How To Run A Blog That Sells For Profit

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There is a thrill that comes with running a blog but that varies from one individual to another. Some people blog for money while others do it for fun.

Personally, I’m a businessman looking to make money from blogging. Therefore, for those who run a blog for fun this post is not meant for you. As for business minded people who desire to earn money blogging, you simply have to read this blog post to the very end.

Normally, you will see people waking up in the middle of the night to attend to their offline business. They will later leave when the sun has set all in the name of making sure their business succeeds.

For some reason, that is not the case with most online business entrepreneurs. Maybe is it because of the fact that they read on some funny site that online money making is easy.

Just like any other business, if you are running a blog with the intent of making money you need to go the extra mile. Bloggers who are in it for business need to start treating their blogs like any other business out there.

The fact that most business blog operators do not treat blogging with the seriousness it desires, any blogger that chooses to go against the grain and work hard will definitely become a millionaire.

When is comes to running a blog you have to be ready to sometimes burn the midnight oil. That is not enough; you also have to be patient and show a lot of determination.

Now that we have established that to run a business blog takes hard work, here are some guidelines to help you succeed in blogging for cash.

1. Do your groundwork well: Not everything you read on the internet is accurate, some sites out their post content that can be misleading. Therefore, you need to research widely to make sure that your blog only contains real facts.

One way of making certain you get real facts is subscribing to several top blogs and sites in your niche. This way you will have varying opinions that will help you come up genuine facts.

It is also very important to do things practically since you will gain experience thus share content that is personal. Writing personal stories is one of the best ways to captivate your target audience thus engage them fully.

2. Create a blogging schedule: In order to run a business blog successfully you have to post regularly. This will not only help you generate organic traffic but it will ensure you build a loyal fan base.

Having a timetable is the sure way to update your blog. Ideally, you should post articles every day but if that is not possible, try to post at least 3 blog posts per week.

The secret is of blogging regularly is to keep to your schedule; if you plan to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, make sure you don’t fail.

Creating a blogging timetable is one thing but sticking to the schedule is entirely a different story. One thing that will happen when you post articles regularly and on scheduled days is that you will gain trust from your site guests.

The more your online reputation increases, the more your fans will share your content thus helping your blog go viral.

3. Treat your blog as a job: For the folks who are in employment you understand when someone talks about a job. Just the way you would go out of your way to build your career, you should put the same effort when it comes to running a blog.

Employers demand that you attend work on certain days; the same should apply to your blog. If possible, try to work on your blog every day but also observe point #4.

In case you fail to post an article on a scheduled day, you have to sacrifice your rest day to accomplish the task.

Erase from your mind the notion that blogging is like a walk in the park. Those phrases that read “…make easy money through blogging.” are not true. Launching a blog is one thing and building a blog is another ball game all together.

When you look at top bloggers like Problogger, Copy Blogger, Viperchill, Income Diary and Smart Passive Income among others, you will discover they all have one thing in common. Blogging is like a job to them.

Selling for profit through blogging is not child’s play; it takes hard work and dedication. That is the only way to maintain online presence and remain at the top of the pack.

4. Take time off work: Like any other job out there, it is very important for you to relax and unwind. The advantage of laying back and putting your legs up, is that it helps your mind to relax thus feel refreshed.

It is only when you have rested, will you be able to come up with better ideas and fresh content. Personally, on weekends I spend time with my family or go watch a football match. Am sure you have something that really tickles you and that is what you need to do after a hard day’s work.

If you strain yourself so much you will get to a point that you are no longer productive. This will later translate to low quality content thus visitors opting for your competitors.

how to run a blog

5. Track your blog performance: If you have been following this work at home business blog, you will discover on most occasions we talk of the importance of monitoring your traffic.

Even though there are advanced tools like Crazy Egg to track your site activities, you can start by using free web tools like Google Analytic.

Monitoring your site traffic shows you where you need to tweak your site for better results. It is from your old posts that you will learn better techniques of running your blog and hence compose more compelling blog posts.

6. Work environment: Some years back I used to work for one of the biggest company in east and central African. One thing that really made this company grow was how they treat their employees.

