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Smart Ideas In Online Home Based Business Planning

Smart Ideas In Online Home Based Business Planning

Create a “To Do List”; get a note book where you can be drafting fresh home based business ideas and thoughts and the…

Olympics Games 2012 In London Sends A Chilling Message To Entrepreneurs

Olympics Games 2012 In London Sends A Chilling Message To Entrepreneurs

This week saw the beginning of a journey to stardom for all participants of the London Olympic games 2012. The buildup to the Olympic Games has been intense with athletes pushing themselves to the limit.

Athletes are not the only ones who have been anticipating for the Games, fans from all walks of life have been talking of their favorite athletes who will turn up the heat.

Just like the soccer world cup, the Olympic Games are held after every 4 years. Great athletes from over 200 countries gather to showcase their talent in various disciplines.

This disciplines range from track, field and indoor events. African pride themselves of having dominated long and middle distance events on the tracks for a long time. In the London games they are expected to do the same.

Americans of the other hand are known for the short races but with Usain Bolt around the party is bound to be spoilt. But they still dominate the indoor games such as Basketball where they have been a powerhouse for years.

For a while let us go back in history and see when the first Olympic Games where held. This dates back to 1894 when the first Games where held in Greece. This was after the foundation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The games have been held in several countries since then but London will be the first city to host the games three times since the inception of the games.

You may be wondering what’s up with me talking of the Olympic Games and yet my site is about online business. If you think I’m a guy crazy about sports you are not wrong.

Since childhood I have really loved sports with soccer being my best game. Though I cannot play soccer as I used to when I was younger, the games have shaped the way I do business.

As the world comes to a standstill to watch the games, what is there for business people to learn? The athletes will break sweat and push themselves to the limit. Let me ask you, is that the same thing you do with your business?

Entrepreneurs, is it the high time you picked a leaf from the young people who participate in the Olympic Games. Some of us approach business casually and hope money will rain down on us.

London gamesLet be burst your bubble, success does not just come; you have to go out of your way to get it.

Here are the lessons that every entrepreneur both online and offline should learn from the ongoing Olympics games:

a: Everybody will be watching: Billions of people from all walks of life will be tuned in to watch the games. Both the young and the old will be rooting in for their favorite athlete and hoping they will bring in at least a medal.

This fact cannot escape the minds of the athletes as they prepare to compete. Therefore, each competitor has to do their level best and win over even more fans. A win means hitting the paper headlines and the more people talk about you the better the victory.

You as a business person knows so well that the more fans you have the better your business will be. This calls for providing your audience with the best business model that offers solutions to their needs.

The better your products or services are the more customers will keep on coming and more importantly talk about you to others.

Do you want to go viral on blogs, social sites and forums? Then remember that customers are watching every move you make.

b: Have the right mindset: When the athletes are taking to the tracks they all are looking to cross the finish line first. But there is no way they can expect to win if they are not prepared.

With good preparation you will have confidence thus have the right mindset. Having confidence that you will emerge the win and you have not prepared is like giving yourself false hope.

For an athlete to be picked to represent their country they must have proved their worth. This means that they have trained for years to get to that level of success.

As a business person, be it offline or online business, you cannot expect to be a winner if you do not have the right mindset. You have to be prepared to take on the tides that come with doing business.

The notion that earning an income online is easy has blinded most people to rush into internet business. The result is that most of them bow out of the race when faced with the first small huddle.

You need to equip yourself with the right knowledge and tools when going into business. This will help you both mentally and physically.

Proper preparation ensures you build confidence which you will need when the going gets tough. For example, knowing that business takes time to build and that you are bound to come across challenges will help you to hold on until you achieve your goal.

c: Pay the price: During the London Olympic Games opening ceremony you could see athletes matching in with smiles on their faces. Though they looked quite at ease the price they had to pay to get to this world class stage was immense.

These athletes go through lots of pain during training. Sometime their dreams are broken when they get injuries, but they still find the energy to pick up themselves and start all over again.

The young men and women competing in the Olympic Games have what I call the never die mentality.

It is this same attitude that entrepreneurs need to possess too. When you get into business you will face some ups and downs but these obstacles are not supposed to break you. Instead use the challenges you encounter to build business muscles.

This reminds me when I loaded a template that had errors that brought down my site. At the time I was ranking very well on top search engines results. I simply refused to GIVE UP and had to start all over again.

It is this element of sticking to your guns that will help you become a successful entrepreneur. You will definitely hit a brick wall once or twice but that does not mean you throw in the towel.

Success is for those who hold up when they are hit hard. The failures you have gone through are set ups for a great and brighter future, be it in sports or business.

d: Set your eyes on the price: Usain Bolt is definitely the fastest runner in the 100 meters but that does not mean the other competitors in the same race are not eyeing the gold medal.

All competitors in all disciplines are eyeing the top podium place despite their earlier performance. This is because they hope to improve their performance in this world stage.

You just never know, the adrenaline at this stage may just push the athletes to beat all odds.

You too need to have the same attitude when doing business. Your target should be to be the best in what you do thus pick the top price. Aim for nothing else but to succeed in what you do.

Passion and believe in your capabilities are components that you need to make it big in the business world. Believe me; it is less crowded and cooler at the top.

e: You have to sacrifice: Apart from devoting time to train hard, athletes also deny themselves goodies that come with lifestyle.

Unlike many people who will pick a burger at the Kiosk on their way to the office, an athlete will follow a strict diet. This is because they have to sacrifice the good things in life to be winners.

You cannot expect to be a good runner if half of your time is spent hanging out with friends at clubs. In order to remain in top shape, Olympians are sometimes forced to disconnect from social life and concentrate on training.

