Using Long Tail Keywords To Increase Link Popularity

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It is obvious if you are an online marketer that you have come across these two terms; long tail keywords and short tail keywords. These are strategies that bloggers and webmasters use for link building thus rank high on search engine result pages.

Short tail Keywords (Primary Keywords): Are very competitive but have very high search volumes. They are the keywords where you use 1 to 2 words as anchor text.

Examples of short tails keywords in a site that deals with online money making affiliate products include:

– Make money

– Making money

– Work online

– Home business

Long tail keywords (Secondary Keywords): These are keywords that you can use to boost your link popularity and contain 3 words or more. Normally, they have low competition and have low search volumes.

– In the same online money making niche, examples of long tail keywords would be:

– Best way to make money online

– How to make money fast from home

How to work online from home

Top 10 online home based business

Of the two strategies of building link popularity, long tail is considered the best. Though the search volumes are low, ranking for long tail keywords is much easier. In addition, you get to generate highly targeted traffic with long tail keywords than with short tail keywords.

Ideally, with long tail link building you focus more on generating small traffic using less competitive keywords on every webpage you publish. As you build links on your page the anchor text should contain keyword phrases with 3 words or more.

How to do research for long tail keywords in building link popularity:

Yahoo answers: This is one of the best places to make sure that every article you write about addresses the needs and wants of your target audience. Every minute there are people asking questions on Yahoo answers that you can offer valuable answers in terms of content creation.

All you need to do is enter your primary keyword at the search box and then click on the blue button written Search Y! Answers. You will see results of the various questions people are asking using the keyword you entered. This will also give you ideas of the long tail keyword you can use to write an article.

long tail keyword toolGoogle Suggest: Every time you are searching on google, you will notice that you are provided with various other search terms. This is what online marketers are calling google suggest. Using google suggest, you can research and find the long tail keywords queries that relate to your short tail keywords.

You may ask yourself, why use long tail keywords if the searches are low?

a. In the eyes of search engine spiders they look more natural

b. It improves your site overall link popularity.

c. It is easier to rank

d. You help vary the keywords on your site hence have a strong link base for your site or blog.

This is what will happen when you use long tail phrases in link building:

  1. The first outcome of using long tail keywords is that you will start generating trust from search engines. This is mainly because your links will look more natural.
  2. You will also rank for both primary and secondary keyword phrases. The reason for that is that you will have different variation of keywords in your anchor text. For example, in a long tail keyword phrase like how to work online from home you will target to rank on 3 keywords 1. How to work online 2. Work online 3. Work online from home.
  3. With secondary keyword phrases your web pages gain more authority and hence rank high on search engine result pages. As a result you will end up also ranking on other related keywords that you will use in your content which you have not targeted to rank on.
  4. The overall link popularity effect of your site or blog will sky rocket as time passes. As you continue creating webpages which contain long tail keywords as anchor text linking to your homepage and other related pages, you will strengthen your general link popularity.

It is can be challenging to shift from using short tail to long tail keywords for most blogger and webmasters. But for you to begin generating high targeted traffic fast you need to make the change.

It would be advisable to first look at your traffic graph now and record. Then implement the long tail phrase approach to see if you will notice any difference in traffic volume.

The indicators to monitor before and after the implementation of secondary keyword strategy are:

– Variation of keywords generating traffic to your homepage and individual webpages

– Volume of visitors

– The number of traffic generated from targeted and untargeted keywords.

You can give it at least a week or a month to see if the strategy is working for you or not. Choose a variation of about 15 to 25 long tail keywords that are in your niche.

Summary: Search engine optimization is about using an array of online marketing arsenals. This makes your site appear natural both to your target audience and search engines. Do not forget that the focal point of online marketing through SEO is dependent on CONTENT.

It would be to your advantage the day you will have 30 or 50 webpages generating little traffic through long tail phrases, than having short tail keywords that you may take very long to rank.

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