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4 Web Page Attributes That Guarantee High Sales Conversion Rate

4 Web Page Attributes That Guarantee High Sales Conversion Rate

The same way a movie director puts his whole heart into making sure you stay glued to the screen, is the same thing a blogger needs to do to ensure readers keep coming back for more.

The more captivating a movie is the higher the sales will be. But what is entailed in a good movie? I’m not a movie director but I believe that some of the things to consider include element of surprise, skilled actors, dress code and most importantly use of words.

You may be asking; how is movie production related to webpage creation. They two have one common agenda, to captivate audiences and thus make sales.

It is good that you have 500 people visiting your site every single day, but how come someone else with 200 visitors daily has a better sales conversion rate?

If you blog for fun then this may not be the article for you. As for commercial bloggers, this is a must read post. Discover what you need to have on every blog post you publish in order to makes sales.

Whether you are blogging for fun or blogging for profit, your intentions are always to make people read your content. You measure your blogging success by how long people stay on your blog, share your posts or take action depending on what you have told them to do.

We can go in details on numerous things you need to do in order to boost your sales conversion. But instead of loading you with so much information that may confuse you or make it seem difficult to achieve, we share discuss 4 of the most important.

These 4 things encompass all the strategies you need to employ to ensure visitors go into their wallets and dish out their credit cards.

Without much ado, here we go:

4 things you need to have in every blog post you publish:

1: A Title that gives your readers no option but die to know more: How many times have you been walking in the street when a poster just caught your eye? If you sit down to think of what made you stop, chances are that you will discover it was the headline.

The same applies to newspaper headlines, movie titles, TV programs and blog post headlines. A blog title is the one bait that a blogger needs to know how to use well.

This is the one and only opportunity you have to call out to readers to come and consume your content. Therefore, put a little more effort in coming up with an eye catching headlines.

Ideally, a good title has to be juicy, colorful and promising. Back to the poster’s issue, you will notice that most of them have colorful, big, bold and interesting titles. This is why posters have a way of getting your attention.

For you to increase your sales conversion, you have to first bring people to your site. The best tactic of achieving that is by getting people’s attention. Apart from your title, images also play a very pivotal role.

When picking a blog template try and get one that will allow you to display images next to your title in your homepage. Research has shown that people are more attracted to pictures than they are with text.

Make certain that the images you use define your blog post thereby get the attention of target audience.

You might not know how to come up with titles when you start blogging, but with time you will definitely learn the art. It is advisable to check your analytics to see the articles that get the most clicks and try come up with similar titles in the future.

In addition, visit other blogs in your niche and see how they write their headlines. This will help you come up with even better titles.

2: Body of article should deliver what the title promised: A good click through rate does not automatically mean that your sales conversion rate will go up.

When you go fishing, the bait is what attracts the fish but once the fish is hooked; you also need to have the skill to reel it out. Your blog title is the bait, and the body of the article is what reels in customers.

The message contained in the body of your article should deliver what your title pledged. On every article you publish, ensure you achieve the following objectives:

  1. Trust from your readers.
  2.  Add value.
  3. Prove your authority.

How do you achieve the above objectives?

When it comes to blogging you have four tools at your disposal that will assist you deliver your message.

Moving pictures: One of the best ways of communicating to your visitors is through videos. It is like talking to your readers directly.

Sites like YouTube get millions of hits every day which demonstrates the value of video sharing.

Still pictures: I’m sure you have heard the saying that goes like this “A picture speaks a thousand words”. That is absolutely correct. Earlier we mentioned how people rarely read articles but when you put images they will pause to have a glimpse.

To boost your blog sales conversion rate you have to keep people on your page and in addition make them return for more. Images will help you to accomplish that.

sales conversion rate

Audio: Though it is rarely used by bloggers, audio communication is very effective when it comes to delivering your message. Next time you put up a blog post try and embed a podcast and see how well it works. This can be inform of a talk or better still, an interview.

Text: Though people don’t like reading, text is the best form of communication on the internet. Learning how to articulate yourself using text will guarantee you online presence.

