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Social Media Marketing In Guaranteeing SEO

Social Media Marketing In Guaranteeing SEO

The world of online promotion is constantly changing and as we speak social media marketing is surely taking over the cyberspace. Sites like facebook and twitter have become havens for online business people to generate quality traffic. It would be to your own disadvantage if you do not seize this great opportunity to market your business online using social networking sites.

You should know that most people and even big organizations have made twitter and facebook to be their home page. A company like Dell Computers has for example hired 100’s of people to be sending tweet updates everyday to their thousands of followers. Therefore this should tell you that you too need to utilize these social media marketing strategy to boost your online sales.

On this write up we are going to concentrate more on how to use facebook when it comes to search engine optimization. The first thing you need to realize is that facebook is a major site, hence search engines will constantly keep crawling this website for links. Therefore if you have a facebook page and optimize it well you will soon be getting unique visitors to your blog.

It is also interesting to note that facebook itself has of late began improving its web optimization thus bettering their listing and in the process people using facebook as a social media marketing tool are really benefiting.

Below are some of the things you need to implement so as to take full advantage of social media marketing on facebook (FB):

About Me: This is the most important segment when it comes to optimizing your FB page. Most people do not even attempt to fill in their details in the profile section. The best thing to do is including your targeted keyword phrases within your profile content. Make sure that your keywords appear at the beginning of your facebook page.

The “About Me” box usually has a 250 words limit thus use it wisely since it acts as the CSS structure of your page.

Information Tab: This is also a section you cannot ignore if you want to generate targeted traffic to your blog through social media markeing. In the info tab you can include your targeted primary and secondary keyword phrases. In addition you can add backlinks.

The info section is designed to help you add your preferred content. For that reason it is vital that you take time to fill out all the fields with your keyword phrases and hyperlinks. It is from the data you publish here that you will increase your chances of getting high ranking on google search queries.

Page Title: Whenever search engines are crawling websites the first thing they see is the title. This means the identity you opt for is vital. Make certain that your title or name is not spammy since such will hurt your search engine listing and people will also avoid mentioning it on their wall.

Your page title should be unique but still use keywords that people search for when they are browsing. The secret is to work with your true name or company’s brand name. Remember, you should not change at anytime your page title since it will greatly affect your SEO placement.

Facebook URL: If you want to succeed in social media marketing while you work online from home then the keywords in your facebook link should be rich with keywords. This signifies that you have to choose your username prudently. Go for a username that represents what you have to offer on your website. For example; if your online business site is about self help e-books, use a username like “selfhelptips” or “selfhelpebooks”.

Just recently facebook offered a chance for one to choose a headline for their pages.

Adding Images: Apart from making your page look appealing to your target audience, pictures can be a great tool for search engine optimization when is get to social media marketing. This you can achieve by making sure every image you add contains a caption. The descriptions fields next to the pictures offer an opportunity for you add your targeted keywords.

Status Update: This is one vital tool that can help you create backlinks to your blog or website. I have noticed some people who use their wall to share stuff that do not add value to their online business. The best approach is to link your website to your facebook page thus ensuring that every time you update your site the web page link is posted on your FB status wall.

Major engine like Google will boost your blog ranking when you link with relevant social media marketing websites. Therefore when your update your facebook wall with your blog page hyperlink you increase your chances of getting better placement on the major engines.

Creating Inbound Links: Just as you work to add backlink to your blog or website through social media marketing, you should also strive to increase inbound links to your facebook page. On facebook there is a Badge you can utilize to achieve this. Ensure your alternate tags text links pointing to your facebook page contain your keywords. This will make certain you pass all that link juice to your FB page and also your website.

Getting Followers: The more fans you have following you on facebook, the more inbound links you are going to get. Try to make your followers to like your page content. Whenever people share their comments and like your page, google will notice this relationship and thus rank you page high. We all know that search engines love natural links and the best way to achieve this is by getting other people to link to your pages.

Link Facebook With Twitter: With this tactic you can greatly increase both your FB page and website ranking on major search engines. Since twitter was launched it has proved to be one of the fastest growing social media marketing website. It would therefore be to your advantage to integrate your blog to both your twitter and facebook accounts.

As mentioned earlier, post content that is geared towards improving your ranking. By this we mean that you should avoid talking about what you had for lunch and publish updates that will add value to your readers. This in the long run will help you get targeted followers thus attract quality traffic to your website and improve your online brand name.

There are many online marketing arsenals and one that you as an internet marketing person should never dismiss is social media marketing.

Advantage Of Facebook Like Button And Share Button

Advantage Of Facebook Like Button And Share Button

Technology has truly taken the world by storm and you do not need to look far to see how people’s lives are being changed by gadgets. For online marketers two simple but effective tools are the facebook like button and the share button.

Since the rise of social media sites, which initially were created to help people socialize, now advertisers have taken advantage of these websites to promote their businesses. As we speak, social media marketing is one of the most effective online marketing arsenals.

The secret behind social network marketing is to know that people always have needs. Thus when they congregate on one platform you are just required to identify what their needs are and offer them solutions. Research has proven that people interested in fashion will group themselves together. This is a good opportunity for you as a fashion designer to show case you work and get some customers while you are at it.

