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Top 6 Ideas To Increase Your Blog Google Page Rank

Top 6 Ideas To Increase Your Blog Google Page Rank

For you to boost your google page rank you need to continuously work on your link profile. The challenge that most bloggers and webmasters go through is identifying the right link building strategies.

The mistake that most newbies do as they seek to increase their google page rank is back linking without a strategy. It is good to note that link building should not be a one off thing; rather it is an ongoing process. Additionally, you have to be tactful, patient and be ready to invest some money on things like keyword tools.

Something you need to know about improving your google page rankings is to build your link profile step by step. The more natural your link profile grows the more search engines will trust your website or blog.

Over the years there are strategies that SEO experts have used to ensure top search engine placement. By top placement, we mean page 1 or 2 of top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask for targeted keywords.

In order to better your google page rank you have to employ several SEO tactics. This will make your back links appear more natural and furthermore boost your direct traffic.

On this write up we shall reveal to you top 6 strategies to combine in building link popularity hence increase your blog google page rank faster and naturally.

1. Press Release: One of the best ways to be an authority in your niche is by posting press release. People will trust a press release more that they will do a blog publication or an article submission.

Though there is money to be invested in publishing a press release, the ROI is guaranteed especially if you target the right keywords. You also need to do proper timing to ensure you capture your target audience.

In most cases you are guaranteed high placement on top search engines the day the press release is published. This is why you need to do your timing very carefully and know when people in niche are online.

If your post is good, you are also assured that top sites will feature your article thus generate direct traffic. The power of press release in based on the fact that you can anchor your link using targeted keywords. Hence do your ground work before writing your article. Also learn the best way to format your release.

As journalists and magazines pick your press release you will get backlinks thus boosting your overall site ranking. A good site to visit and open an account for press release is PR Web.

When writing a press release avoid the use of high marketing pitches and also do not use words like “I” rather use the rule of the third person. Note: The more people pick your release the more backlinks you create hence boosting your google page rank.

2. Get backlinks from top blogs in your niche: In whatever niche you are in there will always blogs that feature at the top. Find these top blogs and ask them to link back to your site. The reason that most fail in these strategy is because they use the wrong approach when asking for a back link.

It is recommended that you show courtesy when asking for a backlink. Blogs are more like community based where people in the same niche will find forums to hang out. You can join such online communities and build relationships. As you related it will be easy for other blogs to accept your request for a backlink hence increase your site google page rank.

google page rankNote: Always seek to link to blogs that rank higher than your blog.

3. Use social media networks: One of the best strategies of boosting your google page ranking is through social media sites. Today, sites like facebook, twitter and YouTube have taken over the internet.

Webmasters have seen their blogs and websites go viral through content sharing on social networking sites. To effectively use this online marketing arsenal, join groups which share the same interest as you. Make sure you are active so as to build a web presence.

As you post links to your blog pages you will generate direct traffic and at the same time increase your google page rankings. On your blog you can add the share button and ask your visitors to share your content on social sites. With time your link profile will grow thus help you get a better search engine placement.

4. Guest Posting: This is one of the most powerful strategies of boosting your google page rank. SEO experts even recommend that if you have a website you need to link it to a blog.

Working from home online through blogging is more beneficial when you update your blog regularly with quality content. Some bloggers in a quest to post content regularly request others to be guest bloggers. In return, the quest blogger is rewarded with a backlink.

If you search for niche blogs that are open to guest bloggers you will defiantly get one or two. The best approach to guest posting is to target top ranking blogs. Work with blogs that are search engine friendly; that means blogs that do not use “nofollow” attribute.

5. Article Marketing: Content is the driving force of the internet. For this reason article marketing remains one of the best tactics of improving your google page ranking.

Apart from boosting your page rankings, article marketing helps you generate direct traffic and increase online presence. Some of the top article directories that are search engine friendly include Ezine Articles, Amazines, Go Article, Idea Marketers, Street Articles, Sooper Articles e.t.c.

The secret is to publish exciting and educative articles on top article directories. Since you will be giving these directories free content, in return you get to add a backlink to your blog in the author resource box.

Some bloggers are known to use only top article directories while others use mass article submission to hundreds of article sites. Both these strategies work, it is up to you to choose which best suits you.

