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Ignored Aspects Of Online Marketing Success

Ignored Aspects Of Online Marketing Success

The focus of this blog has been more about handling technical stuff relating to internet marketing success. Today, it will be prudent to get into another area which is equally very critical in online business.

On one of the previous posts we saw that to be successful in online marketing you need to be equipped with knowledge and skills. Looking back at that article I discovered there are some things that were left out that needed to be addressed seriously.

The internet is like a vast forest and if you are not careful you can get lost in the thickets. If you happen to have read the history of Africans in the early days, you will discover they were hunters and gathers.

For the hunters and gathers to survive, they had to know their way around the forest. This meant knowing the hot spots to get the best catch and where to pick the best herbs.

Am sure you are now wondering where am heading with this story which to most of you is like telling a folk-tale. But before you click the close button by assuming you are on the wrong site, let me explain how all this folk-tale is related to internet marketing.

Am really proud of our fore fathers. One thing about the people who used to lived in the good old days is that they were hard working people. They took a lot of risks and if you were to give them a middle name, then it would be Determination.

Imagine venturing into the forest knowing very well there could a carnivore laying in wait. Amidst all these uncertainty, these guys succeed day after day to lay food on the table for their families.

They went as far as learning how to handle wild animals if they ever crossed paths. Today, people would jump out of their skin if they saw a harmless rodent in their garage. If you ask me, the internet is more dangerous than going to hunt in the forest.

If it is not spammers sending you bait to trap you in their schemes, it is google slapping your site for something you thought would get you a meal in terms of traffic and conversion.

To add insult to injury, your competitors are employing underhand tactics but search engines still rank them better than you though you are adhering to the SEO rules.

Someone begs to ask, is going grey or black the only way I will get a catch? Should I go and pick the catch in my neighbors trap to put food on my table?

So many questions remain unanswered. If you look at the current trends, there is no reprieve in this forest called internet. Today, you may discover the strategy to succeed in online marketing only to wake up the following day and discover things have totally taken a different direction.

For example, how do you explain this; you spend countless hours reading and implementing SEO techniques to help you rank on 1st page, only for Google to say that now people who don’t know a single thing about SEO will also rank as high.

The law of the jungle is simple, survival for the fittest. If you are the type to give up easily you better forget about doing business on the web. Let me go further to say; forget about doing any kind of business. You are better off getting a 9am – 5pm job where things are a little bit predictable.

With a job you are assured of your salary every end of the week or month. But in this jungle called internet, you can wake up one morning and find your site facing oblivion. If you think I’m joking, ask Ezine Articles or a paid link network site like Build My Ranking (BMR).

Something about life and business for that matter is that there are no guarantees. What works out today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, for you to be successful in online marketing you have to be ready to face all matter of circumstances.

George Patton put it so well when he said “Success is how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom”. How true that is; there are people when they fall down they remain there while others quickly dust themselves off and try again.

There is nothing permanent in this life, if you are facing a series of failures in web marketing, believe it or not, one day all that will come to a complete halt.

If you get a chance to talk to the top online marketers and listen to their success stories you will notice they all have some similar traits:

Apart from having the right tools and knowledge you also need to have the following:

1. Patience: There is nothing as important in online marketing success as having patience. This also applies to all other businesses be it online or offline.

The notion that things are a bit easier on this side of the digital world is completely misplaced. There are hundreds of online programs that promise heaven only for you to join them and discover it was all a hoax.

Think twice when you hear of an online program that promises to make you an overnight million. Get rich quick schemes are for those looking for short cuts in internet business.

Conducting business on the internet requires marketing and online marketing is about been patient.

Before you establish yourself online you need to slowly build your online presence step by step. Building a brand name calls for endurance until the time people start treating you as an expert and influencer.

Lack of patience will lead to taking short cuts which most of the time result to short lived success. The people who hold out may take a while to reach the summit but the day they get there the rewards will be worth it.

2. Consistency: If patience is to bear fruit, then you also need to be consistent. The touch and go syndrome is the worst to have in online marketing or business.

Something that you do over a long period of time tends to be engrained in your system. With time you become better and that is when you hear people calling you guru or expert.

Once you have chosen the online marketing strategies to use, it is advisable to remain consistent until you reap the rewards. The more you repeat a process the more you get noticed.

