hat and black hat strategies.

Here are 5 SEO content writing myths that we will demystify:

1. Content optimization is not as important as link popularity: Most bloggers think the more backlinks you purchase the faster and higher you will rank. In the process they forget that content creation is even more important than having many backlinks.

The problem with buying backlinks is that the growth of your link profile will not appear natural. This may work for some time but later it may raise a red flag and you will see your rankings dropping.

Publishing high quality web content is the best strategy to build your link profile. When you have content that people pick and share without much persuasion, you will definitely end up with high quality backlinks. Content is key especially when it gets to marketing on the internet.

2. High keyword density is the secret of ranking high: It is a known fact that keywords play a critical role in search engine positioning. You need to include your targeted keyword phrases within your blog posts, articles and sales copies in order for search engines to know what your content is all about.

But on the other hand, you need to be careful not to be spammy. If you over use keywords in your web content, you will end up with unreadable articles thus turn off readers and search engines.

It is advisable to always check your keyword density to make sure it is between 1% and 2%. If you use wordpress, you can install a plugin called WordPress SEO to help you check your keyword density.

Generally, keyword density in determined by the level on competition. If you find that the level of competition for a certain keyword is low, a density of 1% and 1.4% will be good enough for you to rank. As for the high competitive keywords, use a keyword density between 1.5% and 2%.

Note: Blend your keywords well to make sure that as readers go through your web content they do not notice that you have repeated certain words or phrases.

3. Re-published articles are considered duplicate web content: There is a big difference between syndicate content and duplicate content.

Syndicate content: This happens when people read your blog posts or articles then pick and publish them on their site.

Duplicate content: This refers to having the same content on several individual pages within one blog or website.

This signifies you need to create quality content to ensure that it gets syndicated and reach a wider target. If your articles appear on different sites was duplicate content, then how come press release sites stay in business? Press release firms do not duplicate your content; they in fact syndicate your web content.

The same applies to a site like CNN, where their content is picked and republished all over the internet and yet they remain top ranked.

web content writing4. Regular content update: Here we are referring to the regular updating of your existing web pages. Webmasters have been made to believe that regular updating of already published articles will help their individual web pages to rank better.

The best approach would be to generate new SEO web content on a regular basis. A new article or blog post can easily boost your search engine rankings than adding fresh content to an already published post. This is now more evident taking into account the new algorithm change called Google Fresh.

Google fresh which took effect on 5th November 2011 is meant to enhance user experience by providing browsers with more fresh content than before.

The reason that you should tweak your pages or homepage is if the page is not ranking well. But when your page is producing good results you do not need to change anything, instead add more optimized pages.

5. Maximum or minimum words that articles should have: For a long time, the required length of articles has been a hot debate. Some believe that a short article leaves readers yearning for more while others claim that long articles are better for SEO.

Whether an article should have 250 words or 1000 words all depends on what you are talking about. If you are discussing on a topic that requires 1000 words for people to get the point, then go right ahead. But in case you see that with 300 words the point will be passed on, then it is alright too.

Depending on what your topic is about, you need to be careful not to bore your readers with irrelevant content. There is no need to write an article with 2000 words in the name of ranking and keep on repeating the same point over and over again.

Quality web content is where readers feel that they have gained some insight and knowledge. You can achieve that by sometimes publishing articles with 500 words and other times with 1500 words.

Conclusion: After all has been said and done, content is key when it gets to marketing on the internet. Take time to research and address issues that you find people in your niche are struggling with. That way you can never go wrong as you create SEO web content.

Use the right keywords tools to ensure you target keywords phrases that are of high quality. In doing all the above, you will reach your target audience with rich SEO web content that is valuable and informative.

It does not matter if you have a big online business or a small work online blog, if you observe the above points you will be ranked together with the top bloggers.

If you feel I have left out important points, feel free to add them in the comment section below. You can also share this article with others using the social icon buttons displaying on the left of this blog post.

Are We About To Witness The Demise Of Yahoo Search?