This is the same attitude that a business person needs to have so as to succeed. If you decide that from 9am to 1pm is working time, don’t allow any kind of distraction.

Personally, my schedule is to make sure a write an article every morning. So as to focus I switch off my phone, email notification and facebook in order to concentrate.

This is not to suggest that you should never have fun, of course you can but after you have done your days work. It is good to play and make merry but not at the expense of your business.


Don’t you find is amazing that to some athletes it only take 10 seconds to make millions? But what we fail to see is the money and hours these same Olympians put in training to become winners.

They hire the best mentors, trainers and managers so as to emerge the winners. Even though not all get to the podium, you will see them again hitting the tracks the following year after training even harder.

It is time entrepreneurs started having the same never die mentality. Connect to the right people who will mentor you to become a better business person. This also means pushing yourself to the limit until your business flourish.

As we sit to enjoy the 2012 London Olympic Games, know that those athletes did not get to that level by chance. They paid a dear price.

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6 Secrets To Find Home Based Jobs As A Freelancer

6 Secrets To Find Home Based Jobs As A Freelancer

If you are looking for part time or legit home based jobs then the best places to look are at or oDesk. Though for me freelancer work is like being going to a 9am – 5pm job, but I know some people would not mind. Therefore this article is meant for folks who are finding it difficult to land a freelance job online.

Many employers who post home based jobs on freelancer sites say there are many applicants but the challenge is identifying the right person to hire. This goes to show that your portfolio plays a major role in your quest to land online home based jobs on freelancer sites like oDesk or

The two things you need to ask yourself are;

a. Which are the projects that you have accomplished and are proud of?

b. Would these accomplishments necessitate employers to hire you?

With these two questions in mind, here are the 6 secrets of assisting you land home based jobs on freelancer websites:

1. Work on your job description: Ideally, in your job description you should talk of your goals and not your needs. Employers normally have specific projects thus they are seeking for specific people to hire.

Let us take a scenario where your description is talking of your ambition to grow your business, this will simply be bypassed by would be potential employers. So as to get home based jobs, use keyword phrases that are related to your skills.

For instance, if you are good at work from home marketing or search engine optimization, mention that in your description since that is the task you are seeking to be hired in. A good description is the one that focus on what you are talented in and what employers would want.

Remember that your description is the only chance you have to convince someone to offer you an online job. Best description is the ones that is friendly and conversational and not just listing your skills. Rather than listing your talents describe them e.g “I’m skilled in search engine optimization that help rank high on search engine result pages.” Or “I’m able to write keyword based articles that promote websites online.”

2. Focus on your best skills: Though it is possible to have many talents and skills, it is advisable that in your description to focus only on your best expertise. Some people think that having many skills will get them home based jobs, in fact that will repeal employers.

Always emphasis on the skills you know you produce high quality work. This can be in one or two areas only that it should not be in more than 4 niches. This is especially so to skills which are not related such as article writing and programming.

3. Describe each of your portfolio: It is always imperative to fill your project description textbox. Here you need to write captivating stories on how you accomplished pervious online home based jobs and tasks.

You may begin by stating what your main task was and how you went about addressing your contractor’s problem. Just remember to make it brief and to the point.

4. Upload professional pictures: It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, which is very true. You must upload a professional picture if you want to get home based jobs on freelancer sites.

It is not necessary to go to a professional, but you can dress smartly and then get a nice headshot picture. Wear clothes that you would go with to an interview since this is the only face to face encounter the employer will have with you.

Remember to make a good first impression and a smile will go a long way in enhancing your chances of getting home based jobs on freelancing sites. Employers want to work with serious people thus do away with the hats and casual wear.

freelance work5. Think of yourself as a product: Ideally, there are things that would make you pick a product on a supermarket shelve. These include the images, brand name and descriptions that have been used. The same should apply to your freelancer profile.

Assume that your profile is your packaging and your description as the words that compel employers to pick you and leave out the rest. Your skills should act as the capabilities of what your product has to offer.

The secret is to design and package yourself in such a way that attracts your targeted home based jobs over and over again.

6. Upload screen shoots and links of your latest projects: To win home based jobs you need to show what you can do. The best way to do that is uploading the latest projects that you have accomplished. If you are good at article writing, upload a screenshot and a link to your previous good articles.

It is recommended that you delete old projects from your portfolio. This is because you keep on getting better in your skills and you want employers to see your best work.

When you were starting freelance home based jobs, you may have to pick many different projects but with time you should narrow down to what you are passionate and an expert in. After you identify your area of interest, you need to delete the jobs that do not reflect your expertise.

If you consider some of your old projects to be relevant to your skills, you need to revamp these old tasks by applying for new and advanced online jobs. This will help you boost your portfolio thus keep on getting the best home based jobs and deals.

Summary: Experience is vital in ensuring you land new home based jobs, therefore you should learn new things from every project you do. It is this experience and growth that employers should see in your profile description.

Apart from uploading your previous work from home projects, you also need to tweak your portfolio a bit so as to convince employers to consider you for a contact.

At every opportunity you get, do not be afraid to showcase the exceptional tasks that you have accomplished. Seek permission from your current employers to upload links and screenshots of your successful projects for other would be employers to see.

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How To Work Online And Generate Income Using Your Blog

How To Work Online And Generate Income Using Your Blog


Any person who wants to make money from home has to know the rules of how to work online. On this write up we shall see the importance of creating a blog.

Having a nice looking blog is crucial if you are to do business on the internet. It is recommended that you spend most of your time choosing a blog template that is impressive and well designed. WordPress template themes are the best to work with since they are optimized for search engine optimization.

