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Ignored Aspects Of Online Marketing Success

Ignored Aspects Of Online Marketing Success

The focus of this blog has been more about handling technical stuff relating to internet marketing success. Today, it will be prudent to get into another area which is equally very critical in online business.

On one of the previous posts we saw that to be successful in online marketing you need to be equipped with knowledge and skills. Looking back at that article I discovered there are some things that were left out that needed to be addressed seriously.

The internet is like a vast forest and if you are not careful you can get lost in the thickets. If you happen to have read the history of Africans in the early days, you will discover they were hunters and gathers.

For the hunters and gathers to survive, they had to know their way around the forest. This meant knowing the hot spots to get the best catch and where to pick the best herbs.

Am sure you are now wondering where am heading with this story which to most of you is like telling a folk-tale. But before you click the close button by assuming you are on the wrong site, let me explain how all this folk-tale is related to internet marketing.

Am really proud of our fore fathers. One thing about the people who used to lived in the good old days is that they were hard working people. They took a lot of risks and if you were to give them a middle name, then it would be Determination.

Imagine venturing into the forest knowing very well there could a carnivore laying in wait. Amidst all these uncertainty, these guys succeed day after day to lay food on the table for their families.

They went as far as learning how to handle wild animals if they ever crossed paths. Today, people would jump out of their skin if they saw a harmless rodent in their garage. If you ask me, the internet is more dangerous than going to hunt in the forest.

If it is not spammers sending you bait to trap you in their schemes, it is google slapping your site for something you thought would get you a meal in terms of traffic and conversion.

To add insult to injury, your competitors are employing underhand tactics but search engines still rank them better than you though you are adhering to the SEO rules.

Someone begs to ask, is going grey or black the only way I will get a catch? Should I go and pick the catch in my neighbors trap to put food on my table?

So many questions remain unanswered. If you look at the current trends, there is no reprieve in this forest called internet. Today, you may discover the strategy to succeed in online marketing only to wake up the following day and discover things have totally taken a different direction.

For example, how do you explain this; you spend countless hours reading and implementing SEO techniques to help you rank on 1st page, only for Google to say that now people who don’t know a single thing about SEO will also rank as high.

The law of the jungle is simple, survival for the fittest. If you are the type to give up easily you better forget about doing business on the web. Let me go further to say; forget about doing any kind of business. You are better off getting a 9am – 5pm job where things are a little bit predictable.

With a job you are assured of your salary every end of the week or month. But in this jungle called internet, you can wake up one morning and find your site facing oblivion. If you think I’m joking, ask Ezine Articles or a paid link network site like Build My Ranking (BMR).

Something about life and business for that matter is that there are no guarantees. What works out today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, for you to be successful in online marketing you have to be ready to face all matter of circumstances.

George Patton put it so well when he said “Success is how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom”. How true that is; there are people when they fall down they remain there while others quickly dust themselves off and try again.

There is nothing permanent in this life, if you are facing a series of failures in web marketing, believe it or not, one day all that will come to a complete halt.

If you get a chance to talk to the top online marketers and listen to their success stories you will notice they all have some similar traits:

Apart from having the right tools and knowledge you also need to have the following:

1. Patience: There is nothing as important in online marketing success as having patience. This also applies to all other businesses be it online or offline.

The notion that things are a bit easier on this side of the digital world is completely misplaced. There are hundreds of online programs that promise heaven only for you to join them and discover it was all a hoax.

Think twice when you hear of an online program that promises to make you an overnight million. Get rich quick schemes are for those looking for short cuts in internet business.

Conducting business on the internet requires marketing and online marketing is about been patient.

Before you establish yourself online you need to slowly build your online presence step by step. Building a brand name calls for endurance until the time people start treating you as an expert and influencer.

Lack of patience will lead to taking short cuts which most of the time result to short lived success. The people who hold out may take a while to reach the summit but the day they get there the rewards will be worth it.

2. Consistency: If patience is to bear fruit, then you also need to be consistent. The touch and go syndrome is the worst to have in online marketing or business.

Something that you do over a long period of time tends to be engrained in your system. With time you become better and that is when you hear people calling you guru or expert.

Once you have chosen the online marketing strategies to use, it is advisable to remain consistent until you reap the rewards. The more you repeat a process the more you get noticed.

For example, writing one article and then seating back and hoping it will go viral is like living in a fantasy world. But the more articles you write and post in different directories the more backlinks you create and the wider your net will be cast to reach more audiences.

3. Never die spirit: You might be doing everything right and by the look of things, there seems to be no positive results. It is as this stage that some people thrown in the towel but for the successful online marketers they hold on.

Are you looking for online marketing success? DON”T GIVE UP. Marketing on the internet is not for the faint hearted hence be ready to go all the way until the nut cracks.

4. Thrive on challenges: People who do well in website promotion also have another trait, which is, they thrive more when challenges come their way.

The best way to horn your skills is facing and overcoming obstacles. There are times when you will of course fail but that should not be an excuse to give up.

Instead you should learn from the experience so that next time you face another or similar challenge you will know exactly what NOT to do.

5. Love what they do: I’m yet to meet a successful online marketer that does not love marketing. For me it gives me great pleasure to wake up every morning and attend to my work online site. Whether am making money or not, you will find me at my desk hard at work day in day out.

Passion is so imperative when it comes to doing business or marketing for that matter. If you do not love what you are doing, you will definitely bolt out when things take long to work or when the tough gets going.

Summary: The lines have been drawn and it is time we separated the boys from the men or girls from the women. Now that you have the technical knowhow and the skills required for online marketing success, ask yourself if you have the nerve to go all the way.

