How To Create A Blog From Home Within 9 Minutes

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Believe it or not, you do not need to leave the comfort of your house in order to have a blog running. People think that when it gets to how to create a blog or website you need the services of an expert. Today, you can launch your blog in under 9 minutes.

But before you learn how to create a blog, there are other fundamental things you need to seriously take into account. People make the mistake of creating a blog using with their names or some fancy names.

It is OK  to do that if you are seeking to brand your name. But if you want to make money online then you need to use keywords in your domain name.

Here are 3 things you need to do before creating a blog:

1. Choose a niche: This is absolutely vital since it acts as the foundation of your blog. Most newbies assume that the more niches one targets, the more likelihood of making more money online from home. This is not true; choose one niche which you know you are good at.

Preferably, go for a niche that is broad where you can always have something to share with your target audience every day.  Other factors to consider include selecting an area that you are passionate about and of which you are an expert in.

This will ensure you post quality content and within no time you will be considered an authority in that niche. Do not target a niche just because you heard someone say there is a lot of money to be made there. You can make money from any niche as long as you choose a niche that you are passionate about.

2. Research for the right keywords to target: After you have selected the niche, you need to do know the preferences of your target audience and the right keywords to target. There is no point of me showing you how to create a blog and fail to reveal to you the importance of keyword research.

Am sure once you launch your blog you expect people to visit and read your content. The best way to drive traffic to your blog is by making sure you optimize your content for search engine ranking. The rule of the internet is that you usually write to two entities:

1. Human beings

2. Search Engines

Read more on how to write on the web

You can have very good and compelling articles but if people cannot find your blog then all you do will be in vain. This is the reason why keyword research is very important when it comes to how to create a blog.

One of the best tools to use in keyword research is a free online tool called Google Keyword Tool (free). In fact, this is the first tool I open every day before I write any article or blog post. It helps me to determine what to write about.

Other tools you can use include Google Trends, Google Insight or Keyword Winner (this tool you need to pay in order to use).

With these keyword tools, you will be sure not to throw punches in the dark but actually target your audience. Always go for keywords that are commonly searched for and have a fair competition rate. Click here to read a detailed article on keyword research.

3. Get a credit card or debit card: In order to ease purchase online you need to have a credit card or debit card. Find out from your bank manager the best credit card to use. But if you already have a debit card that has a Visa or Master Card Logo, you are good to go.

Once you have done the above, you will have accomplished the initial stages of how to create a blog. The next step is technical and this is where most people feel intimidated. But I have very good news for you, launching a blog is downright easy and does not require any kind of expertise.

Here is a step by step guideline on how to create a blog at home:

Step 1. Buy a domain name: The reason for doing a keyword research is to help you pick a domain name that contains your main targeted keyword.

Ideally, a domain name is a unique web address which your target audience will use to reach your blog. For example, my domain name is

Note: My main keyword is work online. I first did a research in order to come up with this domain name.

When registering a domain name, go for an address that is brandable, short and easy to remember. Some of the top sites to purchase a domain name include:


First, you need to search and see if the domain name you want to use is available. Remember that a domain name is yours for good hence pick a name that you like and is keyword based. The prices for buying a new domain name vary from $3 to $25 per year.

Step 2. Purchase web hosting: Web hosting simply means buying a space on the internet to host your domain name. You can also opt for free web hosting though I strong suggest you avoid doing that.

Normally, you will not have full control of your site on free web hosting sites. In case the free hosting site decides to close down your site, there is nothing you can do to stop them. This can negatively affect your site especially if it is generating income.

It is recommended that you pay for web hosting. You need to do research to make sure you get quality service. Do not be swayed by high pitched advertising messages that promise heaven and give you low quality service.

One of the most important factors to look at when choosing a site to host you is whether they have a cPanel. This is a control panel that helps you on how to create a blog and manage it. Some of the features to be found within cPanel include tracking, email management, file management, setting up a blog or website and much much more.

To ease your search, I suggest you work with either Host Gator or Blue Host (This links contain my affiliate links, for Hostgator my coupon code is workonline25 where you get a 25% discount on your first purchase). Both of these web hosting services have a CPanel, offer quality customer support and are quite affordable. Their tools are also user friendly for newbies seeking to learn how to create a blog.

Personally, I use Hostgator and their services are simply superb. The site has online video tutorials that small online business people can easy follow and quickly set up a blog within few minutes.

Note: In case you are buying a domain name and web hosting from different companies, you need to edit the Name Servers. Open the account where you bought your domain and pick the two name servers listed. Then head to your web hosting site and update the name serves to read the ones you picked in your domain name account.

how to create a blogStep 3. Install wordpress: For your blog to go live you will need a template or platform to post your content. I use wordpress because of these 3 things

1. It is user friendly

2. Most of their templates are SEO friendly.

3. They have thousands of quality and free and paid templates.

On Hostgator, they have included a link on the CPanel that automatically helps you to create a blog by easily uploading wordpress which takes seconds. Another feature within CPanel that you can use to upload wordpress is Fantastico Deluxe.

There are two ways to add content on your blog. One is by going to your wordpress back-office or installing FileZilla FTP server. I would rather you opt to upload your content using wordpress back-office. A 6 year old would do it with their eyes closed; it is that simple to manage your blog on wordpress back-office.

Step 4. Choosing a theme for your blog: One of the most important elements on how to create a blog is picking a theme or template for your blog. A theme or template is how you would like you blog appearance to be. In short, it is your blog design or style.

For people working online at home, it is advisable to choose a simple, clean, customizable and Professional WordPress Template. Some of the ingredients of a quality theme include:

1. Good color variation

2. Easy navigation for visitors

3. Simple background

4. SEO friendly

5. Easy to customize

6. Beautiful to look at

To that point, you should now be able to know how to create a blog. The next thing to do is update your blog regularly and learn how to make money online or monetizing your blog.

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