Apart from having an attractive blog design, you need to have quality content that will keep visitors on your web pages. Publish rich, insightful and informative articles that seek to solve problems faced by people in your niche. In addition, avoid typographical and grammatically incorrect structured sentences.

How to start a blog

Tips on how to work online and make money from your blog:

Blog Navigation: Experts in blog creation state that it should take at least 3 seconds for visitors to locate the categories section. Ideally, you should make sure that your categories appear at the top of your blog. This will ensure that your viewers have an easy time navigating through your blog content.

It is also advisable that you add your category widget in more than one place on your blog. It can at the top, at the side bar and at the footer. All this is to ensure your visitors move from one page to another with ease.

Blog Design: Most people ignore the power of first impression and yet it is critical when it comes to how to work online. You can hire the services of a professional blog design if you have the cash to spare.

In case you do not have the money for hiring a professional, you can choose templates for yourself. There are great theme templates out there; some are free while others require you to pay some small fee.

To further improve the appearance of your blog, upload images that relate to your content. People usually scan through text but when you add picture you capture their attention.

Advertise Your Products tactfully: There are people that think that when you cluster products all over your blog that is when you make sales. This is not the case, internet markets that train on how to work online advice you to be moderate when advertising. Long gone are the days when pushing products on people’s faces was the way to go.

Today, when it gets to how to work online you need to build relationships. The best tactic of building business relationships with your readers is by offering unique content. Also join social networks and connect with groups in your niche.

The best approach to product promotion is by giving readers valuable content first. After you have educated your visitors, you need to ask them to do something like clicking on a link for more info. In addition, you can add banners and text links within your content.

You will be surprised just how people respond positively when they are called to take action. As you get into the thick of things in how to work online, quality content plays a major role in ensuring people do what you tell them to do.

The other approach is by creating a webpage specifically for your products. It is imperative that you offer your target audience with detailed information about your products. This will ensure they know what to expect when they purchase the products or services.

Remember to include pictures to enhance the look of your site and more so to get the attention of your customers.

Site Map: Creating a site map is an important element as you learn how to work online with blogs. Apart from a site map helping visitors, it also helps you in search engine optimization.

A site map is a great tool to use since it acts as a guide for your blog visitors. There are pages that may be difficult to locate but by having a site map you will ensure all your pages are easily accessible. Site maps also guarantee indexing of your web pages on search engines.

Add A Search Button: To further ease the navigation of your site you need to add a search bar on your blog. For a search bar to work effectively optimize your pages with keywords. By doing this you will ensure that when a visitors enters a certain keyword it gets them to relevant pages.

A search bar is really necessary when you have many pages in your blog.

A google search bar can also be a good tool to add. Open a google adsence account and add the google search bar and you can make extra money when people click on sponsored links.

Capture Guest Contact Details: Creating your own contact list is fundamental when it comes to how to work online. An opt-in list is like a money making machine since people who subscribe to be in your list will definitely open your email messages.

Therefore, have a place where visitors can add their contact details within your blog. This can be at the side bar or you can create a landing page specifically for collecting contacts. A site to look at for email marketing management is Aweber.

Share Your Contact Details: Always include your personal contact details on your blog. This is a good way of proving that you are credible and that you have nothing to hide.

Sharing your contact details is a good strategy of building relationships with your followers. It brings in a human touch to your online home business.

For example, posting your contacts can enhance your prospects of guest blogging which is great for building link popularity. There are also marketers that would wish to advertise on your blog; adding your contact details will ease the process of selling advertisement space on your blog.

If you have staff working for you it is also advisable that you list them and their contacts. This will bring in an aspect of professionalism thus boost your profile and online credibility.

Post Product Reviews: The major aspect of how to work online through blogging is selling products. Hence the one thing that really helps in online conversion is definitely writing product reviews.

Every time you identify a good product it is recommended that you buy and use it. This will mean that when you are giving people details of the product, you are doing so from an informed position. Honesty is a critical element of how to work online as you blog and you can only be truthful when you share credible material.

All said and done the secret to making money from blogging or how to work online is by constantly updating your readers. So as to update your visitors with rich content, you need to research and offer workable solutions to their needs.

Also make sure you focus on one niche and you will with time be considered a guru. There is still more to learn about online marketing, click on the links below to get more info on how to work online.

Elements Of Web Stats That Experts Insist You Analyze

Elements Of Web Stats That Experts Insist You Analyze

Allow me to ask you a simple yet vital question; do you take time to study and analyze your web stats? The numbers you see on your website or blog counter are real people. I say this because some webmasters take for granted the readings on their site counters.

Since the web stats represents real people it means that they have feelings. It is therefore imperative that you consider people’s emotions when offering services and content.

The information you see on your web stats counter is important in many other ways. The other is determining the progress of your internet marketing campaigns. It is from the data displayed on your blog counter that you will be able to gauge where your site needs to be improved. With careful analyses, you will be able to know where to adjust thus ensure your site generates more traffic and makes more money.

Among the web stats you will collect from your blog counter are number of visitors, referral traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic and keywords bring traffic to your site and so on. This is vital information that you need to constantly monitor in order to achieve online marketing success.

Lets us look at the different segments of your traffic that you need to monitor:

Error Reports: One free web stats tool I use to track errors on my blog is Google Webmaster Tool. It is essential that you have tools to tell you when visitors are having problems visiting some of your pages. Some of the errors you need to track are broken links.

When your visitors encounter errors while browsing your site it will lead to a high bounce rate. For you to make money online you need to retain visitors on your site and errors will prevent you from doing so.

Anytime you get an error report it is advisable that you correct it right away. Failure to correct errors will hurt your online credibility and in time online presence. Search engines will also find it difficult to Crawl a blog with broken links. This means dropping in search engine result pages.

