How To Build A Blog And Get Online Income From Home

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Gone are the days when building a blog was about generating content and traffic would come your way. Today, anyone seeking to build a blog must not only create content, but the content has to be of high quality. In addition, a blogger has to market his/her blog in order to generate online revenue.

Blogging has become so competitive nowadays especially with the constant google algorithm changes. Just the other day we heard of Google Fresh that seeks to rank new content. This is an indication that bloggers have to update their blogs even more frequently.

As you are generating content, you also need to consider other aspects like optimization, link building, social media marketing and other marketing tactics to succeed in blogging.

Here are factors to look at as you build a blog

Have a work online schedule: One of the most important elements of blogging is regular updates. Personally, I post one article every day from Monday to Friday and rest on Saturday and Sunday.

This calls for you to have a working schedule which you have to adhere to religiously. The reason to stick to your schedule is to ensure that your blog is picked by search engines and more so build a fan base.

If working online everyday is tough, then choose days of the week which you can generate content to help build a blog that will make you money. There is no point of writing for a week, then disappear for a whole month without updating your blog. Failing to adhere to your work plan will result in you losing your fan base and drop search engine rankings.

Sometimes sticking to a work schedule can be touch and that is why you need to be accountable to someone else. For bloggers working online from home, pin your work schedule somewhere visible so as to be accountable to your house hold members.

Research for quality content: Another big challenge when it comes to building a blog is what to write about. Some days you may wake up and find that you have nothing to share with your target audience.

Expert bloggers advice that before you build a blog, ensure you have done your research well. Start a niche blog that has a broad topic therefore making sure you do not run out on what to share.

It is said that experience is the best teacher, hence pick a niche you are experienced in and you will never miss something to share. I have been sharing on work from home business ideas for seven years now thus I never lack content to write about.

The best approach on what to write about is researching and reading widely. Subscribe to news sites in your niche in order to get up-to-date content. In addition, check out what other bloggers in your niche are writing about and collect ideas on topics to discuss.

Research will assist you to identify areas that other bloggers are overlooking thus ensure you generate unique content.

As you build a blog, always ask your visitors to share their opinions on your blog posts. This will help you know what exactly your readers what discussed.

Sometimes ideas can come to you as you are doing other tasks, it is important to write these ideas down so as not to forget. Doing all the above will mean that you will always have content to share with your blog audience.

Link with other niche bloggers: No man is an island and that is why you should seek to work with other bloggers in your niche. Something I have come to learn in my blogging practice is that you have to recommend other blogs in your blog content.

As you add links pointing to other blogs, you will increase your search engine rankings. Also in the process, it will help you build relationships with other niche blogs thus build a blog that will have a strong link profile.

When you talk about other blogs, with time they too will begin mentioning you on their articles. Eventually, you will get invitations to be a guest blogger increasing your SEO value much more.

Social media sites like twitter are good for building relationships thus build a blog. Regularly Retweet other people’s content and they will also reciprocate thereby helping you to further popularize your blog.

If you want people to post comments on your blog, start by posting on other niche blogs. Make sure your comments add value and it will not be long before other bloggers want to know who you are. Networking is powerful thus use it to build a blog that will make you easy money from home.

build a blogShare your blog content: Social bookmaking sites are ideal places to begin when it comes to sharing your blog content. Every time you post a new article, share the link page on sites like Delicious, StumpleUpon, Reddit, Digg and Mixxed.

These are good sources of generating quality traffic to your blog and building link popularity. You can also share your content on article marketing sites or tutorial submitting sites like Good-Tutorials

The advantage of sharing your articles and tutorials is;

a. You generate organic traffic since your blog will rank high

b. Get direct traffic as people read your articles

Use social media sites to generate traffic to your niche blog: Some of the social media sites that you must have an account include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

On facebook you can create a fan page which you can request your close friends to like it. This will lead to their friends liking your fan page thus build a fan base to your blog content.

Online marketers say that one of the most powerful online marketing tools is Facebook. You also need to add twitter to your online marketing arsenal. Currently, people are using their mobile phones to twitter thus providing you a great opportunity to build a blog successfully with ease.

On your blog, install a plugin called “Tweet Old Post” which will be tweeting your old post hence help you give your old articles new life.

Monitoring your traffic: The best tool to use to monitor your traffic is Google Analytics. With this tool you will be able to study your blog traffic. Checking your traffic aids you to know which pages your visitors are spending more time, where most visitors are coming from and thus know your audiences preferences.

In order to learn how Google Analytics works, you need to first install it. Then go the tutorial on how to operate this free tool.

Pick a good blog template: As you build a blog you need to consider seriously its appearance. Your blog design is greatly determined by the template or theme you pick. Some of the top themes include Theme Junkie, colorlabs, Thesis and Woo templates.

Since templates look alike, it is advisable that you customize your template so that it stands out. Start working on your header to make it look unique and you will create a brand name. The header is a critical component of your blog since it can build or destroy your online reputation.

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Summary: Building a blog is not a one day affair, it takes time and resources before you can have a money making blog. Therefore, you need to continuously work on your blog to make it the best in your niche.

If you can create content that is SEO friendly, share your blog links on social sites and bookmarking sites, with time you will cut a niche for yourself.

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