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Google +1 Review – Google’s History In Social Media

Google +1 Review – Google’s History In Social Media

Sometime back we shared about google +1 entry into the world of social media networking. I have to agree that they have done good work on their site this time round and as demonstrated by over 10 million people that created an account in just two weeks.

As it has been proved before, social media marketing is really helping many webmasters and bloggers grow their work online business from home. On this article let us do a review of Google +1 and see its advantages and disadvantages.

Circles: One of the strongest features of google +1 is definitely the circles. This is where an account holder is able to separate his contacts into groups. Thus you can create different circles for your family, business contacts, friends and so on.

The feature is missing on other social sites like facebook and twitter, which means when you update your wall all your contacts get to view what you posted. On google +1 you can choose to communicate to one circle and leave out another. In short, when you update your status wall you select the circles you would wish to share that information with.

Privacy is a big issue online and google plus has really simplified the process of privacy setting. For example, you can choose which circles will view your contacts. The procedure is so straight forward on google +1 unlike other social networking sites. On facebook, setting up privacy features is quite complex especially to folks that are not so savvy about internet stuff.

When setting up your account at google plus 1, you are able to set up your business mobile number to be visible to your workmates and business contacts but not your friends. Then you can set up the number you wish your friends and family to reach you on. The beauty is that the process of privacy setting is so easy on google +.

The other feature that sets google +1 ahead of other social sites is the fact that you can filter the status updates others have submitted. With just a single click of a button, you can filter the information by circles.

Google +1All these features mean that you can do serious online business stuff with one circle, and still be able to play with your friends in another circle. As the adage goes, “too much work without play made jack a dull boy”.

Chat rooms: Of late chat rooms have become a meeting point to make new friends and connect with other business minded people. What google +1 have done is come up with a hangout joint where people can connect through video chat rooms.

This means that you need to have a webcam installed on your computer. The challenge is that for your to get started you need to do some set ups. You have to download and install two programs, Google Voice and Video Plugin.

To be able to chat, you need to get someone who is in one of your circles and has done the same set ups. For the connections to be perfect you also need to have good internet connections. But all said and done, this is also a feature that will for sure assist webmasters build relationships across the globe.

By the way, did you know that this is not the first attempt for google to try to enter into the world of social media networking? Google over the years has being coming up with sites that have failed to take off. Here are some of the social sites that you may or may not know about before the launch of google +1.

google buzzGoogle Buzz: This was a feature that google added in their email service which I presume that most people have not noticed it. It is the second option after your inbox. With this option you will be able to disseminate information to contacts in your buzz account in a social media networking layout.

Since I created my buzz account I have not seen much improvement in my blog traffic. In addition, I get very few requests for connections and the invites I have sent out have received very few responses. This is unlike Google +1, where within days I got very many requests of people wishing to connect with me.

The other disadvantage is that some people are using buzz to send spam messages.

google friend connectGoogle Friend Connect: This site was created specifically for webmasters to be able to interact with their visitors and other webmasters. When creating your account, add your website URL and a snippet HTML code will be generated for you. Copy and paste the code on your site and you are ready to go.

The layout of google friend connect took the approach of having standard open social platform that did not work out well.

orkutOrkut: According to Google’s point of view, Orkut is meant to be an online community where people can interact and stimulate their social lives. For you to create an account at Orkut, you need to have a Gmail account.

I have to say that this has been one of Google’s best attempts to enter into the arena of social media networking before google +1. With Orkut, you can easily find people whom you share the same interest in terms of business, hobbies and personal relationships.

Some of the nations that have really embraced Orkut include India and Brazil. So if your target audiences are people from these two countries, you now know where to find them.

goole waveGoogle Wave: This is an online communication tool that was meant to make internet interaction seamless. The idea was to integrate the various media of communication tools like videos, text, images, and many more on one platform.

As we speak the site is almost coming to a dead end. I hope google have learned from their previous projects and the same will not happen to google +1.

Summary: There have been other attempts by google to try to enter the social networking arena with sites like Open Social and Google Lively. Right now a site like Google lively has been shut down.

This history goes to show just how social media networks are becoming a force to reckon with. This is especially so for work online marketers. If google what’s a piece of the cake, it means there is definitely something about social media that people are yet to unearth.

My advice is that if you have not jumped into social media marketing and you are blogging for money, you better try out google +1 for a start.

Facebook Places | Branding Tool For Small Business

Facebook Places | Branding Tool For Small Business

If there is a feature that helps connect the online world to the offline world is Facebook places. Launched in August 2011, Facebook location based feature enables users to know where their friends are and share their real location online and offline.

