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Come 2008 – 2009 and article marketing hit the internet world with a bang. The online marketers who where sharp enough to implement this website promotion strategy really reaped big time. In fact, even to this day they are still riding on that traffic they got in 2008 and 2009.

Today, most marketers say that article marketing is not as effective as it was before and I agree with them, especially when it comes to generating referral traffic. Now the competition is so high and there are so many articles out there hence making your article look like a needle in a hay stack.

But one thing that you need to know is that article marketing is the best strategy of attracting organic traffic through search engine optimization. If you can optimize your articles well enough then you will able to make sure they rank well and more so build quality backlinks to your blog or website.

On this particular write up we are going to discuss the potential of article marketing, which also happens to be the most effective way of getting free online traffic.

1. Online Sale Agents: Implementing article marketing tactics is extraordinary because every article you distribute out there functions as your online sales agent. Imagine sales people who labor twenty-four hours a day without going on holiday, asking for a weekend off and more so not demanding for a salary by the end of the week.

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Just imagine if you had like 5000 of such sales guys and every one of them bring in one sales lead a day, this might convert to numerous leads to your home business thus help to promote your work online at home based business.

This is the power of article marketing, every post you submit in the internet acts like a sales agent for your online business. This shows how beneficial articles can be to your internet business as regards promotion.

2. Free Traffic: It is actually incredible especially if you do not have a big budget to help you pay for promoting your internet based business. Today, you can take up article marketing methods and commence generating huge targeted traffic to your blog or website for free.

It will cost you nothing to post your articles on article directories. The best approach is to submit your write ups on the top article marketing directories which include Ezine Article, Go Article, Article Dashboard, The Free Library and so forth.

3. Unique Visitors: When doing online business, marketing is critical since it is what determines how much money you will make. To make money while working online, you have to target one particular niche. This will ensure you generate targeted traffic thus obtain a high conversion rate and click through rate.

Article marketing has over time proved to be the most effective strategy of building traffic online. This is mostly in regards to attracting targeted traffic. Make sure that when you start a blog the posts you share on your site are on the same niche with the articles you submit in article directories.

For instance, in case you are blogging about latest fashion it would be detrimental to your online business if you distribute on article directories content talking about politics or gardening, you can be sure you will confuse your readers. The thing that is going to happen is that the minute they come to your blog they will leave immediately thus your bounce rate will be high.

4. Creativity: Always be original when you are drafting your articles. It may be difficult to some people but with practice you too can become an established writer. With good articles you can be sure that they will be read to the end and also publisher will easily pick your articles and post them on their site.

The secret of being creative when it gets to article marketing is by reading other people’s post especially the top writers in your niche. Research on Google by browsing for relevant keywords in your niche then add the word article at the end. This way you will get results of all the top articles in your niche.

From there read the articles and this will give you an overview of the best way to write quality articles. Note: Write long articles that have at least 600 words and above, this will ensure that search engines rank your articles high.

5. Link Popularity: If you are seeking to increase your inbound links then article marketing the best way to achieve this. Create keyword phrased articles which will guarantee you rank high on search engines thus generate business sales opportunities to your website or blog.

home businessWithin every article you create there is always a segment called Author Resource Box that appears at the bottom and this is where the power of article marketing is found. Here you need to add your hyper links with your targeted keywords which you want to rank on.

Since you the latest panda updates require websites to have quality backlinks, it is imperative that you post your articles on top rated directories.

6. Call To Action: Every time you share your articles is vital that after you have given readers information that you tell them what to do. At the last paragraph is where you can add some little marketing pitches. This is where you can ask your readers to take action.

To generate sale leads from article marketing, readers need to click on your hyperlinks contained in your author resource box. Therefore, in your last paragraph just instruct your readers to follow the links in the bio box for more information. This will go a long way in helping you generate targeted referral page views.

The internet is all about giving people information hence if you offer rich content then traffic will definitely come your way. Over the years, article marketing has proven to be the best technique of offering information to browsers.

Actually, among the most top rated sites on the internet are article directories. This is mainly because the more information they give the more search engine Crawl these sites and position them high on their search results.

This tells you that information is power and if you offer people helpful content then you will sure get leads to your online home business.

Initially, when I decided to go into web based business it was unclear on which would be the best way of driving traffic to my websites. However, after testing some online promotion methods, I came across a video training clip which opened up my eyes to article marketing strategies and ever since then I have never looked back.

It usually gives me total satisfaction to see visitors on my website even when am offline unlike before.

Follow the links below to learn more on how to market your site as you work online from home.

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  1. Don’t know if this applies, however Of all the SEO tips I have heard, read, learned and taught – article marketing is one of the best ways to get quality keyword based backlinks to a website.

    • You are so right Bill. The importance of articles is that they are content based and the internet is all about giving people info. No matter how much the search engine algorithms change, content will always remain the main ingredient that help rank sites.

  2. I am really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog.
    Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality online marketing content, it is rare to see a great blog like this one these days.

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