Going half way will mean getting lost in the forest full of thickets and uncertainties. Are you ready to rise up again when your site is de-indexed? Or hold on when it takes too long before your site to reach 1st page?

If the answer is YES! Then you are the right candidate for online marketing success.

Now you have no excuse, go out there and make it happen.

All the best!

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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Small Internet Business Marketing Through Legit SEO

Small Internet Business Marketing Through Legit SEO

The fact that SEO internet business marketing is becoming more advanced, small online entrepreneurs are finding it hard to make it. Every month Google is making it even more difficult to rank especially for small home based business sites.

Just in the months of November and December of 2011, Google announced that it had done 10% changes to their algorithm each month. Come 2012 you can bet that this is not bound to change and all this is in an effort to improve search results.

Search engines main agenda is to ensure their users get exactly what they want. Therefore, as the online world continues to evolve, internet business marketing is set to become even more challenging.

With all these algorithm changes, where does all that leave you as a small business entrepreneur?  What do you need to do so as to compete with top ranking websites and blogs?

On this post, you will find the secrets to effectively market your business on the internet. Since I want you to start the new year with good news, let me inform you that you too can rank high for relevant key terms. All you need to know is how to play the game in a legit way.

A case in point to look at in relation to internet business marketing is how Apple managed to succeed. Though they faced other big companies like Microsoft, Apple was still able to become an authority in a highly competitive market.

Their secret was one; they offered people what they wanted long before they knew what they needed. Rather than become like their competitors, Apple found a way of becoming unique by coming up with innovative ideas that stood out.

The best approach to SEO internet business marketing is to build a brand name. Rather than looking for short cuts to rank, do what search engines want and your home business will succeed in the long run.

Patience is fundamental when it comes to online marketing. Thus do not adopt strategies just because you heard someone else is succeeding in them. Ask yourself if the tactics you apply are legit and have long term benefits.

I know my introduction has been rather lengthy, but in short the point I’m trying to put across is that you need to be natural (yourself). SEO has become so unpredictable in that strategies that used to work before have today become irrelevant.

Looking at all SEO online business marketing practices, one thing that will guarantee you success is content. No matter how many times Google will update their ranking formula, content will always remain the focal point.

As you generate content online, ask yourself if you are doing it naturally. If you were operating an offline shop, would you still use the same strategies to promote your business? Constantly, try to relay valuable information that point your readers towards the right direction and you will surely go places.

Unique and genuine articles will guarantee you return visitors and more so in relation to viral marketing as people share your content. It is high time that small business online marketers practiced legit SEO tactics and forgot about black hat strategies.

Search engines are overrated when it comes to what they can do, but the rate at which they are becoming advanced you never know when they will catch up with your black hat techniques. You would be better off following the legit internet business marketing rules.

While we are at it, let us see some SEO online marketing strategies that you need to adopt so as to appear natural and rank high.

Keyword usage: Most of us are culprits when it comes to keyword usage. Just take a scenario where you come across a salesman who keeps repeating the name of the product he is selling with the hope to convince you to buy.

The obvious thing will happen, you will definitely get irritated. No one wants to be pushed to purchase something thus when you talk too much in an effort to sell you will push away your potential customers.

internet business marketingTherefore, avoid keyword stuffing as you generate your content. Come up with articles that flow naturally by informing your readers rather than selling to them. Imagine coming across a home based business site that mentions the phrase “home based business” in very sentence. I bet you will exit the site right away.

Try and use keyword variation as you generate your content and that will ensure your posts appear natural. The more your readers enjoy reading your content, the more they will share it and the higher your conversion rate will be.

Gain credibility: One of the most fundamental aspects of business is trust. Sport celebrities are paid big money just to wear certain brands. The idea is that as people see celebrities in certain outfits, they too will buy the same in the aim of appearing cool.

Most of the time these celebrities my not necessarily like the outfits. They wear the attire because they are paid to do so. The same applies to internet business marketing; testimonials and recommendations can go a long way in boosting your small home online business.

But rather than paying people to talk good about your business, build real trust by continually supplying your customers and readers with quality products and content.

Building relationships is the best way to gain trust. Respond to all comments whether positive or negative. People want to feeling like you care and the more you show it the more they will trust your site and business.

Building your SEO profile gradually:  It is true that building link popularity is critical in regards to SEO online business marketing. But that does not mean you run all over the place to buy links. Search engines want to see a site that grows naturally and purchasing links in most cases will hurt your SEO profile.

Instead of buying links, create content and products that people are looking for and they will naturally share what you have to offer. There is nothing as powerful as word of mouth referral marketing and the only way to achieve that is through producing quality.

It may appear like marketing on the internet is not necessary, but that is far from the truth. You must adopt best internet business marketing practices but in the right manner.

Conclusion: If you are a small entrepreneur, you do not need to shy away or give up on SEO marketing. It is true that it may take some time before you rank high but the day you get to the top, your ROI will be worth the wait.

Strive to build an online brand that portrays your real self and what you stand for. Do not try to be somebody else or something you do not believe in. For you to be successful in online marketing business you have to build relationships, create quality products/services/content.

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Research Shows Marketing With Social Media Is Critical

Research Shows Marketing With Social Media Is Critical

Now more than ever, marketing with social media has become very imperative. The internet has not only altered our way of doing things, but has also completely revolutionized our way of thinking. Offline processes that would require days to accomplish can now be completed in a matter of seconds.

Gone are the days where you would see an office desk having piles of documents. This has been replaced by soft copy documentation; a good example is cloud computing.