Facebook places have in a very short time turned some small internet businesses into big businesses. This is because of the powerful attributes the feature presents to business people in terms of marketing on facebook.

With a marketing campaign centered on the check-in services, you can build great awareness of your business. The facebook places check-in services allows you to build a fan base that you can easily turn to customer. All you need to do is engage your fan base by offering incentives.

Why the check-in feature is powerful.

Whenever a facebook users lands on a certain location on facebook places, facebook sends a news feed to all the user’s friends. The one thing about that is it brings about the aspect of viral marketing. Friends will want to check out why their friends like a certain page and they too may end up liking the page.

Because of the viral effect, you as a business person should take advantage and use facebook places to bring people to your physical location.

How to get started on facebook places:

Note that the feature is good for business people who have a physical location.

Step 1: You first need to find then create your own place page. Search other locations that are situated near you to help you located your place. In most cases you will find that it is already added but if it’s not you can add it manually.

Step 2: Claim your business and by doing so you can amend and enter relevant information. Some of the details you need to amend include your business name, working hours, address and so on.

As you edit, add images that are related to your business for example you can add your business logo. Doing all this is proves ownership of the place.

Step 3: Integrate your facebook fan page with facebook places. This means that anyone that likes your page will automatically be linked to your places page. The amazing thing about this integration is that it will enable you to easily share links, status updates and present your offers all from one location.

For your facebook places page to be effective, add features such as check-ins and maps showing your real location.

The best feature that can be found in the places page on facebook is the check-in. It is therefore important to encourage your fans to check-in. Start by enticing your relatives, close friends and employees to checkin since their friends will see they liked a certain page.

To ensure that you get more people to like your facebook places page you need to reward people that checkin. Some of the rewards you can offer visitors who checkin are offering coupons, discounts and special rates.

Here is a real scenario where facebook places can help you market your small business.

You have set up a flower shop and you are thinking of having a grand launch to build awareness. First you need to follow the 3 steps that have been stipulated above. The page and your shop should be branded in anticipation of the event.

To make sure that people checkin to your facebook places page, only offer discounts to your facebook fans. This will entice more people to like and checkin your page thus helping you to spread the word around about your event.

facebook placeFacebook places page is a good tool to communicate with your customers, therefore tell your customers to check out your page frequently for any updates. This will ensure you have repeat visitors to your shop as you bring in new products.

So as to have full viral effect, offer big discounts to people that have visited your flower shop and your page the most times.

If this is not a free online advertising tool that facebook is offering you, then I don’t know what else it is.

Traffic tracking ability:

The beauty of facebook places is the fact that you can easily know the number of people that checked in your page and visited your shop. Have a place on your shop where you record visitors that have also liked your page.

It is also important that you tell them to share their experiences by giving you feedback. Apart from this been a great opportunity for you to collect testimonials, you will know what you need to do to improve your service delivery and products.

Facebook SMS:

I bet that most of you do not know that you can now send your subscribers your status updates through SMS. To get updates from my wall onto your mobile phone send the words “like workfromhomeinfo” to 32665 (FBOOK on your cellphone). Once you do that you will be getting the articles published on my facebook page

The same can apply to your page and this also activates the like button for people who subscribe through SMS. Even when they unsubscribe to your SMS messages, they will still be getting the updates through your facebook news feed.

If you ask me, every shop should have a facebook places account and claim their location online. Imagine the number of repeat customers you can have if you had a sign in your shops and page with the words reading, “Send like (your page name)” to 32665 (FBOOK) for the best deals and discounts.

Apart from bringing in repeat customers, you will also be able to fully engage your customers. In addition, you will build your small business brand to become a major business player.

Conclusion: Have you been looking for ways to establish your business brand and make it a house hold name? Then creating a Facebook place is a perfect avenue to achieve that.

Take advantage to find, create and claim your place online right now and begin your viral marketing campaign. As your business brand goes viral you will build your online brand name all at the comfort of your home.

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Am sure there are other strategies one can use to market with Facebook places, kindly share them on this forum by posting in the comment section provided below.

How To Get More Twitter Followers And Site Traffic

How To Get More Twitter Followers And Site Traffic

Web 2.0 sites that have helped to revolutionize the internet and one of these sites is Twitter. Any e-marketer will tell you; the more twitter followers you have the higher the volume of web traffic you will attract. Twitter and other social media platforms have helped business people to market their products worldwide with ease.

