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6 Secrets To Find Home Based Jobs As A Freelancer

6 Secrets To Find Home Based Jobs As A Freelancer

If you are looking for part time or legit home based jobs then the best places to look are at or oDesk. Though for me freelancer work is like being going to a 9am – 5pm job, but I know some people would not mind. Therefore this article is meant for folks who are finding it difficult to land a freelance job online.

Many employers who post home based jobs on freelancer sites say there are many applicants but the challenge is identifying the right person to hire. This goes to show that your portfolio plays a major role in your quest to land online home based jobs on freelancer sites like oDesk or

The two things you need to ask yourself are;

a. Which are the projects that you have accomplished and are proud of?

b. Would these accomplishments necessitate employers to hire you?

With these two questions in mind, here are the 6 secrets of assisting you land home based jobs on freelancer websites:

1. Work on your job description: Ideally, in your job description you should talk of your goals and not your needs. Employers normally have specific projects thus they are seeking for specific people to hire.

Let us take a scenario where your description is talking of your ambition to grow your business, this will simply be bypassed by would be potential employers. So as to get home based jobs, use keyword phrases that are related to your skills.

For instance, if you are good at work from home marketing or search engine optimization, mention that in your description since that is the task you are seeking to be hired in. A good description is the one that focus on what you are talented in and what employers would want.

Remember that your description is the only chance you have to convince someone to offer you an online job. Best description is the ones that is friendly and conversational and not just listing your skills. Rather than listing your talents describe them e.g “I’m skilled in search engine optimization that help rank high on search engine result pages.” Or “I’m able to write keyword based articles that promote websites online.”

2. Focus on your best skills: Though it is possible to have many talents and skills, it is advisable that in your description to focus only on your best expertise. Some people think that having many skills will get them home based jobs, in fact that will repeal employers.

Always emphasis on the skills you know you produce high quality work. This can be in one or two areas only that it should not be in more than 4 niches. This is especially so to skills which are not related such as article writing and programming.

3. Describe each of your portfolio: It is always imperative to fill your project description textbox. Here you need to write captivating stories on how you accomplished pervious online home based jobs and tasks.

You may begin by stating what your main task was and how you went about addressing your contractor’s problem. Just remember to make it brief and to the point.

4. Upload professional pictures: It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, which is very true. You must upload a professional picture if you want to get home based jobs on freelancer sites.

It is not necessary to go to a professional, but you can dress smartly and then get a nice headshot picture. Wear clothes that you would go with to an interview since this is the only face to face encounter the employer will have with you.

Remember to make a good first impression and a smile will go a long way in enhancing your chances of getting home based jobs on freelancing sites. Employers want to work with serious people thus do away with the hats and casual wear.

freelance work5. Think of yourself as a product: Ideally, there are things that would make you pick a product on a supermarket shelve. These include the images, brand name and descriptions that have been used. The same should apply to your freelancer profile.

Assume that your profile is your packaging and your description as the words that compel employers to pick you and leave out the rest. Your skills should act as the capabilities of what your product has to offer.

The secret is to design and package yourself in such a way that attracts your targeted home based jobs over and over again.

6. Upload screen shoots and links of your latest projects: To win home based jobs you need to show what you can do. The best way to do that is uploading the latest projects that you have accomplished. If you are good at article writing, upload a screenshot and a link to your previous good articles.

It is recommended that you delete old projects from your portfolio. This is because you keep on getting better in your skills and you want employers to see your best work.

When you were starting freelance home based jobs, you may have to pick many different projects but with time you should narrow down to what you are passionate and an expert in. After you identify your area of interest, you need to delete the jobs that do not reflect your expertise.

If you consider some of your old projects to be relevant to your skills, you need to revamp these old tasks by applying for new and advanced online jobs. This will help you boost your portfolio thus keep on getting the best home based jobs and deals.

Summary: Experience is vital in ensuring you land new home based jobs, therefore you should learn new things from every project you do. It is this experience and growth that employers should see in your profile description.

Apart from uploading your previous work from home projects, you also need to tweak your portfolio a bit so as to convince employers to consider you for a contact.

At every opportunity you get, do not be afraid to showcase the exceptional tasks that you have accomplished. Seek permission from your current employers to upload links and screenshots of your successful projects for other would be employers to see.

