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Targeted Web Traffic vs High Volume Untargeted Traffic

Targeted Web Traffic vs High Volume Untargeted Traffic

If you were given a choice between getting high volume of untargeted site traffic or low but targeted web traffic, which of the two would you opt for? From the articles that most people publish on their blogs, most bloggers would settle for high volume of traffic.

The thought that runs through most online marketers especially newbies, is that the more traffic one generates the higher the chances of generating online sales leads. This may be true to some extent, but it is good to ask yourself if the traffic you are generating is adding zeros on your check.

When the question of whether to get high targeted web traffic or just high volume of untargeted traffic was posed to a group of people, a big percentage opted for high volume traffic. Therefore, it came as a surprise when an expert on SEO said he worked to drop his organic search traffic. He was even more excited when his site organic leads dropped by 40%.

How would you celebrate when your traffic was going down? How is less search engine traffic better than high traffic?

Less Web traffic but targeted

On this article we shall see just how generating targeted web traffic is the best strategy for people who want to learn how to work online and make money.

A look at advertising campaigns on Google Adwords indicates how people would pay millions of dollars to get targeted web traffic. There are some keywords where marketers pay up to $50 per click. Would you pay that much if you are not going to get your return on investment? Of course not.

There is an aspect of online business called Bounce Rate that most webmasters really ignore. Bounce rate signifies the duration that visitors spend on your site. The more your website or blog retain visitors the more money you are going to make online.

The sites that generate more income are the ones that have a low bounce rate. Therefore, sometimes it can be more beneficial to your work from home blog when you have less traffic. The same applies when you have less search engine leads.

But the question is; when is less search engine traffic good for online business?

You can be directing a lot of traffic to your blog but it would not be profitable if you are generating the wrong kind of traffic. It is better to attract less online leads that are targeted.

getting targeted web traffic

To give you a scenario, you have a blog that seeks to sell affiliate products that are related to generating income from home. It would be counterproductive to target web traffic from keywords that are not related to income generation.

Though you can work hard and rank for very competitive and high value key phrases, if the key terms are not relevant to your niche then you can expect to have a high bounce rate. The measure of online marketing success is not increased organic traffic but rather attracting targeted web traffic.

Of all the traffic generation techniques, search engine optimization is definitely the best. But organic traffic can turn out to be ineffective if you just generate any kind of traffic at whatever cost. An important question you have to ask yourself before starting your SEO campaign is; who is your target?

targeted web trafficYou have to synchronize your web content with the keyword phrases you are seeking to rank on. It is possible to be the best in search engine ranking but end up making very little cash online. What is the point of generating high volume traffic and then report low sales volume?

It can be quite frustrating when lots of people are calling in about your products but no one is buying. This is what will happen if you seek to rank on keywords that are not related to your niche blog. Earlier we mentioned about a blog on how to generate income from home; it would be of no value for such a niche blog to target a keyword like online games.

Though this is a high ranking keyword, you cannot expert to generate any money with that term for a blog on making money. Hence, as you work on generating organic traffic you need to factor in important optimization guidelines like how to attract targeted web traffic.

For you to get top rated and targeted web traffic for a blog about earning income online from home, you should seek to rank for phrases like work from home, home based business, work at home online jobs, working online and so on.

If you are seeking to make money online try and avoid using terms like “free”, “ideas”, “advice” e.t.c. This may be high ranking key terms but not from people who are ready to spend money.

It would be preferable to spend half your time online determining the right keywords that would generate targeted web traffic which converts. In short, settle for keyword phrases that attract high end visitors.

Summary: The most important element of increasing your conversion rate is not traffic quantity but rather quality of traffic. Instead of spending a lot of time seeking to rank on low quality keywords, work online to optimize your blog to rank for targeted web traffic.

For you to make serious money online, you need to target serious people that are ready to spend serious money. Remember to also have quality content and products that offer serious and workable solutions.

Search engine optimization is a vital marketing tool if only webmasters use the right approach. Evaluate your approach to SEO and make sure your strategy only attracts targeted web traffic from today onwards.

Search Engine Optimization And Use Of Longtail Keywords – Insider Secrets

Search Engine Optimization And Use Of Longtail Keywords – Insider Secrets

The internet has completely revolutionized the way of doing business especially if you decide to do search engine optimization (SEO). Long gone are the days when tradition business was the norm, today you can start making money from home with ease.