Ideally, there are many online marketing strategies you can use on social media sites like facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like. But today let us look at the power of the facebook like button in online marketing.

Important to note, is the realization that the facebook like button and share button have become quite effective in online promotion. Therefore, if you are blogging for money you need to include these plugins on your blog right away. And this is why…

Facebook like button:

The “like” is a button that people normally press whenever they are attracted in what someone else has posted. To most people the facebook like button seems to be of no importance, but assuming so is failure to see how facebook really functions.

Click here to learn how to install the facebook like button on your blog. As for those that are using wordpress, you can add the Gosocial media plugin and have several share button installed.

The “LIKE” button on facebook works like this; when a person clicks the button, whether on facebook or on your site plugin, facebook post that information on the person’s status wall. This means that all his/her friends will get to view the data.

In turn, the person’s friends will most probably wish to know what is this that their friend likes, in the process a post can turn viral hence help establish an awareness of a certain event, product or blog content.

Generally, people connect with others of whom they share the same interests. Therefore, they too may end up pressing on the facebook like button and making your post go completely viral.

Imagine you have 500 friends who are in the same niche as you are. If you post high quality content that is helpful, a good number of them will “like” your content thus exposing your blog content to their friends too. Some of their friends may also end up liking your content thus exposing your content to even more views.

Some time back we shared about the power of viral marketing and the facebook like button demonstrates its potential.

facebook like buttonThe other avenue that the facebook like button can be beneficial to your online marketing is when facebook recommends to your friends your business. Here is an illustration, if friend X and Y are connected and then friend X likes a certain work from home business program belonging to friend Z, the same program will be recommended to friend Y.

This just goes to show just how vital social media marketing is to both bloggers and webmasters. Any online marketer that ignores the power of social networking is simply going to miss out on a lot of potential targeted traffic.

The share button:

Again this is another powerful tool that allows people to broadcast information online to various websites. The share button ideally works just like the facebook like button only that the information on the share button is more detailed.

While the facebook like button shares information to facebook, other site like twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Technocrati, Delicious also have their own custom share button. All these buttons are a means that can help you in viral marketing.

Apart from the facebook like button and the other sites’ share button ensuring you generate targeted blog traffic, they too help you pass on helpful data. However, it is recommended that as people click your share button, you too should like other people’s business and content too.

As a serious blogger, you should be active in your social network by actively sharing what others have posted. This should be on topics that you find useful to people in your niche. As you share other people’s business and content, they too will easily recommend your content to their friends thus increasing the chances of your content going viral.

The main reason that the internet was created was to share information and ideas. Therefore every opportunity you get to share what you know you should do it on the net. With the help of easy to use tools like the facebook like button and the share button you will definitely cut a niche for yourself in no time.

Conclusion: If you are serious about blogging for money then social media sites are a good place to start to generate referral traffic. Show your participation by actively reading other people’s content within your niche and clicking on their facebook like button or the share button.

It will not take long before people take notice of your activities and they will reward you by reading and sharing your content too. To create an online brand name that will last you need to build relationships. The sharing button is one means of generating an online presence thus make money from home.

Social Media Networking Ability In Todays Marketing

Social Media Networking Ability In Todays Marketing

A lot has been said about social media networking sites; both negative and positive. The latest was a hot debate stating that micro-blogging (social media) has brought about the death of blogging. Whether that is true or not I leave it for you to decide but as for me blogging is here to stay and so are social media networking sites.

The one undeniable fact is that online marketers are really enjoying a smooth ride on the waves of social media sites. Any webmaster or blogger, who ignores the marketing benefits that have been brought about by social media networking sites, will be doing so at the expense of his/her own business.

Here are the top 7 major aspects of social media sites in relation to work online marketing:

1. Create an account in all top social media sites: Some people assume that Facebook and Twitter are the only social media networking sites available. One thing you need to realize is that it all depends on your target audience.

You could be busy spending endless hours promoting your business on facebook and yet your target audiences are on Google Plus or Yammer. Therefore, you need to do a research and find out where people in your niche spend most of their time.

There are also other online businesses forums that can greatly help you reach your target audience with ease. A good example is Warrior Forum; here work from home experts congregate to share their ideas. You can also find legit online jobs that pay very well like article writing.

In short, there are many social media marketing sites; all you need to know is how to effectively maximize their potential. It is not about being in all social media networking sites, but rather how you use the sites to reach your audience.

It would be advisable that you identify the social network site where your audience spend time and maximize on it. Once you have built stable relationships you can then move on to another relevant social site.

2. Promote every profile page you create: As you may have noticed by the point mentioned above, it is not about being in all social media sites. Unfortunately, most online marketers think by creating user profiles on all social media networking sites then they will generate traffic.

If you create a profile and then fail take time to update your status wall or promote it, then you can expect to benefit nothing from that profile. The best way to market online using social media websites is through building relationships. This is achieved by you participating actively in every social media site you register in.

3. The millions of people on social media sites cannot all be wrong: Anywhere people congregate means there is money exchanging hands. It may appear like people just meet on social media networking sites to waste time talking and socializing.

That may be the case, but do not forget this same people by the end of the day may having business to promote, need cloths to wear, food to eat, places to travel thus you can offer them these services.

