Benefits Of The SEO Updates To Online Entrepreneurs

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So far what I have heard from most bloggers and webmasters are grumbles about the recent google SEO updates that have been taking place. The few people who are happy of the changes are the folks that stuck to proper SEO practices.

Panda was the first to come calling and that was towards the end of 2011. So many sites were hit by this SEO algorithm update among them ezine articles.

Just as webmasters were trying to recover from the shock brought about by the Panda Updates, new versions of the panda algorithm were being released hitting more websites and blogs.

Little known to online marketers, Google had been working on a formula to help rank sites using social signals. It did not take long before Google released Search Plus Your World algorithm update which was using social signals to rank websites.

So far, Search Plus Your World update does not have major implications as regards site ranking. This is because its success will depend on Google’s social media site, Google Plus, which at the moment does not have as many subscribers needed to help measure site authority.

SEO experts claim that Google’s attempt to use social signals to position sites will not bear fruit since social signals can also be gamed the same way webmasters did by buying links. Anyway, google says that Search Plus Your World SEO update will work; we only have to wait and see.

The SEO algorithm updates intrigues did not stop there; it did not take long before Google released yet another major update. This time is was the Penguin Update.

Jokes started making rounds among online entrepreneurs who were terming the updates as Zoo Updates. This was because of the choice of names Google was giving their algorithm formulas.

But this was not a joking matter as many websites and blogs were de-indexed while others lost their top ranking positions. This meant loss of traffic and in the process a drop in online income.

If you ask me, only two groups of people were enjoying the SEO updates. First to benefit were internet searchers who for a long time complained of landing on spammy sites while browsing.

Another group of people who celebrated were those who for a long time were using legit SEO strategies but did not feature well on search engine result pages. These updates which aimed at leveling the playing field now saw low ranking websites with quality content appear on 1st page.

According to you, do you think that search results have improved since the release of the Panda and Penguin Updates? Share your views in the comment section provided below this post. 

Now that you have the full picture on the intrigues of SEO and the algorithm updates, let us look at the positive side of all these updates.


*Use of basic SEO tactics:

Back in the 90’s the internet was the home of rich and quality content. When searching the web in those days one was sure of getting content that would be helpful.

But slowly some people found ways of gaming search engines and this gave rise to blackhat strategies. Not long after that internet searchers stopped trusting search engines results for quality information.

It is true that the latest Google Updates have affected both genuine and spammy sites but the positive thing is that webmasters now have no option but to go back to the basics of SEO.

The writing is on the wall, if you want your site to feature well on search engine results you have no option but to move away from negative SEO techniques. This will mean no more buying backlinks which gave some sites advantage over others.

By basic SEO we mean where you generate content that is aimed at educating rather than for ranking purposes. Stuffing your articles with keywords is no longer going to help, no wonder the Penguin update was before its release nicknamed Webspam Updates (getting rid of spam site on search results).

Google expect webmasters to begin focusing more on writing for their target audience and letting search engines do their thing. Do what google wants or face oblivion as far as SEO traffic is concerned.

Clear spam from search results!

SEO update

*Visitor response will be the same as referral traffic:

Any online marketer will tell you that referral traffic is much better than SEO traffic. Referral traffic is where you get hits from another website.

The reason that referral traffic works is because they create an element of credibility. When someone is reading an article from a reputable site, he/she tends to trust the links on that site as well.

That is why strategies such as guest blogging, forum marketing, article marketing and posting on web 2.0 pages really work. People trust sites like hub pages, ezine articles and squidoo since they moderate their posts and links.

It therefore goes without saying that visitors from referral sites will spend more time on your site. As all internet entrepreneurs will tell you, the more time people spend reading your content, the higher your conversion rate.

You may be asking, how is this related to this topic? I will tell you shortly.

As Google keeps updating its algorithm, the number of spam sites that appear on their search results will decrease. It is not necessarily the intelligence of the engine bots that will rid the search results of spam sites, but rather the fear of getting hit by the SEO updates will scare web marketers.

With time internet searchers will gain trust in search engine results thus spend more time when they land on a site. This means you will begin seeing lower bounce rates from traffic generated from search engines.

In online business trust is very critical and that is why referral traffic does better when it comes to conversion. With the Google SEO updates going on, people will again start having confidence in search results and in the process online entrepreneurs will benefit.

Hence, instead of looking at the negative side of the recent SEO updates, why don’t you work on improving your content as Google demands? It is not fair for your site to feature on first page and yet you have nothing to offer your target audience.

I also believe that google did a noble thing by making sure one site does not appear twice on the first page. This will encourage more competition among web marketers and more importantly ensure internet searchers have variety of content to choose from.

Who would not like to increase their conversion rate? The motive of having a commercial blog is to make sales, thus the reason you should be welcoming Google’s search cleanup rather than criticizing it.

Truth be told, now more than ever webmasters and bloggers are seeing an increase in comments, people bookmarking their sites, natural backlinks, sales conversion and business deals all thanks to Google SEO Updates.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the people who are up in arms of the updates are those who use negative SEO techniques.

Conclusion: Google is now solidifying its position as the leading search engine. If other search engines fail to improve their algorithm people will result to using google for trusted results.

The fact that there are less spam sites on Google means more advertisement revenue for the company. It is high time Yahoo, Bing, Ask and other search engines also got their act together.

As for online entrepreneurs, stop getting possessed with ranking and begin creating content that is useful to your viewers. This is now the only way of succeeding when it comes to blogging for money.

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2 thoughts on “Benefits Of The SEO Updates To Online Entrepreneurs”

  1. There are people in the world of SEO who have been a bit surprised by the updates, and even thought that Google is starting to hate SEO. Even thought that may seem to be the case in the eyes of others, the truth is that they’re just making their search engine a lot smarter by considering the content more rather than focusing on just the links as the top ranking factor. A good SEO reseller would just go with the flow of these updates by continuing to do optimization according to the guidelines set by Google.

    • Actually if SEO marketers consider what Google is doing to their algorithm they would see it is to their advantage. People will start trusting search engine results and in the process spend more time on sites. Therefore, webmasters and bloggers should do what Google wants and they will sure be laughing all the way to the bank. Thank you Martin, your comment is really helpful to SEO marketers. Hope to hear from you more often.

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