6. Submitting your site to business directories: In your link building campaign you should incorporate directory submission. Some years back directory submission was a great way to boost your site SEO value but with time this has diminished to some extent.

But this does not mean that it will not be beneficial to link profile. If you happen to be listed on a directory like you can be sure to improve your google page rank.

Make certain that as you are submitting your site you post in the right categories and on top listed business directories.

Recap: The best technique of improving your link profile is to have an ongoing link building plan. Seek to have your link appear on top rated sites in your niche and you will be guaranteed of a top google page rank any day.

Excellent Approach To Link Building For Bloggers

Excellent Approach To Link Building For Bloggers

Any webmaster or blogger will tell you that the one thing that really challenges them is sending link building requests. I was analyzing my content some few days ago and to my surprise I have never shared my views on link building.

Newbies may be asking; why is link building important? In the search engine algorithms, one of the elements that determine your ranking is backlinks. The more QUALITY and RELEVANT links pointing back to your site, the better ranking you get on search engine result pages.

There are bloggers who spend hours each day trying to get other bloggers and webmasters to link back to their sites or web pages.

It is true that reaching out to people in your niche to link back to your site can be quite time consuming. In fact, you can send out over 500 emails only for 5 bloggers to agree to link back to your site. The big question here is; what is it that you are doing wrong in regards to increasing your link popularity?

Now let us look at the most effective strategies of link building:


The first thing to do when it comes to link building is finding the right blogs to get backlinks from. As earlier hinted you need to target top blogs in your niche.

Here are some sites to visit to get top blogs and websites in your area of interest.

 Blog Catalog: This is a search engines for blogs. On this site you can easily search for blogs in your niche


 Technorati: A blog search engine. On this site you will get people that are influential on social media sites in your niche.


 Google Blog Search: This is a blog search engine. Enter your targeted keywords in your niche and find the top blogs of which to base your link building.


 Google: The ultimate search engine commanding over 2/3 of all search engine traffic. The best way to identify the right blog to build backlinks is by using advanced operators like “allinurl” “allintitle” or “inurl” in the search box.

 Hub Finder: This is met for already established blogs that have strong backlinks. Here you can get more link building opportunities.

 Open Site Explorer: One of the most all-inclusive and precise link indexing sites. Open site explorer has crawled millions of sites and blogs over the years and it’s been powered by LinkScape.



 Quora: It has a section for questions and answers where you can send open invitations for building contacts. Here you can get the opportunity to show how resourceful you are, thus easily boost your link building. All you need to do is offer workable answers and solutions to people’s questions.



The best approach to link building is building relationships as we shall see in the next point. Therefore, research on the people you want to request for backlinks from and thus have a place to start a conversation.

Once you have identified the owner of a top ranking blog, look for their profiles on facebook, twitter or any other social media site. Get a subject he/she has started and strike a conversation by contributing your remarks.

The idea that you have actually been following their tweets and share the same interests will make them warm up to you. Do not rush to ask for a backlink; rather make it look natural until the opportunity comes along as we shall see next.

Build relationships:

Now that you know where to find the right blogs for link building, let us tackle the right approach. Much has been said about how to find blogs to link with, but little has been talked about when it comes to

– Breaking the ice or getting attention

– Building and fostering relationships

– Closing the deal

The approach that most work online entrepreneurs use is coming up with a standard email that they send to all bloggers they wish to get backlinks from. In most instances this never produces the best results. The right strategy is by striking conversations with people.

The minute you approach link building as a means of building lasting online relationships, then expect your results to sky rocket. The mistake bloggers do is treating people like robots while ignoring that they have feelings.

Something that will appeal to one person does not mean it will please everybody. Link building is considered by most people as being an impersonal process, this is a misconception where we draft an email and spam people in our niche. Did you know that such emails do not make sense to most people? In fact, they just ignore and delete such emails?

Here is an example of such emails

Hello John Doe,

Kindly take time to check out our site. We would really like to work with you

since we noticed that we are in the same niche. Hope you will also consider adding a

backlink to our site and we promise to do the same.

Use this code to add the backlink <A href=””>Work Online Blog</a>

Fond regards,




Am sure that are those that are better than this, but this is just a sample of link building request that I would never look at even once. My reason being, it is just so direct. Would you image going to the mall and somebody you don’t know asks for your personal details? Am sure you would never give them out.

The same should apply to link building requests. People are not machine slots where you insert coins and straight away get you what you want. People are social beings.

