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Ways Of Creating Legitimate Wealth From Home Online

Ways Of Creating Legitimate Wealth From Home Online

Are you there and wondering how you are going to generate wealth from home? Then you are reading the correct article at the right time. As we speak, people from all walks of life are feeling the pitch of the economic crisis. The developed nations have also not been spared by the current economic squeeze.

But not all people are noticing the hard economic times; there those who are creating wealth from home. You might claim that there are so many online scams and forget that that there are also countless online legit jobs too. Therefore, I do not see any reason why anyone should not be earning a decent living even if they are not employed.

In fact, if you ask me there are more opportunities of generating wealth from home rather than being in a 9pm – 5pm job. The secret to making real money and eventually firing your boss is doing business online. Studies have shown that over 10 million new people surf the internet daily. Just imagine if you were in a position to capture at least 1% of this people.

Hope you now see the potential of how you can create wealth from home online. Now let us go through some of the best strategies of making money online at home.

As this site reads, work online legit, we shall discuss only the top legit ways of generating wealth from home.

Blogging: One for the best ways to make money online is through blogging. A blog is an online journal where you share your opinions to a particular group of people. Since a blog is interactive, you can easily engage your readers and in the process acquire online customers.

The ideal approach to blogging is choosing a niche you are passionate about. Write about a specific topic that you know you are an expert in. With time as you keep updating your blog, you will create a loyal fan base and thus make money online.

Creating wealth from home through blogging is not a get rich quick scheme; you have to be patient and consistent. The more you offer insightful and informative content the more you increase your chances of making money blogging.

Once you have good blog traffic, whether you like it or not you will earn money. Research and find out the needs of the people that visit your blog and then offer them relevant products and they will sure buy from you. Here are some ways to monetize your blog thus create wealth from home.

Taking Surveys: Over the years, taking online surveys has been one of ideal and easy ways of working from home on part time basis. There are many marketing companies seeking for customers opinions on various products. Some of these companies are willing to pay you to get this information thus improve their products or services.

The people who have more opportunities to earn money taking surveys are mostly people in USA and Europe. A survey site I can recommend for guys in Africa is a UK based site called YouGov.

If you are in the USA and Europe some of the recommended sites to take online surveys include:

InBox Dollar

Survey Scout


One beautiful thing with making cash with online surveys is that it is free to register. Hence when you see a company asking you to pay so as to take surveys, chances are that it is an online scam.

You have to be ready to get a lot of email messages from survey sites, thus it is advisable to create a separate email.

Taking Photos: Did you know that you can generate wealth from home by just taking pictures? If you are a photographer you should visit sites like iStock or Fotolia and showcase your pictures.

There are different categories thus you can select the one that best suits you. Some of the categories include pictures about environment, people, animals and so forth.

For those of you who have a good camera then you now know where to go and start earning income from home with ease.

wealth from homeFreelancing: We all have something we are good at and hence you should offer your expertise and get paid for it. The best approach to freelancing is registering in a freelance network site. These are sites that employers post their online jobs.

Click here and read a detailed article about how to get legitimate freelance jobs from home.

Product Reviews: If you are a skilled writer, then you can easily start building wealth from home by publishing product reviews on your blog or website. There are legit firms that are always looking for people to post reviews about their products and services for a fee.

Find websites that seek to connect bloggers with firms that would wish their services or products to be made known for a fee.

Affiliate Marketing: This is undeniably one of the best ways to build wealth from home. Affiliate marketing simply means selling other people products.

Personally, I love affiliate marketing because I do not have to deal with things like after sale service and the like. Since most of the online products are digital, you can get paid commissions up to 70% per sale.

The secret to affiliate marketing is creating a niche blog then sharing relevant content. Then sign up on affiliate sites which offer products in your niche and upload them on your blog. As people visit and read your content, some of them will definitely want to purchase what you have to offer.

Click here to read more about affiliate marketing.

Joining Online Forum Sites: Forum sites work best when they have members who are active. Therefore once in a while some of these forum sites pay people to sign up as members and post threads. The payment can range from $ 0.1 to $0.2 per thread.

Selling Advertisement Space: This method of creating wealth from home will work best if you have a blog or website that has high traffic. Advertising is the driving force of any type of business thus if you have the numbers then companies and people will come knocking on your door.

You can even find ways to automate the whole process by using plugins that can allow people to upload advertisements and pay online.

Conclusion: No one has any excuse to say they have no way of making money. The internet is so vast with millions of people visiting daily to make a purchase or start a business. All you have to do is start today and learn how to work online and create legitimate wealth from home.

How To Increase Online Sales Conversion Rate

How To Increase Online Sales Conversion Rate


Driving traffic to your site is one thing but turning those visitors into customers is a different ball game. Every blogger seeking to succeed in internet home business opportunities needs to learn how to increase online sales.

There are many aspects to blogging and each blogger has targets he/she wants to achieve. Depending on the action you want your visitors to perform, you need to learn the tricks that will help boost your conversion rate. It could be you want your visitors to enroll in your referral program, subscribe to your newsletter or buy a product. The determining factor is how long do visitors stay on your blog.

In order to make money while you work online from home, you have to learn the skills on how to increase online sales thus turning your readers into buyers. Most bloggers and online marketers struggle with this aspect and it’s the high time that changed.

The secret of increasing online sales conversion is mostly determined by 3 things

I)                   How you structure your call to action

II)                Ability to keep people on your site

III)             Ability to improve visitor loyalty (return visitors)

On this post we are going to look at some of the most important steps to take in order to improve your online sales conversion. It may not happen overnight, but if you observe these guidelines you can be sure to make money blogging with time.

Here are 9 guidelines to ensure you achieve the 3 above mentioned secrets of increasing online sales conversion:

1. Content Generation: The one thing that you cannot escape when it comes to making online sales is provision of rich content. In fact, content creation is the driving force of marketing on the internet.

Ask yourself if the content on your blog is good enough to make people read to the end. The best way to generate content is to offer insightful and educative material. Research and know the preferences of your target market and offer them just that. In addition, seek to optimize your content for search engines.

As you address people’s needs and wants adequately they will trust you thus find it easy to buy your products or join your referral program. In addition, good content can easily go viral as people recommend their friends to your site or backlink to your webpages. Content is King.

2. Product Choice: Learning the preferences of your target audience will enable you to know the right products to sell. Before picking any product or service to promote on your blog, review the product and see if it meets the needs of your target audience.

It does not make online business sense to publish content on sports and then upload products on gardening. You can be sure with such an approach you will not make any online sales conversion.

Just as your content meets the needs of your visitors, your products and services should do the same.

online selling3. Product Reputation: One aspect of learning how to increase online sales is selling quality products. Ensure that before you begin selling any product you have checked its credibility in the market. This can be achieved by reading product reviews.

Trust is a vital element of selling online, thus make sure you build your own reputation by offering quality and truthful content and promoting credible products.

