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SEO For Business And The Soap Opera Of Google Updates

SEO For Business And The Soap Opera Of Google Updates

The end of the soap opera that has now become synonymous with google algorithm updates is no were in sight. People who depend on SEO for business can all agree with me.

Let us turn back the clock and see where this soap opera first started. Looking at the cast in this story, google is the one that seems to be calling the shots while the bloggers and webmasters watch from a distance.

Then walks in the bad guy known as blackhat, he is out to bring trouble in the land of search engine results. Google plots out a plan that would see the end of blackhat.

First he sets loss hit big black and white puppy called Panda and to some degree the work seems to be accomplished. But google is not done yet, he sends out is foot soldiers that further inflict more harm to blackhat.

This far the soap opera seems to be going as planned and the search engine land seems to be rid of Webspam. Wait a minute, Google decides to send out his latest arsenal and he results to sending his flightless bird pet called Penguin.

Don’t forget, all this time there is another character in this story that is been ignored. He is the genuine blogger who spends countless hours feeding google with rich and quality content.

The two, google and whitehat have a symbiotic relationship where one cannot do with the other. For whitehat to progress he needs SEO for business which google provides.

Then things go wrong in the SEO world and business for both of them seems to go south. If you were wondering what went wrong then you are in for a big surprise. Remember the flightless pet called Penguin? That is the culprit.

Ok, let me not keep you waiting any longer and get a bit serious with what is happening in the SEO world. If you have been careful to observe, after the penguin update google went silent.

Remember the reason for google to do the penguin update was to get rid of Webspam from their search results. But by the look of things, some spammy sites have found their way back to google search results.

That is not all; the update was also set to ensure a single site does not show up twice in the 1st page. The other day while I was browsing the internet I came across a site that appeared twice on the first page of google.

Google course is for sure noble and I must agree they are trying their level best to do a good job. To some great extent they had managed to improve search results.

But going by what SEO experts are saying; Google seems to have slipped with the release of the Penguin update. Just when I had posted an article that indicated that SEO will be conducive for business, this happens.

SEO forum sites are littered with threads of how top sites have disappeared from search results and are been replaced by crappy sites. Though they might not admit to failure, Google needs to go back to the drawing board again.

To some extent, Google did make a hasty retreat and they have rectified some of their errors.

Let us look at some of the things that conspired after the Penguin update and the effect they had on business in relation to SEO:

Page quality:

One thing that penguin was supposed to take care of were sites that buy backlinks. This saw sites like My Page Rank hit the gutter. The sad part is that other legit sites were also hit proving that google could have become overzealous with their update.

Therefore, if you were hit during this time and then later saw your site recover and yet you did nothing new, it was google making a quick retreat.

This retreat was good though for people who depend on SEO for business. Google did effect some minor changes to their algorithm that help refresh and fix their data.

No wonder, for the last few months Google has been going on and on about their algorithm but now they seem to be recoiling.

SEO for business

Fresh Content:

Towards the end of 2011 just after panda was released, Google went ahead and did another minor update which they called “Google Fresh”. This was aimed at making sure that fresh content got more preference.

Though online marketers wondered how this is going to work since some niches do need to update regularly. As for those who took advantage of Google Fresh by posting regular updates I’m sure you did see some upsurge in traffic.

Penguin then came and now fully implemented freshness in their update. But later they did do some changes to freshness update to only apply to niches that require regular content update.

If you are in the area of news or blogging, it will be advisable to keep publishing new articles regularly to feature in search results.

Social Effect:

Though I still have a problem with the integration of social activities in determining site placement, google seems to be putting more emphasis on incorporating Google Plus in their SEO parameters.

The issue I have with Google Plus is that the number of subscribers is still low. Furthermore, social optimization is still subject to manipulation in that people +1 a post without necessarily reading the full article.

But this is good news for people who depend on SEO for business promotion. Come up with captivating and interesting titles that will make your target audience share and click on your posts.

If you don’t have a Google plus account you have to create one right NOW. As the say, the early bird catches the warm and you surely don’t want to be left out on this party.

Make sure you post your webpages, video and still images on Google +1 for maximum online presence and exposure.

Images and Videos:

If you are keen enough, you must have noticed that lately videos seem to be popping up more than ever in search results. I even came across search results where videos occupy about 50% of first page and about 80% of second page.

Marketing your business using SEO is not only about text, there are other forms of content that seem to be getting more attention from Google.

The same applies to still images. As you generate your content, ensure you include images related to your articles. Optimize the images by filling in the details in the description file especially the title, alternate tag and description.

When you do that you tell search engines what your images are about. Remember, search engines cannot read images.

Conclusion: Let us hope Google is rectifying their mistake and search results will only feature sites that offer quality content.

This will a good end to the soap opera that has now become the talk in the SEO business world.

Since google also promised to show in their results a wide range of domains, let us hope that we shall not see a repeat of one site featuring more than once on 1st page. If they succeed in that, we shall witness more competition in providing better and richer content.

