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Improving Web Conversion Rate For Work Online Blogs

Improving Web Conversion Rate For Work Online Blogs

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while now have discovered that our aim is to help you work online through blogging. The advantage of having a blog is that you get to generate residual income from home fast and with ease. Hence the reason to share this article on how to increase web conversion rate of your blog and make even more cash online.

The line between online business success and failure is so thin. You are either making a lot of money or you are not. As for those who generate little cash online, it means you are not maximizing on whatever you are doing. Otherwise you could be making huge amounts of cash.

What separates success and failure in online selling are planning and execution style. You may say that this is just a theory but statistics prove that planning and execution are key components in web conversion. It usually takes one simple mistake or negligence for you to fail in your online business.

On the internet competition is so intense; you have to be up to the challenge. The business that takes due diligence to execute their plan is the one that tops the chart. It is the same reason that you may witness a small online home based business outdoing a big online company.

Since web conversion is a critical element of online business, on this article we shall discus how to improve and properly execute your blog conversion while working online at home.

Here are 10 rules to observe in order to increase your web conversion rate:

Planning: When starting an offline or online business you have got to have a plan in order succeed. Thomas Edison put it so well when he said “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

Coming up with a work online plan is like setting goals for your online business. It helps you to have a better perspective of your business and keeps you focused. A business plan is the core of your business since it acts as a roadmap to your working online success.

Before you launch your internet business have a written work plan and make sure you execute it properly and to the letter. Periodically monitor your progress and when necessary re-adjust your plan. Since writing a business plan can be to some quite tasking, try checking out a site called for help.

An important element to consider in your online business plan is how to ensure you get a high web conversion.

Show your intent: In order to increase your web conversion rate you need to be obvious. Your visitors should tell from the word go what your website or blog is all about.

If a visitor lands on your site and is not able to tell what your site is about in 10seconds, chances are that he/she will exit your site immediately. Avoid leaving it to your visitors to figure out what your blog content is all about.

Start by coming up with a very descriptive blog title. The same should apply to your website logo. As you create webpages within your blog, publish content and headlines that are relevant to your blog title.

To improve web conversion rate, target keyword phrases that are relevant to your market niche. Newbies make the mistake of targeting many niches on one blog, target only one niche.

Be Unique: In this competitive online market place you need to be unique. A little tweak on how you write your articles and present your products will go a long way in boosting your web conversion rate.

Create unique selling propositions that will make you stand out from the rest of the pack. This is what will help you increase the value of your content and products. Furthermore, uniqueness is a way of improving your web presence and online reputation.

Originality doesn’t have to be 100% a difference of 10% can go a long way in boosting your web conversion. Therefore, find smart ways of outwitting your competition by coming up with unique online selling propositions.

The secret to uniqueness is thinking out of the box.

Build and nurture your mailing list subscribers: The best strategy of online money making as you work from home is having a contact list database. In general, building business relationships is the secret to success.

One of the best ways to build online business relationships and improve web conversion rate is through email marketing. Home based internet marketing experts say that it takes about seven email marketing messages before convincing someone to buy your products.

This is the reason why you must create your own mailing list and build a relationship with them. The fact that people have opted to subscribe to your mailing list, means they are potential customers. It signifies that they are people who are interested in what you have to say or offer.

Having an email database offers you an opportunity to develop a lasting relationship and with time your subscribers will trust you thus buy your products. If you offer quality products, you will further boost your web conversion rate since your subscribers will definitely tell their friends about your site.

Note: At all cost, avoid sending irrelevant messages that do not add value to your subscribers. Share insightful content that seeks to educate your subscriber base and you will surely succeed selling online.

web conversionOptimize your work online blog: On the internet there are two types of traffic

1. Online Paid traffic

2. Organic Traffic

Online paid traffic is good for short term and it helps you determine the right keywords that actually convert well. On the other hand, search engine traffic also called organic traffic will help you have an upper hand and give you online presence for long term.

Click the links appearing here to learn the secrets of SEO as regard to writing for the web and building your link SEO profile.

Ease blog navigation: The longer you can retain visitors on your blog the higher your web conversion rate will be. Blog design experts say that it should take approximately 3 seconds for visitors to locate your site menu. This helps your blog guests find the information they are searching for quickly.

For bloggers that update regularly hence have many webpages, ensure you install a search box to help ease navigation. You also need to position your categories section on your header where it is easy for visitors to locate.

As you create webpages ensure you link them to other relevant posts within your blog and you can be guaranteed of increased web conversion. The easier it is to find content the longer people will stay on your site thus help you make more online sales.

Share testimonials: People love to know more about what they are buying and the best way to approach this is by posting testimonials. On the internet you are bound to get lots of first time visitors and the way to convince them and make them trust your site is by your customers sharing testimonials.

Note: Your testimonials have to be from real people. If you share cooked testimonials, it will not take long for people catch up with you.

Add social icons that people can share your content easily on sites like facebook and twitter. You will be amazed just how one person can help you start a viral marketing effect by sharing your site on social media sites.

Patience: To increase you web conversion rate you need to be patient. Marketing on the internet is about consistency to purpose. Do not be a victim of jumping from one online marketing strategy to another before you see results.

This is the mistake that most newbies make when starting a work from home business. Just like offline business, when it comes to internet business you have to be patient and disciplined. You have got to give each marketing strategy time for it to bear fruits.

Make certain you tweak all you can in one marketing technique before you move on to the next. Once you identify what works best for your online home based business, stick to it like a bug.

Summary: As you are working online especially when you are blogging you will encounter many obstacles. These challenges are what top online marketers faced before they got to where they are today. So do not expect it to be any different with you.

Forget about those people who send you high pitched messages that claim you can make millions overnight if you join their programs. Business is no child’s play thus you need to sacrifice in order to succeed in marketing on the internet.

I will end by saying “It is always too soon to quit.” Norman Vincent.

Share this article with others seeking to increase their web conversion using the social media icons displaying on the left of this blog. You can also add or share your opinions by posting then in the comment section below.