Time Of Visit: Monitoring the time that your blog or website gets most visitors is very important. It will enable you determine the right time to schedule things like webinars and most importantly when to schedule your posts for publication.

Hence a good web stats tools is the one that shows you the time that each viewer cames to your site and the pages they visited.

Days With Most Traffic: This web stats is as important as the above. From the web counters you will be able to determine the days to post important events like interviews, web seminars, contests and the like.

Origin Of Visitors: By knowing where most of your visitors are coming from will help you research more on their preferences. This will mean that you will offer them relevant products and services.

Online money making is about wearing the shoes of your readers and web stats will help you determine this easily. Establishing the location of your visitors will ensure you know which other areas around the globe you need to work on to get more traffic.

Note: The more diverse your traffic is the more money you will make as you are working online.

Keywords bringing visitors to your Blog or Website: This should have been the number one point to share. With a free tool like Google Analytic you will be able to determine the keyword phrases attracting traffic to your blog or website.

This is a viral element of web stats you need to follow since it will help you increase organic traffic from search engines. Monitoring the key terms bringing in most traffic will allow you to better optimize your content for more targeted and less competitive search terms.

Unique Visitors: No matter how many pages a visitor clicks; also called page views, web stats will help you determine the exact number of guest to your site (unique visitors).

Equipped with the exact number of unique visitors, you will be in a position to tell whether you are making any headway in traffic generation or not. If you see no progress it means you need to do more as far as search engine ranking is concerned.

web statsReferral Visitors: This is the kind of traffic where other sites bring in traffic to your blog or website. A good example of referral traffic is from article marketing, social media site and the like. It is vital that you study this type of web stats to help you determine which articles or backlinks are driving most traffic to your site.

In my case, web stats helped me to realize that in a certain blog I got good traffic every time I shared a helpful comment.

Page Views: Since every page on your site should target different keywords, web stats will ensure you know which webpages have more visitors. By the end of the day, you will be able to tell the keywords that you are ranking better for.

It is recommended that you add the plugin that will also show you the most popular pages.

Entry And Exit Webpages: With a free account on a website like site meter you will be able to tell which pages are getting more traffic and the ones people are existing from the most. These web stats will ensure you tweak webpages with more exits by adding more content or a video.

Some marketers result in adding more pages while it would be simple to just spice up the pages with low bounce rates.

As for the pages that people are entering and spending more time, you can place your best products thus generate more online sales.

Duration Of Visit: The longer you are able to retain visitors the more chances you have of making affiliate sales. It is hence critical to analyze the length of time readers are spending on your site.

When you study length of visits you will be in a position to know which areas to improve. It could be that you need to add images to make your content eye catching.

Summary: Diagnosing your web stats is very important as you are working online. Take time to learn how to interpret the information from your web counter. This will go a long way in guaranteeing you know where to tweak and thereby achieve success in all your online marketing campaigns.

It can be quite frustrating when you see no improvement in terms of traffic especially when you have a new niche site. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid checking out your web stats every few minutes since it may discourage you.

Online marketing is about being patient and consistent and with time you will sure generate traffic. Once the traffic starts coming in, then you can be analyzing your web stats once a day to better boost your income from home through blogging.

Guaranteeing Your Work At Home Online Program Is Successful

Guaranteeing Your Work At Home Online Program Is Successful

Every day you delay to launch that work at home online business plan the more you create a gap between the people that started earlier and you. The online business world is getting more competitive and dynamic every passing day and so you need to move quicker. One thing that points to this fact is how frequently the search engine algorithms are changing, while in the past it would take even a whole year before any alteration is made.

Currently, it has become easier and less expensive to begin a work at home online business. Getting a domain address has gone as low as $10, while monthly web hosting has become so affordable and if you can pay for year or two the price goes even lower. There are free wordpress templates and in case you want to get a logo the price is so cheap. Everything that relates to launching a blog or website is so cheap but the challenge is how to endorse your web business and gaining online visibility.

As the price for creating a blog is going down the cost of online marketing is going up and to make the matters worse competition is getting stiffer. The reason for this is because as you seat and wait others are out there improving their rankings, adding content to their sites, gaining experience, building relationships and networking. This means it will become so difficult for you to catch up with them.

Are you aware that about 500,000 websites are launched every day? The more you delay the difficult it will become for you to gain online presence and yet visibility is what you need to make money online from home. In the online market place, the people ranked at the top simply take it all thus you have to rank high on search engines to fully enjoy working online from home. In short, you need to be on page 1 or 2 so as to be successful in online business.

Let us go into some vital guidelines that will ensure you are successful in work at home online business:

Choose your battles wisely: Why dive into a niche that you know very well you cannot win or will take you forever to rank? There are industries out there that have a high volume of people searching for content yet very few webmasters have ventured into them. All you need is to do intense groundwork before venturing into any market. This will enable you rank faster, earn income online quicker and thus make your journey to financial freedom will be pleasurable.

Be principled: If there is one thing that is not good in life is a double minded fellow. Having principles is the key to success in anything you set to do. Do not be swayed with anything that comes your way like purchasing any hyped product in the market. It would be better you take your time to hear what others are saying and doing your own research.

If you are working on a certain project don’t leave it just because you heard another type of business is doing better. In most cases when you are leaving a business for another, it could be the time your business was about to pick up. Your friends should also not sway you from your course. Once you get the right strategy and it is working stick to it since the secret to online business is amplifying the right tactics.

It is highly recommended that you create your own value system; this is like working hard to know the current search engine marketing strategies, working longer hours than your competition and endeavoring to read and study from the best in your niche. In addition, remember that time is money thus value and use it prudently.