It wasn’t long ago when post mails where the best modes of communication. Today people use the internet for business purposes, communicate with friends and family and also to study. All these been done on real-time basis.

By a click of a button, you can now get access to books and videos through instant downloading. Businesses are marketing with social media now more than ever. This is demonstrated by how gift shops are offering their online customers better discounts than the clients coming directly to their offline stores.

Research has shown that currently we spend about 1/6 of our lives in the cyberspace. Just in the United States, the average American spends like 4 ½ hours daily on the internet. By the look of things, this trend is bound to increase to 5 hours or more in a short span of time.

The increase is necessitated by the fact that some individuals entirely depend on computers and the internet to perform their daily tasks.

All this is an indication that we are fast moving into the digital world. Any business that does not position itself strategically online will very soon become obsolete. One of the tactics that business people need to embrace is marketing with social media.

Google Ad Planner did a survey and revealed some of the most visited sites in the US alone. The list contained six categories which are Search Engines, Social media networks, shopping sites, entertainment sites, business websites and sites offering softwares.

The research showed how marketing with search engines is number one. More than 90% of traffic generated on the internet is through search engines. Naturally, because the internet is about sharing information, search engines, encyclopedia sites and how-to websites like eHow and Wikipedia took top spot.

After search engines, shopping sites took the second position. This includes sites like eBay, Walmart and Amazon. From there we go to entertainment sites, social networking sites, business sites then softwares sites in that order.

Close observation of all these six categories, social media is one of the fastest growing sectors. It takes the fourth position and yet they gained popularity just the other day. Google Plus the new kid in the block has hit the social circles by storm.

By the second week, Google +1 had over 2 million subscribers and today the site has over 40 million users that is after two months. This is why it is critical that marketers should think seriously on how to best approach marketing with social media.

Social networks are websites that are community based. These are sites where you will find business professionals, bloggers, dating communities and online forum communities congregating. Take a look at a site like Facebook which has over 800 million subscribers. There is no way any serious marketer can ignore such numbers.

Next after facebook is YouTube where people share videos then twitter takes the third spot. The amazing thing is that the number of social media users is increasing by the day. It is for this reason business people need to take advantage and begin marketing with social media much more.

Which site is best for marketing with social media in the US?

According to Nielsen, 22% of Americans have been completely engrossed with social networking sites. Facebook takes up to 67% followed by YouTube which takes about 55% of traffic generated by social media sites.

Though the other social sites are used by less people, they attract more targeted visitors and thus are also excellent when it comes to marketing with social media on these sites. These include sites like twitter and LinkedIn. Bloggers have also cut a niche for themselves with sites like WordPress and Blogspot featuring as some of the most visited sites.

Living Social and Groupon are other sites that businesses are using for marketing with social media. The one thing that elevates these two sites is that fact that customers can get good bargains and discounts on various products and services.

marketing with social mediaConsidering that this year Cyber Monday increased by double digits, am sure a big percentage of these online sales were transacted on sites like Living Social and Groupon.

Active users on social media sites in the USA.

According to the research conducted by Google Ad Planner, about 200 million people in the US are active members on social sites. Of these 200 million people, the research reveals that most of them are female. The sites that women mostly frequent are social sites that offer deal of the day.

There men counterparts mostly can be found on sites like social business sites like LinkedIn. This is because most men take the top positions when it comes to the corporate world.

Age is also an important aspect to look at in regards to marketing with social media. Research reveals that young people prefer active sites with more action while adults are inclined towards sites that have more of content. Some of the sites to find young adults include blogging sites and social sites that require active participants.

Teens on the other hand are more inclined to sites that encourage social sharing. Here we are talking of sites like Photobucket, Flicker and YouTube which are all image oriented.

Conclusion: Invention of things like computers, Laptops, IPads, mobile phones and the internet have revolutionized the way of doing business. People have moved to the internet to study, gather information, be entertainment, preach, communicate and shop.  In fact, we are now spending more time online than offline.

It is the high time that people thought of getting into home online business based ideas. Slowly but surely people are becoming internet consumers and the first sites they are going to are social networking sites. Marketers therefore have to reexamine their marketing strategies so as to succeed in increasing their customer base.

While working online, you need to incorporate several online marketing techniques in order to reach a wider audience. Marketing with social media has of late proven to be an integral component of web marketing and building business brands.

On this blog, we have repeated time and again how important it is to research and know your target market preferences and where your audience spends most of their time. This article shows outright that marketing with social media sites is paramount.

If you have more research records on marketing with social media kindly share them with us through the comment section below. You can also share this article with other online marketers using the social icons appearing on the left (This demonstrates the power of marketing with social media networks).

Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Online Marketing Ideas Excellent For Blog Traffic Generation

Am sure you have met people who claim to be experts in online marketing. It is only after you have had sessions with them that you will discover they don’t really know how the internet operates.

Creating a blog is one thing but directing traffic is a different ball game all together. There are fundamentals you need to know when it comes to online marketing. On this post we shall share some of them to make sure you get the right knowledge and tools of marketing on the web.

With these online marketing strategies, anyone in any niche can implement them and thus generate blog traffic. Whether you have an established blog or a starting up home business blog you need to read this post to the end.

You don’t have to use all of them but you can pick at least 5 online marketing techniques and implement them on your blog.

Rule 1: Know where your audiences visit: The reason some companies have become household names is because of the many surveys they conduct. Knowing where your target audience spends most of their time and the language they use will always give you an upper hand.

Research is a crucial element to online marketing. It helps you in generating content and furthermore discovering exactly where your potential customers frequent.

