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Work Online Home Based Business Guidelines

Work Online Home Based Business Guidelines

Laying down goals is also another important facet of managing an on-line home based business. I suggest you have targets on when you intend …

SEO For Business And The Soap Opera Of Google Updates

SEO For Business And The Soap Opera Of Google Updates

The end of the soap opera that has now become synonymous with google algorithm updates is no were in sight. People who depend on SEO for business can all agree with me.

Let us turn back the clock and see where this soap opera first started. Looking at the cast in this story, google is the one that seems to be calling the shots while the bloggers and webmasters watch from a distance.

Then walks in the bad guy known as blackhat, he is out to bring trouble in the land of search engine results. Google plots out a plan that would see the end of blackhat.

First he sets loss hit big black and white puppy called Panda and to some degree the work seems to be accomplished. But google is not done yet, he sends out is foot soldiers that further inflict more harm to blackhat.

This far the soap opera seems to be going as planned and the search engine land seems to be rid of Webspam. Wait a minute, Google decides to send out his latest arsenal and he results to sending his flightless bird pet called Penguin.

Don’t forget, all this time there is another character in this story that is been ignored. He is the genuine blogger who spends countless hours feeding google with rich and quality content.

The two, google and whitehat have a symbiotic relationship where one cannot do with the other. For whitehat to progress he needs SEO for business which google provides.

Then things go wrong in the SEO world and business for both of them seems to go south. If you were wondering what went wrong then you are in for a big surprise. Remember the flightless pet called Penguin? That is the culprit.

Ok, let me not keep you waiting any longer and get a bit serious with what is happening in the SEO world. If you have been careful to observe, after the penguin update google went silent.

Remember the reason for google to do the penguin update was to get rid of Webspam from their search results. But by the look of things, some spammy sites have found their way back to google search results.

That is not all; the update was also set to ensure a single site does not show up twice in the 1st page. The other day while I was browsing the internet I came across a site that appeared twice on the first page of google.

Google course is for sure noble and I must agree they are trying their level best to do a good job. To some great extent they had managed to improve search results.

But going by what SEO experts are saying; Google seems to have slipped with the release of the Penguin update. Just when I had posted an article that indicated that SEO will be conducive for business, this happens.

SEO forum sites are littered with threads of how top sites have disappeared from search results and are been replaced by crappy sites. Though they might not admit to failure, Google needs to go back to the drawing board again.

To some extent, Google did make a hasty retreat and they have rectified some of their errors.

Let us look at some of the things that conspired after the Penguin update and the effect they had on business in relation to SEO:

Page quality:

One thing that penguin was supposed to take care of were sites that buy backlinks. This saw sites like My Page Rank hit the gutter. The sad part is that other legit sites were also hit proving that google could have become overzealous with their update.

Therefore, if you were hit during this time and then later saw your site recover and yet you did nothing new, it was google making a quick retreat.

This retreat was good though for people who depend on SEO for business. Google did effect some minor changes to their algorithm that help refresh and fix their data.

No wonder, for the last few months Google has been going on and on about their algorithm but now they seem to be recoiling.

SEO for business

Fresh Content:

Towards the end of 2011 just after panda was released, Google went ahead and did another minor update which they called “Google Fresh”. This was aimed at making sure that fresh content got more preference.

Though online marketers wondered how this is going to work since some niches do need to update regularly. As for those who took advantage of Google Fresh by posting regular updates I’m sure you did see some upsurge in traffic.

Penguin then came and now fully implemented freshness in their update. But later they did do some changes to freshness update to only apply to niches that require regular content update.

If you are in the area of news or blogging, it will be advisable to keep publishing new articles regularly to feature in search results.

Social Effect:

Though I still have a problem with the integration of social activities in determining site placement, google seems to be putting more emphasis on incorporating Google Plus in their SEO parameters.

The issue I have with Google Plus is that the number of subscribers is still low. Furthermore, social optimization is still subject to manipulation in that people +1 a post without necessarily reading the full article.

But this is good news for people who depend on SEO for business promotion. Come up with captivating and interesting titles that will make your target audience share and click on your posts.

If you don’t have a Google plus account you have to create one right NOW. As the say, the early bird catches the warm and you surely don’t want to be left out on this party.

Make sure you post your webpages, video and still images on Google +1 for maximum online presence and exposure.

Images and Videos:

If you are keen enough, you must have noticed that lately videos seem to be popping up more than ever in search results. I even came across search results where videos occupy about 50% of first page and about 80% of second page.

Marketing your business using SEO is not only about text, there are other forms of content that seem to be getting more attention from Google.

The same applies to still images. As you generate your content, ensure you include images related to your articles. Optimize the images by filling in the details in the description file especially the title, alternate tag and description.

When you do that you tell search engines what your images are about. Remember, search engines cannot read images.

Conclusion: Let us hope Google is rectifying their mistake and search results will only feature sites that offer quality content.

This will a good end to the soap opera that has now become the talk in the SEO business world.

Since google also promised to show in their results a wide range of domains, let us hope that we shall not see a repeat of one site featuring more than once on 1st page. If they succeed in that, we shall witness more competition in providing better and richer content.

Personally, I see a brighter future for people who depend on SEO for business marketing. In order to have an impact in SEO now and in the future, bloggers and webmasters should go back to the drawing board. That means generating high quality pages that are useful to readers.

The same should also apply to link building; use secondary keyword phrases (long tail keywords) in your anchor text and link back to quality and relevant sites.

As for onsite optimization, do not use the same keyword phrase when linking back to your home page and other individual pages within your site.

Going into the future something else will also count, this is optimizing your images and videos not forgetting working on increasing your social activities and mentions.

My hope is that those who have genuine sites and had dropped in ranking have now recovered. All the best guys and may your SEO efforts bare juicy fruits.

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Work Online Jobs The Secret To Earning Extra Income

Work Online Jobs The Secret To Earning Extra Income

If there is one thing that you really have to take advantage of in the internet are work online jobs. Just the other day the world experienced an economic crisis that almost crippled even the so called developed nations.