Another principle to have is avoiding excuses. Do not give excuses since they will prevent you from doing something that would have taken your business to the next level. If something has to be done do it right away and you will always be ahead of your competitors.

Mentorship: From where I come from there was no one to mentor me in how to do online business. This resulted in me making lots and lots of mistakes. It was compounded by the fact that I’m not a good reader. Please do not do the same mistakes that I did but rather get someone who can direct you on the right things to do even if it will cost you some money. Learning from the best in your niche is the path to making money at home.

They say experience is the best teacher but the problem with going that way is that by the time you get it right you may have lost your money and most importantly time. A mentor will shorten your journey to becoming rich by leading you in the right path. Imagine beating about the bush while your competitors are getting ahead of the game, by the time you get your bearing back they will be long gone.

Build relationships: Connecting with the right people is fundamental in guaranteeing your work at home business program flourishes. By this we mean that you should know where people in your niche spend most of their time. Join internet home business community forums in your niche and work towards learning from the top earners. From these online forums you can build relationships that will help you get sales leads.

Social networking sites like Facebook and twitter accounts are a must have. Social websites act as a spring board to help you establish online visibility. To better ensure you build strong and long lasting business relationships respect the folks you get connected to. Avoid at all cost sharing false information or sending out spam. It may make you money for a while but in the long run you will lose your online credibility thus put you in oblivion.

Seize opportunities: Once you decide to do something do not wait, it would be advisable to get down to it right away. Some people make a mistake of saying that they are waiting for the right time to implement a strategy they learned; you forget that as you wait your rivals are busy getting down to work.

If you come across something that works, make certain that you keep at it until the well goes dry. In fact, it would be better to reinvest what you have earned to boost your profits. This will aid your online home based business to grow faster, just as the adage goes “make hay while the sun shines”.

Be organized: Having a working schedule is a great way of getting things done in time when it comes to work at home online ventures. A time table assists you to be organized and thus avoid overlooking some things. Go even further and get someone you can be accountable to, for example someone in your household or your mentor. More than anything stick to your time table and it will help you to prioritize your duties.

Periodically, take stock of how far your internet business is growing and make necessary adjustments when need arises. This means you need to track your progress time after time.

In all these points shared, one thing is predominately coming to the fro and that is you must start now if you want to make money online. Though it may take you sometime before you reach to the top, it would be much better if you began the journey today. Connect with the right people so as to know the right strategies to employ and then work twice as hard as the rest.

Let no one tell you that generating income from home is easy; it was before but right now that is not the case. But one thing is for sure, if you are focused and determined you too can join the league of the online marketing gurus and thereby ensuring that your work at home online business is successful.

How To Earn Extra Income When The Well Runs Dry

How To Earn Extra Income When The Well Runs Dry

Something about doing business is that it is very volatile, today you are soaring high and the next day things come tumbling down. Therefore you need to have a backup plan, something else that will help you earn extra income even when your business goes down.

It could be you are a freelance worker and you have 2 main employers who hire your services. How sure are you they will always be there to give you jobs? With the current unstable economy, their businesses could face some difficulties thus drying up your well.

You could also be depending on your home based business, have you ever asked yourself what will happen to your income if things turn south.

Most online marketers will tell you the importance of not depending on one marketing channel. You could be relying so much on SEO only for your site traffic to be affected negatively by the constant search engine algorithm updates.

Just as it is advisable to have an array of internet marketing arsenals for your website, the same should apply when it comes to business, be it online or offline. Having several streams of income ensure that when things go bad on one side, money still keeps coming in from another angle.

In this publication you will learn some great offline and online business ideas that will help you earn extra income thus stay afloat in case of any eventuality. You can also take up any of the businesses below to be your main source of income, but make certain you also choose another 2 or 3 to ensure financial stability.

*Start a small business project: Every big business you see today was once an idea in someone’s mind. Hence, you should never despise small beginnings.

There is an African saying that goes “The mighty Oak tree was once a tiny seed that stuck to its roots”. There are many conventional businesses you can get involved in that will ensure you earn extra income even from the comfort of your home.

Try and look around your community and see what is lacking or what you can improve in terms of service delivery. It is important you pick a business that is not so tasking in that the business can run in your absence.

Any business you think about that can offer residual income is worth venturing into. Therefore, from the small cash you make from your main business, you can channel some of it to launching a small business.

Become a consultant: One of the easiest ways of earning passive and extra income is through offering consultancy services. All of us are good at something that is why you are able to get freelance jobs.

Have you ever thought of offering your expertise to small business entrepreneurs in your area? It could be you are an expert in web designing, why don’t you offer consultancy service to people in your locality.

This can prove to be a very rich source of generating extra income.

Launch a blog: One of the best ways of earning extra revenue is by starting a blog. As for me, this is my main source of income. Where I come from I see many lectures shuttling from one city to another giving lectures but with very little pay.

If only these lecturers could share want they know on a blog they would make more money than they could ever imagine.

There are over 4 billion people who can access the internet world wide; getting just a tiny fraction of these people to visit your blog would make you a millionaire overnight.

All you need to do is share your expertise on a blog by been helpful and solving people’s problems. Then you can add few adverts on your blog where people click and you make easy cash.

Once you blog becomes popular, you can also opt to sell advertising space and you will be surprised how many people and companies will line up to place adverts on your blog.

It does not matter what topic you want to share, believe it or not there is someone out there looking for what you have to offer. Do you want to share on how to use tooth picks or how to use a handkerchief? Someone is browsing the internet for that information as you read this post.

how to earn extra income

Become an affiliate marketer: Blogging business by itself is a source of multiple streams of income. Above we saw how blogging can help you generate revenue through advertising.

You can also make money blogging through selling affiliate products. This is a business where you earn a commission every time you sell other people’s products.