The internet is so automated and it is quite easy to find out where your audiences spend most of their time. Am sure you already have a rough idea of the online communities, blogs, social sites that your target readers go to.

A simple way to get the sites in your niche is to do a Google search. From the results you can start participating in order to build relationships. With time you will gain online presence which will ensure you generate blog traffic.

Some people make the mistake of joining online forums and right away post content and links. That is a wrong approach, take time to study the do’s and don’t’s of any forum you enroll in. Once you are sure of the rules of the house you can begin participating in conversations.

Online marketing is about active participation and following the laid down guidelines. This way you will be rewarded with online credibility thus quality and targeted traffic.

Rule 2: Publish content that is sharable: If you observe rule number 1 then without a doubt people will share your content. But note that people will only share content that is of high quality.

While doing business on the web, connecting with the right audience, having a unique writing style and sharing topics that add value is the secret to online marketing. In addition, you have to be consistent in doing these things that have just been mentioned.

For instance, writing articles that seeks to challenge the norm will set you apart thus ensure your content goes viral.

Ideally, in any given niche there are those people that visit just to read while a percentage on them will share your content. There is also another group of loyal fans that follow your blog with keen interest.

Of the three groups of people, the one that you should seek to increase are the loyal fans. These are the people who will be quick to share your blog posts hence assist you reach a wider audience.

Rule 3: Link your blog to top social networking sites: Since you are interested in online marketing, am sure you have accounts on social sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1, YouTube and so on.

It is imperative that you link all your accounts to your blog. Make sure that your user profiles on these sites are completely filled. It is also advisable to use the same screen name and image in all social network accounts you set up.

In all your profiles, it is recommended you include a link to your blog. Also, seek to link up with people in your niche. This way you will increase the chances of people clicking on your links thus generating targeted blog traffic.

internet marketingTo succeed on social media marketing you need to be active. Avoid sharing content that does not add value to your fans. How does telling people what you had for diner going to help you in marketing your business online?

Therefore, publish content that is insightful and you will win the trust of your fans. Besides, any content you generate on the web should be related to your blog. If you have to share a video online, it should contain relevant content and a link pointing back to your blog.

On your web pages you should also include author protocol. Google now has launched an online program where bloggers can use the rel=author code to build an online brand.

With this code, your image will appear next to your article in Google search results. To get more info about adding the rel=author function read this article How To Implement Rel=Authors.

Rule 4: Add share buttons on your blog: The traffic you can generate online through social sites is enormous. Below are the numbers of subscribers top social networking site have recorded so far.

Facebook tops with over 850 million active members

Twitter follows with over 450 million subscribers

LinkedIn comes in third with 130 million users

Google Plus, the new kid in the block with over 100 million active subscribers so far.

This is to show that you cannot do online marketing without incorporating social media marketing. It is therefore recommended to add social sharing icons on your site. Add a call to action message within your posts telling your readers to share your content.

In fact, you can use the social button appearing on the left of this blog to share this article with your friends.

Rule 5: Get involved in social sharing: Apart from the four social networking sites mentioned on rule number 4, other sites to participate in are social bookmarking sites.

Examples of these sites include Digg, Stumple Upon, Reddit, Delicious and so on. A site like Reddit records about 2 Billion visits each month. If you can funnel some of this traffic to your site, you will be in a good position to make money online with ease.

Note: Each of these sites also has rules and guidelines that you need to adhere to. Make sure you read and understand the guidelines so as to add value and hence gain credibility. Posting your links and walking away is NOT the best online marketing strategy when it comes social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking sites can be a great source for generating content. Reading other peoples posts will help you gather inform on what to discuss on your blog.

Rule 6: Use Email marketing: Many are the times when you send emails to your contacts. Have you ever stopped to think that you can use you email for online marketing?

The best thing to do is adding a signature that contains your blog URL and links to your social networking accounts. This will help you in creating awareness about your blog and you never know, your emails may go viral.

online marketingRule 7: Optimize your content for SEO ranking: The other day I read an article that stated that on google alone, there are over 3 billion searchers done every day and the number is growing.

As someone seeking to market online you simply cannot ignore this figure. Most people find SEO difficult but that is far from the truth. All you need to know when marketing online through SEO is to write for both human beings and search engines.

When your content is SEO friendly, search engines will send targeted traffic your way and with that you are sure to make money working online.

When you are starting out, it may be difficult to write content that caters for both your readers and search engines, but the more you keep writing the better you will learn the art.

The secret to online marketing through SEO is creating your blog on platforms like wordpress. WordPress comes with great plugins and tools to help you market on the internet. Click here to read more on how to generate traffic with wordpress plugins.

Rule 8: Refer to other bloggers in your niche: If you are a church goer you definitely have heard your priest say “Do unto others what you would want them do unto you”. The same principle applies to online marketing.

The best way to get back links is to link to other blogs within your niche. Webmasters and bloggers like it and in most cases will feel obliged to return the favor when you link to their content.

Search engines and visitors to your blog also like seeing and clicking on links within your content. As you link to other pages within your blog also add links pointing to external webpages.

You might say that is funneling your traffic to other people. But remember that these same people will see traffic coming from your blog and they will be interested in what you have to offer. Besides, they may end up been your devoted fans thus help you in viral marketing through sharing.

Rule 9: Comment marketing: One of the best strategies of online marketing is posting comments on related blogs. The secret is to post comments that are fascinating, relevant and adding value.

With time people will note your contribution and seek to learn more about you by visiting your site. It is advisable to use one username as a way of branding yourself online. Rather than using keywords, use your name when posting comments.