Are We About To Witness The Demise Of Yahoo Search?

Towards the end of July 2009 Yahoo and Bing reached a deal that was to see the two companies in partnership for 10 years. In the deal, Bing was to take care of search while yahoo handled the ad sales docket.

The aim of the deal was to try and counter Google’s dominance. Though google has lost some ground to the two companies, google still seats pretty at the top.

Until this year, Yahoo search was second and Bing coming in a close 3rd. Now the tables have been turn and Bing is 2nd and Yahoo 3rd in terms of internet search.

With all this fight for internet search dominance going on, it comes as no surprise that the 10 year deal between Yahoo and Bing could be coming to a premature end.  This is according to the rumors taking rounds on the search business world.

This takes me back to an article posted on Betanews by Joe Wilcox detailing why the deal between Yahoo and Microsoft was bound to fail.

Joe stated 3 reasons why the deal was not going to work. I loved the 3rd reason where he said that Yahoo’s main business was in search. This was the case even when a small time search engine called Google came alone and overtook them.

According to Joe, it would be a matter of time before Bing took advantage of the deal and beat yahoo at its own game. He was so right because 3 years down the line Bing is now placed second after Google in terms of search.

One thing is for sure, the once giant of web search, Yahoo, has been going through a turmoil in recent years. The company has gone through several issues which include several top management changes, loss of property and extensive layoffs.

Most pundits have predicted that if Yahoo does not put its house in order the company may soon come to its knees.

Do you agree with what expert are claiming; that we are about to see the end of Yahoo search? Share your opinions in the comment section appearing below this post.

According to Kevin Ryan the CEO of Motivity Marketing, the end of the search alliance between Yahoo and Bing could easy see the end of Yahoo search.

yahoo web searchRumor has it that the deal between to two search giants is not going well and thus may not go the 10 years as planned. This was according to Kevin who went further to say that Yahoo should try figure out on how to improve their search.

Back in 2009 experts had different views about the Microsoft and Yahoo search alliance deal. According to Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land, the signing of the deal was a major feat for Bing and to quote his exact words ‘…a lot of questions for Yahoo…”

By the look of things, Yahoo web search started taking a downward spiral when they handed over their search to Bing; this was according to Ryan.

As I have said, so far all these are rumors and only time will tell if the two top search engines will stick to the 10 year plan. However, if Microsoft and Yahoo actually go separate ways, then Yahoo will have to find strategies of reviving their search or sell their search business off.

Industry experts say that the main undoing at Yahoo is the lack of innovation. It is the high time that Yahoo found a way of reinventing the company especially in the area of web search.

That is not to say it is all gloom at Yahoo. A look at their media section paints a rosy picture. The yahoo news homepage counter shows that they get millions of hits at any given day.

It is believed that same success that Yahoo has achieved with their news section should be transferred to yahoo internet search. Personally, I think they can do it but that will happen if they first put their house in order.

It will be sad to see the end of yahoo search which was once a leader in the industry. As we speak, search is big business and thus Yahoo needs to come up with strategies to better satisfy the needs of their searchers and more importantly advertisers.

What Yahoo needs to do to come out of the ashes:

One opportunity that yahoo has to improve their web search results is to take the same route that Google took. This is by coming up with a social site and use it as a search parameter to rank websites.

Right now the talk in the internet search world is the use of social signals to rank websites. Taking into account that Google is not doing so well in this front, Yahoo should seize the opportunity and create a social site that will push them to their original position.

Since a culture of innovation is key; Yahoo should work on motivating their staff and thus create an atmosphere for creation of new and better ideas. The company also needs to sort their top management issues once and for all.

If the now interim CEO, Ross Levinsohn is going to take over the helm of the company, our hope is that he will bring changes that will help save the once King of internet search.

Another positive thing amidst all these rumors about the future of yahoo search is Alibaba buying back shares at Yahoo.  The two companies have reached a deal where the Chinese company bought shares at yahoo worth $7 billion.