The fact that search engines love text makes it easy for you to rank well especially if you apply SEO strategies. Click here to learn how to write online for search engines.

3: Proper content management: As you have seen above there are several forms of content. So as to make your blog stand out you need to use all of these forms of content generation.

It can be very annoying when readers land on your site and see things cluster all over the place. You need to arrange your content in a subtle manner so as increase your sales conversion rate and not confuse visitors.

A good and professional template will ensure you arrange your content nicely. Furthermore, professional blog templates are designed specifically for ease of navigation.

Pick a template that will allow you to strategically place banners. But don’t make your blog to look like a Christmas tree by having flickering images all over the place.

If you use wordpress, you can add plugins that will help you arrange your content properly and professionally. For example, a plugin like ad injection or cranky ads will help you to arrange and rotate adverts.

How you present yourself to visitors plays a major role when it comes to visitor retention. Don’t give visitors the impression that you are out to make sales, but rather seek to add value to your target audience and they will trust you.

The words and phrases you use also matter a great deal. Try avoiding sensitive topics that touch on religion or politics. This way your blog conversion rate will be something to write home about.

4: Tell your readers what you want them to do: This is where you get to eat your catch after getting home from your fishing expedition.

Your call to action is very important. This is where you get to tell your readers what you expect from them. In most cases, your call to action should be at the end of your article.

Here is what every blogger dreams to achieve from his/her posts:

*Gain credibility and authority from people in your niche: This you attain by linking to sites that you have sourced for material and adding author details such as your bio and avatar.

*Readers to leave comments: Ask readers to contribute more on what they know as pertaining to the subject of your blog post. Make sure to respond to comments since people like to feel appreciated for their efforts.

In return, people will keep revisiting to read and leave comment since they know you will respond. That is how you build relationships and make your site a home where visitors keep coming back for more.

As all bloggers know, the more people reading your articles, the more your fan base and email list grows and that is when your sales conversion rate will be something to talk about.

*Enlist visitors to your email opt-in list: Don’t shy away from telling people to subscribe to your email list or RSS feed. Remember, how you write your articles will prove to your readers you have something they simply can’t do without thus they will subscribe.

*To have readers implement what you tell them: Have easy guidelines that people can follow and tell them to come back and give feedback on whether it worked for them or not.

*Make visitors read more of what you have published: Use plugins that list related articles at the bottom of your blog posts and at the side bar. The more people keep reading your publications the more likely for them to finally buy a product from your site.

*Get readers to click on your banners advertisements: One of the most strategically place to put an advert is at the bottom of your posts. Putting ads at the bottom in a way tells your visitors that you are not only out to make sales.

Note: Adverts should be in line with the message contained in the article.

Now that you know what is expected of a good blog that makes sales, get down to work. Kindly come back in three months time and let us know if these strategies did the trick for you.

Summary: I once read a story that made me sad and laugh at the same time. A guy appeared before a judge accused of hitting and injuring a pedestrian when he went off the road.

When the judge asked him to defend himself he blamed it on a billboard that was erected by the road side. It had a picture of a beautiful woman promoting a deodorant. According to him he could not resist staring at the picture of the woman and in the process steered off the road and hit the innocent pedestrian.

Before the judge could deliver his verdict, he requested to see the billboard in question.

Later in his judgment he found the driver innocent and that the picture had the same effect on him. He directed the advert to be replaced with another that would not have the same effect.

Now that is the kind of content you need to generate in order to improve your sales conversion. You might not need to post pictures of beautiful girls all the time but make sure your content captures the full attention of your readers.

It is from writing quality articles that visitors will go talking about you, linking to your posts and sharing your content. It will not take long before search engines also follow suit and further help you increase your blog sales conversion rates.

Use the comment section provided below to share with us other strategies that bloggers can employ to make more sales.

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Marketers Who Duplicate Web Page Content Be Wary

Marketers Who Duplicate Web Page Content Be Wary

On several occasions we have stated that with good web page content you can never go wrong. If you stick to the rules and do what Google experts of you, then your site will always feature in search engine result pages.