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Home Business Marketing Approach With Social Media

Home Business Marketing Approach With Social Media

As we talk social media marketing has taken over the cyberspace mainly when it comes to online home business promotion. Big organizations have realized this fact and they too want the piece of the cake. A good example is a company like Dell Computers, which has employed hundreds of staff just to send tweets to their followers.

This tells you that if you ignore the power of social marketing you will be left out. This is especially so if you desire to take your online home business to the next level. This may come as a surprise to most people, but twitter is one of the fastest growing social media site.

Therefore as an online home business entrepreneur, you need to embrace social network marketing. The first thing to do is to open a facebook and twitter account. Remember those two are not the only social sites you can enroll in. There are others like Yuwie, Yammer, Myspace, LinkedIn and the list goes on, it all depends on your target market.

On this article we will see the best approach to use so as to reap the full benefits of social marketing. It will be to your online home business advantage if you observe these guidelines. As we all know, making money online as you work from home is about traffic generation.

Here are 7 factors to seriously consider when it comes to social networking:

1. Optimize your accounts: Your profile is the one most important element that you need to work on. Most people just fill out the form without optimizing their account. Social media sites act as little search engines and you need to take advantage of this fact. This will make it easier for people in your home business niche to locate you.

For example on facebook, when you are filling out your activities or hobbies, enter your target keywords. If you are targeting to link up with people who work online, in your activities section enter a keyword like work online at home. This will mean that anyone that searches on facebook using the keyword phrase work online will probably find you.

This goes for all the sections of your user profile.

2. Connect with the right people: Optimizing your social networking account means that most of the people who will want to connect with you will be targeted. As an online home business marketer you know very well the more targeted your leads are the more the conversions.

As you receive the requests to connect with your targeted audience, you will get the opportunity to know the people that are following them. This is more applicable on twitter and facebook, request for connections with the people following your followers.

Connecting with the right people will benefit you in many ways. You get to read about the latest updates in your online home business niche. It also means that every time you update your status wall, more people are likely to click on your links thus targeted traffic generation.

work from home

3. Profile pictures: Pictures usually are like a thousand words. First impression counts a lot when it gets to marketing your home business on social sites. If you are seeking to leave a lasting impression then you need to upload professional pictures on your user profile.

Wear your best suit and make up to ensure you look appealing. It would be sometimes advisable you get professional help.

It is recommended that you use the same picture in all the social networks you join. This will make it easier for people to recognize you at first glance thus build an online presence. The same pictures should also appear on your blog or website profile.

4. Link your social media account to your blog: With a site like you can connect your twitter and facebook account to your blog. This will ensure that every time you publish an article on your blog it will be updated on your status wall.

There are also other sites that you can work with like pingfm and Twitterfeed. With a site like pingfm you do not have to necessarily visit every social media site to update your wall.

5. Post quality content: Sometimes you will see people doing online home business posting irrelevant content on their walls. It is of no benefit to your online business when you tell people what you had for lunch.

Always post unique, helpful and valuable content on your wall. This will go a long way in ensuring you build your online reputation and presence. Research and get to know the things affecting the people in your niche and offer them workable solutions.

6. Join several social networks: As earlier mentioned facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the main social sites but they are not the only ones. You will discover that there niches that would do much better on other social sites than in facebook or LinkedIn.

The secret is to first find out where people in your home business niche go to. In addition, learn the language they are using to help you build relationships. In some instances using jargon can be beneficial to your work from home business. This is especially so if you connect with people who use the same jargon as you.

7. Enroll in social networking groups: On a site like LinkedIn there are different groupings. Joining relevant groups can be a sure way of marketing your online home business. This way you will showcase your business to the right audience.

On facebook, you can start a fan page and invite people whom you have the same interests. In so doing you will be able to share ideas with people in your industry hence boost your home based business.

There are many other online marketing strategies and social media marketing is one of the most powerful. The idea is to marketing your online home business using different strategies. This will make certain that you attract huge targeted traffic from all sources.

Making money online is all about providing content thereby give the people following you on social sites rich material. Within no time you will be considered a guru in your niche thus enjoy your online experience. Launch your online home business today and make sure that social marketing is in the top of your marketing strategy.

Micro-blogging can sure be a great online marketing tool if only you use it the right way to generate income at home.

Online Brand Management As Pertain To Web Reputation

Online Brand Management As Pertain To Web Reputation

It may not be a big issue to some people now, but to others especially established web businesses, online brand management is critical. One single statement can easily dent your online reputation thus affecting your overall brand image.

In the stock market, you will note that one of the elements which cause fluctuation of stock prices is a company’s reputation. Considering that things have now gone online, brand management has become more hostile than ever before.

Usually it takes years to build your online reputation. Some of the strategies of building your site brand name can be achieved through article marketing, forum marketing, video marketing and so on. But credibility which took a lot of effort can be destroyed in a single day because of a simple statement.

The web has turned the world into a small village in that a bad praise from one corner of the globe can travel so fast like wild fire. It is for this reason that monitoring and managing your online brand name is imperative.

Online brand management is about knowing what is being said about your business, from what quarters and how frequent statements are been made about your business. This is not only restricted to big business; small home based business sites are facing the same challenge. Your competitors can easily damage your online credibility in the name of fighting competition.

If your online company is not yet getting any bad criticism brace yourself because with time it will happen. And in case no one is talking about your business, then there is definitely something amiss with your business.

The advantage of people talking about your business is that it offers you an opportunity of brand management. Be it good or bad criticism, you need people talking in order to build your web presence and reputation.

Through online marketing, bloggers and webmasters have the capability to make their sites go viral and reach more targeted audience and in the process creating wealth from home. With a single blog post, you can leverage your business to connect with other bloggers and establish a strong online brand image.

In short, there is no geographical limitation of what you can achieve in the cyberspace. But through the same internet, self proclaimed critics can easily take advantage with an aim to bring down your online business or get 10 minutes of celebrity status.

The downside of criticism is that sometimes they are not based on facts but rather people seeking for popularity. In the name of brand management, search engines offer a lot of web presences to a site like Wikipedia because it shares about big businesses.

Imagine a buzz spreading on the internet about your blog content, products or services. If the talk is positive, then you are OK but if the buzz is negative then you are in big trouble. Negative talk will damage your online reputation and eventually affect your web presence. When that happens you lose leads, clients and of course cash.