Apart from giving employees good salaries, the company did everything possible to create good ambiance at the work place. The seats were comfortable and the air conditioning in the build was simply relaxing. You would get to work and feel like spending the whole day there.

For you to run a blog successfully, you need to be comfortable as you work. Anything that could distract you from writing should be eliminated. In case you are working from home, make sure that the radio, TV and mobile phone are switched off.

There are also internal factors like email pop ups and tweet notifications that can really be distractive. It is recommended that you switch off these pop ups unless you are the kind that can serve two masters at the same time (which is impossible).

In order to be a productive blogger, you need to work in a quite environment. That is the time ideas will come flowing with ease. There is no way around this, running a blog needs you to be fully focused especially when generating content.

7. Proofread your work meticulously: When the word business is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is professionalism. To make sure that your site visitors take you seriously you have to publish content without grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Most professional blogs have contracted the services of an editor to proofread their content. If you do not have the money to hire an editor, get a colleague or friend to proofread your articles before you publish.

To some extent, readers can forgive you when they come across 1 or 2 spelling errors in an article with 1000 words. But when your blog posts are full of grammatical mistakes in every paragraph, be sure you will lose online credibility so fast you won’t know what hit you.

8. Don’t complicate things: This may sound contradictory considering I mentioned before that running a blog is not easy. But the point I want to bring across is that you have to take it easy when it comes to blogging.

Do not worry so much about complex web designing and HTML coding since they contribute little to business blogging. You do not need to be a doctor or pilot in order to run a profitable blog. As long as you can captivate your readers by publishing educative and engaging content, you are good to go.

For you to make money on the internet especially via blogging, you need to know one thing, “Content is King”.

9. Plough back to your blog: The manner at which a farmer operates is the best way to demonstrate how businesses should be run. After a maize farmer has harvested his crop, he does not sell and eat all of his produce. A wise farmer will keep some of the seeds so as to plant them in the coming season.

The same should apply for your blog. You cannot expect to reap 100% if all you do is eat and forget to reinvest in your blog.

Some bloggers find it difficult to buy products that would otherwise help them run their blogs more efficiently. These are the same bloggers who will be quick to download any free stuff they come across.

Blogging for profit is serious business if only you want to make money blogging. That does not mean you go buying anything you come across on the internet. You have to research and make sure you get your Return On Investment (ROI). In short, invest prudently.

As the adage goes “free is sometime expensive” therefore it is alright to spend money hiring someone to design your blog or business logo. You have to spend money to make money, hence be ready to invest in your blog.

10. Utilize social sites: Currently, we have about 4 top social sites that every one running a blog should be a member of. These include facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and the new kid in the block google plus.

The amazing thing is that most bloggers do not have account in either of these social networking sites. You cannot expect to increase your site traffic if you do not spread the word around about your blog.

Traffic generating is the secret to building a successful blog and viral marketing through social media sites is one of the online marketing strategies you must employ.

Every time you post an article on your blog do not be afraid to ask your friends to share the article. You just never know who their friends are or what they will do. It is possible that some of them may become your loyal fans and customers.

11. Patience: Rome was not built in one day therefore don’t expect to launch a blog today and start making money tomorrow. If read the history of most top blog you will discover they belong to bloggers who have been in the business for years.

The same also applies to offline business, so as to build a reputable business brand name you have to be patient. Do not despise small beginnings; if the owners of Microsoft or Google gave up, they would not be house hold names today.

In my blogging career, I discovered that to run a blog and finally begin generating revenue you have to be patient. It is only through persistence and tolerance will you be able to popularize your blog.

12. Don’t get a plan B: In most cases when you have an option you will ditch your original plan for the second option. To me this is like looking for an escape route. If you decide to run a blog for money, you must be in it for the long haul.

Why work so hard building a blog then, throw in the towel one or two years down the line. It could be when you are giving up, is when you were just about to make your BIG break.

In brief, you should NOT Ever Give Up.

Conclusion: To run a blog that sells for profit is not rocket science, it all depends on your mentality. If you make it hard it will be, but if you make it easy then you will discover blogging is simple.

I wish you all the best in your blogging career.

If you think we have left out some vital tips on how to blog for money share with us in the comment section below.

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