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How To Write Press Release For SEO Ranking Purposes

How To Write Press Release For SEO Ranking Purposes

Webmasters use different techniques to generate traffic on the internet. One of these strategies is writing press releases. A press release that is written well and optimized for search engine ranking will help you reach new prospects and thus earn more income online.

When you start with writing press releases as an online marketing strategy, it is advisable that you do it consistently in order to bare results. Regular press releases will ensure you gain online presence and credibility.

The best approach to adopt when you write press releases is coming up with relevant and valuable information. It would be ideal to write a press release when you are informing people about changing your site design or when you are releasing a new product in the market.

Companies also take the opportunity of writing a press release when they hire a big shot or releasing financial reports. All this are strategies that help inform their current customers what is happening and at the same time reach get new customers.

It is important to realize that some time your press release can flop in that what you think is important to you may not be so to people out there. Therefore, every time you write a press release do some groundwork so as to make certain you pass on relevant information.

A well written press release will also get the attention of journalist as well as search engines. There are thousands of news sites hungry for fresh and news worthy content. This websites are crawled by search engines every so often.

It is therefore very important to write press releases that are SEO friendly and at the same time readable to human beings. The fact that most webmasters don’t know how to write press releases, publishing well written and optimized news worthy stories will put your site right in front of millions of people searching for what you are offering.

SEO experts unanimously agree that PRweb is the best site to submit your press release:

It really matters a great deal the site where you submit your press release. You are better off working with a press release company where you will be found faster and rank first on major search engines.

By the way, it should not cost you an arm and a leg to publicize big time on the internet. As far as gaining online presence and generate high traffic is concerned, you must get the services of the best company in offering press release services.

All the above attributes belong to one company and that is PRweb. The company will ensure that your brand name is placed in front of many people as possible. With PRweb you are guaranteed of high SEO ranking and more importantly attract new prospects and customers.

In case you have a small home based business, there are packages designed for business people just like you. You will have the option of optimizing using videos and images thus getting the full attention of your target audience.

Since formatting can be quite a challenge to most people, PRweb has readymade templates to ease your work. All you have to do is write a press release, enter it in the PRweb template and press on the submit button.

Imagine your story circulating all over the internet on search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. That is not all; your press releases will reach top news sites such as Topix, Google News, Yahoo News and many others since PRweb will send them to over 30,000 journalists.

Also don’t forget, PRweb has over 250,000 subscribers, 30,000 websites and over 30,000 bloggers all hungry for fresh content. All these numbers are yours for the taking if only you write press releases and publish them through PRweb.

write press release

Writing press releases that are friendly to search engines:

It is important that I repeat this; when you are writing on the web you need to consider both human beings and search engines. The best way to help search engines know what your content is about is by incorporating keyword phrases.

A press release is a way of telling the world about the existence of your business. Be it a big or small online home business blog, if you can get journalists to spread news about your business, money will sure come your way.

Hence, before you write press releases make sure you first decide which keywords to target. Your press release should also link back to your site with your targeted keyword phrase. This will ensure that when people browse for your targeted key term on search engines they will get your site and press release.

Ensure you link your releases to relevant pages within your site. This will help you generate targeted traffic thus reducing your bounce rate. As you all know, if people spend more time reading your content odds of converting them into loyal customers will be higher.

Before you start writing press releases to help promote your site, it is important to first optimize your site. There is no point of creating optimized press releases while your site has no valuable content that is also optimized.  SEO is more effective when articles pointing to your site have related keywords and content.

The way you structure your press release is very important. Use a format that will ensure readers get what your press release is all about from the word go.

Below you will find the best technique to structure your press release

Headline: This is the one opportunity you have to grab the attention of your target audience. Come with captivating titles that tell readers exactly what to expect when they read your press release.

It is only when you have compelling headlines will readers click on your link on search engine results or on news sites.

Body: It is really discouraging when readers come across an interesting headline only to get disappointed when they read your content. The body of your press release should deliver what your title promised.

As you write press releases, ensure the information you are sharing is educative and contains objective issues. It is advisable to have your most important information appearing in the first paragraph.

Search engines concentrate more with the first 250 words therefore place your keywords and relevant site information in the first paragraph. As regarding word count in a press release, the best to have is 400 to 1000 words.

Summary: Do not beat around the push; go straight to the point when writing your summary. A summary should also be brief, 3 to 4 lines are enough to tell people and search engines exactly what your press release is about.

Note: Include your targeted keywords in your summary.

About: Here is where you add a link to your site and also share additional information of what your site or company has to offer.

Date: Standard format that is known by most people is the best to use

Contact details: If you have a company name, this is the best place to mention it. If not, then write the name of your website or blog. In addition, you should include your email address, telephone and link to your site.

With this era of social media, it is imperative to also add links to your facebook, twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts. This will help customer to have different option to get in touch with you in case they have queries.

write press release

Note: After all has been said and done, just from reading your title, summary and the first 3 lines, people and search engines should know what your press release is all about.

Styles of writing press releases that will draw the attention of journalist and readers:

Optimize: Throughout the body of your article mention the name of your site/company and target keyword. If the release is about a product launch repeat the name of the new product severally but in a tactful manner. You do not want to appear like a spammer, therefore use the right keyword density.

In order to help people know the right keywords to use when linking back to your press release or site, when you mention your site make sure your keyword phrase is mentioned somewhere nearby. This will ensure people and journalists know the keywords that are related to your website or blog.

For instance, you have an e-commerce business site called Ewise that is selling digital online marketing softwares and you intent to write a press release of a new product.

In case, you want people to link back using the key phrase digital online marketing, you can come up with sentences like this “the new Ewise digital online marketing product will be released…”

By mentioning your keywords right after your business name will necessitate people to link back to your release and website using the words “digital online marketing”. Therefore, as you generate traffic from people searching for your business name, you will also get traffic from people searching for your target keyword phrase.

Do not make the mistake of forcing keywords within your content. This will make your press releases unreadable which can adversely affect your online reputation. Try and blend your keywords well by mentioning your keywords when necessary.

Nowadays, search engines are intelligent enough to tell when you use varying keywords. For example, when you are targeting a keyword like work online, you can vary by using working online, online works, worked online and so on. By using varying keywords people will not tell if there is a word you are repeating.

Use Stories: Normally, people love stories especially if they relate to real and current events. Thus, as you write press releases try and connect your information with what is taking place in your niche.

If your release addresses people’s needs, you will definitely get their attention. In addition, the more interesting your stories are, the more people will share and journalist will pick them thus ensuring your article goes viral.

Call to action: Captivating your readers with nice stories is good but the main aim of writing a press release is to create online presence and generate traffic. Therefore, remember to tell your readers to visit your blog or website for more information.

Using words like click here or read more are perfect for directing people to your site. But the best strategy is using your targeted keyword phrases in your anchor text. Links act as a good call to action and at the same time help you add relevant backlinks to your site.

Avoid using high pitched marketing phrases: The worst thing you can do when writing press releases is hyping your site, products and services. If you focus so much in promoting your products in a press release you will turn off readers as well as journalist.

No one wants to feel like they are been forced to buy a service or product. Therefore, as you over promote your site or product; you will be slowly losing your online reputation.

Be objective: The best way to be objective as you write a press release is to get your facts right. Rather than using high pitched marketing messages, concentrate on writing content that is educative and helpful.

In a case where you are launching a new product, tell people how that product is going to help them. Some online marketers will go on and on how their product is the best in the market, which is a wrong approach.

Instead, sensitive your readers on how your product will improve their lives. Pick the strong points of your product or service and share with your readers. This way, your release will be adding value thus be effective in marketing your site and product.

It is true that writing press releases is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. But your articles can fail to produce the expected results if your press release does not contain news worthy content.

