Best WordPress Plugins That Guarantee Increased Traffic

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The one thing that makes wordpress stand out is because of the way it is easy for you to optimize your content. With the availability of free wordpress plugins, a novice can quickly start a blog and rank high within a short period.

By using the wordpress platform, you can install plugins that can assist you in several ways which include:

a. Generating more traffic

b. Retaining visitors on your site

c. Encouraging people to come back to your site

When it comes to making money blogging from home, the most important thing you need are visitors. The more traffic you drive to your site the more income you will generate. This article will discuss some of the best wordpress plugins you can install to help you generate more traffic to your blog.

Here are 8 functions and wordpress plugins that top bloggers use to attract visitors to their blogs:

1. Share content on Facebook (NetworkedBlogs): Though this is not a wordpress plugin it is a very good tool to help you generate traffic to your site on facebook. is one of the applications on facebook to help you share your new posts on facebook automatically.

All you need is to open an account on NetworkedBlogs and add the links to your blogs. Once you authenticate that the blog belongs to you, your blog updates will be submitted on your facebook wall. You can also choose to post on twitter.

With links to your individual pages appearing before your fans on facebook, you can be sure to generate more targeted traffic. Furthermore, this will boost you page offsite SEO thus ensuring your pages rank high on search engine listings.

2. Sharing content on twitter (Post To Twitter): Just as NetworkedBlogs posts your content on your facebook wall, Post To Twitter wordpress plugin shares your blog updates on twitter. NetworkedBlogs and Post To Twitter plugin notify your fans and followers of your new posts. This will guarantee you generate new traffic and encourage people to revisit your blog.

Note: According to experts, online marketers are encouraged to manually post their content on facebook rather than use softwares. The reason for that is because people tend to avoid posts that have been generated automatically by machines.

3. Re-tweeting (Tweet Old Post): Do you have articles on your blog that are still valuable but no one seems to be reading them? Then you need to give those articles a new lease of life by installing a wordpress plugin called Tweet Old Post.

It will take you a few minutes to set up the plugin and within no time use your old publications to boost your twitter marketing and drive more traffic. As you so the set up, change the settings to ensure that your tweets include a link to your posts.

You can also opt to add additional content in the tweets, choose how many posts will be tweeted in a day and at what intervals. It is recommended that you select the URL shortening of your choice.

4. Sharebar (Social Media Sharing): Social media sites offer good grounds for you to generate traffic online. With the Sharebar wordpress plugin, visitors can easily share your content on social media sites thus make certain your content goes viral.

best wordpress pluginsThis wordpress plugin includes social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many more. The Sharebar plugin is unique since it slides next to your post making it easy for visitors to see it and encourage them to share the post.

5. Post comment on your blog and on facebook (Facebook Comments for WordPress): The plugin is so good in that it allows your visitors to share comments on your blog as well as on their facebook wall. This means that all their friends will see their comments thus want to visit your blog and learn more.

This is one of the best ways to succeed in facebook marketing.

6. Rate Commentators (Show Top Commentators): Ideally, this plugin ranks people who are commenting on your blog the most. Since through comments one can funnel some traffic to their site, people will want to appear as top commentators.

In turn it will encourage more return visitors especially when you add a new post. Furthermore, this wordpress plugin helps you to interact and build relationships with your blog audience.

7. Optimization (WordPress SEO Yoast): If you ask me this is one of the best SEO wordpress plugins. Generally, this plugin helps you to know how optimized your content is before you publish.

Some of the details you will get include:

– Showing if you have added your heading tags

– Your Keyword density

– How readable your content is

– Number of outbound links among other details.

The plugin also provides a preview of how your post will be displayed on search engine result listings. You can then format the title and the blog META description as you want. Make certain you include your focus keyword in your title, keyword and description segments.

With this plugin your content will be more search engine friendly hence assists you to generate more organic SEO traffic.

8. Optimization (All In One SEO Pack): Due to how easy it is to employ, this is one of the most popular wordpress plugins been used by most bloggers. The plugin generates Meta tags, Meta Descriptions and ensures that your titles are optimized for search engines.

With All In One SEO Pack, you do not have to worry which are the right phrases to use or titles, since you just do the settings and it does the rest.

Conclusion: The beauty of the internet is how you can automate things and make blogging easier. I hope with this great wordpress plugins you will begin automating some of your blogging functions and still generate more traffic to your blog.

If you have other plugins that you think will help our audience increase their blog traffic, share them with us using the comment section below. You can also freely share this post with your friends using the social media buttons appearing on the left of this post.

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