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Will General Motors Pulling Out From Facebook Advertising Change Much?

Will General Motors Pulling Out From Facebook Advertising Change Much?

With over 900 million active members, facebook is definitely the home of socializing. Any sound business entrepreneur knows the impact that social sites can have on business growth especially when it comes to promoting products and services.

It is obvious that wherever there are people gathered there is money exchanging hands. This is why both big and small companies have invested millions of dollars on facebook advertising.

As we all know, on 18th May 2012 facebook made its first initial public offer (IPO). According to stock traders this has been the most heavily traded stock ever. Investors believe this has been due to the continuous growth of facebook in terms of subscriber base among other factors.

The same week the IPO was to go live, two major events took place. The first was the release of a shocking study that revealed that Google advertising was doing better than Facebook in terms of ad targeting and revenue.

Just after that, General Motors (GM) announced that they had pulled out over $10 million of their advertising on facebook stating lack of ROI.

These two announcements could not have come at a worse time, social media was on a high and this IPO was to be the pinnacle of social media business.

As much as facebook would not want people to withdraw from marketing on facebook, it is important to note that facebook main agenda has always been to offer a platform for users to socialize.

Before you decide to use facebook for marketing, there is need to know how to manage your social advertising campaign. Do not assume that with 900 million people congregating at one place automatically means you will make sales.

GM was expecting too much from advertising on facebook due to the numbers but in the process forgot the reason people are on facebook. The best approach to social media advertising is finding a way to tactfully create adverts that have captivating content and also include an element of innovation.

Notwithstanding, the pronouncements that were made last week together with other market factors did contribute a great deal in the drop of price to below $38 of the initial Facebook IPO offer.

Questions still linger on with the timing of the announcement with many people saying they were intentional while others think it was coincidental.

What next for Facebook?

The grip that facebook has on the internet is in terms of numbers and business promotion is not to be matched. Looking at the increase in subscriber base, facebook is set to hit 1 billion users by the end of the year.

By all standards, this is not a small feat. Recently, facebook has been updating their site, the latest been timeline. With timeline business people are able to increase their Click Through Rate thus engage their audience even more.

This is a clear indication that the future of facebook advertisement is very bright. The site still has a chance to update their site to better take care of the needs of facebook advertisers and in the process attract other high profile companies.

Larry Kim of WorldStream, the company that released the report showing that facebook was trailing behind Google in terms of advertising said, “Advertising on facebook is not the best way to sell online”. The reason for Kim to say this is because from the start facebook has not been keen on advertising.

It would take major structural and change of tact for facebook to move their focus to advertising. The reason that users have become addicted to facebook is the lack of intrusion which most sites do by concentrating more on advertising.

Going by the words of Mark Zuckerberg; money made from advertising has definitely helped facebook to grow, but he was not going to seat back and see advertisement ruin what people have come to know facebook for which is to provide a conducive ground for socialize.

facebook IPO

Whether you agree with him or not it depends on which side of the fence you are seated on. If you are an advertiser, Mark’s accouchements will leave a bitter taste in your mouth the same way General Motors felt.

As for the 900 million users this comes as a great relieve. No one wants to be bombarded with ads when he or she is trying to bond with friends and relatives. If companies cannot come up with effective marketing campaigns to advertise on facebook then the writing is on the wall, users first and advertisements a distant second.

A look at how facebook has been operating for the last ten years shows that their focus has never been on advertisement. I believe that is what has made facebook become a powerhouse on the internet behind google.

Kim also noted how facebook has been improving their features (e.g timeline) to help boost user experience and nothing in regards to providing a fertile ground for advertisers. In fact, if you look at facebook advertising you will note they are more than 5 years behind in terms of innovation.

It goes without say that it was just a matter of time and advertisers like GM would withdraw from advertising on facebook. Anyway, why budget on marketing at a site that does not care about improving their advertising platform.

But one fact still remains undeniable; you simply cannot ignore a site that is set to hit 1 billion users before the end of 2012. These number means that facebook has in its possession huge data of what people are looking for on the web.