Many folks have lost their jobs and in fact nowadays it’s become difficult to tell who will be next in line. The big question is; how you are cushioning yourself in case you lose your employment? It is high time you considered taking up work online jobs.

The amazing thing is that with online business you can be working very few hours every day as you attend to your daily duties. Therefore, you could be employed somewhere and still manage to do some work online jobs on part time bases.

There are many ways to look at work from home online jobs and they include freelancing, consultancy, launching a website or blog and so on. The list is endless on the several strategies that are available online on how to work online and make money at home.

get found for online jobs

On this article let us see the best approach to performing business on the internet.

Research: There are so many work online jobs and this means that you need to be very careful so as not to fall prey to online scams. It is very important that you research thoroughly before enrolling in any internet business program.

Online business gurus will tell you that the best work online jobs are the ones where you employ yourself. By this it means you start your own online home business. Do your groundwork well and choose business programs that have been tested over a period of time.

Some of the best online business programs to get involved with include network marketing, affiliate marketing, data entry, freelancing and selling your own stuff online.

Researching will help you avoid joining programs that are considered illegitimate like pyramid schemes. Get to know the history of a company in terms of financial growth, conversion rate of their products, reputation and most importantly their future plans.

It is best to get work online jobs in your locality, this way you can go to their offices and do some vetting. In addition, you will be able to have better bargains and commissions should they be affiliate or data entry organizations.

Start a niche blog: As mentioned before the best strategy of performing work at home online jobs is on the internet. It is for this reason that having a blog or website becomes very important. Having a blog is like creating an online store where you display your wares.

how to start a blog

If you choose to have a website, it is imperative that you have a blog within it. A blog is a vital online promotion tool that you must have. Through a blog you can market yourself and get work online jobs like selling high rated affiliate products or get data entry jobs.

In essence, a blog is a place where you share your views on a regular basis. The advantage with having a blog is that it is interactive thus your readers can share with you valuable tips regarding work online jobs and so on.

It is advisable that you publish helpful content on your blog. Educative content will ensure you generate free traffic to your site and in so doing make extra money online.

Apart from doing online work, you can join affiliate programs that offer home based business opportunities and make money by referring other people. One such affiliate program includes RevResponse.

Connect with the right people: Someone once said “show me your friends and I will tell you who you really are”. The people you link up with are very critical when it comes to work online jobs. Therefore take time to connect with the right folk.

Let us assume you decide that your work online jobs will involve blogging; it is recommended that you get connected with top bloggers in your niche. Search their blogs and get time to read their content. Follow them on social sites like facebook and twitter. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed and newsletters.

When you do the above you will stay up to date with what is taking place in your niche. Going through their blogs or website will enable you choose the right work online jobs to get involved in and the right products to sell.

The secret is to find out where people in your niche go to and join their online forums and social networking groups. From their build relationships with them and you will soon get the stuff that really works.

Choose products and business programs wisely: It is recommended that you do not just subscribe to any online business program that you see out there. The internet is filled with scammers out to make money from you.

Therefore, take your time to prudently scrutinize the work online jobs you come across on the internet. As mentioned earlier, join on business forums and ask questions and you will get help. There is always someone that has used a certain product or joined a particular program and they will definitely assist you.

Do not be quick to buy into anyone telling you that such and such a program is the best to join. This is especially so if they claim it will make money for you over night. The genuine work online jobs normally take time before you begin making real money.

As for buying products, do not purchase an item just because of the hype. First research then you can buy once you are satisfied and heard what other people are saying about the product.

Find best online marketing strategies: The one thing that really challenges people with work online jobs like selling items is site promotion. Launching a blog is the easy part but traffic generation is a totally different ball game.

Search for great content on how you can market your site or blog online by reading these articles on search engine optimization, online marketing and article marketing.

Be patient: Let no one cheat you that you can make money over night, making money from home takes time hence you need to be patient. You could be having the best work online jobs and programs but still not make money right away. The secret is to never give up and to be persistent.

Most people give up along the way and maybe they were just about to make it big. The internet is rich with lucrative work online jobs that will ensure you write your own pay check. Thus do not allow your boss to frustrate you. In fact you should be the one frustrating your boss by firing him/her.

Start your own online home business today on part time bases. With time you will begin earning extra income online more than you make at your place of work. The good thing is that some online home based business programs pay residual income.

Go through the links below to learn more about work online jobs as regards online marketing.

Work Online From Home Rules For High Page Ranking

Work Online From Home Rules For High Page Ranking

This is also a very important aspect to consider as you work online. Once you have established your major keyword…

Improving Web Conversion Rate For Work Online Blogs

Improving Web Conversion Rate For Work Online Blogs

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while now have discovered that our aim is to help you work online through blogging. The advantage of having a blog is that you get to generate residual income from home fast and with ease. Hence the reason to share this article on how to increase web conversion rate of your blog and make even more cash online.

The line between online business success and failure is so thin. You are either making a lot of money or you are not. As for those who generate little cash online, it means you are not maximizing on whatever you are doing. Otherwise you could be making huge amounts of cash.

What separates success and failure in online selling are planning and execution style. You may say that this is just a theory but statistics prove that planning and execution are key components in web conversion. It usually takes one simple mistake or negligence for you to fail in your online business.

On the internet competition is so intense; you have to be up to the challenge. The business that takes due diligence to execute their plan is the one that tops the chart. It is the same reason that you may witness a small online home based business outdoing a big online company.

Since web conversion is a critical element of online business, on this article we shall discus how to improve and properly execute your blog conversion while working online at home.

Here are 10 rules to observe in order to increase your web conversion rate:

Planning: When starting an offline or online business you have got to have a plan in order succeed. Thomas Edison put it so well when he said “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

Coming up with a work online plan is like setting goals for your online business. It helps you to have a better perspective of your business and keeps you focused. A business plan is the core of your business since it acts as a roadmap to your working online success.