4. Reliable and Quick Online Customer Support: If you are selling your own products you must seriously consider customer care. Customer support includes addressing needs of clients before they purchase, during the purchase and after the purchase.

Have a structure in place that will assist in guiding your clients about your products, services or programs. The more your potential customers know about what you have to offer, the better the chances of them turning into buyers.

In short, customer care should be more about impacting product knowledge.

5. Advertisement: How you advertise your products can build or break your online business. Therefore, a critical element of how to increase online sales is advertising techniques.

In case you are selling affiliate products, take time to select attractive banners and catchy text advertisements. Also ensure the landing pages of the products you are promoting are attractive and contain quality and convincing content.

As for people selling their own products, outsource quality banners from experts. It may cost you an arm and a leg, but compared to the online sales you will generate, it will be better to pay the price.

It is amazing how a simple but attractive banner can help you generate online sales leads and increase online sales conversion.

6. Offer Money Back Guarantees: In order to further increase your product reputation, it is advisable to offer money back guarantee. When customers see there is a money back guarantee, they will feel that the risk is low thus help you increase your online sales conversion.

As you are generating your sales copy, ensure you mention the aspect of money back guarantee and the customer will have confidence in your products.

But make sure that you eliminate or reduce the risk factor of refunding money by creating high quality products that offer what is stated in the sales copy.

7. Sales Copy Structure: A good online sales copy is one that addresses the needs of your target audience. It should aim at meeting the goals and desires of your potential customers. This can be achieved by bring out the major benefits the customer will get by purchasing your products.

Apart from addressing the physical benefits of the product, a sales copy has to touch the emotions of your customers. This way you will make more online sales and ensure your clients talk about your products to their friends and colleagues.

8. Blog Performance: The loading time of your blog is a very important element of increasing your online sales conversion. Hence, do not load too many images, videos and plugins that can slow down your blog loading time.

Blog performance also entails selecting the right template. Make sure that your blog appearance is attractive by choosing the right themes and colors. Work on your content organization by selecting the right font that is legible. Note: use one font throughout your blog.

Avoid having broken links by constantly checking to see whether all your links are functioning well. Ensure that visitors have an easy time navigating through your blog content. Your categories links should be easy to locate probably on your blog header or side bar.

9. Incentives: As you keep learning how to increase online sales you will discover that almost everyone likes free things. That is why it is imperative to regularly conduct promotional offers on your site or blog. One of the strategies of giving incentives to your customers is giving your visitors sample products.

Having trial products is one of the best tactics of turning potential customers into buyers. For instance, if you tell your customers they can use your product for free for 7 days, they will most likely buy that product once the 7 days elapse. This is because it creates an element of credibility.

People really enjoy when they get good deals and a way to achieve this is by offering discounts. Offer good discounts and you will definitely see an increase in online sales conversion.

You can also conduct contests on your blog where the winner can get your product for free. Offering free promotional products like giving out free eBooks or softwares will also boost your online sales.

Conclusion: Now that you know the secrets on how to increase online sales, I hope you will get down to it soon thus turn your blog to an online money making machine.

Take time to share with this forum other online selling techniques by posting them on the comment section provided below.  If you find this article helpful, you can also share it using the social icon buttons appearing on the left of this blog.

How To Increase Work Online Sales Leads

How To Increase Work Online Sales Leads

It can be quite frustrating for work online business webmasters to finally reach page one of search engines and fail to make online sales leads. Whether you got traffic from working hard through optimization or paid advertising, you deserve to be enjoying the fruits of your labor. On this post let us discuss some strategies that you can adopt to help you convert your traffic to sales.

All said and done, the one secret of making money online is driving high traffic to your site or blog. The more website visitors you generate the more chances you have to earn cash. However, attracting high traffic sometimes does not work that way because you may end up earning less than you anticipated while someone else with lower traffic is making more than you. Whenever you notice this it means you need to do something extra and fast.

Here are some vital tips to implement to increase your online sales conversion:

Web page content: This is the most important aspect of ensuring you earn income online. Not only does content help you convert leads to sales, it is the channel with which you use to optimize your web pages thus get high placement on search engines. When search engines find your site the more organic traffic you receive hence obtain high conversion.

When creating content think of what people in your niche want to read or buy, this you can know when you wear the shoes of your potential buyers. Try to identifying the issues that challenge people in your niche and offer solutions. Write reviews that describe well enough the products you are selling. This helps readers to get a better insight of your products thus increase sales conversion.

Your content needs to make readers to take action. After you have provided your target audience with rich and helpful information, you can go ahead and tell them what they need to do. Direct them to the links you would wish them to click and they sure will.

Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes since they will make your site guest have a low opinion of your site and the products you are trying to promote. It is advisable that you use a tool like Microsoft Word to draft your blog content and then proof read severally before you publish on your site. Properly drafted articles are a sign of professionalism thus aid to boost your online credibility.

Link with the right people: Before you market your site you need to define your targeted buyers and know where you need to go to find them. Take your time to study the profiles of your targeted audience since this will help you identify their preferences. Post your website or blog links in relevant sites to make certain you generate targeted traffic. In addition, it assists you create awareness of your products to the right clients.

In case you are using article marketing or business directory submission for advertising, submit your articles or business links in the right categories. This will not only ensure you attract unique visitors but will boost you link popularity thereby ranking high on search results.

For example, it would be of no good to post your work at home online business links on categories or sites that have content on sports while your site is about home business.

Linking with the right people also can include attending offline and online business networks forums and events. Here you will come face to face with people interested with what you have to offer and more so learn from other webmasters who are doing well in online sales conversion. Also go to conventions and trade shows related to your line of business or industry.

Social networking sites are taking over the cyberspace thus you should take advantage and hook up with folks in your niche. Optimize your twitter and facebook account with your targeted keywords so as to attract the right individuals. It is imperative that before you market your products to your followers or fan that you first build good business relationships. This will enable you to gain trust from guys in your niche and so make more sales.

Avoid broken posting links: It will be detrimental to your online business if visitors click on links that do not work. Therefore, you need to make sure that all the hyperlinks on your pages are functioning well. This also allows your potential customers to navigate through your site easily which means higher reader retention. The more time people spend on your page the more online sales conversion you will make.

Constantly, go through your site links and correct the ones that are not working. Streamlining your site paths that lead to your sign up forms, affiliate products and services will guarantee you convert your online sale leads to cash.

It is true that pictures make your site appear cool but you need to add text and link that work. Adding text when you are linking images makes search engine know what the pictures are about. Finally, make it easy for buyers to locate your product links or shopping cart within your blog or website.

Buy leads Lists: For people who have some money to spare they can promote their products and services by purchasing leads online. This strategy will work best if you do your groundwork well enough by first profiling your clients’ needs and preferences. Identify the commodities that have a high conversion rate in your niche and market them.

Whenever you are buying leads you need to look at the reputation of the companies you approach. Check the back ground of the companies you are purchasing leads from to ensure you do not get scammed.

