9 Techniques To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

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One thing that you will find most bloggers inquiring about is how to get more traffic to their websites or blogs. This does not only apply to bloggers alone, online network marketers who really count on numbers to make money also need more traffic.

The reason of coming up with this article is so that it can act as a one stop shop for best strategies of attracting more traffic to whatever online business you have. By now you all know that to make money online as you work at home you need traffic.

The more traffic you have the more chances of conversion thus generate income from home with ease. But it would be of more benefit to your internet business if the traffic you are generating was targeted. The tactics that we’ll be discussed on this write up will be on reaching people in your niche.

Since some of the strategies of getting more traffic have been discussed in details on other posts, I will provide you with links leading to the specific webpages. It is always a joy to see people who work online prospering hence the reason of this article.

Here are the top 9 techniques of driving unique and steady stream of targeted traffic to your blog as you work online from home.

1: Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign: Experts on internet marketing advice that before you choose the keyword phrases to target in your blog, you should try setting up a PPC campaign first. This will help you to determine faster the conversion rate of a particular keyword.

Though PPC campaigns can be expensive, they will save you a lot of time in terms of choosing the right keywords to target. Remember the more traffic that is targeted you generate, the more success you will have in online money making.

One of the best places to start a pay per click (PPC) marketing campaign is opening an account at Google Adwords.

2: Audio and Video Marketing: Content is KING if you want to generate more traffic to your blog. There are several ways of creating content and video marketing is definitely one on them.

There are people who are not good at reading but are good listeners or views. These are the kinds of people that will grasp better when you put up a video clip or a sound recording.

Having written content all over your blog can be quite boring to some people therefore it is advisable to blend your written content with relevant images and sometimes adding videos. Studies have proven that videos have a high rate of retaining visitors on your blog thus increasing your conversion rate.

Some of the sites you can visit and add your videos include MetaCafe and YouTube. There are also sites that can enable you convert your blog content to videos, click here to read more on that.

3: RSS feeds marketing: One of the best tactics of generating more traffic to your blog is through RSS feeds. The sad part is that most bloggers and webmaster are yet to realize this. In fact, this is one of the most underutilized arsenals of online marketing.

For those of you who read my daily posts you must have seen the blog post I shared in detail about the power of RSS feeds marketing.

4: Using newsletters classified adverts: Did you know that there are newsletter publishers that offer new subscribers with space to advertise their businesses or products?

When you get such an opportunity, the secret is to promote a product with high value but is affordable. If you what to market a blog through newsletters classified ads, make sure the content is of very high value to the people in that niche.

Newsletter ads also act a testing ground to measure the response of buyers and your marketing campaigns. With such testing you will be able to tell the right keywords phrases to use, and then implement in your PPC campaigns. The same words can also act as your signature in your email marketing or on forum sites.

5: Email marketing: A simple but yet effective strategy of attracting more traffic to your blog is through your email address. By just adding a signature in your email account setting, can considerably increase your blog traffic.

This will mean every email you send an email to your contacts it will contain your signature. The idea is to add a hyperlink leading to your blog in your signature. It is important to make your signature catchy by maybe adding a slogan or a catchy phrase.

The beauty of setting up a signature is that once you set it up it is automatically picked and added below all your outgoing emails.

6: Starting a contest: People naturally love free things and hence they will seize every opportunity to win something. The secret of running a successful online contest is to choose something that people in your niche really need.

So as to get more traffic that is targeted, select a product that is in high demand within your niche but of little value to people in other niches.

more trafficFor example; if your targeted audience are people interested in search engine optimization, it is not advisable to put a computer as your price. You would be better off having keyword research software as your prize.

7: Writing and distributing reports, reviews and articles: For me this is the most powerful technique of getting more traffic to my blog. If you have been blogging for a while it is time you thought of coming up with an eBook.

Remember to add a link pointing back to your blog in your eBook. This will really help if your eBooks goes viral. You can choose to either sell your eBook or offer free downloads to your visitors.

Writing product reviews and submitting content on article directories will bring you more traffic which is targeted. The best approach to content sharing is coming up will insightful and educative content. This will lead to people picking your articles and publishing them on their blogs or websites.

This viral effect can greatly lead to you getting more traffic for free. The same can happen with quality eBooks, people can reprint your eBooks and since you have included links pointing to your homepage and webpages you will attract more traffic.

8: Forming or joining networking sites: Some of the sites you can visit and form your own group include Ning and Facebook. Ideally, networking sites act a platform for people in the same niche to meet and share information.

In the process you will also be able to market your blog and get more traffic or promote your products and services.

As for a social media networking sites like facebook you can start a fan page.

9: Joining and participation in niche online forum sites: Online forums have for a long time now helped many online marketers generate traffic at will. For those who which to build an online brand name then forum marketing is the thing for you.

The power of forum marketing comes in the fact that you share your expertise. The more you keep solving people’s problems the more they get to know you thus increasing your online presences.

An element that is considered critical on forum websites is the signature. This is the slogans that will appear below every thread you start and every remark you submit. Try to have a signature with a hyperlink that includes relevant keywords as your anchor text.

Note: It is best to offer relevant and quality threads and comments. Once you do that, it will mean people will quickly click the hyperlink in your signature to know more about you. This will enable you get more traffic that is highly targeted and free.

Conclusion: If you note very well, all the above techniques of driving more traffic have two things in common. First, they all help you generate direct traffic to your blog or website. Secondly, they assist you increase your site rankings on search engines result pages.

This is what is referred to as, killing two birds with one stone. Where with one online marketing technique you get drive direct traffic and still boost your link popularity.

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