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In order to succeed in online business you cannot avoid learning SEO (search engine optimization). This is because traffic is what web business is anchored on.

The more visitors you can attract to your site the higher the chances of making it big online.

It therefore goes without saying that one of the ideal ways of directing traffic is through SEO. As you learn and implement effective SEO tactics, you can be assured that you will always be the one to beat in your niche.

The other day someone on facebook was asking me what is SEO (Click here to learn what SEO is). It then dawned to me that very many people don’t even have the slightest idea what the initials SEO stand for.

Then there is another group of people who have an idea what SEO is but they don’t know how to go about it.

It is these two reasons that I thought is prudent I come up with an article that offers guidelines on how to learn SEO.

If you are starting out in SEO then you have to read this post to the very end. The post contains insightful tips and secrets on how to effectively learn how to SEO:

1: Read Widely: For you to be good in SEO you must pay attention to details. This is not a common trait with most people and yet it’s what separates success with failure.

So as to learn the nitty-gritty of a given subject you must be willing to read widely. When you set your mind to read your mind tends to grasp finer details that normally you would forget.

If it is about learning how a robot.txt file works, read all you can about the topic until your mind absorbs everything it can.

Reading alone is not enough. You also have to put into practice what you learn. Every time you implement something you have read the chances are that you will not forget easily.

But you have to be careful not to read everything you come across. In your pursuit of learning SEO you may find yourself getting sucked into reading almost any post relating to SEO.

Not everything you read on the web is gospel truth. You need to have a sieve so as to concentrate on real SEO.

Reading everything can be very dangerous in that by the end of the day you may get confused. The secret to reading wisely is to bookmark articles posted by experts or using a site like pocket.

Sites like SEOmoz or Search Engine Land have amazing articles on how to SEO.

Remember that for you to really learn something you must do it. Hence, after you have read about a certain SEO strategy, you need to implement.

I like looking at it as creating your own thing from scratch. You never know you, might just discover new SEO techniques along the way.

2: Hook up with SEO Experts: Some people after they have read two or more articles on SEO think they are the gurus. This is until they meet other people who have been in the business for a longer time.

There is nothing as sad as thinking you know everything or assuming you are the smartest SEO guy. That day you will be put in a room with other SEO guys, you will realize you know absolutely nothing.

I believe the people who learn the most are those who expose themselves to people better than they are.

I learned this the hard way while in school. I used to think I’m the best footballer until I came out of school and met other boys.

They were so good that sometimes I was put on the bench which was not something I was used to. This forced me to work even harder to become an even better soccer player.

Before long I was learning new moves that I would never have learned.

Moral of the story; in order to learn SEO you have to at some point expose yourself to people more experienced than you are.

This may cause you some embarrassment but by the end of the day you will have learned something you didn’t know. Out there you will come across smart SEO guys who will push you to the next level.

To hook up with SEO experts you don’t have to necessarily attend a seminar. There are several online forums you can enroll in like blackhat forum, warrior forum or a site like SEOmoz.

Connecting with folks that know more than you know on any given subject will push you to learning new things.

3: Be curious: You sure have heard the adage that says “Curiosity killed the cat”, this might be true to some extend but the greatest asset you can have to study SEO is curiosity.

The thing about being curious is that it takes you to the depth of an issue. It makes you ask yourself questions that other people will not normally ask.

To know how to SEO you have to always ask yourself how a certain strategy works. Asking question is the one of the most critical elements of advancing in life.

The more you ask yourself SEO questions the better you become in SEO.  This brings to mind something I have always believed; there is a difference between training and learning.

Training is about showing you how to go about doing a certain task but learning is a personal responsibility to go beyond what you have been taught.

From an SEO viewpoint, after you have received training on how to SEO, you need to go out there and discover more. Learn how search engines crawl, index and rank websites.

By getting your hands dirty it will for sure make you a better SEO marketer. You might end up breaking a leg in the process thus the need to have a safe landing pad.

Therefore, before you launch your own site of which you have full control. Try out installing tracking tools such as Google Analytics and the like on a free blog such as blogger or wordpress.

Once you have perfected your skills you can then implement them on your premium site.

how SEO works

4: Enjoy failure: Anytime you are learning something new things are bound to go wrong sometimes. Learning SEO is not any different.

It is not until you try something that you will discover if it actually works or not. As you try to establish yourself online you need to create space for failure.

Things are bound to go wrong and in some cases they do so public. You have got to have an open heart where you accept failure. This is a very crucial life skill too that will propel you to become an authority in what you do.

Failing is an important aspect of learning SEO more so when you fail while others are looking on. This will expose you to criticism and in the process you will learn a thing or two.

5: Learn something new in 2 hours: In order to become an expert in SEO it may take you several months. But there are some certain skills you may learn in day or within hours.

When you are learning, it gets to a point you hit a learning curve. This is the time you have a drive to know how a certain thing works within the shortest time.

Ideally, you should take advantage of this thirst for knowledge to improve your skills. As you learn SEO you will discover sometimes your mind will be ready to absorb but other times you just don’t feel like it. By the way this applies to any kind of studying.

Normally, the journey to becoming an expert begins with you been a newbie, then you move to basics, core competence and finally you earn the title expert.

The length of time you take on each stage depends on you. For example, before someone knows how to SEO; one person can take a year or two while another takes just a few months.

You have the ability to make things work in your favor. Take the initiative and determine the time it will take you to learn all you have to know in regards to online marketing.

6: Write what you learn: When it comes to writing people who run blogs about SEO have an advantage, this is unlike people operating blogs on other niches.

Studies show that when you write things down your memory tends to retain more than when you just read. You can even go a step further and implement what you have read and written down.

What makes writing down so powerful is that your mind takes a creative nature. The secret is that anytime you write or edit written content it gets your mind thinking intensely.

It even gets better when what you write lands in the public domain. Here I’m talking of people who post articles on magazines, books, e-book, blogs and the like.

This means you become a subject of criticism which in the long run helps you learn something new and correct you mistakes (Read points number 2 and 4).

7: Realize that SEO is just part of online marketing: You can be the best SEO expert in the world but that does not mean you are done.

Web marketing involves several elements of which SEO is just one of them. Don’t also forget that search engine algorithm keep changing all the time therefore you have to keep learn new SEO strategies every time.

For you to be effective in online marketing you have to learn SEO and mix in some social media marketing, video marketing, article marketing and a little of forum marketing just to mention a few.

In all these internet marketing skills you need to allocate time and use the same tactics stipulated in this post to gain online marketing skills.

Conclusion: To become an expert in any niche you have to be ready to take it all the way. This may mean spending sleepless nights.

Learning the skills of SEO takes time; therefore don’t think in a day or two you will know everything there is to know.

As for the newbies I have this for you, connect with SEO experts and most importantly become the curious type. This will help you take charge of your learning experience. The more you ask why, the faster you will learn new skills.

SEO is one of the best skills to acquire when it comes to promoting your site. Other strategies may be short-term but SEO is for long-term as long as you stick to the SEO guidelines thus avoid going to the bad books of search engines.

Probably there is something I have not mentioned that you think you might add or something I’ve explained unsatisfactory, you are welcome to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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