Landing Page Marketing Tips For Home Based Products

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Creating a landing page is one of the best ways to guarantee you make money from home selling your own products or affiliate products. You may be new to this marketing idea but it is one of the most critical aspects of online promotion.

The real definition of a landing page is the page that your visitors come to after they follow a link. In the internet marketing circles this is known as a lead capture page, which pops up after potential customers click on an advert or a link in an email message. This is the page that marketers take the opportunity to post their products sales copy. In short, here is where you get the chance to convert your target audience into online sales leads.

Ideally, marketing is about engaging your readers so as to boost your sales conversions. A good lead capture page should have sales marketing pitches that will make your visitors take action and purchase your products. If you take your time to come up with a perfect page where your readers will land, you can be sure to increase your sales conversions.

Having a simple home page is like telling your audience to fend for themselves and hope they will find what they are looking for on your site. In order to engage your targeted readers fully, identify what they want then offer them just that through landing pages. For instance, you are promoting a certain product using a specific keyword on Google Adwords. It would be counterproductive if they come to your home page and not see the product they were looking for in the first place. The best approach would be to create a capture page that will make it easier for them to see the product thus take action.

Now that we know the advantages of having a page to help you boost your conversion rate, let us get into strategies of maximizing on it. If there is one thing that has proven to work over the years are testimonials. People warm up easily to what they hear other people say. Most of us are not risk takers thus we wait for other people to try a product and when they give good opinions that is when we rush to purchase the product.

The concert is like this, the majority always win. Whenever a majority of people believe in a certain thing, it is obvious that the rest of the people will agree with them. But if only one person comes up with an idea, it will take quite some convincing for other people to take up the same idea. This is the secret in succeeding in marketing; get multiples of people to say that your product actually works. By word of mouth or testimonials, you can influence your readers’ decisions on what to purchase or the action you want them to take.

What is being fronted here is that you need to have several testimonials on your landing page to boost your conversion rates. Testimonials from your consumers act as a proof that people are actually buying your product and like it. Therefore, people who have not purchased the product will say, “if others are buying the item it must be a good bargain” thus will buy it too.

These are simple tactics to ensure the page you use to capture your sale leads is convincing:

Give Value: A capture page should be compelling enough by providing valuable information. This means you should work to make sure that you come up with a quality product to make your customers want to talk about it.

Test: Before you activate and make your pages live, test to make sure that they work perfectly. This will help you make the necessary adjustments and thus boost your conversion rates. There are online tools that allow you to build different landing pages hence help you find the one that works best for your work online business.

Email Marketing: Sending email messages have over the years been considered as a cash-in machine. As regards our subject today, it would be advisable to send emails to your opt-in list stating what other customers are saying about your product. Just add about 3 to 4 testimonials and then you can request them to sign up to your auto-responder for free where they can be receiving messages about the product.

Keep your page short by going straight to the point: The longer your landing page is, the more you will lose or bore your customers.

Incorporate your Facebook account to your product: On facebook there is the share button that is quite effective. All you need to do is make sure that any client that buys your product can click on the share button thus his/her friends on facebook can see she liked the product. But remember the more people that click on the share button the more convincing it will be to other potential customers.

Have an exit pop-up: Am sure you have landed on a page where once you click on it to exit it gives you a pop up. This pop up page is a good place to add your testimonials. Rather than telling your visitors they are missing out on a great product, tell them what your customers are saying about your product. It will be easier for them to buy when they see that 10 other people have bought the product and are satisfied.

Generally, in marketing it is all about providing proof. The more your customers are satisfied and are talking about it, the more chances you will make sales. This is one aspect that people do not use on their landing pages and yet it is critical when it comes to promoting your home business products while working online.

Remember when you are providing proof of sale; make sure it is from people in your niche. Getting people on the band wagon is all about compelling them to believe that they are been left out if they don’t join the rest. The perfect arena to achieve this is definitely on your landing page.

If you have not implemented this work online marketing strategy, then it is the high time your thought about it seriously.

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