These funds if utilized well will go a long way to breathing new life to yahoo online search and the company as a whole.

Summary: Millions of people the world over are watching with bated breath to see where the dice will fall. I know of many people who still know nothing else but yahoo when it comes to internet search and email.

If the clock was to be turn back, would yahoo still go into a deal with Bing? Maybe they would, but I don’t think they would give Microsoft access to their search technologies and data. Yahoo has defiantly learned a lesson from this deal.

Some time back I posted and article showing how conversation rate on Yahoo search is better than Google. This is because people browsing using Google take more time before making a decision to buy.

On the other hand, the search may be low but the conversion rate is higher on Yahoo making online business entrepreneurs, like myself, wish all the best to Yahoo.

Do you think yahoo should throw in the towel as far as search is concerned? Share your views in the comment section appearing below.

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SEO Service Companies Can’t Guarantee Page 1 Ranking

SEO Service Companies Can’t Guarantee Page 1 Ranking

This article will not go down well with most SEO service firms, but it is high time you knew the truth about search engine positioning. The internet is crowded with firms and individuals that promise you heaven as regards to search engine ranking. But have you ever posed to ask if they are legit or not?

If you ask me the only person that can guarantee you of 1st page ranking is an employee of google. He or she must also be working in the relevant department and have the right access of changing the algorithm to place you on page one of google.

In short, there is no single person or SEO service company that can ever guarantee you of top placement in any search engine result pages. For anyone to give you 100% guarantee, they must have something to manipulate search results.

Just the way you may seek to rank your own work home business site on page 1, the same applies to SEO service companies. The same strategies you will use are the same ones that SEO firms will also employ.

Hence, tread carefully when you hear someone assuring you of getting your site on first page of Google or any other search engine. Unfortunately, people still fall victim to unscrupulous SEO service firms that guarantee what they have no control over.

To tell you the truth, just as there is no magic pill to losing weight, there is no wonder drug that can guarantee top placement on search engines. That is why you need to back off from an SEO company that promises 1st page positioning on Google.

I like the way Randfish puts it on his article titled Why Reputable SEO Firms Don’t Promise Search Engine Ranking.

Ideally, there are over 200 signals that search engines use to rank websites. These include link popularity, content uniqueness and quality, relevancy, age of domain and the list goes on and on. In addition, search engines update their algorithms now and then and you never know how these changes will affect your site rankings.

It is for these very reasons that SEO service providers should desist from making promises that are hard to keep. Why promise to offer someone results where another party that is not affiliated to you is calling the shots?

This article may get many thumps down from some SEO service providers but it has to be said. By the way, I’m not the only one with the same sentiments; Google itself warned webmasters from SEO firms that claim they can get them to page one of Google. Click here to read more.

Search engine marketing firms have learned the art of promoting their services. This is by using catchy phrases that will ensure they get customers. There are buyers who are moved by a phrase like “top page guarantee”.

You need to ask questions and do some thorough groundwork before you give out your hard earned cash. This applies to any service you need, be it online or offline. Just the way you have no control over how many hours are there in a day, no SEO service firm can guarantee you 1st page placement.

If you observe carefully, you will realize that top SEO sites and marketers do not give you guarantees. Then how come some small SEO firm is offering you 100 % assurance? Don’t you think you are getting scammed?

As we speak, SEO marketing is one of the biggest industries on the web. Every webmaster and blogger knows the importance of appearing on page one of Google. That is why SEO scammers will continue to swindle people of their money.

But my hope is that the few that will come across this post will hold back before paying for SEO services. That is not to say there aren’t legit SEO companies out there. On a previous article posted on this blog, we shared some vital guidelines on How To Select The Right SEO Firm To Promote Your Site.

You need to learn how SEO works and that way you will make an informed decision. The fact that most people are lazy and impatient, they end up paying for SEO services without knowing what they are been offered.