Most of the time, what may appear news worthy to you may not be hot news to journalist are readers out there. This is why you need to do thorough research before you release any news. Only objective and valuable content will be picked by news sites.

Remember, news websites’ main agenda is to get readers to come back for more. Therefore, the hotter your stories are, the more news sites will pick them.

Avoid the use of difficult terminologies in your article since they will puzzle your readers. People do not like it when you make them feel like they don’t know something, it will only repel them from reading the whole of your release.

Therefore, use a language that anyone can understand. The only time you are allowed to use jargon is when you are targeting a specific group of people e.g architects or doctors.

You should not appear like you are leaning on a particular side when writing press releases. Try as much as you can to remain neutral especially if you are discussing on a sensitive matter.

Proofread: In order to look professional to both readers and journalist, you have to write a press release that is devoid of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

To achieve this, you will need to proof read your releases several times before publishing. You can also get another person to proofread your articles before they go live.

Two things that happen when you write a press release and publish it:

If you have ever tried marketing online using press releases, you probably noticed that on the first days the traffic is quite high, but as the days go by the traffic reduces.

There are two reasons that cause this to happen:

1: There are many small news websites out there which only seek to generate traffic through adding new content. This they do so as to generate income from selling advertisement space or through google adsense.

That is why you will see a high volume of traffic to your site the first day you publish a press release. But as days go by and other press releases get published, your story is pushed further down the site. With time as search engines crawl the news site they will not be able to locate your article thus link power diminishes.

In addition, some of these sites have less authority and the link juice they pass on to your site is not good enough to boost your site SEO rankings.

2: You have every reason to be ecstatic when your press release is picked by an authority website. A story appearing on a site like or Topix will increase your SEO value a great deal. Furthermore, it is an advantage in regards to viral marketing when people share your release through social sites.

write press release

If your story is very good, by the time fresh news bury your article you will have gained lots of backlinks. When top sites point back to your site and press release, search engines will rank you higher. That is why you need to generate quality news worthy releases.

But on the other hand, if the press release wasn’t as good, you will notice traffic to your site subsiding as time passes. This is because search engine spiders will not be able to find your article; therefore reducing the link juice to your website or blog.

Conclusion: As much as writing press releases is perfect for boosting your link popularity, you should seek to build backlinks using different strategies. This will make your site appear natural in the eyes of search engines thus rank you higher.

Other techniques you can use to build your link profile include guest blogging, article marketing, video marketing and forum marketing. Though building backlinks takes a while, the benefits are worth the effort.

Hope from this article you now have the right knowledge on how to write a press release. It is the high time you incorporate press release in you array of online marketing strategies.

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Appearing In Top Google Listing Despite Google Fresh

Appearing In Top Google Listing Despite Google Fresh

First, there was the Panda Updates that affected most top sites google listing position. And before webmasters could recover from that shock, google has done it once again, another algorithm change called Google Fresh.

It is evident that google is out to raise the stakes in order to make sure they improve user experience. But the big question is, at whose cost? (Share your opinions in the comment section below this post) Google fresh is an upgrade of Caffeine architecture which was introduced one year ago. According to google the new algorithm change is aimed at ensuring Google listing remains fresh.

Through the new algorithm google listing system, google says it will now be able to crawl and index sites faster in a large scale and list fresh content. With the new ranking algorithm, google listing will be affected up to 35%.

What these means is that only one search result will be affected in each google search engine result page (serps). This will be like a reprieve to webmasters since not many will be affected this time round like the way Panda update did.

Even with this small impact, it is advisable you know how to avoid falling victim of Google fresh. Sectors that will mostly feel the pinch of this new google listing will be keyword phrases aimed at ranking for products and services that constantly change.

On this article, we will tackle in detail what you need to do as a webmaster to remain relevant in search engine listing on google. One obvious thing that you must do is to create a blog. It will be suicidal if you only have a website that is not connected to a blog and you want a top google listing.

The advantage of having a blog is that you will be prompted to regularly add fresh content.  Telling from Google’s statement concerning Google fresh, is that updating your site with fresh content is key in ensuring you generate search engine organic traffic.

Small work from home online business blogs and sites will have to up their game too. This is because it will be quite challenging for small sites to compete with big blogs. Most top blogs use their resources to hire writers who publish lots of new content regularly.

Then the big question is; what can small blogs do to keep in touch with the big players?

Create a sitemap: No matter how small your blog is you need to create a sitemap. To make sure your blog post are quickly crawled, indexed and added to google listing, submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool (Free).

Sitemaps help to ensure that any new post you publish is picked and search engines notified of the new update. WordPress has a great plugin that ensure your sitemap is connected with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing.

The beauty of the internet is that you can automate the whole process and ensure your new content is updated in your sitemap.

Here is how to create Google SiteMap

Take advantage of Google News Sites: To be sure that you appear in top google listing you need to learn how google new works. Ideally, sites that qualify to display on google news are the ones that have fulfilled the requirements and adhere Google standards. You can search for these sites by entering “Google News Sites” in the google search box.

Normally, if you have a new blog or site it may take some time before search engines get to know of its existence. A good strategy of making sure search engines find your site faster is by submitting your content and links on Google news sites.

google listingsIt may call for extra effort to get your content accepted by Google News sites but it will be worth the effort. This is because your blog or site will be crawled and indexed much faster thus display on google listing.

Launch a blog: As we earlier stated it is important to create a blog. Once you have a blog you need to add fresh content on a regular basis. If you are the busy type, you can opt to hire writes to help you update your blog. The only disadvantage of that is that the quality of bought articles may not be the best.

If you have a website, you need to incorporate a blog within the site for visitors to add new content. Blogs are generally search engine friendly especially if you are working on a wordpress platform. WordPress have built-in SEO elements that make it easy for you to optimize your content for top google listing.

On your site you can also add a forum where members can share ideas hence helping you generate fresh content. But you will need to moderate the content coming in to ensure you weed out spammers.

Post press releases: Syndicating your content is one of the best ways of ensuring Google gets to pick your fresh content. Submitting press releases is the best way to achieve this. Press releases are considered top quality therefore they are quickly picked, indexed and submitted in Google listings.

It is advisable to have your keywords as anchor text within your press release. This will ensure you rank high in search engine listings for your targeted keywords.

A site you can post your press release is on PRWeb. But there are other sites that offer the service free of charge.

Use Social Media Sites: Sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and now Google +1 are good for SEO. These are top sites that are crawled every minute for fresh content. If you can create an online community on social media sites then post your content and links, you will increase the changes of your new content appearing in Google listings.

On Google plus you can now create a business page where you can be updating it with links to your blog content. All indicators show that very soon Google +1 will be a major site to determine sites appearing on Google listing.

Adjust with the times: When it comes to online business especially SEO traffic generation, you need to be ready to adapt fast. If google says you have to add fresh content regularly then do just that, otherwise your business will become obsolete.

Summary: Google fresh is a call to bloggers to become more aggressive in terms of research and regular content generation. Regardless of your niche, there is need for more fresh content since things keep on changing.

As we speck Google is the King of search engines thus if you want to appear on Google listings you will have to do as they say. But the one element of search engines algorithms that remains constant is CONTENT GENERATION.

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A Look At Web Rankings In Google After Webspam Update

A Look At Web Rankings In Google After Webspam Update

Going by recent events, Google is not going to relent any time soon on their quest to make the internet the home of quality content. SEO marketers have been up in arms to challenge what the Big G is doing but their cries seem to be falling on deaf ears.

Google did not release the Webspam update (Penguin Update) alone, with it came an additional 52 updates and in the process affecting many sites web ranking in Google.

