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Research is the secret of finding out the right and current articles to write about. Before you publish any article, it is imperative that you first know what people in your niche are grappling with. This will make your article marketing campaign easier to manage.

Many believe that article marketing is difficult and time consuming, but that should not be the case. The internet is about giving people information and if you know the articles to write about, then you will be on the right track.

Article submission works best when you have original content. There are many places to source for unique content but the best approach is when you compose your own articles. But for those that say writing is not their piece of cake, you can source from the experts in article writing.

Some of the places you can outsource for articles include freelance markets, public online forums like www.warriorForum.com (see warriors for hire and the section WSO) or http://Forums Digital.com (find buy, sell or trade categories then go down and press on “Content”). In fact, it will be affordable if you source on forums than on free lancing markets.

Most of the articles you will find here are not original but on Warrior Forum you can go to “Warriors For Hire” and get a free lancer to draft for you original content which can also be affordable. But if you ask me the best way out is for you to come up with your own unique articles.

In article marketing you want your content to be relevant to the products you want to promote. This means that you have to know which articles to write about. Relevant articles help you to channel in targeted traffic that will be interested in purchasing your products.

This brings me to my main reason of publishing this article, “TITLES”. Most people assume that by submitting thousands of articles regardless of topic will lead to sales, Forget It. Knowing the articles to write about will ensure the right people read your articles.

The titles you use have to be strictly focused on the products you are intending to promote. For instance, if you are promoting work from home business products, articles to write about include make money online, income at home strategies, affiliate marketing tactics, online business opportunities or work online marketing tactics.

Ideally, articles should be enticing enough to make readers what to take some action. This is what makes titles the most critical part of your articles. The headlines you come up with should be able to trigger buyers’ responses and compel people to read your articles thus purchase your products.

Title articles to write about that always work is when you use formats like “7 Top Strategies Of….” or when you ask questions “Why Are You Not Getting Online Traffic?”.

Note: Always remember to incorporate your targeted keywords in your titles.

In case you are not sure of articles to write about or the titles to use, here are some sites to visit and do some niche market research.

About.com: This is a community based website that has a network of great article writers. Here you can get ideas of how to come up will compelling titles and content. Mainly because, you can get to see which questions are being asked by people in your niche.

In addition, you will see how the experts are addressing certain issues in your niche.

Digg: If there is one great resource for gathering ideas on articles to write about then it is Digg.com. Digg features some of the hottest news features happening in any niche. All you need to do is go through the open conversations going on in your area of interest. This way you will definitely get the current topics and products that people in your niche are focusing on.

articles to write aboutYahoo Answers: This is one of the fastest ways of getting articles to write about. All you need to do is enter your targeted keyword in the “search Y! Answer” section and you will see all the questions people are asking about particular topics.

For example; if you enter “How to work from home”, you will see all the questions people are asking about work from home jobs and opportunities.

This is ideally the quickest way to gathering material on articles to write about and titles to use. Just compose articles that answer questions that are being asked in your niche.

ehow: By typing your keyword on the search box on ehow.com you can also get articles to write about. Search for new content by entering your targeted keyword phrases and you will get related titles that can help you draft content that will address the needs of your target audience.

Article marketing works best when you base your content on current issues being asked in your niche. This will ensure that all the articles you write will be the very questions that people in you niche are seeking answers for.

How you compose your titles will determine the success rate of your article marketing campaign. Compelling headlines ensure that people are enticed to read your content thus leading to more referral traffic to your blog or affiliate products.

Summary: Add your major keywords in your titles and make sure that the titles are captivating enough to necessitate action from readers. Enticing articles are the ones that promise some benefits to the readers, answer questions that offer workable solutions and create curiosity.

Once you are armed with articles to write about, you need to consider the length of your articles. According to the latest panda updates, it is advisable to submit articles with 400 words and above. It is important that your articles are not so long or too short.

Articles are tools to help you pre-sell and thus motivate your target audience to click on the links in your author resource box. If you offer quality information that is insightful you can be sure to succeed in traffic generation.

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