Now that we have discussed on how online reputation is important to business growth, let us talk about online brand management and how to monitor what people are saying about your business.

Using the internet to monitor online reputation: Every time you share an article online you are careful to research and use targeted keywords. Did you know that the same can apply when it comes to monitoring what people are saying about your business?

Keywords play a vital role in SEO placement and every online marketer seeks to study how people are searching the web in order to position themselves. By use of primary and secondary keyword phrases, you can zero in and attract visitors to your site.

You can also use keywords to mirror in on what people are saying about your site. A simple search on Google of your website can reveal to you all negative discussions been circulated. Sometimes the bad stuff can be found on the back pages but if you see a bad comment appearing on 1st page you have trouble coming your way.

brand managementIt is recommended that you browse the internet every week and read stories that other people have posted about your business. This also depends on the size of your business; if you have a big business then you need to search daily. As for a small online business people, once a week is enough for brand management and tracking.

Free online tools to use for monitoring brand management.

Social Networking sites Tracking: One of the sites that people can easily use to dent your online reputation is through twitter. Therefore, you need to track anything that is been discussed about your business on this site.

By creating a free account on a site like Social Oomph you can start getting alerts related to tweets related to your business. Once you have an account, on the left click on Monitors and then select Keyword Alerts. From there enter keywords that are related to your blog or anything to do with your brand name.

This will ensure you get immediate email alerts circulating in the tweeting arena. The advantage of this is that you can be able to join discussions immediately they sprout. If the discussion is negative talk concerning your business, you can arrest the situation fast enough before it gets out of hand. Now that is what I call sound online brand management from the comfort of your home.

Tracking with Google Alert: This also works the same way as Social Oomph in that you get alerts every time people search for certain keywords. If you enter your business name as one of your keywords, Google Alert will send you an email anytime someone searchers for it or post anything.

Again, depending on the size of your business you can either choose to receive notifications daily or weekly.

Managing negative criticism: There are several channels that people can use online to post negative talk. This can be done through social networking sites, forum sites, posting comments on your blog or submitting a video.

As we have seen you can track this and respond as necessary. Do not take offence when you get bad criticism; the best way is to treat it as feedback. Look into the comments with a critical eye and if someone is raising pertinent issues address them with the seriousness they deserve. Ignoring can be detrimental to your online brand management and reputation.

Use the social icons on the left to share this article will others seeking to learn brand management techniques. In case you have something else to add, use the comment section appearing below this blog post.

11 Basic Work From Home Online Rules To Observe

11 Basic Work From Home Online Rules To Observe


Just like any other business, work from home internet business requires you to be serious and focused. You cannot expect to do nothing and still achieve success by the end of the day.

You also need to re-evaluate your business from time to time. This will ensure you do the necessary adjustments to take your work from home business to the next level.

If you notice that you are not making any positive headway, change your tactics. You cannot anticipate keeping on doing the same things and expecting different results.

Now, let us see 11 simple rules of working at home business on the internet.

1. Purchase the right products: There are people who have the habit of buying any product they come across. In most cases they end up purchasing crap products and services.

Even if you hear a certain work from home guru has bought or is selling a certain product, do your own groundwork. Read reviews and most importantly read what other people are saying about the product. The best place to read people’s comments is in online business forums in your niche.

Draw a budget to make sure whatever you buy fits your financial plan. Any service or product you acquire should add value to your work from home online business.

2. Focus: This should have been the first point to mention, without being focused you are sure to give up. There are people who take up like 5 different business programs thus they are not able to focus well. They end up being a jack of all trade but an expert in none.

working onlineSo as to remain focused also have a work plan and do one thing at a time. Avoid listening to the people who are out to pull you down.

Avoid starting one website after another; this will divert your focus. Instead have one website or blog and work to make it BIG. If you observe carefully, the renowned work from home business guys all have one blog or website that really makes money online for them.

3. Attend the right seminars: Just because you heard so and so is coming to town does not mean you must attend their seminar. It is OK to go but not all of them. Seminars are good since they act as motivators and you get to learn new things.

But in most of these seminars they keep on repeating the same things that you already know. It would have been better you spend that time working on your work from home business.

Once in a while you need some fueling and attending a seminar can go a long way in doing just that. Therefore, choose a few relevant seminars to attend.

4. Learn from the best: How many times do you visit a blog belonging to an expert in your niche? If your answer is none then you need to change that. Reading other people’s content opens your mind to new strategies and keeps you informed.

Even when it comes to attending seminars, go to the ones that will add value to your work at home business. Allow a mentor to help you improve your business. A mentor should be someone who has already made it big not just any Tom, Dick or Harry claiming he is the best.

5. Nothing is impossible: Believe in your capabilities. If there is someone else who has been successful, it also means you too can do it. In fact, you can do it even much better.

All you need to do is know if a certain work from home business works. If it has worked for another person learn what they did and go and do the same in a better way. I say this because nothing on this world is new, why re-invent a wheel.

Be determined and believe in your capabilities, with time you too will be a big fish that people will talk about on forums.

6. Take initiative: Do not blame others for your failures. There are guys who are always apportioning blame on other people. Just because someone you employed did not do it right does not mean you sit back and mouth about it.

If you see something going wrong, take the initiative to correct it right away. Do not wait for things to crumple so that you can blame your colleagues, partners or employees.

7. Dream big time: Our minds are so powerful in that they can shape our destiny. What you conceive your work from home business to be then it can become. Do not dream small and expect to join the top league in your niche.

make money at homeI heard someone say some time back, “dreams are made of this”, what are your dreams made of? Are they about coming up with a website that will be in all online forums in your niche?

Success is all about thinking big and never underrating your abilities.

8. Execute: It will be of no benefit to your work from home online business if you learn something good and not execute. For example, you learn of new search engine optimization strategies and you do nothing about implementing them, and then expect to get to first page of top search engines; may be in your dreams.

Anything you learn that is beneficial to your work at home business needs to be implemented. Online business is about trying out different things until you get the tactics that best works online for your business.