The use of keywords can sometime be viewed as spamming thus may hurt your online marketing ambitions.

Rule 10: Add RSS feeds to your blog: I have noted that the people who end up becoming return visitors are the ones who have subscribed to my RSS feed.

Everyday there are people who will find your blog educative and will want to come back again. To make it easy for these kinds of visitor, incorporate RSS feed marketing in your array on online marketing arsenals.

The recommend site to set up free RSS feeds is Feedburner. Make sure you display your RSS feed at strategic positions within your blog. For example you can place your feeds at the top or within the sidebar of your blog.

You can also use your Feedburner account to capture your visitors email addresses. Remember to tell your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed for more updates.

Rule 11: Join sites with Q & A: Some of the sites you can visit and participate in asking and answering questions are Yahoo Answers, Quora and Here you can also get ideas on what people in your niche want discussed thus generate quality content.

There are times while conversing with people in your niche you will get the opportunity to say what you do. This is the right time to share you blog URL. If you discover there is a question people are asking frequently, try and come up with a blog post.

This will mean that next time some else asks you the same question you will provide them with the link to the page that answers them. In so doing, you will handle readers’ queries and at the same time market your business online.

Do not make the mistake of answering a question before conducting thorough research. In addition, respond to questions that are related to your industry and on subjects that you are an expert in.

As you give quality answers you will increase your online reputation and presence thus succeed in online marketing.

Conclusion: I have one advice to bloggers and webmasters and that is “Never give up”. It does not matter how long it takes, for as long as you are using the right online marketing strategies you will succeed in blogging.

Most people give up when they are just about to make the big break. If you follow top bloggers, you will discover they all have two things in common, persistence and patience.

Therefore, do not throw in the towel, you will make some mistakes along the way but that is how you learn. Within no time, you will start publishing content that is compelling and worth sharing.

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Advantage Of Facebook Like Button And Share Button

Advantage Of Facebook Like Button And Share Button

Technology has truly taken the world by storm and you do not need to look far to see how people’s lives are being changed by gadgets. For online marketers two simple but effective tools are the facebook like button and the share button.

Since the rise of social media sites, which initially were created to help people socialize, now advertisers have taken advantage of these websites to promote their businesses. As we speak, social media marketing is one of the most effective online marketing arsenals.

The secret behind social network marketing is to know that people always have needs. Thus when they congregate on one platform you are just required to identify what their needs are and offer them solutions. Research has proven that people interested in fashion will group themselves together. This is a good opportunity for you as a fashion designer to show case you work and get some customers while you are at it.

Ideally, there are many online marketing strategies you can use on social media sites like facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like. But today let us look at the power of the facebook like button in online marketing.

Important to note, is the realization that the facebook like button and share button have become quite effective in online promotion. Therefore, if you are blogging for money you need to include these plugins on your blog right away. And this is why…

Facebook like button:

The “like” is a button that people normally press whenever they are attracted in what someone else has posted. To most people the facebook like button seems to be of no importance, but assuming so is failure to see how facebook really functions.

Click here to learn how to install the facebook like button on your blog. As for those that are using wordpress, you can add the Gosocial media plugin and have several share button installed.

The “LIKE” button on facebook works like this; when a person clicks the button, whether on facebook or on your site plugin, facebook post that information on the person’s status wall. This means that all his/her friends will get to view the data.

In turn, the person’s friends will most probably wish to know what is this that their friend likes, in the process a post can turn viral hence help establish an awareness of a certain event, product or blog content.

Generally, people connect with others of whom they share the same interests. Therefore, they too may end up pressing on the facebook like button and making your post go completely viral.

Imagine you have 500 friends who are in the same niche as you are. If you post high quality content that is helpful, a good number of them will “like” your content thus exposing your blog content to their friends too. Some of their friends may also end up liking your content thus exposing your content to even more views.

Some time back we shared about the power of viral marketing and the facebook like button demonstrates its potential.

facebook like buttonThe other avenue that the facebook like button can be beneficial to your online marketing is when facebook recommends to your friends your business. Here is an illustration, if friend X and Y are connected and then friend X likes a certain work from home business program belonging to friend Z, the same program will be recommended to friend Y.

This just goes to show just how vital social media marketing is to both bloggers and webmasters. Any online marketer that ignores the power of social networking is simply going to miss out on a lot of potential targeted traffic.

The share button:

Again this is another powerful tool that allows people to broadcast information online to various websites. The share button ideally works just like the facebook like button only that the information on the share button is more detailed.

While the facebook like button shares information to facebook, other site like twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Technocrati, Delicious also have their own custom share button. All these buttons are a means that can help you in viral marketing.

Apart from the facebook like button and the other sites’ share button ensuring you generate targeted blog traffic, they too help you pass on helpful data. However, it is recommended that as people click your share button, you too should like other people’s business and content too.

As a serious blogger, you should be active in your social network by actively sharing what others have posted. This should be on topics that you find useful to people in your niche. As you share other people’s business and content, they too will easily recommend your content to their friends thus increasing the chances of your content going viral.

The main reason that the internet was created was to share information and ideas. Therefore every opportunity you get to share what you know you should do it on the net. With the help of easy to use tools like the facebook like button and the share button you will definitely cut a niche for yourself in no time.

Conclusion: If you are serious about blogging for money then social media sites are a good place to start to generate referral traffic. Show your participation by actively reading other people’s content within your niche and clicking on their facebook like button or the share button.

It will not take long before people take notice of your activities and they will reward you by reading and sharing your content too. To create an online brand name that will last you need to build relationships. The sharing button is one means of generating an online presence thus make money from home.

