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The ultimate solution of converting your site visitors into leads then into return/loyal visitors is through email auto response. Of all marketing strategies, the one that is known for high conversion rate thus earn work from home online revenue is email marketing.

In most cases, when visitors land on your site they view or read your content and leave without doing anything and most times never to return. But if you capture your prospects contact details through an opt-in list you will use an auto response system to make them return.

Apart from informing your email list subscribers of new products and services, you can use newsletters to help build business relationships which will result in having loyal customers. In short, email marketing will help turn your prospects into long term clients.

Internet entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of auto responders will agree with me that their businesses have taken a turn for the better. Rather than depending on attracting new leads all the time through online traffic generation, you would be better off working with the prospects you already have now.

The way to do that is by creating an email opt-in list with a reputable email marketing service, then using their auto response feature to sell online to your leads.

You may be asking; how does the auto responder work?

Ideally, it sends out email messages to subscribers who have opted in your list. A good email marketing company should have an auto response system that is on auto pilot.

This means it can send follow up emails automatically, not once but unlimited times over a long period. All you have to do is set or schedule the system and it does the rest for you.

First, create a series of email messages and schedule them into the auto responder. You can then set the auto response to be sending messages on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as you deem right. From then on, you sit back and see your work online revenue hit the roof.

The auto responder system is critical when it comes to managing an email marketing campaign. Below find the best guidelines to look at in order to pick the right auto response service to work with.

User friendly: There are so many things that an online marketer needs to attend to, therefore a good auto response service should be easy to implement.

It does no matter whether other top email marketers recommend it, if an auto responder is not user friendly, don’t touch.

Support services: An aspect that makes an auto response system user friendly is when it has good support structures. Pick a company that has good customer care support in form of videos, tutorials, on call operators and so on.

These features of support help you in learning how the system operates. Knowing how the system features work will assist you to manage your email marketing campaign more effectively. For example; training articles will help you in creating quality email marketing newsletters.

Personalization: Since auto response systems are softwares that send out messages, the only way to somehow humanize the messages is to personalize them.

People in your opt-in list will respond to your messages when you address them using their names. Hence pick an auto response service that gives you the option and train you on how to personalize your email campaigns.

If subscribers get the perception that your messages are directly meant for them, you will touch their subconscious thus build lasting relationships.

Messaging format: There are several strategies of drafting a sales letter, sometimes you may need to compose a long one and other times a short one.

It is recommended that you choose an email auto response service that does not limit you on the length of your messages. When you are limited on the length of message, you will be compelled to omit vital parts of a sales letter.

Still in regards to message formatting, an email marketing service should allow you to play around with text as you wish. There are instances you would wish to use plain or HTML format to compose your messages.

Other formats include using bold letters, italic or different color text. It is unfair for an auto response service provider to limit you on the text format to use.

auto reponseUnlimited message update: As an online marketer am sure you will be coming up with new content and products all the time. Therefore, you need to select an auto responder that allows you to update messages whenever you want.

In addition, the option of adding more email marketing messages should be free of charge.

Ability to send follow up messages: There are web host services that include an auto response in their package. This is excellent but most of them have the ability to send just one message.

For that reason you will be required to subscribe to an email marketing service that will enable you to send follow up messages. In the web marketing circles it is said that for you to turn a prospect into a customer you need to send them about 7 follow-up messages.

Notification messages: This is a feature that lacks in most email marketing companies. It is important to have the option to receive direct emails notifying you of subscribers requesting for more details of a message you sent or personal details.

Notifications are good litmus tests that show how your email marketing campaigns are faring on. As subscribers respond to your email messages, you will know where you need to improve to ensure your marketing campaigns progress.

Tracking ability: Do not ever make the mistake of buying an auto response service that does not track your email messages performance. You need to monitor how many subscribers are actually reading your sales letters.

The back office of a good email marketing account should show you how many of your contact list received your messages. In addition, you should see how many people opened and clicked on the links within your messages.

Monitoring sales and advertising campaigns will ensure you know where to tweak thus makes certain that your marketing is more effective.

Conclusion: The above mentioned guidelines are key when it comes to picking an email marketing service. But the question is; is there a company that can offer you all these on one platform?

The company that is known to have the best auto response system is Aweber. The company will provide you will all the above features and more.

With Aweber you can run as many advertising campaigns as you like all on auto pilot. Their support structures are the best, with up to date training articles and videos to make sure you know your way around the system in no time.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in email marketing, the control panel on Aweber is very user friendly. Finding solutions is easy and how to operate Aweber’s auto response system is clear and straight forward.

As for affordability, with just 1$ you can have a free trial for a whole month to learn how Aweber works. To get started with the best auto response service in the market today, Aweber, click here to order.

It is time you set your home based business on auto pilot and make money online with ease.

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