Though micro-blogging seems to be stealing the show when it comes to internet marketing, you as a webmaster need to use social media sites to boost your back links. Even after you update your facebook wall or send tweets of your home business, you need to have a place that you will be sending your target audience.

Many people use the long route of making money by joining online business programs and spend all day on social sites promoting their web business links. It would be better you launch a blog or website and offer people quality content. Once you have gained online presence you can go ahead and monetize your web pages by publishing links directing people to your work online business programs.

So as to generate unique traffic to your site, one of the strategies is through SEO. As an online business person, if you choose to dismiss search engine optimization (SEO) as a way of internet marketing, you do so at your own risk.

This is what you need to have in mind; people browse the internet to look for content. Therefore, all you need to do is learn what people are searching for and make money from home by offering them the information they want.

It therefore becomes critical that online entrepreneurs figure out how to make the most of this essential tool of internet business marketing. Regardless of whether you run a massive or small home business, search engine optimization will assist you to generate quality online sales leads.

Longtail keyword pro

Some folks outsource for SEO services and that is alright if you have the money to spend. But remember that you need to do your research well so as to avoid being scammed off your cash. There are many con artists who claim that they can make your site rank in a few days, be very careful. Otherwise, SEO is something anyone can do from the comfort of their home. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a will to succeed.

To get a high placement on major search engines like Google and Yahoo takes time. You need to be patient and focused to appear on page 1 or 2 of search engines since that is where the money is.

Below are a few validated techniques associated with Search Engine Optimization.

Choose A Niche: Before you start a website you first need to identify which niche you want to target. Opt for an industry you know you are passionate about and that has a wide range of topics to discuss about.

From there, research and select the keyword phrases you want to target within the niche you have selected. Use tools like Keyword Checker or google Trends to see which keywords are searched for mostly in your niche and how competitive they are. Go for keywords that have high search volumes but low competition.

This will ensure you rank faster and thus generate more traffic quicker.

Internal Optimization: Once you have identified the keywords to target, you have to use the keywords within your website or blog. Add your key terms in your keyword and description META tags.

META Tags: Including a description and key-phrases to your blog META names is extremely important with regard to search engine optimization. This is the segment that informs engine Spiders what your blog is focused on.

Whenever you publish your description, make it brief and ensure you include your targeted keywords optimally. Again note: Think about your target viewers when picking which keywords to work with. The idea is to go for commonly searched phrases.

Web Page Content: To obtain a higher page positioning on search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing content takes on a significant role. Each time you post stories on your blog make use of common keyword phrases ideally the once listed within your website description META tags and KEYWORD elements.

To avoid spamming use different keyword phrases on every page you publish.

That means, from the onset you have to choose your keywords meticulously ensuring they are being sought after by people in your industry. In addition, steer clear of keywords that are extremely competitive because it will take you a long time before you rank for them.

With regard to better SEO practices, make sure you work with textual content instead of pictures. Typically, the intelligent applications known as Spiders or Crawlers employed by engines like Yahoo and Google cannot read through images. But because images enhance your web page overall look, be sure to include alternate tags hence allowing Crawlers gather information and know what your images are about.

External Optimization: This is where you work towards making certain engines spiders/bots locate your site thus rank it. The way to do this is by submitting your web URL on other sites. Since sites like facebook, twitter, online business directories are crawled often, you can add your web links on these sites to boost your inbound links.

Link Building: Remember that the more links directed back to your web page the more important your website is regarded by engine crawlers therefore boosting your web page rating. But note, the more top quality links you have from sites in your industry the more effective your search engine optimization will be. Hence, make contact with webmasters with higher web page ranking and request them politely to link back to your blog or you request to be a guest blogger.

Another recommended technique of increase your link popularity while working online is through article submission. There are article directories like Go Article, Article Click, Buzzle and Ezine Articles where you can post write ups and in return get back links.

An additional technique for backlink building would be to provide high quality content on your site which is beneficial to your niche market audience. The more educative your data is the greater the probabilities of folks linking back to your blog.

The minute you learn the secrets you will never spend an extra cent hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist to assist you generate organic traffic to your blog. Make the crucial step and with passage of time you too will become a real Search engine marketing specialist.

The world-wide-web has totally changed the ways of conducting business and I believe that this is for the better. This is will only be so to you if you make use of technology.