Learning SEO will help you to scrutinize and thus select the right SEO firm to work with. Someone who knows a little bit of SEO will not be fooled by empty promises.

The sad part is that SEO con artists will never run out of people to lie to. This is because online entrepreneurs remain naïve and ignorant of the fact that they too can work their way to page one of Google.

How many times have you seen adverts that propagate myths on how to become slim? Funny enough, people still fall prey to these kinds of deceptions yet the answer is right under their nose.

It is wrong to place your trust on anyone that claims to rank your site on page one of any search engine. The people you see on 1st page did not just wake up one day and got there. Most of them have worked hard and spent sleepless hours reading articles and implementing right SEO strategies.

SEO serviceDepending on your niche and the level of competition, it is sure possible to get to first page of Google. This is with or without employing the services of an SEO firm.

Most newbies jump into internet business thinking that making money online is easy. It may be the easier option but that does not mean you sit back and money comes rolling in. You have to learn the right skills and have the right tools, this is more so when it comes to SEO.

Arming yourself with the right knowledge is what will help you to choose the right SEO service provider. Rather than the SEO service company telling you what to do, you should be in a position of also telling them what you want and how you want is done.
This will ensure you don’t pick an SEO firm that use blackhat strategies that will in the long run hurt your rankings.

Summary: A story is told of these two tomato vendors. Vendor A had very nice tomatoes thus thought everyone will automatically see them and buy. Therefore, he did not bother calling passer bys to buy his good tomatoes.

Next to him was vendor B who had not so good tomatoes. But unlike vendor A, he was shouting at the top of his voice telling people how good his high quality tomatoes were. The problem was that most people bought from Vendor B only to get home and discover they had bought rotten tomatoes.

Moral of the story: SEO service firms know the secret of selling. They will use all the juicy lines to lure you into purchasing their services. Something you don’t realize is that in SEO there are no guarantees.

Besides, they are taking advantage of your lack of knowledge and desire for quick results. Truth be told, no SEO service expert can ever assure you 100% without blinking, to be able to take you to page 1 of any search engine.

Have you employed the services of any SEO firm? How do you find their services? Post your comments in the section provided below.

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Achieving Top Web Ranking Position – No Side Shows

Achieving Top Web Ranking Position – No Side Shows

The dream of every webmaster is to get the best web ranking position on top search engines. The internet is filled with many strategies that can help you get to the 1st page. And that is not all; there are many SEO firms that promise heaven on earth when it comes to web ranking placement.

But how are you able to tell if the SEO strategy you are using is the right one? Or how do you determine the right SEO Company to work with?

It is important to know that no one but search engine companies know the secret to their algorithm. And am sure none of them are ready to reveal their secrets to anyone. What you need to have in mind is that search engines main agenda is to provide their users with relevant content.

No one can therefore guarantee you top web ranking position unless they are working for a search engine. All SEO experts can do is share with you what they have seen working for them and others.

Also do not forget that there are other types of SEO marketers that seek to get short cuts so as to rank high. The problem of taking that route is that it is short leaved. Sites that use black hat strategies to rank always at some point get caught and are axed from search engine listings.

This is why you need to be very careful where you get advice on SEO strategies. Furthermore, you need to have a basic idea of how to SEO since it will help you know if the SEO firm you are working with is using legit strategies.

When it comes to web ranking, every webmaster or blogger wants to be ranked high on Google. This is because Google commands over 2/3’s of all traffic generated by search engines. Taking into account that all search engines combined attracts over 90% of internet traffic, you can imagine the volume of traffic google generates.

The reason you would choose one search engine over the other is because of the relevant results you get when you enter keywords in the search box. So far, Google has proved to be offering the best content results thus is considered the current online sheriff.

Going over what we have discussed so far, you will discover that there are two ways of getting top web ranking. There are legit strategies also known as white hat strategies and underhand tactics also known as black hat strategies.

In some cases, some sites using black hat tactics have managed to get top ranking. But that has never lasted for long. Apart from using engine bots to rank sites, search engines have employed many people to manually check sites that rank high. If your site is caught using short cuts to rank then you can be sure to get slapped some day.

