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If you open Ezine articles’ home page you will come across top article marketers in the world. One of these names belongs to someone that I really respected and held in high esteem, Peter Gitundu.

My journey of online marketing has been a long one. I did not have the privilege of interacting with top online marketers when I started out and thus for many years I probed in the dark.

It was even made worse because of my character. Personally, I’m quick when it comes to solving problems but when it comes to reading and writing I must admit I’m very poor.

This made it difficult for me to make headway in the online marketing arena. It would take me months and sometime years for me to realize that a particular strategy was not working before moving to the next.

Then one day after years of not knowing what to do to make money online, I met a friend, Francis Gichuhi (Runs a blog about Architecture in Kenya) who knew of my desire to do business on the internet. He is the one who introduced me to Mr Peter Gitundu (A beneficiary of Peter’s expertise in blogging)

The day I met Peter my aim was to ask him to sell to me advertisement space on his site. Little did I know that this was going to be my first day of starting to make money on the web.

On meeting him I noticed he was somehow aged man while in my head I thought he would be a young dude. He looked to be in his mid or late 40s.

We had some few pleasantries and since I was eager to change my online business experience I went straight to the point. From our talk, it become clear he was having a ball in online money making. With 1000 hits a day on hits site, he was making conversions right, left and center.

For me that was like a dream. All the countless hours I spent online it still remained a mystery on how to earn money on the internet. But what impressed me so much about Peter was his willingness to assist me in doing business on the internet.

It is like 5 year since the last time I met Peter Gitundu but to this day I still remember his exact words when I asked him to sell advertisement space on his site. He told me “why don’t you do what I do?” I asked, “What do you do?”

That is when he shared with me about blogging and article marketing. You might laughing at me right now asking, how come I didn’t know about these strategies. Remember at the start of this blog post I told you I don’t like reading, I’m more of a problem solver than a reader.

make money online blogging

Though I didn’t like the idea of reading or writing, I listened to him very keenly as he went on and on how he started out in blogging and the strategies he used to market his blog. By the time we parted ways, he had introduced me to a totally new online world.

That night I barely slept a wink as I pondered on how much money one could make on the internet. It also called for a lot of self motivation since reading and writing was not one of my strengths.

But with my resolve to make it online, the following day I opened a free blog on and started to type away. I would call on Peter now and then for assistance which he willingly offered. By the end of my 4th month in blogging I got my first check of $100. That is the day that will forever be imprinted on my mind.

Imagine working hard for almost 4 years and all I earned was $22. Then this guy shows up, shares his secrets for free and within 4 months I get a check of $107 from Google in my postal mailbox.

To you this may be little or nothing compared to what you earn every month. To others this may also look like a fortune. That aside, that check proved to me that it is possible to make money online with or without cash. All this was pure profit since I did not spend a single dime to earn the $107.

Since my encounter with Peter I have learned that there are endless possibilities of making money on the internet. With or without cash, you too can earn money online but only if you take action and remain consistent. In any business there is always a price to pay; this could translate to either time or money the choice is yours to make.

As I draft this article while seated on my blogging chair so many things cross my mind. One of them is that most of the time we need a helping hand to move to the next level. Knowing or unknowing, Peter Gitundu was that helping hand for me and that is something I don’t want to take for granted.

On this blog I hope to achieve the same. We might not meet face to face but from the articles posted here it would be my desire that you learn one or two things about making cash on the internet through blogging.

Thanks to the internet the world has become a small global village. It is now possible to reach people from all walks of life through the web. If you have something to share with the human race let me introduce you to blogging.

Along the way, you can also cash in and see your account bankroll double or more interestingly show figures that would make you sleep like a baby. It may seem an impossible task right now but once you get started you will love the ride.

I welcome you to visit my page on how to start a blog and begin your journey to online money making and financial freedom.

This blog post is written in Dedication to little known Big hearted Peter Gitundu one of the top bloggers in Kenya who past-on early 2012. He left a mark in the blogging arena that will be felt the world over especially when it comes to article marketing.

By the time of his demise, Peter was in the top ten of where he published over 3500 amazing articles. His blog contained posts ranging from self motivation, health, finance and online money making just to mention a few.

The online business world will miss this self made full time internet entrepreneur. With the little resources he had Gitundu was able to have a bite of the cherry as he collected checks generated from his blog month after month.

Today, this blog is as a result of Peter’s resolve to share what he knew about article marketing and blogging. Though I still struggle with reading and writing, I have been able to generate articles that have helped both newbies and veterans blog for profit.

I have a lot of things I can share with you about Peter Gitundu but allow me to end it there. If you are interested in blogging then I recommend you go through some of the posts on this blog. The FREE content found here will for sure be an eye opener to anyone seeking to make money online through blogging.

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Happy blogging guys!

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