Follow the links below to harness more insights about online marketing.

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What is the Ideal SEO Guide To Use Today And In Future?

What is the Ideal SEO Guide To Use Today And In Future?

The one and most important ingredient of basic SEO guide is one, CONTENT. It is amazing the way different SEO experts will attribute their success to different search engine optimization methods. But the common denominator you will find in all the SEO methods they used will be content.

This goes to show that there is no ultimate SEO guide that will work better than the rest. In fact, all the SEO guides you have read work, the secret is implementing them the right way and being consistent.

Many are the times you will notice online marketing professionals coming up with different views; this does not mean that one is better than the other. Actually, they are all right because they are talking from experience by sharing what worked for them.

While one webmaster may have had great success with article marketing, another could have had similar results with video marketing. In short, there is no better SEO guide than the other; it is all a matter of execution that really counts.

Which SEO guide worked for me?

At the moment I cannot claim that I’m a guru when it comes to website ranking, but most of my blog posts rank on page 1 of google search results. It is from my personal experience that I can share with you the SEO guide that helped me in generating online traffic from search engines.

The best strategies of getting a good placement in search engine result pages for me are blogging and article marketing. These are the two techniques that have made my work online blog to rank on page 3 in a very competitive niche in just 6 months. Am sure it will not take long before I hit page 1.

Blogging is all about creating content that is helpful to readers. If you aim to educate and offer people workable solutions to their problems then they will build confidence in you. As you build your online reputation by sharing rich content, traffic will build and it will not take long before your readers begin to link back to your blog or website.

It is only by generating relevant and insightful articles that will necessitate high quality sites to link to you. Therefore, the ultimate SEO guide of ensuring you boost your search engine ranking is distributing valuable content.

Search engine algorithms:

Most of the time when people read about page ranking the thing that comes to mind is the google “1 – 10 PageRank”. As much as this may count to a certain extent, it does not contribute much to traffic generation or work online money making. In actual fact, the 1 – 10 PageRank has got nothing to do with SEO guide.

When talking of page placement, the ideal way to gauge this is to consider where your webpages appear in search engine result pages (SERP’s). It was just the other day when the Google panda updates hit many webmasters and bloggers by surprise. The updates where meant to demonstrate to online marketers that content is key.

For search engines to remain relevant and better their browser’s experience, they have to keep providing quality content. So if you say you survived the google panda updates and you offer people useless content, it will not take long before another google algorithm change hits you too.

Of late the algorithm changes have been designed to root out low quality sites that have duplicate content or have content that is not useful. This goes to show that the best SEO guide that every expert should share is definitely quality content creation.

best SEO guideTake time to read other blog content in your niche and provide your readers with informative and original ideas. Do research and come up with detailed reports that are insightful and search engines will obviously rank your website or blog on their first pages. According to Google only top quality sites should be rewarded with high page ranking.

Online reputation and presence:

Apart from creating content for search engine ranking, remember that you also need to consider your reader’s experience. If you offer useless content, you can be sure that your visitors will keep away from your blog or website.

Therefore, be professional as you are publishing your content. As you aim to rank on search engine result pages, build your online reputation by offering content that is devoid of typos and grammar mistakes. The articles on your blog are a direct representation of who you really are.

Since on the internet there is no face to face interaction, people form an impression from the way you present your content. Thus the material you discuss on your site should be objective towards adding value and not just filling up the space.

Take note: For you to make money online you need to retain people on your webpages. The lower your bounce rate (the recommended bounce rate is 80% and below) the better your conversion rate will be. Reflect on this, your online presence is dependent on the type of content you share.

Some of you may claim that they are not good writers, but you do not need to be an established author in order to come up with good content. Even the best authors you see today worked hard to get to where they are today. Practicing is the secret of developing your article writing skills or creating quality video content.

To avoid hurting your online reputation by sharing poor content, you can hire experts to write for you. There are sites you can visit and hire writers to create quality content at affordable rates. One search site is at Warrior Forum.

Keywords in SEO guide:

The fact that am sharing about search engine optimization means I cannot omit the importance of keywords. When it comes to keywords the two things you should always remember is to avoid overstuffing and forcing keywords in your articles.

Note that people are the ones that will purchase your products and not search engines. Hence you can rank very well because of forcing keywords but if people do not understand what you have written, how would you expect them to buy?

