Google Authorship – Panda Will Be Like Child’s Play

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If you thought the quest to further improve search engine results were over, let be blow your bubble. By the look of things, soon you may be hearing of yet another algorithm change based on google authorship.

Online business entrepreneurship has really become so volatile and if you are not careful you may face extinction. Before people can recuperate over the effects of Google Venice, rumor has it that soon ranking of site is going to be based on authorship profiling.

For those of you how have been following the events taking place in the SEO arena, you will agree with me to some extent things have changed a little bit. But some people still think that nothing has really changed.

There are people who have forever been using white hat strategies and their site rankings are still poor. In fact, instead of increasing, some site owners that adhere to Google rules say that they are the once that have been punished. Others are claiming that some of the sites that rank high have no ounce of quality content.

Even with the de-indexing of some sites that sell paid links, crappy sites that buy links can still find their way on top SERPs. What it appears is that link popularity is the main strategy of ensuring your site rank high.

One thing that no one can deny is that from the time panda was released, the internet has become a better place. Some of the crappy sites that used to flood search results have been axed. It will not take long before you see other poor quality site hit the sandbox. In addition, webmasters have gone back to the basics of SEO which is to generate quality content because they now fear the worst.

Slowly Google is getting it right; rarely do you search for something and fail to get it. Though Google said it has leveled the playing field, sites with more backlinks still dominate the search results.

The reason for this is because Google has no other parameter than checking backlinks to determine a site’s popularity and authority in a given niche. Due to the element of link popularity, you are bound to sometimes come across a useless site ranking high. What a crappy site has to do is to buy backlinks and they will succeed in manipulating search results.

Now, to counter that Google has been working on a master plan to start ranking sites depending on authorship. This means using social signals to determine how much influence you have in your niche.

Do you think this will work? Do you think it will improve search engine results? Share your opinions in the comment section provided below this article.

Google authorship is set to work hand in hand with Google +1. This is a social media site that was launched by google in a bid to have a piece of the pie in social networking.

google authorship

Others sites like Twitter and Facebook are doing so well thus the big exodus to social media. Though Google is lacking behind in terms of numbers, people are really signing up. The question that remains is whether these people are active members or just passive. Anyway, we will come back to that later.

The idea behind google authorship algorithm update is to link your content to your google plus account. This is a way of proving authorship of a site where you are a contributor and verifying content authenticity.

What you need to do is add the sites that you own on your Google plus account profile. If you have been searching the web you probably have come across results with images of the author appearing on the left.

I think this is so cool especially in terms on branding yourself and increasing Click Through Rate (CTR). An image appearing next to a listing in search results will elicit more clicks than the one without, don’t you think do?

Search engine technicians at Google are now burning the midnight oil to find a way to use google plus activities to rank sites. In short, social proof will be a major factor of determining a site’s ranking said to replace links. As a mentioned before, if that is possible we will wait and see.

I know you are asking how google +1 will help google rank websites. The secret lies in the fact that google will be able to track how people respond to your content. With your blog linked to your Google plus account and other google services, spiders will be able to measure the authority of your content.


  1. By using social signals like how many people tweeted or shared your content.
  2. You will be considered an authority in your niche depending on how fast your links go viral.
  3. Checking your bounce rate. After people have clicked on your link, how long do they take before they reappear to search the web again? If they return immediately then your site will not be deemed with high esteem by google.

From a searchers point of view, google authorship seems to be a great idea. It is where social proof, authority and reputation will be used to determine site ranking. This may just be the strategy to get rid of people who spam the internet and cloud search results with useless content.

Why? Because you would not expect anyone to share or tweet content that is considered spam. It is like stopping spammers on their track through reputation. This is unlike ranking sites through link popularity which in most cases is subject to gaming and manipulation.

Having said all that, the big question that we need to ask Google is how do they expect to work this out? So far they have done a remarkable job in terms of improving internet search. It goes to show why they are set to be perched at the summit for a long time to come.

But how is google author profiling going to operate? There are some several obstacles that Google will have to contend with and they include:

Technology savvyness: There are people out there who know nothing about social media leave alone what Google Plus is. These are people who could be producing quality content and products. It means the engine spiders may end up missing out of valuable content.

Does it mean that if Google authorship takes effect their work might never been seen on google search results. This to me indicates that search engines cannot easily run away from ranking sites’ authority using link reputation just yet.

Subject to manipulation: If people are still finding a way to rank high even though they bought backlinks on paid link networks, what makes it impossible for them again to game google spiders with manipulated social proof?

As we speak, there are already softwares that can easily boost your social proof on social media sites. Actually, if you ask social media marketing experts they will tell you it is easier to manipulate social signals than it is to build link popularity.

Considering that Google cannot tell whether an article has been written by an amateur or a seasoned veteran, chances are that differentiating between fake and genuine social signals will be more challenging.

Numbers: The number of subscribers on Google plus right now is between 90 million to 100 million subscribers? Some of these subscribers are not even active or don’t know how to use Google Plus.

The fact that you must connect your site with your google +1 profile in order for Google authorship to take effect, it means the algorithm will have very little content to rank. Therefore, Google has to work hard to increase and educate their subscribers on how to use features on google +1.

If the authorship algorithm was to be to be applied to a site like Facebook which have over 850 million active members, then it would be possible to use social signals to rank sites.

Summary: By the look of things it is going to take a while before you hear of google author algorithm. This is based by the fact that the number of social signals that google directly commands is limited.

On the other hand, Google would also need to find a way to counter social manipulation and that would also take some time.

For the mean time, know that your backlinks is one of the major parameters google uses to rank your website or blog. You want your site to be viewed as having authority by search engines? Then improve the quality and relevancy of your inbound links.

In short, google authorship algorithm is going to take a while before it comes into full effect.

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