To be successful as an affiliate marketer you need to have a website or blog and be able to direct lots of traffic to your site.

Some affiliate programs are so good in that you can earn a residual income where you refer people to a service that requires them to pay a monthly subscription. An example of a site that offers residual income includes Revresponse.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to worry about things like after sales service or overheads.

Network marketing: The internet is filled with network marketing business that can really make you lots of money. But you need to be careful before joining any Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business because there are many scams out there.

The secret is to read as many reviews and visit online forums where these businesses are discussed to make sure your efforts are rewarded once you get started. In addition, get in touch with other people so as to hear what they have to say about any network marketing program you intend to join.

Some people make the mistake of joining so many network business programs thinking they will make more money. This type of business needs you to be consistent in one program and with time you will make all the money you want.

Examples of MLM businesses include World Ventures, Organo Gold, Amway, Forever Living and the list goes on.

If you have some free time in your hands then you simply have to try your hand in network marketing and make some extra income.

Write your own book: Are you an expert in a certain field? Then why don’t you come up with your own book.

You can also write your life story of how you got to where you are today and for sure there will be people interested to hear what you have to say. You never know, someone may be encouraged and motivated by your book.

Apart from helping you make extra income, writing a book can help build your profile for future projects or for branding purposes.

It is true getting someone to publish your book can be a tall order but if you consider the outcome and how much it can pay then it is worth a shot.

Create an eBook: This is a strategy that can work best if you are a blogger, freelance writer or a teacher. Considering the hassles of publishing a book, you can opt to go digital.

As a blogger, you can edit some of the articles you have written and put them in one e-book and sell for a few dollars. There are people who don’t like navigating through a blog for content and would rather have everything in place.

For you to reach these kinds of people you can create an eBook. While some people choose to sell their eBooks others offer them for free. This is a way of branding yourself and also a tactic of generating traffic to your website or blog.

There are simple ways of marketing your eBook other than placing it on your blog. You can advertise on Google Adwords, Facebook, Chitika among other site selling advertising space.

Be hired as a freelancer: I still don’t see how one can claim they lack employment. Right now there are employers out their looking for someone like you to hire.

Rather than wait for a job that seems to be taking forever, you can visit freelance network sites and look for an online freelance job. Some examples of sites offering freelance jobs include oDesk, Elance, vWorker, Uvocorp and Freelancer.

If you are already a freelancer, it is advisable that you work with more than one employer. This will cushion you in case something goes wrong and one of your employer runs out of business.

The secret is to slowly add to your clients and make sure the jobs are related to what you do. Don’t make the mistake of applying for any job you come across even if you think you can do it.

You need to work with employers that fit your timetable and don’t stress you out. Having multiple employers is good but if some of them prove to be a headache you are better off dropping them and looking for others.

Managing one client is good but if you want to earn extra income you better get more than one employer.

Create your own product: If you are looking to earn residua income for a long time then you have to think of creating your own product.

In most affiliate programs you are paid once and if you want to make more you have to keep on selling. The same applies if you are a freelancer; you offer your services and you are get paid once.

However, if you can create your own product you will continue getting paid many times over. It will make even more sense if what you are selling is a service.

For example, you are an expert in website designing; you can come up with a tutorial that helps people create their own websites with ease.

Check around and you’ll discover that there are people looking for what you have to offer. Seize that opportunity to earn extra cash.

Start a training course: Teaching people what you know is an easy way of generating extra income. For example, you are a successful blogger; you can share your skills and knowledge for a fee.

Training can be in many forms; you can start a school or organize a seminar or webinars where people pay for you to teach them. The beauty of training is that you can do it at home and still be earning extra income.

Conclusion: If you have read this article up to this point you will see why you have no excuse of saying that you are broke. There are numerous ways of earning extra money both online and offline.

If you are employed in a 9am to 5pm job, look at the above money making strategies and choose at least two you can be doing on part-time basis. You will be surprised that in two years time you may be the one offering people employment.

If you know of other streams of income kindly share with us by posting in the comment section provided below.

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Increasing Work Online Money Making Opportunities

Increasing Work Online Money Making Opportunities

Thousands of people today have discovered that they can work online at home and still generate decent incomes. This is by the number of websites and blogs being launched each passing day.

I believe these people cannot be wrong and that there is money to be made on the internet. The sad part is that most of them may never make money while a small fraction of them will actually succeed in working online.

The question you should be asking yourself is these, what are the secrets of online money making? Believe it or not there are no hidden treasures or secrets. If you can find ways of driving traffic to your blog then you will succeed in any work online opportunity you enroll in.

There are those that would like you to think that making money as you work online is difficult. They do that in order to make you buy their products. As much as some of these products are integral in online business, others are not worth spending your money on.

Then the next question is, how do I know which are the right products and services to purchase? The answer to that is simple, RESEARCH. Once you do proper groundwork by reading product reviews and reading comments on related online forums then you will be good to go.

Anyway, the one thing that will ensure you succeed in work online opportunities is traffic generation. You can turn your niche site into an avenue of earning income at home with ease.

This is how to ensure you generate high volume traffic as you work online

Automation: When I first started out in working online I did most of my things manually. I moved up the ranks but I got to a place that my affiliate marketing business stagnated. By that time I did not know why until a read an article that completely changed my thinking.

My main strategy of online marketing is through article writing. I used to submit my articles manually until I discovered a tool that immediately took my affiliate business to the next level. This tool is called Unique Article Wizard (UAW).

The internet is rich with great softwares that can really make things easy for you. Rather than spending all day repeating the same process, find ways to automate your online work.