You need to ignite the interest from people you want to get backlinks. Show a genuine interest in what others are doing and they will reciprocate positively.

link buildingLet us see the right strategy of sending a link building request:

When you send your first email let it be engaging and this will for sure necessitate a response. Never bring up the issue of wanting anything in your first email. Rather send an email that is short and engaging.

The best way to do this is by referring to a post the person published or a forum thread they started. Normally, people like it when they feel that someone out there really did read and appreciate their work. Such an email will definitely necessitate for a response.

Hi John Doe,

I came across your work from home blog and really loved your article about work online jobs. It is just amazing how you brought out the issue of 9-5 jobs and home based legit online jobs. This article really made me think more on my approach to home based jobs.

By the wa, what do you think is the impact of micro blogging in regards to working from home jobs? Let me hear your views?

Kind Regards


One thing about the above email is that you will even enjoying writing it. These are the kind of emails that will for sure elicit a response.

The next step is sustaining the relationship. By this I mean keeping the conversation going until you get the chance to drop the big question. As you create rapport make sure you are adding value to the other person.

Do not at this point in time request for a backlink, instead demonstrate how resourceful you can be by sharing content you know this person will be interested in. This is why research is very important. When you offer helpful resources people will build trust in you.

At this stage it can take several emails or twitter conversations before you can go to the next step which is closing the deal. Let your emails be progressive towards setting up for a link building request.

The best time to close the deal is after you have established a strong rapport. Rarely will the other person reject your request if you offered valuable content in your conversations. What happens is that the link building request will appear as a by the way rather than the focal point of your conversations.

A good backlink request is the one that is both beneficial to you and the other party. Your conversations should be structured in such a way that your link builder request comes out naturally and that the other party should also get something in return.

This can be inform of giving them free downloads, eBooks, backlinks, content, attend a webinar for free and so forth. It all depends on what you have to offer in return for getting a link building opportunity.

Summary: The way you break the ice and build your conversations is all upon you; just make sure it does not appear like your email is all about link building request.

The process may look like it is lengthy but once you get the hang of it your blog SEO value will grow exponentially. But this is not the only way to do your link building; there are other strategies like guest blogging, article marketing, social media networking and video marketing which are also very effective.

Google SEO Guide | Guaranteed Top Site Ranking

Google SEO Guide | Guaranteed Top Site Ranking

According to the google SEO guide, one of the important elements of increasing page ranking apart from content is link building. How you direct your links can influence your blog or site ranking either positively or negatively.

Over the years there have been myths surrounding link popularity. Today, we want to unravel these myths and see the best way forward as far as google SEO guide is concerned.

Most traffic on the internet is generated through search engines and research show that Google takes up 2/3 of this traffic. It is for this reason we specifically want to look at how to rank on Google. If you can get it right with Google, then chances are that you will also rank well with other top search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

The first question we want to diagnose and answer is; what is the importance of links as far as google SEO guide is concerned?

– Links help you generate direct traffic whenever people click on them

– Links can be hyperlinked with certain text to help search engines know what your site is about thus rank a site with those words. Also called anchor text.

– Links add the SEO value of a domain in that all the webpages created within that domain increase in page rank

– The words within a link help search engines know what the site is about.

– When links are hyperlinked to a certain page, they add the SEO value of that page thus boosting its presence on search engines.

For a link to add SEO value of the receiving page it has got to have content that is related to the receiving page. In addition, the link needs to be of high quality for the receiving page to rank even better.

In the 90’s this was not the case, a site just had to have many links directed at it and it would rank high. Today, the ball game is entirely different and this can be demonstrated with the latest panda algorithm change.

Google SEO guide dictate that links coming from within a quality write up are of more value that links from a site’s sidebar or footer. Furthermore, whether you have 2 links or 100 links from one article pointing to your site, the link juice (link power) is the same.

This then raises a big question, according to SEO guide what is considered as a quality link?

Here are basic Google SEO guides that you need to look at when building backlinks to your blog or website:

  • Consider the quality or strength of the sites you are linking out to
  • Make certain that the links pointing to your site are related to your content
  • As you build backlinks to your homepage you should also link to individual webpages within your site
  • When creating webpages, link the pages with your homepage and other webpages within your site

If all the google SEO guides are followed to the letter, you can be assured of high page ranking on major search engines and definitely high volume of targeted traffic. It is imperative to note that direct traffic will react differently to your content compared to search engine traffic.

