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The latest buzz on the internet marketing circles is definitely Google Plus or Google +1. If you are devoted work online entrepreneur then you realize to make money blogging you need to keep up with the trends.

It will not take long before Google plus explodes and the people who will benefit will be the ones who jumped into the band wagon first.

When it comes to generating blog traffic, you need to know where your target customers visit. In case you realize they are always on facebook then that is where your focus should be. But as we speck people are rushing to Google plus and you need to go where your target audience spend most of their time.

Google plus is the new kid in the block when it gets to social media sites. This is a site that has been designed for people to link up with friends, family, colleagues and your business contacts.

In my many years in internet marketing I have discovered the secret is having various sources of getting blog traffic. The more work online marketing arsenals you have the more traffic you will attract. If am asked, you need to add Google plus or Google +1 to your web marketing campaign list.

Here are the advantages of Google Plus for bloggers

google +1Attracting direct blog traffic: It is just amazing how bloggers are beginning to generate quality traffic from Google +1 and they have not even added the button on their blogs. This goes to show with proper utilization of the Google Plus features, traffic to your blog will sky rocket.

As you share on google plus, add a link pointing to where you want to lead your followers. You will be surprised just how much direct blog traffic you will generate. It is just a month ago when Google +1 was launched and yet it is generating a lot of traffic for bloggers.

Just like any other social forum, share content that is helpful that aims to educate and add values to your target audience. This will mean you get more recommendation from your friends and business contacts.

Ability to really engage your followers: Unlike twitter where you need to have lots of followers for you to have real impact, with Google Plus the story is different. With just a small following you can fully engage your followers and much more so in a personal level.

The site has been created in such a way that interactions are more personalized. In addition, engagement with your connections is very simple since the site if user friendly.

As a work online business person you know that building relationship is the key to making money online from home. It helps you gain credibility and thus online presence.

Classification of your followers: On facebook or twitter any time you updated your wall, all your fans and followers can view your update. This means that you needed to have two accounts; one for fun and another for serious business stuff.

The case is different with Google Plus; with the feature called “circle” you are able to engage one segment of your followers without involving the other circles. This will also be very helpful for bloggers that have blogs in different niches.

You can create more that one circles of friends. For instance, if you have two blogs; one about working online and another for weight loss tips. You can come up with two circles, one for business and another for health. This will ensure when you post about health tips your circle of friends in business will not see the posts.

This gets even better since you can also send a message to one person at a time. All this features will increase the chances of generating unique blog traffic thus a high sales conversion rate.

Potential audience congregating at one place: In just two weeks, 10 million people signed up on Google +, this just goes to show that there is something about Google plus you simply cannot ignore.

Since the social media marketing site is still new and there are several features that need to be worked on, there is no way 10 million people can congregate in one place without money flowing. My follower blogger, you must take full advantage of Google Plus right away.

Google +Search engine placement: Google +1 feature is the one tool that will really help people trying to make money blogging. Therefore, you have to add the Google +1 sign on your blog since it will boost your search engine ranking.

Ideally, content recommended by your business contact and friends is of more relevance than from people in other niches. A Google +1 recommendation from someone in your niche will be a signal to Google to prove that your content is relevant and of quality. This in turn will boost you site positioning on google search results.

It is hence of great importance that online marketers embrace google plus to create blog traffic from Google. The beauty about it is that it won’t take many recommendations for an article on your blog to rank. With just like 10 Google plus recommendation your blog post can rank very well on google search results.

If you ask me, Google Plus is the next big thing in search engines optimization. In the near future Google + will be part of the google algorithms. It will be an indicator of how much people value or trust a particular site or blog post.

If you want unique traffic then look at Google plus.

The new best place to be: The day you will begin getting email notification from Google Plus is the day you see its power. It is really great seeing people in your niche adding you to their circle of friends. It is an indicator of how people love your content which translates to more online sales conversions.

If you are offering rich content you will note that you will get more friends on Google + more you will ever get on Facebook and twitter.

One thing is for sure, Google will make sure they will perfect Google +. Those bloggers that ignored social site as a means of generating traffic are now regretting. Facebook has really helped people making money online earn even much more cash.

If you were one of those guy that overlooked facebook and twitter, you now have an opportunity to redeem yourself. Create a Google Plus account right away and remember to include the Google +1 button on your web pages.

It will not take long before you begin seeing an increase of targeted blog traffic to your posts. Aim to add people in your niche, like ME, to your circle of friends and you will definitely love it.

I am really looking forward to linking up with you on Google Plus.

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