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Start A Blog From Home Using WordPress On Hostgator (Video Demo Below)

There are lots of people out there who would really love to make money blogging as they work from home online but they don’t know where to begin. The questions these people ask is; How To Start A Blog? and What Is A Blog ?

If you read what most expert bloggers are saying on how to create a blog, they all agree that wordpress is the best platform to use. Apart from being user friendly, a 13 year old can easily know his way around wordpress.

Video below demonstrates on how to setup a blog from scratch.

But the best part about wordpress is the ability to optimize and generate search engine traffic very easily. In fact, wordpress by itself is very powerful. This means that you can know nothing about search engine optimization and still rank high on search engine results.

Are you eager to become a blogger but don’t know how to start a blog? or don’t know what a blog is ? Then you have landed on the right page.

Launching the best blog site is not easy nor is it hard, what matters most is your willingness to learn. You also need to be curious and for sure you will learn how to start a blog and operate it well.

One thing that scares most people when it comes to how to build a blog are the terms that people use. These include big words like CPanel and FTP. Believe it or not, once you get the hang of it you will discover that these terms have got nothing to do with going to the moon.

Therefore, do not allow technological terms stop you from learning how to start a blog for that is not a blog or what makes a blog.

If you are not internet savvy and still have the drive to become a blogger or create a blogging site, this article will help you to get started.

Though there are other things you need to do before you start a blog like choosing your target keywords phrases and the like, we shall not go into those issues on this write up. But you can read more on that by reading the articles below:

Article 1: Keyword Research That Guarantee You Rank High

Article 2: Are You Using The Right Search Keyword Tools?

Let us now discuss on how to start a blog

Step 1: Buy a domain name

In order to operate a blogging site or website you must have a domain name. Though there are sites that offer free blogs and website, you will discover they give you full control. In addition, people will not take you serious when you have a free blog.

A domain name is what people will use to gain access to your content and products. It is like having a business name.

The price of a domain name ranges from one site to another. You also have option of purchasing several domain names that are related.

For example you can choose to buy domains like,, and so on. Here you can redirect all of them to one particular domain using 301 redirect.

You can also choose to buy a certified or uncertified domain name. The other thing that comes with purchasing a domain name is whether you want it to be Standard Registration or Private Registration among other options.

Note: All these additional features come with an extra cost but you can choose to buy one domain. Normally, the cost of buying a simple domain name ranges from $ 5 to $20.

Below are some sites where you can purchase your own domain name and start a blog or website.

Name Cheap

There is also the option of buying a domain name that someone else has been using. On a site like flippa you can bid and buy one, only that it will cost you some extra dollars depending on the popularity of the domain name.

Step 2: Web hosting

Once you have a domain name the next thing you need to do is to buy web hosting. Most webmasters agree that the sites below offer the best web hosting services.

Hostgator (Check out the video at the top for a detailed Guide on how to create a blog on hostgator).

Get started with WordPress! Use the one click install to start that Blog you’ve always wanted!

Blue Host

Green Geek    (For 30% Discount on Green geek use the coupon code LEGIT30web hosting

Personally, I use Hostgator and for the last 6 years primarily because their services have been top notch. I like their customer support, this is by looking at how they have been addressing the issues I have brought up. All my blogs are hosted by them.

You do not have to pay through the nose to get hosted by one of the best companies in the world. Hostgator wordpress web hosting plan has different packages which include Hatching Plan, Baby Plan and Business plan.

The lowest plan is with Hatching plan which is $ 3.96 per month. Note that with this plan you can only host one domain name.

If you are a home based entrepreneur like me, the best plan to buy is the Baby Plan where you can host Unlimited domain names, have Unlimited disk space and Unlimited Bandwidth.

The baby plan is quite affordable for someone creating a blog for the first time; with as little as $ 6.36 per month you are ready to start a blog. However, you

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(this is the best web hosting deals you can ever get).

As for Business Plan, big companies can go for this option. Remember the “SNAPPY” coupon code will guarantee you a 20% discount on this plan too.

how to start a blog

Note: If you happen to buy a domain name in another site other than Hostgator you will need to change the name servers. Go to the site where you have bought your domain name and in the domain manager look for name servers.

Replace the name serves with what Hostgator sent to your email address when you bought their web hosting plan. Name serves look something like this

Name server 1:

Name server 2:

Click on enter/OK. Usually, it takes 2 to 48 hours for the change to be effected.

One problem that people face when starting a blog is installing an operating platform.

I started this article by talking about wordpress and since that is what I use I will take you through the process of how to install wordpress and create the best blog site that is optimized to rank on google.

Most web hosting services will charge you up to $100 to install wordpress. But that is not the case if you purchase a Hostgator webhosting plan; to install wordpress is absolutely free.

Once you buy a web hosting plan on Hostgator, an email will be sent to you with your CPanel log in details and link. Once you access your CPanel it is advisable you learn how different options within the Control Panel work by watching videos or by clicking on “Get started now”.

Watch the video below and learn how to install wordpress thus learn How to Start a blog or Website from home within 5 seconds:

Step 3: Install wordpress

In order to install wordpress, scroll down in your CPanel until you get to Software/Services. Click on the QuickInstall option.

On the left side bar go to Blog Software and click on WordPress. Click on continue and a form will come up. Once you fill up the form wordpress will be installed and your log in details will be send to the email address you entered.