For example, writing one article and then seating back and hoping it will go viral is like living in a fantasy world. But the more articles you write and post in different directories the more backlinks you create and the wider your net will be cast to reach more audiences.

3. Never die spirit: You might be doing everything right and by the look of things, there seems to be no positive results. It is as this stage that some people thrown in the towel but for the successful online marketers they hold on.

Are you looking for online marketing success? DON”T GIVE UP. Marketing on the internet is not for the faint hearted hence be ready to go all the way until the nut cracks.

4. Thrive on challenges: People who do well in website promotion also have another trait, which is, they thrive more when challenges come their way.

The best way to horn your skills is facing and overcoming obstacles. There are times when you will of course fail but that should not be an excuse to give up.

Instead you should learn from the experience so that next time you face another or similar challenge you will know exactly what NOT to do.

5. Love what they do: I’m yet to meet a successful online marketer that does not love marketing. For me it gives me great pleasure to wake up every morning and attend to my work online site. Whether am making money or not, you will find me at my desk hard at work day in day out.

Passion is so imperative when it comes to doing business or marketing for that matter. If you do not love what you are doing, you will definitely bolt out when things take long to work or when the tough gets going.

Summary: The lines have been drawn and it is time we separated the boys from the men or girls from the women. Now that you have the technical knowhow and the skills required for online marketing success, ask yourself if you have the nerve to go all the way.

Going half way will mean getting lost in the forest full of thickets and uncertainties. Are you ready to rise up again when your site is de-indexed? Or hold on when it takes too long before your site to reach 1st page?

If the answer is YES! Then you are the right candidate for online marketing success.

Now you have no excuse, go out there and make it happen.

All the best!

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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How To Strategically Succeed In Marketing On The Web

How To Strategically Succeed In Marketing On The Web

The one thing that most webmasters fail to do when it comes to marketing on the web is taking action. Most business people know exactly what to do, but only 1% actually implement the several web marketing strategies available.

You might assume that they fail to take action due to the cost involved, but that is far from the case. Some of the best internet marketing strategies available are free.

It is sad to note that very few businesses both online and offline have failed to embrace web marketing. Companies find it easy to apply technological stunts and forgetting that there are effective marketing tactics that are simple to implement on the internet.

The internet has a lot to offer especially when it comes to advertising. On a daily basis, over 4 million searches are done on Google alone; imagine a fraction of this traffic landing on your site and the money you can make.

These are people you can direct to your site and turn your small online home based business into an empire.

Though the internet is dynamic, case in point the evolution of search engine optimization, you can learn white hat techniques to help you succeed in marketing your site on the web.

On this blog we have taken time to discuss several internet marketing strategies, but on this article let as look at the 3 top tactics of generating big time traffic.

Technique #1: Search Engine Optimization and its dynamism:

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned web marketer, you know the impact your site can have if it ranks on first page of Google. But we have to agree that SEO has become so unpredictable and yet the best way to direct traffic to your blog.

The ultimate secret when it comes to SEO is content creation. It is good to have a website that is appealing to the eye, but if no one knows about it then all your efforts will amount to nothing.

That is why experts in marketing on the internet advice that you incorporate a blog within your website. Since a blog is a hub of content generation, it can really help you rank high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) thus attract organic traffic.

There are more that 200 signals that search engine crawlers look at when ranking websites. Of the 200 signals, 30 of them are considered very important when it comes to indexing and positioning of sites.

Of the 30, written, video, image and podcast content in that order, are the most important elements of site placement in SERPs. Going by the latest trends, hiring SEO firms to tweak your keyword usage will become irrelevant.

Slowly search engines are moving from checking a site authority by looking at backlinks to measuring social influence. This is because web marketers have been gaming engine spiders by buying backlinks.

To read on how social influence is been incorporated to the new google algorithm (SPYW), read this article.

market on the internet

If you thought that social signals are the only things to look at, let me surprise you. The end of 2011 saw other elements added to google algorithm that included Fresh content.

Now, this is why having a blog can come in handy. But a blog will only be valuable to you if you update it regularly (at least publish 3 articles on a weekly basis). This is fresh content that will get the attention of search engines thus begin indexing and ranking your site appropriately.

A website without a blog is like going to fish without bait in your fishing line. As a result, you will always remain in the back-benches of the top search engines.