Furthermore, it will not take long for search engine bots to see that your content is of low quality and they will send your site to the sandbox. To avoid being penalized by engine spiders, keep away from keyword spamming and overstuffing. A good SEO guide must emphasis the right use of keywords.

To sum it all up, the ultimate SEO guide is about being patient. If you are consistent and take time to create rich content you can be sure to laugh all the way to the bank. This will not happen overnight, but is a matter of focusing on improving the lives of people in your niche.

Regardless of the SEO guide you opt to work with, never move away from syndicating relevant and quality content. Therefore, as you create that video or article take time to address the needs of your target audience adequately.

How To Retain Top Search Engine Rankings

How To Retain Top Search Engine Rankings

In recent times, so much has been happening in the search engine rankings arena. Some sites that were considered as an authority, are right now struggling to regain their top search engine position. All that occurred when Google Panda update took effect just some few months ago.

The Farmer update or otherwise known as Panda update really did achieve its intended purpose, which was to weed out sites with useless content. Also affected were sites which were rich with keywords but offered no value to readers.

Just before webmasters could recover from the shock caused by Panda, they were hit hard with Google Fresh update. The aim of Google Fresh was to improve user experience by offering internet browsers quality and fresh content.

That is not all; as we speak Google is conducting more tests aimed at changing their algorithm come 2012. The changes will seek to measure the ration between content and adverts appearing on a site. Therefore, to avoid been caught off guard, it is advisable to act now and focus more on content generation that adding advertisements.

Ideally, the debate concerning ad-to-content ration has been there for a long time now. Google looks at it as a positive thing considering it partially included ad-to-content measurement in the Google Panda Updates. One site that was hit by this measurement and in fact dropped in search engine ranking was Ezine Articles.

So as to avoid been a victim of ad-to-content ration, make sure your advertisements do not distract visitors from reading your main content. According to Matt Cutts of PubCon, he advises webmasters to avoid obscuring visitors by placing annoying or distracting ads within their content. Google thinks what matters most is content. But in the process he thinks that other things apart from advertisements will come into the picture, e.g pop ups within a site.

Over the years, webmasters have had an easy time to get top search engine rankings but that is slowly changing. Search engines are seeking to offer their users best quality content in order to generate more traffic and increase their advertisement revenue.

For a search engine like Google, they consider authority and trust of a site as important factors when it comes to top search engine rankings. By the way things are taking shape; it is now going to be even more difficult for a new site to appear on page 1 or 2 for high ranking keywords.

The benefits of the recent google algorithm updates will be enjoyed by internet users than webmasters. As for SEO experts, it is a wakeup call to start generating quality content. Online marketers will now more than ever need to re-evaluate their approach to SEO and only stick to white hat SEO techniques.

Considering that search engine ranking on google will take a considerable amount of period, since webmasters will require time to gain trust from Google, small online home based business will have a tough time. Therefore, it will mean that small online businesses will have to go into their pockets to start generating traffic immediately through Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns.

Unlike their counterparts, big businesses which already have a strong financial base can result to focus more on paid traffic and fail to concentrate on getting top search engine rankings. In addition, big businesses already have established online brands and are considered as an authority by search engines. Hence, they do not need to do much to keep on generating organic SEO traffic.

The sector that will be greatly affected with the constant algorithm changes are small online home business. As a newbie in blogging, you will have to earn trust which will normally take longer than it did before. Some years back, you could take short cuts and find your site achieving top search engine rankings in a short period of time, but that has now changed.

This article may sound like it is discouraging newbies from trying SEO as way for generating traffic, but that is far from the truth. Achieving top search engine placement should be the ultimate desire of all webmasters. The reason been that with top search engine rankings there are long term benefits and in addition you get to reduce your overall promotional budget.

Online marketers can choose to look are the recent Google algorithm changes in two ways:

search engine rankingFocus on generating Organic Traffic: Now that you know it may take some time to build trust and get high search engine placement, you may decide to be patience and only work with white hats SEO strategies. You may be surprised and get your site or blog ranking high since many marketers are lazy when it comes to generating quality content.

Since search engine want to increase user experience, you can opt to publish top notch content regularly from now on. Yes, it will or may take some time before your site is considered an authority, but the day it gets to the top you will recover a thousand times more.