The other thing about the internet is Content; if you can offer people useful content then you can be sure to grab people’s attention in any niche. Content can be in form of videos or educational articles that seeks to add value.

Social media networking sites have the ability of turning your content viral, thus expose your work from home online business in a way money will never be able to do.

4. Social media marketing is for all: If you ask me, anyone can be successful when it comes to social media marketing. All you need is to have is a willingness to know how to relate with people. The notion that social media networking is a reserve for the online marketing experts is completely misplaced.

social media strategyMarketing on social media sites is not easy though; you need to have the zeal of knowing how to go about it. This may sound contradictory but that is the truth of the matter.

There is no type of online business out there that does not need customers. Hence social media networking is for all businesses that seek to:

           a. Boost their organic traffic through search engines (SEO traffic)

           b. Increase new online sales leads

           c. Collect feedback and suggestions from customers on a real time bases

           d. Build online presence and online brand

If you are an online business entrepreneur, then you have to jump on the band wagon called social media networking and marketing right away.

5. Use Analytic tools to measure the impact of social media marketing on your site: Whether you are doing offline or online business you need to measure your Return On Investment (ROI). Thanks to the many analytic tools one can find on the internet.

One such tool is Google Analytics where you can easily know if a marketing strategy is working for your business or not. Experts in online promotion advice that you track your traffic from social media networking sites and the action visitors take while on your blog or website.

This you do by setting up “Goals” on google analytics. Setting “Goals” will help you know which links help you generate the most traffic. (Professional online marketers recommend you take your time to study Google Analytics and see what it can do for your business.)

6. Automating social media marketing: It is true that social media sites can be very addictive but if your aim is to market your business then you have to be disciplined.

social media marketingPersonally, I spend at most 10 minutes daily on social media networking sites and sometimes I even don’t visit these sites. This is because I have linked my profiles to my blog on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With a site like Networked Blogs you can automatically update your status wall every time you publish a post on your blog. Other sites to use to automatically update your status wall include Pingfm and Tweeter Feed. This means that even if I don’t open my profile, I will still be able to communicate to my fans on social media networking sites.

This helps to answer the myth that claims blogging is at its death bed. This is far from the truth because I believe blogging works especially if you handle it professionally. The issue is that most bloggers do not have the right approach to blogging.

If you are blogging for money then you need to have the knowhow on ways to integrate micro blogging on social media networking sites. Social sites can act as a platform to take your business to the next level if you have the right game plan.

Blogging is here to stay and if you want to generate income from home through blogging you need to treat it as a business venture. A business needs to be promoted and that is where social media networking comes in.

7. Integrate social media with other online marketing strategies: The thought that with the introduction micro blogging on social media sites will make other online marketing tactics irrelevant is misplaced.

In fact, the best approach is to combine other top online marketing strategies with social media marketing.

For instance, you cannot overlook the convenience brought about by social media marketing, but there is no way micro blogging can work if you have no place to take your audience to get full information. This is where blogging comes in, a place that you can offer people your product, services and more detailed information.

In some businesses, there is need to have a face to face communication and social media networking cannot offer this. This tells you that social media sites are not the only route to traffic generation.

Did you know that over 90% of traffic online is generated from search engines? This means that the rest 10% or less is shared by social media sites and other channels of traffic generation.

Summary: Prudent webmasters need to embrace micro blogging through social media networking but not at the expense of blogging or other internet marketing channels. Yes, it is true that social media networking is here to stay, but also are the other channels of website promotion.

Do not expect to wake up any time soon and find micro blogging/social media taking over the importance of having a website or a blog. On social media networking sites you get to post only a line or two. But a website or blog acts as a place you can call home.

A blog is a platform you can share your expertise in details and also have full control to market your products and services. I say Yes to the power of social media networking and also the integration of other online marketing arsenals in website promotion.

Facebook Share Button Now Becomes Frictionless Sharing

Facebook Share Button Now Becomes Frictionless Sharing

Any blogger out there seeks to generate as much quality traffic as they can. There are several advantages presented by social media sites that have helped webmasters promote their sites. One of this websites is facebook through its facebook share button.

In case you have not incorporated social media networking in your internet marketing arsenal, then you are losing out on a lot. Social sites are good grounds to build long lasting business relationships. In essence, social marketing adds an element of personal touch that most marketing techniques lack. Therefore, your fans on social websites can relate with you on a personal level thus making it easy for you to make sales online.

Facebook alone has over 750 million subscribers and this tells you as a blogger you cannot ignore this site. The power of facebook is demonstrated with the facebook share button. People trust more when a friend recommends something to them. This is where the phenomenon called viral marketing takes full effect.

All you have to do is add the facebook share button on your blog and as your visitors click on the button the article is posted on their wall. In turn their friends will see the recommendation and they too will be curious to know more thus end up visiting your blog.

Now to the fun part, facebook share functionality is taking the sharing element to a new high. This time it is going to bigger than anything you have ever seen or heard. Maybe as you are reading this article they could have launched the new facebook frictionless sharing.

How does frictionless sharing work?

First a facebook user needs to enable the frictionless sharing, then once this visitor comes to your site or blog their wall is automatically updated with a link to your blog. Unlike before where readers had to click the facebook like button for their wall to be updated, this time they will just need to visit your site.