Use different advertising strategies: In order to convert your online sales leads you need to promote your site like a mad man but with tact. They say two is better than one, thus utilize all the available marketing channels in the market. The brilliant marketers that flourish have realized that the internet is not the only place to push sales.

There are other sales channels to tap into like availing your products and services on phone, direct or face to face marketing, sending mail orders and having an offline shop. Other tactics involve printing brochures, bags, t-shirts, shopping bags, postcards and so forth with your URL. The secret is to include all these avenues in your marketing strategy.

If you choose to promote your products online, work towards creating an online brand name and make certain it is seen all over the internet. The ways to achieve that includes adding your web links in your email signature, joining online business forums and adding your link in your signature, posting on relevant business directories and submitting your links on paid classifieds sites.

Buying several domains and redirecting them to your main site is also another way of online advertising. This is especially so for browsers who misspell your domain name. For example, if your web address reads “work online with us” you can buy a domain name called “online work for us” or “online work 4 u”. It will cost you money but the end result will be worth the cost.

The idea is to work towards ensuring you do not miss any opportunity to generate leads to your site. The rule when it comes to making sales is; the more online sales leads you have the more cash you will make.

There is still more to learn so join us tomorrow for more updates on boosting your sale conversions….

Building An Online Brand Name | Become An Influencer

Building An Online Brand Name | Become An Influencer

Celebrities and politicians are able to move people in masses because they have built a brand name for themselves. If you follow the lives of prominent people, you will discover that most of them come from a very humble background.

Most of them in their pursuit to survive were able to discover a gap in society and in the process of filling it up, they become influencers. One desire that you should have as a human being is to touch the lives of people next to you. Seek to be something bigger than you are by contributing to humanity and you will definitely build your own brand name.

The same goes when it comes to building an online brand name in whatever niche. Look at sites like Google plus, Twitter and Facebook; they have in a short time been able to bring together millions of people from all over the world on one single forum. The amazing thing is that even as we speak, someone new is registering on all these sites.

You may ask; how did facebook or twitter manage to do all that? It is just a matter of first having an online brand name. Google plus is now claiming its share in an already competitive social networking niche with great success. This goes to show that there is always room for new influencers.

All you need to know as regards building a lasting online brand name is that it takes time. The problem with most of us is that we give up too easily. No wonder there are very few successful people compared to failures. Just a handful of people are ready to pay the price to be a brand name in their niche.

It is my belief that anyone in any niche can build their own online brand name. All you are required to do is identify your strengths and weakness, set goals then take action. In addition, you need to have a mindset of champions and you will attract people to you.

Why build an online brand name?

Ask someone like Oprah Winfrey the power of been an influencer and you will desire to be one too. Having a reputable online brand name will help you influence people from all walks of life. By just a click of the button you will be able to drive high volume of traffic to your website or blog and make money online.

Companies will be lining up for you to do product reviews and you will be the one dictating the terms. Having an online presence will mean that any country you visit, you will have an audience especially people in your niche.

Am sure you too can come up with a better list of the importance of building a reputable online brand name.

How to build a reputable worldwide online brand name from home:

Strive to be better than you are today:

Some people when they get to the top, they begin to walk and talk as if they own the world. The worst thing you can do when you become successful is think that you will be perched at the top forever. In life there will always be someone greater and better than you.

The point you need to pick here is that always seek to be better in whatever you do. Consider yourself as the second best and you will always work hard to be the best. Even when you hear everyone talking about your online brand name, have in mind that there is another brand in your niche doing much better than you.

Google is for sure the number one search engine but they have never stooped to perfect their art. They keep coming up with new products ever so often. The same also applies to a company like Nokia. The reason of using these top brand names is that you may discover their secret of success.

An influencer is the person who pushes himself to become the best in what he does. Keep reminding yourself that there is always room for improvement. Consider what you have done so far as second best and you will push yourself to your utmost limits.

If you are a blogger in whatever niche, when you think of yourself as second best you will always seek to know what your competitors are doing. This will help you come up with better strategies of getting more blog traffic. It will not take long before you get recognized and create an online brand name thus influence your market niche.

Furthermore, you can end up creating a blogging strategy that other bloggers will never emulate or imitate. Now, that is what it takes to build a lasting online brand name.

Link up with other influencers in your niche market:

If you want to be a sweeper all your life then hang-out with other sweepers. Influencers always seek to connect with other influencers. Our destiny in life is mostly determined by the people we spend most of the time with.

On another article we mentioned that people and not search engines will by products on your blog. Therefore, as you seek to build your online brand name have people in mind.

People that command a following are the ones that have discovered the power of building relationships. You can have thousands of fans on facebook or thousand of followers on twitter, but if they are not people in your niche then they will be of no benefit to your online work from home opportunity.

brand nameThe best way to link up with other influencers is monitoring what they are doing and talking about it. Bloggers assume by giving credit to top bloggers they will boost their credentials. That is true, but on the other hand it will help you build relationships with them and they will reciprocate by taking about you to their followers.

Here are some tips of getting noticed by influencers:

–          Join online forums in your niche and be active. Make sure you add your website or blog in your signature. As you are commenting and posting threads do not think about the backlink or traffic you will receive from people clicking the link in your signature.

Rather read and share things that will add value. This will in the long run help you become an authority in your niche and thus boost your online brand name.

–          It can be a life changer if a top blogger talks about you. Most people try to get the attention of top bloggers by sending irritating emails. The best approach would be to quote them on your blog, commenting on their blog posts and linking back to their blogs or websites.

–          As you work on building your brand name online you should also think of doing the same offline. Every time you hear that people in your niche are meeting in a conference or seminar always attend. There is nothing as powerful as face to face meeting.

You can be perfect in building relationships online but you will never beat someone who does it offline.

–          Social media networking is for sure a big industry online. It has contributed to many people building powerhouse brand names online. On a site like twitter, the ability to Retweet has helped many online business entrepreneurs do viral marketing with ease. Social networking will ensure you have a platform to build relationships that will last.

But you need to note that social sites where not put there for you to spam people. Spamming may look profitable for a while but in the long term it will completely destroy your online brand name and online presence.

brand name onlineYesterday a very close friend in the blogging arena told me that if you want to rank well on Bing, you need to point to top bloggers in your niche. And I thought, that should always be the case because it makes more sense.

From today, quote others and they will soon enough quote you. Link your site to other top bloggers and you will build your online brand name for they will so enough link-back to your site.

Do not imitate what others are doing:

This is a cliché but I will repeat it anyway “Always be yourself”. There is nothing as sad as trying to be someone else just because you think they are better than you. Did you know that those people at the top always have things they are struggling with?

In fact, if you every get close so some of these top guys you will discover some will admire what you have. This tells you that you too have something unique you can offer people in your niche thus create your own brand name.

It is not a guarantee that you will please everyone but you will definitely get loyal followers. What may seem crazy to some people may look unique and good to others. Cut a niche for yourself and for sure there will be people out there waiting for someone with your qualities to emulate and subscribe to.