Working From Home Jobs With Data Entry

Working From Home Jobs With Data Entry

If you can recall, there is a blog post where we shared about data entry as one of the many working from home jobs on the internet. On this article we intent to get into the thick of things and get more insight on what really is data entry and how it can help you make money while you work online.

data entry jobsWhat do we mean when we say Data Entry? This is where people copy out content from one form to another and in most cases using a computer program. They include writing out handwritten documents, coping off spreadsheets from one computer program to another or inputting data like addresses and names.

This tells you that there are two types of data entry; one is for programmers where they enter codes that help design programs while the other includes entering normal symbols, letters and numbers. In some case, it involves proofreading and editing existing data to make sure they are accurately entered or written.

Some of the equipments used include scanners, computers or special recognition systems which one can easy have at home. This is what makes is easy for these data entry companies to offer working from home jobs to other people that do not necessarily work for them. In addition, the internet has allowed firms to employ even foreigners to do these kinds of jobs.

One attribute that comes with data entry is speed typing and accuracy. This is because it involves in-putting data fast and accurately. The reason for this can be seen in programming, where the entry of one wrong character can distort a whole program command. While for documents, typos and grammar mistakes can easily lead to presenting of wrong information.

You may ask, why do companies offer these jobs to other people other than their staff. In most cases the work involved when it comes to data entry is quite a lot and there are always deadlines to be met. To avoid this work getting out of hand and piling up, most firms are compelled to offer working from home jobs to folks that want to make extra cash during their free time.

If you are out of a job or you want to make an extra buck in you free time then data entry is what you need to try. All you require is a computer and some typing skills. It is also critical when doing these kinds of job to be someone that pays attention to details since a single mistake will mean no check for you.

There are people who have taken advantage of the situation and started their own data entry companies. All they do is hire workers and then go to firms that need data entry jobs done for them.

It is important to note that there are many scams when it comes to working at home jobs with data entry. The best thing is to get a data entry job that is in your locality. In fact, most of the times when firms claim to offer international data entry jobs; it has turned out to be a scam. The mistake people make is failing to do their groundwork well enough to help them establish the authenticity on these firms.

data entry jobs

Here are some things to note and why it’s best to apply to a local data entry firm:

a. It is simple for a local company to verify your personal details since some of the documents could be very sensitive and sending them across the globe would be risky. In some instances, some programs and data could get lost while on transit and maybe they were irreplaceable.

b. For most employers paying international workers can be quite expensive thus they would prefer to work with locals. They are also in a better position to negotiate for payment. It will work to your advantage to get a local company to work with since you can compare and see which firms pay well.

c. Some companies do not advertise for data entry jobs thus is would be hard for you as an international working at home jobs seeker to get them. This means if you are aggressive enough in looking for data entry jobs in your locality you will most likely pump into a very good deal.

d. Before, we talked on how some companies turn out to be scams. Thus if you see an advert of a company offering jobs in your locality you can easily head to their offices to confirm. You could also ask your colleagues, friends or employees who have worked with the company and hence find out if they are legit or not. Doing research for a firm in your country is easier than for a company that is miles away.

Are you there and wondering what you can do to earn income online at home? Then it is time you thought of going out there and looking for a data entry job in you city. You will be surprised just how many firms may be searching to offer data entry work on contractual bases.

The beauty of work at home jobs is that it gives you time to be with your family, friends and also attend to your other duties. Be it on full time or part time bases, date entry will offer you an excellent opportunity to make money from home. It will enable you to choose when to work thus boost your income and how much you want to earn.

In case you want to start a business, you can employ typists and the companies searching for data entry workers can outsource the service from you. You can also advertise on behalf of these firms and help them get working from home jobs workers. Some of these companies pay very good commissions when you get for them workers. Visit pay dot com and see some affiliate programs.

These kinds of work need you to be determined and focused since it involves seating many hours in front of a computer. It is therefore recommended you have a good seat that will not hurt your back and a good computer screen so as not to damage your eyes.

Taking breaks in between to relax and stretch your back and eyes is what experts suggest you do. In addition, this helps relax you hands, figures and more so your mind thus avoid making errors that will cost you a check by the end of the job.