9. Have a time table: Planning is essential for all people that work online at home. Having a work schedule helps you to be organized. It also assists your not to overlook some duties that are profitable to your work from home business though they may seem insignificant.

Always do one thing at a time. The best way to achieve this is by coming up with a time table. TIME is money thus use every minute you’ve got prudently.

10. Have goals: Setting goals is a rule that people keep on talking about but very few people actually observe it. You need to have targets since they help you to remain focused. In addition, goals ensure you stay on course.

Periodically, analyze your progress and where necessary re-adjust your goals. Goals are best achieved when you have long term and short term targets. Your short terms goals should help you achieve your long term goals.

As you work from home always aim high, just as the adage goes “aim at the sky and you will reach the clouds”.

11. Be honest: Finally, do not lie to people. The traffic counters you see on your blog are not just numbers but real people. Therefore you need to treat them with respect. Be truthful in what you post on your blog.

Do not over hype a product just in a bid to make a quick sale. In fact, it would be better you buy the product yourself and post a review from an informed position. When you are honest you will build your credibility thus boost your online presence.

Summary: Making money online from home is not easy and is also not hard. It all depends on how you perceive work from home business to be. Observe the right rules and have a positive mindset and you will definitely make money online.

Note: What has been discussed on this post can greatly boost your work from home business, but only one percent of people who read will put these points into action.

Email Marketing Tips And Understanding The Process

Email Marketing Tips And Understanding The Process

Any expert marketer will attest to the fact that email marketing is the most powerful mode of internet promotion. But someone may ask, what is email marketing?

Email Marketing is offering your email subscribers content in addition to what you have on your blog. The power of having an email list is the ability to directly interact with your fans. It is also a way of having a personal relationship with your target audience.

When it comes to making money online, you need to make your viewers take action. Emails have a way of convincing even the skeptical buyers to react to your products. Therefore, as an online marketer you need to create your own email list.

Email marketing presents you with the opportunity to communicate with your list anytime you choose to. A website can someday go down, but not an email list. With an email list you are sure of reaching your customers even when the panda updates hit you and you have no more traffic to your blog.

If you are the kind of person that hangs around the online marketing circles am sure you have heard the phrase “money is in the list”. That is so true, but you need to approach email marketing cautiously. You should not look just to make sales online, but more so you have to add value to your subscribers.

When you share rich and informative content to your list, then obviously the money will come rolling in. One of the fastest ways of you losing your online reputation is through misusing your email list. Avoid at all cost to appear to your list that you are just out to make money from them.

There are people after setting up an opt-in list, disappear and only to send out an email two months down the line. Then to add insult to injury, the mail is filled with marketing pitches. In most cases, this will only make your subscribers think you are a spammer thus immediately unsubscribe from your emails.

Email marketing should ideally be a way to build relationships with your list. Therefore, you have to constantly be in touch by sending to your list useful information. This will make them get to know you and hence open your emails.

Remember that the information you send to your list should not be the same content on your site. Email messages work better when they are personalized.

Now that we have shared the different dimensions of email marketing, let us get down to business.

Here is how you can go about starting your email marketing campaign.

Get an account: The first step to take is identifying an email service company to work with. One of the best is Aweber. With Aweber you will be paying a monthly subscription fee of $19, but the first month you will only pay $1.

My reason of preferring Aweber is their customer service and that their service is so user friendly. Click here to open your own account today.

List Management: Once your account is created you will be able to access you control panel. On the control panel, go to the Create and Manage button. Here you will be provided with a form which you need to fill out your personal details. Also you will need to give a name to your list and a brief description for organization purposes.

This is the information that your email list will see whenever they receive an email from you. Normally, your contact details will appear at the bottom of all the emails you send out.

As per the law, an anti spam message also has to appear below your email messages right below your contact details.

Send Confirmation message: As we mentioned before, email marketing is about building relationships. Therefore, immediately someone subscribes to your list they need to get a message. This is where the confirmation message comes in.

You will be required to compose an email which will be sent immediately after someone subscribes to your list. Generally, the email comes with a link to confirm that the person is human and also to confirm that they want to be included in your list.

In addition, it is a way of making sure that the email that someone entered is a valid one. With Aweber, this email is already drafted for you though you have the option to customize it as you so wish.

An important feature to help in personalizing your email is a code which looks like this “{!name}”. Including this code at the beginning of your emails will automatically pick your subscriber’s name and add it to the emails you send.

mailing list managementThere are different options in the drop down menu. Hence it is important to go through all of them to see which one best suit your email marketing campaign.

Send a Thank You Message: Just below your confirmation email message option, you will see a section for sending thank your messages. Aweber calls them “Success Pages”. The best way to use this option is by sending to your opt-in list a thank you message for confirming their subscription.

The other thing to include in this email message is to welcome them to your newsletter and letting them know you will be sending them an email soon. Note: For you email marketing campaign to be effective, keep your promises.

Also to include in this email is a link to your website or blog. In case you promised to give out a free eBook or download, this is where you should include the link.

It is recommended that you request your subscribers to add your email to their contact list. This will ensure that your email messages do not land in the spam folder.

In this section there is also an advanced setting that is very important called the “Follow Up”. The follow up message is also pre-drafted and is sent out to your list upon subscribing.

The power of the follow up messages is the ability to schedule them so as the messages are send at certain intervals. In the work online marketing circles, this is called the “autoresponder”. Normally, you will have to come up with these emails which will be sent to your list at the time intervals you set.

Welcome email message: The first follow up email should be your welcome message. The best way to draft this message is to include

  1. Thanking your list for agreeing to sign up to your email marketing campaign.
  2. Add links to your website or your free downloads
  3. Pre-empty what you intend to offer to your subscribers. This should be a brief of what you have to offer them as relating to their online business.
  4. Right at the bottom of the email, you must include your contact details.

The follow up emails have two formats of which to write, the HTML or plain text formats. In most instances, email service companies recommend the plain text version. This is because there are people who have email that cannot read HTML messages.

But even with that, HTML messages have more features that you can use to better and effectively do email marketing. These features include using bold, italic or underlining text. In addition, you can opt to use different colors with HTML unlike plain text format.

Test email: The unwritten rule in email marketing is that you have to first send yourself the message. After you have drafted all the email messages always send yourself test messages.