While some people were left with a bitter taste in their mouth due to drop in google web ranking, others were enjoying every moment of it. I know of sites that went up in site ranking by two pages. This is a big leap and it signifies that more than 20 sites in that niche could have been hit by the Penguin Update.

On this blog we have kept on sharing the value of sharing quality content. You might not hit page one on your first post by with time you surely will get there.

Now with this latest update nicknamed Webspam I’m sure you are sitting pretty at the top of search engine results that is if you employ white hat SEO strategies.

One thing that has come out of the penguin algorithm change is the element of fresh content. It is now evident that sites that update regularly will get more attention from Google.

It therefore goes without saying that running a blog is the way to go. If you only operate a website it is time you got in touch with your web developer and pay him/her to incorporate a blog within your website.

These changes in google algorithm reveal the thing I have been saying all alone. A blog is more powerful than a website especially when it comes to web ranking in Google or in any other search engine for that matter.

If you are not in the loop yet on how Penguin Update works, let me fill you in. Towards the end of last year Google released the Google Fresh Update but no big change was witnessed in site rankings.

Penguin update seems to be a follow up to Google Fresh since this time a lot of weight has been given to fresh content. What Google is saying in CAPITAL LETTERs is for web marketers to provide rich content to their readers on regular basis.

This must come as good news to internet users who have been complaining about spam webpages appearing in Google search results. It is obvious that Google’s intention is to push up the web ranking of sites that adhere to their quality guidelines.

You might think that all you need to do is to post content all in the name of improving your web rankings in Google, but that is not the case. The Penguin update has been designed in such a way that the quality of content will also determine your page ranking.

Here are some factors that are set to check quality of content on Google page results:

  1. The parameter that goes with the codename “NoRot” does exactly that, push rotten content down and top quality content at the top of their search results.
  2. Following this update regular updating of your blog is not all you need to do. On top of that you should make sure that your content is of high quality, targeted and more importantly relevant to your niche.

Sites that generate content simply for ranking purposes have their days numbered. Google appears to be formulating their quality assessment based on the major keyword a site is targeting.

The process is set to bring to a stop the publishing of easy content using generic keywords that generate high traffic. In short, if you are in the habit of coming up with easy topics then penguin update together with the 52 updates will rank your site poorly.

ranking of website on google

This is a call for you as an SEO marketer to get down to business and do some more research. In so doing, you will be able to come up with quality content that is rich with insightful information.

You also don’t have to necessarily go for the keywords with high traffic, basically make sure you focus on niche keywords and in the process you will also rank for the top relevant keywords.

But that is not all; there are other factors that webmasters have to consider in view of the recent Google updates.

a)      Gone are the days when multiple pages from the same site appeared on the first page of Google. The Webspam algorithm seems to have finally sorted this out once and for all. It also means that now Google has now got to measure more sites thus bring in the aspect of more competition.

b)      The trend that was becoming prevalent on the internet is stuffing content with keywords. Now that has to end thanks again to the Penguin update. If you care about your site web ranking in Google then toll the line by sharing high quality content. Keywords density has to be below 3% so as not to get hit by the update.

c)      The recent updates have also taken into consideration the issue of anchor text. Webmasters are advised not to link directly using exact keywords. The secret is to use natural text in your hyperlinks. For example, rather than link to a phrase like “Google ranking” use text such as “how to improve your web ranking in Google”. SEO experts also recommend the use of words like “click here” and “read more” which are considered by google as natural.

d)     Your site authority will count when it comes to site ranking. This means the more sites of high quality point at your site, the more the chances of appearing on first page of google. The other aspect relating to authority is social influence. This is a call for posting your links on social sites especially Google Plus. The more people share your content the more authority Google places on your site or webpage.

e)      The playing field is now level considering that ranking of websites using exact keywords is gone. The penguin algorithm is set to rank sites using relevancy of a keyword unlike before when ranking was based on exact keywords. This means the obsession that people had on certain keywords will finally come to an end.

What next for online business entrepreneurs?

The use of money related keywords is gone and you cannot expect to rank in those keywords just because you used them on your site.

Moving into the future, site that will be ranking high will be the ones that post informative updates regularly. And that is not all; the content has to be of high quality to ensure web ranking in Google search results.

Finally, it is high time webmasters went back to the good old days when content was King. Start writing on regular bases and if you can afford it, pay writers to help you generate fresh content.

According to Google, freshness is what they want to bring into their search results. Whether that is counterproductive or not, only time will tell.

Google rules internet search and at the moment they are the ones calling the shots. The rest of us have no choice but to adhere to their set of quality guidelines or find a way to dethrone them from the top. Good luck with that though.

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Are You Using The Right Search Keyword Tools?

Are You Using The Right Search Keyword Tools?

Yesterday we talked in-depth how to structure your blog for SEO using keyword tools. We saw how you need to come up with a domain name and a title for your blog. The article proved just how wordpress is preferred when it comes to blogging because of the availability of powerful plugins.

As per the comments I got, it is imperative today that we discuss some of the keyword tools that are available.

Content is the key to any search engine optimization ambition. But before you write anything, you need to know what your audiences are searching for. For example, for me to decide to write about the various keyword tools, a comment was posted on one of my posts.

Always seek to identify the pressing issues in your niche and then offer workable solutions. This way you will have a loyal fan base thus make money from home.

There are many keyword tools you can use to determine which terms are best to optimize on, but on this write up we shall look at 8 of them.

1. Keyword Winner: This SEO wordpress plugin was designed by Daniel Lew, one of the top SEO experts in the blogging world today. This is a paid keyword tool that will enable you to come up with targeted keyword terms by a click of a button.

The tool helps you in coming up with competitive and optimized titles. It also among other things assists you to get keyword suggestion that have low competition and high searches thus ensure you rank faster.

If you are serious about making money from blogging then I advise you to get for yourself a copy on the Keyword Winner.

2. Google Analytics: This is one of the most used programs by bloggers. The beauty of it is that apart from it helping you determine which keywords are bringing traffic to your site, it is free to install.

Google analytic helps you to track your traffic sources, page views, maps, bounce rate and most importantly, keywords bring traffic to your site.

My advice to bloggers starting a blog is that you need to have a google analytic account. This way you will be able to know which keywords are getting you more traffic hence optimize on them some more.

With Google analytic you will also be able to know which search engines are bringing you more traffic. This helps you identify which search engines you need to optimize your blog for and thus get traffic from them too.

3. Google Webmaster Tool: With this keyword tool you are able to see the impressions your site gets and the number of clicks. Impressions means the number of times your blog shows up on search results as people browse the internet.

Once you have an account with Google Webmaster tool, which if free, you will also get to see on which page your site appears on Google and with which keywords.

The tool can really assist you identify which pages on your blog need more SEO help to rank better. When you know the blog posts that need help you can decide to add more backlinks hence attract more organic traffic.

Ideally, it will be better to concentrate on pages that need just a little boost to get more traffic instead of coming up with new webpages.

There are other addition statistics you can view using this keyword tool and they include crawling errors, site map and sites linking to your pages. Of all the tools, this is a must have keyword tool.

4. Google Suggest: You will note that every time you start typing on the Google search box you get other suggestions. This is a very powerful keyword tool you can use to identify other related keywords to optimize on.

find longtail keyword

The tool was added to ensure that users get what they are searching for much faster. Ideally, the more people search for a certain term the more likely it will appear on Google suggest. Some think that this tool can be subject to manipulation but that is still debatable.

If you note carefully, after you have done a search for a common keyword, there are other related keywords that appear at the bottom of the search results. These are also other suggestions you can use to determine what to write about.

5. Yahoo Answers: It has been noted that most searches conducted on the internet are inform of questions. This shows you that people are in need of solutions to their problems.

This is the main reason that expert bloggers suggest that when you offer people educative content, earning income from home will be easy. One place you can go to and get to know the issues being faced by people in your niche is on Yahoo answers.