Most online marketers like boasting how they work 2 hours daily. This is because they have tools that they use to automate their online home business.

work from homeEven as you sell your own products on your site, find ways of improving your customers’ experience by automating your site. This is in terms of payments, delivery and most importantly after sales services. Every time you make the life of your customers easy you can be assure of more traffic and income online.

Don’t be a master of all: No man/woman is an island. It is not possible for you to know how to do all things that pertain to work at home business. This is where we get to talk about outsourcing. The best way to boost your business is working with experts.

In fact, outsourcing can go a long way in minimizing cost of operation. Rather than hiring people, it would be better to outsource for some services that you are not good at. These days there are affordable virtual outsourcing opportunities that will really ease your online work.

When you outsource, it means that you get time to concentrate on other issues that are important to your work from home online business.

Legitimize your site: Registering your business with the government is vital in ensuring your business is legit. Making your work online business formal will earn you good reputation thus an entrepreneur status. Good online reputation greatly increases your online traffic because of trust.

You may be working from home alone but it is advisable to plan ahead and have structures in place. This will make it easy for you to manage your home based business well when you incorporate other people.

On your site include the terms and conditions of business and make certain you adhere to them. For instance, follow the correct rules when it comes to financial transactions.

In addition, design a logo and build on your work online trade mark. This will eventually help you cut a niche for your online business and more so boost your online presence.

Once you have succeeded in traffic generation you can monetize your blog or website. The best approach to monetization is by having several streams of income. The internet is rich with many work online opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Click here to go through the several ways of making money from home.

Today, you can start making money at home.

First is to choose a niche.

Second, select the keywords to optimize on

By a domain name and web hosting (Use the coupon code “workonline25” to buy through my Hostgator Affiliate link and get 25% discount.)

Add content regularly

Build backlinks.

Soon I will publish an article detailing the step by step procedure of how to work online and earn income at home.

How To Retain Sales Leads On Your Blog

How To Retain Sales Leads On Your Blog

For you to make money from your sales leads as you work online, you need to be able to keep visitors on your site for long. Research has show that people spend an average of 45 seconds on web pages. This means that you need to find ways to make sure that the first impression visitors get when they land on your home page is imprinted in their minds.

It is important to ensure good customer experience especially if you want to succeed in generating online sales leads as an internet business entrepreneur. The way you organize your blog is critical for ensuring reader retention. The idea is to make a simple blog that has most of the important parts at the top.

Here are some guidelines that guarantee you increase reader retention on your blog:

1. Choose your templates wisely since this is the one tool that contributes to your blog or website appearance. A site to visit and get a wide range of templates is wordpress. In fact, it is advisable that you use wordpress to come up with blogs.

WordPress does not only have a wide range of templates to choose from but most of the templates are optimized for search engine ranking.

2. It is usually tricky when your targeted audiences visit your blog and discover content and links cluttered all over without proper arrangement. Display your content in an organized manner making sure you mention the main theme of your blog at the top.

work online

Going straight to the point will help your viewers know exactly what you content is about thus have an easy time deciding whether to stay on or not.

Avoid the use of long paragraphs since this will bore your readers. It would be better if you use short paragraphs that are detailed. Better still; arrange your content in point form by use of bullets, this helps your readers know precisely where to get the main points of your articles.

3. When addling hyperlinks, make sure they are not appearing all over your webpages. This makes your site look disorganized. People should also know what will happen when they click on your links. Links are a good way of linking your pages thus enabling easy navigation and optimizing your site pages for search engine placement.

In addition, placing affiliate links in each and every part of your website page is not the best approach for getting website visitors to click on your affiliate marketing program links. It only makes you appear as someone just out to make money and not improve your reader online experience.

Again when it comes to hyper-links, never exaggerate. Have at list 2 to 3 links in every article you publish preferably at the start of your blog post and at the end. Bear in mind that your online traffic is derived from real people and they can carry out instructions, tell your site guest what to do and they will do it. Due to this fact, do not bombard them with web links throughout your blog post content.

Give information first then sell latter. Pushing products in people’s faces will only dent your online reputation.

4. Uploading images is one of the best ways to draw the attention of your readers and retain them on your site. Most people do not love reading and images help people stay on your site a bit longer. Studies have shown that most browsers just scan through content but when you add images especially if they are related to your content they will read on.

Visit sites like flickr and get nice relevant images to add within your blog post. If you have to add banners, make sure they are also good to look at. You can also upload flash images to enhance the feel of your blog or website.

work from home

5. Your niche site ought to be user-friendly, this you can achieve by making sure that the navigation tab is easily accessible. Blogging experts say that it should take at most 3 seconds for your guest to locate the categories section.

To further easy the navigation of your blog or website, link your pages within your content. This will help readers identify other pages within your blog that share relevant content. Search engines will also be able to Crawl your site and hence index all your web pages faster.

This simple internet business strategy will enable you to ease your target audience experience the moment they arrive at your site or blog.

6. The font you use is crucial in retaining readers on your blog or website. Before you launch a website, one of the things you need to research on is the type and size of fond to use. It may appear trivial but fonts contribute to your site appearance thus improve first impression.

Use one font for all your articles on your blog posts. This will make sure that your content looks organized and professional. Use fonts that a person with a 20/20 vision will be able to read easily.

Your background should not have pictures or colors that overlap your content. It is advisable to use a clear background especially where you have articles.

A number of web business entrepreneurs place a great deal of focus on marketing their blogs that they neglect to tackle the requirements of their readers. Even though getting visitors or traffic to your website is essential, you are also expected to make sure that your site visitors transforms to internet sales leads.

Therefore, make certain that your website / blog is appealing to your target audience. You can ask your buddies to judge your blog visual appeal and then make the required changes if need be.

A professional and perfectly organized web page acts as a tool to promote your site and assist in reader retention thus acquire online sales leads.