This will help you proofread the messages and thus correct any typos and grammar mistakes.

mailing listCreate an Opt-in List Form: This is the where you get to formulate the form that will help you collect email addresses. With Aweber you will have the option of building your own form. In your control panel click the place written “Create Web form”.

Here you will be able to choose the size, fonts, color and text style. The ideal approach is to take your time and try different designs until you get what you want. Make certain the design is something that will flow with your blog theme.

A good form should collect your subscribers Name and email address. But this varies from one niche to another. After you have created your form you will be provided with a code to place on your blog or website.

The best place to position your opt-in form is at the sidebar. This is mainly because the side bar is displayed on every page your visitors go to.

Armed with this information am sure you will be in a position to launch your email marketing campaign. Since the invention of the internet, email marketing has remained one of the best online promotion strategies.

This means you are missing out of the online money by not implementing it. Now that you know, hope you will launch you email campaign right away.

On Site Management That Guarantee Top Site Ranking

On Site Management That Guarantee Top Site Ranking

On site management is an ongoing process that ideally never comes to an end. This is especially so in regards to search engine optimization (SEO). Most online marketers assume that the only important aspect of SEO is external linking, but they end up forgetting that onsite SEO is equally very critical.

Proper SEO is where you combine both inbound linking strategies with on site management so as to achieve best results. Periodically (3 or 4 times in a year), you should revisit your old pages and do some touchups to ensure the pages remain relevant and have SEO impact.

On this write up let us discuss 4 aspects of on site management that you need to revisit.

Rebranding: In order to succeed in work online home business you need to have a blog or website. With a blog or website in place, it is advisable to monitor market trends and when necessary rebrand your business.

Changing your blog design can be a good way of rebranding. Probably, when you were starting your site you weren’t so sure of the right colors and theme to use. But as time moves on you will be able to determine the right template and color scheme to rebrand your blog or website with.

Apart from color schemes, other things you can change in regards to blog design include fonts, background theme, sidebar positioning e.t.c. The best time to rebrand is after you have researched and fully understood your target audience.

Find out your target audience preferences and the findings for on site management. For example, if you have a site sharing about gardening it could be that you used a red theme template when you started. But you can rebrand and pick a template with a touch of green to make your site more appealing.

Update old publications: The secret to making money from your site is to provide rich and insightful information. As we have seen, trends and information go on changing as years pass by hence you need to move with the times.

Information that was valuable some years back would be irrelevant for today’s market. So as not to become obsolete it is imperative that webmasters to update their site’s whitepaper. By updating your site content you will ensure that your site becomes a trusted hub for seeking informative content.

This aspect of on site management can be easily observed by bloggers since they are required to update their blogs regularly. As for website owners who have no blogs, they will need to revisit their old pages and articles and update them.

Making money on the internet is about offering fresh and educative content, thus webmasters should routinely reevaluate their website resource pages. Content you shared 3 years ago will probably not apply for today’s business. Therefore, to have an all rounded site that is relevant, on site management should entail content upgrade.

As your niche evolves you are required to update your articles, whitepaper, videos and other content within your site to make them current. Ask yourself,

– Are pages in your site still converting?

– When was the last time you went over the whitepapers that you published a year ago?

– Is the information you shared last year still relevant today?

Sometimes coming up with an entirely new article can be quite tasking. This is because it involves lots of research and effort to draft. If you are too busy to do research and come up with new articles, you can opt to update your already published whitepaper.

Try to edit, add or delete sections of your articles that have become irrelevant in your next on site management schedule. By so doing, you will revamp your old webpages to become relevant in 2012 thus giving them a new lease of life.

Try new call to action: Maybe when you started out you never incorporated the right call to action messages. You can revisit the issue and this time round have a clear call to action.

Consider what you want to achieve from your site. It could be you want visitors to download your newsletter or free eBook or to have visitors fill out an opt-in form.

onsite managementWhen you are doing your next on site management, ensure you spell out to your visitors exactly what you want them to do. Note that people have different things that motivate them to take action, therefore use different call to action messages throughout your content.

Let us take a scenario where you have a site that’s sell services, you could incorporate a call to action that says “Money back guarantee after one month” this will help build confidence for clients with doubts about your services.  As for customers looking for online deals you can have coupons and discounts.

Revamp low converting pages: When it comes to working online through your site then generating search engine traffic is paramount. This is where you need to use keywords within your web content that help you attract organic traffic.

Every webpage you create on your site is like a landing page thus you need to carefully optimize each page. Apart from ranking the whole of your site, search engines also rank your individual webpages.

In on site management it is important to always target particular keyword phrases that are relevant in your niche. It could be when you were starting out you never optimized your pages; this is the high time you revisited your old posts and included keywords within your content.

A reason for a page failing to convert could be it is targeting the wrong keywords. It is hence advisable to always conduct a keyword research and determine the right keywords to use in each page you publish.

Google analytic is a very useful tool you can use to measure your page to page conversion rate. In addition, you can go through your old articles to see how you have positioned your keywords and determine your keyword density.

The more you keep monitoring your site performance, the better you will understand your audience, thus do your on site management appropriately. Try and evaluate the intent of people landing on your site from search engines and thus target more relevant keyword phrases.

Proofread your old posts once again and ensure you now use the keywords that actually attract targeted traffic.

Conclusion: On site management should be done on a regular basis. This is because market trends keep changing all the time therefore the need to move with the trends.

Bloggers have an advantage since blogging requires them to constantly update their blogs with fresh content. As for webmasters, in order to keep up it is recommended that you have a blog within your website. Furthermore, try and update your homepage and other static pages with current information.

Work Online Ideas And Increasing Internet Presence

Work Online Ideas And Increasing Internet Presence

The question posed by most individuals who launch a new niche home based site is, how to work online and make sure they attract sales leads. If that kind of query was raised some 15 or 20 years ago it would have been very easy to respond to. Then it was possible to start a niche site and within a few days you begin getting traffic.

Today, the story is totally different and people are so savvy when it comes to online marketing. In fact, you need to think out of the box or work some extra hours if you want to have online visibility.

