Google News As An Online Traffic Generation Strategy

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What does one have to do to appear in Google news? This is the question that has been posed by many people who work from home online.

Google news is a source for tremendous traffic generation. This is especially so because you can get many natural links. Unique links lead to more high ranking thus boost online traffic from search engines.

For your website or blog to appear on Google news there are some guidelines you need to abide to. On this write up we are going to look at some of the requirements that you need to observe.

Writing structural demands

Site Content: The driving force behind the internet is none other but information. If you can provide information then you will generate traffic to your website or blog. This goes to show that content is the most important aspect when it comes to the internet.

It is critical that your content be of high quality and 100% unique for it to appear on Google News. There is no way you will duplicate or draft grammatically incorrect articles and expect to be listed on Google news.

The best approach is to keep up to date with what happens in your niche then release stories that are newsworthy. This means doing a lot of reading and researching. If you can be posting hot stories then you will be on the right path.

Article structure: This applies to any content you want to appear on Google or Yahoo news. Make sure that you come up with an article that has a headline, a brief author bio description and date of release.

You articles also need to be long enough since it’s all about giving information. An article should ideally have 400 to 600 words according to the latest panda updates.

Try as much as possible to optimize your content for search engine bots. Apart from that, your content should be readable to human beings.

Regular Posting: If you are one of those lazy writers then Google news is not your cup of tea. It is imperative that you share stories frequently. Share 2 to 3 articles on a daily bases for your website to be considered as a news hub.

Number of editors: If you are the only one posting content on your blog then it can be a bit challenging to appear on Google News. It is unofficial, but it is advisable to have more than one author for your site to be on Google news.

If you have a blog, allow other bloggers in your niche to submit on your site. This is also known as guest blogging. Have strict guidelines to ensure only original and high quality content is submitted by all writers. Ideally, 4 writers and above will do so as to enter into Google news.

google newsImagery: In case you have to add pictures within your articles make sure you add alternate text and descriptions. This is to ensure that search engine spiders can know what your images are about. Be careful how you use pictures on your site by avoiding flash images.

Pictures are good since they break the monotony of having text all through which can be sometimes boring for most readers.

Reputable site: The organizational structure of a site tells a lot about its reputation. An “About Us” page can go a long way in showing how reputable a site is. In the about us page add detailed information of authors names and their biographies. State also in details the main agenda of your website or blog.

Note: To enter into Google news you also have to be an authority figure in your niche.

Technical requirements so as to appear on Google News

Blog or site theme template: Choosing the right template is critical if your site is to be considered as newsworthy. Some claim that a blog cannot work, but if you choose a magazine type of template then you can enter Google news.

Have RSS feeds: This will apply to all website and blogs. RSS feeds are important to have since they help in finding and indexing of pages on search engines. I came to discover that I get very quality traffic from my RSS feeds, thus have it as one of your online marketing arsenals.

Google Crawler access: For search engine bots to find and index all your stories they will need full access. If you have a site that requires membership subscription, you need to grant access to search engine spiders in the restricted areas.

Once they have gotten access to your content, you can choose on how you want the content to be displayed on search results. One of the options is showing only the outline of your article.

URL creation: For every post you submit on your site or blog ensure it has a different URL. When all URL’s are different from one another it shows uniqueness and that no post looks like the other.

Titles: The first thing readers and engine bots see when they come to your site is the title of your posts. As much as it should be readable, your Google news headlines need to be keyword based for search engines to also read.

Generally, a title needs to act as a summary of what to expect in the body of your article. Make sure it is captivating enough to draw the attention of targeted readers.

It is recommended that your headline should also appear in your HI or H2 tags. Avoid adding dates on your headlines. If possible, it would better that you have company names or people’s names in your headlines. This will increase your chances of ranking.

Making money as you work online from home is dependent on traffic generation. Therefore, the more online marketing strategies you implement correctly, the more money you make as you work from home online.

For some time now entering Google news has been a challenge for people working at home. I hope this article will be insightful for home business entrepreneurs seeking to add Google, Yahoo news in their online marketing arsenal.

Soon we will go into details on how to use press release to appear in Google news.

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