The reason for this difference is because direct traffic is more targeted than organic traffic from search engines. This now brings as to the next important aspect of Google SEO guide; how do you determine the page rank of a site that you want to link back to your site?

One of the ways to determine site rankings though this is thought not to be so accurate is checking a site PageRank (1-10 PR). Some of the indicators to look at include; whether a site page ranking is among the top 5 pages of search results for targeted keywords.

Google SEO guideline in link buildingIf that is the case, then it is OK to get a back link from such a site or blog. Once you have determined the sites to link to and to which pages within your site, you need to use your targeted keywords as anchor text.

Anchor text are the words that you will use as hyperlinks. There are two major roles that anchor text play as far as Google SEO guide is concerned;

1. Anchor text tells search engines what your content is all about. For example, if your site is about work from home, you can have phrases such as work online at home opportunity, work from home online jobs, home based business opportunity and the like as your anchor text.

2. The words you have as anchor help you generate direct traffic. Though the words “Click here” are not good to use since they are not your targeted key terms, they can help you get visitors. This is mainly because they call people to take action. Therefore, use catch keywords as your anchor text.

Google SEO guide experts advise that you do not use only one phrase as anchor text. Find other related keywords phrases in your niche that you can use. This will make your link building appear natural thus rank faster and better.

With all these google SEO guidelines it is obvious you need to approach link building step by step. Work on your link profile gradually, from web page to web page. Having this in mind, it is therefore not advisable to buy backlinks.

Google released an article on link building stating the strategies that would negatively affect your site page rankings. This is in relation to links pointing to and from your site or blog.

It stated clearly that you should not buy links or point to spam sites (Link farms). Though you may rank well for a while, it will not take long before search engines realize this and take your site to the sandbox.

Conclusion: Avoid underhand tactics to boost your site ranking. It may seem as a short cut to good page ranking, but black hat strategies will in the long run hurt your online home business.

Be patient and use the laid down google SEO guidelines and you will enjoy the benefits for days to come.

Small Business SEO Link Building Techniques

Small Business SEO Link Building Techniques

If there is one thing that all online entrepreneurs seek to attain and succeed in, it is business SEO (Search Engines Optimization). But of late, this has become a tall order especially to small business people. The constant algorithm updates have greatly affected many sites belonging to both big and small online business enterprises.

Traffic generation is the secret to online business success. According to a recent research conducted by google ad planner, revealed that getting listed on search engine result pages is the best way to attract high volume of targeted traffic.

This then raises the big question; which are the best business SEO strategies to use in today’s unpredictable online world? Search engines are out to improve user experience by providing valuable content. The more search engines deliver relevant and high quality information to internet users, the more income they will make.

One of the best search engines to rank on is Google. Search engines combined generate over 90% of traffic on the internet. 2/3 of that traffic is generated by Google. It therefore goes without saying that for you to remain relevant in business SEO you must seek to rank on Google.

Prior to launching your blog or website, you need to plan your business SEO approach thus forming a solid foundation for blog ranking purposes. The same should apply when working on your site; this is in regards to building your link SEO profile and content generation.

Google is the online sheriff (for how long? who knows!) and getting it wrong can easily result in Google disregarding your link building and content creation effort all together. But if you can follow the recommended google guidelines of business SEO then traffic will definitely flow to your site.

What does Google expect from your site?

Content: When it comes to content there are two areas you need to consider:

a)      Your Site Content – Google always seeks to provide unique and quality information to internet browsers. This means that you have to generate original articles that cannot be found anywhere else. Generate content that is educative and insightful and you will be in the good books on the online sheriff.

Publishing the same content appearing on your site to article directories is not recommended. It is advisable that you generate varying articles for your site and the different article directories.

The length of your blog post also count a lot, gone are the days when an article with 300 – 500 words could rank high on SERP’s. Today, search engines give more preference to articles with 800 words and above. The more information you give out the better Google will view your site and web pages.

b)      Content Submitted to other sites – Here we are talking of content distributed to web 2.0 pages, article directories, hub pages and blogs networks. These are sites that are highly rated by search engines thus are great source for generating referral traffic and improving your overall business SEO profile.