It is this ability to reach many people that will make facebook a force to reckon with even when it comes to advertising. You can bet that as you are reading this article, a company is busy researching on how best to market their business on facebook. In fact, someone right now is entering his/her credit card details in order to advertise his or her products of facebook.

Therefore, the issue is not whether people will advertise on facebook or not, rather the focus will be how to effectively use facebook to promote your products and services. That is want GM needed to consider rather than saying facebook advertising does not work.

ROI is critical when it gets to business thus the reason why marketers need to strategize first before making any move. Wishing away facebook is like leaving money on the table considering the information they have with regards to people needs.

Advertisement is more about reach and knowing people’s preferences which without a doubt facebook has. You just never know, in the future facebook may decide to improve on advertising effectiveness but that I’m sure will not be done at the expense of their users.

So far, users are a happy lot going by the statistics and this by any measure is the reason of facebook success. Messing this up in the name of pleasing advertisers would be a big gaffe.

How does the future look after the facebook IPO:

Though the stock dropped after the IPO does not mean facebook is going down. This was bound to happen with the current market volatility in recent years.

By the look of things the drop in price is just but a small hiccup. Though many traders say that for a stock to drop below its IPO offer price is deemed as a disappointment, I think facebook stock is going to improve.

If you don’t believe it then watch this space.

Summary: The reason that facebook was able to overtake once big sites like MySpace was because they considered the needs of users first. I don’t expect the pulling out of GM to really affect the momentum of facebook growth.

Users’ on facebook first priority is to connect with friends and family. Clicking on advertisements is far from their mind, anyway who wants to be sold to when he is trying to build relationships?

Whatever facebook has been doing seems to be working for them and they should not be deterred by any company or report for that matter. As for their stock, it will be a matter of time before you see it hitting the roof and those who are dismissing facebook at this juncture are making a big mistake.

Keep doing what you know best Mark; you have over 900 million people right behind you.

Would you like facebook to improve their advertising? Post your opinions in the comment section appearing below for the world to know your views.

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Facebook Timeline Cover Page – A Close Web Marketers’ Partner

Facebook Timeline Cover Page – A Close Web Marketers’ Partner

Some time back we published a post about changes that facebook is doing to its layout. From then many other design updates have been done but the latest is the new facebook timeline cover.

Timeline was launched in December 2011 and we must agree facebook has really made large strides since then. Number of users has grown to above 900 million. It is estimated that by the end of the year facebook will hit 1 billion active users.

This is a big feat by any standards no wonder facebook is envied by many. Facebook also got listed on the stock exchange with investors jostling to get a piece of the leading social media site. Though the IPO did not go as anticipated, the future of facebook looks so bright.

Enough with the statistics and let us get back to the reason of writing this blog post. Facebook timeline has several features that online entrepreneurs can use to promote their businesses.

Ideally, when you look at the cover of the facebook timeline, posts are arranged in a historical format. Your recent activities which include updates, pictures and videos are streamed at the top of your timeline.

The streaming can be applied to both your personal page and fan page. This makes it easier for your target audience to track your activities thus help you market your business on facebook.

If you have not activated your facebook timeline you better do it right away. Click here to learn how to get facebook timeline.

Before timeline was launched, facebook implemented several changes to their layout. It became difficult to keep track of all these changes. Later, facebook settled for timeline which offered new and better marketing and optimization opportunities.

Note: Facebook has just updated timeline where you can schedule your updates. According to some internet marketing pundits this will offer stiff competition to sites like Hoot Suite, and Tweet Deck. This also spells doom to applications such as Post Planner. To find out more about this new feature watch the video below

On this post we shall discuss some of the advantages that the facebook timeline cover offers internet marketers. Whether you have a big or small web business you need to read this post to the very end to see how you can increase traffic to your site through facebook.

How business people can benefit from using timeline:

The element of user friendliness:

You do not need to have any technical skills in order to operate timeline. The interface is so straight forward for both the admin and visitors.

