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How To Approach Article Submission In Google Eyes

How To Approach Article Submission In Google Eyes

Many online marketers really profited from article submission, this was until Google Panda came calling. The change in algorithm has seen many sites drop in search engine ranking and in the process losing lots of traffic.

A category of sites that has really faced the wrath of search engine algorithm update has been article submission sites. In turn, webmasters and bloggers using article directories to promote their sites have been wondering where to go now.

If you are still not with me this far, let me rewind the clock for you. Things were OK for article directories until the beginning of December 2011 when Google released Panda update.

One of the website that was adversely affected was Ezine Articles. The number of articles that where been submitted to this site where in thousands.

Many online marketers used Ezine Articles to attract direct traffic and get backlinks. This is to suggest that with Ezine Articles been hit by the update, internet marketers also felt the pitch.

For years now, article submission had been the source of building link popularity and thus boosting website ranking. With your articles ranking high on search engine, you were also guaranteed of direct and targeted traffic.

As we speak things have changed, many articles that used to rank high are now nowhere to be seen within search results. Article writing that was the backbone of web marketing, now seems to have been removed in the equation.

But let us pose for a while and try and examine where the problem started. When article marketing was first introduced to the internet, marketers used these sites appropriately.

The main intention of article submission was to offer readers with a source of rich and educative content. In addition, the article sites where intended to provide webmasters a place to get articles to post on their sites.

In exchange the webmasters were to give credit to the person who actually published the article by picking the article’s resource box. In article marketing this is what is also known as syndication.

With time some marketers started misusing the article directory sites to their own benefit. Most articles where not up to standard with marketers spinning and submitting unreadable content.

This they did all in an aim of gaining backlinks and in the process failing to add value to readers. Black hat marketing strategist took advantage of article submission and from there the writing was on the wall. Search engines (led by Google) had to do something to bring this to an end otherwise they would lose their visitors and in the process their advertising revenue.

It is true that users borne some of blame, but the group with the greatest responsibility were the article directory owners. They should have put in place strict measures to ensure users posted only high quality content.

To add insult to injury, article submission sites increased their advertisement space all in the name of increasing their affiliate and adsense revenue.

Where do all these events place you as an internet marketer? Do you subtract article submission to your array of online marketing arsenals? Or do you need to consider where to submit articles?

It goes without saying that article marketing is still one of the best and most powerful means of website or blog marketing. Therefore, you cannot say that you will stop using article directories to generate online traffic.

Looking back to the good old days before things got out of hand, webmasters and bloggers really did benefit from article directories. In those early days, bloggers used to command a huge fan base through article directory sites. The volume of traffic from article submission in those days was in the thousands.

For article marketing to rise from the ashes, online marketers will have to rethink their strategies. Ask yourself, what made readers consider article sites as the source of rich content in the first place?

The answers to this question are simple

–          To gather information regarding their area of interest.

–          Readers could have been following you as a person to hear what you have to say about certain issues

–          To be updated on current events taking place in their niche

In the above scenarios one thing remains constant, as a blogger or webmasters you have to be ready to continuously feed your audience with content. This calls for regular article writing and more importantly updating your website or blog frequently.

Carrying all that load of coming up with content can be a daunting task for some marketers. But that does not mean you starve your target audience. That is why article marketing sites still remain vital as far as content generation is concerned.

Article sites are a rich source of getting content to place on your site. Hence, offer your readers content from other writers by syndicating articles. But make sure the content is of high quality and makes sense to readers.

article submission

With these in mind, how do you expect to post bogus write ups and hope that webmasters will re-publish your articles on their sites?

It is high time article marketers ran away from submitting low quality articles. Take advantage of the fact that webmasters need to outsource for captivating content.

For your content to be noticed by publishers you have to submit articles that add value. That was the case when article marketing was first introduced as an online promotion strategy.

Bloggers would rush to article directory sites and browse for content that would meet the needs of their target audience and syndicate them on their blogs. Since the rule was and is to give credit to the owner of the article, article marketers would build quality backlinks and generate direct traffic.

On the other hand, people re-publishing content would offer their readers with fresh content. As you can see, there is a symbiotic relationship where both webmasters/bloggers and articles writers are both beneficiaries.

A look at most article directories indicates that they have learned from their earlier mistake. Today, sites like Street Articles, Article Base, Isnare and Buzzle have stringent rules of article submission.

Gone are the days when an article of 250 words would be approved automatically. Nowadays, most article submitting sites only approve articles with 400 words and above. Others go as high as 600 words and above.

This is an indication that article marketing is still a force of internet marketing to be reckoned with. It means that having your articles approved will get you more backlinks than ever before.

Why? Most people are lazy when it comes to writing articles therefore when you step up your article marketing campaign and follow the new rules you will be ahead on 95% of web marketers.

Thanks to Google for finding a way to tame wayward web advertisers. Gone are the days when crappy articles would show up in search engine results. This is both to the benefit of webmasters and internet browsers.

Below are strategies you can use as an article marketer to boost your site traffic:

1: Start generating insightful and educative content that will be beneficial to your target audience.

2: Avoid adding high pitched marketing messages in your articles. Ideally, articles should be a source of quality information and not an opportunity to talk about your products or services.

3: Use narratives and descriptions to make your articles more exciting to read.

4: Your articles should act as bait whereby you leave some unanswered questions in your articles.