Creating a blog and building it is the sure way of getting to page 1 of the major search engines. And as you generate more pages on your blog using keywords, it will not take long before you rank high on more than one targeted keywords.

Today, it is not possible to succeed in marketing on the web by just developing a website. Internet search is nowadays about proving answers to people’s search queries. Hence, your blog should contain information that addresses the problems faced by your target audience.

The reason why blogging is vital in marketing on the web:

Publishing a blog post that is well and tactfully optimized is the best strategy of beating your competitors hands down.

When I launched my blog in January 2011 it was featuring nowhere. Today, the homepage to my blog is on page 1 for some competitive keyword phrases. More than half my blog posts feature on page 1 of Google.

With time, my traffic has been growing steadily and all because I have been updating my blog daily. You might say that is a lot of work and for sure it easy.

The notion that people have is that working online is easy, to some extent that is true but it all depends on what you want to achieve. There is money on the internet but you have to work hard and at the same time be smart for you to get it.

People who have succeeded in online business realized that the internet revolves around content generation. In addition, they found a way to appease the King of search engines, Google.

The secret is to generate content on your blog and make sure you distribute your articles to various content submitting sites. Also do not forget to use Google conduits like blogger, Google +1 and YouTube to distribute your content.

Technique #2: Social Media Marketing now becoming an important factor of marketing on the net:

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know the value on social media in online marketing. Once again, it is sad to see that most webmasters have hardly taken full advantage of social sites to promote their sites.

Just like blogging, rather than creating articles full of marketing pitches, you need to post articles that are helpful. The same applies to social media marketing.

If you want to be alienated by your followers and fans, try putting affiliate links and ad copy like content on your facebook wall. It will not take long before you see a steep decline in friends connection.

It is true that social media sites are fertile grounds for marketing on the web but there are wrong and correct ways of doing it.

The first thing is to connect with the right people; this will ensure all your wall updates will elicit views. But people will only read what you update if you publish captivating, humorous and helpful information.

One thing about people is that they like to know what they will benefit from you. Therefore, your social content should be aimed at providing people with 90% value and not seeking to sell to them.

If you didn’t know, the best approach of getting people to becoming your loyal customers is showing them that you are an expert in what you do. Ideally, an expert will offer valuable information that will seek to solve a problem.

Social media marketing in relation to SEO:

As we speak, Google has incorporated in their search results content generated on social sites especially from their sister site Google Plus.

What does this tell you? It is the high time you aggressively built your presence on the top social networking sites which are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +1.

Growing your following and interacting with your target audience on social sites is the next big thing in marketing on the web. Watch this space!

Technique #3: Video Marketing in further boosting your web marketing:

Proper use of video marketing is the ultimate strategy of website promotion on the internet. Studies show that online videos get more views than TV (in the year 2011 alone, more that 1 trillion video clips were viewed).

The beauty of online video marketing is that it is free on all major video websites. Considering that these video sites are small search engines, chances of your optimized video getting millions of views is very high.

Let me ask, why would you waste thousands of dollars marketing on TV while you can get free advertising on the web through video sharing?

Again the web is live 24 hours worldwide unlike TV where your ad will appear for just a few seconds in given locations. All factors remaining constant, you are better off going online.

Many companies are yet to take advantage of video marketing. Maybe it is because of lack of knowledge or ignoring the power of marketing on the internet using videos.

As you can see, there is no excuse why you are not using video promotion to market your business online. It does not end there, the videos on your YouTube channel can be embedded on your website, blog, newsletter, facebook wall and so forth thus further helping you to capture your target audience.

As we speak, am working on uploading video clips on my YouTube channel. Considering my traffic is on ascendency, you can assume what will happen when I add video marketing on my array of web marketing arsenals

Every serious internet marketer has to right way jump into video promotion.

Conclusion: If you take time to learn how the internet operates, you will ask yourself why you never got to doing business on the web in the first place.

The notion that the internet is like a big monster that can swallow you is misplaced. In fact, if you take time to learn the internet, you will be the one calling the shots. By one click of a button, you will be able to automatically attract a big number of loyal customers to your site thus hold the internet in the palm of your hand.

The marketing strategies we have discussed on this write up are a must to implement for anyone seeking to succeed in any form of business. There is no business that can survive the turmoil of today’s economy with marketing on the web.

Do you agree with me on this? Post your views in the comment section provided below.