Do everything to fully understand your industry:

It is said that experience is the best teacher and I fully agree. But for you to be considered as a powerhouse, you have to be the best in what you do.

When you are good at what you do, you will always have answers to the questions fronted by people in your niche. This is what will build your credibility, presence and finally an online brand name.

To fully understand your niche you need to be ready to research a lot. Subscribe to blogs that are top in your niche, subscribe to niche newsletters and read the latest news of events taking place in your area of interest.

Researching will help you identify issues that others are overlooking and as you address these issues you will get a loyal following and thus build a brand name for yourself. Make use of your posts comment to know what people in your niche are really searching for.

The Yahoo Answers forum has been there for a while, but how many bloggers use this forum when researching for content creation?

Conclusion: Do you see now? This is how celebrities, politicians, big firms and influencers go about getting to the top. You may say that some of them are luck or were born with a silver spoon. Yes! That could be the case, but that is a very small fraction.

Most people that have built an online brand name have scarified a lot. They are the people that trend where others have refused to go. They do what others have refused or ignored to do.

You want to become an online millionaire? Then delete the word mediocrity in your dictionary and go that extra mile.

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online From Home

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online From Home

The main reason of launching this work online blog was to teach people some of the best ways to make money online at home. So if you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran you have just landed on one of the most informative blogs.

Most people out to make a quick buck will want you to think that it is difficult to make money online. They make you assume that it is impossible to earn money online and then go ahead to offer you a product or a service. Some of these online money making strategies are things you can do as you work online at home.

Generating income at home online does not necessarily mean you need to have a capital. There are some strategies that are free to initiate and still make decent cash online.

On this write up we will share at least 3 excellent ways to make money online from home with ease.

1. Research for others: We all have something we can offer, so the notion that you have no experience should be out of your mind. The thought that you are not a good writer or web designer should not discourage you. These are not the only ways to make money online.

There are people out there that do not have a lot of time in their hands. These are the kinds of individuals that can pay you to do research. Thanks to the internet, today research has got nothing to do with going through heaps and heaps on books.

The beauty of making money online from home by becoming a researcher is that you do not need to be an expert. This means you can offer your research skills to people in different niches.

Examples of researches you can perform include:

Research for webmasters the best keyword phrases to target for their websites. The information will be beneficial to them in determining which niche to target.

There are writers who will need material to include in their books. You can offer your research skills to help them come up with credible material for publication.

You can offer research services for people seeking to find jobs online and offline.

The secret to getting research jobs is looking in the right places. Some sites you can go to include ODesk, Elance and Freelancer. Do not be greedy, just start small and as you gain experience make your way up to the big money research jobs online.

In general, in all niches one needs to do research thus a perfect way to make money online from home.

2. Make money online with Amazon: Though the commissions are said to be small, one of the easiest ways to make money online from home is through Amazon. There are several ways you can earn income at home with Amazon.

The first thing you need to know is that you have to pick programs and products related to your site. Also take advantage of the immense traffic Amazon gets to channel some of that traffic to your site.

make money online at homeOne of the ways to make money from home with Amazon is through their Advantage program. This is related with book publishers. Through following the directions posted in the Advantage program guidelines, you can get your books listed on Amazon. This can really translate to lots of online income.

For people in affiliate marketing, then you need to have Amazon as one of your associate companies. This is more so because Amazon is a reputable company thus you can make quick sales.

Joining their associate program is free. It is advisable that you get to learn their promotional tools which are quite handy. Their banners are really impressive and can boost the overall appearance of your website. As you know an impressive site is one way to make money online.

The other feature on Amazon is creating an aStore. This aStores works best if you create a blog in a particular niche. Let us assume you have a blog about working online, you can create an aStore containing E-books about tips on how to work online at home.

As you can see, there are several ways to make money online at home with Amazon.

3. Become a web host reseller or a web host affiliate: Just think of it, anyone that is seeking for ways to make money online from home needs a blog or website. This means there is a vast market that you can tap into and earn income from home.

The advantage of being a reseller is that you can earn a residual income online. This is mainly because once someone buys hostage, he/she is unlikely to move elsewhere especially if the service is good.

To become a reseller all you need is to buy web space from an established company. Then you can sell the web space in portions to other webmasters. Some of the best companies to work with include, Blue Host, Host Gator and so on.

The advantage of being a reseller is that you will never worry about offering after sales service or other over heads that come with the business. In addition, web hosting is a virtual product hence you do not need an offline storage space.

How to choose a web hosting company:

– Always seek to work with reputable companies.

– A good web host company offers reliable support. This will be beneficial to you if you are not so savvy about web hosting.

– You should be able to upgrade your account when you want to. You may get to a point you have many customers and upgrading will help you serve more customers.

– Pick companies that allow you to offer discounts.

The best approach to both being a reseller or an affiliate is to start a website exclusively for web hosting. Research and find out the keywords being used by people seeking for a web hosting company. From their create content based on these keyword phrases.

This will ensure you get ranked by search engines and thereby attract organic traffic. In addition, rich content especially on package review will help clients know exactly what to expect thus help you boost your conversion rate.

On your site publish content about the various web hosting packages you have on offer. People love discounts thus display your coupons codes on your site or blog.

For example, if you choose to buy a product on Host Gator, you can use the coupon code “workonline25” and get a 25% discount on any package you purchase.

Hope you have noticed; some of the strategies that have been discussed do not require you to have money. But is it good to note that in any business, you need to spend money to make money. The prudent thing to do is to make sure you invest wisely.

Do thorough groundwork before making any purchase or joining any work from home online business opportunity. If you are building a website to help you make money online, then find out the keywords to use and how you will market your site.

Keep coming back for more insightful content on smart ways to make money online from home.

Follow the links below and find out more about how to market your blog online.

Strategic Work From Home Business Guidelines

Strategic Work From Home Business Guidelines

Thanks to the internet you can now launch your own work from home online business. This way you do not have to worry about paying rent, paying workers or having overheads. And that is not all; with internet business you have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

In life there are two kinds of people, those that chase after security and those that chase after freedom. Having a job is good since you are assured of a salary by the end of every month. That sense of security has made most people stick to their employment even though they do not like their jobs.

But there is a breed of people who are few in number that decided to start their own work from home business. These are the kind of people that sacrifice their security in order to achieve freedom. The funny thing is that you can never chase security and freedom at the same time.

This is how it works, if you launch a work from home business or any business for that matter today; with time you will achieve financial freedom which will ensure you security.

As for people who fear the uncertainty that comes with work from home business and stick to their jobs, they will never achieve freedom and security is also not guaranteed.

Many are the times we hear of people who have lost their jobs. On the other hand companies lay off staff now and then, thus it’s only a matter of time before you too become a victim.

On this article we shall see some rules to follow as you work from home online thus achieve financial freedom.

Follow your dreams: In life you will never fail to come across people who will pull you back. This could be your family members, friends or colleagues at work. If you are not principled, these people could easily make you abandon your dreams.

work onlineWork from home needs you to be focused and follow your dreams. The money you can make from online home based business can easily allow you to live your dreams.