Effective Marketing On The Web Where You Stand Out

Effective Marketing On The Web Where You Stand Out


Today, doing business on the net has become so competitive. The people who end up at the top are the ones who implement effective marketing strategies.

Ideally, successful online marketing is determined by how you captivate your target audience. As a webmaster you also need to know how to call people to action. This is by the way you format and construct your content.

If you find a way to stand out on the web, you will definitely get noticed and that is what contributes to effective marketing. As you design your website or pick a banner, always think of how you will capture your visitor’s subconscious.

Ask yourself as you are building your website or blog; what will I do to make my audience to pose and think. Stopping your visitors from pressing the exit button or compelling them to return for more is a sign that you are on the right track.

Getting the attention of people online is no easy feat. But that is not to say it is impossible to achieve effective marketing. First you need is to understand how the human physiology operates.

Every day we are bombarded with so much information that is becomes difficult to digest it all. In most cases we forget what we have seen or heard and only remember the things that stood out.

The reason you remember some things and forget others is the aspect of uniqueness. As human beings, we tend to remember things that differ from the norm.

Each community has its own rituals, rules and regulations that they follow from day to day, thus, if someone stood and went against the grain he/she will definitely get noticed.

Your mind is structured to identify patterns and how those patterns differ. No wonder, you can easily know when there is danger ahead of you. It is because signs of danger are different from what is normal.

The concept is the same when it comes to business; people who apply effective marketing techniques know how the mind works.

The moment we see an advert or movie on TV we are so eager to know what happens next. Generally, the thing that distinguishes one advertisement from the other is how unique it will be from the rest. It is the same concept that helps you differentiate between a friend and an enemy.

Our view of life keeps changing all the time. Something may seem good to you now but because of circumstances that notion may alter over time. Studies have proved that anything that stands out will always be imprinted in back of our minds.

Now the big question is: how do we use this complex human brain characteristic to effectively market on the internet?

Foremost, for you to stand out thus make your site visitors stop, view and read your content is to use communication tools available to you.


Rather than just writing for the sake of it, find a way to make your content unique. Come up with lines that will compel your readers to think. Engage your viewers by posting information that will tickle, amaze or reveal shocking details.

Publishing such kind of content is what makes your audience begin processing your information. Effective marketing messages should call on the human mind to jump into action. The more there is mental activity as visitors go through your content the more you will capture their subconscious.

The secret is to make your target audiences to pose and think of what you are talking about. Sometimes it may mean altering your style of writing just a little bit. Other instances you may be required to make major changes to the way you write.

The fact that the mind is designed to identify patterns; once your readers notice something recognizable they will draw conclusions. This may be to your advantage or disadvantage depending on how you frame your content.

If your message is like any other out there, most probably your audience will quickly forget your article. But if you just play around with text, you will be amazed by the overwhelming response from buyers.

Nowadays, most commercials have become so obvious. If a TV ad is not telling you how a particular product is the best, it is showing you how you will become like a certain celebrity if you use a certain product. This kind of marketing has made most brands stagnate and appear desperate.

The brands that end up standing out for example Google, Amazon and Facebook simply choose to think outside the box. Going out of the norm and breaking the rules is what effective marketing is all about. Sometimes you do not need to do much; a tweak here and there is all it takes.

To effectively market on the internet and get noticed, choose to be different from other webmasters. Publish content that is out of the ordinary that will compel your site visitors to engage their minds.

It may mean coming up with taglines or phrases that people have never heard before. Other instances, you can conjure a story that has an interesting twist to it. These are simple but effective marketing techniques that will definitely touch the subconscious of your audiences.


effective marketing strategiesWhen we talk of images it can mean still or motion pictures. People tend to be more attracted to visual images than reading text. That is why you will remember more of a movie you watched than a book you read.

As much as images are powerful and effective marketing tools, most online marketers have not tapped into its full potential. Most of the images we see on many websites are normal and obvious thus cannot act as catalyst to force readers to think.

For your site to stand out, move away from using unimaginative images and start uploading pictures that speak to your audience. Images are effective tools of invoking your visitors’ memories thus making them to take action.

Internet entrepreneurs that do affiliate marketing should learn how to choose advertisement images for banners. Banners that have slight movement like something falling will force your site guests to take a quick glance.

Sudden movements on a banner trigger someone’s mind to react.  That is why affiliate marketers that use banners that move have been said to be making more money online from home.


Robert Kiyosaki site has made the color purple be associated with money. This demonstrates how color is an effective marketing tool. Just the way a mother would naturally choose pink clothes for a baby girl and blue for a baby boy.

Ideally, people react differently when they see certain colors. In most instances these reactions are in their subconscious. Selection of colors on your site plays a critical role especially when it comes to online branding.

From the word go, you need to pick your site color scheme prudently because it will form your online identity. Just like the way Robert Kiyosaki has made purple the color for money, your selection of colors should ultimately be part of your branding image.

Color is all around us and it is a very effective marketing technique. It will help you form a good first impression to your site visitors. The sad thing is that it is easy to implement yet few online marketers ever take advantage.

Conclusion: For effective online marketing, you need to know when and how to use certain techniques. You may be successful in using a particular marketing strategy in one niche but that does not mean it will work in another niche.

Therefore, you need to learn how to present your marketing message depending on the preference of your target audience. Implementing a marketing technique just because you heard it worked for someone else does not guarantee it will work for you.

Rather than marketing for the sake of it, find effective marketing strategies that will capture the minds of your site visitors. The way to achieve that is to move away from the norm and be unique.