For you to keep people longer on your site you have to prove that your main focus is to equip your readers. Share helpful information that is aimed at tackling the issues that face people in your niche. The moment you do this you will gain good reputation and thus people will believe you when you sell them a product.

Business is more about relationship than selling and this is where most marketers get it wrong. Human beings are social and the best way to reach them is by creating rapport. Wear the shoes of your sales leads and this will assist you identify their needs and preferences.

Viewer retention is what results in high sales leads conversion rate as you work online at home. Therefore, research and implement strategies to keep people on your site longer because if you do not, they will head to your competitor and purchase what you probably also have.

Online Work From Home Business Top Guidelines

Online Work From Home Business Top Guidelines

The secret to overcoming the current hard economic squeeze is by starting an online work from home business. The internet has truly revolutionized the way of doing business. People are slowly but gradually discovering that white color jobs are offering them a very raw deal.

Time is money and that is the one thing that your employer has lots of. This is by buying your time and from that making money. Imagine you had your own business and you had employed 10 people to work for you. If each one of them was working 8 hours it would mean that your business is doing 80 hours plus your 8 hours each day.

Considering that a day has 24 hours; this simply means that by the end of each day you will have done work that could ideally take you 3 ½ days to achieve. Talk of working smart!

This would be the case if you opened a small business somewhere in your locality. From this article you will see that you can even do much more if you started an online work from home venture. With availability of the internet, the globe has become a small village. People from all walks of life are now able to connect and conduct business from the comfort of their homes.

In the near future, any business that will not be online will become obsolete. The beauty of it all is that to start an online work from home business is very easy and affordable. Unlike setting up an offline business where you have to think of paying high rent for office space, pay for overheads and the like, with online work at home you will incur very little expenses.

Note: Some people will make you think that you can start a home business online without investing anything. When it comes to business and making money online there is nothing for free. You have to be ready to work very hard and invest time and cash in order to generate an income online.

Here is a step by step guideline on how you can launch your own online work from home business and earn money.

Step 1: Identify a need: As long as we are on earth, there will always be issues that need to be addressed. All you need is to observe your environment and you will discover a need that needs to be met.

I also believe that all of us are unique in our own way, therefore we all have talents or things we are good at. If you can offer people solutions on the things you know then you will make money. It does not matter what you have to offer, you will be surprised that out there someone is looking for that information, product or service.

Addressing people’s needs should be the foundation of any online home based business. People have so many unanswered questions thus if you come to their rescue they will easily give you their wallets to keep.

Step 2. Study your target niche: Once you have identified a niche to target and their preferences, you need to study your target audience. Online work from home business is about having

1. The right knowledge

2. Implementing what you have learned

3. Using the right tools

The first thing you need to learn about your target audience when it comes to online business is the keywords they use when surfing the internet. Some of the tools you can use to identify the right keywords to target include:

a) Google Keyword External Tool (Free)

b) Google Hot Trends (Free)

c) Google Insight (Free)

d) Keyword Winner (Paid wordpress plugin)

Keyword phrase research is so vital since it will help you to rank on search engine result pages. Over 90% of traffic generated on the internet is through search engines. Therefore, ranking high is very critical in ensuring you get web presence while doing online work from home business.

It is advisable that you target commonly searched for keywords that have medium or low competition. This way you will rank faster and generate traffic. There are two sets of keywords; that are primary or main keywords and secondary keywords.

After you have identified your niche keywords you are ready for the next step.

step 3. Launch a blog or website: A blog or a website is what you use to capture your target audience. Read more on how to create a blog from home. Keywords help in buying a domain name; purchase a domain that includes your main targeted keyword phrase.

Another aspect to look at when creating a blog is design. The appearance of your blog is determined by the theme you pick. A site you can visit to pick unique and professional Premium WordPress Templates is Theme Junkie.

The more you keep people on your blog the more income you will generate. Hence take your time to come up with a professional and attractive blog design.

online work from homeContent is the engine that drives the internet. That is why we started this article by telling you to first identify a need in your niche and study your audience. This will assist you to come up with content thus attract visitors.

Researching will help you to come up and offer workable solutions to you niche audience. The more you keep updating your blog with fresh, exciting and educative content the more you becoming an authority in you niche.

In view of what has been taking place in the cyberspace, online work from home business bloggers need to regularly update their sites. Just the other day, Google algorithm was updated twice and very many sites were affected. First it was Google Panda Update that targeted sites that use black hat strategies to rank high and yet offered worthless content.

Then shortly after, there was Google Fresh that aimed to give more preference to new content. This shows how you must be ready to generate web content regularly and use white hat strategies as an online work from home entrepreneur.

Step 4. Marketing: Apart from keyword research, which helps you in generating organic traffic, there are other online marketing strategies that you need to implement. One of them is social media marketing which of late has taken the internet by storm.

Sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and now Google Plus have taken e-marketing by storm. A good case scenario that demonstrates the power of social media is the presidency of Barack Obama. Also recently, the revolution of the Arab world was brought about by social media networking.

Other strategies to add to your online marketing arsenal include forum marketing, article marketing, guest posting, reciprocal linking, video marketing, press release, email marketing and so on. To get more tips on these online work from home marketing strategies, click on the category link called Online Marketing.

Conclusion: There are several ways to approach online money making such as online home based jobs like data entry, paid surveys and so forth but the best tactic to work online is through blogging.

I recommend you think of creating a blog and share your expertise. As you publish articles regularly you will gain online presence and cut a niche for yourself from home.

If you have something you want to add to this post feel free to do so by posting your comment or opinion in the section provided below. You can also share this article with your friends using the social icons appearing on the left of this post.

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