In the facebook timeline admin area, you can be able to track activities such as comments, likes and sharing of your updates. Timeline comes with a section that shows your page analytics in terms of visitor engagement.

This is inform of a graph that displays your page reach, likes and more importantly it shows the number of people talking about your page. You also get a more detailed report on other activities that bring people to your page such as pictures, mentions or message posts and so on.

How you benefit from the Cover photo:

The top of your facebook timeline cover is definitely the most important when it comes to marketing on facebook. This is because it is the first thing people see when they land on your facebook page.

This area is dedicated for adding an image and it has a measurement of 851 x 315 pixels. It therefore goes without saying that the image you use has to be very captivating.

Generally, people are drawn to images than they are to text. And this must have been the reason for facebook to allocate this area to facebook users.

As a business person you need to fully take advantage of your cover photo to catch the attention of your target audience. The image will determine if visitors will remain on your page or exit immediately without reading what you have to offer.

It is good to note that facebook timeline has some limitation when it comes to adding a cover photo. You are not allowed to upload promotional images. This includes images that have information about offers or discounts to your services.

You are also not to add contact information such as your telephone number or email. According to facebook guidelines, you are not to include call to action messages to your cover image on timeline.

Here we are talking of messages that tell visitors to like or share your page. This leaves web marketers with only one option, have a cover image that gets the attention of viewers.

The facebook timeline cover image is an opportunity to brand your business or yourself. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

facebook timeline page

Highlighting important information on your timeline:

You can now be able to highlight important information appearing on your facebook timeline page. This is by stretching an update across your page.

A post that has been stretched out will be easy to locate thus help you promote your business. You can also take an old post and pin it on the top left side of your page. This feature helps you to give new life to your old updates that had long been forgotten.

Easy interaction with your audience:

One of the reasons of marketing on social sites is to interact with your customers. As you communicate with your clients, you build relationships which help boost your business profile.

The new facebook timeline has a feature that allows easy communication between you and your target audience. Now people can send you direct messages which you can respond to in real time.

This element of communication has helped businesses offer quality customer service. In addition, you will be able to build relationships with clients and network with other people in your niche.

In case you do not need to receive messages using this feature, timeline enables you to deactivate it.

Making use of Apps in your timeline:

There are many apps that you can use on your facebook timeline cover to promote your business. Some of the apps you can use include NetworkedBlogs that updates your blog posts onto your wall.

Another great and free app to use for optimizing your facebook timeline cover is Shortstacks. With this app you will easily integrate your website or blog into your facebook fan page.

An important attribute of shortstack is the ability to add links pointing back to your blog from facebook. Apart from optimization, it helps you generate direct referral traffic to your blog or website.

The stockstack application widget will appear right below your cover images thus offering you an opportunity to promote your business.

Updates are viewable by all people:

This is yet another powerful element of facebook timeline. If your business is mentioned in a post or comment it will appear on your timeline where all people coming to your page can see.

Though this feature can be disabled, it is recommended that you enable it to help boost social proof. This way you will gain trust from your audience thus boost conversion rate.

Elimination of landing pages:

The one thing that facebook timeline did away with was creation of landing pages. Gone are the days when online marketers created fan pages that elicited “Like” button clicks, sharing and other call to action messages.

The new facebook design and layout allows you to take people to your timeline directly. The reason for facebook to do away with landing pages was to give people an opportunity to explore a business before visiting the website.

This gives more reason for you to make sure your timeline is interesting and eye catching. You also have to include insightful content that will leave viewers with no option but to visit your site for more.

Summary: Facebook has for sure cemented their dominance in social media and other sites like twitter, linkedin, Google Plus and Pinterest are left to do catch up.

If you ask me, facebook timeline has a very appealing look. Any business person who is not using facebook to market their business is for sure leaving money on the table.

I also like the element that facebook brings to online marketing. Rather than focusing on marketing, facebook is putting more emphasis to improving user experience.

What are your views about timeline in relation to business promotion, post your comments in the section provided below.

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