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There are several ways of making money blogging but have you ever thought of a business blog? People start a blog for different reasons, while some folks are in it for fun or learn new stuff; others are there to make money.

For a long time I knew I was cut out for business but my dilemma was which business I should venture into. I ended up doing several offline businesses which never really took off until one day a thought came into my mind.

I must say it was curiosity that led me into thinking of doing online business. Since there was no one to mentor me I made a lot of mistakes until one day a light popped on my head. To cut a long story short, that is when the idea of building a business blog started.

During this time when I was trying to discover my way around the internet, I learned so many things. Therefore, by the time 4 years had passed I knew exactly what I wanted to do. My goal become to make sure that other newbies do not make the same mistakes that I did.

Right now I feel satisfied when I help someone set up his/her own business blog. It gets even more fulfilling when the people I helped call me with excitement in their voice saying they made some dollars online.

People share lot of content when it comes to building a business blog but most of them fail to give people the right direction. Blogging for profit is not like joining a quick get rich scheme. You need to be strategic, tactful and most importantly patient and consistent.

Do not launch a business blog in an area that you are not well conversant with. Most of the time, when it comes to online business especially blogging, it may take a while before you begin getting your ROI (Return On Investment). It is for this reason that some bloggers fall out on the wayside.

But if you pick to blog on a topic that you have an interest in, you will be willing to go on even when you are not making any cash. To create a successful business blog you need to share on issues that you are passionate about.

The other day I was reading the story written by Randfish of Geraldine who runs a business blog titled The Everwhereist that deals with travel. It is inspiring the way 18 months after launching a blog and she was still not making any headway she kept on blogging daily.

This was despite the fact that she was employing all the white hat strategies like guest blogging, posting original pictures, best SEO practices and social media marketing. Her big break came two years after launching her business blog. Today her traffic hits over 70 thousand visits a day.

Below is the traffic statistics for The Everywhereist.

So, select a niche you know very well you can see yourself sharing information 10 years down the road. This is where you start; do not rush to pick affiliate products and yet you do not know what you want to share on your blog.

There are bloggers out there who are in certain niches just because they heard products in that niche convert faster. These are the same people after some 3 months and they have made not even one single sale begin discouraging others from venturing into online business.

Your approach to operating a business blog has to be calculated. It is better to spend a month or two trying to discover your strengths so as to venture into an area you know you are good at.

Once you are done with picking a niche, the next thing you need to ask yourself is; how am I going to generate income from my blog?

Creating a blog is one thing but turning it into a business blog is another thing all together. Some of the ways of profiting from your blog include selling advertisement space, selling affiliate products or adding Google adsense.

As much as all the above income generating tactics are good, in all of them you end up acting as the broker/middleman. If you ask me, you would be better off being the point man thus calling the shots.

It is good to sell affiliate products, add google adsense or sell advertisement space on your blog in order to make money. But you need to go a step further and turn you blog in a real business venture.

After you have built an online presence and people know you to be an expert in your industry, it is recommended that you go notch higher. You can actually become a powerhouse and make more money if only you make use of your blog.

Most will argue that monetizing your blog with adsense or posting affiliate products is enough to call it a business blog. That is actually true, but the money you make from being a third party is little compared to when you are the main guy.

If you take time to follow top bloggers you will discover that they all have their own products. To get real profit from blogging you will need to take the same route. It may be as simple as creating an eBook and sell it on your blog.

At this point is good to note that it is a process. You do not launch a blog today and then after 2 months create a product. You first need to build a name for yourself. This is by sharing helpful and educative content.

With time when you have cut a niche for yourself and gained trust from your target audience, you can turn your blog into a real business blog. The surprising thing is that creating a business blog is not like coming up with a cure for cancer.

All you need to have is a niche blog, desire to succeed and follow legit work online rules. The blog will act as the platform, as for desire, it will help you carry on even when things are tough and seem not to be working. While sticking to work ethics will ensure you gain credibility thus your readers will trust you.

The above mentioned attributes will ensure that people buy products that you will come up with now and in future. Mainly because they will be seeing you are using white hat strategies and you have become a success in your industry.

Here you are, and you have a blog in place with some of the best unique content ever. In addition, you have gained a good fan base and the traffic to your site is what every blogger out there is talking about. Probably, you have been making good cash from selling other people’s products.

It is the high you went a notch high and really transformed your blog to an actual business blog. Below are some of the best strategies of launching a business blog.

Start a school to train others on what you do: Some time back I remember meeting a young man interested in making money on the internet. He told me that we went to a certain college to learn on how to do just that.

Despite the fact that he had paid quite a substantial about of money, I discovered that he had very little knowledge on how to make money online. Since then I set my mind to someday set up a school where I can train people on how to build a business blog.

With the knowledge I have gained about blogging for the last 7 years, am sure I can offer quality information on the same for a fee. This will ensure I train people who can later go out and teach others on how to blog for profit.

Considering the thirst that people have of creating a business blog am sure such business will do very well. Why? There is so much information on the internet and to most people they do not know what works and what doesn’t.