If this is not the true definition of frictionless then I don’t know what is. As a blogger you need to be ready to take advantage of this new facebook sharing feature. This also applies to any new online marketing tactic that will ensure you generate high volume of quality traffic to your blog.

Will users allow the frictionless sharing access?

It is true that this will be the big question on people’s minds. But you need to realize that there are many types of users, some are savvy while others are not. Some people will activate the frictionless access without knowing its function and in the process start a viral marketing effect unawares.

On the other hand, studies have shown that most of the subscribers on facebook are people over the age of 35. In fact, the studies indicate that the figure is over 60 %. In America alone, 2/3’s of the population use social media sites and a good number of this people are 50 years and above.

This signifies that people from all walks of life use facebook thus offering you an opportunity to create web presences. As relating to sharing content, all these people are pleased when facebook makes it easy for them to share content.

The power of the facebook share button

facebook share buttonEarlier, we saw that facebook has over 750 million users as we speak and the subscriber base is still growing. A good number of these people are sharing content and links every day. Hence, you may never know who is sharing your content.

Now, ask yourself if you got a chance to increase the number of people sharing your blog content, would you take it? Obviously you would, that is if you want to enjoy the real benefits of working from home and earn money with ease.

Currently, most bloggers are obsessed with search engine optimization which to some people is too demanding. It would be great to move away from always publishing articles stuffed with keywords that sometimes make your content sound like French yet you are writing in English.

Would it not be lovely to stop creating content for search engines and only focus on generating content for people? Anyway, it is people who buy your products and not search engines.

You may be creating content that is good and worth sharing but very few people will take the time and initiative to click on the facebook share button or like button. But facebook is now seeking to offer you a reprieve through facebook frictionless sharing.

If you are the kind that carefully analyzes traffic, you will see that the best visitors are the ones that have been referred to your site by their friends. It is for this reason that facebook frictionless sharing is something you must take advantage of as a blogger.

Think of it this way, someone visits your blog because a close friend told him that your blog has quality, insightful and educative content. This would be much better traffic than generating search engine organic traffic. That is the power of facebook share button which is now going a notch higher through facebook frictionless sharing.

Conclusion: If you are a blogger and you have not yet added social media networking in your online marketing arsenal you better get down to it. Connect with people who share the same interest with your especially in your area of business.

As you connect with more people in your niche, you will ensure that everything you post on your status wall has a chance to go viral. Then, once frictionless facebook sharing takes full effect, any person who enables it and visits your blog a link to your site will be posted on their status wall.

Imagine, no one will need to click on the facebook share button in order to share your content, it will automatically happen. It does not matter the source that brought them to your blog, if they have a facebook account the link will be posted on their wall the minute they land on your blog.

In turn, all his friends will see that he liked your page and they too will be curious to visit your blog. For me this is the true definition of viral marketing. Now, that person who was lazy to click on the facebook share link in order to share your content will not have to think about it anymore.

How To Use Twitter For Marketing Your Home Business

How To Use Twitter For Marketing Your Home Business

Social media marketing is speedily gaining momentum especially in online marketing. This has been necessitated by search engines’ quest to include social activities to rank websites.

One of the top social media sites is Twitter which was launched in the month of July, 2006. By 2012 the San Francisco based company owned by Jack Dorsey boosted of having over 140 million active subscribers and the number is said to be growing.

When you are talking of micro blogging the first site that comes to mind is definitely twitter. It is a user friendly site where you create a free account and begin sharing your views to the world.

Twitter is a great tool for communication and thus a tool you need to use to market your business. But few people know how to use twitter for marketing their products and services.

On this article we shall share with you insightful tips on how to market with twitter and thus increase traffic to your site.

Below are 10 guidelines on how to use twitter for online promotion:

1: Optimize your user name: An easy way of making sure the right people find you is by making sure you use a screen name that is commonly used in your niche.

In some cases it is also advisable to use your name if you want people who know you personally to get you. The use of your name is also advisable if you want to brand yourself as a person.

As an online business person you would obviously like people from all walks of like to follow you. The best way to achieve that is to optimize your user name. Find a word or phrase used among people in your industry and have it as a screen name.

Twitter is like a small search engine hence when people enter the term you have used as a user name they will find you and will quickly follow you. Marketing with twitter will work best when the right people follow you.

2: Update your profile details: This does not apply to twitter alone, you have to completely fill in your profile details when setting up an account online.

As you fill in your details it is recommended that you use common phrases used in your niche. This means writing about what you do. For example, when you are writing your bio details ensure the content is related to your business.

In addition, your bio needs to be memorable this you do by using words that are captivating and if possible amusing at the same time. But be careful to remain professional since that is what is expected when doing internet business.

3: Follow relevant people: To succeed marketing with twitter you need to follow and be followed by people in your niche. Some marketers assume that the more people following them the better but that is not the case.

Rather than going for quantity you would be better of going for quality. Follow people that will add value to your business. These means following people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Furthermore, when you follow the right people, since you share the same interests the likelihood of them following you back and reading your tweets is higher.

In short, follow people that will be advantageous to your business and audience.

4: Be Yourself: There is nothing worse than suffering from identity crisis especially using twitter for marketing. You are unique in your own way and that is what you need to present to your audience.