Concentrate on Paid Advertising:

The other option is going into your pocket for quick results. This is where you pay for organic SEO traffic or Pay Per Click marketing (PPC). In business, time is of essence thus you need to act fast so as to capitalize on an online money making opportunity. Taking the long route my cause you to lose out on financial gains hence the need of having an advertising budget.

There is a common phrase in the business world which says “Time Is Money”. Businesses are there to make money and get their return on investment. If you want to seize an opportunity now then you will have to take action quickly. Note that PPC is no child’s play; the money involved can be quite substantial especially to small online business people.

A close view of the online marketing trends indicates that it time webmasters thought of paid advertising. You may focus on getting top search engines rankings, but by the time you get to the top you will find others have already reaped and moved on.

Work on both Paid and Search Engine Traffic: Seeing that it is becoming harder for small online businesses to generate organic traffic and also raise enough cash for paid advertising, the best thing to do now is work on both strategies.

Working on achieving top search engine rankings will help in the long term while PPC campaigns can be for the short term. Focusing only on search engine optimization is proving to be a tall order for online marketers thus the need to incorporate other marketing campaigns.

Summary: As much as paid advertising will guarantee immediate online traffic and sales which are short lived, it can never help you attain long term goals that come with top search engine rankings. Generally, successful online business is about quality content generation.

Publishing informative content ensures you gain trust and with time build a reputable online brand name. So if you assume SEO is dead you better rethink. Search engines will periodically change their algorithms but the one element that will remain constant in their algorithm equation is CONTENT.

The thing that SEO marketers need to do now is adapt to the changes and adjust quickly. Realize that in order to get top search engine rankings for your targeted keywords; your site needs to be seen as an authority. With that in mind, you can be sure that you will reap the full benefits of SEO in the long run.

Post your opinions on the recent Google algorithm updates and how it has affected your search engine rankings. Also post your feedback on the upcoming google algorithm aimed at measuring ad-to-content ration.

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11 Excellent SEO Tips For Product Based Sites

11 Excellent SEO Tips For Product Based Sites

One of the best ways to create awareness of your site and products is through search engines. That is why it is important for every online marketer to learn SEO tips that will help them promote their products.

You can create a blog that is so impressive and have the best products in the world, but without traffic all your efforts will amount to nothing. That is why you need to equip yourself with SEO tips that will ensure you attract traffic.

Search engine optimization sounds like a complicated term for most people but with the right guidance anyone can succeed in marketing on search engines. On this article we shall look at SEO tips that will help you in promoting an e-commerce site.

Even though SEO strategies are the same across the board, there are some unique challenges that product based websites face. A blog will rank higher than an e-commerce site because with a blog, content is generated repeatedly.

In order to contend with bloggers and webmasters in your niche you need to up your game. Remember, making money online is about attracting traffic. To source for leads you will need to apply different marketing strategies which include social sharing, SEO tactics, article marketing and so on.

As your leads and prospects increase, so will the number of customers and sales volume to your online store raise. So, here you are with your well stocked online shop with the best products in the market, how do you leverage your site to generate SEO organic traffic?

Below are the top SEO tips to employ and thus stay ahead of your competitors. Some of them may look simple but you will surprised very few webmasters actually implement these strategies. This is an indication that if you follow these SEO guidelines you will beat your competitors hands down.

Now let us get down to business and discuss the 10 best SEO tips to apply on a product based website:

1. Content: It is prudent when discussing SEO tips to begin with content. The overall objective of creating the internet was to share content. That is why any site that publishes quality information will always remain at the top of search engine listings.

Most e-commerce websites fail to take off because the owners just display their wares and expect visitors to come rolling in with their credit cards in hand. They forget that search engines have to be given reason to bring people to their site.

In addition, when prospects land on your online store you also need to give them a reason to purchase your products. Here is where content comes into play. Do not upload images of your wares and fail to provide customers with details about your products.

Below is an example of a product based template that can help you to fully optimize your product description.

SEO Tips

If you are an affiliate marketer, avoid adding the same content that is on your affiliate company site. Search engines give more preference to sites that offer unique content. Try and give your own product description and avoid copy pasting content from the manufacturer’s site.

Any webpage that has quality and unique content will not only get the attention of search engines, it will also help you in turning your visitors into loyal customers. Telling your target audience what to do (call to action), is one of the ways of getting people to use their credit cards on your online store.