Whenever work online marketing success is talked about, some people may find it a difficult thing to attain while others may see it as a simple thing to achieve. Both this kinds of folks are right, the difference between the two people is their way of thinking. If you want to succeed and know how to work online you have to be confident about yourself.

Building confidence helps you to be focused in terms of learning new stuff happening within your market niche. Additionally, it ensures you are able to foresee the future and work towards addressing an issue even before it happens. This will in time make the people in your niche consider you as an expert thus your words become law.

This should then tell you that today marketing online is no longer like a walk in the park, you need to be ahead of the game all the time. You can have the best product in the market but if you cannot showcase the product then you will make no money.

When it gets to how to work online, marketing is the key. On this article let us share on some simple but very effective principles in promoting your business online.

Focus on location: It may be difficult for you to rank high on a keyword like how to work online in the whole world but you can rank if you target a certain location. For example, you can start a site on teaching music in Africa or Cairo. When you do this it becomes easier to rank since the competition will be very low.

Identify a need in a certain location and choose your domain name with that locality in mind. Your content should also mainly focus on specific needs within that geographical area.

Targeting a single demography is also related to centering on one location. It is very difficult to satisfy everyone but it is possible to build an online presence that appeal to a certain group of people. Defining the market niche to target from the word go will help project your voice and by so doing build online presence.

For instance, it is easy to promote software that is aimed at easing banking needs for upcoming and new banks, or marketing an insurance package for the baby boomers. In short, targeting a certain age group or niche is easy since you can learn the way they speck thus connecting with them.

Define your target audience: Before you enter into any niche market, define your target audience and know their preferences. Research and know where they spend most of their time, find the media of communication they prefer and as earlier mentioned identify the language that they use.working online marketing

Avoid the use of jargon: Many times you will hear people saying when it comes to work online marketing you need to avoid the use of hard vocabulary. The use of jargon can be detrimental to your home business, but if your target market is from a particular professional niche then this can work to your advantage.

Mostly in every profession there is a language and terms that are frequently used. Using a language that is understood with people in a particular industry will make it easier for you to relate to them thus build your online reputation.

If you are targeting to teach people how to work online, then you need to learn the right language to use. Identify the common keywords searched for by your target audience and use the words in your content. This will ensure your blog or website comes up in search engine result as your potential audiences browse the net.

Use the right keywords: Optimizing for the right keywords goes beyond targeting common key term phrases. If you are searching on Google or Yahoo for the keyword work online, you would see just how difficult it would be for you to get ranked on page 1 or 2. But by just adding to the same key phrase and targeting the keywords how to work online, you will have narrowed your chances of high placement by a big percentage.

Rather than focusing on a certain niche, find keywords that bring out your real and specific strengths. Many times it about determining the intersecting views about a certain topic. What it means is that, it can take you a longer time to rank on a blog about music but a shorter time to rank on a site about music reviews.

In other words, you may not be a veteran in working online but you can offer top notch advice to newbies looking to start work at home online business.

Use social media marketing the right way: Currently, social media marketing is on the incline and you need to jump into the band wagon. It is vital that you learn how to utilize social networking sites to promote your work online home business.

A good example is how you can use facebook; it lets you target clients of a particular

How To Market Your Online Store Website Effectively

How To Market Your Online Store Website Effectively

This blog is dedicated to showing you ways of online money making from home. That is why on this post we shall discuss one of those strategies, that is, making money through an online store website.

Every passing day people are starting to appreciate buying products online. A few years back, western countries where the only ones taking advantage of shopping online. Today, the developing nations are quickly catching up.

The craze has been brought about the amazing discounts and deals one can get from purchasing items on an online store website. Studies have revealed that during the holiday season, sites like Ebay and Amazon record the highest sales volumes.

It therefore goes without saying; if you can start your own online store you will easily make money online at home. But most people make mistakes when it comes to building an online store website. To avoid been one of them, you are better off reading this post to the end.

The internet has really advanced and it is now very easy to have your own online shop within minutes. With some online store websites for example Amazon, you can create your own store and become an affiliate.

Furthermore, most web hosting sites include a shopping cart as part of their hosting package. Try it out and you will see how simple it easy to set up your own web store within minutes. As for those who use wordpress, there are plugins you can upload and have your online store set up within seconds.

And did you know that you can also set up a shopping cart on your site through PayPal? All you need to do is open an account with PayPal (Free) then copy and paste some HTML codes on your site. As people buy your products, PayPal will take care of the transactions for you and deposit money in your account for a small fee.

From the above you can see that the issue has got nothing to do with building an online store website. In fact, setting up an online shopping cart is the easy part. The challenge is how you can attract customers to your online store website.

how to increase sale to your online store

It will be of no benefit to you to spend your precious time and money creating an online shop if no one will come buy your products. The critical element in making money online is traffic generation. Without traffic no blog, website or online store would make a penny.

If you surf the net, you will come across very good looking sites that do not generate any revenue. This is because looks have got very little to do with making online sales.

Some years back all you needed to do is create a site and submit to other top sites. These included sites such as Google, Yahoo and Dmoz and within weeks you would start attracting traffic.

Today, the ball game has totally changed and it is very difficult to rank. The competition has become so stiff especially for certain keywords like online shop or online store. This means it would take you years before you would rank on particular keywords thus make money selling online.

Considering the high competition that comes from promoting your online store website on search engines, what would be the best approach?

Online retailer sites like Ebay, Yahoo and Amazon already have high reputation thus it will impossible to compete with them. In addition, there are other millions of online shops out there also looking for customers on the net.

But do not let that dampen your spirits of creating your online store website. There are excellent internet marketing strategies you can adopt to funnel traffic to your store.

The secret is simple, keyword research. Rather than seeking to rank for keywords like online shop or online shopping store, optimize for terms that are less competitive. Leave the big boys to rank for the high competitive keywords since they have the money to spend.

As for you, seek to rank for less competitive keyword phrases that people search for. It will cost you an arm and a leg to appear on 1st page for top rated keyword, but does not spell doom for your online store website.

If you apply the strategy you are about to read below, do not be surprised to find yourself facing zero or minimal competition. This will catapult you ahead of most work from home online business individuals out there.

