Email List Promotion As A Work Online Tactic

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For years now webmasters have been making millions of dollars using email list marketing. Any online marketer that has at an opt-in list of about 100,000 customers and over will attest to this fact. Having an email list is definitely a powerful web marketing arsenal you need to use.

Why Use Email Advertising?

Did you know that close to 5 million people at least an email account? Research has proven that over 48% of the five million actually read their emails every day. If you look at it critically, this can truly translate to thousands of dollars for your work online business. But online marketers advise that you avoid being marked as spam.

The other side of Email Marketing:

There are advertisers who have misused their email list and thus given a bad name to email marketing. This has increased the chances of being marked as spam. It therefore means that you need to be very careful when sending messages to your email list.

Research reveals that 63% of people with email accounts do not read messages in the spam folder. Hence you must at all cost avoid being marked as a spammer. If your genuine message gets to your email list spam folder then your marketing campaign is doomed to fail.

In the cases where subscribes mark your message as spam, it can turn ugly. Sometimes it will result in email service providers blocking out your email account. In some cases, your site can also be marked as spam by search engines.

In addition, the government can get involved and you can be penalized heavily for spamming. Therefore, you need to be careful how you handle your email list.

How to prudently build your own Email List:

The first thing to do is create a website or a blog. Make sure that you offer readers quality content. Good content is where you provide informative and useful material that addresses certain issues. With quality content, your audience will want to constantly read your articles.

mailing listThis is where you can design a capture page for readers to opt-in your email list. Also you can have an opt-in registration form at the side bar. In most cases, the information you need to collect is the name, email address and sometimes location.

This brings us to the difference between solicited and unsolicited emails. When your targeted audience willingly subscribe to your mailing list, they are solicited. It is imperative that once someone opts in your email list you send them a message immediately. This will ensure they remember you the next time you send them an email.

To make sure that your solicited list finds you genuine, do the following.

  1. When sending advertisements make certain you state that in your email messages. This you can mention in the first lines of your email or in the subject line.
  2. Send your email messages only to the people who have agreed to be receiving your messages.
  3. The law requires that you give your email list subscribers a choice to opt out of your list. In most instances, there is a link that appears below the messages for members who wish to unsubscribe.
  4. As people subscribe to your email list, assure them that you will not sell off their details. This will enhance their confidence in you and thus boost your online reputation.
  5. Where you are sending adult content, you need to state that clearly in your subject line. This is to ensure such content does not land in the hands of minors.

Responding to a huge list can be quite tasking and that is why you need to automate the process. There is a company like Aweber that helps marketers manage their email list. With Aweber you can have an auto responder to help you respond to your list. There is also the option of scheduling your email messages so as they are send automatically at give dates and time.

Here are Email Marketing Strategies that have been proven to work:

email marketing– It is recommended as you are working online that you send your messages to your willing buyers only. The best strategy to approach email marketing is by sending unique and informative newsletters. Give your email list free trials and they will definitely not opt out of your list.

– Try to avoid sending HTML messages, rather send text messages. The reason being text messages are considered genuine unlike HTML which can easily be marked as spam. Furthermore, some email services are not compatible with HTML. This means some of your messages will be corrupted when they get to your customers inbox.

– Some words like make money, earn money online, mortgages and so on, you should avoid mentioning. Sending email messages with these phrases will increase the likelihood of being marked as spam.

– Avoid using attachments when sending promotional messages to your email list. Subscribers rarely open attachments from fear of being attacked with viruses.

– If you have to use images in your emails try to be moderate. Clustering images all over your messages will look unprofessional, thus will not appeal to your subscribers.

– Always work with reputable email management companies or join a Whitelist.

Note: There are people that are normally out to collect emails and sell them to willing buyers. As an online marketer it is not advisable to purchase an email list. It would be better to build your own opt-in list with willingly subscribes.

For years now e-marketers have channeled cash to their pockets with email marketing. It is common knowledge that having an email list is like having an online ATM. But let us not forget you can easily bring down your online credibility with email marketing.

This should not be the case though, if you follow the rules that govern email management you will make money online. The names you see in your mailing list are real people with feelings. Hence you need to treat them with almost respect.

To learn more about email list management and other online marketing strategies press on the links below.

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