Do not try to be funny when your personality is nothing close to that. It is impossible to please everyone thus stick to who you are and you will sure get people looking for what you have to offer or say.

Twitter will work for you when you seek to connect with people and build relationships; you only do that by being yourself.

5: Update your twitter handle with relevant content: It is common to see a person tweeting about what he ate last night which is most cases is irrelevant when it comes to business.

It is advisable to have two accounts, one for business and another for socializing with your friends. But when you combine the two groups of people you will most likely end up losing business to your competition.

Professionalism is an integral element when it comes to using twitter for marketing your web business.

6: Respond: Ideally, social media sites will only work for you if you communicate and build relationships. Therefore it goes without saying, you need to respond when people send you direct messages or Retweet your posts.

Note: People feel appreciated when they are acknowledged for their efforts. I’m sure you too like it when someone thanks you for something you did or mentions you in good light to others.

If someone retweets your update it is kind for you to reciprocate by also reweeting their updates or at least thanking them.

7: Tweet frequently: One of the most important aspects of using twitter for marketing is tweeting regularly. Even when you have only one person following you, who happens to be your mother in law, to be effective you have to tweet daily.

A simple way to keep tweeting is reweeting other peoples’ update that are relevant to your business. This way you will increase your presence thus attract other people to begin following you.

For bloggers, you can link your twitter account to your blog, in this way every post you publish will be automatically tweeted on your twitter handle.

You can use sites like Pingfm, and on facebook you can use an application called Networkedblogs (feeds your blog to both facebook and twitter accounts).

8: Don’t over-promote: When updating your twitter handle it is advisable to post links that take people to your products or website. However, be careful not to overdo it, people do not like it when they see all you do is post links.

Links to most people means that you are trying to sell something. Marketing experts recommend that you sometime share updates that don’t have links. Try and alternate by posting updates that contain quotes relevant to you niche.

9: Link your twitter account to your website or blog: When you are updating your twitter account details it is important that you add a link to your blog or website.

If you do not have a blog or website then you need to create one right away. Micro-blogging for business will only be effective if you have a place you call home where can be taking your target audience.

Having a link pointing back to your site will help you in SEO thus improve your site authority. As pointed out in point number 2 and 5, ensure you at all times use information relevant to your business niche.

10: Track your twitter activities: An important aspect of using twitter for marketing is automation and monitoring what people are saying about your business.

With a tool like Twitter Growth Domination you can easily manage and automate your twitter following which is paramount in marketing your business using twitter.

You also need to know what people are saying about your business. If some negative stories are taking rounds about your business you need to address them immediately before they get out of hand.

In order to monitor what people are saying on twitter about you, use a tool called Tweet Deck.

Now let us see some common terms that you are bound to come across when using twitter for marketing your business.

Tweet: This are messages sent out that can be viewable to the public. Usually you are limited to 140 characters when posting a tweet.

Direct Messages (DM): This is where you send a private message to a specific person. Direct messages are not restricted to 140 characters.

Retweet (RT): This is a button which you can use to share with your followers what others have already tweeted. This is where the element of viral marketing using twitter comes in.

If you share valuable content it will not take long before people begin retweeting your updates thus helping you market your business on twitter.

# (Hashtag): When you want to communicate about a particular topic, you can use a hashtag (#) in front of a word or phrase for easy of communication.

For instance, if you tweet about marketing your business on the web, you can use the hashtag #internetmarketing. What happens is that the hashtag becomes clickable and when people press on that link they will see all tweets related to that hashtag.

Summary: Marketing on the internet is effective when you use several strategies and social media marketing is definitely one of the best.

Search engines have seen this potential no wonder they are looking for ways of adding social mentions as a parameter of ranking websites.

Facebook may be the top social media site, but for a serious online entrepreneur like yourself, having a twitter account for marketing your business is also essential.

Go and set up your free twitter account today and with the above guidelines you can start generating free traffic to your website. Imagine, all from the comfort of your home.

Do you have other strategies you would like to share with us on how to use twitter for marketing? Share using the comment section provided below.

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Community Aspect Of Social Media Strategy In Marketing

Community Aspect Of Social Media Strategy In Marketing

The best approach to social media strategy is to create conversation. This means that you have to at all cost avoid the use of strong marketing pitches as you relate with people. It is so good to see that some people have embraced the concept of rapport in social sites.

On this article, let us discuss the practical aspects of social media strategy that really work. Remember, the underlining factor in social media networking is to build a brand name. But that is not the only thing, once you have established a brand name; you have got to get into people’s wallets.

Some the questions to ask in social media strategy include:

– What do you stand to gain when by sticking conversations and building relationships?

– How does your branding help you increase conversion rate?

If you can answer these two questions appropriately, then making money from home using social media strategy will be easy and fast. To make things easy for you we are going to tackle this questions head on and see how best to use social media strategy to increase conversion rate.

Over the years one of the best strategies of marketing is word of mouth. If you can get your site visitors to talk about your content or products then you are on the right track. Find a way to make your audience advocate your site to others.

A company that does this well is BMW. When someone buys a new BMW car, they are usually burning to tell and show off to their friends about the machine they just acquired. It will not take long before you see friends that hang out together all having the same make of car.

Therefore, find a way to make people talk about your site or product and you will make sales. Let people feel like they own some shares in your brand name.