How to make your first dollar from your online store website

Normally, when people are searching for products to buy, they go directly to the top online retailer shops. This is because the sites have variety of products and they also are secure.

It would take you years if not centuries for you to get to the same level with the top brands. The best approach to generating traffic to your online store website is to link the well known online purchase sites to your blog or website.

Prior to setting up an online shop, you first of all need to launch a content based blog or website. The blog should be centered on one particular niche. This way you will rank faster on search engines result pages thus drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Note: Visit Site Build It and you will be amazed on the rich tools that can help you build a site. You will also have access to top rated tools that will help you generate traffic online. Let me also add that their support structures are the best.

As you keep on generating content, search engines will begin directing organic traffic to your site. It may take a while, but if you target a low competitive niche it will take a short period of time.

learn how to market online

It will even take you a shorter period if you target long tail keywords since they have very low competition. Though the traffic from long tail keywords is low, you will rank faster. Besides, the more you publish content the more your traffic will increase.

Once you have started generating targeted traffic, you can now go ahead and create an online store website. Considering that your blog is focused on a particular area, it is prudent you also build a niche store.

Do not sell anything and everything and yet the people coming to your blog are targeted. For example, if your blog is sharing content about computer accessories, you should not include gardening tools in your online store website.

How search engine traffic is important in bringing customers to your niche online store.

The key to funneling traffic on the internet from search engines is CONTENT creation. As you publish articles that are unique, insightful and of high quality, search engines will definitely send customers your way.

In the beginning the traffic may be low, but as you keep on adding more pages to your site, the higher your traffic will go. It is advisable that you generate articles that have niche keywords so as to get targeted visitors.

So as to boost your online sales conversion, you need to generate targeted traffic. That is why it is better to first use your blog to funnel traffic to your online store website.

For instance, if you go to the header on this blog you will note that there is a link called; work online shop. I have linked my blog to an online store website that I created on Amazon.

On the store, you will only find products related to the content on my blog. These articles are rich in keyword thus ensure targeted traffic come to my blog. Some of my visitors end up clicking on my work online store and buying what they need.

Summary: Rather than creating your own online store and marketing it to compete with the giants of the game, you would be better of using your blog to get customers. It is easier to generate traffic to your main site as compared to competing with other established online stores by marketing your store separately.

Therefore, if you want to sell your eBook that teach people a certain language, first launch a content based site on the said topic. Provide your target audience with valuable articles about languages and in turn search engines will send traffic to your site.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to share them in the comment section below. You can also share this article by pressing on one of the social icon appearing on the left.

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Buy Online Stores And How To Check Their Authenticity

Buy Online Stores And How To Check Their Authenticity

When the words buy online stores are mentioned some of the sites that come to mind are Amazon, Ebay, and Groupon. But that is not to say that they are the only sites where you can shop online.

Studies conducted last year between November 1 and December 16 in America, revealed that shoppers spent over $4.5 Million on buy online stores. This was 15% more than the same period last year.

The increase in online shopping is brought about by the attractive sales offers and free shipping discounts. Technology is also proving to be a catalyst in the upsurge of online shopping with people using smart phones to shop while on the move.

The holiday seasons just ended and the one thing that helped people beat the rush was buying gifts on online stores. It took Daniel by surprise when he was informed by his boss that he had to travel to UK for a business trip, just before Christmas.

Since Christmas was just around the corner, he was wondering what to do to buy presents for his family. He called his friend back home who gave him the perfect solution. Daniel had not thought of that before; the friend suggested he checks out buy online stores.

To his amazement, Daniel found out that apart from buying online, the store was also going to deliver the gifts for him. With that in mind, he went on with his business trip knowing so well that his wife and two children were going to be sorted out.

Buy online stores have made many people’s lives easier.. Suddenly, the world has become like a small village. People are now rushing to the web for convenient shopping.

In developed countries, buy online stores have always been the first option but now the developing nations have picked up the trend. You therefore do not need to take a plane to go shop for stuff that you would easily buy online.

Today, there are one stop shops online where you can buy virtually anything you need. These online supermarkets have become popular with online shoppers because of offering variety of products.

Convenience and availability of products are not the only aspects that buy online stores are known for. In the case of Daniel, he found out that most of the online stores have very attractive discounts for online shoppers.

It is a common experience with online buyers that most online purchase sites that offer great deals. One example of such site is Groupon which negotiate huge bargain with popular companies.

Businesses that need new customers are known to work with Groupon. With a voucher from Groupon you can pass it on to a friend through email or mobile phone. After printing the voucher, one can present it to the particular shop and get amazing deals.

The reason why buy online stores offer these abnormal discounts is the fact that they do not factor in infrastructure cost. With an online shop, you do not need to rent office space; it even gets cheaper if you are buying a digital product.

Away from buying gifts online, people operating work from home business sites are always purchasing products online. There are many websites that have products and services that can ease your online marketing.

But you need to be careful not to fall victim of online fraud. Some online shoppers lack information when it comes to where to buy products. This is further aggravated by the fact that some sites lack proper online payment infrastructures.

Millions of people have lost cash online when fraudsters get access to their credit cards. Shoppers are also in no position to determine the quality of products they are purchasing until they receive them. In these instance it is usually too late and most buy online stores refuse to reverse the transactions.

The fact that the holiday season is over does not mean that buy online stores will lack customers. As a home based business mom you will still need to buy products at the comfort of your home.

It is therefore prudent that you arm yourself with information as you buy stuff on the net. Below are things to consider before you decide to make a purchase online so as to avoid been swindled.

buy online stores1.         The best buy online stores to purchase products are the ones that are well known. When you buy from a website that is recognized there is little likelihood of getting conned. Some of these secure sites to buy online include Ebay and Amazon.

Developed nations have put in place secure e-commerce infrastructures that encrypt wireless data thereby preventing identify theft. In some instances it may take a while before getting your product but you would rather be safe than sorry.

Before you buy from any website it is imperative you read reviews about the site. Visit online forums and get to learn what others are saying about the site.

But a simple tactic of checking the authenticity of an online shop is to see if it has an “s” after the letters “http”. In short, a link to a legit buying online store should read “https” instead of “http”.