Since you will be giving this sites free content that help them to rank, they reward you by allowing you to add a backlink pointing to your site. This is what is known as link building and it help you to boost your business SEO rankings.

The mistake that most online marketers do is submitting the same articles to different sites. You will not be penalized for doing that but that does little to improve your site SEO rankings and traffic generation. This is because Google will only show one of those articles in their search results for the relevant keyword.

Google has repeated severally that for any particular keyword phrase they will only list unique results. Therefore, if Google sees that there are several articles with the same content it will only list one of them and ignore the rest and in the process disregard the backlinks. The only chance you have for them to list more than one of your duplicate articles is if there are no more results to display.

business SEOTry and be in Google shoes, where users want to gather unique content when they submit a search query. Would you provide your users with the same article just because it appears on different sites? Of course not, only if you do want to dry up your bank account.

There are 3 major aspects of business SEO that determine how Google will rank your site higher than your competitors:

1. Authority: The more web presence you gain the more credible your site is perceived by search engines.

2. Reader Retention: It is imperative that your blog retain visitors. This is an indication to search engines that your content is valuable and is worth showing to more audience. A tool that can help you measure your site retention (Bounce Rate) is Google Analytics (Free).

3. Quality of Link Building: In business SEO, link popularity is critical and that has been the norm all along. But as you build your bank links ensure that they are relevant. For example, if you have a site on how to work from home, would you rather have a site about gardening or home based business linking back to your site? That is obvious, it is better to link with a site that has relevant content.

What is the right SEO business strategy?

Submitting articles to many sites is the best way to improve your business blog SEO rankings. The more articles you have out there the more backlinks you will generate thus helping your site to rank higher.

The right strategy is to generate unique articles on your blog and on article directories. Imagine you had 100 unique and relevant articles pointing to your site which also has unique content. In addition, each article is targeting a different keyword phrase.

If this was the scenario, it would mean that all your articles will be ranked for their targeted keywords. Still, don’t forget that search engines will not ignore all those backlinks and hence will consider your site as an authority.

Let assume that each of the 100 articles got you one visitor every day. It would mean that the more unique articles you will have on the web the better your chances of driving more traffic to your site from search engines.

Conclusion: Business SEO ranking is getting tougher especially to small online home businesses. Big firms have no problem since they can afford to hire hundreds of professional writers to do the work for them.

As Google is deciding on the parameters to include on their algorithm, do they ever consider the small business entrepreneur? I guess they don’t thus leaving the small guy with no option but think outside the box.

Share your business SEO strategies that can be implemented by small home based business sites in the comment section provided below. You can also help us collect more views by sharing this article with your friends on social sites, click on the social icons appearing on the left of this blog post to share.

7 Ways Of Link Building Without Drama

7 Ways Of Link Building Without Drama

Google keeps on talking of how they will keep on changing their algorithm, which they have. But in all that talk there are two elements they cannot remove from their algorithm formula. These are content and backlinks.

The fact that search engines are machines means that they have to depend on other factors to rank sites. One of those factors is human beings. Signals picked from building backlinks is one such element that will help you rank high.

In link building you have to be patient since you don’t want to be considered a spam due to unnatural links. You have to be tactful so as to avoid the google radar of people using underhand tactics to rank.

Most site owners usually have a hard time when it comes to building inbound links. Amazingly, others don’t even know they need backlinks in order to rank better in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Having quality online content that blows peoples’ mind off is great but it will amount to nothing if nobody finds it. Web content needs a little push so as to gain audience and the best way to do that is by link building.

On this write up you will get ideas on how you can get other sites to link to your site and thus improve your ranking on SERPs. The beauty of the strategies we will share here is that they are white hats techniques hence be in the good books of search engines.

Now let us get down to business and spill the beans on how to make your content get backlinks today and in future.

1: Write rich content: The first ingredient you need on your site to attract links is content. There are various means of generating content which include text, videos, podcast, graphs, webinars and images just to mention a few.

But of all these types of content, text and video are defiantly the best when it gets to site ranking.

The more compelling your content is the more people will want to link back to it. People are always in search for quality content and if you give them that they will among other things bookmark, share and more so add a link to their site pointing to your site.

Therefore, when creating content make sure you do your groundwork well so as to provide the best. It would be to your advantage to write one quality post a week than post everyday content that does not add value to your target audience.