All you need to do is enter related keyword terms in your niche and you will see the questions being posed on that particular topic. The results will normally be the most asked questions in your niche.

Armed with these results, you can easily choose topics to write about and thus offer insight.

6. Wordtracker Keyword Tool: This keyword tool is effective for people seeking to launch a new blog or website. The tool collects it data from Meta Crawler, Yahoo and of course Dogpile.

With this free tool it is easy to get keyword phrases that are commonly search for and also the ones that are less searched for but still can bring you good traffic.

7. Google Keyword Tool: The first thing I do when I put on my computer is open the Google Keyword Tool. This should tell you that it is one of the most used keyword tool in the blogging sphere.

Longtail Keywords Google-keyword-tool

With this tool you are able to gather the estimated number of searches per month for certain keywords. Ideally, the tool was designed to help marketers who use Google Adwords (a (PPC) pay per click advertising strategy).

Google Keyword tool helps you to also see the level of competition for particular keywords thus help you choose which key terms to target and hence rank faster.

The tool is able to filter searches in terms of countries and languages. It is also advisable that you use the exact match and broad match when determining which keywords to target.

8. Google Trends And Google Hot Trends: In case you want to know which are the hottest and latest keywords then google trends is the tool to use.

Studies have shown that about 25% of the searches done daily on the internet are new. Therefore, for you to know this searches you need to use Google Trends.

Here you will also be able to see search results according to language and countries.

There other Keyword tool similar to Google Trends is Google Insight Tool.

These are just some of the top Keyword tools that you can use to come up with content on your blog. Note: keywords are composed of 3 segments.

a. Major keywords: This are the terms that have one phrase.  e.g twitter, work, marketing and so on.

b. Body keyword phrases: Good examples are terms like twitter marketing, online marketing, work online, and so forth

c. Long tail keywords: These are the keyword phrases that contain more than 4 words. A case in point is search terms like work online from home jobs, online marketing case studies and so on.

Now that you are armed on how to get keywords to target on you blog, go out there and start earning income from home with ease.

11 Excellent SEO Tips For Product Based Sites

11 Excellent SEO Tips For Product Based Sites

One of the best ways to create awareness of your site and products is through search engines. That is why it is important for every online marketer to learn SEO tips that will help them promote their products.

You can create a blog that is so impressive and have the best products in the world, but without traffic all your efforts will amount to nothing. That is why you need to equip yourself with SEO tips that will ensure you attract traffic.

Search engine optimization sounds like a complicated term for most people but with the right guidance anyone can succeed in marketing on search engines. On this article we shall look at SEO tips that will help you in promoting an e-commerce site.

Even though SEO strategies are the same across the board, there are some unique challenges that product based websites face. A blog will rank higher than an e-commerce site because with a blog, content is generated repeatedly.

In order to contend with bloggers and webmasters in your niche you need to up your game. Remember, making money online is about attracting traffic. To source for leads you will need to apply different marketing strategies which include social sharing, SEO tactics, article marketing and so on.

As your leads and prospects increase, so will the number of customers and sales volume to your online store raise. So, here you are with your well stocked online shop with the best products in the market, how do you leverage your site to generate SEO organic traffic?

Below are the top SEO tips to employ and thus stay ahead of your competitors. Some of them may look simple but you will surprised very few webmasters actually implement these strategies. This is an indication that if you follow these SEO guidelines you will beat your competitors hands down.

Now let us get down to business and discuss the 10 best SEO tips to apply on a product based website:

1. Content: It is prudent when discussing SEO tips to begin with content. The overall objective of creating the internet was to share content. That is why any site that publishes quality information will always remain at the top of search engine listings.

Most e-commerce websites fail to take off because the owners just display their wares and expect visitors to come rolling in with their credit cards in hand. They forget that search engines have to be given reason to bring people to their site.

In addition, when prospects land on your online store you also need to give them a reason to purchase your products. Here is where content comes into play. Do not upload images of your wares and fail to provide customers with details about your products.

Below is an example of a product based template that can help you to fully optimize your product description.

SEO Tips

If you are an affiliate marketer, avoid adding the same content that is on your affiliate company site. Search engines give more preference to sites that offer unique content. Try and give your own product description and avoid copy pasting content from the manufacturer’s site.

Any webpage that has quality and unique content will not only get the attention of search engines, it will also help you in turning your visitors into loyal customers. Telling your target audience what to do (call to action), is one of the ways of getting people to use their credit cards on your online store.

It seems like yesterday when Panda came calling. The aim of google was to get rid of sites that were ranking high and had worthless content. The Google famer update or otherwise Panda update sort to give more preference to sites with original and unique content.

Of all SEO tips and recipes you will read about on the net, posting quality information is for sure the number one ingredient. Though some SEO experts claim that Google is slowly moving away from giving preference to content, the one thing you can never go wrong with is content generation.

Why? Because, of the more that 200 signals that search engines consider when ranking sites, originality of content is No: 1. There are more than 4 billion searches done on google alone, what if a fraction of that traffic came to your online store? You will without a doubt laugh all the way to the bank.

2. Deal with duplicate content: Most e-commerce sites in a bind to help visitors navigate with ease, categorize using several parameters. These include product images, prices, product description and product rating.

As much as this is favorable to your target audience it can turn out to hurt your site ranking. Ideally, categorizing in the above mentioned manner leads to multiple pages with similar content.

We have just read about farmer updates and its preference of unique content. Therefore, multiple webpages with same information within a single site will definitely lower your SEO rankings.

The ideal thing to do if you have made the mistake of sorting and ended up with duplicate content is to inform Google using the webmaster tool.  Also read the SEO tips that discusses about how to optimize your menu/categories (SEO tip number 8).

3. Link to related products and webpages within your site: Of all SEO tips, on site optimization is one of the best and easy to implement. The secret is to link products using targeted keywords within the anchor text.

Applying your keywords in your anchor text will ensure search engines crawl all your web pages and thus index and rank them according. The words you use in your anchor text are thus very important, they help search engines to also know what your products and pages are all about.

In addition, links within your content help retain visitors on your site. People like clicking on links and the more your links take visitors to relevant pages or products the higher your conversion rate will be. It boosts conversion rate by increasing the odds of your targeted customers getting exactly what they are looking for.

4. Optimize your webpage URLs: This is one of the SEO tips that really help in SEO ranking. A close observation of sites that rank high on search engine results reveals that top sites fully optimize their URLs.

As you add your targeted keywords with your products description, you should also do the same to your webpage links. Let us take a scenario where you have created a page with the targeted keyword phrase as SEO optimization, the best way to formulate your page URL is:

By doing the above you help search engine bots recognize what your web page is all about. This will ensure you generate targeted organic traffic to your online store.

But if you omitted your keywords in your page URL and came up with a link reading like this; http// search engines will not know the content contained in that page.

Apart from this SEO tip helping you optimize your site, it also informs your targeted audiences what to expect once they click on the page link. Soon we will publish a detailed article on how to fully optimize your URL.

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Note: The choice of domain name is also very important. SEO experts highly recommend buying domain names that contain your major keyword phrase.

5. Build on your site link popularity: Whenever SEO tips are discussed the first is content creation then it is followed closely with link popularity also referred to as building backlinks.

The fact that search engines can’t read content on your site thus measure the authority of your site, they rely on others sites to help them gauge. Therefore, the more sites that point to your site and products the higher search engines will rank you.

But for you to benefit fully from your backlinks, the links have to come from sites with relevant and quality content. For example, if your website is selling flower products, it is better for you when websites and blogs dealing with gardening linking back than a site selling sportswear.