Be optimistic: If someone else has made it means that you too can do it. President Obama puts it even much better “Yes We Can”. Now say “Yes I Can”

Believing that things will be alright will help you move forward no matter the current situation. A journey begins with the first step; therefore you have to start from somewhere. Once you commence, have faith that you will achieve your desired results.

Ignore your fears: As you work from home you have to be ready to deal with your fears. Some of the worries you have to deal with include; will this work online business work, what will people say if I fail or which is the best work from home business to venture into.

These fears are normal and they apply in all areas of life. The secret to overcoming you fears is to remain focused and believing in your capabilities. Anyway, self-doubt will only pull you back.

Appreciate Mentors: No one has ever succeeded in work from home business alone. In the background there are always people that help you achieve your goals. It is always important to link up with people that will mentor you.

After you have achieved your goal always appreciate the folks that stood with you. No man is an island; hence acknowledge the input of others in your business.

Make wise choices: Before you settle for any work from home program always do research. This is where mentors can really come in handy.

Join online business forums in your niche and ask people who are ahead of you for advice. Read online business reviews so as to get what others are saying about a particular work from home business program or product.

Listening to others and their experience will assist you make wise decisions thereby avoid joining online scam programs.

No plan B: This is a somewhat controversial statement. But personally I believe for you to be successful in work from home business you need to only have a PLAN A.

The problem of having a Plan B is that when it takes long before you see results most people give up. You could give up and maybe you were just about to hit the jackpot.

All you require to know is that others are making money online from home. That is an indicator that you too can and will generate income at home.

Set Goals: Going into work from home business blindly is a big mistake. It is prudent that you set targets for your business. Periodically gauge your progress and when need arises reset your goals.

Have short term goals and long term goals. This will help you know if you are making any headway or not. In addition, goals help you remain focused and do the right things at the correct time.

Believe in yourself: This is the same as being optimistic. But I would like to add, always be perpetually optimistic. Some will say that reading self motivating articles like this is a waste of time; they forget that you need to continually motivate yourself.

When you are motivated you get to build your self confidence thus believe in your capabilities.

Don’t ever give up: This should actually be the number one rule when it comes to work from home business. To succeed in anything you need to have a fighting spirit. Giving up should never exist in your dictionary.

The big shots in business we see today are the kind of people that refused to give up. No matter the circumstances surrounding you or the challenges you will face while working online, you need to keep your head up.

I know you have heard this a million and one times but I will repeat it anyway, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

One of the best and easy ways to get both freedom and security is through work online business. Are you a work from home mom or man? Then you are on the right path.

In fact, with work from home moms, you get to spend time with your family and still earn a very decent income at home. If I have made it you too can make it. I wish you all the best.

How To Write An Article For Webmasters Working Online

How To Write An Article For Webmasters Working Online

If you are someone that works online and wants to learn how to write an article then you need to go through this post. There are numerous tactics of promoting your blog or website and the secret is to try and use several of them.

When you use just one online marketing strategy you end up losing out in maximizing on traffic to your site. One method that is highly recommended of blog promotion is article marketing. With article submission you will be able to implement several marketing strategies at the same time.

Article promotion enables you generate referral traffic, this is traffic you get when readers click on your hyperlink which appear in your author resource box. The idea is to direct these links to you homepage, web pages and also to other articles you have posted in other article directories. This helps boost your link popularity.

Once you know how to write an article and target the right keywords in your anchor text, your blog will start ranking high on search engines thus generate organic traffic. Therefore, article writing is one of the best ways of succeeding in search engine optimization.

Now that you have seen just how instrumental articles are to your online marketing success, let’s get into how to write an article the proper way:

Target a niche: The secret of working online is first to identify the niche you want to target. This will assist you to know what you need to write about in your articles. It would be blind of you if you just jumped into work online business without knowing whom you are targeting.

Before you launch a website or blog, take time to identify your audience and learn their preferences. This includes researching on issues that trouble people in a niche. Once you have identified the challenges facing people in the niche you want to target, discuss them in your articles.

Do not divert from your niche, imagine if you decide to write about music on your site and then later begin sharing about gardening in your articles? You articles will bring people interested in gardening while your site is discussing about music. This will result in people exiting your site immediately thus a high bounce rate and lower conversion rate.

Formatting: The way you are arrange your content within an article is very imperative. It is advisable that before you begin any article you decide on the points you are going to talk about. Arrange them systematically so as to make your content flow.

how to write an article

Avoid writing long paragraphs since this will put off most readers; draft short paragraphs that are detailed. Research has show that most people are not good readers thus scan through content especially on the net. In fact, on your site where you have full control, break your content by adding relevant pictures.

To help your readers have an easy time reading your articles, you need to show them where the main points of your articles are located. This you can achieve by adding sub headings and writing in point form.

Especially if your article is long, add bullets within your content and readers will know exactly where to go and get the key points of your article.

A good article that generates traffic should tell readers what they need to do. What it means is that, your content should call people to action. For example, in order for your readership to click the links within your resource box you need to tell them to do just that.

In your last sentence within your article; involve your viewers by calling them to action and telling them, “Click the links appearing in the bio box below to get more detailed information.” This will result in you generating more visitors to your site or blog.

Informative content: The main reason that the internet was created was to offer and share information. If you give the internet information, in return you will get site traffic. The best way to post information on the cyberspace is through forum marketing, blogging and article submission.

It is said that information is power, therefore if you give your target audience power they will give you their wallets without thinking twice. Identify the issues that people in your niche encounter and share the solutions in your articles.

When you publish rich and valuable content, you will build on your online reputation and presence. The moment people start seeing you as an expert in your niche unique traffic will definitely come your way.

Creativity: I know some people will say that they do not know how to write an article and more so an interesting publication. One thing that people forget is that writing is more of an acquired skill where you need to keep on practicing in order to become a good writer.

Even the best writers you hear or read about did not just become good writers. If you follow their history you will notice that they began as amateurs. Writing is about how you arrange your words and not using jargons to explain your points.

Remember that the people that visit the internet come from all walks of life, therefore use simple words that readers can easily understand be it newbies or veterans.

In short, for you to be a creative writer you need to practice, practice and practice some more.

work from home


: Some people give up along the way when it comes to article writing and this is mainly because they do not share on things they have a passion for. Always target a niche that is exciting and you will never be bored or run out of stuff to share.

Passion is important in everything you do; it is the driving force that will help you achieve success.

Keyword based articles: Optimizing your content is a critical element when it comes to how to write an article. It is imperative that your articles are found by your target viewers. The ideal strategy to achieve this is by adding relevant keywords within your articles.

In most article directories, authors have a section where they can add their keyword phrases for every article they publish. This helps search engine spiders know exactly what your articles are about hence rank your publications appropriately.

Use tools like Google insight, Google trends and Google Keyword Tool to identify which keywords to focus on in your articles. Target keyword terms that have a high search volume and low competition. This will help in making sure that your articles get high placements on search engine results faster.

