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Are you wondering how Google Adwords advertising has become a household name when it comes to marketing on the internet? On some niches, one single visit can cost an advertiser up to $50 though advertising with google. The secret is very simple; ads by google are so targeted thus a marketer is assured of return on investment (ROI).

Promoting your products through google Adwords advertising (paid advertising) is also known as search engine marketing (SEM). The other approach to marketing on the internet would be through search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is free and in most niches it may take some time before your site reaches the first page. But there are those online marketers that have been able to rank on 1st page within days. These are the marketers that have discovered the power of keywords in regards to SEO.

Today though, we are not going to look at search engine optimization; rather we shall go into details regarding google Adwords advertising, also called google pay per click advertising. In fact, these two types of adverting should ideally work together.

Most keyword tools available simply show estimates of traffic one is to get from certain keywords. What SEO experts do is first to launch a pay per click marketing campaign with several targeted keywords to determine the exact amount of traffic and conversion rate. Then from there they embark on optimizing their site on the best keyword phrases according to their research.

Let us go back a few years when advertising on the web was somehow crude. Do you remember the days when ugly banners where dominate on the internet? It was quite annoying to encounter repelling adverts on every website you visited.

From irritating banner advertising it came to even more irritating ones, where marketers where adding audio clips in the banners. The click through rate those days was so low that making money online was not easy. This is why Google penetrated the market so easily and it did not take long for them to be made king of the internet.

Before advertising was not relevant and was nowhere close to being targeted. But with Google entering the market with advertising campaigns like google Adwords advertising most marketing firms had to close shop. Google search results simply fulfilled three things and these were needs, wants and goals of their users.

It is estimated that google Adwords advertising earns an estimated $20,000,000,000 every financial year. Now, that is the benefit of identifying a need in the market and doing everything possible to fulfill that need.

The approach that google took was to satisfy the needs of their users. This was by making sure that instead of irritating people with annoying adverts, users where give results relevant to what they were searching for. In actual fact, with time searches have been more targeted today than ever before.

As an online marketer you will remember that just the other day, google changed their algorithms. The change was named Panda. The aim of the panda updates was to remove irrelevant sites from listing high on search engine result pages.

Most of the victims of this algorithm update where marketers who were in the habit of using black hat tactics to rank high. To read more on this check out the blog post on new google panda update.

Search engine marketing which we are also calling google Adwords advertising is the form of advertising where marketers bid for their adverts to display. It takes some skills and use of certain tools to make sure you pick the right keywords.

If you bid for keyword phrases that are not relevant then you can expect to get untargeted traffic. Google Adwords advertising is a self-corrective strategy where marketers are rewarded with targeted traffic. Ideally, this has made both searchers and advertisers gain trust in Google.

google Adwords advertisingIt has been noted that most users click on the first links on the search engine results pages. Since paid ads appear at the top of search engine results, the obvious thing is that they will receive a lot of clicks. The same applies to SEO; sites on the first page get more traffic than the sites on other pages.

Note: On both search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), sites that rank higher generate more traffic.

Adverting on the internet has been redefined where instead of you looking for customers, customers come searching for you. Through google Adwords advertisements and SEO you can tap into the value of people’s search. That is via proper use of keyword phrases that people in a certain niche use when browsing the net.

A tool you can use to maximize on google Adwords advertising is Google Traffic Estimator. This tool will help you to measure the value of the keywords you intent to target.

Note that there are 3 different modes of determining the searchers for each keyword. Let us take an example of a keyword like work from home; there are three variations.

1. work from home – This kind of search represents people, who are searching for the exact search term, people searching for any keyword phrase that contains the words work from home e.g. work from home online opportunity and users who entered in their search string any of the three keywords in any order.

2. “work from home” – Signifies all internet browsers who entered in their string of search the phrase work from home e.g. online work from home.

3. [work from home] – This is for those that searched for the exact keyword term.

Before you launch any google pay per click advertising campaign, go to Google Traffic Estimator and enter the keyword terms you want to target. Select about 5 or more keywords phrases in your niche and enter each in the three formats mentioned above.

Pick the location you want to target and the language. From there enter the code to confirm that you are human and then press the enter button.

The results will reveal to you the value of your traffic in terms of global monthly searched, local monthly searches, estimated average of cost per click (CPC), estimated ad position and finally estimated daily budget cost.

Conclusion: In most cases you need to invest some cash for you to make money online. Even though SEO is free, you may need to first experiment and see if your target keyword has good and high traffic that converts. The best way to determine that beforehand is through google Adwords advertising campaigns.

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