The best way to get quality backlinks is to publish captivating and unique content. People will easily link back to content that will add value to their readers. Take time to come up with products description and blog content that educates and other webmasters will automatically link back to you.

SEO tips

Here are two SEO tips that will help you create quality backlinks:

a) Article marketing: For a long time now article marketing has been the ideal tactic of boosting SEO value. Pick at least 10 to 15 top article directories and submit unique articles. Make certain you optimize your author resource box by using targeted key terms in your anchor text.

To make certain your articles rank higher thus boost your SEO ranking, publish article with a word count of about 600 words. Avoid publishing the same article in different article directories. Submit unique articles in every article directory.

This way you will increase your SEO profile thus rank higher on search engines result pages. Click here to and watch a video on the power of article marketing.

b) Blogging: If you have a product based website the best way to add content is to incorporate a blog. When you compare all SEO tips, the most significant is content creation.

The fact that a blog is interactive and thus has to be update frequently, it will help you rank for more keywords. This will ensure you get targeted traffic from search engines since spiders will be coming severally to crawl and index you fresh content.

Follow this link and get more information about blogging.

6. Identify what your target customers are looking for: As regards online selling there is nothing as invaluable as knowing what your target audience want. This is both in terms of keyword usage and products to sell.

Earlier we mentioned how describing your products is critical since it will help you generate organic traffic. But it is even more important to include your targeted keywords within your product description.

These calls for keyword research thus discover the words people use when searching for certain products. On top of that, another vital SEO tip is to settle for keywords that target specific regions or keywords that are less competitive.

By doing the above you will rank faster on search engine results. To get more in depth knowledge on how to do keyword research read Keyword Research That Guarantee You Rank High.

Some tools that will help you to do keyword research include Google Keyword tool, Keyword Discovery and Keyword Winner.

7. Add social icons: Right now any products based website that is not taking advantage of social media sites is losing out on a lot. Apart from attracting direct traffic from social sites, sharing your links also helps boost your SEO profile.

An example of a plugin you can install if you are using wordpress is Sharebar. If you look at the left side of this blog you will notice there are social buttons you can click on to share this article.

When adding share buttons it is recommended you make sure they are easy to find. For a product based site, placing social icons just below the product is advisable. This is where people get to visit the most as they read the prices and description of a product.

8. Optimize your categories/menu: One of the greatest opportunities you will ever have to optimize any site is through the categories section. Therefore as you work on the menu bar, add categories that are keyword based.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site selling clothes you can have categories like winter fashions, summer designs and so on. Make sure you use tools like Google Keyword Tools to determine the best keywords to use.

It will also be to your advantage to create categories using long tail keywords. This will ensure you attract targeted SEO leads who are more likely to become your customers.

Furthermore, use of broad based keywords in your menu helps ease navigation of your site thus finding products will be much easier. As a result, conversion rate will be higher.

9. Gather testimonials: For a product based site there is nothing as invaluable as testimonials from your satisfied customers in regards to sales conversion. Besides, products reviews are pieces of content that will help you further increase your SEO profile.

Testimonials helps your readers learn more about your products before hand thus will ensure you boost your online sales. As you can see, product testimonial is one of the SEO tips that help you rank on SERPs and at the same time turn your visitors to loyal customers.

Therefore, create an avenue where your customers can post their reviews. Go a step further and tell your clients to leave their comments about the products they have purchased. Though some comments may be negative, you can use such comments to improve your products.

10. Monitor your competitors’ activities: As much as webmasters do not like competition, this is the one aspect that helps businesses grow. You may be asking; how is this related to important SEO tips? You will see how in just a few seconds.

Monitoring what your competitors are doing helps you to find out keywords that are less competitive that you didn’t know about. In addition, you will be up to date with the best products to sell on your online store.

Online success is about knowing what is happening within your niche. To keep yourself updated with events in your niche subscribe to top sites through email or RSS feed.

Reading content from different site helps you gain expertise on how to come up with better sales copies and product descriptions. Your sales copy may not be the best for now but make sure that with time you improve how you write online by reading widely.

11. Track the keywords bring traffic to your site and products: Monitoring the keywords attracting traffic to your site is also one of the invaluable SEO tips. This helps you to know the keywords that you rank high for thus focus on them some more.

You will also see the key terms directing traffic to your site that you have not targeted. Once you note such keywords, you can optimize on them by including them in your product description.

As you track the keywords, try to also identify the regions that your visitors are coming from. This will help you in researching and getting region based long tail keywords thus further boost traffic and conversion rate.

Conclusion: If you implement these SEO tips and guidelines, you can be assured of generating meaningful traffic from search engines to your online store.

Take time to follow the links within this article since they will lead you to other related topics that will help you better optimize your e-commerce site.

Is there something you want to add or ask, feel free to leave your comments relating to SEO tips in the section provide below.

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10 SEO Web Page Ranking Rules You Must Adapt

10 SEO Web Page Ranking Rules You Must Adapt

Many are the times when work online marketers ask themselves if the web page ranking strategies they are using are the correct ones. This can happen to anyone, so do not worry. On this post we will go into details on some of the rules to follow to guarantee you get a high page ranking on the major search engines.

The page ranking we are going to share about is not the “1 – 10 PR”, rather it is the positioning of your site and posts on search engines result pages (serp’s).

Here are 10 top factors to consider:

1. Have a SEO web page ranking strategy: The first aspect of SEO is getting the right keyword phrases to target in your niche. Ask yourself this questions; what is it I want to achieve from my website or blog? What are the needs of the people am targeting? And which words and phrases are they using on search engines?

Once you are armed with answers to this questions you are ready to go. The tools to use to determine this include Keyword Winner (paid wordpress plugin), Yahoo Answers, Google Trends, Google Keyword Tool, Google Suggest and so forth.

2. Create your own content: Most webmasters make a mistake of letting others create for them content. Since you are the one that knows your goals, it would be better to create your own content.

It is only you who knows where you want to be and how you intend to get there. Therefore, you should be in full control of your page ranking campaign.

If you have to work with a website developer or an SEO company, let them do the online marketing thing but you should be the one managing the content.

3. Do not over-rely on SEO service companies: This brings us to the next point of ensuring you get a high page ranking. Just because you think you have picked the top SEO Company, it does not mean you can now sit back and watch. You need to follow up and make sure you get your money’s worth.

SEO page ranking is a big business and there are companies that will promise heaven but deliver nothing. Hence you need to be very careful when working online with SEO companies.

This are the rules to follow as you work online with SEO firms:

– Research and know the top strategies of building link popularity so you can know if the SEO Company is doing the right thing or not.

– Ask the company to give you a list of the page ranking techniques they are intending to use.

– Do not work with companies that have spamming and black hat strategies in their list.

– Only work with firms using white hat SEO tactics.

– Never give full control of your website to any company or person.

– Follow up to make sure that all the page ranking strategies are been done the right way.

Note: Your work at home online marketing destiny is entirely in your hands so you should be the one calling the shorts. Thus do not give content management responsibility to anyone. You should be the one controlling your site navigation structure and content creation.

4. Work on your site navigation: The structure of your blog or website is very critical in page ranking especially in the top search engines. If you are blogger, with time you will have so many webpages and it is important that they all rank well.

Choose your theme template carefully by making sure it is structured well and also optimized. One of the things to seriously consider is your site navigation. Image having 1000 blog posts and expecting people to locate them all with ease, it can be challenging.

You should therefore position your menu somewhere that is easy to locate. At the same time optimize all your webpages so that they are indexed and ranked on search engines.

To ease navigation on your site, create relevant categories as regards to your blog content. These categories are the once that will act as your menu. It is also advisable to pick a template theme that will allow you to have sub categories.

When choosing categories, go for the top exact keyword matches in your niche. This is mainly because search engines will also use your categories for your site page ranking.