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Am sure you have met people who claim to be experts in online marketing. It is only after you have had sessions with them that you will discover they don’t really know how the internet operates.

Creating a blog is one thing but directing traffic is a different ball game all together. There are fundamentals you need to know when it comes to online marketing. On this post we shall share some of them to make sure you get the right knowledge and tools of marketing on the web.

With these online marketing strategies, anyone in any niche can implement them and thus generate blog traffic. Whether you have an established blog or a starting up home business blog you need to read this post to the end.

You don’t have to use all of them but you can pick at least 5 online marketing techniques and implement them on your blog.

Rule 1: Know where your audiences visit: The reason some companies have become household names is because of the many surveys they conduct. Knowing where your target audience spends most of their time and the language they use will always give you an upper hand.

Research is a crucial element to online marketing. It helps you in generating content and furthermore discovering exactly where your potential customers frequent.

The internet is so automated and it is quite easy to find out where your audiences spend most of their time. Am sure you already have a rough idea of the online communities, blogs, social sites that your target readers go to.

A simple way to get the sites in your niche is to do a Google search. From the results you can start participating in order to build relationships. With time you will gain online presence which will ensure you generate blog traffic.

Some people make the mistake of joining online forums and right away post content and links. That is a wrong approach, take time to study the do’s and don’t’s of any forum you enroll in. Once you are sure of the rules of the house you can begin participating in conversations.

Online marketing is about active participation and following the laid down guidelines. This way you will be rewarded with online credibility thus quality and targeted traffic.

Rule 2: Publish content that is sharable: If you observe rule number 1 then without a doubt people will share your content. But note that people will only share content that is of high quality.

While doing business on the web, connecting with the right audience, having a unique writing style and sharing topics that add value is the secret to online marketing. In addition, you have to be consistent in doing these things that have just been mentioned.

For instance, writing articles that seeks to challenge the norm will set you apart thus ensure your content goes viral.

Ideally, in any given niche there are those people that visit just to read while a percentage on them will share your content. There is also another group of loyal fans that follow your blog with keen interest.

Of the three groups of people, the one that you should seek to increase are the loyal fans. These are the people who will be quick to share your blog posts hence assist you reach a wider audience.

Rule 3: Link your blog to top social networking sites: Since you are interested in online marketing, am sure you have accounts on social sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1, YouTube and so on.

It is imperative that you link all your accounts to your blog. Make sure that your user profiles on these sites are completely filled. It is also advisable to use the same screen name and image in all social network accounts you set up.

In all your profiles, it is recommended you include a link to your blog. Also, seek to link up with people in your niche. This way you will increase the chances of people clicking on your links thus generating targeted blog traffic.

internet marketingTo succeed on social media marketing you need to be active. Avoid sharing content that does not add value to your fans. How does telling people what you had for diner going to help you in marketing your business online?

Therefore, publish content that is insightful and you will win the trust of your fans. Besides, any content you generate on the web should be related to your blog. If you have to share a video online, it should contain relevant content and a link pointing back to your blog.

On your web pages you should also include author protocol. Google now has launched an online program where bloggers can use the rel=author code to build an online brand.

With this code, your image will appear next to your article in Google search results. To get more info about adding the rel=author function read this article How To Implement Rel=Authors.

Rule 4: Add share buttons on your blog: The traffic you can generate online through social sites is enormous. Below are the numbers of subscribers top social networking site have recorded so far.

Facebook tops with over 850 million active members

Twitter follows with over 450 million subscribers

LinkedIn comes in third with 130 million users

Google Plus, the new kid in the block with over 100 million active subscribers so far.

This is to show that you cannot do online marketing without incorporating social media marketing. It is therefore recommended to add social sharing icons on your site. Add a call to action message within your posts telling your readers to share your content.

In fact, you can use the social button appearing on the left of this blog to share this article with your friends.

Rule 5: Get involved in social sharing: Apart from the four social networking sites mentioned on rule number 4, other sites to participate in are social bookmarking sites.

Examples of these sites include Digg, Stumple Upon, Reddit, Delicious and so on. A site like Reddit records about 2 Billion visits each month. If you can funnel some of this traffic to your site, you will be in a good position to make money online with ease.