As a blogger or webmaster, you can take advantage of these social media sites to promote your home business. All you require is the ability to tap into the resources that would help you leverage your marketing using sites like twitter.

Research shows that twitter is one of the fastest growing social media sites. As you read this article, twitter is said to have over 150 million subscribers and the number is growing fast. On a monthly basis, twitter records about 200 million unique hits. This is an indication that if you use the right strategies you get more twitter followers from these hits.

Imagine you got at least 0.1% of the 200 million people to follow you on twitter, that would quickly translate to good traffic, don’t you think? Then, if 1% of your followers would click on your tweet links, that is clean cash. The beauty of it all is that for you to get more twitter followers is simple.

There are people who are lazy and would rather use social media alone to market their products. The fact that with twitter you just need to draft a sentence; is enough to attract many e-marketers. This kind of marketing is also known as micro-blogging.

Compared to posting long blog posts, micro-blogging is simple and effective to some extent. Sending tweets takes the weight off your shoulders unlike blogging where you’ve got to have writing skills. In addition, with twitter you don’t need to pay a single penny to get targeted traffic.

But for twitter to be effective, you need to know how to get twitter followers. The more followers you have the better your chances of making more money online. Having followers is not enough; you need to have targeted followers. With targeted followers you can be sure that a single tweet with a link to your site will generate unique traffic for you.

Furthermore, your followers can re-tweet your updates and in the process ensuring your site goes viral. This in turn would mean more traffic and higher search engines ranking. Imagine all that benefit from just one social media site.

Here are some simple but effective strategies on how to get more twitter followers:

Optimize your account: The first thing you need to do is to create a twitter account. I see people using one account for business and socializing; that is not recommended. It is advisable that you have different accounts. The same applies if you have sites on different niches; create an account for each of your niche sites.

Start by giving your account a name that is keyword based. Twitter is a like a small search engine, therefore when you use relevant keywords in your profile people in your niche will easily find you.

It is important to add a relevant image of what you do in your twitter background and avatar. This will help people easily know what you do thus help you get more twitter followers that are targeted.

Follower other people in your niche: Once your account is set up and fully optimized by adding relevant keywords in your profile, you can start following people. Do not follow anyone just for the sake of it. It will make more sense if you follow people that are in the same niche as you.

When you follow targeted people the obvious thing is that most of them will follow you back. It would be better to have 3000 followers that are targeted that having 10,000 untargeted followers.

The other strategy that works perfectly in getting more twitter followers is identifying top bloggers in your niche. Most of the subscribers that follow top bloggers are targeted. All you need to do then is follow the people following top bloggers in your niche.

Since these people will see that you share something in common, chances are that more people will follow you back.

Use Softwares: Twitter has been there for a while now and in the process many programmers have come up with great tools to help you add more twitter followers. With some of these tools, you can easily send and monitor tweets.

A good example is Tweet deck which helps to monitor and track tweets from your followers. This tool ensures you know what people are saying about you thus respond and arrest any negative thing that is been talked about your site or products.

Other programs that help you to submit your content to different sites including twitter are Magic Submitter produced by Alexander Krulik. His software has truly dominated the world of social media. Another recommended twitter product is TweetAdder. This is a powerful automated twitter management system that helps you add followers, manage many accounts and so on.

Share relevant content: It is true that having a blog will call for writing long and insightful content and some people would rather micro-blog. But let me ask, your tweets should send people somewhere? What do you want them to find there?

This is to tell you that you cannot avoid having a website or a blog where you can be sending your twitter followers. Even if your site is a product based site, you need to share information about your products. The more insightful your information is the higher your sales conversion will be.

When you give value to the few followers you have, they will re-tweet your updates thus helping you get more twitter followers.

Today, there are tools you can use to share updates on twitter with ease. For people using wordpress, there is a plugin called Tweet Old Post that does just that. It tweets your old blog posts that had been forgotten hence helping you get more twitter followers and give new life to those posts.

It is therefore, critical for you to have a website where you send your followers to. Take your time to draft and publish quality blog posts. With Tweet Old Post plugin, you just never know which article will set you up for the big leagues.

Have a blog or website: In the point above we have seen why it is imperative to have blog or a website. But of this point we want to see other aspects of a blog in leveraging and thus get more twitter followers and traffic.

The best way to market on the web from home is to use different promotion and advertising strategies. With traffic coming from different sources you can convert some of your blog visitors to become your twitter followers.

Remember, the more twitter followers you have the higher the rate of return visitors. This is because every time you submit a tweet you can be sure that some of your twitter followers will click on your links.

