Ignored Aspects Of Online Marketing Success

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The focus of this blog has been more about handling technical stuff relating to internet marketing success. Today, it will be prudent to get into another area which is equally very critical in online business.

On one of the previous posts we saw that to be successful in online marketing you need to be equipped with knowledge and skills. Looking back at that article I discovered there are some things that were left out that needed to be addressed seriously.

The internet is like a vast forest and if you are not careful you can get lost in the thickets. If you happen to have read the history of Africans in the early days, you will discover they were hunters and gathers.

For the hunters and gathers to survive, they had to know their way around the forest. This meant knowing the hot spots to get the best catch and where to pick the best herbs.

Am sure you are now wondering where am heading with this story which to most of you is like telling a folk-tale. But before you click the close button by assuming you are on the wrong site, let me explain how all this folk-tale is related to internet marketing.

Am really proud of our fore fathers. One thing about the people who used to lived in the good old days is that they were hard working people. They took a lot of risks and if you were to give them a middle name, then it would be Determination.

Imagine venturing into the forest knowing very well there could a carnivore laying in wait. Amidst all these uncertainty, these guys succeed day after day to lay food on the table for their families.

They went as far as learning how to handle wild animals if they ever crossed paths. Today, people would jump out of their skin if they saw a harmless rodent in their garage. If you ask me, the internet is more dangerous than going to hunt in the forest.

If it is not spammers sending you bait to trap you in their schemes, it is google slapping your site for something you thought would get you a meal in terms of traffic and conversion.

To add insult to injury, your competitors are employing underhand tactics but search engines still rank them better than you though you are adhering to the SEO rules.

Someone begs to ask, is going grey or black the only way I will get a catch? Should I go and pick the catch in my neighbors trap to put food on my table?

So many questions remain unanswered. If you look at the current trends, there is no reprieve in this forest called internet. Today, you may discover the strategy to succeed in online marketing only to wake up the following day and discover things have totally taken a different direction.

For example, how do you explain this; you spend countless hours reading and implementing SEO techniques to help you rank on 1st page, only for Google to say that now people who don’t know a single thing about SEO will also rank as high.

The law of the jungle is simple, survival for the fittest. If you are the type to give up easily you better forget about doing business on the web. Let me go further to say; forget about doing any kind of business. You are better off getting a 9am – 5pm job where things are a little bit predictable.

With a job you are assured of your salary every end of the week or month. But in this jungle called internet, you can wake up one morning and find your site facing oblivion. If you think I’m joking, ask Ezine Articles or a paid link network site like Build My Ranking (BMR).

Something about life and business for that matter is that there are no guarantees. What works out today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, for you to be successful in online marketing you have to be ready to face all matter of circumstances.

George Patton put it so well when he said “Success is how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom”. How true that is; there are people when they fall down they remain there while others quickly dust themselves off and try again.

There is nothing permanent in this life, if you are facing a series of failures in web marketing, believe it or not, one day all that will come to a complete halt.

If you get a chance to talk to the top online marketers and listen to their success stories you will notice they all have some similar traits:

Apart from having the right tools and knowledge you also need to have the following:

1. Patience: There is nothing as important in online marketing success as having patience. This also applies to all other businesses be it online or offline.

The notion that things are a bit easier on this side of the digital world is completely misplaced. There are hundreds of online programs that promise heaven only for you to join them and discover it was all a hoax.

Think twice when you hear of an online program that promises to make you an overnight million. Get rich quick schemes are for those looking for short cuts in internet business.

Conducting business on the internet requires marketing and online marketing is about been patient.

Before you establish yourself online you need to slowly build your online presence step by step. Building a brand name calls for endurance until the time people start treating you as an expert and influencer.

Lack of patience will lead to taking short cuts which most of the time result to short lived success. The people who hold out may take a while to reach the summit but the day they get there the rewards will be worth it.

2. Consistency: If patience is to bear fruit, then you also need to be consistent. The touch and go syndrome is the worst to have in online marketing or business.

Something that you do over a long period of time tends to be engrained in your system. With time you become better and that is when you hear people calling you guru or expert.

Once you have chosen the online marketing strategies to use, it is advisable to remain consistent until you reap the rewards. The more you repeat a process the more you get noticed.

For example, writing one article and then seating back and hoping it will go viral is like living in a fantasy world. But the more articles you write and post in different directories the more backlinks you create and the wider your net will be cast to reach more audiences.

3. Never die spirit: You might be doing everything right and by the look of things, there seems to be no positive results. It is as this stage that some people thrown in the towel but for the successful online marketers they hold on.

Are you looking for online marketing success? DON”T GIVE UP. Marketing on the internet is not for the faint hearted hence be ready to go all the way until the nut cracks.

4. Thrive on challenges: People who do well in website promotion also have another trait, which is, they thrive more when challenges come their way.

The best way to horn your skills is facing and overcoming obstacles. There are times when you will of course fail but that should not be an excuse to give up.

Instead you should learn from the experience so that next time you face another or similar challenge you will know exactly what NOT to do.

5. Love what they do: I’m yet to meet a successful online marketer that does not love marketing. For me it gives me great pleasure to wake up every morning and attend to my work online site. Whether am making money or not, you will find me at my desk hard at work day in day out.

Passion is so imperative when it comes to doing business or marketing for that matter. If you do not love what you are doing, you will definitely bolt out when things take long to work or when the tough gets going.

Summary: The lines have been drawn and it is time we separated the boys from the men or girls from the women. Now that you have the technical knowhow and the skills required for online marketing success, ask yourself if you have the nerve to go all the way.

Going half way will mean getting lost in the forest full of thickets and uncertainties. Are you ready to rise up again when your site is de-indexed? Or hold on when it takes too long before your site to reach 1st page?

If the answer is YES! Then you are the right candidate for online marketing success.

Now you have no excuse, go out there and make it happen.

All the best!

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Author: Stephen Kavita

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2 thoughts on “Ignored Aspects Of Online Marketing Success”

  1. Yes indeed this field is competitive and needs a lot of patience which many people loose when the money doesn’t come at a go.Great piece of advice for people like me who are still fresh.The worst mistake i can make right now is quitting am willing to make it online.even with the unpredictable trends by Google i believe the strong will survive.With proper effort,knowledge and time management i believe one can make it online.Also procrastination which goes in hand with time is very crucial, if you can conquer the two you can achieve a lot online…

    Thanks for this great post

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