Before you launch your internet business have a written work plan and make sure you execute it properly and to the letter. Periodically monitor your progress and when necessary re-adjust your plan. Since writing a business plan can be to some quite tasking, try checking out a site called for help.

An important element to consider in your online business plan is how to ensure you get a high web conversion.

Show your intent: In order to increase your web conversion rate you need to be obvious. Your visitors should tell from the word go what your website or blog is all about.

If a visitor lands on your site and is not able to tell what your site is about in 10seconds, chances are that he/she will exit your site immediately. Avoid leaving it to your visitors to figure out what your blog content is all about.

Start by coming up with a very descriptive blog title. The same should apply to your website logo. As you create webpages within your blog, publish content and headlines that are relevant to your blog title.

To improve web conversion rate, target keyword phrases that are relevant to your market niche. Newbies make the mistake of targeting many niches on one blog, target only one niche.

Be Unique: In this competitive online market place you need to be unique. A little tweak on how you write your articles and present your products will go a long way in boosting your web conversion rate.

Create unique selling propositions that will make you stand out from the rest of the pack. This is what will help you increase the value of your content and products. Furthermore, uniqueness is a way of improving your web presence and online reputation.

Originality doesn’t have to be 100% a difference of 10% can go a long way in boosting your web conversion. Therefore, find smart ways of outwitting your competition by coming up with unique online selling propositions.

The secret to uniqueness is thinking out of the box.

Build and nurture your mailing list subscribers: The best strategy of online money making as you work from home is having a contact list database. In general, building business relationships is the secret to success.

One of the best ways to build online business relationships and improve web conversion rate is through email marketing. Home based internet marketing experts say that it takes about seven email marketing messages before convincing someone to buy your products.

This is the reason why you must create your own mailing list and build a relationship with them. The fact that people have opted to subscribe to your mailing list, means they are potential customers. It signifies that they are people who are interested in what you have to say or offer.

Having an email database offers you an opportunity to develop a lasting relationship and with time your subscribers will trust you thus buy your products. If you offer quality products, you will further boost your web conversion rate since your subscribers will definitely tell their friends about your site.

Note: At all cost, avoid sending irrelevant messages that do not add value to your subscribers. Share insightful content that seeks to educate your subscriber base and you will surely succeed selling online.

web conversionOptimize your work online blog: On the internet there are two types of traffic

1. Online Paid traffic

2. Organic Traffic

Online paid traffic is good for short term and it helps you determine the right keywords that actually convert well. On the other hand, search engine traffic also called organic traffic will help you have an upper hand and give you online presence for long term.

Click the links appearing here to learn the secrets of SEO as regard to writing for the web and building your link SEO profile.

Ease blog navigation: The longer you can retain visitors on your blog the higher your web conversion rate will be. Blog design experts say that it should take approximately 3 seconds for visitors to locate your site menu. This helps your blog guests find the information they are searching for quickly.

For bloggers that update regularly hence have many webpages, ensure you install a search box to help ease navigation. You also need to position your categories section on your header where it is easy for visitors to locate.

As you create webpages ensure you link them to other relevant posts within your blog and you can be guaranteed of increased web conversion. The easier it is to find content the longer people will stay on your site thus help you make more online sales.

Share testimonials: People love to know more about what they are buying and the best way to approach this is by posting testimonials. On the internet you are bound to get lots of first time visitors and the way to convince them and make them trust your site is by your customers sharing testimonials.

Note: Your testimonials have to be from real people. If you share cooked testimonials, it will not take long for people catch up with you.

Add social icons that people can share your content easily on sites like facebook and twitter. You will be amazed just how one person can help you start a viral marketing effect by sharing your site on social media sites.

Patience: To increase you web conversion rate you need to be patient. Marketing on the internet is about consistency to purpose. Do not be a victim of jumping from one online marketing strategy to another before you see results.

This is the mistake that most newbies make when starting a work from home business. Just like offline business, when it comes to internet business you have to be patient and disciplined. You have got to give each marketing strategy time for it to bear fruits.

Make certain you tweak all you can in one marketing technique before you move on to the next. Once you identify what works best for your online home based business, stick to it like a bug.

Summary: As you are working online especially when you are blogging you will encounter many obstacles. These challenges are what top online marketers faced before they got to where they are today. So do not expect it to be any different with you.

Forget about those people who send you high pitched messages that claim you can make millions overnight if you join their programs. Business is no child’s play thus you need to sacrifice in order to succeed in marketing on the internet.

I will end by saying “It is always too soon to quit.” Norman Vincent.

Share this article with others seeking to increase their web conversion using the social media icons displaying on the left of this blog. You can also add or share your opinions by posting then in the comment section below.

Home Business Marketing Approach With Social Media

Home Business Marketing Approach With Social Media

As we talk social media marketing has taken over the cyberspace mainly when it comes to online home business promotion. Big organizations have realized this fact and they too want the piece of the cake. A good example is a company like Dell Computers, which has employed hundreds of staff just to send tweets to their followers.

This tells you that if you ignore the power of social marketing you will be left out. This is especially so if you desire to take your online home business to the next level. This may come as a surprise to most people, but twitter is one of the fastest growing social media site.

Therefore as an online home business entrepreneur, you need to embrace social network marketing. The first thing to do is to open a facebook and twitter account. Remember those two are not the only social sites you can enroll in. There are others like Yuwie, Yammer, Myspace, LinkedIn and the list goes on, it all depends on your target market.

On this article we will see the best approach to use so as to reap the full benefits of social marketing. It will be to your online home business advantage if you observe these guidelines. As we all know, making money online as you work from home is about traffic generation.

Here are 7 factors to seriously consider when it comes to social networking:

1. Optimize your accounts: Your profile is the one most important element that you need to work on. Most people just fill out the form without optimizing their account. Social media sites act as little search engines and you need to take advantage of this fact. This will make it easier for people in your home business niche to locate you.