Here are 5 aspects to consider when using social media strategy in online marketing:

1. Know where your target audiences go to socialize: Social media sites are not the only places that you can find people in your niche. There are online forums and personal websites that you can be active on and still reach your audience.

So any place you identify that people in your niche congregate is an opportunity to implement social media strategy. Visit a blog is your niche which has high traffic and post comments that are relevant and educative.

You can also launch your own blog and create a platform to socialize with your customers. Having a fan page on a site with facebook will also ensure you implement social media strategy adequately. Just make sure that your updates are rich and are posted on frequent bases.

social media strategy2. Respond to all questions and comments: One of the best ways of making sure that your social media strategy works is responding to customers. It does not matter if the person responding is a big shot or some small guy.

The same agency you would give a comment made by a big company should be the same way you respond to a comment made by small timer. Treat that little guy as a further big shot by showing interest in what he has to say. Every feedback you get is an opportunity to boost your brand name and get people talking about your products or website.

For instance, if you ever come across someone talking about your site or product on a different forum become a fan. Show your appreciation by shining a spot light on that person and others will notice how you treat and respect your fans.

3. Find channels to fully educate your customers about your products: The information passed on from one person to another is critical when it gets to social media strategy. One misinterpretation can easily hurt your online work business.

So as to ensure people pass on the right message, make sure you update your audience regularly with quality information about your products. Your content should be easy to understand thus avoid the use of tough terms that can be misunderstood.

If you are selling items that use high technical terms, try and break down the product specifications so that user can understand well. Another approach is to conduct interviews where experts can come in and talk about the products in detail.

Following customers’ comments is very important in ensuring your social media strategy works. Sometimes it is good to jump in conversations started on other sites about your content or products. Online forums offer a fertile ground to boost your brand.

If you see a valuable and quiet thread about your product, you can take it up by offering more insight. It will not take long before others jump in the conversation thus your brand going viral.

You should be the first one to advocate for your product or website. When fans see you initiative especially if your product is of good quality, they will help you spread the word around.

Social media strategy is best implemented when you join in conversations; start up hot debates and keeping people talking as long as possible about your products.

4. Award your loyal fans: When we say rewarding it does not necessarily mean big cash rewards and the like. Sometimes just a small gesture of appreciation can go a long way in social media strategy brand marketing.

This gesture can be simply recognizing your loyal fans but mentioning their names on your site or fan page. Appreciation can be in form of offering a quality backlink to the reader that posts the most valuable comments on your blog.

5. Wear the shoes of your readers and customers: The simplest way to put this is that you need to add a human touch in social media strategy. Having a big fan base or list is not the secret to getting people interested in your site or products. You also need to know how to communicate with your audience.

The ultimate secret of relating with customers and visitors is through connecting with them at their level. Wear the shoes of your audience and you will have a better perspective of how to relate with them. Add a human touch to your social media strategy and your conversion rate will sky rocket.

Summary: Think of a product that you love and try and see what made you advocate for it. Then extent the same thought to the way you advertise and promote your site or products. With time you will capture the attention of people thus succeed in social media strategy.

How To Use Twitter For Business Especially In Marketing

How To Use Twitter For Business Especially In Marketing

Mirco-blogging is steadily becoming an integral component of marketing your business on the internet. One miro-blogging platform that has really impacted the cyberspace is Twitter.

With more than 250 million active members and 500 million registered accounts (this is according to Media Bistro), twitter is surely the haven for online business entrepreneurs. Twitter offers a fertile ground for you to promote your business and more importantly build relationships with your target audience.

Are you looking for a social site to build a personal or business online brand name? Then search no further for the answer is here; you can showcase and publicize your business using twitter.

But you need to be very careful when it comes to using twitter for business marketing. It can take one single oversight when tweeting to bring down your online business for good.

On this blog post we shall discuss some critical aspects to consider when marketing on twitter. If you follow the etiquettes motioned below your tweets will definitely capture people’s attention.

Here are 9 rules you need to adhere to when marketing your business on twitter

1. Update your user profile completely: The first thing you need to do when you open any social media account is to fill in your details.

Make sure you have entered your full names (real name) or business name. Depending on your niche, try and add your targeted keywords so as to employ social media optimization.

For example, in the activity filled add phrases that are commonly used in your niche. If you are a blogger, rather than stating sport as an activity, use phrases such as blogging for money or help you succeed in blogging. The secret is to say exactly what you do.

Twitter is like a small search engine thus when you enter your targeted keyword terms in your user profile you increase the chance of the right people finding you.

Note: Every field in your user profile is an opportunity to optimize your account and thus increase your web presence.

2. Be professional: The way you present yourself on social media sites says a lot about your personality.

The first thing you need to do so as to have a good first impression is to upload a professional image. You also have to avoid grammatical and spelling errors when posting your tweets.

The use of short codes like “u” to signify “You” or “2” when signifying “to” are not recommended for people using twitter for business. Those short codes may be used when operating a personal account.

Professionalism also means posting links that take people to a legit website or blog. It is futile for you to micro-blog without having a place you call home.

Rather tweet affiliate links, it is better to create a blog where you can post quality and helpful content and at the sidebar add affiliate banners. This way your target audience will view you as an expert thus quickly buy from your site.