It seems like yesterday when Panda came calling. The aim of google was to get rid of sites that were ranking high and had worthless content. The Google famer update or otherwise Panda update sort to give more preference to sites with original and unique content.

Of all SEO tips and recipes you will read about on the net, posting quality information is for sure the number one ingredient. Though some SEO experts claim that Google is slowly moving away from giving preference to content, the one thing you can never go wrong with is content generation.

Why? Because, of the more that 200 signals that search engines consider when ranking sites, originality of content is No: 1. There are more than 4 billion searches done on google alone, what if a fraction of that traffic came to your online store? You will without a doubt laugh all the way to the bank.

2. Deal with duplicate content: Most e-commerce sites in a bind to help visitors navigate with ease, categorize using several parameters. These include product images, prices, product description and product rating.

As much as this is favorable to your target audience it can turn out to hurt your site ranking. Ideally, categorizing in the above mentioned manner leads to multiple pages with similar content.

We have just read about farmer updates and its preference of unique content. Therefore, multiple webpages with same information within a single site will definitely lower your SEO rankings.

The ideal thing to do if you have made the mistake of sorting and ended up with duplicate content is to inform Google using the webmaster tool.  Also read the SEO tips that discusses about how to optimize your menu/categories (SEO tip number 8).

3. Link to related products and webpages within your site: Of all SEO tips, on site optimization is one of the best and easy to implement. The secret is to link products using targeted keywords within the anchor text.

Applying your keywords in your anchor text will ensure search engines crawl all your web pages and thus index and rank them according. The words you use in your anchor text are thus very important, they help search engines to also know what your products and pages are all about.

In addition, links within your content help retain visitors on your site. People like clicking on links and the more your links take visitors to relevant pages or products the higher your conversion rate will be. It boosts conversion rate by increasing the odds of your targeted customers getting exactly what they are looking for.

4. Optimize your webpage URLs: This is one of the SEO tips that really help in SEO ranking. A close observation of sites that rank high on search engine results reveals that top sites fully optimize their URLs.

As you add your targeted keywords with your products description, you should also do the same to your webpage links. Let us take a scenario where you have created a page with the targeted keyword phrase as SEO optimization, the best way to formulate your page URL is:

By doing the above you help search engine bots recognize what your web page is all about. This will ensure you generate targeted organic traffic to your online store.

But if you omitted your keywords in your page URL and came up with a link reading like this; http// search engines will not know the content contained in that page.

Apart from this SEO tip helping you optimize your site, it also informs your targeted audiences what to expect once they click on the page link. Soon we will publish a detailed article on how to fully optimize your URL.

In order to keep getting our blog updates as we publish them, enter your email address in the section provided on the right side bar.

Note: The choice of domain name is also very important. SEO experts highly recommend buying domain names that contain your major keyword phrase.

5. Build on your site link popularity: Whenever SEO tips are discussed the first is content creation then it is followed closely with link popularity also referred to as building backlinks.

The fact that search engines can’t read content on your site thus measure the authority of your site, they rely on others sites to help them gauge. Therefore, the more sites that point to your site and products the higher search engines will rank you.

But for you to benefit fully from your backlinks, the links have to come from sites with relevant and quality content. For example, if your website is selling flower products, it is better for you when websites and blogs dealing with gardening linking back than a site selling sportswear.

The best way to get quality backlinks is to publish captivating and unique content. People will easily link back to content that will add value to their readers. Take time to come up with products description and blog content that educates and other webmasters will automatically link back to you.

SEO tips

Here are two SEO tips that will help you create quality backlinks:

a) Article marketing: For a long time now article marketing has been the ideal tactic of boosting SEO value. Pick at least 10 to 15 top article directories and submit unique articles. Make certain you optimize your author resource box by using targeted key terms in your anchor text.

To make certain your articles rank higher thus boost your SEO ranking, publish article with a word count of about 600 words. Avoid publishing the same article in different article directories. Submit unique articles in every article directory.

This way you will increase your SEO profile thus rank higher on search engines result pages. Click here to and watch a video on the power of article marketing.

b) Blogging: If you have a product based website the best way to add content is to incorporate a blog. When you compare all SEO tips, the most significant is content creation.