For example on facebook, when you are filling out your activities or hobbies, enter your target keywords. If you are targeting to link up with people who work online, in your activities section enter a keyword like work online at home. This will mean that anyone that searches on facebook using the keyword phrase work online will probably find you.

This goes for all the sections of your user profile.

2. Connect with the right people: Optimizing your social networking account means that most of the people who will want to connect with you will be targeted. As an online home business marketer you know very well the more targeted your leads are the more the conversions.

As you receive the requests to connect with your targeted audience, you will get the opportunity to know the people that are following them. This is more applicable on twitter and facebook, request for connections with the people following your followers.

Connecting with the right people will benefit you in many ways. You get to read about the latest updates in your online home business niche. It also means that every time you update your status wall, more people are likely to click on your links thus targeted traffic generation.

work from home

3. Profile pictures: Pictures usually are like a thousand words. First impression counts a lot when it gets to marketing your home business on social sites. If you are seeking to leave a lasting impression then you need to upload professional pictures on your user profile.

Wear your best suit and make up to ensure you look appealing. It would be sometimes advisable you get professional help.

It is recommended that you use the same picture in all the social networks you join. This will make it easier for people to recognize you at first glance thus build an online presence. The same pictures should also appear on your blog or website profile.

4. Link your social media account to your blog: With a site like you can connect your twitter and facebook account to your blog. This will ensure that every time you publish an article on your blog it will be updated on your status wall.

There are also other sites that you can work with like pingfm and Twitterfeed. With a site like pingfm you do not have to necessarily visit every social media site to update your wall.

5. Post quality content: Sometimes you will see people doing online home business posting irrelevant content on their walls. It is of no benefit to your online business when you tell people what you had for lunch.

Always post unique, helpful and valuable content on your wall. This will go a long way in ensuring you build your online reputation and presence. Research and get to know the things affecting the people in your niche and offer them workable solutions.

6. Join several social networks: As earlier mentioned facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the main social sites but they are not the only ones. You will discover that there niches that would do much better on other social sites than in facebook or LinkedIn.

The secret is to first find out where people in your home business niche go to. In addition, learn the language they are using to help you build relationships. In some instances using jargon can be beneficial to your work from home business. This is especially so if you connect with people who use the same jargon as you.

7. Enroll in social networking groups: On a site like LinkedIn there are different groupings. Joining relevant groups can be a sure way of marketing your online home business. This way you will showcase your business to the right audience.

On facebook, you can start a fan page and invite people whom you have the same interests. In so doing you will be able to share ideas with people in your industry hence boost your home based business.

There are many other online marketing strategies and social media marketing is one of the most powerful. The idea is to marketing your online home business using different strategies. This will make certain that you attract huge targeted traffic from all sources.

Making money online is all about providing content thereby give the people following you on social sites rich material. Within no time you will be considered a guru in your niche thus enjoy your online experience. Launch your online home business today and make sure that social marketing is in the top of your marketing strategy.

Micro-blogging can sure be a great online marketing tool if only you use it the right way to generate income at home.

Online Brand Management As Pertain To Web Reputation

Online Brand Management As Pertain To Web Reputation

It may not be a big issue to some people now, but to others especially established web businesses, online brand management is critical. One single statement can easily dent your online reputation thus affecting your overall brand image.

In the stock market, you will note that one of the elements which cause fluctuation of stock prices is a company’s reputation. Considering that things have now gone online, brand management has become more hostile than ever before.

Usually it takes years to build your online reputation. Some of the strategies of building your site brand name can be achieved through article marketing, forum marketing, video marketing and so on. But credibility which took a lot of effort can be destroyed in a single day because of a simple statement.

The web has turned the world into a small village in that a bad praise from one corner of the globe can travel so fast like wild fire. It is for this reason that monitoring and managing your online brand name is imperative.

Online brand management is about knowing what is being said about your business, from what quarters and how frequent statements are been made about your business. This is not only restricted to big business; small home based business sites are facing the same challenge. Your competitors can easily damage your online credibility in the name of fighting competition.

If your online company is not yet getting any bad criticism brace yourself because with time it will happen. And in case no one is talking about your business, then there is definitely something amiss with your business.

The advantage of people talking about your business is that it offers you an opportunity of brand management. Be it good or bad criticism, you need people talking in order to build your web presence and reputation.

Through online marketing, bloggers and webmasters have the capability to make their sites go viral and reach more targeted audience and in the process creating wealth from home. With a single blog post, you can leverage your business to connect with other bloggers and establish a strong online brand image.

In short, there is no geographical limitation of what you can achieve in the cyberspace. But through the same internet, self proclaimed critics can easily take advantage with an aim to bring down your online business or get 10 minutes of celebrity status.

The downside of criticism is that sometimes they are not based on facts but rather people seeking for popularity. In the name of brand management, search engines offer a lot of web presences to a site like Wikipedia because it shares about big businesses.

Imagine a buzz spreading on the internet about your blog content, products or services. If the talk is positive, then you are OK but if the buzz is negative then you are in big trouble. Negative talk will damage your online reputation and eventually affect your web presence. When that happens you lose leads, clients and of course cash.

Now that we have discussed on how online reputation is important to business growth, let us talk about online brand management and how to monitor what people are saying about your business.

Using the internet to monitor online reputation: Every time you share an article online you are careful to research and use targeted keywords. Did you know that the same can apply when it comes to monitoring what people are saying about your business?

Keywords play a vital role in SEO placement and every online marketer seeks to study how people are searching the web in order to position themselves. By use of primary and secondary keyword phrases, you can zero in and attract visitors to your site.

You can also use keywords to mirror in on what people are saying about your site. A simple search on Google of your website can reveal to you all negative discussions been circulated. Sometimes the bad stuff can be found on the back pages but if you see a bad comment appearing on 1st page you have trouble coming your way.

brand managementIt is recommended that you browse the internet every week and read stories that other people have posted about your business. This also depends on the size of your business; if you have a big business then you need to search daily. As for a small online business people, once a week is enough for brand management and tracking.