The “s” signifies that the site is secure to make online payments safely and thus your personal financial details are protected.

2.         When the deal is too good to be true, you better think twice. If you see a product worth $1000 going for $100 it means there is something fishy going on. It could be someone trying to get your credit card details or trying to dispose illegal or damaged goods.

3.         There are some internet hot spots that you need to be careful of whenever surfing the internet. Using WiFi connections in public places can expose you to hackers.

There are people that have fallen to victim to identity theft while browsing in public places. This is especially so in developing nations where online security measures are not in place.

If you identify a good site to buy products, it would be safer for you to bookmark the site. Once you are in a safe location you can make your purchase securely.

Summary: Next time you are visiting that buy online store that you have visited before, you will be better informed on how to transact securely. One thing that we cannot deny is the fact that the internet has made our lives much easier.

I hope in the process, we do not lose the essence of life and forget how to really live. What is your opinion on online shopping? Share your views on the comment section below.

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Best Practices And Creation Of Breadcrumb Navigation

Best Practices And Creation Of Breadcrumb Navigation

Last week while sharing about killer blog design, we touched a little about breadcrumbs and as promised this article will address in details more about breadcrumb navigation.

Most webmasters dismiss the power of breadcrumbs whenever they are designing sites. Actually, people view creating breadcrumb navigation as being too much trouble. But the one thing they fail to see is the ability of breadcrumbs in easing navigation on your site or blog and increasing organic traffic.

For you to be able to retain visitors on your blog thus make more money, you need to make it easy for visitors to find your pages. Breadcrumbs are additional tools of navigation that visitors can use to know exactly where they are on your site.

The big question that you should be asking is, Why the implementation of Breadcrumb navigation?

a. Search engine optimization: As much as breadcrumbs help visitors move from one page to another, they also ensure that search engines Crawl your site/blog with ease. Having breadcrumbs help in the categorization of your content thus increasing indexing of your web pages.

As a webmaster you do not need to be reminded that the 95% of traffic on the internet is from search engines. Therefore, it goes without saying, you need to find ways to rank your pages high thus generate blog traffic and make money online. Proper implementation of breadcrumbs can do exactly that for you.

b. Ease Navigation: Apart from your normal categories, breadcrumb navigation provides additional ease of routing on your site. There are instances that visitors will come to your site via webpages other than your home page.

Breadcrumbs will allow your target audience to know exactly where they are on your blog. They also make sure that your viewers can easily move to other pages from whatever point thus offering greater usability.

c. Reduce clicks: The fact that visitors can move from one page to another quite easily using breadcrumbs, means that there are reduced clicks before someone gets to where they want. This means that one does not need to use the backward or forward button that appears on the web browser.

d. Add to your blog appearance: Since breadcrumb navigation does not take too much space, they contribute to the general appearance of your blog.

Take your time to select a good breadcrumb tool that will flow with the theme of your blog design.

e. Cultivates interest: When visitors land on a webpage within your blog, they are offered other related pages and this can easily help in building interest. Breadcrumb navigation gives readers more links to related content rather than them going round in circles.

f. Reduce bounce rate: The fact that breadcrumb navigation is more detailed; it will greatly reduce your bounce rate. This is mainly due to the reason that visitors are provided with more options to access different web pages.

Whenever your viewers find it easy to locate relevant pages within your site, they tend to spend more time on your blog thus boosting your online sales conversion rate.

breadcrumb navigationg. Offer additional help: Not all of us are savvy when it comes to the internet. You will sometime get visitors that are not sure of what they are looking for. This is where breadcrumb navigation can come in handy.

Breadcrumbs are ideally structured to give an overall outlook of a site, thus better navigation for newbies who do not understand how site navigation operates.

Here are some of the ideal practices or implementation of breadcrumb navigation:

1. Breadcrumb positioning: The best positioning of breadcrumb navigation is at the top of a page. This will make it easy for visitors to locate them thus get to what they are looking for faster.

It is also alright if you put them at the bottom of your webpages. Only make sure that are structured in an uncomplicated manner.

2. Breadcrumbs should be secondary navigation: Since you already have a primary navigation bar on your blog, breadcrumbs should just act as support. Remember that the primary navigation bar should be dominant.

This means that before you provide your visitors with the breadcrumbs, you must have the primary navigation in place. Breadcrumbs should just be for additional support.

3. Use friendly links: The link style you use on breadcrumb navigation should not be over emphasized. As much as your breadcrumbs should be seen, they should not appear to be the focal point.

Make your breadcrumbs visible but not overbearing to your visitors.

4. Page categorization: There are pages that may appear in more than two categories, if that is the case then it is not advisable to use breadcrumbs.

Using breadcrumb navigation will online confuse your visitors since pages appearing in more than one category will produce unclear breadcrumbs. Therefore, before you implement breadcrumbs have a clearly defined page hierarchy.

5. Consistency: This means that if you opt to use breadcrumbs it should be in your entire blog or website. When you have breadcrumbs on some webpages and others don’t have, you will easily puzzle and frustrate your visitors.

Below are the various breadcrumb navigation strategies being implemented by web-developers:

– Location: This is one of the recommended strategies of implementing breadcrumbs. Location breadcrumbs indicate to visitors the location they are on a website depending the site’s hierarchy.

Sites that have more than two levels depth of content are the ones commonly known to use this kind of breadcrumb.

This is how it works; upon reaching certain pages, visitors are presented with hyperlinks to other related pages and categories. These pages normally act as parent categories.

– Path: Just as the name goes, path breadcrumb navigation shows step by step the route a visitor used to get to the current page. In short, blog visitors will view the links they previously visited.

– Attribute: A good example of demonstrating the attribute breadcrumb navigation is on a product website. A phone may be categorized as Nokia then the attributes may be things like color or the various functionalities of the phone.

Summary: Ideally breadcrumbs act as additional support to the primary navigation bar. They should never be the main content of your website.

As I said on the previous post, do not let the word “crumbs” fool you, breadcrumb navigation can greatly boost your blog SEO thus boost your traffic generation. This is because breadcrumbs will make search engines have an easy time crawling and indexing your web pages.

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