My belief is that opening a school will help people filter content and hence know the right things to do. For me, it would be a school of training people on how to build business blogs; the students would then decide on the niche to venture into. My hope is that people from my school would pass on what they have learned to their friends.

With this era of the internet, you do not necessarily have to open an offline training school; you can also train people online through webinars.

Below are examples of online blogging training courses you can take up:

  1. Expert Rating
  2. Apex Web Media

Blogging is not the only thing you can teach in a school or online and make money. You can offer lessons in almost anything on this earth such as languages, music, parenting and the list goes on and on.

Offer consultancy services: One of the best ways to leverage and earn lots of cash is by offering consultancy services in your area of interest. A business blog can be a good launching pad to get people to know about you.

business blogOnce you have established yourself as an expert in your niche you can go a step further and offer consultation services. There are many firms both big and small that would rather pay for consultancy than hire employees.

For instance, if you have built a business blog around search engine optimization, people and corporate companies can be coming to you for advice. The world over consultancy is big business that has helped people generate lots of cash.

Below are sites that are offering consultancy services in the area of business:

  1. Ben Norman
  2. Enterprising SEO
  3. RYP Marketing

Create your own product and get affiliates to sell for you: If you are good at creating something, having a business blog can help you to sell your own products. Start a blog and post content that will help you attract an audience.

Once you have a fan base, you can begin promoting your products or services on your blog. It could be you are good at designing unique softwares, websites or fashion wear. Why don’t you use a business blog to launch your wares?

Am sure you can come up with a list of people that sell their own stuff on the net. These people have also known how to leverage by allowing affiliates to sell their products and paying them commissions. All you need is to post your products on network affiliate sites like Pay Dot Com, Click Bank or Commission Junction.

You can become an overnight millionaire especially if you sell digital products where people just download your product. Look at a company like Microsoft that sells digital products, Bill gates has become one of the richest people on earth, thanks to his products that you can download for a fee.

Turn your blog to a membership site: The hassle that comes with creating your own products can sometimes be very taxing. This is mainly because of dealing with issues like after sales services. That is why some bloggers have resulted to earning money through creating membership sites.

Ideally, a membership blog will contain valuable content that can only be accessed once one becomes a member. There is a recurring fee that is charged on monthly basis to ensure one keeps accessing the content.

The beauty of having a membership business blog is the fact that the income you generate will be residual. But for the business to really work, whatever product you are offering has to be unique in that it cannot be found anywhere else but on your blog.

If you want to learn how to start a membership site read this article: How To Launch A Membership Site.

Create an eBook: For a seasoned blogger this is one of the easiest ventures to get involved in. The fact that blogging involves writing, coming up with an eBook is like taking a walk in the park.

Normally, what most bloggers end up doing is rephrasing their blog content and putting it in an eBook. Some readers prefer paying to read content from an eBook than a blog. This is because it is much easier to find important information on an eBook than on a blog.

Business blogs sometimes can be repetitive and the hassle of navigating through webpages to find information discourages some people from reading blog content. But on an eBook, all the reader has to do is scroll.

Considering that eBooks are digital products, there is an element of high ROI as well. All you need is to write one eBook and all your customers will be downloading it. You will not incur the expense of mass publication.

Publish a book: You can use a blog as a launching pad to become an author of printed books. Though you will have to produce many copies for people to buy, you will not only create more awareness, you will also make more money.

If you visit a site like Amazon you will find many books that top bloggers have published. Examples of people who have published books include:

Evelyn Trimborn who wrote the book titled 30 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website TODAY (Marketing Matters).

Brian Maroevich has published a book titled Proven Small Business Email Marketing Strategies.

Stephen Windwalker with the book titled Beyond the Literary-Industrial Complex: How Authors and Publishers Are Using the Amazon Kindle and Other New Technologies.

Mario Devonshire has written a book titled 20 Places to Make Money Online.

Note: When it comes to publishing a book you have to first build a reputation. Though it may take quite some time, the ROI is worth trying to publish your own book. Come to think about it, how fulfilling it can feel with your book hanging on a book shelve somewhere in a top bookshop.

It is even more gratifying when you hear people say how your book helped them. All said and done, the income you can generate from selling a printed book can be quite rewarding.

Summary: Blogging is one of the best ways of gaining publicity and thus thrusting you into big business. As you create your blog think of how you can later turn it into a business blog. As you can see there are many options of doing that.

On the internet you can really reach many people. Just the other day the population of the world hit 7 billion people. Studies show that over 4 billion people search for information on the internet and 300 million are added to that number every day. Check out the number of searches done on a daily basis in the graph below, that is on Google alone.

If you can launch a business blog you will for sure reach at least a fraction of these people. As you blog and build a name for yourself, think of how you can leverage and make even more money on the web from home and off the web. You can do all these from the comfort on your home.

All the best as you map out a plan to launch your business blog.

If you have something you can contribute regarding creating a business blog post it in the comment section below. Also feel free to share this article with your friends using the social buttons displaying on the left of this blog.

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