If you can afford it, you can hire experts to generate content for you. For example, the other day I hired someone at to create a video.

2: Enhance your content: For your site to stand out thus build more backlinks you need to combine all types of content.

If you write an article that needs info-graphics make sure your add them. Head to a site like and create your own graphs that will enhance your content.

Apart from graphs, you also need to add related pictures within your content. Studies show that people are poor when it comes to reading but they love viewing videos and still images.

Most people go to the extent of sharing and embedding these images and videos on their site or social platforms. In the process helping you increase your link popularity.

Going through endless written content is quite boring hence you need to find a way of capturing the attention of your readers. Spice up your content by adding captivating images, graphs or videos and link building will be like child’s play.

3: Open Site Explorer: Knowing where your competitors are getting their backlinks is very important. For someone’s website or blog to be on the first page of Google he/she must be doing something right.

The ideal and easy way to discover where your competitors are getting backlinks is by using open site explorer.

All you need to do is go to open site explorer and insert your competitors site URL. You will be given a list of sites where the URL appears.

Once you have the list pick the best sites in that list and post comments or request to be a guest blogger.

From the list you derive enter those URLs to further know where these sites have linked to and further improve your link building.

4: Build relationships: One of the ultimate strategies of gaining online presence is through connecting with people in your niche.

Link building will be of more impact if you get backlinks from related sites. Therefore, you need to know where people in your niche meet both online and offline.

link building

One site that you can visit to connect with people in your niche is Meetup. Once on the site, search for bloggers in your niche. You can go a step further and specify your location and you will get to know where they meet.

Attend their meetings and build relationships. Face to face connections work better than sending email requests or linking up on social sites.

You will get a good deal anytime you talk over a drink or while having dinner.

If there is a seminar or workshop relating to what you do in your area make sure you attend. As you socialize with other participates I’m sure some will agree to allow you to write a guest post or add a link pointing back to your site.

As for online connection join relevant groups on facebook and seek to meet the right people. Don’t make a mistake of asking for a backlink right away.

First introduce yourself and get to know people and what they do. Once you have created a good rapport you can then request to write a guest blog.

5: Guest blogging: Just because someone has agreed you write a guest post does not mean they will automatically post it.

In order for guest blogging to work you need to go out of your way and come up with great content. Guest blogging is one of the best natural ways of link building.

Therefore, you don’t want to loss an opportunity to get a backlink just because you wrote a poor article. As we mentioned in the 1st point, research and come up with captivating content.

This will ensure your guest blog will be accepted and more so elicit more clicks and requests to post articles on other related blogs.

Click here to read more on the power of guest blogging

6: Press release: Do you want to knock off your competition hands down? Then releasing a press release is the thing to do.

Though it is expensive to do a press release, if you target the right keywords it will be worth every single penny.

A press release will funnel lots of traffic to your site and more importantly help you to get thousands of backlinks as your content is syndicated.

Personally, I recommend you post your press release on sites like PRweb or

7: Create a compelling Profile Page: The one reason that would affect your link building efforts is commercials. People do not like linking to webpages which have too many advertisements.

Since blogging for profit is about making money online thus the need to advertise, the one page you can create that has no adverts is the profile page.

These then means you come up with a very detailed and captivating about page. Write juicy stuff about yourself and what your site has to offer.

You may ask; how will a profile page help me in link building?

The secret is simple, every time someone mentions your name or what you do online, you can approach them and tell them you have a profile page that they can link to.

With no commercials appearing on the about page most people will be ready and willing to link back to the page.

Conclusion: Getting people to link to your site is not easy and it takes time. This is mostly the case if you are using white hat strategies.

The advantage of going legit is that eventually you will hit first page and it will be difficult to remove you there.

There are still other techniques of building inbound links such as article marketing, social bookmarking, and on-site linking just to mention a few.

As we said in the beginning creating great content is good but you need to have the right strategies of placing this content before people’s eyes. Link building will for sure help you to gain online visibility easily.

This site is devoted to making sure you learn the best techniques of marketing online. Take your website or blog to the next level by reading and implementing what we share here and you will have a good story to tell.

To start getting updates from this blog enter your email address below or press here to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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I would also love to get feedback on what we have shared here. Therefore submit your comments in the space provided below. Remember to add your name, email and website to help you in link building.