Personally, I see a brighter future for people who depend on SEO for business marketing. In order to have an impact in SEO now and in the future, bloggers and webmasters should go back to the drawing board. That means generating high quality pages that are useful to readers.

The same should also apply to link building; use secondary keyword phrases (long tail keywords) in your anchor text and link back to quality and relevant sites.

As for onsite optimization, do not use the same keyword phrase when linking back to your home page and other individual pages within your site.

Going into the future something else will also count, this is optimizing your images and videos not forgetting working on increasing your social activities and mentions.

My hope is that those who have genuine sites and had dropped in ranking have now recovered. All the best guys and may your SEO efforts bare juicy fruits.

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Free Online Advertising Ideas As You Work Online

Free Online Advertising Ideas As You Work Online

Marketing on the internet is the best gift you can give to your business, be it free online advertising or otherwise. All you need to have are the right tools and skills and you will be good to go. The amazing thing about the internet is that you can succeed even when you have a limited budget.

There are two ways to place your business in front of your target audience

1. Paid advertising

2. Free online advertising.

On this article we are not going to talk about the first option but you can click here to read more on paid advertisement.

Having online presence is the secret of promoting your home based business opportunity with ease. As you work to earn an online reputation consider using both free online advertising tactics and paid advertisement.

Utilize all the available tools and resources as regards to marketing to build an online brand name. Time and time again, internet marketing experts reiterate the importance of using an array of marketing arsenals in order to succeed online.

Here we are talking of both offline and online advertising strategies. A combination of offline and online marketing will easily propel your work from home business to high heights.

On this blog post let us look at some of the free online advertising techniques you can use to build your business. If your home business is not making any head-way you now have an opportunity to see why.

Build an online brand name: Online branding starts from the point you are choosing your domain name. Purchase a web address that is catchy, memorable and related to your niche.

A domain name that is memorable will act as free online advertising since your target audience will locate it easily.

One of the best ways to build your online brand name is on social media sites. As you all know, you do not need to invest a single dime to open an account of these social media sites.

It is prudent to research and know where your target audiences spend most of their time. People think that twitter and facebook are the only top social networking sites, but there are others like LinkedIn, YouTube, Yammer and the list goes on and on.

Once you identify where your target audience hangout, join such forums and be active. It will not take long before you are considered an expert in your niche thus offering you a free online advertising opportunity.

Make sure whenever you post anything on your status wall it is relevant and educative. Since social media marketing is about micro-blogging, include your targeted keywords in your post and make certain they are catchy.

Create awareness of your business: The other term of creating awareness would be hype. On internet marketing, creating hype has be an effective technique of free online advertisement.

For example, you can create hype for a certain product or service by conducting a competition on your site.  The winners can get free downloads, free subscription, gifts, eBooks and so on.

All over the world, research has proven that people like free things. Ensure that your rewards are relevant to your target audience and definitely you will attract the right people.

As you reward the winners, visitors and customers will begin to trust you and in return spread the word around to their friends. As visitors begin coming to your site, make sure that you are selling products that are superior to the products you offered for free.

free online advertising strategiesOffer quality customer service: One of the most powerful yet free online advertising strategies is through offering support. Just a simple feedback to a customer’s or visitor’s query can lead to a sale.

There is a restaurant in my neighborhood that is using the principle of quality service so effectively. The restaurant is never entangled in price wars. In fact, what the owners does when competition heats up, he increases his prices.

This in turn makes his restaurant stand out. From the word go the customer service he offered was of such a high quality that even when customers try out other places they ended up coming back.

If you are a blogger it is time you thought of how you respond to visitors comments. Ask yourself, are your responses helping you build an online presence? Are your responses good enough to necessitate readers to pass on your content or products to their friends?

Offering support is a free online advertising tactic yet vital in showing that you actually care. If you have a site selling products or services, try to answers questions that your customers present before they buy your products.

Assure your customers of more support even after they have bought your products. Good after sales service will lead to customers talking about your products and sharing your site on other online forums. This in the process will lead to more free online advertising and viral marketing effect.

Create confidence in your products: Another free online advertising strategy is by giving guarantees. This is a way of telling your customers that they have nothing to lose thus create confidence in whatever you have to offer.

Am sure you have come across products that offer one hundred percent money back guarantee in two months if you purchase their product. This for sure makes you have confidence in the product thus you may buy it without thinking twice.

The more a product has a guarantee the more people will have confidence in it.

Link up with the right people: For any online home business venture to succeed you need to connect with the right people. Join online forums and social sites and start groups which will attract people in your niche.

If you are selling products online, work with affiliates since they will offer you with free online advertising. Offer your affiliates good commissions and they will aggressively promote your site and products for free.

In every niche you go to you will always find that there are people who are considered as top cream. This are the experts and I can assure you they are there by merit. Team up with such people and learn from them.

Subscribe to their feeds and be up to date with new things taking place in your niche. You can also become active on blogs that rate high in your niche by posting valuable comments. With time you will get recognized thus channel some traffic to your site and get quality backlinks from these top bloggers.

Conclusion: If you do not have money to promote your work online from home business, you can always consider implementing these free online advertising strategies.

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