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Celebrities and politicians are able to move people in masses because they have built a brand name for themselves. If you follow the lives of prominent people, you will discover that most of them come from a very humble background.

Most of them in their pursuit to survive were able to discover a gap in society and in the process of filling it up, they become influencers. One desire that you should have as a human being is to touch the lives of people next to you. Seek to be something bigger than you are by contributing to humanity and you will definitely build your own brand name.

The same goes when it comes to building an online brand name in whatever niche. Look at sites like Google plus, Twitter and Facebook; they have in a short time been able to bring together millions of people from all over the world on one single forum. The amazing thing is that even as we speak, someone new is registering on all these sites.

You may ask; how did facebook or twitter manage to do all that? It is just a matter of first having an online brand name. Google plus is now claiming its share in an already competitive social networking niche with great success. This goes to show that there is always room for new influencers.

All you need to know as regards building a lasting online brand name is that it takes time. The problem with most of us is that we give up too easily. No wonder there are very few successful people compared to failures. Just a handful of people are ready to pay the price to be a brand name in their niche.

It is my belief that anyone in any niche can build their own online brand name. All you are required to do is identify your strengths and weakness, set goals then take action. In addition, you need to have a mindset of champions and you will attract people to you.

Why build an online brand name?

Ask someone like Oprah Winfrey the power of been an influencer and you will desire to be one too. Having a reputable online brand name will help you influence people from all walks of life. By just a click of the button you will be able to drive high volume of traffic to your website or blog and make money online.

Companies will be lining up for you to do product reviews and you will be the one dictating the terms. Having an online presence will mean that any country you visit, you will have an audience especially people in your niche.

Am sure you too can come up with a better list of the importance of building a reputable online brand name.

How to build a reputable worldwide online brand name from home:

Strive to be better than you are today:

Some people when they get to the top, they begin to walk and talk as if they own the world. The worst thing you can do when you become successful is think that you will be perched at the top forever. In life there will always be someone greater and better than you.

The point you need to pick here is that always seek to be better in whatever you do. Consider yourself as the second best and you will always work hard to be the best. Even when you hear everyone talking about your online brand name, have in mind that there is another brand in your niche doing much better than you.

Google is for sure the number one search engine but they have never stooped to perfect their art. They keep coming up with new products ever so often. The same also applies to a company like Nokia. The reason of using these top brand names is that you may discover their secret of success.

An influencer is the person who pushes himself to become the best in what he does. Keep reminding yourself that there is always room for improvement. Consider what you have done so far as second best and you will push yourself to your utmost limits.

If you are a blogger in whatever niche, when you think of yourself as second best you will always seek to know what your competitors are doing. This will help you come up with better strategies of getting more blog traffic. It will not take long before you get recognized and create an online brand name thus influence your market niche.

Furthermore, you can end up creating a blogging strategy that other bloggers will never emulate or imitate. Now, that is what it takes to build a lasting online brand name.

Link up with other influencers in your niche market:

If you want to be a sweeper all your life then hang-out with other sweepers. Influencers always seek to connect with other influencers. Our destiny in life is mostly determined by the people we spend most of the time with.

On another article we mentioned that people and not search engines will by products on your blog. Therefore, as you seek to build your online brand name have people in mind.

People that command a following are the ones that have discovered the power of building relationships. You can have thousands of fans on facebook or thousand of followers on twitter, but if they are not people in your niche then they will be of no benefit to your online work from home opportunity.

brand nameThe best way to link up with other influencers is monitoring what they are doing and talking about it. Bloggers assume by giving credit to top bloggers they will boost their credentials. That is true, but on the other hand it will help you build relationships with them and they will reciprocate by taking about you to their followers.

Here are some tips of getting noticed by influencers:

–          Join online forums in your niche and be active. Make sure you add your website or blog in your signature. As you are commenting and posting threads do not think about the backlink or traffic you will receive from people clicking the link in your signature.

Rather read and share things that will add value. This will in the long run help you become an authority in your niche and thus boost your online brand name.

–          It can be a life changer if a top blogger talks about you. Most people try to get the attention of top bloggers by sending irritating emails. The best approach would be to quote them on your blog, commenting on their blog posts and linking back to their blogs or websites.

–          As you work on building your brand name online you should also think of doing the same offline. Every time you hear that people in your niche are meeting in a conference or seminar always attend. There is nothing as powerful as face to face meeting.

You can be perfect in building relationships online but you will never beat someone who does it offline.

–          Social media networking is for sure a big industry online. It has contributed to many people building powerhouse brand names online. On a site like twitter, the ability to Retweet has helped many online business entrepreneurs do viral marketing with ease. Social networking will ensure you have a platform to build relationships that will last.

But you need to note that social sites where not put there for you to spam people. Spamming may look profitable for a while but in the long term it will completely destroy your online brand name and online presence.

brand name onlineYesterday a very close friend in the blogging arena told me that if you want to rank well on Bing, you need to point to top bloggers in your niche. And I thought, that should always be the case because it makes more sense.

From today, quote others and they will soon enough quote you. Link your site to other top bloggers and you will build your online brand name for they will so enough link-back to your site.

Do not imitate what others are doing:

This is a cliché but I will repeat it anyway “Always be yourself”. There is nothing as sad as trying to be someone else just because you think they are better than you. Did you know that those people at the top always have things they are struggling with?

In fact, if you every get close so some of these top guys you will discover some will admire what you have. This tells you that you too have something unique you can offer people in your niche thus create your own brand name.

It is not a guarantee that you will please everyone but you will definitely get loyal followers. What may seem crazy to some people may look unique and good to others. Cut a niche for yourself and for sure there will be people out there waiting for someone with your qualities to emulate and subscribe to.

Do everything to fully understand your industry:

It is said that experience is the best teacher and I fully agree. But for you to be considered as a powerhouse, you have to be the best in what you do.

When you are good at what you do, you will always have answers to the questions fronted by people in your niche. This is what will build your credibility, presence and finally an online brand name.

To fully understand your niche you need to be ready to research a lot. Subscribe to blogs that are top in your niche, subscribe to niche newsletters and read the latest news of events taking place in your area of interest.

Researching will help you identify issues that others are overlooking and as you address these issues you will get a loyal following and thus build a brand name for yourself. Make use of your posts comment to know what people in your niche are really searching for.

The Yahoo Answers forum has been there for a while, but how many bloggers use this forum when researching for content creation?

Conclusion: Do you see now? This is how celebrities, politicians, big firms and influencers go about getting to the top. You may say that some of them are luck or were born with a silver spoon. Yes! That could be the case, but that is a very small fraction.

Most people that have built an online brand name have scarified a lot. They are the people that trend where others have refused to go. They do what others have refused or ignored to do.

You want to become an online millionaire? Then delete the word mediocrity in your dictionary and go that extra mile.

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