A simple strategy of getting more twitter followers from your site is by adding a twitter follow button. You can also add a twitter button for your visitors to tweet your post to their followers. This will help you in viral marketing and your site will spread on the internet.

Conclusion: Social media is one of the best ways to promote your online home business. The fact that now people are able to access social sites through their phones, means you can get even more twitter followers.

On the left of this blog you can find an example of how to use social media buttons to help market your site. Click on these social icons to share with article with your twitter followers and let us see if it really works.

Any business entrepreneur that ignores social media is doing so at his or her own peril. Share your views in the comment section below. You can also enter your email address in the section provided on the right side bar to get more of our blog updates.

10 Rules On How To Manage Social Media Marketing

10 Rules On How To Manage Social Media Marketing

As things stand today, you can only ignore social media management at you own peril. Online business entrepreneurs are embracing social media marketing solutions than ever before.

This has been brought about by the recent events in the search engine world when Google released the Search Your World algorithm Update.

You would have thought that all webmasters have read this algorithm update and started implementing it right away, but very few marketers really know do that. It could be that people don’t really know the value of doing the right thing or they just choose to be naïve.

It therefore signifies that any blogger or webmaster, who keeps up with the times as far as online marketing is concerned, will always be ahead of the pack.

With search engines now monitoring your social activities to rank your content, you need to know how to manage your social media optimization.

If you have been following this work online from home blog, of late we have been dedicated to publishing content on various aspects of social media management.

We started out by posting an article about the new social media site that is causing a stir and some controversy in the social media world.

Below are the titles of the articles related to social media solutions:

Pinterest To Revolutionize Social Marketing Through Social Mentions

How To Write On The Web To Increase Social Mentions

Google Search Plus Impact On Web Marketing

On this write we are going to look at other very important aspects of social media that will give you an edge over your competitors.

The reason for saying this is because very few marketers actually do the right thing when it comes to social media marketing.

Below are guidelines of marketing your business on social sites thus ensuring online presence and proper branding. In addition, these rules will help you to connect and build lasting relationships with your target audience.

Rule #1: Subscribe to social media updates: The importance of monitoring what is happening in the social media arena is that you will always be ahead of your competitors.

It will mean, if a new social site is launched you will be among the first to take advantage. In addition, you will get information on real time of any changes or updates to the already existing social media sites.

The word social means building communities and it is from these connections you will be in a position to acquire new visitors and customers to your site.

Rule #2: Learn how various social media sites work: Opening an account on facebook, Chime, Yammer, Google +1 or pinterest is one thing; you also need to learn how these sites operate.

This means you read their rules and guidelines to make sure you take full advantage. One important element of managing social media is to make sure you fill in your user profile details comprehensively.

Include your links and related keywords in your profile. This will act as quality backlinks to your site thus ensure social media optimization.

Rule #3: Set goals: The same way you have to plan when approaching SEO, is the same manner you should go about implementing social media management.

Plan on how you are going to connect to the right people and how often you are going to update your wall. If you have to buy ads space, define your goals to make sure you get your Return on Investment (ROI).

You might say that marketing through social media is free but you also need to realize that you will send time marketing. As you know, there is nothing as expensive as time, thus work smart to ensure your efforts are rewarded.

Rule #4: Avoid the use of high marketing pitches: Imagine going to a friend’s birthday party carrying products to sell. One thing is definitely going to happen; you will be lucky if you don’t get thrown out.

Social sites are meant for relating and not selling. The minute you begin hard selling people will alienate you.

In the case of the birthday party, if you go with the aim of telling amusing stories everybody will gather around you. In fact, you will not be able to stop the drinks that will come your way.

You have to trend very carefully when marketing on social sites. It is advisable to share with people helpful information and only give out your business details when asked to.

Rule #5: Listen: In online business it can only take one statement to send your business to the gutter. This is especially so if someone with a million followers on twitter posts a negative update about your company.

This is why social media management experts recommend monitoring of what people are saying about your business.

A simple way to monitor is setting Google alerts or uploading on your computer softwares like Tweet Deck (get what people are tweeting about your business).

Social Media ManagementRule #6: Relate wisely: Monitoring what customers are saying about your company is one thing but how you react is also very important.

Rather than ignoring a negative update about your site and hope it will die out, use the opportunity to show your business professionalism. This is by responding with facts and not appearing defensive.

If the points been raised are valid, then you need to make sure you act immediately and rectify the situation. With time people will respect your business thus build confidence in what you have to offer.