Search Marketing Techniques To Adopt As You Work Online

Search Marketing Techniques To Adopt As You Work Online

For people who work online through blogging or website promotion, search marketing is critical. The reason for this is because search engines offer a great source for generating online targeted traffic.

Considering that Google is the top search engine, it goes without saying that every webmaster will seek to rank well on Google.  That is why every blog or video that google post about search marketing or algorithm change will be read or viewed with lots of enthusiasm or sometimes with despair.

Enthusiasm is for the folks who use white hat strategies, while despair is from the guys who use underhand tactics to rank. Search engine bots are getting more advanced by the day hence people who use short cuts are slowly been thrown in the sand box.

Some few months ago Google posted a 3 minute video where Matt was saying that Googlebot do not consider spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in site search engine positioning. Click here to watch the video.

I don’t know what this means to you, but for me I would take such information with a pinch of salt. Google has a way of making webmasters chase after shadows thus you need to be very careful. Some search marketers must have touched the ceiling with joy to hear that google cannot tell the difference between grammatically correct articles and those with grammatical errors.

There are webmasters who in the name of generating backlinks to their site will distribute useless content. It may sound great that your link profile can grow using garbage content, but for how long do you think Googlebots will maintain the status quo?

You never know when the next Panda update will be and this time round be able to tell the difference between useless and valuable content.

Backlinks are so vital in search marketing but that does not mean you should not care how you build them. You will be better off back linking with quality content rather than garbage.

Google through Matt stated that grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are not considered when ranking websites. That does not signify that Googlebots don’t measure the link power/juice that is passed on from a webpage.

Let us assume that for now google algorithm is incapable of telling the quality of content on a page. You still have need to backlink using quality content for these reasons:

Human aspect: Do not forget that your search marketing success is determined by your overall SEO promotional strategies. Every page pointing to your site acts as a salesman or an advertisement. You do not want to appear like you have employed phony salesmen or using useless advertising to market your high profile business.

Remember that soon enough some of your visitors will get to know how you got to rank high. If you used black hat strategies you will lose your online reputation. Nobody will wants to buy products from a phony person.

Search engines will not be the ones buying your products but rather its human beings. Therefore, make sure that your overall search marketing techniques are above board. If you want to be in business for the long haul, then use the right search marketing strategies. Do not forfeit your online reputation by back linking to useless content.

Engine spiders are machines hence they are limited when it comes to full assessment of your site and back links. But when you start ranking high, Google calls into action their human reviewers to critically analyze your content and link profile.

If you have back linked using garbage content, you can be sure that it will not take long before you get your site in the sand box. It is good to note that the higher your site ranks the more the chances that human reviewers will be assigned to your site for appraisal.

Technological advancement: If there is one thing you can bet that google is doing right now is to try and improve their Googlebots. Google has employed some of the best programmers in the world and for sure they will soon crack the code that can detect garbage content.

search marketingJust talk to the guys who were hit by the Google Panda update, and you may have second thoughts in trying to use short cuts to rank. 2011 claimed its SEO victims, come 2012 and you will sure see sites going down and some coming up. Where would you rather be positioned?

Kindly, for anyone seeking to generate SEO traffic you would be better off adopting white hat search marketing techniques. Click here to subscribe to my RSS feed for quality SEO marketing strategies.

Competition: This may also be classified the same as point number 1 since your competitors are human beings. Once you enter the online business world you have to contend with competition.

As you begin to climp up the ladder you will expose yourself to your competition since you will be taking away some of their earnings. In order to cut you down, some of your competitors will begin analyzing your site to see what search marketing strategies you used to get to the top.

It will be unfortunate for you if you are using underhand strategies to rank high. Your competitors will quickly report your site to Google as distributing spammy backlinks. As more people report your site a human reviewer will be called in and if the reports are true you are doomed.

Why you need to use white hat search marketing strategies

It is true that building your link profile is not easy and it’s even more time consuming if you are generating backlinks using quality content. The process might be slow but the day you will reach the top no one will be able to demote you.

Take time to proofread the articles that you are submitting to article directories and make certain they are readable and of high quality. It may seem tiring for now but for the sake of your online home based business, you better do what Google recommends.

Summary: There are two things that search engine marketers need to seriously ponder on. When it gets to search marketing the one thing that will remain constant is change. Therefore, stop chasing after the Google algorithm changes and stick to quality content creation and white hat backlink building techniques.