The easier it is to move around your site the low your bounce rate will be thus you will make money online fast. By ensuring easy navigation of your site by linking relevant webpages together, search engines will have an easy time crawling and indexing your webpages.

5. Concentrate on optimizing your homepage: The way you set your homepage is very vital when it comes to SEO web page ranking. Your homepage is where you will get the most inbound links.

As people in your niche link back to your homepage, you too should link your webpages to your homepage. Make certain you use top targeted keyword phrases in your niche as your anchor text. Do that on every page you create with many targeted keyword variations as you can.

SEO page ranking6. Do not neglect optimizing any of your webpages: In order to maximize on search engines optimization, do not put all your eggs in one basket. As you optimize your homepage also seek to boost your other web page rankings.

Ensure that as you create pages, you link them to other relevant webpages within your blog or website. This will help your readers navigate your site with ease and also increase your web page ranking.

7. Start working on your web page ranking right away: Procrastination is a big enemy when it gets to achieving a high page ranking. This is especially so on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

The more you wait to start your SEO page ranking campaign, the longer it will take to rank and the more expensive it will be.

Search engines optimization is for people who are serious about working online and making big money. Therefore you are better off starting right away. Begin building your blog SEO value and SEO link juice NOW!

8. Monitor and respond to your site stats and results: If there is something that you really need to monitor closely is your traffic statistics. With Google Analytics (free tool) you can be able to tell your bounce rate and more so your conversion rate.

It would be of no benefit to go on with a niche where the conversion rate is low. Monitoring your blog stats will help you know where you need to improve and the best keywords that your page ranking is converting most.

When you note there are adjustments that need to be done, do not procrastinate, rather implement them immediately. This can be in terms of moving to a better market niche or putting more effort in your current area on interest.

9. Be ready to accommodate change: Just the other day, many sites page ranking were affected by the Google panda updates. It is true that change can sometimes be very difficult, but you need to look at the end results.

For example, the recent google algorithms give more preference to articles with 800 words and above. Before you would rank well with an article with 400 words, but now you need to adjust immediately to the new google algorithms so as to boost or maintain your site page ranking.

SEO blog ranking10. Get the big picture: There are many top SEO page ranking strategies that work very well. This include article marketing, social bookmarking, social media marketing, video marketing, posting comments, guest blogging, listing in top business directories and the list goes on and on.

What I mean by getting the big picture is that you should not settle for just one SEO page ranking technique. For a small online home business to grow, you need to have an array of online marketing arsenals.

Apart from identifying online marketing arsenals, you also need to know the top keywords that you intend to rank for, the tools you need to have and the right knowledge. Armed with all the rules we have talked about on this article you will now be ready to take on even the top sites in your niche.

Summary: You do not necessarily need an SEO expert to do the work for you. SEO page ranking is achievable even as you work online at home on your small business.

7 Ways Of Link Building Without Drama

7 Ways Of Link Building Without Drama

Google keeps on talking of how they will keep on changing their algorithm, which they have. But in all that talk there are two elements they cannot remove from their algorithm formula. These are content and backlinks.

The fact that search engines are machines means that they have to depend on other factors to rank sites. One of those factors is human beings. Signals picked from building backlinks is one such element that will help you rank high.

In link building you have to be patient since you don’t want to be considered a spam due to unnatural links. You have to be tactful so as to avoid the google radar of people using underhand tactics to rank.

Most site owners usually have a hard time when it comes to building inbound links. Amazingly, others don’t even know they need backlinks in order to rank better in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Having quality online content that blows peoples’ mind off is great but it will amount to nothing if nobody finds it. Web content needs a little push so as to gain audience and the best way to do that is by link building.

On this write up you will get ideas on how you can get other sites to link to your site and thus improve your ranking on SERPs. The beauty of the strategies we will share here is that they are white hats techniques hence be in the good books of search engines.

Now let us get down to business and spill the beans on how to make your content get backlinks today and in future.

1: Write rich content: The first ingredient you need on your site to attract links is content. There are various means of generating content which include text, videos, podcast, graphs, webinars and images just to mention a few.

But of all these types of content, text and video are defiantly the best when it gets to site ranking.

The more compelling your content is the more people will want to link back to it. People are always in search for quality content and if you give them that they will among other things bookmark, share and more so add a link to their site pointing to your site.

Therefore, when creating content make sure you do your groundwork well so as to provide the best. It would be to your advantage to write one quality post a week than post everyday content that does not add value to your target audience.

If you can afford it, you can hire experts to generate content for you. For example, the other day I hired someone at to create a video.

2: Enhance your content: For your site to stand out thus build more backlinks you need to combine all types of content.

If you write an article that needs info-graphics make sure your add them. Head to a site like and create your own graphs that will enhance your content.

Apart from graphs, you also need to add related pictures within your content. Studies show that people are poor when it comes to reading but they love viewing videos and still images.

Most people go to the extent of sharing and embedding these images and videos on their site or social platforms. In the process helping you increase your link popularity.

Going through endless written content is quite boring hence you need to find a way of capturing the attention of your readers. Spice up your content by adding captivating images, graphs or videos and link building will be like child’s play.

3: Open Site Explorer: Knowing where your competitors are getting their backlinks is very important. For someone’s website or blog to be on the first page of Google he/she must be doing something right.

The ideal and easy way to discover where your competitors are getting backlinks is by using open site explorer.

All you need to do is go to open site explorer and insert your competitors site URL. You will be given a list of sites where the URL appears.

Once you have the list pick the best sites in that list and post comments or request to be a guest blogger.

From the list you derive enter those URLs to further know where these sites have linked to and further improve your link building.

4: Build relationships: One of the ultimate strategies of gaining online presence is through connecting with people in your niche.

Link building will be of more impact if you get backlinks from related sites. Therefore, you need to know where people in your niche meet both online and offline.

link building

One site that you can visit to connect with people in your niche is Meetup. Once on the site, search for bloggers in your niche. You can go a step further and specify your location and you will get to know where they meet.

Attend their meetings and build relationships. Face to face connections work better than sending email requests or linking up on social sites.

You will get a good deal anytime you talk over a drink or while having dinner.

If there is a seminar or workshop relating to what you do in your area make sure you attend. As you socialize with other participates I’m sure some will agree to allow you to write a guest post or add a link pointing back to your site.

As for online connection join relevant groups on facebook and seek to meet the right people. Don’t make a mistake of asking for a backlink right away.

First introduce yourself and get to know people and what they do. Once you have created a good rapport you can then request to write a guest blog.

5: Guest blogging: Just because someone has agreed you write a guest post does not mean they will automatically post it.

In order for guest blogging to work you need to go out of your way and come up with great content. Guest blogging is one of the best natural ways of link building.

Therefore, you don’t want to loss an opportunity to get a backlink just because you wrote a poor article. As we mentioned in the 1st point, research and come up with captivating content.

This will ensure your guest blog will be accepted and more so elicit more clicks and requests to post articles on other related blogs.

Click here to read more on the power of guest blogging

6: Press release: Do you want to knock off your competition hands down? Then releasing a press release is the thing to do.

Though it is expensive to do a press release, if you target the right keywords it will be worth every single penny.

A press release will funnel lots of traffic to your site and more importantly help you to get thousands of backlinks as your content is syndicated.

Personally, I recommend you post your press release on sites like PRweb or

7: Create a compelling Profile Page: The one reason that would affect your link building efforts is commercials. People do not like linking to webpages which have too many advertisements.

Since blogging for profit is about making money online thus the need to advertise, the one page you can create that has no adverts is the profile page.

These then means you come up with a very detailed and captivating about page. Write juicy stuff about yourself and what your site has to offer.

You may ask; how will a profile page help me in link building?