Treat all people big or small equally by responding to all issues been raised by your customers. Those small time customers are the same people who will later take your business to the next level.

Rule #6: Have fun: If you manage social media marketing well you will be laughing all the way to the bank. The secret is to not to look at social marketing as a chore rather a chance to have fun.

Social sites are filled with people from all walks of life and from different age groups. Don’t be uptight or go overboard in the way you relate to people.

Take time to learn your target audience preferences and what would make them tick. The more you have fun the more people will be drawn to you and thus talk about you to others.

Rule #7: Be patient: If you thought opening an account today on facebook and in a weeks’ time hope to have thousands of raving fans calling your name then you better forget marketing through social sites.

The same way it takes time to build a brand name, you should be patient with social media marketing. It takes effort, consistency and time before you can really start enjoying the fruits of promoting your business on social sites.

Studying your audience so as to give them quality updates calls for patience. Otherwise, if you rush in a hurry to make money, readers might just drop you like hot coal.

Rule #8: Maintain your personality: There are people who are one thing on social sites and totally portray a different personality when they go offline. To succeed in social network marketing you have to be yourself.

Do not talk big when in real sense you are a newbie. Soon people will get to know who you really are and if you have been pretend, woe unto you!

Reputation and credibility is everything when it comes to online marketing. One tiny misrepresentation can ruin your business completely.

Rule # 9: Maintain your principles: In order to gain the respect of your customers you have to be principled. Just because your competitors are breaking all the social rules does not mean you join the band wagon.

It might appear like they are gaining headway over you but with the way things happen nowadays, they will wake up one day to find all their clients crowding on your online store.

If you have employees updating your twitter handle, make it clear to them to post updates that represent your views without compromising your business integrity.

Rule # 10: Hire professionals: Managing social media marketing can be quite tasking especially if you have other things to do.
Considering how important social media is to marketing on the internet, rather than doing everything by yourself you can hire experts.

There are big companies like Dell Computers that have hired hundreds of young people to send tweets to their followers.

Just remember to give the people you have hired your company’s guidelines and make sure they understand how social media works. There are also online companies that you can engage to offer these kinds of services at a good rate.

Conclusion: The last and final thing about marketing on social sites is to be active. You cannot expect to build your business brand if you update your wall once a month.

Join online conversations relating to your niche and actively participate in discussions that touch on your business. The more your social activity is, the more people will know of the existence of your business.
Another thing, social network marketing is not the only online marketing tool available. Marketing on the web does not start and end on social sites.

There are other strategies like offline marketing, article marketing, blogging, SEO that you need to integrate to your online marketing campaign.

The only way to succeed online is to embrace all marketing techniques available and social media management is just one of them.
Did you learn something new from this post? Or is there something else you can add? Please post your opinions in the comment section appearing below.

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Facebook Timeline Cover Page – A Close Web Marketers’ Partner

Facebook Timeline Cover Page – A Close Web Marketers’ Partner

Some time back we published a post about changes that facebook is doing to its layout. From then many other design updates have been done but the latest is the new facebook timeline cover.

Timeline was launched in December 2011 and we must agree facebook has really made large strides since then. Number of users has grown to above 900 million. It is estimated that by the end of the year facebook will hit 1 billion active users.

This is a big feat by any standards no wonder facebook is envied by many. Facebook also got listed on the stock exchange with investors jostling to get a piece of the leading social media site. Though the IPO did not go as anticipated, the future of facebook looks so bright.

Enough with the statistics and let us get back to the reason of writing this blog post. Facebook timeline has several features that online entrepreneurs can use to promote their businesses.

Ideally, when you look at the cover of the facebook timeline, posts are arranged in a historical format. Your recent activities which include updates, pictures and videos are streamed at the top of your timeline.

The streaming can be applied to both your personal page and fan page. This makes it easier for your target audience to track your activities thus help you market your business on facebook.

If you have not activated your facebook timeline you better do it right away. Click here to learn how to get facebook timeline.

Before timeline was launched, facebook implemented several changes to their layout. It became difficult to keep track of all these changes. Later, facebook settled for timeline which offered new and better marketing and optimization opportunities.

Note: Facebook has just updated timeline where you can schedule your updates. According to some internet marketing pundits this will offer stiff competition to sites like Hoot Suite, and Tweet Deck. This also spells doom to applications such as Post Planner. To find out more about this new feature watch the video below

On this post we shall discuss some of the advantages that the facebook timeline cover offers internet marketers. Whether you have a big or small web business you need to read this post to the very end to see how you can increase traffic to your site through facebook.