If you are seeking for working from home jobs, then this write up has just added to you another arsenal to assist you boost your online income. There is still more you need to know about these kinds of work online jobs thus keep in touch for more valuable insights.

Work Online From Home Jobs That Best Suits You

Work Online From Home Jobs That Best Suits You

We love telling people that there is a lot of money to be made in work online from home programs. But truth be told, we are all different and one business which would work for one person and can fail with another.

This is an indicator that online business needs to be approached tactfully. In business, risk is a major factor. As an individual you need to know your risk level. Some of us have high risk levels while others have low.

By these it means that there are people who can loss $5,000 in a deal gone soar and can wake up the following morning and still enter another deal. In any business venture be it offline or work online at home business, risk is a factor to seriously look at.

Though on this article we are not going to talk about risk in work online business, it goes to show that there are different things you need to consider before jumping into the murky waters of online business.

In this write up we shall see some of the vital elements to consider in determining the right work online at home opportunity for you.

In case you want to make online money from home understand the following:

Determine from the start the capital you need: Most people rush into online business just because they heard someone ease is making a kill. They look at what someone else has achieved and they fail to consider the cost it took those people to get to where they are today.

work online from home jobsThere are people who will tell you that you can get a work online at home business where you do not need to invest a dime. To some extent this could be true, but the thing that they forget to state is that you will have to invest TIME.

Heard the adage that goes “Time is money”? To succeed in work online home opportunities you must invest money and time. Therefore, before you join any work from home program think of the capital you will need. It can be in form of time or cash.

Pick a business you have passion for: Life is the best teacher of all; hence we all have something we can share with other people. The notion that you need to have gone through some sort of education to share your experiences is completely misplaced.

In fact, studies have proved that people who are street smart are the ones who later become millionaires. For you to be successful in work online programs, you have to know what you are good at and share what you know.

For example, if you start a blog today publish content that you have a passion for. The best work online at home job is the one that makes you look forward for the day. Many individuals nowadays especially those in employment just work because they want to place food on their table. This should not be the case; pick an online business you love.


Do not take a work online programs that saps up all your energy: This is a point that goes hand in hand with the above, pick a business you love. Imagine dreading for morning when you think of your business.

Do not pick a work online opportunity that will burn you out. If you discover that you do not like your business, it will burn you out just thinking about it. The right business for you is the one that you do not have to struggle to work on.

If you choose the right business you will never struggle waking up in the morning. Actually, you will pray that the day to last a bit longer.

Choose an online business that you have an easy time earning cash: Whenever you choose the right business you will earn money fast and easily. This is how you can know an online business suits you; therefore take your time identifying the work online opportunity that you will enjoy.

With a business that suits you or enjoy you will attend to the business every opportunity you get.

You should be able to achieve financial liberty from the business you select: Before you join or start any work online from home program, ensure its business that will eventually enable you achieve financial freedom.

Research well so as to know your prospects. If someone else has become a millionaire from a certain business, then it means you too can do it.

Once you see that the prospects are there then you must have the will to also make it. Set a goal to become financially free and work hard. Make certain you do not give up until you achieve your desire. For you to attain financial freedom as you work online you must really want it so bad.

Find the right people to work with: Am sure most of us have heard the adage, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. It simply means the people you stick around with define you.

If you want to be a millionaire then you have to hang around with millionaires. But in case you want to be a sweeper then hang with other sweepers. The people we spend most time with always influence our lives and thus determine our destiny.

Once you have chosen a work online business program that suits you link up other like minded people. Some of the best places to find such individuals include on social media sites, online forums and searching for their sites on search engines.

Subscribe to their feeds and read their blogs as well as their comments on online forums. For example an online forum like Black Hat is great for guys seeking to learn more on work online at home business strategies.

If you think online business is hard then you are right and if you think it is easy then you are also correct. It all depends on the first initials steps you take. With good enough groundwork, you can get the right work from home online business that suits you right.

It is also about perceptions and this is influenced by the people you hang around with. Get friends that encourage you and add value to your business. Choose a mentor who will positively affect your progress while working online at home. Thanks to the internet, you can now be mentored by anyone from any part of the world.

You too can become a self made millionaire all you need to do is get the online business that best suits you.

Follow the links below to learn more.

