The Perfect Author Resource Box In Article Marketing

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It really does not matter what you want to name it; be it bio box or author resource box, this is a component of article marketing that most online marketers have not taken full advantage of. In fact this little box has been a cause for hot debates in most internet marketing forums.

So what is an author resource box?

After you have drafted your article, there is usually a small box at the bottom of your article where you get to add 2 or 3 lines. Ideally, here is where you get to add marketing pitches to your website, blog or products. Additionally, this is where article marketers get a platform to build their online brands.

An author resource box is a great source of generating two kinds of traffic; these are Direct Traffic and Referral Traffic. (Keep reading the article to the end so as to fully understand these two types of traffic.)

Article directories are always in need of new and unique content. Therefore when you submit an article on any article directory the reward you get is adding backlinks in the author resource box. When you have links within your resource box, people will click on these links and you will get direct traffic.

It is always advisable that the links within your author bio box to lead readers to a place where they can find more insightful information. The more traffic you generate the higher the chances of converting those readers to sales leads.

On the other hand the same backlinks within your resource box help you to get ranked by search engines thus attract organic traffic or in other words referral traffic.

Determining a perfect Author Resource Box:

The ideal resource box is the one that calls your readers to take action. In most cases, the way you draft your resource box can determine if an article directory will accept your article or not. Furthermore, it can greatly affect your website or blog ranking.

Call to take action: It is a wonder how article marketers spend hours researching and coming up with an article only to add valueless content in the author resource box. An author box is actually the main reason that you went to all that work of drafting an article. Therefore, take full advantage of the author resource box to compel readers to visit your website or blog.

Here is an example of a not to have resource box:

To get more information on purchasing this SEO Software, kindly click on this link Web CEO

Though you want to get people to come to your site, the above way of writing a bio box is wrong. You need to make the content in your resource box look irresistible.

Here is a good resource box:

To learn the Top 6 work from home online strategies, Visit . Here you will get free reports on the secrets of working online and thus earn income from home with ease.

The secret is to give your target audience a reason to want to build a relationship with you.

Relevancy: A good resource box is the one that is relevant to your article title, body of the article. The links you add in your author bio box should also point to websites/blogs that have content that is related to the article.

It would not be of any sense to submit an article about gardening and in the resource box put links pointing to a blog discussing issues pertaining to work online from home business. Miss-leading readers will only hurt your online credibility and thus lose online sales leads.

The same also applies to SEO, posting backlinks that are not related to the article in the name of getting SEO link juice is wrong. It will not take long before search engines note this and thus engine bots will start to devalue your links.

Deliver: A perfect resource box should be able to capture your target audience attention thereby necessitating them to click on your links for more information. In short, an article should deliver to its promise starting from the title, body and most importantly the content and links within the resource box.

Avoid Broken Links: It is also imperative to always make certain that the links within your resource box are functioning. Having backlinks that are working correctly will greatly boost your SEO value.

When you observe the above mentioned guidelines you can be sure to generate traffic. In addition you will boost your online reputation and this is will be from both customers and search engines.

Let us take a scenario where you have a blog about work from home opportunities but the article you have published is about how to maximize on blog SEO. The best way to draft your resource box would be to add two backlinks, one pointing to your blog and the other pointing to the particular page about Blog SEO.

Here goes:

Prior to launching your blog you need to know some of the top10 Blog SEO tactics by visiting this link . In addition, you can grab more valuable and insightful resources and strategies on working online at

The above method is what is called text link. But the best mode of adding backlinks in the author resource box is using HTML. The above resource box would then look like this when you use HTML:

Prior to launching your blog you need to know some of the top10 blog SEO tactics. In addition, you can grab more valuable and insightful resources and strategies on how to work from home online.

Here is the code that help you to embed your links “<a href=””>anchor text</a>

Note: Anchor text are the keywords you intent your site to be embedded on. This should be keyword phrases you want to rank on when people search the internet.

Over the years article marketing has proved to be very powerful. This is mainly due to the fact that articles are basically about content generation. The internet is all about content and articles are the best modes of giving the internet data. The more content you have out there the more traffic you generate from your articles (direct traffic) and from search engines (referral traffic).

There is still more to learn in regards to drafting a perfect author resource box, therefore digest what has been shared today and join us tomorrow for more regarding the same topic.

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  2. I would not have but it better, it is true that your author resource box is your window to search engine optimization when it comes to article marketing strategies. This write up will really open webmasters to the secret of article promotion. Keep up the good work.

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  4. Just came across the website and am amazed Mr Kavita you have vast knowledge on IM.Am also a Kenyan who is still learning the ropes of IM.I have already bookmarked your website.I agree the resource box is the final sale and has to be spot on.Otherwise no matter how good the article is if it doesn’t sell to the readers at last the effort will be lost.I also like the way you put it simple and clear to even newbies like me.Am just wondering how can i reach you for some advise on how to monetize my website especially in regard to clickbank.I will appreciate your feedback.Good job keep us informed brother

    • Hi Zack. It is always feels great to know that what I’m sharing on this blog is helping someone out there. I would also suggest you join my mailing list for more content on how to market online. Keep visiting for more useful and educative online marketing content.

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