Note: Each of these sites also has rules and guidelines that you need to adhere to. Make sure you read and understand the guidelines so as to add value and hence gain credibility. Posting your links and walking away is NOT the best online marketing strategy when it comes social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites can be a great source for generating content. Reading other peoples posts will help you gather inform on what to discuss on your blog.

Rule 6: Use Email marketing: Many are the times when you send emails to your contacts. Have you ever stopped to think that you can use you email for online marketing?

The best thing to do is adding a signature that contains your blog URL and links to your social networking accounts. This will help you in creating awareness about your blog and you never know, your emails may go viral.

online marketingRule 7: Optimize your content for SEO ranking: The other day I read an article that stated that on google alone, there are over 3 billion searchers done every day and the number is growing.

As someone seeking to market online you simply cannot ignore this figure. Most people find SEO difficult but that is far from the truth. All you need to know when marketing online through SEO is to write for both human beings and search engines.

When your content is SEO friendly, search engines will send targeted traffic your way and with that you are sure to make money working online.

When you are starting out, it may be difficult to write content that caters for both your readers and search engines, but the more you keep writing the better you will learn the art.

The secret to online marketing through SEO is creating your blog on platforms like wordpress. WordPress comes with great plugins and tools to help you market on the internet. Click here to read more on how to generate traffic with wordpress plugins.

Rule 8: Refer to other bloggers in your niche: If you are a church goer you definitely have heard your priest say “Do unto others what you would want them do unto you”. The same principle applies to online marketing.

The best way to get back links is to link to other blogs within your niche. Webmasters and bloggers like it and in most cases will feel obliged to return the favor when you link to their content.

Search engines and visitors to your blog also like seeing and clicking on links within your content. As you link to other pages within your blog also add links pointing to external webpages.

You might say that is funneling your traffic to other people. But remember that these same people will see traffic coming from your blog and they will be interested in what you have to offer. Besides, they may end up been your devoted fans thus help you in viral marketing through sharing.

Rule 9: Comment marketing: One of the best strategies of online marketing is posting comments on related blogs. The secret is to post comments that are fascinating, relevant and adding value.

With time people will note your contribution and seek to learn more about you by visiting your site. It is advisable to use one username as a way of branding yourself online. Rather than using keywords, use your name when posting comments.

The use of keywords can sometime be viewed as spamming thus may hurt your online marketing ambitions.

Rule 10: Add RSS feeds to your blog: I have noted that the people who end up becoming return visitors are the ones who have subscribed to my RSS feed.

Everyday there are people who will find your blog educative and will want to come back again. To make it easy for these kinds of visitor, incorporate RSS feed marketing in your array on online marketing arsenals.

The recommend site to set up free RSS feeds is Feedburner. Make sure you display your RSS feed at strategic positions within your blog. For example you can place your feeds at the top or within the sidebar of your blog.

You can also use your Feedburner account to capture your visitors email addresses. Remember to tell your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed for more updates.

Rule 11: Join sites with Q & A: Some of the sites you can visit and participate in asking and answering questions are Yahoo Answers, Quora and Here you can also get ideas on what people in your niche want discussed thus generate quality content.

There are times while conversing with people in your niche you will get the opportunity to say what you do. This is the right time to share you blog URL. If you discover there is a question people are asking frequently, try and come up with a blog post.

This will mean that next time some else asks you the same question you will provide them with the link to the page that answers them. In so doing, you will handle readers’ queries and at the same time market your business online.

Do not make the mistake of answering a question before conducting thorough research. In addition, respond to questions that are related to your industry and on subjects that you are an expert in.

As you give quality answers you will increase your online reputation and presence thus succeed in online marketing.

Conclusion: I have one advice to bloggers and webmasters and that is “Never give up”. It does not matter how long it takes, for as long as you are using the right online marketing strategies you will succeed in blogging.

Most people give up when they are just about to make the big break. If you follow top bloggers, you will discover they all have two things in common, persistence and patience.

Therefore, do not throw in the towel, you will make some mistakes along the way but that is how you learn. Within no time, you will start publishing content that is compelling and worth sharing.

To get more content about online marketing strategies enter your email address below. You can also click here to subscribe to me RSS feed.


How To Increase Web Visitors To Your Home Business Blog

How To Increase Web Visitors To Your Home Business Blog

Recently, I posted an article on how article word count is important when it comes to attracting web visitors. Today, we are going to revisit the topic and you will learn some amazing facts about increasing site traffic.

