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For those of you who have been following this blog for a while now have discovered that our aim is to help you work online through blogging. The advantage of having a blog is that you get to generate residual income from home fast and with ease. Hence the reason to share this article on how to increase web conversion rate of your blog and make even more cash online.

The line between online business success and failure is so thin. You are either making a lot of money or you are not. As for those who generate little cash online, it means you are not maximizing on whatever you are doing. Otherwise you could be making huge amounts of cash.

What separates success and failure in online selling are planning and execution style. You may say that this is just a theory but statistics prove that planning and execution are key components in web conversion. It usually takes one simple mistake or negligence for you to fail in your online business.

On the internet competition is so intense; you have to be up to the challenge. The business that takes due diligence to execute their plan is the one that tops the chart. It is the same reason that you may witness a small online home based business outdoing a big online company.

Since web conversion is a critical element of online business, on this article we shall discus how to improve and properly execute your blog conversion while working online at home.

Here are 10 rules to observe in order to increase your web conversion rate:

Planning: When starting an offline or online business you have got to have a plan in order succeed. Thomas Edison put it so well when he said “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

Coming up with a work online plan is like setting goals for your online business. It helps you to have a better perspective of your business and keeps you focused. A business plan is the core of your business since it acts as a roadmap to your working online success.

Before you launch your internet business have a written work plan and make sure you execute it properly and to the letter. Periodically monitor your progress and when necessary re-adjust your plan. Since writing a business plan can be to some quite tasking, try checking out a site called for help.

An important element to consider in your online business plan is how to ensure you get a high web conversion.

Show your intent: In order to increase your web conversion rate you need to be obvious. Your visitors should tell from the word go what your website or blog is all about.

If a visitor lands on your site and is not able to tell what your site is about in 10seconds, chances are that he/she will exit your site immediately. Avoid leaving it to your visitors to figure out what your blog content is all about.

Start by coming up with a very descriptive blog title. The same should apply to your website logo. As you create webpages within your blog, publish content and headlines that are relevant to your blog title.

To improve web conversion rate, target keyword phrases that are relevant to your market niche. Newbies make the mistake of targeting many niches on one blog, target only one niche.

Be Unique: In this competitive online market place you need to be unique. A little tweak on how you write your articles and present your products will go a long way in boosting your web conversion rate.

Create unique selling propositions that will make you stand out from the rest of the pack. This is what will help you increase the value of your content and products. Furthermore, uniqueness is a way of improving your web presence and online reputation.

Originality doesn’t have to be 100% a difference of 10% can go a long way in boosting your web conversion. Therefore, find smart ways of outwitting your competition by coming up with unique online selling propositions.

The secret to uniqueness is thinking out of the box.

Build and nurture your mailing list subscribers: The best strategy of online money making as you work from home is having a contact list database. In general, building business relationships is the secret to success.

One of the best ways to build online business relationships and improve web conversion rate is through email marketing. Home based internet marketing experts say that it takes about seven email marketing messages before convincing someone to buy your products.

This is the reason why you must create your own mailing list and build a relationship with them. The fact that people have opted to subscribe to your mailing list, means they are potential customers. It signifies that they are people who are interested in what you have to say or offer.

Having an email database offers you an opportunity to develop a lasting relationship and with time your subscribers will trust you thus buy your products. If you offer quality products, you will further boost your web conversion rate since your subscribers will definitely tell their friends about your site.

Note: At all cost, avoid sending irrelevant messages that do not add value to your subscribers. Share insightful content that seeks to educate your subscriber base and you will surely succeed selling online.

web conversionOptimize your work online blog: On the internet there are two types of traffic

1. Online Paid traffic

2. Organic Traffic

Online paid traffic is good for short term and it helps you determine the right keywords that actually convert well. On the other hand, search engine traffic also called organic traffic will help you have an upper hand and give you online presence for long term.

Click the links appearing here to learn the secrets of SEO as regard to writing for the web and building your link SEO profile.

Ease blog navigation: The longer you can retain visitors on your blog the higher your web conversion rate will be. Blog design experts say that it should take approximately 3 seconds for visitors to locate your site menu. This helps your blog guests find the information they are searching for quickly.

For bloggers that update regularly hence have many webpages, ensure you install a search box to help ease navigation. You also need to position your categories section on your header where it is easy for visitors to locate.

As you create webpages ensure you link them to other relevant posts within your blog and you can be guaranteed of increased web conversion. The easier it is to find content the longer people will stay on your site thus help you make more online sales.

Share testimonials: People love to know more about what they are buying and the best way to approach this is by posting testimonials. On the internet you are bound to get lots of first time visitors and the way to convince them and make them trust your site is by your customers sharing testimonials.

Note: Your testimonials have to be from real people. If you share cooked testimonials, it will not take long for people catch up with you.

Add social icons that people can share your content easily on sites like facebook and twitter. You will be amazed just how one person can help you start a viral marketing effect by sharing your site on social media sites.

Patience: To increase you web conversion rate you need to be patient. Marketing on the internet is about consistency to purpose. Do not be a victim of jumping from one online marketing strategy to another before you see results.

This is the mistake that most newbies make when starting a work from home business. Just like offline business, when it comes to internet business you have to be patient and disciplined. You have got to give each marketing strategy time for it to bear fruits.

Make certain you tweak all you can in one marketing technique before you move on to the next. Once you identify what works best for your online home based business, stick to it like a bug.

Summary: As you are working online especially when you are blogging you will encounter many obstacles. These challenges are what top online marketers faced before they got to where they are today. So do not expect it to be any different with you.

Forget about those people who send you high pitched messages that claim you can make millions overnight if you join their programs. Business is no child’s play thus you need to sacrifice in order to succeed in marketing on the internet.

I will end by saying “It is always too soon to quit.” Norman Vincent.

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