Work Online Jobs The Secret To Earning Extra Income

Work Online Jobs The Secret To Earning Extra Income

If there is one thing that you really have to take advantage of in the internet are work online jobs. Just the other day the world experienced an economic crisis that almost crippled even the so called developed nations.

Many folks have lost their jobs and in fact nowadays it’s become difficult to tell who will be next in line. The big question is; how you are cushioning yourself in case you lose your employment? It is high time you considered taking up work online jobs.

The amazing thing is that with online business you can be working very few hours every day as you attend to your daily duties. Therefore, you could be employed somewhere and still manage to do some work online jobs on part time bases.

There are many ways to look at work from home online jobs and they include freelancing, consultancy, launching a website or blog and so on. The list is endless on the several strategies that are available online on how to work online and make money at home.

get found for online jobs

On this article let us see the best approach to performing business on the internet.

Research: There are so many work online jobs and this means that you need to be very careful so as not to fall prey to online scams. It is very important that you research thoroughly before enrolling in any internet business program.

Online business gurus will tell you that the best work online jobs are the ones where you employ yourself. By this it means you start your own online home business. Do your groundwork well and choose business programs that have been tested over a period of time.

Some of the best online business programs to get involved with include network marketing, affiliate marketing, data entry, freelancing and selling your own stuff online.

Researching will help you avoid joining programs that are considered illegitimate like pyramid schemes. Get to know the history of a company in terms of financial growth, conversion rate of their products, reputation and most importantly their future plans.

It is best to get work online jobs in your locality, this way you can go to their offices and do some vetting. In addition, you will be able to have better bargains and commissions should they be affiliate or data entry organizations.

Start a niche blog: As mentioned before the best strategy of performing work at home online jobs is on the internet. It is for this reason that having a blog or website becomes very important. Having a blog is like creating an online store where you display your wares.

how to start a blog

If you choose to have a website, it is imperative that you have a blog within it. A blog is a vital online promotion tool that you must have. Through a blog you can market yourself and get work online jobs like selling high rated affiliate products or get data entry jobs.

In essence, a blog is a place where you share your views on a regular basis. The advantage with having a blog is that it is interactive thus your readers can share with you valuable tips regarding work online jobs and so on.

It is advisable that you publish helpful content on your blog. Educative content will ensure you generate free traffic to your site and in so doing make extra money online.

Apart from doing online work, you can join affiliate programs that offer home based business opportunities and make money by referring other people. One such affiliate program includes RevResponse.

Connect with the right people: Someone once said “show me your friends and I will tell you who you really are”. The people you link up with are very critical when it comes to work online jobs. Therefore take time to connect with the right folk.

Let us assume you decide that your work online jobs will involve blogging; it is recommended that you get connected with top bloggers in your niche. Search their blogs and get time to read their content. Follow them on social sites like facebook and twitter. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed and newsletters.

When you do the above you will stay up to date with what is taking place in your niche. Going through their blogs or website will enable you choose the right work online jobs to get involved in and the right products to sell.

The secret is to find out where people in your niche go to and join their online forums and social networking groups. From their build relationships with them and you will soon get the stuff that really works.

Choose products and business programs wisely: It is recommended that you do not just subscribe to any online business program that you see out there. The internet is filled with scammers out to make money from you.

Therefore, take your time to prudently scrutinize the work online jobs you come across on the internet. As mentioned earlier, join on business forums and ask questions and you will get help. There is always someone that has used a certain product or joined a particular program and they will definitely assist you.

Do not be quick to buy into anyone telling you that such and such a program is the best to join. This is especially so if they claim it will make money for you over night. The genuine work online jobs normally take time before you begin making real money.

As for buying products, do not purchase an item just because of the hype. First research then you can buy once you are satisfied and heard what other people are saying about the product.

Find best online marketing strategies: The one thing that really challenges people with work online jobs like selling items is site promotion. Launching a blog is the easy part but traffic generation is a totally different ball game.

Search for great content on how you can market your site or blog online by reading these articles on search engine optimization, online marketing and article marketing.

Be patient: Let no one cheat you that you can make money over night, making money from home takes time hence you need to be patient. You could be having the best work online jobs and programs but still not make money right away. The secret is to never give up and to be persistent.