The next thing that SEO marketers need to realize is that Googlebots are not all knowing as they would want people to believe. Google will forever insist on sharing half truths about their ability just to make you cling to their every word.

But having said all that, the relationship between search marketers and engine bots are dependent on each other. Bloggers and webmaster provide content that help the internet to grow while on the other hand search engines reward the best content with visibility.

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Using Long Tail Keywords To Increase Link Popularity

Using Long Tail Keywords To Increase Link Popularity

It is obvious if you are an online marketer that you have come across these two terms; long tail keywords and short tail keywords. These are strategies that bloggers and webmasters use for link building thus rank high on search engine result pages.

Short tail Keywords (Primary Keywords): Are very competitive but have very high search volumes. They are the keywords where you use 1 to 2 words as anchor text.

Examples of short tails keywords in a site that deals with online money making affiliate products include:

– Make money

– Making money

– Work online

– Home business

Long tail keywords (Secondary Keywords): These are keywords that you can use to boost your link popularity and contain 3 words or more. Normally, they have low competition and have low search volumes.

– In the same online money making niche, examples of long tail keywords would be:

– Best way to make money online

– How to make money fast from home

How to work online from home

Top 10 online home based business

Of the two strategies of building link popularity, long tail is considered the best. Though the search volumes are low, ranking for long tail keywords is much easier. In addition, you get to generate highly targeted traffic with long tail keywords than with short tail keywords.

Ideally, with long tail link building you focus more on generating small traffic using less competitive keywords on every webpage you publish. As you build links on your page the anchor text should contain keyword phrases with 3 words or more.

How to do research for long tail keywords in building link popularity:

Yahoo answers: This is one of the best places to make sure that every article you write about addresses the needs and wants of your target audience. Every minute there are people asking questions on Yahoo answers that you can offer valuable answers in terms of content creation.

All you need to do is enter your primary keyword at the search box and then click on the blue button written Search Y! Answers. You will see results of the various questions people are asking using the keyword you entered. This will also give you ideas of the long tail keyword you can use to write an article.

long tail keyword toolGoogle Suggest: Every time you are searching on google, you will notice that you are provided with various other search terms. This is what online marketers are calling google suggest. Using google suggest, you can research and find the long tail keywords queries that relate to your short tail keywords.

You may ask yourself, why use long tail keywords if the searches are low?

a. In the eyes of search engine spiders they look more natural

b. It improves your site overall link popularity.

c. It is easier to rank

d. You help vary the keywords on your site hence have a strong link base for your site or blog.

This is what will happen when you use long tail phrases in link building:

  1. The first outcome of using long tail keywords is that you will start generating trust from search engines. This is mainly because your links will look more natural.
  2. You will also rank for both primary and secondary keyword phrases. The reason for that is that you will have different variation of keywords in your anchor text. For example, in a long tail keyword phrase like how to work online from home you will target to rank on 3 keywords 1. How to work online 2. Work online 3. Work online from home.
  3. With secondary keyword phrases your web pages gain more authority and hence rank high on search engine result pages. As a result you will end up also ranking on other related keywords that you will use in your content which you have not targeted to rank on.
  4. The overall link popularity effect of your site or blog will sky rocket as time passes. As you continue creating webpages which contain long tail keywords as anchor text linking to your homepage and other related pages, you will strengthen your general link popularity.

It is can be challenging to shift from using short tail to long tail keywords for most blogger and webmasters. But for you to begin generating high targeted traffic fast you need to make the change.

It would be advisable to first look at your traffic graph now and record. Then implement the long tail phrase approach to see if you will notice any difference in traffic volume.

The indicators to monitor before and after the implementation of secondary keyword strategy are:

– Variation of keywords generating traffic to your homepage and individual webpages

– Volume of visitors

– The number of traffic generated from targeted and untargeted keywords.

You can give it at least a week or a month to see if the strategy is working for you or not. Choose a variation of about 15 to 25 long tail keywords that are in your niche.

Summary: Search engine optimization is about using an array of online marketing arsenals. This makes your site appear natural both to your target audience and search engines. Do not forget that the focal point of online marketing through SEO is dependent on CONTENT.

It would be to your advantage the day you will have 30 or 50 webpages generating little traffic through long tail phrases, than having short tail keywords that you may take very long to rank.

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