5: Create a resource box with wordings that will make readers see that following your links will offer answers to their unanswered questions.

6: Links within your bio box/resource box should take people to webpages that offer content related to your articles. Again, it is advisable that your articles offer answers to people unanswered queries.

Now that you know how to go about submitting articles, for there to be maximum effect you need to replicate the process over and over again.

Soon enough, readers and website owners will be lining up to read and re-publish your articles. Make certain you maintain a high standard of article creation to keep getting new fan base thus your content will go viral.

Summary: Article marketing is still a powerful tool of generating targeted traffic. Submit your articles to top article marketing directories and for sure your content will be syndicated.

With your articles going viral, you will stop depending on search engines alone to bring people to your site. Search engine organic traffic is good but direct traffic from article submission sites is much better since it’s more targeted.

I have noticed that people from article directories tend to spend more time on my site than visitors from search engines.

What is your experience with regards to search engine traffic and article submission websites? Which of the two sources have a lower bounce rate? Do you have an idea of where to submit articles and get better traffic?

Share with us your thoughts on the above by submitting in the comment section below.

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SEO Article Writing Compared To Writing For Visitors

SEO Article Writing Compared To Writing For Visitors

If you go out on a search for the search engine optimization services, then one thing you are likely to encounter is SEO article writing. Online marketers go on and on about the importance of creating content for both search engines and people.

But as you all know this can be quite tasking to some extent. The challenge comes in that sometimes you need to force your targeted keyword phrases within your articles. This in turn makes parts of your content not to make any sense to readers.

There are those that have perfected the art of SEO content creation, but still the monotony of repeating certain words deprive their articles of real flavor. Then the big question is; does it reach a point that one can forget about this entire SEO article writing stuff and just write informative content?

It gets to a stage that you as a blogger just want to write from your heart without caring about search engines. SEO experts may say that you may have very good content but no one will find your articles if you do not optimize them. To some extent this is not entirely true; there are some advantages of just writing for your target audience.

Back to the big question; yes, you can get to a point and forget about optimizing all your articles. SEO article writing is good when you are starting off your blog. This is because you want search engines to know what your blog topic is all about.

To avoid overstuffing your blog content with keyword phrases, you need to at some stage just create content that is geared towards addressing people’s needs. The thought that writing article for SEO is the ultimate secret of generating organic traffic is misplaced.

The problem of concentrating so much on SEO article writing is the fact that bloggers forget about the needs of their target audience. In the process blog owners end up posting content that is not educative or interesting to readers.

Writing content that is optimized for your targeted keywords is good to some level, but it should not be at the expense of your visitors. You can show up on top of Google search result pages and still have a very low conversion rate.

As you draft your articles the first thing you need to ask yourself is this, what are the needs of the people you are targeting? The best way to get the answer to that is to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience.

For example, if you visit a site that is product based what content would you prefer to find? Would you like to get information on how to buy products, the prices, product information or the history of the products?

The answer to that is rather simple and that is what you should also offer your visitors. Therefore, rather than start a wild goose chase for targeted visitors by writing SEO articles, post content that offer product information and history.

The internet was created so that people can share information with ease. Furthermore, search engines are out to ensure their uses get quality information. Therefore, if you post insightful content then search engines will find that content and give it to people as they browse.

It is alright to post content that is driven towards adding SEO value but not all the time. Just because some SEO expert said that SEO content writing is the only way to boost your blog rankings does not mean they are right.

article writing for peopleHere are the reasons why writing for your audience is better than SEO article writing

a. The advantage of writing for your audience is that you will concentrate more on giving valuable information. But with SEO article writing, you will in most cases post content that is not relevant.

b. Focusing so much on SEO content influences negatively how you write since you will concentrate more about search engines than your target viewers. Remember, best content creation is when every blog post you publish adds value to your readers and not search engines. In any case, people are the ones who will buy your products and not search engines.

For every post you share on your blog make sure it is informative. If your audiences are interested on content about home income generating opportunities or best fashion trends in the market, then go ahead and give them just that.

Am sure even when you are publishing an article that is only aimed towards SEO you sense something is amiss. In order to make money online from home, your goal should be to capture the attention of your readers. And the only way to do that is write from your audience perspective.

Learning the preferences of your target audience will guarantee that you offer relevant content. It will also help you know what to say so as to compel your visitors to buy your products. Post articles that explain about products and why they should purchase them.

Write articles that explain why a certain product is better than a previous one. Share on the differences between one version of a product and the latest version. In this way readers will feel that they are buying products from an informed position and they will get their money’s worth.

c. By not focusing so much on SEO article writing you will boost your blog SEO value naturally. This is because people will consider you an expert in your niche thus link to your webpages.

d. Writing for viewers will ensure you only bring in visitors that are ready to buy. This is mainly because you will rank for long tail keywords which are known to convert better than short tail keywords. With time you will notice that your overall site SEO profile will grow thus generate high volume of targeted audience.

Summary: Before you think of writing for search engines, write for people. Seek first on ways to fill the gap in your market niche before writing SEO articles. Optimize your blog when you are starting but with time create content that is geared more towards doing business.

Provide to your visitors all the information they need to help them make informed decisions. The way to achieve that is by getting into the minds of your target audience and offering them exactly what they are searching for. SEO article writing is good to some point but can be detrimental to your overall conversion rate.

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