Free online tools to use for monitoring brand management.

Social Networking sites Tracking: One of the sites that people can easily use to dent your online reputation is through twitter. Therefore, you need to track anything that is been discussed about your business on this site.

By creating a free account on a site like Social Oomph you can start getting alerts related to tweets related to your business. Once you have an account, on the left click on Monitors and then select Keyword Alerts. From there enter keywords that are related to your blog or anything to do with your brand name.

This will ensure you get immediate email alerts circulating in the tweeting arena. The advantage of this is that you can be able to join discussions immediately they sprout. If the discussion is negative talk concerning your business, you can arrest the situation fast enough before it gets out of hand. Now that is what I call sound online brand management from the comfort of your home.

Tracking with Google Alert: This also works the same way as Social Oomph in that you get alerts every time people search for certain keywords. If you enter your business name as one of your keywords, Google Alert will send you an email anytime someone searchers for it or post anything.

Again, depending on the size of your business you can either choose to receive notifications daily or weekly.

Managing negative criticism: There are several channels that people can use online to post negative talk. This can be done through social networking sites, forum sites, posting comments on your blog or submitting a video.

As we have seen you can track this and respond as necessary. Do not take offence when you get bad criticism; the best way is to treat it as feedback. Look into the comments with a critical eye and if someone is raising pertinent issues address them with the seriousness they deserve. Ignoring can be detrimental to your online brand management and reputation.

Use the social icons on the left to share this article will others seeking to learn brand management techniques. In case you have something else to add, use the comment section appearing below this blog post.

Ways To Earn A Living As You Work From Home

Ways To Earn A Living As You Work From Home

Work from home! Do you love the sound of that? The beauty of this is that no one has to know what you do. All they will be wondering about is the fact that you are always at home and driving that flashy car. It is just amazing the numerous ways that exist on the internet for you to make money. With people losing their jobs daily, it is the high to get an easy way out.

Some may be asking, then how do I make money online and which are the best strategies of achieving this? Relax; on this write up we’ll discuss some of the proven tactics of earning a decent income on the net while you work from home.

Google Adsence: This is the best way to generate cash for newbies but also some online gurus still use it. The first thing you need to do is launch a blog or website then load it with quality targeted content. Then head to google adsense account setting page and create an account. It will normally take 2 day before your account it approved.

Once the account is validated adverts relevant to your site will be posted on your web pages depending on where you want them placed. It is advisable to share quality content and market your site or blog so as to get visitors. As the visitors click on the adsense links you get paid.

Forex Trading: I know a friend who is doing very well in forex trading. Through the Forex market you can earn quite a substantial amount of money. This is a platform where individuals or companies trade foreign currencies. The beauty of it all is that the cash flow in this market is constant and all you need to do is identify a broker to work with.

The broker you opt for is very important since some have systems that coach you on how to trade. Some of the renowned forex brokers include IForex, Finexo, GFCMarkets just to point out a few. The other amazing aspect about this market is that it operates 24/7 so where ever you are you can trade at whatever time.

Note that you will need to have capital to be able to trade. But the idea is to start small and learn the tricks and as time moves on you can invest more. The risks are really high sometimes thus take calculated risks and endeavor to learn about how different currencies are performing in the world market.

Note: Patience and willingness to read vastly is key when it comes to this kind of online trading.

Selling Information: The internet is all about content, in fact the phrase that you are likely to hear or come across in most forums is “Content is King”. There are people who are out there searching for valuable information and are ready to pay for it. All you need to do it get a niche that you are good at and share your expertise passionately.

The best approach to this is having a website where you will be publishing your unique content. Remember you have to market the site for example on related online forums, social marketing site and also on search engines. Once you start getting traffic you can charge a monthly membership fee for people who want to access the information you are publishing.

Selling Ad Space: Here the concept is similar in that you first have to create content that will help in targeted traffic generation. The minute you have traffic on your site or blog you will easily get people interested in buying advertisement space on your site. It will be up to you to decide how much to charge depending on the position the advertiser desires his/her advert be placed.

There are good softwares that will help you automate the whole process thus all you will be left to do is marketing your site.

Virtual Online Stores: Do you have your own product that you wish to sell online? Then the right place to go and do this is on EBay. EBay is a virtual online store for both people trading their own product to those selling other people’s items. Believe it or not here you can sell anything you think of from tooth-picks to airplanes.

Remember if you are selling your own goods you have to arrange for the packaging and shipping of the goods to your customers. You too have to take care of customer satisfaction and all that pertains to after sales services.

If you do not want to deal with after sales services you can opt to sell other people’s goods for a commission. The site is so user friendly so you can load the products you wish to trade easily and also get tools to help you promote your online store as you work from home.

Ebay also has an option where one can become an affiliate. All you have to do is enroll as an affiliate and market your affiliate link on social media sites, online forums, classifies directories or on your blog and once you get your visitors to become members on ebay you are paid $3 as commission.

Another website that you can work with is Amazon, only that here you need to have a website of your own and load the products you wish to sell on your web pages. Amazon will pay you a commission every time you make a sale. Most of their commissions range from 4% to 10%.

In case your boss is threatening to fire you then I think you should be the one doing the threatening, because armed with these money making options you are set to achieve financial freedom. The number of people who are browsing the internet is rising everyday hence the potential of generating revenue online is immense.

Therefore take full advantage and choose the best strategy or tactics that you think you have passion for. Is it just astonishing that you can work from home and still earn millions of cash? I love the sound of that…

Join me next week where you will get to learn even more insightful streams of income on the internet.

Best Online Payment Services And Online Credit Card Processing

Best Online Payment Services And Online Credit Card Processing

Online Payment Services and Credit Card Processing: Detailed Reviews

You have worked so hard and earned some income at home from your blog, but the big question is; with so many online payment services available, which online credit card processing should you trust?