3. Tweet moderately: No one likes spam therefore try as much as you can to avoid sending to many tweets at the same time.

Newbies are the ones know to commonly make this mistake. People assume that the more tweets you post the higher the chances of people getting your updates.

When it comes to tweeting for business what matters most is the type of content you post and not the frequency. If you tweet insightful, captivating and relevant content you will certainly get the attention of your target audience.

But sometimes you might need to send many tweets especially when marketing an event. During such occasions it is advisable to notify your viewers of your intentions.

You also need to use programs like Hootsuite which help you to schedule your tweets at given intervals.

4. Use common sense: Courtesy is very important when it comes to marketing using twitter or any other social site for that matter.

If someone mentions you in good light or re-tweets your post it is prudent to thank them. People love to be appreciated for their efforts therefore take time to follow your twitter activities and recognize people who re-tweet your posts.

It is through these little gestures that you start building relationships with your target audience. In addition, it’s a way of breaking the ice and opening the lines of communication.

You can also go a step further and re-tweet other people’s updates. This is how you get people to notice you and in the process they will be the first to re-tweet your updates.

Twitter for business marketing

5. Be careful what you tweet: In the opening lines of this publication we mentioned how one tweet can bring down your business. Hence it is very imperative to tweet wisely.

Avoid tweeting or getting involved in hot debates that relate to controversial topics. Try and avoid issues regarding politics or religion when doing business.

Do not use your business twitter handle to share explicit images or use inapt language. If you have to go in that line do that using your personal twitter account.

6. Hashtags (#) usage: The use of hash tags is very critical when marketing your business on twitter. They help in ensuring people participate in your tweets and more importantly help in tracking and finding your content.

But that does not mean you go adding a hash tag in all your tweet updates. Be moderate in the way you use hash tags so as not to annoy your followers.

7. Tweet relevant content: Marketing your business on twitter involves a lot of communication. It is through communication that you build relationships with your customers and business partners.

If you are in the real estate business do not share content about sports today and gardening the following day. This will only confuse your audience and they will wonder what your area of expertise is.

Your twitter handle should contain content related to your area of business. This is how you gain trust from your target audience and in the long run be considered an expert in your niche business.

How you relate with your followers also counts a great deal. Try to always stick to the point and avoid going into personal matters.

As much as it is advisable to add a personal touch when communicating, make sure you do not go overboard.

8. Learn your target audience preferences: There is no way you can succeed in marketing on the internet without doing research.

Depending on the people you are targeting you need to know what they like and don’t like. You also have to know the right language to use.

Each industry has its own terminologies that they use to communicate. Learning these terminologies will help you to connect your potential customers thus succeed in marketing.

Researching will also help you pick the right products to promote.

Subscribe to RSS feeds, blog and news channels so as to get updates on what is taking place in your niche.

9. Respond to all queries: The fact that twitter is a platform for communication means that you will be getting a lot of queries. Apart from responding to these queries, the time you take to get back to people’s queries is very vital.

Ones someone asks you a questions it is recommended your respond to them in the shortest time possible. Ideally, the rules of marketing stipulate you respond before 24 hours are over.

It will be in bad light if it takes more than 3 days for you to get back to customers after they ask a question. If this goes on, your target audience will lose confidence in your business.

It is also advisable to respond to each query posed to you individually. This is especially when someone posts a complaint about your product or service.

Engaging in the public domain will only get you in trouble especially when things start getting hot and personal.

Note: As you do business on twitter do not take things personal especially when people attack you or your business. On the internet things are irreversible since you can post one sentence and within seconds it can spread like a virus.

Conclusion: Looking at the modes of marketing your business online, twitter is definitely one of the most effective. But for you to succeed in marketing using twitter you need to employ the strategies mentioned above.

These are important rules to follow so as to reap the full benefits of using twitter for business promotion.

If you think I have left something please feel free to add by posting in the comment section appearing below.

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10 Rules On How To Manage Social Media Marketing

10 Rules On How To Manage Social Media Marketing

As things stand today, you can only ignore social media management at you own peril. Online business entrepreneurs are embracing social media marketing solutions than ever before.

This has been brought about by the recent events in the search engine world when Google released the Search Your World algorithm Update.

You would have thought that all webmasters have read this algorithm update and started implementing it right away, but very few marketers really know do that. It could be that people don’t really know the value of doing the right thing or they just choose to be naïve.

It therefore signifies that any blogger or webmaster, who keeps up with the times as far as online marketing is concerned, will always be ahead of the pack.

With search engines now monitoring your social activities to rank your content, you need to know how to manage your social media optimization.

If you have been following this work online from home blog, of late we have been dedicated to publishing content on various aspects of social media management.

We started out by posting an article about the new social media site that is causing a stir and some controversy in the social media world.

Below are the titles of the articles related to social media solutions:

Pinterest To Revolutionize Social Marketing Through Social Mentions

How To Write On The Web To Increase Social Mentions

Google Search Plus Impact On Web Marketing

On this write we are going to look at other very important aspects of social media that will give you an edge over your competitors.

The reason for saying this is because very few marketers actually do the right thing when it comes to social media marketing.

Below are guidelines of marketing your business on social sites thus ensuring online presence and proper branding. In addition, these rules will help you to connect and build lasting relationships with your target audience.