The fact that a blog is interactive and thus has to be update frequently, it will help you rank for more keywords. This will ensure you get targeted traffic from search engines since spiders will be coming severally to crawl and index you fresh content.

Follow this link and get more information about blogging.

6. Identify what your target customers are looking for: As regards online selling there is nothing as invaluable as knowing what your target audience want. This is both in terms of keyword usage and products to sell.

Earlier we mentioned how describing your products is critical since it will help you generate organic traffic. But it is even more important to include your targeted keywords within your product description.

These calls for keyword research thus discover the words people use when searching for certain products. On top of that, another vital SEO tip is to settle for keywords that target specific regions or keywords that are less competitive.

By doing the above you will rank faster on search engine results. To get more in depth knowledge on how to do keyword research read Keyword Research That Guarantee You Rank High.

Some tools that will help you to do keyword research include Google Keyword tool, Keyword Discovery and Keyword Winner.

7. Add social icons: Right now any products based website that is not taking advantage of social media sites is losing out on a lot. Apart from attracting direct traffic from social sites, sharing your links also helps boost your SEO profile.

An example of a plugin you can install if you are using wordpress is Sharebar. If you look at the left side of this blog you will notice there are social buttons you can click on to share this article.

When adding share buttons it is recommended you make sure they are easy to find. For a product based site, placing social icons just below the product is advisable. This is where people get to visit the most as they read the prices and description of a product.

8. Optimize your categories/menu: One of the greatest opportunities you will ever have to optimize any site is through the categories section. Therefore as you work on the menu bar, add categories that are keyword based.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site selling clothes you can have categories like winter fashions, summer designs and so on. Make sure you use tools like Google Keyword Tools to determine the best keywords to use.

It will also be to your advantage to create categories using long tail keywords. This will ensure you attract targeted SEO leads who are more likely to become your customers.

Furthermore, use of broad based keywords in your menu helps ease navigation of your site thus finding products will be much easier. As a result, conversion rate will be higher.

9. Gather testimonials: For a product based site there is nothing as invaluable as testimonials from your satisfied customers in regards to sales conversion. Besides, products reviews are pieces of content that will help you further increase your SEO profile.

Testimonials helps your readers learn more about your products before hand thus will ensure you boost your online sales. As you can see, product testimonial is one of the SEO tips that help you rank on SERPs and at the same time turn your visitors to loyal customers.

Therefore, create an avenue where your customers can post their reviews. Go a step further and tell your clients to leave their comments about the products they have purchased. Though some comments may be negative, you can use such comments to improve your products.

10. Monitor your competitors’ activities: As much as webmasters do not like competition, this is the one aspect that helps businesses grow. You may be asking; how is this related to important SEO tips? You will see how in just a few seconds.

Monitoring what your competitors are doing helps you to find out keywords that are less competitive that you didn’t know about. In addition, you will be up to date with the best products to sell on your online store.

Online success is about knowing what is happening within your niche. To keep yourself updated with events in your niche subscribe to top sites through email or RSS feed.

Reading content from different site helps you gain expertise on how to come up with better sales copies and product descriptions. Your sales copy may not be the best for now but make sure that with time you improve how you write online by reading widely.

11. Track the keywords bring traffic to your site and products: Monitoring the keywords attracting traffic to your site is also one of the invaluable SEO tips. This helps you to know the keywords that you rank high for thus focus on them some more.

You will also see the key terms directing traffic to your site that you have not targeted. Once you note such keywords, you can optimize on them by including them in your product description.

As you track the keywords, try to also identify the regions that your visitors are coming from. This will help you in researching and getting region based long tail keywords thus further boost traffic and conversion rate.

Conclusion: If you implement these SEO tips and guidelines, you can be assured of generating meaningful traffic from search engines to your online store.

Take time to follow the links within this article since they will lead you to other related topics that will help you better optimize your e-commerce site.

Is there something you want to add or ask, feel free to leave your comments relating to SEO tips in the section provide below.

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SEO Tools To Consider In The First Year Of Working Online

SEO Tools To Consider In The First Year Of Working Online

For you to be successful in making money online you must embrace the use of SEO tools. Search engines optimization is the driving force of the internet. In fact, about 95% of the traffic generated on the internet is from search engines.

If this is your first time to be on the internet you need to read this article to the end. It is good to do offline business, but the full benefit of doing business is on the internet. The net provides you with an opportunity to reach a much wider audience unlike offline business. On the internet you are not limited by boundaries thus the online money making opportunities are immense.