Most people give up along the way and maybe they were just about to make it big. The internet is rich with lucrative work online jobs that will ensure you write your own pay check. Thus do not allow your boss to frustrate you. In fact you should be the one frustrating your boss by firing him/her.

Start your own online home business today on part time bases. With time you will begin earning extra income online more than you make at your place of work. The good thing is that some online home based business programs pay residual income.

Go through the links below to learn more about work online jobs as regards online marketing.

Strategic Work From Home Business Guidelines

Strategic Work From Home Business Guidelines

Thanks to the internet you can now launch your own work from home online business. This way you do not have to worry about paying rent, paying workers or having overheads. And that is not all; with internet business you have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

In life there are two kinds of people, those that chase after security and those that chase after freedom. Having a job is good since you are assured of a salary by the end of every month. That sense of security has made most people stick to their employment even though they do not like their jobs.

But there is a breed of people who are few in number that decided to start their own work from home business. These are the kind of people that sacrifice their security in order to achieve freedom. The funny thing is that you can never chase security and freedom at the same time.

This is how it works, if you launch a work from home business or any business for that matter today; with time you will achieve financial freedom which will ensure you security.

As for people who fear the uncertainty that comes with work from home business and stick to their jobs, they will never achieve freedom and security is also not guaranteed.

Many are the times we hear of people who have lost their jobs. On the other hand companies lay off staff now and then, thus it’s only a matter of time before you too become a victim.

On this article we shall see some rules to follow as you work from home online thus achieve financial freedom.

Follow your dreams: In life you will never fail to come across people who will pull you back. This could be your family members, friends or colleagues at work. If you are not principled, these people could easily make you abandon your dreams.

work onlineWork from home needs you to be focused and follow your dreams. The money you can make from online home based business can easily allow you to live your dreams.

Be optimistic: If someone else has made it means that you too can do it. President Obama puts it even much better “Yes We Can”. Now say “Yes I Can”

Believing that things will be alright will help you move forward no matter the current situation. A journey begins with the first step; therefore you have to start from somewhere. Once you commence, have faith that you will achieve your desired results.

Ignore your fears: As you work from home you have to be ready to deal with your fears. Some of the worries you have to deal with include; will this work online business work, what will people say if I fail or which is the best work from home business to venture into.

These fears are normal and they apply in all areas of life. The secret to overcoming you fears is to remain focused and believing in your capabilities. Anyway, self-doubt will only pull you back.

Appreciate Mentors: No one has ever succeeded in work from home business alone. In the background there are always people that help you achieve your goals. It is always important to link up with people that will mentor you.

After you have achieved your goal always appreciate the folks that stood with you. No man is an island; hence acknowledge the input of others in your business.

Make wise choices: Before you settle for any work from home program always do research. This is where mentors can really come in handy.

Join online business forums in your niche and ask people who are ahead of you for advice. Read online business reviews so as to get what others are saying about a particular work from home business program or product.

Listening to others and their experience will assist you make wise decisions thereby avoid joining online scam programs.

No plan B: This is a somewhat controversial statement. But personally I believe for you to be successful in work from home business you need to only have a PLAN A.

The problem of having a Plan B is that when it takes long before you see results most people give up. You could give up and maybe you were just about to hit the jackpot.

All you require to know is that others are making money online from home. That is an indicator that you too can and will generate income at home.

Set Goals: Going into work from home business blindly is a big mistake. It is prudent that you set targets for your business. Periodically gauge your progress and when need arises reset your goals.

Have short term goals and long term goals. This will help you know if you are making any headway or not. In addition, goals help you remain focused and do the right things at the correct time.

Believe in yourself: This is the same as being optimistic. But I would like to add, always be perpetually optimistic. Some will say that reading self motivating articles like this is a waste of time; they forget that you need to continually motivate yourself.

When you are motivated you get to build your self confidence thus believe in your capabilities.

Don’t ever give up: This should actually be the number one rule when it comes to work from home business. To succeed in anything you need to have a fighting spirit. Giving up should never exist in your dictionary.

The big shots in business we see today are the kind of people that refused to give up. No matter the circumstances surrounding you or the challenges you will face while working online, you need to keep your head up.