In addition, link back to your website or blog with your main keyword phrases. This you do by optimizing your author resource box by adding hyperlinks with relevant anchor text.

Proofread: So as to appear professional you need to confirm that all your posts are written well. At all cost, avoid publishing articles that have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

To ensure you have well written content, draft your articles using tools like Microsoft Word. With this tool you will be able to steer clear of spelling mistakes and grammatically incorrect sentences.

After you have finished drafting your article, make sure you go through it again and also get a friend or colleague to proofread your content.

When you present your audience with articles full of errors, they will not take you serious thus affect your work online business credibility.

Some webmasters have resulted to micro-blogging as the only means of marketing their products mainly because it is easy. They fail to realize that even after you share your links on social sites like twitter and facebook you need to have a place where you will call home.

A blog or website is the perfect place to direct your readers. Here you can monetize your web pages and use your articles for traffic generation thus make money from home with ease.

The secret is to avoid procrastination and begin learning how to write an article now, within no time you too will be an authority in your market niche.

So as to gather more insightful content, click the links below and learn other internet advertising strategies.

How To Guarantee Success In Online Writing Jobs

How To Guarantee Success In Online Writing Jobs

The other day, one of my fans asked me why I have stopped publishing articles about online jobs and I thought it prudent today to share on the same. On this article we are going to specifically look at online writing jobs.

There are many ways on making money online and freelance writing jobs definitely one of the best. The problem is that writing is not easy. Few people are born with writing talents but for most of us we have to practice to become good writers.

In order to kick start your online writing career, you need to brace yourself for lots of researching and you also need to have a willingness to learn. Thanks to the internet, writing online is not as difficult as some people would like you to think. There are simple tools and software that you can use to enjoy being a freelance writer.

As an online freelance writer, you know that the more content you generate the more money you will make. Therefore, you need to know strategies and tools to use in order to ease your work.

In addition, you need to know the right sources to get genuine online writing jobs. It is very discouraging to spend researching and writing a post only for someone to fail to pay you for your efforts.

Below we are going to share with your sites where you will get genuine internet writing jobs. We shall also discuss strategies and tools you need to use as a freelance writer to make your work easier and thus get more jobs done in time.

Tops sites to get legitimate writing jobs:

Blogging Pro: Considering that finding legit people seeking for writes to generate for them content is difficult, a site like is the right place to go. Once on the site, click on the Job board and you will get a list of jobs to choose from.

Apart from getting legit writing jobs, on this site you get clients that will pay you well. The fact that clients are vetted and pay a fee to list their jobs, it ensures online writers get paid for their efforts.

oDesk: The other online writing portal that is recommended to get writing jobs is oDesk. The moderating process is done professionally thus making oDesk one of the best places to land writing jobs.

You will be paid depending on how you score on the online tests. But as you go on building your profile and completing writing jobs to advertisers’ satisfaction, the rate will definitely go up.

Problogger Jobs Board: The other site that you can visit to help you overcome the challenge of landing legit work online jobs is Once you visit the site click on jobs and you will see latest writing jobs.

As a way to moderate and make sure that advertiser are posting quality and legit online writing jobs, they are charged $50. This is for a period on 30 days. Again, this ensures only people genuinely looking for writers will place adverts.

Writing is not easy and thus writers need to feel appreciated for their contribution towards helping to generate content. Visit the above mentioned sites and get clients who will value your writing.

How to advance your online writing career:

Learn from experts: For those who are out to develop their online writing skills you need to check out Freelancer Writers Den.

In whichever industry you are involved in, it is always advisable to learn from the best. The same case applies to freelance writing, on freelance writers den there are quality online tutorials to teach you on how to write online.

There are also forums where you can connect with other writers who are experienced thus ask questions and get professional advice.

how to make money with online writing Jobs

Moreover, you will get access to writing courses and watch expert freelance writers being interviewed.  You might be a talented writer but that does not mean you do not need help. Learning from others who have gone ahead of you will really help you become a better writer.

Get a notepad: In my experience as a blogger, I have discovered most ideas come to me when I’m offline. It is very important to capture these new ideas that come to mind when you least expect.

In fact, things that cross your mind when you are offline turn out to be very valuable to your articles. There are events that take place out there that can contribute a great deal in generating quality and insightful articles.

In order to capture new ideas it is recommended at all times you walk with a pen and paper. A phone or tablet computer can also be good a place to write down ideas while you are away from your work station.

While on the move, you can also come across images or events that will help you generate content. Therefore, have a camera with you or get a mobile phone that can capture both still and motion pictures.

Content structuring: Coming up with writing ideas is one thing but developing on those ideas is an entirely different ball game. When it comes to freelance online writing you need to know how to come up with good titles. You also have to make sure that the body of your articles is of high quality.

Try checking out a site like Creative Writing Prompts and take your online writing skills to another level.

The one thing that can really help you advance in online writing is breaking down your points. Structuring your content helps to make sure that your articles flow well and you do not miss out on mentioning important points.

There is a software called Free Mind that you can download and use to map your content. Are you seeking to be a professional online writer then Free Mind is the tool you need to get.

Another tool to make sure that advertisers line up for your articles is White Smoke. Freelance online writing requires you to have good command of the English language. White Smoke will correct your grammatical and spelling errors.

internet writing job

Avoiding distraction: The one enemy of writing online is distraction. If it is not people calling you while you are working, it is family members knocking at your door or a pop up window informing you of an incoming email or tweet.

For you to be productive you need to work in an environment that is free from noise. If you are a freelance writer working from home, noise from the Radio, TV or kids playing outside can really distract you.

It is believed that women can serve two masters thus external distraction will not affect them much. But for men, it can be a big challenge. The best way to avoid noise distractions is by getting an office or working only when you are alone in the house, if that is possible.

As for the pop ups that can really affect the flow of your content you can choose to work offline. There are also software like Writeroom designed for Mac computers and Darkroom for computers using windows. This software help block pop ups thus help you concentrate on your writing.

Though it may be an expensive venture to some people, getting 2 computers is the other way of avoiding getting distracted by pop ups. You can use one computer when you are online and another can be used only when you are generating content.

Quality is paramount when it comes to freelance online writing jobs; hence experts recommend you go offline when you are at work.

Improving your typing speed: There are times that you will get several writing jobs at the same time. Since you will need to deliver your work before the deadline, there is an agent need to learn how to type fast.

Ideally, the recommended typing speed to ensure you earn more money online through writing is 75 words per minute. To improve your typing speed you need to practice a lot.

Practice by communicating to your friends through chat and sending emails. There are also thousands of online forums you can enroll in where you get to participate in discussions by typing.

Personally, what helped me begin typing faster was blogging. Rather than getting someone else to generate content for me, I always write my own blog posts.

Online typing tests will also improve your typing speed. Sites that you can do typing tests are and TIPP10. If you download TIPP10 you will get additional smart features to make you a better freelance online writer.

