Flash Images Effect On Search Engine Placement

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It has been repeated time and time again that flash images are not friendly to search engines, yet people continue to use them. It is true that flash images make your site look cool but why add them at the expense on your blog ranking on search engines result pages.

In many instances search engine companies have stated that they will soon begin indexing flash images. Experts in SEO say that is not fair mainly because for a long time they have preached against the use of flash to their clients. On the other hand, website developers rejoice but the joy is short lived as search engine fail to deliver to their promise.

We cannot deny the fact that flash images really make websites look cool. Most people are attracted to images more than content thus the preference for flash. Big organizations despite the repercussion continue to use flash images on their websites all in the name of enhancing their site appearance.

Then you ask, why the insistence to design flash websites?

There are amazing things that one can do with flash sites. Flash images are so appealing and would definitely increase the retention of visitors to your site. As we all know the lower your bounce rate the more chances to generating income from home on the internet.

Unlike HTML blogs or websites which are plain, flash sites are catchy and hence can entertain visitors. This is more so to niches that are not so serious like game sites or dating sites. But a critical look at flash images when it comes to business sites, they are not recommended.

Just imagine landing on a serious online money making blog and finding virtual cubes spinning all over the place. Would you really be convinced to purchase a product on that blog? In fact, you would exit so fast thinking you landed on a wrong site. Before you get to read the content you would think you are on a poker site.

There is no way flash images will make your work online blog become sticky. Maybe if you are targeting people who are bored and are looking for some kind of entertainment. But in case you want an audience that is ready to flash their wallets at you, you will have to do away with the flash images. Otherwise, if you do not do that, the same visitors will rush to your competitors who are more professional and look focused in doing online business.

Why you do not need to use flash images

Some people will not agree with this statement and that will be mainly because of their target market. But for business oriented sites then you do not need to create a flash site.

There are those folks that may claim that their flash sites have valuable content. But let me ask, why would you then need to create a flash site if you are sharing educative material? Would you prefer your visitors to see virtual balls jumping up and down or interact with your content?

HTML web designingMay be some day engine spiders will start indexing and ranking flash sites, but do you think with those images flashing around you will make online sales? The answer to all this questions is a definitely, NO! In addition, your visitors will have to install flash browsers of which most people have not.

The problem is compounded some more when it comes to browsing on mobile phones. Let us take an example of a phone like iPhone where flash images only appear like a small cube in color blue.

Then, there is also another downside of flash websites where the whole site uses a single link. This means that search engines will not see the individual pages that you will create on a flash website. Furthermore, it will be impossible to track and analyze traffic or bookmark your individual webpages.

In short, what this implies is that you have to avoid the use of flash images even if engine robots begin indexing them. As we speak, Google treats flash as less important even when a site has quality content. As a result, this affects the overall search engine placement of flash websites.

Invisibility of flash images on search engine result pages

If you know of any flash site try and search for it on Google using their exact key phrases. I assure you, the site will not appear in any of the first pages of search results.

To ensure that they get indexed, webmasters using flash use targeted keywords as alternate text. But when you search for the exact keywords the images do not show up anywhere.

As for those that use HTML for site building, you need to avoid using flash images within your pages. Research has shown that pages that have flash imbedded within them will not rank so well.

Summary: The one thing we cannot deny about flash is that they are cool, but that is all to it. If you are looking to boost your web presence on the internet through search engines, then forget about using flash images.

To date, search engines claim that they are now indexing flash sites but to what extend? Since the announcements nothing much has changed and HTML sites are been given more priority than flash. This goes to show that flash images may be cool but they are not anywhere near being smart.


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