If you walk to any corner of this earth, you will notice that money is always a sensitive thing. That’s we thought we share with your the best credit cards payment services with you.

I though it is prudent that as I share on how to generate income from home while working online and which sites accept prepaid credit cards payments online, we tackle the challenges that come with Online Payment Processing.

On this write up we will provide you with an in depth review of the several companies offering online payment services and credit card processing for payment.

Personally, I have gone through my own share of owes when it comes to getting paid online. One of the affiliate companies I work for does not send checks to countries that are not listed on their website.

Since my country is not listed I had problems receiving payments yet I had made some affiliate commission sales. I was forced to get my friend to collect the checks for me then forward them to me for banking.

It can be quite frustrating working so hard and then start hassling to get the best credit card processing online company in order to receive your hard earned cash.

Therefore, it is important that you weigh your options and see which Online Payment Solutions or best business credit cards that works best for you.

Here are reviews of some of the Easy Online Payment Services Options and Top Business Cards:

1. Payoneer – prepaid credit card: In recent times one of the best credit card and most popular mode of online payment is through Payoneer.

Affiliate companies are quickly getting into partnership with Payoneer for easy online payment processing to their affiliates. One of this is amazon credit card payment using payoneer.

On the other hand, affiliate marketers are rushing to get the Payoneer card. In some countries it is not possible for one to withdraw money earned through Paypal.

But thanks to the Payoneer Card anyone can apply for a payoneer card and withdraw their cash from Paypal. This made Payoneer one of the best credit cards 2015.

There is a nice twist to Payoneer, you can make money by applying for the card. All you need to do is click here to register for the Payoneer card and once you withdraw your first $100 you will be paid $25. If this is not a good deal then I don’t know what is.

On top of that, once you receive your commissions on the Payoneer card from your affiliate companies e.g get your pay amazon credit card you can withdraw from any ATM with a Master Card sign anywhere in the world.

Get it from me, this is the best mode of online payment service for affiliate marketers and most companies accept payments online from payoneer.

Payoneer Debit card has been under criticism by many other asking, is payoneer a scam, but for us who have been using the service for quite some time I feel rather capable of being able to share my experience with the service and be able to shed some light on what to truly expect.

Before I continue, why don’t we start from the very beginning with the start of the company itself. Payoneer is one of the best business credit cards service provider that offers its financial services online.

It provides top credit card processing that are affordable and also offer safe payment transactions, which is suitable especially for freelancers, condition international businesses, online stores and those whose jobs are conducted online.

Its customers use re-loaded prepaid MasterCard debit cards to be able to transfer money and receive online affiliate payments.

The fact that Payoneer is recognized in over 200 countries makes it ideal to transact your money transfers to a wide variety of locations making it ideal for the modern market.

This eliminates the hustle usually encountered when receiving your money from all major cities in the world through your payoneer debit card.

In 2005, Payoneer MasterCard debit card came into the picture and they offer a wide range of opportunities for users, allowing them to be able to purchase items both in stores, online and ATM’s that recognize the MasterCard just like any other typical master card.

Now let us look at some commonly asked questions about the Payoneer debit card.

Who can apply for a Payoneer debit card?

The only requirement for one to be able to apply for a Payoneer Debit card is that they be 18 years and above. You do not require any credit or even bank account history for you to be considered.

What are you waiting for Sign up for a Payoneer Prepaid Card Right Now.

How do I receive my card and how long does it take?

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with details of the estimated arrival date, if you are located far from the headquarters, your card will be shipped to your address free of charge.

What are the benefits of using the Payoneer Debit Card to transfer fund?

  • Using the Master card helps you save time and money you would normally encounter when transferring fund through other methods.
  • The fact that the Payoneer MasterCard is recognized in over 200 countries gives you a huge advantage as this means you get global coverage, and also give a wider range for multiple currencies especially since there is no bank account required.
  • There are no overdraft fees, meaning that your account remains safe and secure since it cannot be used if there are no funds available.
  • One is able to access their money in just two hours making it very efficient and quick.
  • The Payoneer online banking comes with very few technicalities making it easy to use for a wide range of users.

Payoneer Debit Card

How much does it cost to apply for a Payoneer card?

During your application process you will see a detailed list containing all the pricing and fees included prior to submission.

Once your submission is confirmed, you can view the pricing and fees list through your online account. One thing to note is you do not need to maintain a minimum balance on your card and you can cancel it at any time.

Before you cancel the card though, it is advisable that you either purchase using the remaining funds or you withdraw them until you remain with nothing on the card.

How can I transfer funds to another card?

The process is rather simple, all you need to do is sign in to your account page, select the tools menu then select “transfer to another car”.

After that you will be required to enter your required information and then the transfer will be complete.

How do I receive payments using Payoneer?

Once you have signed up and you have a Payoneer account, you will need to apply for the US Payment Service.

This will allow you to receive your payment from a select number of US corporations. To receive payments, login to your account and depending on the company you are dealing with.

Next you select Payoneer as your payment method, then your payments will be sent to your account directly from the company.

Who stand to benefit from Payoneer?

Payoneer service is beneficial to vendors, affiliates, freelancers and publisher who wish to receive their commissions immediately.

This is possible because unlike other service providers that require one to have a bank account for their money transfers to be completed, which take several days and even weeks for some.

With Payoneer, the link with the bank is eliminated thus making it possible for the your commission to be sent directly to your Payoneer account which takes a couple of hours 2 hours for immediate withdrawals or 2 days for withdrawals that are not immediate.

Who are the Payoneer partners?

There are literally thousands of partners and companies who pay through Payoneer worldwide.

Here are a few US corporation that you can receive funds from;

  • Amazon credit card payment,
  • Intel Corporation
  • Aol, Yahoo Inc.
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • Linkedin Corporation
  • Inc.
  • Paypal
  • ClickBank
  • CreateSpace
  • Facebook
  • Elance
  • oDesk
  • Amway Corporation
  • Fiverr
  • And many more….