Google’s recent updates have really hit many top websites. The number of web visitors to most top rated sites has dropped considerably. Sadly, Google has marked these sites and thus making their way back to the top to be daunting task.

But the question to ask is; what did these sites do wrong to be where they are now? What do you do to make sure you too don’t become a victim of the same? The answer is simple; do what others are not ready to do.

Am sure you are asking what that is; studies show that most bloggers and webmasters are lazy. We want to make money online but are not ready to pay the price. In order to direct web visitors to your site you need to go an extra mile.

On this post we shall discuss simple but very effective strategies of increasing your web visitors. Chances are that only 5% of you will do what this article advices and yet these are the secrets to generating income through blogging.

market on the internet

Here goes!

You all know that with traffic you can earn income online from home whether you like it or not. Even if you have not monetized your site, advertisers will be willing to pay you so as to channel some of your web visitors to their sites or products.

The question in most people’s minds especially newbies and some seasoned veterans are; why I’m not seeing an increase in website visitors? How come others are recording 10,000 web visitors everyday while the most my site records are 200 visitors?

Today you will get the answer to those questions. The only thing that will make you not to generate the traffic you want is to fail to implement these strategies.

1: Research thoroughly:

Knowledge is power and that is why you should always seek to empower yourself by reading widely. As a blogger, you should seek to read new content every day. Subscribe to links where you can be gathering content that is related to your niche.

Top bloggers read any book or content that they can lay their hands on especially when it is related to their area of expertise. That is the only way of moving from been called a newbie and becoming an authority in your niche.

In the next two points you will see why research is very vital in online marketing. Without researching you will not be able to write long articles.

Referring to other bloggers is also an important aspect of increasing web visitors. But how can you mention someone you have never met or read his or her content. The only way to achieve these two things is by researching.

Researching opens your eyes to new and better ideas of doing things. It ensures you broaden your thinking and thus address the needs of all your web visitors adequately.

How to research and get quality content:

a)      Bookmark the sites and blogs of top bloggers in your niche. This will ensure you visit these blog and get up to date content and events in your niche.

b)      Subscribe to RSS feeds that offer rich content in your area of interest.

c)      Enlist your email to people that provide content that will help you in your area of interest.

d)     Use Google search to get quality content.

e)      Read books authored by top professionals in your industry.

f)       Attend events and conferences organized in your locality related to your niche. This will help you meet other people with like minds and share ideas. In addition, you will expose your blog to more people thus increasing web visitors.

g)      Follow top bloggers in your niche on sites twitter, google +1, LinkedIn and facebook.

I like the way Ralph Waldo puts it “Every artist was first an amateur”. In short it means that you have to be ready to begin from zero and make your way up. You build web presence online by reading and then reading some more.

This is the only way of gaining knowledge thus have quality articles to pass on to your web visitors.

2: Blog post word count in relation to increasing web visitors:

Google is now giving more preference to long articles. Writing long posts means coming up with articles with more than 1000 words. But it would be even better for you to create web pages with 3000 words.

When it comes to showing search results, search engines always seek to improve user experience. Therefore, when there are two articles with related content, search engine will give more preference to the longer article.

This should tell you that the era of posting articles with 300 words is over. If you find such an article ranking, it is probably because search engines have nothing else to show.

Studies also have revealed that long articles are likely to attract more backlinks than short ones. This is because longer posts get more exposure than shorter ones.

How to ensure that your long articles are exciting to read:

There are many kinds of web visitors and you need to profile your readers so as to know how to write. People usually get bored when they see endless content. Hence you need to break your content buy adding videos, captivating and related images, graphs and so on.

According to the owner of viper chill, Glen; long blog posts which are educative, proove your expertise and that is how you become an authority in your niche. Share content on how-to and you will be a darling to many.

Research is an integral element when it comes to writing long articles. You do not what to keep repeating the same point over and over again. Before you get down to drafting and article, do thorough groundwork. This is by reading as much content as possible.

In addition, mention the sources where you have gathered your content by adding external links. With time readers will view you as been honest and thus share your content.

Readability is also important for anyone who is keen on increasing web visitors. When you are picking a template always choose the one with a white background. Your font should be big enough where a person with a 20/20 vision can read with ease.