The internet is filled with online games that require you to type. Apart from helping you identify where keys are position on the keyboard, typing games will help you to write online faster and have fun at the same time.

Some of the typing games include Qwery Warriors and Typer Shaker.

Backup your work: Most of the machines we use in our day to day life can get spoilt even without notice. As a freelance writer, a computer is your tool of trade.

To avoid losing your content in case your computer crashes, it is important to back up your work. It can be really sad if you ignored the importance of backing up your files and end up losing all your work.

One way of protecting your work is getting software that automatically backs up your work. Some software you can use includes NCH Software, Mozy backup Software and Fbackup.

On most of this software you can access your files from anywhere you can get internet connection. The other strategy is storing your work on your an external hard disk.

Handling side effects that are brought about by freelance online writing jobs

In order to be productive you need to be in sound health. Most online writers spend too much time working that they forget to take care of their bodies.

It is good to generate money but that should not be at the expense of your body. Below are ways of making sure you remain healthy and thus produce excellent work.

*Protecting your posture: Scientist say that sitting down for long hours will affect ones health. As a freelance writer you are forced to long hours in front of your computer researching and generating content.

how to sit while working

It is not hard to find people who do online writing jobs complaining of back pains or struggling with weight or suffering from diabetes due to lack of excises. Therefore, it is recommended that after every two hours you stand up and stretch a bit.

You can also opt to use a standing desk to work on your writing jobs. Research shows that using a standing desk can help you to improve your productivity 100 fold.

*Protect your eyes: Apart from affecting your back and increasing the chances of becoming obese, looking at your computer for long hours can affect your eyes. It is therefore advisable to take intervals of 5 minutes when you are writing.

Avoid putting too much light on your computer or working in the dark. Make sure there is enough light in the room whenever you are working on your computer.

You can also use software like F.lux that adjusts the resolution of your computer screen depending on the light around you. In addition, software called Eye Defender can help you in taking breaks every time you spend a certain period watching at your computer screen.

What the Eye Defender does is initiate a screensaver every 30 or 40 minutes. You can adjust your setting to have your desired intervals. Normally, the screensaver can stay on for about 5 minutes to help you relax. I recommend that during these intervals you stand up and stretch.

Am sure there is much more to share when it comes to online writing jobs, thus use the comment section below and contribute to this topic.

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Web Page Design Attributes | High Site Performance

Web Page Design Attributes | High Site Performance

On this blog, we have shared lots of information about online marketing and it’s high time we tackled in details another very important topic, web page design. Time and time again, you have heard people say that first impressions really matter, they are actually right.

The way you design your web pages and website in general determine how much money you will make online. The structure of your web page design can thrust you into the lime light or get you sidelined.

Some webmasters and bloggers generate lots of traffic but fail to reap full benefit due to the appearance of their sites. Technology is moving so fast and web designs that used to work some 5 or 10 years ago have today become outdated.

On the other hand, new technology can also lead to the downfall of other website. Web designers sometimes in their pursuit to please their clients, create sites that look like a Christmas tree. Doing business on the net is a delicate issue and therefore you need to be careful every step of the way.

But it is important to note that people are different, a site that would make me frown in pain, would erase the wrinkles on another man’s face. It is for this reason you need to know the preferences of your target audience. If you create web page designs that capture your target audience, the better for you.

If you can evoke the feelings of your target audience, they will keep coming back to your site again and again. Humans are emotional beings thus you need to create a site that will have a lasting impression so as to make money.

Site feel is determined by how your site visual appeal goes hand in hand with the expectations of your target audience. This is what necessitates your visitors to spread the word around about your site.

From the introduction some of you are asking; then how do I go about creating web page designs that will make my visitors come back again and again?

Here are some of the vital attributes of a good web page design:

Navigation bar: The moment you make your visitors wonder how to navigate through your site, you have lost them. Visitors should right away figure out how to find what they are looking for. Thus, your navigation bar should be simple and easy to locate.

Ideally, the best place to display the navigation bar is at the top of your web page design and at the side bar. If visitors come to your site via your web pages, the top of the web page should indicate which page they are reading and on which site or blog.

These calls for creating of a web Page URL that is related to what is contained in the body of the post. In addition, all the webpages you create should have a link pointing to your homepage. Apart from ensuring easy navigation, linking to your home page will boost your overall site SEO value.

A good web page design is where your visitors can easily find links to take them to other related pages. Avoid having pages where visitors have to scroll for too long to get more information. Rather, break your pages with links or have a side bar which they can use to navigate with.

Note: You definitely know the way around your site but that is not the case to your visitors, especially new visitors. Create a site where the web page design has a column on the left or site that contains a navigation menu. In case you have many webpages, make sure you provide your visitors and search engines with a site map.

Text type and color: The style you choose to have your text is very critical in web page design. Your text should not be too big or too small. The secret is to make sure that a person with a 20/20 vision can read what you have written.

It is recommended that you use a font size between 12px to 16px depending of the font style. Also, select a font style that matches with what your blog content is about. For example, you cannot use a font like this …work from home online business entrepreneurs have to…. for a business site unless you want to attract calligraphers.

An element of web page design that can bring down your site is the color of your background. If you are using black text make sure you choose a light background preferably white. Do not reverse and use white text with black background, you will put off your visitors.

The fact that there are over 200 colors to choose from, does not imply that you turn your blog into a rainbow. Try and pick colors that match in order to draw the attention of your visitors. A good color contrast is when you pick dark colors on light background and not the other way round.

Size of website: Some years back, websites had 800×600 screen resolution. But as we speak, most people browsing the internet are using a screen resolution of 1024×768. Therefore, if you create a web page design that will fit a small screen, people with big screen, who are the majority, will find your site looking petite and funny.

As much as we have advanced in technology, you need to be careful on how you design your website. People are more interested with the information you have to share and not the flashy aspects of your site. It is therefore prudent to keep things simple and nice.

Work with web page design templates that have been tried and tested. The moment you force your visitors to download other web tools in order to view your site, you will definitely loss them to your competitors.

web page designWeb page design layout: Most web designers will tell you that using frames in your page layout is easy. But you need to realize that frames can be a nightmare to your visitors. Ask yourself this, who do you intent to please, your web page designer or your target audience?

The disadvantage of using frames is that when visitors bookmark your webpages, they may not be able to come back to it. In addition, frames sometimes don’t work when you click on the back button.

Loading time: Just as is the case with the offline world, on the internet time has become of great essence. People are always in a hurry and want things that work out very fast and easy. Hence, when they open your site and it takes long to load they will click the close and move on to the next site which will most probably be your business rival.

The one culprit that would slow down your site loading time is images. Before you load any image on your site ensure you have reduced the size. As you build on your web site, use one or two images on every web page you add.

Information: If you ask experienced webmasters, they will tell that this should have been attribute number 1. When visitors land on your site they are more concerned with what you have to offer than how your site looks.

As much as visual appeal is important, if the content on your site is not adding value then you will not generate sales leads. In short, the point I’m trying to put across is that Content Is king.