I know you have heard this a million and one times but I will repeat it anyway, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

One of the best and easy ways to get both freedom and security is through work online business. Are you a work from home mom or man? Then you are on the right path.

In fact, with work from home moms, you get to spend time with your family and still earn a very decent income at home. If I have made it you too can make it. I wish you all the best.

How To Guarantee Success In Online Writing Jobs

How To Guarantee Success In Online Writing Jobs

The other day, one of my fans asked me why I have stopped publishing articles about online jobs and I thought it prudent today to share on the same. On this article we are going to specifically look at online writing jobs.

There are many ways on making money online and freelance writing jobs definitely one of the best. The problem is that writing is not easy. Few people are born with writing talents but for most of us we have to practice to become good writers.

In order to kick start your online writing career, you need to brace yourself for lots of researching and you also need to have a willingness to learn. Thanks to the internet, writing online is not as difficult as some people would like you to think. There are simple tools and software that you can use to enjoy being a freelance writer.

As an online freelance writer, you know that the more content you generate the more money you will make. Therefore, you need to know strategies and tools to use in order to ease your work.

In addition, you need to know the right sources to get genuine online writing jobs. It is very discouraging to spend researching and writing a post only for someone to fail to pay you for your efforts.

Below we are going to share with your sites where you will get genuine internet writing jobs. We shall also discuss strategies and tools you need to use as a freelance writer to make your work easier and thus get more jobs done in time.

Tops sites to get legitimate writing jobs:

Blogging Pro: Considering that finding legit people seeking for writes to generate for them content is difficult, a site like is the right place to go. Once on the site, click on the Job board and you will get a list of jobs to choose from.

Apart from getting legit writing jobs, on this site you get clients that will pay you well. The fact that clients are vetted and pay a fee to list their jobs, it ensures online writers get paid for their efforts.

oDesk: The other online writing portal that is recommended to get writing jobs is oDesk. The moderating process is done professionally thus making oDesk one of the best places to land writing jobs.

You will be paid depending on how you score on the online tests. But as you go on building your profile and completing writing jobs to advertisers’ satisfaction, the rate will definitely go up.

Problogger Jobs Board: The other site that you can visit to help you overcome the challenge of landing legit work online jobs is Once you visit the site click on jobs and you will see latest writing jobs.

As a way to moderate and make sure that advertiser are posting quality and legit online writing jobs, they are charged $50. This is for a period on 30 days. Again, this ensures only people genuinely looking for writers will place adverts.

Writing is not easy and thus writers need to feel appreciated for their contribution towards helping to generate content. Visit the above mentioned sites and get clients who will value your writing.

How to advance your online writing career:

Learn from experts: For those who are out to develop their online writing skills you need to check out Freelancer Writers Den.

In whichever industry you are involved in, it is always advisable to learn from the best. The same case applies to freelance writing, on freelance writers den there are quality online tutorials to teach you on how to write online.

There are also forums where you can connect with other writers who are experienced thus ask questions and get professional advice.

how to make money with online writing Jobs

Moreover, you will get access to writing courses and watch expert freelance writers being interviewed.  You might be a talented writer but that does not mean you do not need help. Learning from others who have gone ahead of you will really help you become a better writer.

Get a notepad: In my experience as a blogger, I have discovered most ideas come to me when I’m offline. It is very important to capture these new ideas that come to mind when you least expect.

In fact, things that cross your mind when you are offline turn out to be very valuable to your articles. There are events that take place out there that can contribute a great deal in generating quality and insightful articles.

In order to capture new ideas it is recommended at all times you walk with a pen and paper. A phone or tablet computer can also be good a place to write down ideas while you are away from your work station.

While on the move, you can also come across images or events that will help you generate content. Therefore, have a camera with you or get a mobile phone that can capture both still and motion pictures.

Content structuring: Coming up with writing ideas is one thing but developing on those ideas is an entirely different ball game. When it comes to freelance online writing you need to know how to come up with good titles. You also have to make sure that the body of your articles is of high quality.

Try checking out a site like Creative Writing Prompts and take your online writing skills to another level.

The one thing that can really help you advance in online writing is breaking down your points. Structuring your content helps to make sure that your articles flow well and you do not miss out on mentioning important points.

There is a software called Free Mind that you can download and use to map your content. Are you seeking to be a professional online writer then Free Mind is the tool you need to get.