The secret is simple, every time someone mentions your name or what you do online, you can approach them and tell them you have a profile page that they can link to.

With no commercials appearing on the about page most people will be ready and willing to link back to the page.

Conclusion: Getting people to link to your site is not easy and it takes time. This is mostly the case if you are using white hat strategies.

The advantage of going legit is that eventually you will hit first page and it will be difficult to remove you there.

There are still other techniques of building inbound links such as article marketing, social bookmarking, and on-site linking just to mention a few.

As we said in the beginning creating great content is good but you need to have the right strategies of placing this content before people’s eyes. Link building will for sure help you to gain online visibility easily.

This site is devoted to making sure you learn the best techniques of marketing online. Take your website or blog to the next level by reading and implementing what we share here and you will have a good story to tell.

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I would also love to get feedback on what we have shared here. Therefore submit your comments in the space provided below. Remember to add your name, email and website to help you in link building.

SEO Tools To Consider In The First Year Of Working Online

SEO Tools To Consider In The First Year Of Working Online

For you to be successful in making money online you must embrace the use of SEO tools. Search engines optimization is the driving force of the internet. In fact, about 95% of the traffic generated on the internet is from search engines.

If this is your first time to be on the internet you need to read this article to the end. It is good to do offline business, but the full benefit of doing business is on the internet. The net provides you with an opportunity to reach a much wider audience unlike offline business. On the internet you are not limited by boundaries thus the online money making opportunities are immense.

The secret to generating income online from home is the proper use of the SEO tools that are available. Amazingly, most of these SEO tools are free to implement. With an optimized blog or website you are sure to rank high on search engine result pages thus drive high targeted traffic.

High targeted traffic will then make sure your conversation rate is high hence helping you make money at home with ease. At this point it is good to mention that proper use of SEO tools will not bring you traffic overnight. It usually takes some time before search engines build confidence in you thus rank your blog high.

Now let as look at some of the basic SEO tools to consider when you are launching your blog or website.

Have an open mind that is ready to learn: One of the best ingredients of learning that can enable you better absorb new things is developing curiosity. When you have a desire to learn new stuff you will absorb easily.

The internet is full of free materials for you to harness and learn the best SEO tools to use. It is advisable to read blogs of the people that are top in search engine optimization. A site to try is SEOMoz where expert post great and insightful articles on search engine marketing.

Other sources of getting and learning the best SEO tools include watching videos, reading reports, buying e-books, attending webinars and seminars on search engine optimization.

In the initial stages of doing online business from home; try to acquire as much knowledge on SEO strategies. Learning SEO will ensure that you avoid getting swindled by people or firms offering SEO services. Having little know-how in SEO enables you to properly vet SEO companies thus choose the right ones.

Armed with the right search engine optimization tools you will also avoid the use of black hat tactics to rank high. Always look to learn the white hat SEO strategies to that are in the good books of search engines.

To prevent the use to strategies that would hurt your SEO ambitions, consider having an account at Google and Bing webmaster tool. These two tools will help you learn the right work online legit guidelines as far as SEO practices are concerned.

The internet is filled with reputable SEO blogs that you can get insightful content on SEO tools and practices. When you learn proper SEO, you will be better prepared to form a lasting and profitable relation with search engines.

Launch a blog: The number one SEO tool in order to rank high is content. The best way to generate content is through blogging.

It is evident that writing to some people is quite a challenge but the secret is to practice. You may not be an established writer right now but the minute you start, with time you will learn the art. Even the established authors you hear of today started out as amateurs.

It may seem as an up-hill task to come up with articles with at least 700 words, but as time goes it will get easier. Try as much as possible to at least post one article in a week and as time passes you can move to two blog posts.

SEO toolsNote: For blogging to work for you as a SEO tool you need to publish content on a regular basis. If you have the cash to invest you can hire people seeking for work online jobs to write for you but it is better if you do it yourself.

It will take you time to develop writing skills and formulate content that is compelling. Therefore be patient and give engine spiders time to trust your site. Getting ranked high on search engines and thus have web presence is a gradual process.

Writing good content will help your blog individual pages get indexed and ranked hence increase web traffic.

Internal optimization: This is what is also known as onsite optimization or onpage optimization. Of all SEO tools, your blog is certainly the most vital one. It has been observed that when most people link to you they do so from your homepage.

As you create posts make certain to link to your homepage and other related pages on your blog. As you link your pages ensure you use targeted keywords as your anchor text.

Linking building is best achieved when you first work on internal optimization then later move on to external optimization. Linking your pages also help visitors to easy navigate through your blog. In addition, search engines will easily find, index and rank your pages.

You also need to tweak your pages now and then until your conversion rate goes up. The focus of your online promotion should be on blog content generation. As valuable as off site optimization is, it will be of no benefit if you have lots of traffic that does not convert to cash.

Social media networking: Most webmasters go about social media marketing the wrong way. Work on creating a profile that is optimized so as to link up with people in your niche. Your aim in social marketing should be to build relationship with the right people.

Research and find out the content that people in your niche are looking for and the best time to post. This will ensure that your status updates are read and people visit your blog. Remember that the links you post should be keyword based. This goes to show that social media is also among the SEO tools to consider.

Take time to learn the habits of your target audience and address their needs and wants. Find online forums and groups where your target audience congregate and offer content that adds value.

Recap: All said and done the best SEO tool in traffic generation is content. Give your site guests a reason to come back again and again to read your content.

Once you have good content on your site, then you can work on building link popularity. Some of the other great SEO tools to use include article marketing, guest blogging, video marketing and so on. If you note carefully, all of these SEO tools are all content based.

Search Marketing Techniques To Adopt As You Work Online

Search Marketing Techniques To Adopt As You Work Online

For people who work online through blogging or website promotion, search marketing is critical. The reason for this is because search engines offer a great source for generating online targeted traffic.

Considering that Google is the top search engine, it goes without saying that every webmaster will seek to rank well on Google.  That is why every blog or video that google post about search marketing or algorithm change will be read or viewed with lots of enthusiasm or sometimes with despair.

Enthusiasm is for the folks who use white hat strategies, while despair is from the guys who use underhand tactics to rank. Search engine bots are getting more advanced by the day hence people who use short cuts are slowly been thrown in the sand box.

Some few months ago Google posted a 3 minute video where Matt was saying that Googlebot do not consider spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in site search engine positioning. Click here to watch the video.

I don’t know what this means to you, but for me I would take such information with a pinch of salt. Google has a way of making webmasters chase after shadows thus you need to be very careful. Some search marketers must have touched the ceiling with joy to hear that google cannot tell the difference between grammatically correct articles and those with grammatical errors.

There are webmasters who in the name of generating backlinks to their site will distribute useless content. It may sound great that your link profile can grow using garbage content, but for how long do you think Googlebots will maintain the status quo?

You never know when the next Panda update will be and this time round be able to tell the difference between useless and valuable content.

Backlinks are so vital in search marketing but that does not mean you should not care how you build them. You will be better off back linking with quality content rather than garbage.

Google through Matt stated that grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are not considered when ranking websites. That does not signify that Googlebots don’t measure the link power/juice that is passed on from a webpage.

Let us assume that for now google algorithm is incapable of telling the quality of content on a page. You still have need to backlink using quality content for these reasons:

Human aspect: Do not forget that your search marketing success is determined by your overall SEO promotional strategies. Every page pointing to your site acts as a salesman or an advertisement. You do not want to appear like you have employed phony salesmen or using useless advertising to market your high profile business.

Remember that soon enough some of your visitors will get to know how you got to rank high. If you used black hat strategies you will lose your online reputation. Nobody will wants to buy products from a phony person.