The recommended font size to use is between 12px and 16px. As for the font style to use, Times New Roman or Georgia is OK. These two font styles are friendly on most computer screens.

Short paragraphs are much easier to read. Long paragraphs are boring and in a way scare most readers. Try to have 2 to 4 sentences in each of your paragraphs.

The use of subheading is also a good way to make you content easy to read. Subheadings help you readers know where to find your important points faster.

web visitorsExamples of a blogs that use long and well researched blog posts to great success are Viper Chill and ConversionXL. You are better off writing one article a week which is long and educative rather than posting short articles with no real meat.

In order to get as much web presence as possible, today’s web marketing dictates you come up with long articles. My advice is you try composing web pages with more than 2000 words or more.

When you do that you will be ahead of 95% of webmasters and bloggers. These articles will surely take you time to generate but the results are worth the effort.

3: Submit your content on other related sites:

You can have the most compelling articles in the world but if no one sees them then you work is in vain. This is especially so when your site is new. Apart from writing content that is SEO friendly, you need to use other channels to distribute your content on the web.

Stop creating castles in the air by hoping some great online guru will find your content and share it. You have to take the initiative by blowing your own trumpet.

Here are some ways of distributing your content to great effect:

–          Social media sharing: Some people say that social bookmaking is like duplicating content but that is a myth. There is a great difference between syndicating content and duplicating content.

Have you ever asked yourself how a site like CNN is ranked high and yet people distribute their news content all over the internet?

Duplicate content is when you have two similar pages within the same site. But when people pick your content and share on other sites that is called syndicating. Now that is the benefit of social sharing.

There is no way a person will share your content if he/she does not know of its existence. This is to tell you that you need to have followers on twitter and loyal fans on facebook. It would be even more advantageous if you created a long email list.

The more web visitors are exposed to your content, the higher the chances of them spreading the word around about your site. But on the other hand, your content has to add value to your readers.

Apart from sharing your content and web page links on facebook, linkedin, Google plus and twitter, submit you links to site like:



Stumble Upon


Hacker News

Diigo among others

Social bookmarking has the power of making your content go viral. People who love your content will help you distribute and in the process expose your content to even more web visitors.

Note: You have to research and publish content that is provocative, insightful and at the same time educative, that is if you want people to share it.

Adding social media buttons on your web pages is very critical when it gets to increasing web visitors. Apart from adding the social icons, you have to request your readers to share your content.

You will be amazed how a simple call to action will help spread your content and links on the internet. Ask your website visitors to subscribe to your email list, RSS feeds and follow you on twitter.

Let me repeat this again since it the most important point, create valuable content that is well researched. This will mean sitting down for long hours to come up with long educative articles.

If you want to be successful in blogging for profit you have to be ready to go an extra mile. Most people are lazy therefore you have a better chance, get down to work.

increase web visitors

–          Refer to others in your web content: Human beings are egocentric by nature. If you ask me, online business entrepreneurs are the first culprits.

Webmasters and bloggers love it when they see others talking about them. This to means more exposure and thus helping them increase web visitors.

It is amazing how some people will look to get 5 minute celebrity status when they see a journalist with a camera asking people questions on the street. Most people will want the cameraman to get even a slight glimpse of them by passing in front of the camera.

Just the other day, I met a top journalist in Kenya, Larry Madowo, in the shopping mall and did not let the opportunity pass me by.

As a blogger you need to apply the same principle and you will definitely increase web visitors. In all your blog posts, mention companies and bloggers in your niche. Remember to also include links pointing back to their sites.

The effect of mentioning other people is that soon enough they will note traffic coming from you to their site. Within no time they will want to know more about you and the content you share.

Next day you will find these same bloggers sharing and talking about your blog or website. This is good for your site since it helps you increase your link profile naturally just the way Google likes it.

Summary: As you can see from this publication, it is very easy to increase web visitors. All you need is to set aside some time on a daily or weekly basis to come up with educative and captivating content.

Now you know why they say that content it king when it comes to marketing on the web. It takes people to make money online and thus you must know how to grab their attention.

These are simple and achievable strategies to achieve. Therefore get down to work and create long articles. Remember to name other people especially the top bloggers within your niche.

Give and it shall be given back to you 10 fold, 60 fold and 100 fold. That is what the bible says and the same applies to blogging. The more you talk about others the more exposure you will get.

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