Rule #1: Subscribe to social media updates: The importance of monitoring what is happening in the social media arena is that you will always be ahead of your competitors.

It will mean, if a new social site is launched you will be among the first to take advantage. In addition, you will get information on real time of any changes or updates to the already existing social media sites.

The word social means building communities and it is from these connections you will be in a position to acquire new visitors and customers to your site.

Rule #2: Learn how various social media sites work: Opening an account on facebook, Chime, Yammer, Google +1 or pinterest is one thing; you also need to learn how these sites operate.

This means you read their rules and guidelines to make sure you take full advantage. One important element of managing social media is to make sure you fill in your user profile details comprehensively.

Include your links and related keywords in your profile. This will act as quality backlinks to your site thus ensure social media optimization.

Rule #3: Set goals: The same way you have to plan when approaching SEO, is the same manner you should go about implementing social media management.

Plan on how you are going to connect to the right people and how often you are going to update your wall. If you have to buy ads space, define your goals to make sure you get your Return on Investment (ROI).

You might say that marketing through social media is free but you also need to realize that you will send time marketing. As you know, there is nothing as expensive as time, thus work smart to ensure your efforts are rewarded.

Rule #4: Avoid the use of high marketing pitches: Imagine going to a friend’s birthday party carrying products to sell. One thing is definitely going to happen; you will be lucky if you don’t get thrown out.

Social sites are meant for relating and not selling. The minute you begin hard selling people will alienate you.

In the case of the birthday party, if you go with the aim of telling amusing stories everybody will gather around you. In fact, you will not be able to stop the drinks that will come your way.

You have to trend very carefully when marketing on social sites. It is advisable to share with people helpful information and only give out your business details when asked to.

Rule #5: Listen: In online business it can only take one statement to send your business to the gutter. This is especially so if someone with a million followers on twitter posts a negative update about your company.

This is why social media management experts recommend monitoring of what people are saying about your business.

A simple way to monitor is setting Google alerts or uploading on your computer softwares like Tweet Deck (get what people are tweeting about your business).

Social Media ManagementRule #6: Relate wisely: Monitoring what customers are saying about your company is one thing but how you react is also very important.

Rather than ignoring a negative update about your site and hope it will die out, use the opportunity to show your business professionalism. This is by responding with facts and not appearing defensive.

If the points been raised are valid, then you need to make sure you act immediately and rectify the situation. With time people will respect your business thus build confidence in what you have to offer.

Treat all people big or small equally by responding to all issues been raised by your customers. Those small time customers are the same people who will later take your business to the next level.

Rule #6: Have fun: If you manage social media marketing well you will be laughing all the way to the bank. The secret is to not to look at social marketing as a chore rather a chance to have fun.

Social sites are filled with people from all walks of life and from different age groups. Don’t be uptight or go overboard in the way you relate to people.

Take time to learn your target audience preferences and what would make them tick. The more you have fun the more people will be drawn to you and thus talk about you to others.

Rule #7: Be patient: If you thought opening an account today on facebook and in a weeks’ time hope to have thousands of raving fans calling your name then you better forget marketing through social sites.

The same way it takes time to build a brand name, you should be patient with social media marketing. It takes effort, consistency and time before you can really start enjoying the fruits of promoting your business on social sites.

Studying your audience so as to give them quality updates calls for patience. Otherwise, if you rush in a hurry to make money, readers might just drop you like hot coal.

Rule #8: Maintain your personality: There are people who are one thing on social sites and totally portray a different personality when they go offline. To succeed in social network marketing you have to be yourself.

Do not talk big when in real sense you are a newbie. Soon people will get to know who you really are and if you have been pretend, woe unto you!

Reputation and credibility is everything when it comes to online marketing. One tiny misrepresentation can ruin your business completely.

Rule # 9: Maintain your principles: In order to gain the respect of your customers you have to be principled. Just because your competitors are breaking all the social rules does not mean you join the band wagon.

It might appear like they are gaining headway over you but with the way things happen nowadays, they will wake up one day to find all their clients crowding on your online store.

If you have employees updating your twitter handle, make it clear to them to post updates that represent your views without compromising your business integrity.

Rule # 10: Hire professionals: Managing social media marketing can be quite tasking especially if you have other things to do.
Considering how important social media is to marketing on the internet, rather than doing everything by yourself you can hire experts.

There are big companies like Dell Computers that have hired hundreds of young people to send tweets to their followers.

Just remember to give the people you have hired your company’s guidelines and make sure they understand how social media works. There are also online companies that you can engage to offer these kinds of services at a good rate.

Conclusion: The last and final thing about marketing on social sites is to be active. You cannot expect to build your business brand if you update your wall once a month.

Join online conversations relating to your niche and actively participate in discussions that touch on your business. The more your social activity is, the more people will know of the existence of your business.
Another thing, social network marketing is not the only online marketing tool available. Marketing on the web does not start and end on social sites.

There are other strategies like offline marketing, article marketing, blogging, SEO that you need to integrate to your online marketing campaign.

The only way to succeed online is to embrace all marketing techniques available and social media management is just one of them.
Did you learn something new from this post? Or is there something else you can add? Please post your opinions in the comment section appearing below.

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