Search engines will not be the ones buying your products but rather its human beings. Therefore, make sure that your overall search marketing techniques are above board. If you want to be in business for the long haul, then use the right search marketing strategies. Do not forfeit your online reputation by back linking to useless content.

Engine spiders are machines hence they are limited when it comes to full assessment of your site and back links. But when you start ranking high, Google calls into action their human reviewers to critically analyze your content and link profile.

If you have back linked using garbage content, you can be sure that it will not take long before you get your site in the sand box. It is good to note that the higher your site ranks the more the chances that human reviewers will be assigned to your site for appraisal.

Technological advancement: If there is one thing you can bet that google is doing right now is to try and improve their Googlebots. Google has employed some of the best programmers in the world and for sure they will soon crack the code that can detect garbage content.

search marketingJust talk to the guys who were hit by the Google Panda update, and you may have second thoughts in trying to use short cuts to rank. 2011 claimed its SEO victims, come 2012 and you will sure see sites going down and some coming up. Where would you rather be positioned?

Kindly, for anyone seeking to generate SEO traffic you would be better off adopting white hat search marketing techniques. Click here to subscribe to my RSS feed for quality SEO marketing strategies.

Competition: This may also be classified the same as point number 1 since your competitors are human beings. Once you enter the online business world you have to contend with competition.

As you begin to climp up the ladder you will expose yourself to your competition since you will be taking away some of their earnings. In order to cut you down, some of your competitors will begin analyzing your site to see what search marketing strategies you used to get to the top.

It will be unfortunate for you if you are using underhand strategies to rank high. Your competitors will quickly report your site to Google as distributing spammy backlinks. As more people report your site a human reviewer will be called in and if the reports are true you are doomed.

Why you need to use white hat search marketing strategies

It is true that building your link profile is not easy and it’s even more time consuming if you are generating backlinks using quality content. The process might be slow but the day you will reach the top no one will be able to demote you.

Take time to proofread the articles that you are submitting to article directories and make certain they are readable and of high quality. It may seem tiring for now but for the sake of your online home based business, you better do what Google recommends.

Summary: There are two things that search engine marketers need to seriously ponder on. When it gets to search marketing the one thing that will remain constant is change. Therefore, stop chasing after the Google algorithm changes and stick to quality content creation and white hat backlink building techniques.

The next thing that SEO marketers need to realize is that Googlebots are not all knowing as they would want people to believe. Google will forever insist on sharing half truths about their ability just to make you cling to their every word.

But having said all that, the relationship between search marketers and engine bots are dependent on each other. Bloggers and webmaster provide content that help the internet to grow while on the other hand search engines reward the best content with visibility.

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How To Improve SEO Rankings On Search Engines

How To Improve SEO Rankings On Search Engines


The desire of every blogger or webmaster working online is to get high SEO rankings. But the problem is that there are so many dos and don’ts to an extend people get confused. It has become really difficult especially for newbies to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to search engine ranking.

On this blog you are sure to get up to date strategies of improving SEO rankings and thus generate quality online traffic. As you all know, the more quality traffic you attract the more you earn money online working online.

Here are 10 basic SEO ranking tactics you should work on:

1. Picking of domain name: When I was purchasing my first domain name I did not think much about including any keywords. But that changed when I realized that I was ranking for the words I used in that domain.

For that reason I decided to buy another domain name and this time I used my main keywords which are work online. It has taken some time to rank but as you are reading this post my site is on page 1 for that very competitive keyword phrase.

What I’m trying to imply here is that you have to include your main targeted keyword when buying your domain name.

Most parameters that are thought to be used by Google to rank sites are based on assumptions. In fact, it is said that Google uses over 200 parameters to determine a site’s SEO rankings. According to my personal assessments, keywords contained within a domain name play a major role in search engine placement.

2. Heading Tags: On a site or blog there are elements known as H1, H2 and H3 which are HTML elements. These elements are used for defining a web page heading and subheading.

The thing about HTML code is that they are meant for search engines and not human beings. Therefore, you can take advantage of HTML heading tags to add keywords. But in case you are not using header tags do not worry so much. According to some SEO rankings experts, this has no significant effect to search engine ranking.

3. Title Tags: Header tags may not be visible to your blog visitors but title tags are. Title tags are the words that you put in the title of a blog post. When you visit a blog’s webpage, the title tag is the one that appears at the top of your browser.

The same title tag is the one that is displayed in search engine result pages. This is an indication that title tags are crucial when it gets to SEO rankings. Therefore, ensure that every web page title you create contains your targeted keywords.

In addition, you should target different keywords that are within your niche on every article you publish. This will help you rank on different keywords thus get more targeted traffic from each individual page you create.

4. Anchor Text: I’m sure you have come across words on the internet that are usually blue in color and when you click on them they take you to another webpage or site. These are the words referred to as anchor text or hyperlink text.

The power of anchor text is seen when it comes to article marketing, guest posting, forum marketing, social media marketing and of course all contribute to your site SEO rankings. Always use your targeted keywords as your anchor text since those are the words that search engines will rank you on.

This is how anchor text help: If you are seeking to rank for a keyword phrase like work online and earn money, the more you hyperlink this words and point them to your blog, the more you will increase SEO ranking of your blog for that keyword phrase.

5. Keyword Density: Over the years there have been hot debates as regards to the number of times one should mention keywords.

According to most SEO experts it is recommended that the best keyword density should be between 1% and 2%. Personally, the best thing to do is to concentrate more on generating quality content and mention your keyword where is seems fit.

improve SEO rankingNowadays, search engines bots are intelligent enough to pick different variation of keywords. For example words like “rank”. “ranking” or “ranked” will be treated by search engines as the same keywords. Hence, blend your keywords in a way that readers will not be able to notice there are words you are repeating.

Note: When it comes to generating content realize that you are writing to people and search engines. You can have very great content but if no one can find it all your efforts will go to waste.

6. Dofollow and Nofollow Links: Most people assume that search engines only consider Dofollow links. The secret is to balance out your Dofollow and Nofollow in order to make your site link profile to look natural.

This is an indication that Nofollow links also contribute towards improving SEO rankings of your site.

7. Alternate Tags: For those of you who don’t know what alternate tags are; they are the tags one puts to describe an image. Ideally, engine spiders cannot read images thus the need to describe using text what your images is all about.

If you can have your images rank high on search engines result pages, you will increase traffic to your site. Online marketing success is achieved when you use all avenues to drive high targeted traffic to your site.

According to recent findings, SEO experts have discovered that search engines are giving more SEO value to alternate tags more than title tags or header tags. Therefore, as you add images within your post, ensure you add a title, alternate tag and a short description. In all these fields make certain you use your targeted keyword phrase.

8. Reciprocal linking: There are some free online directories that require you to add their link on your blog for them to list your blog. This is what is referred to as reciprocal linking.

The one thing you need to have in mind in regards to reciprocal linking is that you have to link with relevant sites. If you link to a movie review site and your blog is about gardening that will not add any value to your SEO rankings.

Relevancy is critical when it comes to exchanging links. When adding your link on business directories, post your blog in the right category.

9. Sitemap: A sitemap is like a structure of your website or blog. It contains hyperlinks that lead to your site individual pages, categories, tags and so on.

The role of a sitemap is to ease navigation for both search engines and your site visitors. According to some SEO experts this does not have direct impact when it comes to improving SEO rankings. However, considering a search engine like Google which uses over 200 parameters to rank sites of which it has kept as a secret, you just never know.

10. Listing on top online business directories: In the 90’s listing your website on a directory like Dmoz was a guaranteed way to improve SEO rankings. But that has changed because now there are other high ranking websites and blogs.

You can also opt to do article marketing, social media marketing and guest blogging as other alternatives of boosting your link profile.

Conclusion: Combination of various SEO rankings tactics is the secret of increasing your overall link profile.

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