Here are a few of the official Payoneer partners;, Conduit, Infolinks, matomy, Odesk, MediaWhiz, MaxBounty, LoudMo, Link Trust, buckSense and Plimus.

With that said, if you are an online freelancer, an affiliate marketer or a content producer and you are looking for a flexible, reliable safe and secure mode to transact your money transfers and to receive your payments, then Payoneer is the best alternative for you.

All your questions can be answered easily and efficiently through frequently asked questions that are usually answered by the community managers or support representatives.

All your money transfers are quick and easy regardless of where you are. You can easily purchase products both online and in stores as long as you have the Debit Card with you.

There really is no valid reason why you would not want to open an account with Payoneer today and start enjoying all this wonderful benefits of being a member. Click Here to Visit Payoneer NOW.

Payoneer was among the top credit cards 2015 thus the reason I think you must join right away.

cash transfer2. Western Union: This mode of online payment service is referred to as cash transfer. It was quite a relief to me when I discovered that I can now receive my online payment through western union from my Google adsense account. If you thought wire transfer or EFT is fast then you have not tried western union, you too can send money through western union.

Ideally google adsense pays on the 15th of every month, by 16th you are sure to collect your cash from any western union outlet in your locality. With google adsense the maximum cash you can receive is 7000 Euros.

The charges usually vary depending on the country the cash is being sent to. The transaction fees for western union are a bit higher compared to other Internet payments services listed on this article.

Click Here NOW to Send Money Anytime, Anywhere, Even Evening And Weekends with Western Union.

3. PayPal: Most home based business people will agree that PayPal is one of the best and easiest modes of receiving your online payment and also making payments. A good example is a company like that pays their affiliates via PayPal.

The beauty with PayPal online credit card processing is that funds are credited to your account immediately the payment process is through. Normally, there is a small transaction fee of about 3% charged to your account for every transaction made.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
As regards to customer care, PayPal is known to have one of the worst. There customer care agents usually take ages to resolve issues. The other down side of PayPal is that if someone complains about you or your company, they will quickly close your account and even fail to remit your cash.

There have been cases where freelancers have failed to receive their online payment just because PayPal suspected the legitimacy of a certain transaction. According to the agreement you consent to, PayPal has the power to take away your money or even withdraw the cash you have already deposited into your bank account.

With the limitations that come with operating a PayPal account, in some countries like India you cannot transact online payments of more than $500. It is therefore advisable that you try and have more than one online payment services. In addition, almost all companies accept payments online via paypal.

online payment 4. Escrow: If you are looking for the best way to receive your online payments, then Escrow is definitely among the top online payment processing today. Escrow is considered among the best and most secure modes of payment systems. Here the person that is making payments first deposits the cash in his/her account. Escrow will then transfer the payments to the receiver after the sender authorizes the payments through a 5 step process.

This is what has made Escrow one of the ideal modes of processing online payment. It ensures both parties are fully protected. There is a small fee charged for every transaction and it is shown to the account holder before any payment is processed.

5. Checks: I still wonder why in USA they spell it as “Checks”, here we spell it “Cheques”. This is also another safe mode of online payment service. In most freelancer sites or affiliate companies when you are creating your account you have an option to receive cheques.

If you select checks as mode of payment, you can then go ahead and choose the mailing option. These include regular mail, registered mail or through DHL among others.

This is a very safe mode of online payment since with your name printed on the checks no one else can cash-out your hard earned money.

The challenge comes when you join a company that does not send checks to certain countries. A good example is Click Bank. I still wonder why they don’t send checks to some countries and yet other affiliate companies in the USA send cheques to all corners of the world.

The only way of receiving payments from Click Bank if your county is not listed, is to get someone in the US to receive the checks on your behalf then forward the checks to you.

google checkout6. Google Checkout: Most overseas work from home business people prefer Google checkout as their ideal mode of online payment. Over the years Google checkout has thumped its authority as a reliable mode of payment online.

In order to transact, both you and the one making payments need to have a Google account. Google checkout is also known to offer very competitive transaction fees which go as low as 1.4% per transaction. In addition, there is no monthly fee and they do not charge a single cent to transfer cash to your personal bank account.

Google checkout can also be integrated with other popular online payment platforms and thus receive money transfers free of charge.

7. Wire Transfer: This is definitely the fastest mode of making payment online directly to your bank account. With most affiliate companies you need to have received several payments for you to qualify to get paid via cash wire transfer.

When you are receiving a wire transfer, you need to send the person paying you a SWIFT code which you collect from your bank. Normally, the money is disbursed in 2 – 3 days.

It is important to note that both the one receiving the cash and the one making the payments will be charged a fee by their respective banks. The fees range from $30 to $45 for the one sending and $15 to $25 for the one receiving payment. These charges also vary from one location to another.

8. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer): This is the mode of payment where money is sent from one bank account to another.

If the company you are working with offers this mode of payment, all you need to do is give them your bank details which they will forward to their bank in order to pay you. These details include your name, bank name, account number, phone number, address and routing number.

Payment processing takes 2 – 3 days.

money transfer9. MoneyGram: This is yet another mode of cash transfer just like western union. Where I come from the transaction fees for MoneyGram are much cheaper than western union. In both these cash transfer companies the transaction fee depends on the amount being transacted and location the money is been sent to.

With MoneyGram you get to choose the type of service you want, which of course has different charges. These services include same day, economy or home delivery payment.

The disadvantage is with MoneyGram is that they have fewer outlets, about 100, 000 compared to western unions which has over 300, 000 outlets worldwide.

online payment service10. Xoom: Falls in the same category as other cash transfer services. It is similar to MoneyGram and western union. The only difference is that it only allows the transfer of funds and not online payment transactions.

But for you to receive your money you can pick online payment services like Credit card, alert pay, bank account or PayPal and the funds will be sent as cash or deposited in your personal bank account.