Normally there is a default template that comes with wordpress. It is advisable you search for a template that is attractive and user friendly. WordPress has many free templates that you can download then upload on your blog. You can also go for more professional templates on a site like theme junkie.

starting a blog

To upload a new template on wordpress login your admin dashboard then click on appearance. Click on the themes option and then click on Install themes and then search for a template of your choice to start building your website or blog.

If you have downloaded a template make sure it is in zip format; while on install themes you can click on upload and browse for the template on your computer and upload it. Then click on activate. Make sure you customize it by adjusting the setting.

Note: Customizing varies from one template to another.

In case you do not want to go through the hassle of building a website or blog, you can let the experts do it for you. Outstanding SETUP is a great product designed to create for you quality and excellent website, all you will have to do is to generate content.

There are different packages depending on what you want but with as little as $19/month you will be able to launch your site. There is definitely something unique with Outstanding SETUP considering its been supported by people like Problogger and Copy Blogger.

Top bloggers cannot be wrong for this is the right way to go in how to create a blog or website.

Step 4: Install plugins

When it comes to creating a blogging site, adding plugins plays a pivotal role. I like to call this structuring your blog the right way. How you configure your blog from the start is very important.

There is no point of being in a hurry to build a blog then later discover there is something you did not do right. In order to learn more on the importance of configuring your site correctly read this article How To Improve Your Page URL For Higher SEO Placement.

The best blog site is the one that has visitors and the best avenue to generate traffic is through search engines. With wordpress you can be ahead of the game if only you add plugins that will help you optimize your content.

Below we are going to discuss on the most important wordpress plugins to install; In order to install plugins login to your wordpress admin dashboard. On the left side bar place your cursor on plugins then on the drop down tab press add new.

In search box enter the name of the plugin you want to install and click search plugin. You will get results related to your search, click on install now for the plugin you want to add.

Here are the best plugins to add:

a) All In One SEO: According to most bloggers this is the mother of all SEO plugin tools on wordpress. All In One SEO will help your homepage and webpages rank high on search engines.

Free to install.

b) WordPress SEO: If All In One is the mother of all plugins, then Yoast WordPress SEO is the most inclusive plugin. With this plugin you will be in a position to incorporate your page titles, keywords, post Meta description that will be displayed in search engine results.

The plugin will also give you a page analysis to ensure that your post is fully optimized. Some of the analysis includes keyword density, copy score, outbound links, image optimization among other vital parameters to consider.

Free to install.

c) Ad Injection: Monetization is the other thing you need to know when it comes to learning how to start a blog more so operate one.

With ad injection you will be able to rotate different adverts within your blog thus avoid clogging your content with ads. Google algorithm are now measuring ads-to-content ratio and this plugin will really help you avoid being a victim.

You can also be able to restrict the number of ads to be displayed depending on the article word count. This again will ensure you don’t get caught by the new Google algorithm also known as above the fold.

Some of the ads you can rotate include Affiliate banners, Amazon adverts, Google Adsense and so on. Actually, you can inject almost anything. The ability to rotate ads will help you to display the ads that generate for you the most sales online.

It is free to install.

d) Google Sitemap: In order to get indexed faster you need to install Google Sitemap. This plugin will make sure that all the web pages and post you create will be found quickly Google, indexed and ranked accordingly.

Google is not the only search engine that the plugin works with, with the plugin other search engines like Ask, Yahoo and Bing will be informed when you add fresh content.

Free to install.

e) Link Checker: Broken links can really hurt your SEO efforts and that is why you need to install this plugin. Link checker will notify you through email or your admin dashboard when you have broken links within your images, posts and comments. Also it underlines broken links on your web pages.

The plugin can also detect the links that are broken and redirect them. As for SEO purposes, the plugin prevent search engines from following your blog’s broken links.

Link checker is user friendly in that you can amend broken links while on the plugin without necessarily going to your blog post, comment or images.

Free to install plugin.

f) Sharebar: Social media marketing is an important element of promoting your blog. Once you build a blog or website, notify your friends and ask them to share on their status wall. The plugin will help you to spread the word around thus succeed in viral marketing.

Ideally, the plugin adds a vertical box to your blog where your visitors can click on social buttons and share. You can opt to have it on the left, right, bottom or top of your webpages.

Some of the social sites you can find on Sharebar include Twitter, Facebook. StumpleUpon, Delicious, Digg among others. You can also add extra social media icons by adding their HTML codes. In fact, if you look at the left on this blog you will see how the Sharebar will display your social icons.

Click on either of the social buttons and share this article just to experiment and see how it will work once you install sharebar on your blog.

Free to install plugin.

Summary: Are you a newbie and ready to learn how to create a blog NOW? You don’t need to worry anymore. With the help of this article you can get moving and on the right footing. Head over to Hostgator and order for a web hosting plan that suits you best.

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on your first purchase.

There you go; you do not have to research any more on how to start a blog. All you need to know is contained on this blog post. I’m now you know what is a blog and not a blog.

If you have any queries or something you want to add, do not hesitate to leave a message in the comment section below. Feel free to also enter your email in the section provided in the right side bar and start getting insightful and educative blog updates.

The worst thing you can do when it comes to how to create a blog is to procrastinate. As for newbies, I love the way Ralph Emerson puts it “Every artist was once an amateur”.

Get started with WordPress! Use the one click install to start that Blog you’ve always wanted!

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