The secret to generating income online from home is the proper use of the SEO tools that are available. Amazingly, most of these SEO tools are free to implement. With an optimized blog or website you are sure to rank high on search engine result pages thus drive high targeted traffic.

High targeted traffic will then make sure your conversation rate is high hence helping you make money at home with ease. At this point it is good to mention that proper use of SEO tools will not bring you traffic overnight. It usually takes some time before search engines build confidence in you thus rank your blog high.

Now let as look at some of the basic SEO tools to consider when you are launching your blog or website.

Have an open mind that is ready to learn: One of the best ingredients of learning that can enable you better absorb new things is developing curiosity. When you have a desire to learn new stuff you will absorb easily.

The internet is full of free materials for you to harness and learn the best SEO tools to use. It is advisable to read blogs of the people that are top in search engine optimization. A site to try is SEOMoz where expert post great and insightful articles on search engine marketing.

Other sources of getting and learning the best SEO tools include watching videos, reading reports, buying e-books, attending webinars and seminars on search engine optimization.

In the initial stages of doing online business from home; try to acquire as much knowledge on SEO strategies. Learning SEO will ensure that you avoid getting swindled by people or firms offering SEO services. Having little know-how in SEO enables you to properly vet SEO companies thus choose the right ones.

Armed with the right search engine optimization tools you will also avoid the use of black hat tactics to rank high. Always look to learn the white hat SEO strategies to that are in the good books of search engines.

To prevent the use to strategies that would hurt your SEO ambitions, consider having an account at Google and Bing webmaster tool. These two tools will help you learn the right work online legit guidelines as far as SEO practices are concerned.

The internet is filled with reputable SEO blogs that you can get insightful content on SEO tools and practices. When you learn proper SEO, you will be better prepared to form a lasting and profitable relation with search engines.

Launch a blog: The number one SEO tool in order to rank high is content. The best way to generate content is through blogging.

It is evident that writing to some people is quite a challenge but the secret is to practice. You may not be an established writer right now but the minute you start, with time you will learn the art. Even the established authors you hear of today started out as amateurs.

It may seem as an up-hill task to come up with articles with at least 700 words, but as time goes it will get easier. Try as much as possible to at least post one article in a week and as time passes you can move to two blog posts.

SEO toolsNote: For blogging to work for you as a SEO tool you need to publish content on a regular basis. If you have the cash to invest you can hire people seeking for work online jobs to write for you but it is better if you do it yourself.

It will take you time to develop writing skills and formulate content that is compelling. Therefore be patient and give engine spiders time to trust your site. Getting ranked high on search engines and thus have web presence is a gradual process.

Writing good content will help your blog individual pages get indexed and ranked hence increase web traffic.

Internal optimization: This is what is also known as onsite optimization or onpage optimization. Of all SEO tools, your blog is certainly the most vital one. It has been observed that when most people link to you they do so from your homepage.

As you create posts make certain to link to your homepage and other related pages on your blog. As you link your pages ensure you use targeted keywords as your anchor text.

Linking building is best achieved when you first work on internal optimization then later move on to external optimization. Linking your pages also help visitors to easy navigate through your blog. In addition, search engines will easily find, index and rank your pages.

You also need to tweak your pages now and then until your conversion rate goes up. The focus of your online promotion should be on blog content generation. As valuable as off site optimization is, it will be of no benefit if you have lots of traffic that does not convert to cash.

Social media networking: Most webmasters go about social media marketing the wrong way. Work on creating a profile that is optimized so as to link up with people in your niche. Your aim in social marketing should be to build relationship with the right people.

Research and find out the content that people in your niche are looking for and the best time to post. This will ensure that your status updates are read and people visit your blog. Remember that the links you post should be keyword based. This goes to show that social media is also among the SEO tools to consider.

Take time to learn the habits of your target audience and address their needs and wants. Find online forums and groups where your target audience congregate and offer content that adds value.

Recap: All said and done the best SEO tool in traffic generation is content. Give your site guests a reason to come back again and again to read your content.

Once you have good content on your site, then you can work on building link popularity. Some of the other great SEO tools to use include article marketing, guest blogging, video marketing and so on. If you note carefully, all of these SEO tools are all content based.

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