11. Payza: Was formerly known as Alertpay. This mode of online payment is similar to PayPal and most small online business programs use it quite often. It may not be a popular mode of online payment system but it is fast, safe and very convenient.

For people who are keen on doing affiliate business you can promote Payza through their referral program. You earn $10 when you refer someone and they transact $250.

Click Here to Send and receive money online with Payza

12. Moneybookers: This is an online payments option where you can receive and send money using your debit card, bank account or credit card. To add, it is safe to use, instant and has no limitation when it comes to location.

With Moneybookers the rates are very competitive going as low as $0.50 to send money to someone’s bank account. The other advantage with Moneybookers is that the person making the online payment does not necessarily need to have a Moneybookers account.

The only disadvantage with Moneybookers is that you cannot use it for shopping online unlike other Online Payment Solutions like AlertPay or PayPal.

Conclusion: My hope is that you have learned something about the various modes of online credit card processing and services. You are also welcome to share your views on this forum about your experience with these Online Payment Services thus help others receive their hard earned cash with ease.

11 Basic Work From Home Online Rules To Observe

11 Basic Work From Home Online Rules To Observe


Just like any other business, work from home internet business requires you to be serious and focused. You cannot expect to do nothing and still achieve success by the end of the day.

You also need to re-evaluate your business from time to time. This will ensure you do the necessary adjustments to take your work from home business to the next level.

If you notice that you are not making any positive headway, change your tactics. You cannot anticipate keeping on doing the same things and expecting different results.

Now, let us see 11 simple rules of working at home business on the internet.

1. Purchase the right products: There are people who have the habit of buying any product they come across. In most cases they end up purchasing crap products and services.

Even if you hear a certain work from home guru has bought or is selling a certain product, do your own groundwork. Read reviews and most importantly read what other people are saying about the product. The best place to read people’s comments is in online business forums in your niche.

Draw a budget to make sure whatever you buy fits your financial plan. Any service or product you acquire should add value to your work from home online business.

2. Focus: This should have been the first point to mention, without being focused you are sure to give up. There are people who take up like 5 different business programs thus they are not able to focus well. They end up being a jack of all trade but an expert in none.

working onlineSo as to remain focused also have a work plan and do one thing at a time. Avoid listening to the people who are out to pull you down.

Avoid starting one website after another; this will divert your focus. Instead have one website or blog and work to make it BIG. If you observe carefully, the renowned work from home business guys all have one blog or website that really makes money online for them.

3. Attend the right seminars: Just because you heard so and so is coming to town does not mean you must attend their seminar. It is OK to go but not all of them. Seminars are good since they act as motivators and you get to learn new things.

But in most of these seminars they keep on repeating the same things that you already know. It would have been better you spend that time working on your work from home business.

Once in a while you need some fueling and attending a seminar can go a long way in doing just that. Therefore, choose a few relevant seminars to attend.

4. Learn from the best: How many times do you visit a blog belonging to an expert in your niche? If your answer is none then you need to change that. Reading other people’s content opens your mind to new strategies and keeps you informed.

Even when it comes to attending seminars, go to the ones that will add value to your work at home business. Allow a mentor to help you improve your business. A mentor should be someone who has already made it big not just any Tom, Dick or Harry claiming he is the best.

5. Nothing is impossible: Believe in your capabilities. If there is someone else who has been successful, it also means you too can do it. In fact, you can do it even much better.

All you need to do is know if a certain work from home business works. If it has worked for another person learn what they did and go and do the same in a better way. I say this because nothing on this world is new, why re-invent a wheel.

Be determined and believe in your capabilities, with time you too will be a big fish that people will talk about on forums.

6. Take initiative: Do not blame others for your failures. There are guys who are always apportioning blame on other people. Just because someone you employed did not do it right does not mean you sit back and mouth about it.

If you see something going wrong, take the initiative to correct it right away. Do not wait for things to crumple so that you can blame your colleagues, partners or employees.

7. Dream big time: Our minds are so powerful in that they can shape our destiny. What you conceive your work from home business to be then it can become. Do not dream small and expect to join the top league in your niche.

make money at homeI heard someone say some time back, “dreams are made of this”, what are your dreams made of? Are they about coming up with a website that will be in all online forums in your niche?

Success is all about thinking big and never underrating your abilities.

8. Execute: It will be of no benefit to your work from home online business if you learn something good and not execute. For example, you learn of new search engine optimization strategies and you do nothing about implementing them, and then expect to get to first page of top search engines; may be in your dreams.

Anything you learn that is beneficial to your work at home business needs to be implemented. Online business is about trying out different things until you get the tactics that best works online for your business.

9. Have a time table: Planning is essential for all people that work online at home. Having a work schedule helps you to be organized. It also assists your not to overlook some duties that are profitable to your work from home business though they may seem insignificant.

Always do one thing at a time. The best way to achieve this is by coming up with a time table. TIME is money thus use every minute you’ve got prudently.

10. Have goals: Setting goals is a rule that people keep on talking about but very few people actually observe it. You need to have targets since they help you to remain focused. In addition, goals ensure you stay on course.

Periodically, analyze your progress and where necessary re-adjust your goals. Goals are best achieved when you have long term and short term targets. Your short terms goals should help you achieve your long term goals.

As you work from home always aim high, just as the adage goes “aim at the sky and you will reach the clouds”.

11. Be honest: Finally, do not lie to people. The traffic counters you see on your blog are not just numbers but real people. Therefore you need to treat them with respect. Be truthful in what you post on your blog.

Do not over hype a product just in a bid to make a quick sale. In fact, it would be better you buy the product yourself and post a review from an informed position. When you are honest you will build your credibility thus boost your online presence.

Summary: Making money online from home is not easy and is also not hard. It all depends on how you perceive work from home business to be. Observe the right rules and have a positive mindset and you will definitely make money online.

Note: What has been discussed on this post can greatly boost your work from home business, but only one percent of people who read will put these points into action.

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