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Best Approach To Social Marketing In Regards To SEO

Best Approach To Social Marketing In Regards To SEO

Most webmasters and bloggers have a problem of connecting social marketing with SEO. But it is imperative to know that social media has a big role to play in improving your SEO profile.

The fact that social sites get lots of traffic and content every passing minute, search engines are always crawling and indexing new content on these sites. Therefore, for effective social marketing you need to have SEO in mind as you share on social sites.

As you plan your online marketing campaign, it is advisable that you choose at least 7 strategies that you will work with. Some webmasters put social marketing in the bottom of the pile while others leave it out all together only to consider it much later.

It is true that search engine optimization is a great way to generate targeted traffic. Ranking for relevant keywords will guarantee you increased your web presence and more so improve conversion rate. But did you know there are online marketing strategies that can help you generate direct traffic and boost your SEO site value?

Some of these strategies include article marketing, forum marketing, video marketing and of course social marketing. Talk of killing two birds with one stone!

As you have seen there are many ways of improving your SEO profile but on this write up we shall just look at one of these strategies, social media marketing.

The reason that social marketing is left behind when it comes to SEO is because one cannot really quantify Return On Investment (ROI). In addition, webmasters are still not clear as to the benefits they derive from sending a tweet or updating their facebook wall in relation to SEO.

On the other hand, a marketer can easily tell ROI for a PPC or SEO marketing campaign depending on the keywords that have targeted. Ranking for keywords signifies growth of traffic and thus increased online sales conversions.

As we speak now, social marketing has become one of the main strategies that SEO experts employ to rank on search engines results pages. Earlier we mentioned how search engines crawl social sites looking for new content.

Here are 3 benefits you get from posting content on social networking sites:

1. Increase chances of search engine bots quickly finding your content since these sites are crawled very often.

2. Since social marketing is about micro-blogging, as you write a line and post a link leading to your site you will get direct traffic as people click on the links to read more.

3. The links you post on social networking sites act as backlinks thus contribute to your overall SEO value.

What the 3 points shared above tell you is that you need to optimize what you share on social sites. A site such as facebook is like a small search engine, thus when you optimize your content people will find it easily as they browse on facebook.

How to share your content on social media sites to help you in SEO:

First you need to optimize your social media account profile (Click here to read more on how to optimize your user profile).

Personally, I have linked my blog to top social media sites which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Sites you can use to link your blog to your social media accounts include NetworkedBlogs, twitter feed or pingfm.

Doing that will ensure that every post you publish will be submitted on your social status wall. Hope you know that blogging entails optimization thus when your web page links are submitted on your status wall they will act as relevant backlinks.

At this juncture it is important to note that you need to share insightful and quality content. Since these linking sites like twitter feed will only submit your title a short snippet of your content, take time to come up with captivating titles.

To prompt your fans to share and click links on your updates, your content has to be interesting and educative. You also have to add your keyword phrases in your titles to help you in search engine ranking.

The other aspect of social marketing is the role played with share buttons. If you look at the left side of this blog you will note there are social networking buttons. By the way, feel free to click on either of those icons to share this article with your friends.

It is important to know that your readers will only share your blog content if you have:

*Captivating content

*Content that can raise hot debates because of its controversial nature

*Informative content

*Comical content

social marketingYou may be asking, what has all these got to do with SEO. Imagine you share a captivating story that is optimized. As people click to share with their friends you will be increasing your

-Web presence as your content takes a viral effect

-Link popularity as more and more people will want to link to your page

-Direct traffic

-SEO organic traffic as you will rank high from the many backlinks you have generated from social sites and personal websites and blogs.

When it comes to marketing success, how you write articles is very critical. Plan your writing so that your content can go hand in hand with your social marketing and SEO. Do not shy away from ensuring your content is interesting thus necessitate readers to share it.

On a social marketing site like facebook, the more people that like your content the higher your SEO value will go up. But to make certain that people click on the like button, you have to know how to attract targeted fans.

One of the ways of achieving loyal following is creating a facebook fan page. Here is how you go about creating a facebook page that acts as a magnet to new fans:

Optimize your account: Before you set up your fan page, have in mind the kinds of people you want to be fans. Know their preferences and research and indentify the keywords they commonly search for when browsing.

Use these targeted keyword phrases on your user profile hence when people search they will easily find your page.

Facebook PPC: If you have cash, you can use facebook pay per click advertising to get even more targeted followers. Advertising your facebook fan page is a sure strategy of getting targeted and active fan base that will guarantee online presence and online brand name awareness.

Fan Page design: One major principle of marketing online is creating a good first impression. That is why you have to take time and create a fan page that is attractive. This will compel people to click on the like button thus boost your web presence.

In order for your page to stand out, think outside the box. You do not have to be 100% creative; just 10% uniqueness is enough to make your fan page stand out.

Recap: Social marketing is a powerful tool of promoting your site. Apart from generating direct traffic, social marketing will improve your site rankings for relevant keyword phrases.

There are other social media networks like Technorati, Digg, Reddit, StumpleUpon that will help you share content and more so post links to help improve your search engine rankings.

Overall, social marketing offers business owners a platform for creating and building relationships. If you can approach social marketing with a view to form connections, you will eventually be guaranteed of direct and organic SEO traffic that convert.

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Social Media Networking Ability In Todays Marketing

Social Media Networking Ability In Todays Marketing

A lot has been said about social media networking sites; both negative and positive. The latest was a hot debate stating that micro-blogging (social media) has brought about the death of blogging. Whether that is true or not I leave it for you to decide but as for me blogging is here to stay and so are social media networking sites.