The driving force of the internet is content; in short without content then the internet will fail to exist. Therefore, as you generate any web page content you are fueling the engine that drives the internet.

Seeing that content is created every day in mass, we can then say that the internet is like a big article directory. This is where search engines come into play; i.e to sort out the content, index it, rank it and offer you with relevant information as you browse.

Just the other day a friend was telling me how she used to spend countless hours doing research in the library. It would take her days before finding the relevant content she was looking for to come up with her thesis.

Today, it takes her a few hours to gather relevant information all thanks to the internet. We have to give a thumps up to search engines on the way they record and archive web page content and present it to us within micro seconds. The amazing thing is that in a matter of seconds, engine bots still give you very relevant content.

It has to be said that of all the search engines, Google has gone an extra mile to ensure web page content served to its users is of high quality. Though google is not 100% perfect, it really tries to gather information from several sources thus establish up-to-date data profiles.

As we speak, google can now record your browsing patterns and the keywords you enter in their search box. Armed with this information, google is able to provide you with content that it deems relevant to you.

Google collects your browsing information when you surf while logged into their services such as Gmail account. This feature has really raised hot debate with SEO marketers asking whether what google is doing is right.

Some online marketers argue that providing such kind of search result limits internet browsers from getting varying opinions. They say that since google will give you results of the sites you mostly visit at the top, you will end up failing to collect more relevant web page content that can also be valuable.

But you can overcome this by logging out of all the account associated with google, clearing your browser and then browser again. This way when you surf the results will not be biased. Alternatively, you can search for content on another computer that you do not use to log into your google accounts e.g in a cyber café.

The challenge that search engines really face is the issue of taking care of duplicate content. So far, Google has been considered as the all knowing search engine but when it comes to handling duplicate web page content you get the feeling people actually overate them so much.

But that is not to say you can go right ahead and post duplicate content and think you will get away with it. The year that has just ended 2011, saw Google update their algorithm and some of the sites that were most affected where sites with had duplicate webpage content.

For example, a site like Ezine Articles is still to date struggling to gain its former glory. The day Panda update was released; ezine articles directory was axed from search engine ranking for more than 189 keyword terms.

A close look at article directories has revealed that they contain a lot of duped content. Online marketers in an aim to rank high have used article directory sites to generate direct traffic, add backlinks and rank on search engine listings using underhand tactics.

web page contentMost internet marketers do this without caring about the quality of their articles. With publishers syndicating the same content, the internet ends up having low quality content that does not add value to internet users.

To make matters worse, they use the same content on as many article directories as they can find. Get warned, all indicators point towards duplicate web page content facing the Google broom.

As much as there is substandard content, we have to agree that there is a lot of high quality content you can find on the web. But search engines need to device a way of knowing the origin of such content.

If you come up with unique webpage content, search engine should give preference to you than to people who copy your article. It is unfair to see another person ranking higher than you and yet they have copied your work.

It will take some time for search engines to really sort out the mess of duplicate content but at least they have taken a step towards the right direction. For sure it will not be 100% perfect but with a search engine like Google working over night to sort it out, people who dupe content have a reason to sleep with one eye open.

Summary: Google panda update must have really caught marketers off guard and made them rethink of their internet marketing strategies especially in regards to SEO. The amazing thing is that not all content on article directories were affected. This goes to show that the panda update used certain signals/parameters to sort between the quality articles and the inferior ones.

Article directories have been synonymous with poor web page content over the years. If you browse any article directory you are sure to come across articles that do not make any sense to the reader. In most instances, this is the kind of content that has been regenerated using softwares.

By the look of things it is evident soon the web will be like a hot potato for people using short cuts to promote products or websites. It is the high time you re-strategized your work online marketing plan by using white hat tactics alone.

Google is about to announce the rules you need to follow to remain relevant on the net. My personal advice is that you adhere to them. But if you are the type who always shares rich, unique and educative web page content, you do not have to worry at all.

You may not rank high right away, but the good news is that within no time you will reap the benefits that come with publishing quality content.

Now the big question is; are you ready for the new algorithm updates that google will use to rank websites in this New Year?

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