How business people can benefit from using timeline:

The element of user friendliness:

You do not need to have any technical skills in order to operate timeline. The interface is so straight forward for both the admin and visitors.

In the facebook timeline admin area, you can be able to track activities such as comments, likes and sharing of your updates. Timeline comes with a section that shows your page analytics in terms of visitor engagement.

This is inform of a graph that displays your page reach, likes and more importantly it shows the number of people talking about your page. You also get a more detailed report on other activities that bring people to your page such as pictures, mentions or message posts and so on.

How you benefit from the Cover photo:

The top of your facebook timeline cover is definitely the most important when it comes to marketing on facebook. This is because it is the first thing people see when they land on your facebook page.

This area is dedicated for adding an image and it has a measurement of 851 x 315 pixels. It therefore goes without saying that the image you use has to be very captivating.

Generally, people are drawn to images than they are to text. And this must have been the reason for facebook to allocate this area to facebook users.

As a business person you need to fully take advantage of your cover photo to catch the attention of your target audience. The image will determine if visitors will remain on your page or exit immediately without reading what you have to offer.

It is good to note that facebook timeline has some limitation when it comes to adding a cover photo. You are not allowed to upload promotional images. This includes images that have information about offers or discounts to your services.

You are also not to add contact information such as your telephone number or email. According to facebook guidelines, you are not to include call to action messages to your cover image on timeline.

Here we are talking of messages that tell visitors to like or share your page. This leaves web marketers with only one option, have a cover image that gets the attention of viewers.

The facebook timeline cover image is an opportunity to brand your business or yourself. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

facebook timeline page

Highlighting important information on your timeline:

You can now be able to highlight important information appearing on your facebook timeline page. This is by stretching an update across your page.

A post that has been stretched out will be easy to locate thus help you promote your business. You can also take an old post and pin it on the top left side of your page. This feature helps you to give new life to your old updates that had long been forgotten.

Easy interaction with your audience:

One of the reasons of marketing on social sites is to interact with your customers. As you communicate with your clients, you build relationships which help boost your business profile.

The new facebook timeline has a feature that allows easy communication between you and your target audience. Now people can send you direct messages which you can respond to in real time.

This element of communication has helped businesses offer quality customer service. In addition, you will be able to build relationships with clients and network with other people in your niche.

In case you do not need to receive messages using this feature, timeline enables you to deactivate it.

Making use of Apps in your timeline:

There are many apps that you can use on your facebook timeline cover to promote your business. Some of the apps you can use include NetworkedBlogs that updates your blog posts onto your wall.

Another great and free app to use for optimizing your facebook timeline cover is Shortstacks. With this app you will easily integrate your website or blog into your facebook fan page.

An important attribute of shortstack is the ability to add links pointing back to your blog from facebook. Apart from optimization, it helps you generate direct referral traffic to your blog or website.

The stockstack application widget will appear right below your cover images thus offering you an opportunity to promote your business.

Updates are viewable by all people:

This is yet another powerful element of facebook timeline. If your business is mentioned in a post or comment it will appear on your timeline where all people coming to your page can see.

Though this feature can be disabled, it is recommended that you enable it to help boost social proof. This way you will gain trust from your audience thus boost conversion rate.

Elimination of landing pages:

The one thing that facebook timeline did away with was creation of landing pages. Gone are the days when online marketers created fan pages that elicited “Like” button clicks, sharing and other call to action messages.

The new facebook design and layout allows you to take people to your timeline directly. The reason for facebook to do away with landing pages was to give people an opportunity to explore a business before visiting the website.

This gives more reason for you to make sure your timeline is interesting and eye catching. You also have to include insightful content that will leave viewers with no option but to visit your site for more.

Summary: Facebook has for sure cemented their dominance in social media and other sites like twitter, linkedin, Google Plus and Pinterest are left to do catch up.

If you ask me, facebook timeline has a very appealing look. Any business person who is not using facebook to market their business is for sure leaving money on the table.

I also like the element that facebook brings to online marketing. Rather than focusing on marketing, facebook is putting more emphasis to improving user experience.

What are your views about timeline in relation to business promotion, post your comments in the section provided below.