You can spend thousands of dollars working on your web design, which is alright, but remember when visitors land on your site they are in search of what will be of benefit to them. Generate content that will address the needs of your target audience and for sure your site prospects will turn into loyal fans or customers.

Also, do not forget that you are writing to search engines; therefore use keywords that will tell engine spiders what your pages are all about.

It is really disappointing when you come across outdated information on a website. For example, you click on a link about an upcoming webinar only to find out it already took place last month.

Once an event has taken place, you must right away remove the page or amend it. This will in the long run help build your online reputation thus boost online visibility.

Link color: Though there are web page designs that use different colors when it comes to links, it is advisable to use conventional colors. Ideally, most people know links to be color blue while purple is for visited links.

Do not go changing these colors since you will end up confusing your site visitors. At all times, visitor experience should be your priority number 1.

Call to action: The idea behind starting an online business is to make money and the best way to achieve that is through engaging your audience. As you design your website, make sure your homepage and individual web pages have a call to action.

For example, on your homepage you can use hyper links that have words like “read more” or “click here”. These are simple call to action messages that compel your readers to explore more of what you have to offer.

Other techniques of engaging your site visitors include having an online contest, requesting your readers to share your content, offering free downloads or simply asking visitors to leave comments.

WordPress is the best platform to use since they have plugins that will help you to easily incorporate functions that will make your web page design more interactive. These include plugins where you can add popular post, online videos, display popular commenters and so on.

Images: Your site would look so beautify with a rose flower appearing on your homepage, but you need to ask yourself how that image is related to the content on your make money online blog.

It is amazing how images can speak a thousand words. That is why photographers make a lot of money; they are keen to visualize on things that you and I do not care to see.

Do your site a favor, by uploading quality and original images that are related to your content. This will go a long way in ensuring that your web page design is worth visiting again and again.

Having good images does not imply posting pictures that are moving all over the place. Normally, blinking images and banners sidetrack your site audience from reading and absorbing your content. They might appear fancy, but animation can easily turn off your readers.

Instead, use still images that depict the story contained in your webpage. This way you will offer a friendly environment for visitors to interact with your blog or website.

Site functionality: An element that can negatively affect your site ranking and performance is broken links. A good web page design needs to have links that function well. Test to confirm if all the links in your navigation bar are working perfectly.

Add plugins like Link Checker which will inform you whenever you have broken links.

Avoid uploading images that do not display well by testing before publishing. In case you notice an image that is not displaying well, replace or remove it immediately.

Recap: There is a thin line between success and failure as far as online business is concerned. You may have the most attractive web page design, but lack of visitors will leave a sore taste in your mouth.

Therefore, as you seek to create web page designs that are appealing to the eye, put more efforts on marketing your site. This you will achieve by optimizing your content, marketing on social sites among other web marketing tactics.

Do you have something extra you want to add relating to what we have discussed? Share with us using the comment section provided below. Also feel free to share this article to your friends using the social buttons appearing on the left.



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Where And How To Find Legit Online Jobs

Where And How To Find Legit Online Jobs

The one thing that legit online jobs present is freedom though not in the real sense. If you ask me, it would better if you became your own boss by starting your own work online business. But since this write up is about finding best paying legit online jobs we will tell you where to go.

The reason for saying this is because with these legit online jobs someone else gets to dictate how much money you will make. Unlike having your own work from home online business where you determine the income you want.

The beauty of the internet is that there are so many opportunities of generating revenue that are real and legit. Even though there are many online scams, with good research you can land on legit online jobs easily.

how to get online jobs

Today, getting a white collar job has become quite a challenge especially in these difficult prevailing economic times. The situation gets even worse by the fact that even when you get employed the pay is not enough to take care of your monthly bills. In addition, the hassle of dealing with traffic to and from work can be quite stressful.

The case is different if you find legit online jobs; here you get to choose how much you want to earn. The more you work the more you are paid. You can also work for different people and companies thus have several streams of income.

With most legit online jobs, you get to work from the comfort of your home. Also you can choose to maintain you current job and do online jobs on part time bases.

Now that we have seen the advantages of doing jobs online, lets as tackle the issue of how to identify legit online jobs. In most cases it is not easy to find companies or people you can trust when it comes to internet jobs.

There are many stories of people who have been conned of their cash through work from home online scams. So the question is; how do I avoid being ripped off?

Take your time: If you want to find legit online jobs you have to be patient. Daily we see work at home opportunities being launched which I’m sure you have come across. In case you have no experience in online business, kindly stay clear of these opportunities.

Do not be quick to join any work from home jobs being hyped on the internet in the name of making you rich fast. Of all the years I have been doing online business, it has become evident that earning income from home is about hard work. There is nothing like get rich quick business where someone can become a millionaire overnight.

You have to be ready to invest a lot of your time and money if you are to make money online.

Where to look for legit online jobs: Even in the midst of all these online scams, there are legitimate online jobs out there. The secret is to know where to go looking for these jobs.

finding legitimate online jobs

But first there are 4 things to consider.

1. It can really be frustrating if you are not paid for your hard work therefore you want to work with people that are trustworthy.

2. Go for legit online jobs that allow you to work from home

3. The online jobs need to be in a field that you are well conversant with. They should be jobs that are within your ability to perform with ease. This will make you enjoy doing the jobs.

4. Choose jobs that allow you to have your freedom; where you choose when to work. Good online jobs are the ones that are ongoing and these include data entry, online surveys, freelance writing and so on.

The above mentioned advantages can only be realized if you enroll in reputable freelance network sites. These include sites like Odesk and Freelancer that have put systems in place to make sure that only legit online jobs are posted on their sites. On these sites you can be rest assured that your freelance work will provide you with freedom, security and most importantly money.

Freelance networks sites have numerous legit online jobs to choose from. You can opt to work full time or on part time bases. Most importantly you will be able to set up your own schedule and take up as many projects as you deem possible to perform.

Some of the recommended work online from home legit jobs includes outsourcing, re-writing, creating tutorials, researching, surveys, writing, data entry, programming, virtual assistance, customer care, transcription, translation and the list goes on and on. Just be careful to select jobs you know that you are good at hence you will enjoy doing them.

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You may not be able to earn a lot of cash at first but as you gain experience you can be in a position to negotiate for more pay. But if you have a special talent or capability like writing or programming you can be earning very good money from the word go.

Ideally, freelancing can be very beneficial in terms of allowing you to have your freedom and job security. This is only if you join reputable freelancing sites. There is no risk when it gets to working online with freelancing networks. Because these sites ensure only legit online jobs are posted and you get paid for your work.

Are you really looking for legitimate online jobs? Then stop enrolling in risky and fishy deals being fronted as fast online money makers. Most of these too good to be true online opportunities will never work and if they do it is only to the owners of that site and not you.

Rather, enroll with freelancer sites like Odesk or Freelancer and find legit online jobs that best suit you. With these sites you will find best paying freelance jobs. Therefore, avoid being among the people who get it wrong when it comes to making money online from home.

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