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If search engines were human beings I’m sure the story would be different when it comes to site ranking and driving SEO web traffic. Unlike humans, search engines cannot really read content but they can tell what your content is about by noting keywords. Ideally, engine spiders can only fragment content in phrases and if there are words you keep on repeating, it will rank you for those keywords.

This means that you can have very rich and informative articles and no one will know they exist. This is why and saying, if only search engines would tell the value and quality of each article online, then the story would have been different in regards to attracting search engine web traffic.

The one way that engine bots go around this problem is by measuring other factors to determine the quality of a site or page. In the online marketing arena, these factors are known as off page factors. One of these external factors or off page elements that search engine look at is link popularity.

Search engines will rank your site higher when you have more links pointing to your site or webpage. You will also increase SEO web traffic if the inbound links are from sites that are related to your content. This to search engines shows relevancy and authority in your target niche.

Here is the scenario; you have come up with an article on how to work from home and earn money fast that is well drafted with high quality content. If no one finds it thus link back to the article, engines spiders will simply think it’s not important. This means that the article will not even appear within search engine page results.

Generating SEO web traffic is like doing business in the outdoor. Take for example these two traders; one of them has very good tomatoes and the other has less quality tomatoes. The one with good tomatoes keeps quiet and hopes people will see he has very quality products hence purchase his products. While his competitor is smiling to everyone passing by and telling them of how good his tomatoes are and yet that is not the case.

Believe it or not, you will end up buying the low quality tomatoes only for you to get home and find they are spoiled. This is to demonstrate that in the business arena, advertising is paramount. You can be the best footballer in the world but if you don’t get a chance to showcase your talents, no one will know of your existence.

This is the same case when it comes to marketing on the internet. Those sites that rank high and get the most SEO web traffic are not necessarily the ones with the best content. If today, your site got the same popularity as the top sites, you will have no need to optimize your content any more.

Top sites ride upon their popularity and that is what Google and other search engines look at when ranking sites. If the president of the United States caught a cold today, newspapers would be filled with headlines about Him sneezing. The hospital he will go to would gain celebrity status right then. But if that was to happen to you, do you think anybody would bother? I guess not.

A site like eBay or facebook enjoys the same benefits. A change of guard or ownership of a site like Ebay or facebook would cause ripples in the internet world. In the process it would cause the sites to become even more popular than ever before. But when your site was hit by the Panda updates, no one raised a finger on how your home business site was affected. In fact, your ranking and web traffic dropped some more.

SEO web trafficThis does not mean that you should give up on generating SEO web traffic. In any case, it will be sweet victory when you beat the odds and join the league of top online business gurus. All you have to do is double your efforts, work smart, focus and be patient and you will rank higher.

Article marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies since it’s a way of generating content. Experts in web traffic generation will tell you that content is King when it comes to site promotion. Top sites have an upper hand in that they can higher hundreds of writers to help them generate fresh content daily.

While you may not have the resources to afford the same number of writers, there are online marketing tools and sofwares you can use to gain leverage. The best approach to online business is to automate your processes.

There are sites that can help you submit your articles to thousand of article directories by a click of a button. One site you can look at is Unique Article Wizard, for just $67 a month you will dominate the internet and generate direct web traffic and SEO organic traffic.

As for bloggers using wordpress, there are plugins that will help you to optimize your content. Other plugins will assist you in reposting your old content to social sites, while others like Publish 2 will ensure you ping your content to as many sites as possible automatically.

These are simple to implement processes that will help you build backlinks thus increase your rankings and web traffic. To finally get to the top, it might take you a while but the day you get there it will be hard to bring you down again. But having said that, when you start making some money online, you need to plough back some of the cash into marketing your site.

Pay for services that allow you to post your content automatically to blog networks and submitting press release. The minute you eliminate the aspect of doing things manually, you are on your way to joining the top cream of internet entrepreneurs.

All the top sites you see today did not begin from the top, the owners of these sites will attest to the fact of how they hassled. You too have the potential of drawing masses by attracting high volume of SEO web traffic if only you remain focused and consistent. Success comes to them that are ready to pay the price.

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