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Questions About Social Media To Ask As An Online Marketer

Questions About Social Media To Ask As An Online Marketer

Social networking sites have really helped many online marketers take their business to the next level. There are things about social media marketing that make this strategy stand out:

With the right skills in implementing social networking marketing:

You can cut a niche for yourself

Expose your products or service to a wider market

Promote your blog or website with ease

Establish yourself as an expert in your area of business

Build lasting work online business relationships with your audience

The other aspect about social media is that it acts as a salesman for whatever you are promoting. Imagine having an employee who does not go on leave, works 24/7, doesn’t ask for the day off or fall sick. This is what you get by implementing social marketing. And this is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing on the internet through social media sites.

Now that you know something about social media and its ability to boost your internet marketing campaign, how do you go about getting started? This is a vital question to ask yourself but it can be properly answered if you fully understand your product.

In addition, you need to have well defined goals of what you want to achieve as an online business person. So as to gather as much information about social media marketing, we will pose to you some questions then you will seek answers. This way you will be better placed to take the right approach in promoting web based business through social sites.

Since this article will be read by different business people, it is prudent that we provide you with the right questions. Some questions may apply to you while some may not. Therefore, pick the ones that best suit your business needs.

This is because asking the right questions lead to right answers. In fact, questions are much more important than the answers.

When you formulate critical questions that are relevant to your business, then issues about social media marketing and how best to do it will be addressed adequately. Be it offline or online business, all businesses are unique. This is in relation to business goals, type of customers, your customers’ needs and wants.

Below are questions about social media networking you are required to ask yourself before you get started:

Which are the right social media sites to promote your business?

Since YouTube, twitter and facebook are the heavy weights in social networking, it does not mean you spend all your efforts there. You need to research and know where your target audiences spend of their time.

Other great sites to research on include LinkedIn Profile, Yammer, MySpace, Ning, Google +1 (new kid in the block) and so on.

Go for social sites that sufficiently meet your needs. If you have to join the big boys of social networking, join communities where folks in your niche meet. You can also take the initiative and form a group that will bring people in your niche together.

Remember the one thing about social media is that you need to be good in micro blogging. This is in terms of creating catchy phrases.

What are your goals?

Take time to define your online business goals and determine whether they are achievable. It is advisable to set long term goals and short term goals for your business promotion. Periodically, review your goals and see if you are making any headway.

Once you achieve a certain goal, set another goal immediately and this way your business will grow faster.

How will you manage your content creation?

One thing about social media and any other online marketing strategy is content creation. When it gets to micro blogging, you have to think on how to come up with catchy headlines.

It is vital that you update your website or blog regularly and with quality content. Even as you post on your status wall catchy titles, ensure that when your audiences reach your site they will also find content that is relevant, valuable and insightful.

You need to determine if you will do the content creation yourself or you will hire employees to do it for you. Consider the two options and see which will work best for your work from home online business opportunity.

If you choose to hire, make sure you always proofread before the content goes public. Offer necessary tools and materials to help your employees create quality content for you.

How will you automate your social media campaign?

The beauty about social media marketing is that you can integrate with other sites to make your work easier. With a site like pingfm, you can update all your social networking accounts automatically.

Another site is, though with this site you can only update your facebook and twitter status wall.

about social media networkingWhich strategies will you use to make your audience to take action?

Providing content is good but you need to go a step further in order to benefit from social networking. Just as blogging, the other thing about social media marketing campaigns is how to motivate your audience to take action.

Some of the strategies to engage your audience include;

Offering free downloads

Giving free gifts

Offering cash rewards

Starting a contest

Providing discounts e.t.c

Which other tactics are there to boost your social marketing campaign?

Something about social media that most online marketers overlook is marketing offline. This include

Adding your social media links on your business cards

Attending seminars and conferences in your niche

Post your articles on local niche magazines and adding your social media links

Use email marketing to promote your social media accounts

Organize and give talks about social media

During holiday seasons add your social links on the cards you send out

Add your social links on the cover of your business envelops

Use video marketing to promote your social user profiles.

Join offline networks and associations that are related to your niche

Is your social media networking strategy working for you?

On a regular basis gauge and determine if your social media campaigns have increased traffic to your site or blog. Use free tools like Google Analytics or Site Meter to provide you with data on which marketing campaigns are generating traffic for you.

This will help you to know where you need to adjust thus improve your marketing.

Summary: The ability to build relationships with your contacts is the one thing about social media that really stands out. You can connect with people from all walks of life and location through social sites.

When you pose to yourself the above important questions, you will be better placed to launch you social media marketing campaigns.

For sure with these questions about social media networking, lay the secrets to being successful in marketing on the internet.