The one undeniable fact is that online marketers are really enjoying a smooth ride on the waves of social media sites. Any webmaster or blogger, who ignores the marketing benefits that have been brought about by social media networking sites, will be doing so at the expense of his/her own business.

Here are the top 7 major aspects of social media sites in relation to work online marketing:

1. Create an account in all top social media sites: Some people assume that Facebook and Twitter are the only social media networking sites available. One thing you need to realize is that it all depends on your target audience.

You could be busy spending endless hours promoting your business on facebook and yet your target audiences are on Google Plus or Yammer. Therefore, you need to do a research and find out where people in your niche spend most of their time.

There are also other online businesses forums that can greatly help you reach your target audience with ease. A good example is Warrior Forum; here work from home experts congregate to share their ideas. You can also find legit online jobs that pay very well like article writing.

In short, there are many social media marketing sites; all you need to know is how to effectively maximize their potential. It is not about being in all social media networking sites, but rather how you use the sites to reach your audience.

It would be advisable that you identify the social network site where your audience spend time and maximize on it. Once you have built stable relationships you can then move on to another relevant social site.

2. Promote every profile page you create: As you may have noticed by the point mentioned above, it is not about being in all social media sites. Unfortunately, most online marketers think by creating user profiles on all social media networking sites then they will generate traffic.

If you create a profile and then fail take time to update your status wall or promote it, then you can expect to benefit nothing from that profile. The best way to market online using social media websites is through building relationships. This is achieved by you participating actively in every social media site you register in.

3. The millions of people on social media sites cannot all be wrong: Anywhere people congregate means there is money exchanging hands. It may appear like people just meet on social media networking sites to waste time talking and socializing.

That may be the case, but do not forget this same people by the end of the day may having business to promote, need cloths to wear, food to eat, places to travel thus you can offer them these services.

The other thing about the internet is Content; if you can offer people useful content then you can be sure to grab people’s attention in any niche. Content can be in form of videos or educational articles that seeks to add value.

Social media networking sites have the ability of turning your content viral, thus expose your work from home online business in a way money will never be able to do.

4. Social media marketing is for all: If you ask me, anyone can be successful when it comes to social media marketing. All you need is to have is a willingness to know how to relate with people. The notion that social media networking is a reserve for the online marketing experts is completely misplaced.

social media strategyMarketing on social media sites is not easy though; you need to have the zeal of knowing how to go about it. This may sound contradictory but that is the truth of the matter.

There is no type of online business out there that does not need customers. Hence social media networking is for all businesses that seek to:

           a. Boost their organic traffic through search engines (SEO traffic)

           b. Increase new online sales leads

           c. Collect feedback and suggestions from customers on a real time bases

           d. Build online presence and online brand

If you are an online business entrepreneur, then you have to jump on the band wagon called social media networking and marketing right away.

5. Use Analytic tools to measure the impact of social media marketing on your site: Whether you are doing offline or online business you need to measure your Return On Investment (ROI). Thanks to the many analytic tools one can find on the internet.

One such tool is Google Analytics where you can easily know if a marketing strategy is working for your business or not. Experts in online promotion advice that you track your traffic from social media networking sites and the action visitors take while on your blog or website.

This you do by setting up “Goals” on google analytics. Setting “Goals” will help you know which links help you generate the most traffic. (Professional online marketers recommend you take your time to study Google Analytics and see what it can do for your business.)

6. Automating social media marketing: It is true that social media sites can be very addictive but if your aim is to market your business then you have to be disciplined.

social media marketingPersonally, I spend at most 10 minutes daily on social media networking sites and sometimes I even don’t visit these sites. This is because I have linked my profiles to my blog on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With a site like Networked Blogs you can automatically update your status wall every time you publish a post on your blog. Other sites to use to automatically update your status wall include Pingfm and Tweeter Feed. This means that even if I don’t open my profile, I will still be able to communicate to my fans on social media networking sites.

This helps to answer the myth that claims blogging is at its death bed. This is far from the truth because I believe blogging works especially if you handle it professionally. The issue is that most bloggers do not have the right approach to blogging.

If you are blogging for money then you need to have the knowhow on ways to integrate micro blogging on social media networking sites. Social sites can act as a platform to take your business to the next level if you have the right game plan.

Blogging is here to stay and if you want to generate income from home through blogging you need to treat it as a business venture. A business needs to be promoted and that is where social media networking comes in.

7. Integrate social media with other online marketing strategies: The thought that with the introduction micro blogging on social media sites will make other online marketing tactics irrelevant is misplaced.

In fact, the best approach is to combine other top online marketing strategies with social media marketing.

For instance, you cannot overlook the convenience brought about by social media marketing, but there is no way micro blogging can work if you have no place to take your audience to get full information. This is where blogging comes in, a place that you can offer people your product, services and more detailed information.

In some businesses, there is need to have a face to face communication and social media networking cannot offer this. This tells you that social media sites are not the only route to traffic generation.

Did you know that over 90% of traffic online is generated from search engines? This means that the rest 10% or less is shared by social media sites and other channels of traffic generation.

Summary: Prudent webmasters need to embrace micro blogging through social media networking but not at the expense of blogging or other internet marketing channels. Yes, it is true that social media networking is here to stay, but also are the other channels of website promotion.

Do not expect to wake up any time soon and find micro blogging/social media taking over the importance of having a website or a blog. On social media networking sites you get to post only a line or two. But a website or blog acts as a place you can call home.

A blog is a platform you can share your expertise in details and also have full control to market your products and services. I say Yes to the power of social media networking and also the integration of other online marketing arsenals in website promotion.

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