Another tool to make sure that advertisers line up for your articles is White Smoke. Freelance online writing requires you to have good command of the English language. White Smoke will correct your grammatical and spelling errors.

internet writing job

Avoiding distraction: The one enemy of writing online is distraction. If it is not people calling you while you are working, it is family members knocking at your door or a pop up window informing you of an incoming email or tweet.

For you to be productive you need to work in an environment that is free from noise. If you are a freelance writer working from home, noise from the Radio, TV or kids playing outside can really distract you.

It is believed that women can serve two masters thus external distraction will not affect them much. But for men, it can be a big challenge. The best way to avoid noise distractions is by getting an office or working only when you are alone in the house, if that is possible.

As for the pop ups that can really affect the flow of your content you can choose to work offline. There are also software like Writeroom designed for Mac computers and Darkroom for computers using windows. This software help block pop ups thus help you concentrate on your writing.

Though it may be an expensive venture to some people, getting 2 computers is the other way of avoiding getting distracted by pop ups. You can use one computer when you are online and another can be used only when you are generating content.

Quality is paramount when it comes to freelance online writing jobs; hence experts recommend you go offline when you are at work.

Improving your typing speed: There are times that you will get several writing jobs at the same time. Since you will need to deliver your work before the deadline, there is an agent need to learn how to type fast.

Ideally, the recommended typing speed to ensure you earn more money online through writing is 75 words per minute. To improve your typing speed you need to practice a lot.

Practice by communicating to your friends through chat and sending emails. There are also thousands of online forums you can enroll in where you get to participate in discussions by typing.

Personally, what helped me begin typing faster was blogging. Rather than getting someone else to generate content for me, I always write my own blog posts.

Online typing tests will also improve your typing speed. Sites that you can do typing tests are and TIPP10. If you download TIPP10 you will get additional smart features to make you a better freelance online writer.

The internet is filled with online games that require you to type. Apart from helping you identify where keys are position on the keyboard, typing games will help you to write online faster and have fun at the same time.

Some of the typing games include Qwery Warriors and Typer Shaker.

Backup your work: Most of the machines we use in our day to day life can get spoilt even without notice. As a freelance writer, a computer is your tool of trade.

To avoid losing your content in case your computer crashes, it is important to back up your work. It can be really sad if you ignored the importance of backing up your files and end up losing all your work.

One way of protecting your work is getting software that automatically backs up your work. Some software you can use includes NCH Software, Mozy backup Software and Fbackup.

On most of this software you can access your files from anywhere you can get internet connection. The other strategy is storing your work on your an external hard disk.

Handling side effects that are brought about by freelance online writing jobs

In order to be productive you need to be in sound health. Most online writers spend too much time working that they forget to take care of their bodies.

It is good to generate money but that should not be at the expense of your body. Below are ways of making sure you remain healthy and thus produce excellent work.

*Protecting your posture: Scientist say that sitting down for long hours will affect ones health. As a freelance writer you are forced to long hours in front of your computer researching and generating content.

how to sit while working

It is not hard to find people who do online writing jobs complaining of back pains or struggling with weight or suffering from diabetes due to lack of excises. Therefore, it is recommended that after every two hours you stand up and stretch a bit.

You can also opt to use a standing desk to work on your writing jobs. Research shows that using a standing desk can help you to improve your productivity 100 fold.

*Protect your eyes: Apart from affecting your back and increasing the chances of becoming obese, looking at your computer for long hours can affect your eyes. It is therefore advisable to take intervals of 5 minutes when you are writing.

Avoid putting too much light on your computer or working in the dark. Make sure there is enough light in the room whenever you are working on your computer.

You can also use software like F.lux that adjusts the resolution of your computer screen depending on the light around you. In addition, software called Eye Defender can help you in taking breaks every time you spend a certain period watching at your computer screen.

What the Eye Defender does is initiate a screensaver every 30 or 40 minutes. You can adjust your setting to have your desired intervals. Normally, the screensaver can stay on for about 5 minutes to help you relax. I recommend that during these intervals you stand up and stretch.

Am sure there is much more to share when it comes to online writing jobs, thus use the comment section below and contribute to this topic.