Google Plus – Social Media Marketing New Kid

Google Plus – Social Media Marketing New Kid

The latest buzz on the internet marketing circles is definitely Google Plus or Google +1. If you are devoted work online entrepreneur then you realize to make money blogging you need to keep up with the trends.

It will not take long before Google plus explodes and the people who will benefit will be the ones who jumped into the band wagon first.

When it comes to generating blog traffic, you need to know where your target customers visit. In case you realize they are always on facebook then that is where your focus should be. But as we speck people are rushing to Google plus and you need to go where your target audience spend most of their time.

Google plus is the new kid in the block when it gets to social media sites. This is a site that has been designed for people to link up with friends, family, colleagues and your business contacts.

In my many years in internet marketing I have discovered the secret is having various sources of getting blog traffic. The more work online marketing arsenals you have the more traffic you will attract. If am asked, you need to add Google plus or Google +1 to your web marketing campaign list.

Here are the advantages of Google Plus for bloggers

google +1Attracting direct blog traffic: It is just amazing how bloggers are beginning to generate quality traffic from Google +1 and they have not even added the button on their blogs. This goes to show with proper utilization of the Google Plus features, traffic to your blog will sky rocket.

As you share on google plus, add a link pointing to where you want to lead your followers. You will be surprised just how much direct blog traffic you will generate. It is just a month ago when Google +1 was launched and yet it is generating a lot of traffic for bloggers.

Just like any other social forum, share content that is helpful that aims to educate and add values to your target audience. This will mean you get more recommendation from your friends and business contacts.

Ability to really engage your followers: Unlike twitter where you need to have lots of followers for you to have real impact, with Google Plus the story is different. With just a small following you can fully engage your followers and much more so in a personal level.

The site has been created in such a way that interactions are more personalized. In addition, engagement with your connections is very simple since the site if user friendly.

As a work online business person you know that building relationship is the key to making money online from home. It helps you gain credibility and thus online presence.

Classification of your followers: On facebook or twitter any time you updated your wall, all your fans and followers can view your update. This means that you needed to have two accounts; one for fun and another for serious business stuff.

The case is different with Google Plus; with the feature called “circle” you are able to engage one segment of your followers without involving the other circles. This will also be very helpful for bloggers that have blogs in different niches.

You can create more that one circles of friends. For instance, if you have two blogs; one about working online and another for weight loss tips. You can come up with two circles, one for business and another for health. This will ensure when you post about health tips your circle of friends in business will not see the posts.

This gets even better since you can also send a message to one person at a time. All this features will increase the chances of generating unique blog traffic thus a high sales conversion rate.

Potential audience congregating at one place: In just two weeks, 10 million people signed up on Google +, this just goes to show that there is something about Google plus you simply cannot ignore.

Since the social media marketing site is still new and there are several features that need to be worked on, there is no way 10 million people can congregate in one place without money flowing. My follower blogger, you must take full advantage of Google Plus right away.

Google +Search engine placement: Google +1 feature is the one tool that will really help people trying to make money blogging. Therefore, you have to add the Google +1 sign on your blog since it will boost your search engine ranking.

Ideally, content recommended by your business contact and friends is of more relevance than from people in other niches. A Google +1 recommendation from someone in your niche will be a signal to Google to prove that your content is relevant and of quality. This in turn will boost you site positioning on google search results.

It is hence of great importance that online marketers embrace google plus to create blog traffic from Google. The beauty about it is that it won’t take many recommendations for an article on your blog to rank. With just like 10 Google plus recommendation your blog post can rank very well on google search results.

If you ask me, Google Plus is the next big thing in search engines optimization. In the near future Google + will be part of the google algorithms. It will be an indicator of how much people value or trust a particular site or blog post.

If you want unique traffic then look at Google plus.

The new best place to be: The day you will begin getting email notification from Google Plus is the day you see its power. It is really great seeing people in your niche adding you to their circle of friends. It is an indicator of how people love your content which translates to more online sales conversions.

If you are offering rich content you will note that you will get more friends on Google + more you will ever get on Facebook and twitter.

One thing is for sure, Google will make sure they will perfect Google +. Those bloggers that ignored social site as a means of generating traffic are now regretting. Facebook has really helped people making money online earn even much more cash.

If you were one of those guy that overlooked facebook and twitter, you now have an opportunity to redeem yourself. Create a Google Plus account right away and remember to include the Google +1 button on your web pages.

It will not take long before you begin seeing an increase of targeted blog traffic to your posts. Aim to add people in your niche, like ME, to your circle of friends and you will definitely love it.

I am really looking forward to linking up with you on Google Plus.

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