Just the other day, Google updated their algorithm which is infamous for having axed sites offering crappy content. Up to date, there are hot debates of whether Google is doing the right thing or not. Some are complaining how Google is only out to make money through advertisement and not to offer quality content.

Whether that is true or not I leave it to you to decide. Use the comment section below to share your opinion on the latest google web ranking algorithm, Panda Updates.

Constantly, search engines are changing their web ranking formula to ensure that only relevant and quality content get to the top of their search results. Since this formula as I stated is kept secret, on this article we shall see what SEO strategies have proven to work over and over again.

-Age of site is not a strategy but it is good to note that older sites get preference when it comes to web ranking. Your site may not rank high now, but the more you update your site with quality content you will eventually get top search engine placement.

Older sites are considered to be more experienced hence you need to be patient when it comes to SEO. Using white hat strategies consistently will help you fall in the good books of search engines thus with time rank high.

-No matter how many times search engines change their algorithm; content will always remain the focal point of their web ranking formula. Therefore, you can never go wrong if you publish unique and quality content.

Rich content will guarantee you quality backlinks as other webmasters point to your site.

-Sharing informative content is one thing but you need to do that on a regular basis. The best way to make sure you update your site regularly is having a working schedule. Have someone you can be accountable to so as to ensure you submit content constantly.

-As you are writing online you need to realize that your content will be read by human beings and search engines. You can have very good content but no one will know it exist.

This is way you need to use keyword phrases as you generate your content. Search engines can only tell what your content is about when you use keywords. The secret is to target common keywords that people search for in your niche and the keywords should have low competition.

web rankingStart by targeting short tail keywords then work your way towards ranking for long tail keyword phrases.

-SEO experts still debate whether the sites you are pointing to contribute to your web ranking position. Personally, this has worked well with my site. The idea is to always point to sites that rank higher than yours and have relevant content.

-One of the best tactics to get top search engine placement is building backlinks. This is when other sites are pointing to your site. Back linking has more weight when the site pointing at yours has relevant content.

If you are publishing content on real estate and you have a back link from a site that shares health content, it will not hurt your SEO efforts but it will also not add any value. Try and create backlinks from authority sites in your niche and it will be sure be worth your while.

Having seen the role that backlinks play in web ranking, do not rush for any SEO service you see out there. The only guarantee SEO service providers can offer you is to work hard to get you to 1st page.

To get quality back links will cost you a fortune or lots of effort. Some tops sites charge up to $60 per month for one single backlink. Here are some tactics of building quality back links

  1. Publish rich content that people in your niche will automatically want to link back to your site.
  2. Convince other webmasters and bloggers to include your link on their site.
  3. Become a guest blogger
  4. Buy links
  5. If you note a site is doing well and is still ranking low, get your link posted on such a site and patiently wait for its web ranking to go up.

Note: You can check your backlinks by typing this code in your browser:

-On site SEO is another way for improving your web rankings. As you create new webpages, it is important to link them to your homepage and other related webpages within your site.

In addition, this helps your visitors to navigate through your site with ease thus stay longer. As you all know the longer your visitors are on your site the more online revenue you will generate.

Conclusion: SEO web ranking is a combination of many things. Google says is uses over 200 parameters to rank websites.

Anyway, that should not worry you at all since the people working in the relevant departments in Google know about these parameters. The rest of us just share what we see working for our websites and blogs.

It is also imperative to be Wide World Web Consortium compliant. You can go to Wikipedia and read more about this.

If you optimize your content and avoid using Javascript in your website coding, you are good to go. Try to as much as possible share fresh content on a daily basis since this will mean more links pointing to your homepage.

Once you have lots of quality content featuring on your site you can try and get listed on top directory sites like Dmoz. Getting top web ranking is not a one day or 6 month affair; you have to be ready to be patient but the end results will be worth waiting for.

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