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Where And How To Find Legit Online Jobs

Where And How To Find Legit Online Jobs

The one thing that legit online jobs present is freedom though not in the real sense. If you ask me, it would better if you became your own boss by starting your own work online business. But since this write up is about finding best paying legit online jobs we will tell you where to go.

The reason for saying this is because with these legit online jobs someone else gets to dictate how much money you will make. Unlike having your own work from home online business where you determine the income you want.

The beauty of the internet is that there are so many opportunities of generating revenue that are real and legit. Even though there are many online scams, with good research you can land on legit online jobs easily.

how to get online jobs

Today, getting a white collar job has become quite a challenge especially in these difficult prevailing economic times. The situation gets even worse by the fact that even when you get employed the pay is not enough to take care of your monthly bills. In addition, the hassle of dealing with traffic to and from work can be quite stressful.

The case is different if you find legit online jobs; here you get to choose how much you want to earn. The more you work the more you are paid. You can also work for different people and companies thus have several streams of income.

With most legit online jobs, you get to work from the comfort of your home. Also you can choose to maintain you current job and do online jobs on part time bases.

Now that we have seen the advantages of doing jobs online, lets as tackle the issue of how to identify legit online jobs. In most cases it is not easy to find companies or people you can trust when it comes to internet jobs.

There are many stories of people who have been conned of their cash through work from home online scams. So the question is; how do I avoid being ripped off?

Take your time: If you want to find legit online jobs you have to be patient. Daily we see work at home opportunities being launched which I’m sure you have come across. In case you have no experience in online business, kindly stay clear of these opportunities.

Do not be quick to join any work from home jobs being hyped on the internet in the name of making you rich fast. Of all the years I have been doing online business, it has become evident that earning income from home is about hard work. There is nothing like get rich quick business where someone can become a millionaire overnight.

You have to be ready to invest a lot of your time and money if you are to make money online.

Where to look for legit online jobs: Even in the midst of all these online scams, there are legitimate online jobs out there. The secret is to know where to go looking for these jobs.

finding legitimate online jobs

But first there are 4 things to consider.

1. It can really be frustrating if you are not paid for your hard work therefore you want to work with people that are trustworthy.

2. Go for legit online jobs that allow you to work from home

3. The online jobs need to be in a field that you are well conversant with. They should be jobs that are within your ability to perform with ease. This will make you enjoy doing the jobs.

4. Choose jobs that allow you to have your freedom; where you choose when to work. Good online jobs are the ones that are ongoing and these include data entry, online surveys, freelance writing and so on.

The above mentioned advantages can only be realized if you enroll in reputable freelance network sites. These include sites like Odesk and Freelancer that have put systems in place to make sure that only legit online jobs are posted on their sites. On these sites you can be rest assured that your freelance work will provide you with freedom, security and most importantly money.

Freelance networks sites have numerous legit online jobs to choose from. You can opt to work full time or on part time bases. Most importantly you will be able to set up your own schedule and take up as many projects as you deem possible to perform.

Some of the recommended work online from home legit jobs includes outsourcing, re-writing, creating tutorials, researching, surveys, writing, data entry, programming, virtual assistance, customer care, transcription, translation and the list goes on and on. Just be careful to select jobs you know that you are good at hence you will enjoy doing them.

home jobs
You may not be able to earn a lot of cash at first but as you gain experience you can be in a position to negotiate for more pay. But if you have a special talent or capability like writing or programming you can be earning very good money from the word go.

Ideally, freelancing can be very beneficial in terms of allowing you to have your freedom and job security. This is only if you join reputable freelancing sites. There is no risk when it gets to working online with freelancing networks. Because these sites ensure only legit online jobs are posted and you get paid for your work.

Are you really looking for legitimate online jobs? Then stop enrolling in risky and fishy deals being fronted as fast online money makers. Most of these too good to be true online opportunities will never work and if they do it is only to the owners of that site and not you.

Rather, enroll with freelancer sites like Odesk or Freelancer and find legit online jobs that best suit you. With these sites you will find best paying freelance jobs. Therefore, avoid being among the people who get it wrong when it comes to making money online from home.

Elance - Work online Local. Staff Global.

Click on the banner above and get hired by global employers, if that is not working online from home then I don’t know what is.

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