How To Track & Generate Quality Traffic To Your Blog

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If there is one thing that really occupies the minds on most bloggers is volume of traffic. But it is better to generate quality traffic than getting lots of traffic that does not add value.

One thing that you will note if you have a new site is that traffic fluctuates so much that it is hard to know if you are doing well or not. It can even get more frustrating if you but too much emphasis on monitoring the amount of traffic to your blog or website than content generation.

The recommended approach when you are starting a blog is to avoid looking at your statics after every minute. Since at the initial stages the traffic is low, this discourages most people and they may give up along the way. If you must analyze your traffic, rather than concentrate on the number of visitors, monitor the quality of traffic to your blog.

Every step you take towards getting quality traffic, you move closer to succeeding in blogging. Find ways of improving the quality of visitors to your blog; this can be through publishing quality content or enhancing your blog overall appearance.

How to monitor the quality of visitors to your blog

For a blog that has high volume of traffic you can track and study your progress on a daily basis. But for a new site, it is recommended that you monitor on a weekly or monthly basis. There are about five elements you need to study when monitoring your traffic statistics.

  • Number of visitors
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on site
  • Returning visitors

As much as tracking the number of visitors per day, page views and unique visitors is good it does not really reflect your site performance. Especially in regards to getting quality traffic to your blog. There are days you will generate high traffic but that what you need to always look at is the quality of traffic.

Let us now go through these 5 elements of traffic analysis and how they contribute towards attracting quality traffic.

1. Number of visitors: This is the one stat that gives bloggers sleepless nights. It is the first thing bloggers look at when they are analyzing their blog traffic. Generally, it displays how many people have come to your blog on a daily basis and how many pages they have viewed in total.

The best tool to install and analyze your traffic is Google Analytics, then check out the section called Visitor loyalty. The loyalty section will show the percentage of visitors viewing your blog multiple times per month. It is advisable to gauge the percentage per month to see if you are making any progress or not.

How to increase number of visitors:

One of the best ways to improve your traffic is through search engine optimization. 95% of web traffic on the internet is generated by search engines. Take time to learn the skills and acquire the right tools that can help you in search engine traffic generation.

Some of the recommended tools and strategies include Article Marketing, Email Marketing, Forum Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Best Guest Blogging, Video Marketing, RSS Marketing and so on.

Click on the links above to read more on each of these online marketing strategies.

2. Page Views: This is also known us pages per visit. It signifies the number of webpages each visitor looks at while on your blog. Number of page views is a good pointer as far as generating quality traffic is concerned.

Therefore, the more pages a visitor views the better your blog performance. In most cases, you will note that most visitors view one page before they exit. Try and find ways to have an average of 2 page views for every visitor.

A good tool to use to track your page views is the Google Analytics. Again, if you look at the segment called Visitor Loyalty, you will gather all the information regarding the number of pages each visitor viewed.

Do not worry so much about visitors viewing one page since sometimes it is difficult to control that. Put more emphasis on analyzing quality of traffic and finding ways of improving those stats.

How to improve page views:

This is very simple to achieve though you need to give it some time before you can record any improvement. One of the best things to do is to link webpages that are related. This will also contribute to improving onpage optimization.

There is a good strategy of automating this process through the use of plugins. Two of the most recommended plugins to use include SEO Auto Links & Related Posts and SEO Smart Links. These are very powerful tools since they pick keyword phrases with your articles and hyperlink them to other related blog posts.

Links within blog posts help visitors to navigate through your blog with ease thus improving your bounce rate. Set the plugin to link to about four keywords per page and you will see a raise in quality traffic.

Remember, the more your pages views are per visitor; it signifies the more quality traffic you are generating.

3. Bounce Rate: Ideally, bounce rate shows the percentage of traffic that visit one page and then exit your site. Bounce rate is important since it displays your blog retention rate which also affect sales conversion rate.

Studies have shown that any bounce rate below 80% is good enough. But it is advisable to try and take it as low as possible. Bounce rate is affected by several factors which include the keywords that you are ranking on, sources of traffic and sometimes a spike in traffic.

How to improve bounce rate:

As mentioned before this can be quite challenging since sometimes search engines will rank you on irrelevant keywords. Furthermore, you have little control on the sources you generate traffic from and these sources can sometimes be wanting.

A strategy you can use to reduce bounce rate is ensuring ease of navigation. Make certain that your category section is easily accessible. Preferably, have two menu sections, one on your header section and another on your side bar at the middle or bottom.

Adding related posts after the end of every article is also a good tactic to improve your bounce rate. This encourages your visitors to click on the links and thus view more than one page. Also add a section showing popular posts to further boost and generate quality traffic.

4. Time on Site: Again Google Analytics shows this statistics very well under the visitor loyalty section. It is good to categorize these stats over a given period of time.high quality traffic

When you observe on your blog traffic graph in given period of time, you will see the average time spent on your site. The longer the average time spend, the better your blog performance.

It is also imperative to study the finer details of your blog traffic. In most instances you will note that a bigger percentage of visitors spend less than 10 seconds on your blog. This can be worrying but you need not to. The reason being that it is sometimes difficult to control the time visitors spend on your site.

How to improve time on site:

The best way to improve time spend on your site is through publishing quality content. As you share insightful and educative articles, you will start seeing an improvement in quality traffic.

Secret to becoming a better writer is to keep practicing. All the good authors you read about today started out as armatures, but with time they have perfected the art of writing. Hence, you just need to get stared and as time passes you will see an improvement in your blogging skills.

In order to become an influencer in your niche, you also need to read widely. This will help you with material to offer your target audience. As you post valuable content then the quality of traffic will definitely go up.

In addition, the plugins we talked about (SEO Smart Link and SEO Auto Links) will help increase time on your site.

5. Returning Visitors: Improvement of bounce rate and quality of traffic has got a lot to do with return visitors. Reason for this is because return visitors know what your site is all about and how to navigate through your site.

To check out this statistics install Google Analytics and look at the percentage on new visitors. If your blog is new, usually the percentage of new visitors will be low. But as you begin ranking on search engines for your related keywords, you will see a raise in this statistics.

Note: To generate quality traffic from search engines it takes time, determination and patience. Therefore, give yourself time.

How to improve the number of return visitors:

The more valuable your content is the more you can expect to generate quality traffic and return visitors. Take time to learn the preferences of your target audience and thus address their needs and wants.

Identify the things that challenge people in your niche and get workable solutions. With time people in your niche will consider you an expert thus will always head back to your site when faced with a challenge.

Take time to respond promptly to all queries submitted on your comment section. This helps to add a personal touch to your blog thus encouraging return visitors.

Conclusion: Hope you have gotten something from this article on how to improve the quality of traffic to your blog. If you have a question, do not hesitate to post it in the comment section below.

Also feel free to share this article on twitter, facebook and other social sites thus help others on how to work from home online through blogging and attract quality traffic on the internet.

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